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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 26, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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why did the need to survey us security cameras among the issues golden gate for workers are word about that gone on strike could not come at a worse time. all lanes of dumbarton bridge enclosed this holiday weekend the continue to work on seismic upgrades 7 through the golden gate the uss iowa leaves the bay area for its final destination is here the usual tomorrow day weekend in the bay area the golden gate anniversary celebration brings thousands into san francisco the
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dumbarton bridge closure is imminent getting run difficult anne mackovic shows as a strike had shut down the ferry system the timing of a strike on the golden gate ferry system could not be worse thousands fled san francisco to celebrate the anniversary of the golden gate bridge many accounting on ferries from larkspur and sausalito. the inland boatman's union has been without one for a year are members are putting up with a lot of things in the background the public does not know they are working around mold and better braking areas and word about security cameras why did and need to surveil us? anything about programs or cameras is unfounded last year the district decided to allow management ticket agents from ferry terminals
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there's been a lot of work over fallen onto the terminal workers they are not valid concerns. left in the middle and our passengers to came to a close terminal. i've been here for an hour and that i did i know this was closed there's no son a judge there were but the uncertainty of whether the strike would be over tomorrow remains the district says the offer is on the table and the union says it is not good enough i hope the strike will be over otherwise would have the drive through oakland in larkspur and mackovic cbs 5 we heard from golden gate transit half hour ago they say and golden gate ferry service will resume tomorrow it will run extra service from larkspur running every half hour until 8:00 p.m. and that at 10:00 p.m. the agency returns returned
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provides return service until midnight tens of thousands expected in san francisco's waterfront to honor the seventh anniversary of the golden gate bridge. a festival with arts and music is scheduled traffic expected to be heavy yorkers to take public transportation. the celebration concludes tomorrow night with a fireworks display, the bridge closes to foot traffic at 6:00 p.m. cars halted for one hour beginning at 9:00 p.m. and then the main event at 930 fireworks show expected to last about 20 minutes. for a list of all festivities and historical footage of the bridge to go to cbs s f dot com the dumbarton bridge is closed until early tuesday morning for seismic work. don knapp is live at the bridge.
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we've been across the golden gate bridge and across the bay bridge and lots of cars but here in on the eastern edge at the dumbarton and bridge it is desolate. the long approach through the coyote hills park there's no reason to go cross it because of a shutdown for seismic work which continues through the weekend. it will take another year to finish the bridge it worked on this weekend makes that possible. they needed time and space to reinstall a seismic joint and install the latest in an earthquake bridge technology seismic berries. want to next to the debt the other connects to the foundation in a seismic event the debt can move independently from the foundation gives the bridge the ability to dance and be flexible rather than brittled and put a lot of strain the on the legs and we see cracking.
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crews worked through the night and continued today to raise the debt 1-5 in. to make room for bearings. other fixes include painting which cannot be done when traffic is flowing. there is no shortage of out and roots. the dumbarton and shut down at 10:00 p.m. 49 and remain closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning the tellez they are on schedule to open on time. don knapp cbs 5 drivers are encouraged to take public transit, if you do drive take extra time to take the ultimate roots. a patriotic side to start the weekend a few hours ago at the uss iowa passed under the golden gate bridge it left richmond this morning to begin a four day journey into its new
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home. there she blows the uss iowa and interstate in the bay. i never thought this day would come it is been 23 years and here we are in wrote to southern california to its final destination. more than 800 ft. long she fought hard to keep the country safe and different non-profit groups fought to preserve her legacy. all of our goals to save the ship and turn into a museum the public can see it as many things it can offer from educational platforms to repositories of technology and culture the iowa weathered many tough battles man saw the end of world war two until the end of the gulf war. and i grow up on the ship it was a big part of my life i
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serve 49 months on board, it changed me the old ship will be transformed to an interactive museum so it can be appreciated for years to come. people tend to forget history when he to know where we come from good-byes are tough but for former crewmembers the members are not forgotten survivability and camaraderie we had a crew second to none. don't care what the rest of the navy says a big or tune in for all who served aboard the uss iowa on fourth of july and three days let the grand opening of the new museum in richmond cbs 5 they put their lives on the line and do not get paid a lot of balls and heart attacks and issues that happen on the beach you can give back to bay area heroes and have fun doing it at a barbecue.
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a we'er it's saturday night around the de and some showers and thundershowers, will send in the clouds tonight and finally ,, [ alarm beeping, motor revving ] [ motors revving ] ♪ [ motor turns over ] [ liquid pouring ] [ chain saw buzzing ] [ male announcer ] what if everything ran on gas? then again, what if everything didn't? the 100% electric, zero-gas nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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fire season for california officially begins monday, because of the dry winter cal fire expects to see more fires than usual. when bay area fire crew needs help a tiny group with a huge charge ken bastida shows us even hero's need help our dealers and contractors and engineers that some of them make their livings but when the alarm goes off their risk lives for free. the men of your beach volunteer fire department where handed down coats and right around in a 25 year-old truck, but when the roll out of the wouldn't bond at the college fire barn they don't lack for
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debts our dedication one of the holmes down the road caught fire at one in the morning i was one of four guys to respond made good think he and other volunteers were there your beach is a community of 450 people, it is isolated along the marin coast county crews could be 15 minutes away or more depending on weather and traffic those minutes could mean the difference between life and death. especially if someone has had a heart attack or had a bat fault the department's new chief is inheriting an old problem. and to keep the volunteer fire department running amidst lending state resources. your basic turnout his jacket pants helmet and gloves you're talking $4,000 per guy.
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then trucks and all the other equipment that you need. , and the problem is that your beach is a popular area for hikers and bicyclists and to a million people a year. all too often they need help a lot of balls and heart attacks issues that happen on the beach or would need to pull people off the trails there is a way for visitors to give something back every memorial day locals throw a barbecue open to the public to raise money for the volunteer fire department. if family of then and this close-knit community cannot afford to be without these family members. were a long way away from any outside help it could get worse if there is an earthquake or good fire could seal this community of completely. the 40th annual fireman's
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barbecue tomorrow from noon to 5 at your beach picnic grounds. a $20 donation get you parking plus coupons to spend on food and drinks unloading supplies for the international space station for the first vehicle replacing the space shuttle. mostly in the '50s and '60s around the bay area, it feels a chilly as you look at the numbers and look at the bridge that came in on time and under budget how much of the,,,,,,,,,,
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in the tradition that dates back 50 years the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno decorated with american flags for memorial day. 3000 volunteers place flags on each of the 112,000 graves, golden gate among one of the largest national cemeteries in the country. 230 mi. of the aerospace version of bringing groceries the space ex ship dragon brought in food and supplies and loaded by the international space station. the dragon is the first privately owned space ship to dock with the station. it was launched by the pay pal pay pal founder ed will be repacked with equipment to return flight to earth. brian mentioned we think were
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ushering in winter, or summer, it is winter we ushered and it is cold. if you look at that picture behind you, you have sunshine in the late in san francisco but if you look at the roof camp is cloudy over there. you'll see something else interesting we look at mount vaca, something strange on the lens of the camera there are raindrops. we had showers and thundershowers in east bay between sacramento and fairfield there were showers coming down. read our shows shower still. you can see a few sprinkles coming down low pressure moves inland generally a dry flow, there's a few showers it kept
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and schooler in the bay area, and we don't have that usual dome of high pressure keeping the clouds at the coast line is causing some thunder bumpers at the mountains but mostly gone by tomorrow. clouds along the shoreline, low pressure will stay to the north. things will warm up mid-week. tamara mostly sunny, after we dispense with the low clouds in the morning. the fireworks celebration could be dicey there could be low clouds moving tomorrow night. will see how that develops. look at the future cast, we have cause along the shoreline we roll this lookout persistent the low clouds are through the early-morning hours daylight comes at midday, and we get
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sunshine. expect low clouds tomorrow morning and john mid day and that increased sunshine. will become sunday in the afternoon and during on monday san francisco expects morning clouds and high of 62. for los angeles denver and chicago thunderstorms new york as thunderstorms. for tomorrow for us will warm up a little bit temperatures in the 60s near 70 at around the bay and low seventies inland. will warm up for wednesday, temperatures will approach almost 90 degrees by the latter half of the week. another cool day tomorrow. most people have three days of this weekend golden gate bridge $35 million to build a whole thing. done in 40 months.
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kim coyle with sports will for the best for baseball we have been scouting for brian sabean and found somebody who might help the giants. defense lets them down again and a snap a losing streak,,,,,,,,,,
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held as on the web for the a's, manny ramirez could all be back in the lineup for the team's upcoming road trip. he's facing his former team in new york to yankees previn to deep right field that door that ball is high and far and on. the yankees have tied again john stirling and one of his trademark home run calls. bottom of the third and ties it off of c c is a bad idea. the bronx bombers once again live up to their net thing. there it goes to deep right that all is high and far and on. what a shot. mark sends a message to the right-center field seats you're on the mark teixeira
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in the ninth to share a sense a message to center his third home run of the series. b.a.t's went 9-2. the a's have lost four straight weeks. his lettuce feet and a walk off homer hamilton leads the majors with 20 home runs this season the rangers score and beat the blue jays 8-7. the giants tonight and join their road trip to the miami news stadium. the new ball park has a bobble head museum top of the third marlins up one nothing he races from second and beat the throw me to score the tying run. miami goes back which of that man and inning ending double play but the giants lead the league with 50 errors this
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season. for the second game and wrote the miami clothes are was pulled randy child gets the final two elves for his first save in two years the giants are seven games behind the dodgers in the west. the pga at colonial johnson and jason dufner are seven shots up the rest of the field. hefner took a ride back a few seconds later with his own birdie putt he's not 59 under for the tournament the auburn start looking for back-to-back wins. alex smith made headlines this week talking about is passing numbers sanko can newton through a lot of 300 yds gams but he didn't win " that did not sit well with newton's teammate who fired back on twitter " alex
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smith don't hate on camp because years that's what got you cut its patent had decided to come to san fran " the 49ers and panthers to not play each other this season but the raiders play the panthers. lakers head coach mike brown has received criticism for his team's exit and meta world peace says the blame is on the players mike was not out there guarding kevin that was me, kevin scored on the mike did throw the turnovers, mike did not missed three-point shots i missed a three-point shot, mike did not coming out of shape, well he did coming out of shape , it is all mental for coach.
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one of the bus schedules the lower columbia college player gyms over the fence to make the grab, the fun out it would of been a game-tying home run brian sabean one, need defense on the giants. you could argue it was a matter of time before crooks broke the code were talking about bar codes at the heart of every beat when you pay at the counter and crooks can capitalize coming up at 630 howe they're doing it. that's it for eyewitness news at 530 cbs evening news next with a massacre and syria dozens of children among 90 people killed in an attack. see you in half an hour.
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