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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i just held on. surviving the scare thousands of feet in the air see the grandma's pulse pounding freefall. fast for 75 years it bay area celebrating a golden icons and nice to we dig into the
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archives. secretly living at the a well how the bay area's water went undetected for months. did minimal as the coke and for dan and tim tonight we have the golden gate bridges are backed up for tonight's broadcast this being the 75th anniversary of the bridge more on that in a moment but first the faa is investigating what happens during a woman's 80th birthday party. she wanted to sky dive but that experience turned into a terrifying fall caught on tape. it happens about 20 mi. north of stockton robert lyles with what happens in the woman's own words. afros he could say my knees and give an ounce. firmly on terra firma 81 year-old lavern everett's its dallas tell a story short to stop the hearts of people have rage hasps she
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says for a decade or single focus was to high above the central valley floor and to jump. she chose the lower deck parachute center their web site promotes the company is one of the largest and oldest skies in the u.s.. 48 years experience the thrill like no other. but on her 80th birthday last may she says she got an experience like no other. one the defied death. at his tel lawn. i just held on you do all you have to do. hi there it was the hardest for the struggle in the harness. normally the novice is attached to the instructors chest but her case that there were detached dangling as he pulled the rip cord. put yourself in my position. learn never sees himself as lucky she is here to celebrate her 81st birthday. faa investigators were here
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yesterday but it is our no word on how they came out of the harness csi did do background checks and found there were four deaths connected with the parachute center since 2009 with them was just last month i can also tell you that the faa is proposing fines based on mechanical problems totaling $900,000. reporting from the lid airfield robert lyles cbs five. it's going to be a very busy holiday weekend adding to its it will be very crowded around the golden gate bridge for the 75th anniversary celebration also the dumbarton bridge shutdown procedure paris and the media is closing some very busy lines first to the dun bar bets remarks areas right now. it's been quite aside tonight the final cars coverage amount 1020 to take a look at this burning when he usually tries on this bridge is a quite
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aside about 61,000 cars each day pass over the bridge. if nothing else drivers can say they have not been warned the bridge closure is scheduled for the entire memorial day weekend to the immediate goal is to install a new and larger expansion joint to dissipate energy and an earthquake seismic safety is why it's important. this project will bring the bridge of to the state of the are seismic standards and it's all done in early 2013 the west side of the span will also be raise between one and 5 in. to make way for the installation of new seismic bearings that will provide independence movement of the bridge from the supporting concrete piers during an earthquake the same changes will take place on the eastern side of the main span in the coming months. will it mean for traffic? did wait forever geez rides his bike over the bridge to and from work every day and expects that the weekend will be a headache for everyone but the
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moment of the weekend weather will be nice cottage with a holiday weekend is just allow for travel time. and here's a look at your primary detour routes you can use the san mateo bridge the north to the saudis can use highway 237 in caltrans says it's good to do all it can to get that done by an average open before the deadline of 5:00 a.m. reporting live from alicante on the free one side of the bridge and mark sayers cbs five. and a busy san francisco intersection workers are busy ripping up the streets yunis upgrading tracks in the engine debt and to j church lines behind the market's st. safeway which means tens of thousands of many writers have to make other plans. sharon is in the middle of it all. did way to get this is normally a stop for the engine but for the next sunday's a very different scene is a hard hat to round-the-clock construction site since 8:00
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tonight spruce up and denounce the old rails and getting ready to install new ones there were only talking about 100 ft. of rail but what makes this job complexes the switches that will be installed to accommodate both the m and jail lyon's all the work is underway in many guises tens of thousands of passengers to purple bike or walk. crews are ripping out and replace a 100 ft. of were not rail up detergent both st. joan chen and didn't know about this and i'm thinking hominine to get to work passenger's of the engine of the busiest metroliner are devising landy. will probably do is take one of the other streetcars to church street station and walk parts of the j to your son and 22 fell more will be rerouted temporary new shuttles will replace the engine that but run at only half capacity. the
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challenge will be when the shuttle will be their second in on time to work otherwise is taxis. the san francisco bicycle coalition will leave a sam weekend convoy is loosely following the n.j. routes. up probably buy or try to derive from friends where i go by samson option my building and let me have one. the work is expected to be done and the routes restored by monday june 4th at 5:00 in the morning light and san francisco share engines cbs five. the weekend long celebration for the golden gate bridges 75th anniversary take off this morning in san francisco with the unveiling of a new visitors' center the big- is this sunday at his field and along the shore between the four. and marina grain now it's impossible to sum up what the bridge means to our region and really to all of us by the 75th birthday it is certainly worthy of a look back. so we went digging into the channel 5
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archives as mike sugarman shows us the images and stories are timeless. unless you've been around a long time you probably can't imagine a day without its but in the 1920's a lot of people cannot imagine the golden gate bridge. everybody said i didn't think they could do its plenty of other people just unwanted in many ways our beloved bridge is a story of what is possible starting with the radical ridiculed bridge builder from cincinnati ohio. he told me you and i have built that bridge on paper nine times. i think tell her that man works ends how the newspapers were against him and he said well i was just out here for a job that could be done and you wanted a deforest is also the study for a hardscrabble man living in times much tougher
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than the ones we know. but pulling out of a job you don't eat that's it and it went out there fight could find anything else it was depression times as very tough the fiery alliance is a tenor 12 were some that the keener 20 guys waiting for somebody to get fired for one hour of work. when working up and the arabs in my opinion you get kind of high it was cold and it was damp and was soggy we were tops were special we knew we were to. 11 men died in the first 10 of them when his gavel fell three safety nets that meant a ground breaking device at the time sitting 19 others. the lure most sections of the tower are anchored to vertical angles of steel made in
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bethlehem pa. sent by train to philadelphia that my boat to san francisco the cables pulled across the gates by the harbor tug and barge company. ross said here. are coming across. we're writing fair belfast attorneys heavy today the were heading up a bit. here comes a halfway connection now we're all clear to the south tower the final where it went on april 28th 1937 one month later this celebration and complete with al
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jolson. we got there and we're the first ones in line in the best in line remember the big tape across the cut the tape and everybody went to was a big rush of people it was a thrill it was wonderful. we're skipping and hot and jumping. all that is followed call love story. does look at how many people showed up for its 50th birthday.
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to 350,000 people actually walked on the bridge of hundreds of thousands more tried to get there but couldn't some waited up to two hours just to get off bridges near said the structure could take the way for that damage if not the most beautiful bridge honor that is certainly the most photographed think of how many people around the world have worked and saved succumb to the place we call home to see our bridge everyone who has ever seen this walked away with an impression of our own by now you probably have our own stories about the bridge and your memories and your own emotions we thought we'd share just one of those with him the thoughts of our late colleague at it at the birthday bash 25 years ago proposals to around you when it was going up it's hard to believe that it's been 50 years since opening day of course though i was very young at the time it is beautiful to me now as it was then went to build its is a good story is will find
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in any event and all and it means to people around here and around the world is a tribute to that effort still so very true. the golden age in 1975 mike sherman cbs five. i was walking out and there is a couch and i thought that's interesting. he's like on their couch eight their food and for months no one noticed. had they area squadder lived a a well and got away with it. to the family has donated organs my thoughts about them. three new hearts and three days three young lives were [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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year-old maybe a little campus of pol pot and his home without anybody knowing it. altman asserted dream come true windy on how he lives in their case there and worked there without getting caught. their assignment literally lives and breathes his job. as it has dispensed very
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long hours at his computer every night he was gonna tales headquarters when he ran out of print money. i was walking out and to i thought that is interesting at the total is live on the couch. simons was hired by silicon valley investors to were continuing to bear the group that focuses on new ideas be worked out of rented space and sales paul also headquarters but when the program ended at simon's wanted to keep going to perfect his idea that would help teachers revolutionize education it wasn't hard to move right on into a well. before i would work i would come there and work out and take a shower. so i was already living there the only thing i wasn't asleep in their. he started to lockers outside the company chairman helped helped themselves to their food they would put up the food and sell the look at top
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ramen and trail mix teredos snacks like that. he snuck up to the third floor where you'd get a few hours shy it's where the security guards never patrolled. caught on but there were whispers one night the building manager found him and it was over but simon says he did we had to do to build his company now called class connects. i couldn't imagine going home and to basically closing up shop in san was done he didn't go home now venture capitalists and estate simons is living in a rented house and there's been no backlash from aol. twenty got really have anything to lose that no money at no place to say in palo alto cbs five. and assured the american medical then to the bay area hospital and three days three
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new hearts that campbell will spoke to three youngsters while having a chance at life. to the families to have donated their organs god bless them. victory the first week of may remarkable events at stanford three heart transplants in three days. for your very fortunate to have three daughters families who had a tragic loss themselves but were willing to step up on may 3rd want year-old man is the crest and freshman at st. mary's college. i used to play soccer was little and volleyball. so i can't wait. toughly play again and made for a 17 year-old william wiley but then high school senior who heads uc san diego. and on may 5th from lassen county 18 year-old james spencer. i'm guessing the year a big fan of the giants? tell me how big of a value?
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and his family never meets all three bond serious heart defects without a heart transplant these days premature death today in front of the press a reunion at a hospital the families and medical teams. did we for very very grateful for the donors and so much like to encourage everyone to become a donor. packard children's hospital is the only medical center in the day that performs pediatric heart transplants paid to the lead to 15 in the air three in three days is remarkable. dr. kim cbs five. spring showers but they came in the form of snow not only had top of the forecast the bay area memorial holiday weekends as eyewitness news' continues on cbs five.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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find your color and get $5 off premium paints and stains. center rumor has it that the bay bridge has been feeling very neglected with all the attention beset those on the golden gate bridge so that we
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take a sneak peek at the scene and there is with all the slides current air temperature and oakland 53 on the west side the bridge and san francisco's 52 after a high today of only 60 about five degrees below average tonight to tumble into the forties and fifties under partly to mostly cloudy skies and rain is out of here the golden gate bridge a little hazy this hour tomorrow will be partly sunny with a mild holliday and in fact these are cast is interesting what happens tomorrow afternoon around adults that this is like chance of a few raindrops otherwise will refer to as partly sunny skies. are saturday and 3 get away for the weekend is they'll be, the central valley mid-80s in eureka impossible on the south shore and 55 with the rainshowers in yosemite are highs will be more tomorrow than what they were today their keys and six days but we will have a pretty aggressive wind out of the west and 20 m.p.h. 67
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degrees in santa clara when the average high as 7564 melt the is so warm and others will be east of the day decided to naan bread web low 70's and sonoma 77 spool they said the forecast calls for the armistice began to but check out memorial day 6279 in fact let's put it in writing near seasonal for all of,,,,,,,,,,,,, hon. the people think.
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many single and is first at bat and is now 5420 during his minor league stint meant he could rejoin the a's on their upcoming rocher derek year in yankees in oakland this weekend's the
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right-hander will swing on an is by is far is gone. he sends a text message into the right- field seats you're on the mark. wilkes-barre john starling's call for next winter's opposite field home run the bronx hit three homers off ties across to take the opener 63 nea's who have lost three straight. tenant comes still looking for his first win this month the bottom of the fourth tee and carlos take same act that ridiculous galt sharon left field his fourth homer against the giants this season. still works. top of the fed now peak of our lines one of the fall line to give the giants a 31 lead to more hit tonight for the milkman who remains the league leader bottom of the sixth press, clinton began the night hitting 106 his era rises
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to it 6.41 the giants scored two in the ninth to make it interesting but steve freezes cabrera to end the rally it is time for your friday night top five. just-in-time before crashing into the wall. member for round two of the colonial penn green with the shots of the day he needed a birdie on the final hole to make the pass cream does one batter he sings the approach for an eagle jason doctor has a two shot lead. no. 3 this guy really wanted an up close picture of raise manager john madden and never to back the coliseum where there is plenty of foul territory john johnson races over for cats. the double limit the rangers still take on the kings in the,,
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the double limit the rangers
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