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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  May 27, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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today is diamond anniversary for a big area of icon if a golden one. and steady as she goes along the dumbarton bridge, the latest technology that will protect the bridge against earthquakes. thank you for joining us this morning. we've got the golden gate bridge. there was a strike yesterday with the ferry service.
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without ferry service, we would've been in trouble. barry service is back on we will talk about that story in a moment. on june ballot to whether or not we're going to change california's terms limits. and we'll ask deadly how things are going with oakland. big three their project, the span between menlo park and. this closure provides time and space to the improved seismic joins trade the studious, one connects
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to the deck and other are connected to the foundation and in a some seismic. it gives a bridge to be flexible during an event. the goal is still a mixture the goal could sustain over many years. golden gate ferries workers are expected back at work after a one day strike. it has even caught the attention of the governor. the unions and workers picketed his surname. there are working without a contract for every year.
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governor brown says he is coin to investigate. in the meantime golden gate festivities have been planned all day long. many that the span could not be built. including this photographer. he walked the bridge with his parents in 1937 when he was just three years old. oven for attack if the bridge for three years today's big 75th anniversary bash, the bridge will be along the shore to marine green. the fireworks the ballet start- up 9:30 p.m.. you could find a list of the
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bridge festivities at cbs stock,. more than 3000 voluntaries place american flags on the graves yesterday. in all, flags were placed over our and over a hundred thousand graves. a world war two battleship began her journey from the bay area. the ship saw plenty of action during its 50 years of service. kate choses was next. there she blows, the uss iowa and did her stay in the bay. i never thought this day
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would come. it's been 22 years since i've seen this ship and here we are. she is on route tete southern california, her final destination. she fought hard to keep our country saved. different non-profit groups fought to preserve her legacy. it is our goal to turn her into a museum so the public could visit her in see here. to offer education no platforms. there were many tough battles and seen the low end of world war two up into the gulf war. i grew up on the ship. i served 49 and a half months of aboard the ship on active duty. people to enter get history.
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we have to learn where we come from to know where we're gonna go. maneuverability, survivability, the moderate. i don't care what the rest of the navy says. on the for the july and just three days later will be the grand opening of the new interactive museum. and in international news, of the syrian leadership tonight is a tax on the oblivious. and in afghanistan a nato air
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strike killed a family of eight. a spokesman for professional government says that a man died in the tax and that they were not involved in or with the television. there will be an investigation. polls show a majority of americans support the idea yet voters keep rejecting it. it could change this november, in maryland minnesota and washington state. those states are likely to have closely contested measures on their ballots. robert gibbs plus ed joined
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bob schieffer it this morning to talk politics. that is obvious the nation right here at cbs five. we're going to have a closer look at proposition 28. and facebook expansion plans hit homes in menlo park. and the challenges serving residents and visitors that is coming up. will be covering it weather for you, and eventually a sunny summer sunday. details coming up on weather.
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here's your chance to attend the barbecue and helps them heroes of the same time. the merrill beach fire department is hosting its moral date old fashioned barbequed today. they use hand down uniforms, many race today will help keep this much-needed apartments renting. there's a lot of heart attacks and called happen all along the beach. we are a long ways away from some help. even a good buyer could so this minute off completely. mail beach is a committee of only about 450 people but many
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people visit the beach year wide. as far as the weather goes on that, patchy fog and drizzle broke the bay this morning. but it is supposed to be clearing up. a live look at the bay bridge. lol foggy out there right now. low fifties in most areas down to 40 degrees in santa rosa. 52 at sfo and king concord hang around 54 degrees. brian hackney with the rest of our moral to begin forecast. on the 75th anniversary of
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the opening of the golden gate bridge. the project that came on time and under budget. the entire thing was we're starting with some clouds. low pressure that was over to the mid west 85 lead relax its our own grip on the bay area. to give you an idea, this is the future galt cast. you see that later in to the day most of the bay area goes clear but as my time comes around we have low clouds over here, just off the peninsula. it might interfere with the fireworks show, stay tuned.
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if your heading at the bay on monday, expects a morning low clouds at us f zero. an overnight low of 50. chicago and new york expect thundershowers. that's the forecast for monday. temperatures are covered it at about 66 degrees at hayward. along the shoreline it will be chilly. in the north bay, it is in the '50s in the big debate. 72 ed nevada.
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sausalito, as 60 degrees. so, today we begin below bit warmer, accelerate that trend into the work week at mid to low 80s by thursday and friday and then nothing but sand. go out and have a great sunday. in measure on the state ballot on june 5th. proposition 28 will limit them to a 12 year terms. but it would also allow those dearest to be served in one house. as a sense right now muted three two-year terms in the assembly and any to switch over to other
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years served in the senate. i guess the question that those are going task out there, and we have term limits? this would limit you to 12 years. but you would have to us today in the assembly or the senate? you're limited to 12 years but you could pick one or the other or makes it. our current system is broken. legislators give in to the office and they immediately start looking for the next office to run for. this would give them a time to develop some expertise in some seniority in a house.
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we currently have a case where people in the first year are being selected as committee chairs. they don't even know where the bathroom is much less how things work in the legislation system. so you're going it's a post the help the leadership in this house? hopefully someone will have some security before their selected to be the speaker. howdy think this will affect those sorts of relationships? we think the current leader does a amazing amount of lobbying. the lobbyists have more say, if they have some time to touch it
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develops some expertise we believe will help. as far as politicians go, the minute they're elected to one office, they're looking for the next office. what is it was the genius behind this change? the group's includes good government groups like the league of voters and it also includes laborers and business. we've got all sections of the political world behind this. we did reach out to those employed measure in part to. the release a statement
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including " most legislators will serve a decade in office without having to good deal with elections. they still have to run for reelection. they still need to be serving their people who are going to let them. the interest of their districts should be primary for that. was said term limits are modified term-limits, there's a way to get around the consequences of them. of the idea was that we're going to have some to some legislators. they're just simply looking for
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a time in office. the minute that they have been elected they will look for another office. having 12 years, and it will give them some time to it work. we've seen the pulling and the polling says the people like term limits. it reduces the amount of time a legislator can stay in office. it allows them to also get some expertise some one area. we also reached out to the opponents of prop 28 will be having them on our show at a later time.
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on tuesday the menlo park city council review a new expansion of people at its new cancel. it is nearly double of what they have currently at the side. baseball has agreed to restrict vehicle traffic and encourage employees to use shuttles and car pools.
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this week's show, and it is the totality of the tech is buried them we want to know are we setting ourselves up for another bubble bus? i think the science that we have our hiring left and right. we've got a commitment through our sf city commitment. they are going to help train our workforce. we're going to get past this old digital divide that we use the face. we've got jobs is the number one thing. they are renting out and they're building very quickly to accommodate all their office space that they need. how long will this last? the foundation for the
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current growth is what occurred at that early in time. you may see this as started still, they have been working on many of these things for several years. but this of valley should also raises the question of balance. what about old brick in mortar, will we be falling with old brick and mortar goes out? is up in the trading of the health-care industry. it is into a tree in the tourism industry. technology is not just an idea,
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is integrating itself into businesses every day. that is why i have to grab onto it and integrated to as well. year in san francisco, we are actually going to make things in sampras's go in use that ran to make sambar's as cosell all over the back world. you talk about technology and small businesses, you've got a three dimensional play outside. coming up in the next half hour, the new game plan for the golden state warriors and san francisco. + get ready for the rush of
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people and the big fireworks show. coming up, what's next for this area that icon. and an update on the eat dumbarton bridge.
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a big milestone for the golden gate bridge stay. what's on tap for its 75th birthday bash. and your there in the start a fire season with the means for homeowners. welcome back to the weakened early edition. a lot to talk about including the 75th with a celebration of the golden gate bridge. it is more than just a bridge, it is also a transit district. it has ferries services and bustard
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jean quan and the east bay trying to hold onto their basketball team. but the first crews are working to improve the retrofit the dumbarton bridge. this three day closure provides time and space to rebuild the expansion joints and install the latest in engineering technology purred the it goal is to it will follow the bridge to move if such activity occurs. joining us with an update over that project. we are in the second day of work and everything is going fantastic.
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what people want to know is if this is going to be open on time by tuesday? we are on track for 5:00 a.m., it is too early to say now. we finished removal of concrete yester day of their original joined. today we are continuing to put in the new joints. we're putting in the steel plate that makes up the base of the knee joints. we have also been doing a lot of paving. what is the magnitude of a earthquake that this bridge is going to withstand after this is done. you can really talk about
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the magnitude. how we designed the retrofit is so that they could withstand the earthquake of those that we have set scene. we were talking about the varying when i said that. that allows that bearing, it goes in between the deck of the bridge and the foundation, and 96 of that bearings are going into place when the retrofitting is completed. those perret's allow the bridge 3 ft. of moving it of that type of activity occurs. caltran says allow extra
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time ortega alternate routes. speaking of bridges and transportation, ferry should be back in service this morning. the dirt workers went on a one day strike and even got the attention of the governor. they have been working without a contract furry arrear and gov. jerry brown says that the strike created a significant amount of disruption and he plans to investigate. mike sugerman gives us the scoop on the golden gate bridge festivities. we're going to say happy
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birth date to the golden gate bridge and celebrates. this road will be close, so will this one and this one. we are expecting a lot of delays. he is among everyone else telling people did not drive, it's quan to be jammed. we are expecting thousands of people, maybe we will have a hundred thousand of people. it's hard to estimate. it will be a celebration of music and blues. then fireworks' hoping it will not be a flop.
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more people than they could have ever imagined. we really thought it out to and how to spread the festival out kind of marketing back to the 1937 and they had a golden gate fiesta, we are having though golden gate festival. will be all of fort point and marina green. the main evil and it is going to be a fireworks show starting at 930. you could find a list of the festivities at cbs sf thought,. a burning ban will go into effect in contra costa and alameda counties on for.
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the lack of rain created dry conditions earlier than normal. people are required to create a defenseless old place around. tropical storm warnings are in effect for the entire georgia coast line. it is packing winds with coastal flooding likely. coming up we're going to lay a look at to memorial day events. and looking at the future of golden gate bridge, genoa riley with the golden gate district
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and joins us next. details coming up one cover weather.
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tonight 60 minutes will honor our troops. it is an emotional special edition. we will meet some brave men. five brothers fighting side by side. it is history in the making if you ask me. you are going to be hearing from the brothers and other courageous soldiers. will be on cbs tonight at 7:00. it's the ninth annual air show in new york.
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the show features stunts from top pilots from the blue angels to us bellbirds. it is supposed to create boost for the i/o l.i. economy. dozens of scout troops place american flags among graves of fallen service members. i was out there yesterday, it was windy and cold. but boyer were those boy and girl scouts from their duty. there is a big parade going on down in san mateo. the city adopted the 101st airborne company from the
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vietnam war. offspring since some spots expecting to more mumble little later today. a live look right now at the bay bridge. right now our temperatures are in the lower 50s the most areas. sfo also 53 and 51 in the north bay it, a santa rosa. big question what are we going to see what comes to the sky in the golden gate celebration. the entire bridge was built
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for 35 million. whether in the bay area, we are starting with some clouds in the bay area. set it's going to take a while to scour out to the clouds. the low pressure it along the midwest has finally relax its grip on the eve the bay area. so you could see that later in to the day most of the bay area goes clear but as 19 comes around we still have low clouds lurking. the clouds are going to pack in along the shoreline that and that might interfere with the fireworks show, stay tune.
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if your heading out of the bait expects a morning low clouds. an overnight low of 50. chicago and new york are expecting thundershowers. that is the forecast for monday. temperatures recovered cut about 66 degrees of hayward. 72 degrees for milpitas. along the shore line it will be chilly. let's head to them east bay, and temperatures will be in the mid- 70s today. in the north bay, its in the '50s in the database and 70 in sonoma. set after tomorrow we'll get a
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distinct been warming trend. we'll be back into the '80s. will be warmer than that on wednesday. today we begin a little bit warmer and we will accelerate that trend into the work week. by thursday and friday, nothing but son with the exception of low clouds along the shoreline. we have a world famous icon in here, it's the golden gate bridge and the question is where it is going on, janet r. reilly here to inform us. the best place is right on the waterfront. there's gonna be a festival,
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there's going to be a dance, arched, it watercraft parade, it is going to be fantastic. if i want to check out when and where this place is going where do i go? the golden gate bridges website. we learned our lesson. we don't to go through that again that's why we are asking people to stay on the waterfront to avoid the bridge. nothing is going to happen on the bridge. this weekend we are closing it up from 9:00 to 10:00 and that's when to be because of
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fireworks. it is for safety reasons. san francisco's golden gate bridge is an international icon. it's says san francisco, a says california but now it is facing some problems financial problems. what's going on? these are tough fiscal times. we're doing things to close the deficit. we have done many things to close it. transit is highly subsidized and our main source of income are poles. you are also operating a ferry service and bus service, the ferry service went on strike yesterday because they mourned happy about the same thing that
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everyone else is facing in regards to pension costs the good news is that to the ferries are up and running today but unfortunately were making that sprayed but most of our bargaining units have settled. there're only just a few out there. first the toll takers are icons as well it. how you get rid of toll takers and make money? it was a very difficult
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decision. we're going to miss the toll takers. we are looking to replace them in other areas of the district. you could stand to lose some money here. no i don't think so. there are automated bridges and polltakers in a couple of other places in this country. there are multiple ways you could pay the toll. you can go to golden gate bridge 75 baht to ward. will be right back.
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we don't think the game is over on the waters are any of the teens. all quin mayor gene corman not willing to give up armed the golden state warriors. despite the announcement of their plan to move to san francisco. there's city is moving ahead with plans of a thousand egg care plan of the coliseum in oakland. to mayor ed lee, we wanted to know if he would give hurt season tickets after stealing their teams? i'm not trying to take anything away from oakland but
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there is an opportunity here for all the fans to go to it a basketball of game and enjoy a waterfront arena. you said one of your biggest regrets was not putting an arena in downtown sao francisco. absolutely. we should have something comparable if not better than madison square garden. whether it's past glory in net indoor sport, it should be in walking distance. i've never seen anyone come of the gate we are prepared for them.
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that is why we would like to every invite lieutenant governor gavin newsom. there is also the bay area conservation district we have to respect. that's why we gave flexibility in the front end. we want to incorporate everyone in the decision. that is part of the mission. was the selling point on this arena deal? bringing more people to the waterfront. using the waterfront in a positive way. if you talk to joe so you'll be confirmed one of the gaps because we do not have this
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arena. we will be right back.
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here's a look at this morning's top stories. seismic fitting for the dumbarton bridge. and tens of thousands of people are expected to ring in the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge today. coming up on face the nation common we are moving to this tw show right now. have a good day.
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