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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  May 26, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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shutdown this memorial holiday weekend coming up the project that forced thousands to find another way across a report raising questions of the pipeline safety that when utility company failed to do that is putting bay area neighborhoods of risk not for the fainthearted surviving a scare thousands of feet in the air see one grandmother's post pounded freefall it 7:00 on saturday morning getting around the bay is a challenge to the key link between san mateo is closed right now part of the
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bridge is getting a seismic seismic upgrade good morning a it is a surprise with all the notification there's a couple who when not know about the bridge closer at the dumbarton bridge a shutdown he said it all away son now he's looking for another way to get around this of the two things to me this morning our time and patience to get your around the disclosure that is expected to last fall weekends crew shut down the dunbarton just last night here is a look of the last cars make it through the whole purpose of the shutdown is to seismically straight in strengthen the bridge how they plan to do is to remove an expansion joint. crews have consistently worked on the bridge since july 2010 its
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importance this project well from the dumbarton bridge into state-of-the-art seismic standards this is why it's been done in 2013 as he mentioned is that a closure that dunbarton may be 1.6 mi. but serves the past have led for 61,000 cars a day connecting cities menlo park to hear in fremont and sell it is a really big closure and they're hoping everything runs smoothly. those early-morning commuters a bill to get to work and not have to run around all these detours this weekend is starting a major disruption for writers of many in metro's busiest line and san francisco of for crews are in the midst of replacing a stretch of new track in the intersection at church street attended a real upgrade project will end the service
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while partially shutting down church line bus routes will also be a detour around the construction and shuttle buses will run along the rail line but at less frequent intervals of cn to daily riders say they're preparing for the worse. did we to and not super confident in the bus service. the challenge will be when the shuttle will be there otherwise taxis the san francisco bicycle coalition will organize convoys every weekday morning construction will be finished by 5 in the morning it diamond anniversary for the golden gate bridge as it is their plan drop against marker 75 years that includes today's both parade by the st. francis yacht club and the big fireworks shows more night organizers say get there early because traffic
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is good to be a mess china tells us how to avoid gridlock. their number of construction projects happen in this weekend that may cause traffic tieups starting with the dumbarton bridge is expected to reopen on tuesday the have completely shut down both directions your alternates are to 37 and 92 the san mateo bridge also the 90 at 9:00 p.m. to midnight in and around the golden gate bridge services 12 use the san mateo bridge or a bridge as an alternate also a media alert there's construction under way for many it's expected to be in effect until june 3rd.
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some services being completely canceled but for the day church find and to the will be reporting services well as implementing bus lines. in this morning more disturbing news on piccinni because of faulty tracking of pipelines that support from state regulators on any reports they say the utility company neglected to reduce pressure on natural gas pipelines in areas that become heavily populated plus the report says the company failed to track developments over the last 40 years regulators say those failures have presented significant risks to the public. the faa investigators what happened during a woman's 80th birthday party it's terrifying
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fall was caught on tape that is about 20 mi. north of stockton the faa just learned of this event after someone e-mail the video clip on thursday over never says for a decade and a single focus was to fly high above the central valley floor and jump there uc she's doing its she chose the lower deck parachutes center where customers can sky that with no reservations but she is either not properly harnessed or something else was listened to. normally they're attached to the instructors chess but not this time i just held on. put yourself in my vision. she's brave she says she sees herself as lucky in csi did some
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background checking account for deaths. still to come as a young phenom turnings have to discuss street corners in to a state watching dance and entertain young fans and all wants to know the motivation behind his performances by first the bay area celebrating a cold nikon today we dig into the archives. good morning from the cbs five weather center it is your memorial day weekend to and we have the pinpoint forecast how letting the worst areas as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,i
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talked about our events on tap for the moon will the weekend is you might expect a lot of people hoping the weather will cooperate but should be warming
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up and live look outside and the city of san francisco cloudy conditions overnight that things are starting to clear up take a look at the temperatures bread with city 53 degrees san francisco 50 degrees 47 stannous save 52 degrees good morning everybody is i want to first began with a look at yesterday's high temperatures there's a reason for my madness of bear with me 50 degrees and pacific s 75 degrees in math bug but the big story was the rain to 107 chevron and that the and take a good look at this keep that in mind because will be warm today but for a soft for your morning rise and shine to temperatures in the 40's and '50's and surely of cloudiness but later on the
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coast begins to clear out a partial sunshine will be sent around the bay into are in the areas of the day's play host to that new york yankees in the game time will top off at 67 degrees. also this weekend is taking place is the golden gate festival and on sunday can anticipate at temperatures 63 degrees meanwhile along the coast and to pay should not obscure the fireworks that will be taking place later on this area of low pressure is out here trying to pull with the that cooler air mass clausius to rebound at their temperatures ever so gently but watch this year during the afternoon hours today we to have a chance in a couple of rain drops around to tell sent to fairfield's keep
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fat chance of a passing grade job otherwise partly sunny skies. across the region for this holiday weekend 65 degrees in moderate to the mid-50s in some rainshowers and a 70 of 4740 percent chance of a shower in the greater lake tall area of me well your weather had wind slightly warmer today all the breezy we will have a great start on sunday but it will finish and our extended forecast calls for some pretty steady temperature is will take a look at that the first inthe air day at all pollen however was a completely different story and remains on the high side blood on the junk from the atmosphere sell another her today for all of us temperature wise to choose and 60s along the beaches which is unseasonably cool. 71 decrees and sonoma the extended forecast
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does call on sunday but a straight up bright sunshine today's new seasonal tons from 60 to 79 that's happened when forecast had a great weekend everyone. deadweight the bay area premiere celebrate the golden gate bridge 73rd anniversary this weekend of celebration mike sugarman digs into hike archives to show is the images and stories that brought us to we are today. later in the 1920's lot of people cannot imagine the golden gate bridge. plenty of other people just unwanted in many ways our beloved bridge is the story of what is possible study with the radical bridge builder
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from cincinnati ohio. he said you and i have built the bridge on paper nine times i think how hard that man worked and says hall the newspapers were against him and his instead he was out here for a job that couldn't be done and he wanted the big fee for it it's also the story hardscrabble man living in times. i never would've got out their voters find anything else but there is no work it was depression times really tough its 81012 sometimes 20 guys waiting for someone to get fired for one hour for week a minute cassette tech check it out here some guys talking in the background. we
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love didn't back you have to love it when we're working in the air it is my opinion you get kind of high it was damp and lobbied we were tops for a special and nowhere to 11 men died the next and crowned braking device at the time saved 19 lives. the lure most sections of the tower are anchored to vertical steel angles that still made in bethlehem pa. set by trade to philadelphia and by boat to san francisco the cables pulled across the gates by the barge company. we're all set here ready
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here, had large. ok are coming across. we're writing fair the current is pretty heavy today is their head in up with its here comes the have left connection now we're all cleared as the war continued over four years and that the star was born this one started as a romance. we arrived in san francisco in valentine's day of 1933 it wasn't unusual to drive back callebs in the evening just to see what was going on and so on the final rivet london on april 28th 1937
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one month later the celebration. because the tape and everybody went off i was a thrill there is a big rush of people people are skipping and hopping in jumping
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all this fall difficult story of just look how many people set up for its 50th birthday 350,000 people actually walked on the bridge hundreds of thousands more tried to get there but couldn't if not the most beautiful bridge under it is certainly the most photographed that of how many people around the world have worked and saved is said to come to the place we call home to the air bridge and anyone who's ever seen it walked away with an impression on their own. your own memories and emotions you'll have about the bridge without which charges one of those with you the thoughts of our late colleague and the big birthday bash 25 years ago for those like me were around it is going up is hard to believe is a and 50 years since opening day of course i was very young at the time it does beautiful to me now as it was then what its
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of the bill that is a good story is defined as any adventure novel and what it means to people around here and around the world is a tribute to that effort to still so very true. the golden age in 1975 by seven cbs five. well that is quite the story. a new twist on the stray dog folie a human home and for a new mascot for site placenta that's the an act of kindness that made and a friend for life. san francisco's next big thing is already performing in the streets will take a closer look at it tap dancing horn blowing talent and just turned blowi[ male announcer ] turned knowing your customers
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will be apricots spring is in the air as we know it is apricots from california are coming as a market you have to select them properly because if you don't the going to be a little but dry but if you do is let them rights to all the flavors are out of this world let's talk about election least let them you want to make sure there's beautiful color nice and orange is like to give to the
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touch not too much when you bring them home start on the counter to not put them in their refrigerator the cold temperatures will defeat the flavor of these apricots by half sell key to room temperature and did you know that apricots are the most nutritional and all summer for it. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy and perhaps this time of year but on the grill with a little but a balsamic it's a beautiful thing shall. temperatures today in the mid-60s for the card of celebration mostly sunny skies for today's live entertainment all starts at 11:00 a.m. along harrison streets and bigger motivational push for cyclists and to that follows a month forelegs check this stray dog
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out she's been running with the cyclists for 24 days and you can see she's giving quite a pace they spotted this homeless dogs during recycling break one of them tosser drumstick and since then she's remains biocide the cyclists at a body was third century and now she has 40,000 fans. forget them to let the stars you don't have to look beyond came in third street and san francisco for the next big thing alan martin takes a close look at the cannes addresses this huge bow tie and hats and a probably hear him free see him. a street corner can become a stage chances are you'll hear the sound of 1 ft. tapping and another accompanied by a one-man
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war in section or in this case and one boy horn section 12 year-old gabriel angelo is in little louie armstrong little from astaire and today at sight of at&t for a giants game looking to get a little better. i started performing on streets about it years ago. you're 10? and why did you want to do that? it's about practice getting as much practices i can get his mom says he actually jumped into are acting class and it he was for and since then the world's proven to be a source very even if it's less cooler today of. he has his own style unique to him. he's got it. he's on the bart train in the car she starts like the quiet this time to be
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quiet. to equate one thing's for sure are gabriels never been accused of being an introvert. did wait philosopher may be self promoter naturally. and soon to be a teenager discovered he had actually shared birthday may 20th seconds. as ronald that before you. many years apart. this past tuesday gabriel celebrated his 13th birthday his goals were high-school college may be studying fashion to get the feeling he to do anything but let a few of the story and dialogue on to our web sites and send an e-mail alan martin cbs five. coming up imagine living inside a well headquarters how
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one minute they set up a dream move dryden + right in the waves and stumbling it on to market the perks and challenges of starting your own business of first in bridge shut down between the east bay and the peninsula weenies snow to get around to all the construction.
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travel conditions has to get around the closure of the golden gate and done my bridge closure. mikey memorial day tragedy one year later and in the lawsuit ended emergency responders at the scene of a drowning plus another milestone for space exploration now the international space station all combat to weekend edition is seven thirty on the nose thank you for being less than a this morning people and holding a way out this afternoon to mark the one-year anniversary of a man stacte may remember a 52 year- old man waiting fully clothed in to a 54 degree water his family says he died of hyperthermia and they filed a lawsuit against the city and county of alameda of police and firefighters watched the man for about half an hour
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last year but they did nothing the reason was they say the water rescue program had been defunded as since been restored it will be a busy holiday weekend and adding to it will be crowded around the golden gate for the 70th anniversary celebration muni is closing some very very busy lines as san francisco as well the first in the east bay the bridge a shutdown for earthquake safety repairs he joins us live now from fremont to some details on the work being done good morning. who says bridges can take holidays are not the dunbarton because there are no cars coming in or out with the exception of caltrans crews take a look we actually have a shot of the last car that drove through last night's that is when it that that are shut down about 10:00 and is expected stay like this until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning the goal is to install a larger expansion joints to make the bridge more earthquake
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friendly it will allow the bridge to move independently from the supporting players it will make things safer in the long run by for regular commuters it shall be one headache of a commute for the regulars. the weather will be nice to live to be difficult. the denver and bridge is about 1.6 mi. long in its the main artery for connecting cities from animal parts where we are in fremont with 61 cars 61,000 cars traveling every day so caltrans wanted to let people keep in mind time and patience are sore about the absence in order to get around especially during this high traffic memorial day weekend. we've been talking about this for weeks trying to give to be ample warning to not plan to the area of tea think everybody got the message? thats a great question because i actually spoke to a
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handful of people last night to just this morning when we were setting up our live shot a car drove by and asked us what is going on why couldn't he get through as said the bridge is closed and he said opal 8 and then he had to try to find a way around it so the leader nonce despite the there's a lot of attention around this but still in full of people did not know that this bridge is closed. the key to. munis busy as i remind set of service until june 4th as crews worked to replace the more now rails the engine upgrade project began last night near church street said jay church line is also partially disrupted replacement bus shuttles will carry passengers around the construction san francisco gears up for a citywide celebration 75 years is supposed to be the diamond anniversary but this one is pure gold the big 75 anniversary bath pass for the golden gate bridges tomorrow and festivities up land
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throughout the weekend and we have the information on cbs asset-, the bottom line is there's a lot of traffic this holiday weekend their number of construction projects and special events happening that may cause traffic tieups starting with the dumbarton bridge that is still close it expected to reopen it tuesday at 5:00 a.m. it's completely shut down in both correct directions all dividend to 37 and 92 at the san mateo bridge also '70s that birthday for the golden gate bridge where we celebrate this began so they're close is expected fireworks displays happening on sunday said the bridge we sat down from 9:00 p.m. to midnight expect a very busy weekend in and around the golden gate bridge surface streets as well use the san mateo bridge are bay bridge as an alternate also in many let there is a construction underway for me that is expected to be in effect until june 4th at 5:00 a.m. and it will price the many
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jay church line and into the and some services are being completely canceled but for the j church line that will reroute the rerouting service as well as implementing some bus lines through their seasonal center web site at cbs sf not come from reformation. another successful step in a new era of space like this morning astronauts began unloading cargo from the first privately operated spacecraft to dock with the international space station the unmanned space next dragon capsule is scheduled to make 12 more deliveries begin later on this year but that left a full-size replica of nasa's retires space shuttle fleet is slowly making its way from florida to houston explored part of their resemblance to display at the space center the real deal the space shuttle lands as we put on display in florida next summer day in a battleship will be towed out to sea on its way to the support of richmond's
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downs was endless tug boats will pull uss iowa from its place 11 this morning will pass and the golden gate between 2 and 3:00 p.m. people are expected to watch the san francisco waterfront and the iowa was in service for five decades it will become a museum in july will see that actually makes it down this time although we are talking out this last weekend had to cancel because of the weather coming up next the highs and lows of starting a business the founder go perot joins us live next + c good living in a well how the bay area's water went undetected for months. and, and the boys of summer men in black
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countless job-seekers technology is the key to a top-notch career and sharing chen reports this week jefferson award winner make sure that everyone has acquired all the right skills. daniele spent years working in baking but when she is laid off she wanted a more stable career since she said the information technology it was all foreign to me. now she's a tax specialist from the county in support turf for children. yet to choose the ones he had to have faith and courage in believe in yourself for her success she credits the strides center and its executive director barry hathaway. for the last eight years he
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is the lead astride center and office koses on five campuses that prepare low-income students for financially successful careers in information technologies. usually don't say the things for this technical skills they say things for giving me hope at the path and direction and sustain my family and me and that is worth about those a complete the program are 60 percent more likely to get a job in 75 percent more likely to bank and a second anti certification of the 450 students each year 75 get paid internships intern's repair and refurbish computers and supply text supports and if i have work experience in one of our internships then there likely to get a job to almost 90% 23 will be more smith lost jobs in food preparation but now he is about to graduate from the strides center to pursue a career in the video-game industry.
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have a lot of outdoor noncontact this weekend a lot of people look in the weather will cooperate and looks like a well to take a live look outside the city of san francisco we did the clouds over night but things are clearing up this morning taking a look at temperatures right now low 50s in most spots down to 47 degrees right now in santa rosa oakland 52 in san francisco 50 degrees for britain's solace with our holliday warm-up. good morning everybody i want to first began with a look at yesterday's high temperatures across the climate's there's a reason for my madness sell it was 50 degrees for pacifica to 75 degrees and now of what the big story was the rain we had to 106 of rain and now but that she took a good look at this keep that in mind is will be warm
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today but first for your morning rise and shine to temperatures in the '40's and '50's from the coast ensure we have cloudiness out there but later on because begins to clear out to a partial sunshine will be sent around the day and into our inland areas in the mid-60s and low 70's he had myself the baseball team today at one of five oakland a's pate playing host to new york yankees sent the game temperature will top off at 67 degrees and a partly sunny skies. also this weekend is taking place as the golden gate fast loan you can into the bays save assured 55 degrees but it should not have secured the fireworks that will be taking place later on this area of low pressure they provide is the french our is out of here taking people with debt that cooler air mass allows us to rebound with their temperatures ever said gently
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but watch this year during the afternoon hours today we do have a chance of a couple of raindrops around to the delta into fairfield give it into real this day in crude daily as well to keep the chance of passing raindrop otherwise partly sunny skies. across the region near rainshowers in yosemite low '40's with the 40 percent chance of a shower and a greater lake tahoe area. 10 to 20 m.p.h. route will have a great start on sunday into your extended forecast calls were some pretty steady temperatures. pollen however that's going to be a completely different story the town remains on the high side especially with the afternoon winds blowing up much of crown the atmosphere. temperature was 50 his 60s along the beaches and around santa clara valley which
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is unseasonably cool for the summit here the warm december is up to 72 degrees in brentwood 71 degrees in sonoma sam vincent door covers is 62 degrees the extended forecast calls for the warm stay this weekend on sunday it is stirring a bright sunshine today each day of will they forecast near seasonal temperatures from 60 to 79 that is our pinpoint forecasts had a great weekend. a young man may be a welcome as intel of the his home without anybody catching on for about two months 20 year-old erika simon squatter that ails headquarters after he ran out of print money earlier he had been hired by several investors to work in a group that develops new ideas and they use rented space at a well but he wanted to keep going after the program ended sell his goal is to perfect his idea that help teachers. one day as walking out and there was a scout today thought that's interesting i totally
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sleep on my couch his start as belongings into lockers out that the company jam after two months the building manager fountain that venture-capital this are investing in this company lives in a rented house as you can see it takes a little moxie vision and a lot to make it as a tax start at the other big deal for tech companies these books roller-coaster ride on wall street now for a better idea the challenges of starting a business returned to c l limpopo founder and equipment. a lot of people have heard of this to take anywhere camera you came up with the idea at 26 and now have found it to under $50 million company. ms 36 now the thank you. very good. i was 26 and in between jobs looking for inspiration and
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no one to start a business and some i didn't have any idea what it wanted to do so for inspiration is decided to go along surf trip allows us try and indonesia and in preparing for that trip was frustrated it would build issue of the photos of the surfing so i developed a camera at the surplus and local that was my business idea of so this trip there was good state for inspiration i had my inspiration for a left on the trip and the theory of the google the world among other servers would be excited about a chemical and surf with and it's now going into the global enablers for people to be able to capture prospectus that the life that traditional cameras can't. they're now finalist for the competition the northern california entrepreneur of the year. which closed the mines. such a start in the city's 26 this is the point where we have seen this sort before and they spoke what you make of how their
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ipo went? as someone who started their own business what to think about that? i think too much of the norris about the plo was really exciting as a guy like mark september and has an idea of in his dorm room and college in the bin and grows there the years and would face focus today in to supper is a very smart guy but i think that is inspiring to launch appears around the world that this can happen. he cannot a skillet to a global phenomenon as possible. tell us about some of the roadblocks he went along the way. like this guy had to live today well? he needs to be totally committed to the idea that you are doing this and that you will succeed because as much power there so many challenges that lie ahead and if you're not 100% committed when the dark
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days come any need to dig deep if you aren't ready for it you won't have the passion nor the energy to persevere. and that air recently hysterias start up and says he would literally cut off his right arm for the start of is that an overstatement? i think if your idea is this are steeped in to being something your passionate about then if your business is centered around a personal passion and has a lot of meaning and this just about the money surprisingly money is not the magic motivator passed in this is all the passion. resisting some video that was made popular by your cameras obviously offering that a problem with taking a risk they did for joining as this morning. equipment go pro wil,,,,,,e
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daughter isabel this weekend the indian princess bill plus men in black back for a time traveling in ventura. greetings pleasure seekers let's talk movies first of all the boys of summer turned for installment three of many black will smith tommy lee jones and jocelyn a sign is it traveling keeper but it's just proline he's the guy he steals the show played on time in these zones as a travel back in time he nails it. it's a big crush main and will pursue details will last after. one of the world's great icons has a birthday this sunday our golden gate bridges and she grand she turned 75 in the case and the mark with much
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fanfare when a bridge party into pirate show efficacy appeal to the bridge itself will be closed to traffic for may 30th they're out in our as fireworks lighted the night sky and will be one great night and elsie theyre. finally the doctor is in the house and the singing the blues actor hugh laurie brings his bands to san francisco's great american musical sunday night this multi talented british pie can crew like the best of some the show's set sunday at 9:00 p.m. that is your limbs please follow me and twitter for more and enjoy the rest of your weekend. tear it cheers. one look at today's top stories include the major bridge shutdown a visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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key link between san mateo and alameda counties is closed out the bridges getting a seismic upgrade kit is live in fremont to the bridge shutdown of the project going? we just got the phone with the caltrans spokesperson says it is moving quite smoothly they made a lot of progress last night and ray will to break down 6 ft. of concrete to make way for that new seismic join the they'll be putting in crew shut down the dunbarton last night around 10:00 p.m. without a look at the last car to make it through and it will stay this way will be closed until the 29th about 5:00 a.m. and to the whole purpose of that is to sign up credits to be more earthquake friendly so everything is moving smoothly did no reason to believe that the shutdown will last longer than to say but will keep our fingers crossed for tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. and sell commuters 11 fremont. tomorrow mayor ed lee on tax
7:57 am
start-ups' the boom and bust plus a bonus for san francisco. i don't think it's just that protect say to look at the technology and how to the ample said the whole heck health care in this industry those are two other great growth in commentary as technology is no longer buy itself standing alone is an idea is actually to ready itself into a very busy thing of a single day. plus the bay bridge battle of the golden state warriors the story on fascines about their move back to san francisco from morning it seven thirty karen cbs five listed, look at weather forecast saturday morning as in a lot of people about their plans it is a real the weekends and live look at the birthday girl the golden gate bridge a little cloudy up their initial cool. current temperatures in the '50s that all up even higher tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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