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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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state police to years of the coroner will release the victim is a woman her age is unknown she has brown hair but again decomposition is making winds difficult to determine the most notable discovery the victim was wearing pajamas bottoms and an old navy share to pleasanton police withhold the color style even the size of the clothing she was also wearing blue fingernail polish the body was discovered yesterday a 45 gal. rolling trash can dump space shrubs along dublin canyon road at near laurel creek drive police believe that this is a homicide but now that this autopsy is over and ask why they believe that this is not sierra lamar's? the county coroner does not believe they've discovered the remains of sierra lamar's. our investigation during the autopsies do not believe that based on the physical characteristics of the body and what we know about sierra lamar's we do not believe we
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live is not likely a sierra lamar's. they believe that in part because despite the decomposition and they were able to lift fingerprints into their telling us some preliminary runs of data bases have revealed no positive matches we're told that the element county coroner will run additional matches to try to get some kind of positive identification of the victim inside that trash can. did quicker question about other missing persons cases are able to talk about any link to those? police is addressed that question and tell us that the victim is has no missing person report to the city of pleasant and they say they and now around the bay area as well and found no positive matches. robert lisle the key for the latest five eyewitness synapses posted a san francisco firefighters rescued 12 year-old boy swept away by current at the feels he was swimming with classmates this afternoon when it happens a
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firefighter paddle out onto on a surfboard to reach him he was rushed to the hospital is expected to be fine san francisco gears up for a citywide celebration 75 years is supposed to be the diamond anniversary but as you can see behind us this one is gold. the big 75 anniversary bash for the golden gate bridge is this sunday the festivities are planned throughout the day of but to get there early because traffic will be ms the bridge closes to foot traffic at 6:00 and vehicle traffic at nine then it is on to the main event joe vasquez of mobile 5 tonight at the bridge where party party preparations are in full swing. you don't have to wait for those fireworks to begin the celebration has begun mrs. a sign that hasn't quite open against the very real sense of what it took to put this engineering marvel together all those years ago 75 years ends
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take a look over here there will be a huge stage your loss of live music and to be on the music is the golden gate bridge where we actually met a man today one of two known living workers who helped put the thing together. the waste he was only 80 years old and then a senior in high school. i only worked two weeks. seeking an see why am so honored it can believe it's now the 95 year-old as one of only two known people still alive who worked on the golden gate bridge. did waves were standing in front of the house collectively was 1935 when 1936 and the says one blue-collar labor contractor can buy it ends asked if he wanted to work and didn't sell and what the project was and it was during the depression to lease a short and they brought him over to the golden gate bridge and it works there for about three weeks pulling cable. on the first
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tower on the san francisco side. it's a legacy people come from all over the world to see it. what is the kid goes so far. to equate he almost didn't make it to the ceremony today when it cut the ribbon because and you pays your report came out recently sang there were no known work crystallized his son read that the paper talk to his dad made sure he was still around and said we have to tell them so the bottom and nt made here the other gentleman we understand is in a nursing home back to. call special. dead weights and for a complete list of the celebrations and closure massillon's for web site from the weather centipede near the body is we have are live high debt dr. raider that's fired up and ready to go for one of the first days in the month of may weakling clearly is the activity around the bay area a cluster of
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moderate to heavy precipitation has been noted anywhere between manteca and modesto this blew through the tri valley rapidly its night light rinse water and that the aluminum can see his duties to parliament on old adobe road moderate rainfall this is all heading for the sonoma area will talk about the rain when ends and the snow in talks coming up later on in this newscast. oakland police are taking more criminals and guns off the streets and they're doing it would help technology as kristen shows us it could be the solution the city is been looking for. and it's the sound of gunfire and east oakland's as the center is not a shot by technology our technology should cause pause when someone makes the decision to pick up the gun in oakland and discharge it the technology has been in oakland
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since 2005 and officers say now it's better than ever. watt avenue advantages of drexler to the technology is practically surgical last saturday this not spotted you see over here, the sounds of three shots being fired in 45 seconds officers had an audio recording of the shots fired and the map trying to leave the location a short time later they had a suspect in a gun in custody. since january this out spotters to identify more than 2000 instances of gunfire around oakland streets and taken least 340 t of the streets of oakland. there were six gun arrests and 13 weapons recovered. there have been 45 this year compared to 38 last year when oakland police
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believe the solution lies in expanding the shots better program. he contracted and predicted again predicted. as it is shot spotters are stationed across only about 5 mi. of oakland's could cause the city of $8,000 a year. they give. secondary headlines vallejo police shot and killed a man who they say pulled a gun on them after refusing orders to stop it happened late last night after officers got reports the man had shot someone else that weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. and san francisco police recovered more than 100 stolen bikes they say and 18 year-old man was holding the minnesota terrace neighborhood into storage lockers know plenty faces several pounds posted pictures of the bikes online to the real owners can get a bike
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back fairly good for web site cbs sf thought, transformed the city. to a spot it aol headquarters sleep in on the couches while he was developing his own the new start up and nobody knew it for months. will have this amazing story coming up. the waves and a triple transplant here in the bay area poll local doctors pulled off the ,,,,,,,, another trafficker wonderful
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holiday weekend caltrans of will close the dumbarton and bridgeton clocks and race for some seismic retrofit work crews will replace a major seismic joint across all six lanes of traffic on the western side the bridge is not scheduled to reopen until 5:00 a.m. tuesday so to get across the day you can
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still use the san mateo bridge or you can go south and that put you on highway 237 enemy is upgrading their tracks on the state church finds some new writers are in for some disruptions sharon shannon san francisco of writers need to know. the shutdown will happen is 7:00 tonight and cruzeiro get ready to start several days of construction work to replace in the track. then st. john shin nearly 40,000 passengers ride the line every weekday but they'll have to find another way to get around for the next 10 days the busiest metroliner with portions of the jay cheer trout will be shut down some you can replace some 100 ft. of one of rails the shutdown will also affect the 22 filmore bus routes munis says loren
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temporary bosses during the closure by its devising passenger's to carpool ride bicycles or walk. in fact the sampras's go bicycle colistin leading convoys at 8:00 a.m. on weekdays that leslie follow the dollar started my job beaten the j.t. ribbs eight j church like starting from the bart station entrance the new work as part of a $40 million construction project and crews are expected to work round-the-clock to replace the rail and approve the boarding areas ceram water systems to shut down once again beginning at 7:00 tonight everything should return back to normal monday june 4th at 5:00 in the morning light is dim and discussed their engines cbs five. a million dollars-is discovered in an unused construction bonds said the disco's going to use that extra
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cash to save quite tolerant near adlai's office announced the told days before the voters decide on proposition be which the mayor opposes it be passes it would require the recreation and park department to prioritize funds at the tower for upkeep. what's called the final frontier space is officially open for business today the first commercial supply ship docks at the international space station the company's space x was launched by people all founder allen mask previously on the the biggest countries were able to run these supply missions. one more thing to think about when you fire up the grill this holiday weekend take a closer look at your grill brush palette said one man to a hospital. doe its three new hard three days and three young lives saves the extraordinary feat in the bay area hospital discover british columbia.
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normal is with the and the opera
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and work there without getting caught. ericsson and is literally living and breathing his job. your story hard and to that is because he spent very long hours at his computer every nice he was quite a allows headquarters when he ran out of rent money. i was walking out and there is a scout. the thought that is interesting. at a totally sleep on that couch. simons was hired by silicon valley investors to work in an incubator a group that focuses on new ideas to work out of rented space and sales paul also headquarters but when the program ended at simon's wanted to keep going to protect his idea that would help teachers revolutionize education it wasn't hard to just move right on into aol. in the morning of a come there before i went to work and work out and take a shower so i was already just sleeping. he
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cited something to lockers outside the company jim and he helped himself to ales food. there put up the food which includes a cup of noodles. traumas like guredo's. for nearly two months he kept up this room is working in the incubator offense on the first floor then sneaking up to the third floor where he would get a few hours a shy it's where the security guards never patrolled. no one caught on the there were whispers when night the building manager found him and it was over but simon says he did we had to do to build his company now called class connects. i couldn't imagine going home and basically closing shop sam dunn. he didn't go homan avenue decapolis turn, besting the leading apprentice house and there's been no backlash from aol. a says he had to do all again. paul also lindi's cbs five.
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where the progress that day of the biggest construction projects going on right now take a look at is. it's a set of the new trends bay terminal the terminal and its high-rises will eventually become the tallest building in san francisco in the meantime a major road closure begins tonight yes another one for st. will be shut down between is it and howard as crews put in a new road 4.2 million californians will travel 50 mi. are more that is up slightly from last year researchers predict three and half million of them will drive that also up from last year but air travel and as driver is that the road gas prices continued to drop slowly that it is a gallon of regular on average cost for 38 and san francisco for the ones that is a and drivers pay for 30 in oakland tacos getting
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snow is scattered snow showers expected there to a holiday weekends if who thought we need an umbrella the end of may but some of us did not all of us. spring showers and how about this notion all let and is this nodes of aye so it is since no there means rain baronesses it is live its high debt doppler radar that's a big sell out. is to try valid just around the manteca area and in the north bay that's forcing a lot of activity in fax outside petaluma now moving to east toward sonoma this is moderate to heavy rainfall around highway 101 for the evening commutes that right there is another self it just blossomed that is producing some it pretty moderate rainfall run another marathon course which of course it is the silverado trail is live garcia's
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5 with a camera looking out of the direction of the golden gate bridge where we actually have the sunset at this hour in their temperatures into the 50s and 60s the when they're still gusting to 32 m.p.h. to as low as a decrease in showers and 40's and '50's and live look at mount diablo we also have some clearing of the skies in the eastern portion of our districts with the scattered showers that the evening becoming partly sunny on saturday a mild holiday weekend future cast for turning by late sunday but there is still a good chance of an isolated showers north as san rosa so if you are getting away on this friday night and saturday a monterey bay in your town of forecast calls with 40 percent chance of rain showers otherwise it will be clear and sunny and dry sunday and monday our local forecast to these and 60s along the coast 60 degrees and senate say well below the average of 75 degrees 69 in san
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ramon we should be around 76 and 56 d is it coming to the north of the golden gate bridge steps a nominal 70 as they had extended forecast of warm condition sunday and on a holiday on monday that is your penpoint outlook. an extraordinary medical event has occurred in the bay area hospital and three days three new hearts dr. kims both to its three individuals who all have a new chance at life them is donated organs god bless them and remarkable amount packard children's hospital three heart transplants in three days. through very fortunate to have three donors families who have had a tragic loss themselves and were willing to step up on may 3, 1912 year-old man is the crest and a freshman at st. mary's. debt ways to play soccer when as little and
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volleyball. so i can't wait. did wait to apply again on may 4, 1917 year-old william wiley a gun high-school senior who is headed uc san diego with the plant study? aerospace engineering animate with amassing county 18 year-old james spencer. did we have gets in the your a big fan of the giant? tell me how big it can are you? did we and the biggest fan of reborn with serious heart defects without a transplant each based premature death. every year at the hospital at the families and medical teams command and james downstairs william upstairs in card debt i see you. deficit in east and to be a normal family for a while. did we look at cordis violent got more than a hard at the same time she also got a new liver in a course where ever mindful of
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the donor family when a tremendous sacrifice and very difficult time of grief and sorrow. that they gave my daughter this gift the message is its heartfelt one. the red grateful and i would like to encourage everyone to become a donor. packard children's hospital is the only medical center in the bay area that cannot performs pediatric transplant. , 'l
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soon see a child and lives on the top of the laundry detergents now this comes after hundreds of children have been poisoned by those little pods procter and gamble says its switching to a new double last system to deter toddlers from even those brightly colored
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packets doctors say children sometimes mistake those pods for candy. barbecue in this weekend's take care when using the grilled breast of least a dozen people across the country have accidentally swallow those wire brush bristles on the consumer what julie what explains what can happen and what some manufacturers are doing to make them safer when the barbecue it may have bacteria but it's something entirely different dissent not meant to the emergency room. and obviously the last bite something set in the throats it was hours before they realized it was this one played by centimeter wire pretzel from the wire brushes dad used a crane to clean the grill. this is one of those plastic ones you can buy. i can only liken this to anyone haystack it took him four hours to remove the wire bristle from the muzzle of the esophagus. it's more common what we're aware of nearly a dozen people
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have reported similar incidents to the consumer product safety commission of the past three years but it was nearly 12 years ago where brazil's they went to the esophagus. dissuades the desert near it remember the warnings and will now many brushes do come with mornings to check for loose or detached bristles we couldn't find a simple warning today this bay area superstore. he says more needs to be done to protect our viewers. somebody needs to look at it. as for mcmahon he now wants to become a surgeon and wonders if he'll ever have to remove a pencil from someone else. it sounds obvious but there's a beating before you barbeque this weekend check your wire brush ourselves if there are any loose bezels you want to toss out the press immediately and if you have a consumer complaint or question click,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'g
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on for the news at 6 water rescue his family the new tool helping search teams save lives. becoming cash and a texan guys talk about in the background and never make it. the conversion and the bills that after 75 years the golden gate bridge defies the odds the men materials and passion that made it happen those stories and much more tonight at 6:00.


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