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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  May 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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were not sure if it was the biggest fireworks show of ever had but must've come close. tributes to the golden gate bridge. before the finale people in the bay area remember the connection we found to the golden gate bridge. up paying unimaginable for millions tracking restless leg syndrome as a way to find out how to stop and i'm ann notorangelo and explosive way to wrap up a golden day honoring the most famous bridge. and now wrapped up p. f. when i ring of fire were showing wrapped up honoring the bridge's seventh five years. linda yee is live where thousands of people cannot to say happy birthday event tastic party it was.
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the golden gate bridge looks pretty good for 75 years old it was a vet tastic celebration all day culminating with an amazing fireworks show. that look like a lot about. awesome they promised one of the best ever fireworks show. and they delivered. it is one of the most photographed objects in the world some say is second behind the eiffel tower a party for the bridge's seven fifth birthday a hit for tourists and locals. the party get started early all day they walked in height to the bridge what is it about walking across the bridge? a member and day for me the seventh if i remember my daughter was 2 years old on the
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50th. did you walk across that debt? yes these just met and already getting cozy she looked confused so i was just helping her obviously i'm a nice guy you've got a picture together. and send it to the family then this new attraction getting special effects faldo is you can bragged to friends about scaling the bridge had it feel to dangle off the bridge? good was intended scary? yahoo the than the big event the fireworks show the line the early along the waterfront and stake claims along a hillside viewing spots. most of the prime seats already gone by late afternoon. the band played well everyone waited family set out blankets
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and picnic baskets. it was hunter's first glimpse of the golden gate looking forward to the 100th anniversary to is exciting maybe hunter will take you totally thousands of people enjoy their day at crissy field as well as the toll plaza, not the only party in town in marin county folks enjoyed it and don knapp is there now people came up to this end of the bridge to get a different feel it sustained people throughout the day and as they staked out seats. to get a look at the fireworks and no one was disappointed. you don't get seeds like this unless you put in the hours they started early some made a day of that staking out territory at fort baker. with a own version of the
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seventh a birthday party. i was right in the middle where it bowed carol was there for the 50th party having fun until the bridge flattened out we felt the bridge go down blowdown it was a scary moment. she and others are content to celebrate the event on solid ground. this couple claimed their seats in the dirt at fort baker 75 years it will not happen again we miss the 50th we thought what the heck will you be a run for the 100? we hope so and you are too this may be the best kept secret this couple came from concord and to see the show she has 1000 pictures of the golden gate bridge i love the bridge it is the most fascinating structure i've never seen with taken them from
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all different points this family also find special meeting at the golden gate bridge which you leave your country to hear a lot about the golden gate bridge it is like something you don't expect when you come it is so beautiful we are very lucky to live in bay area. i love that, it is so beautiful it would feel so empty if not here. the bridge means different things to different people it means beauty it means heart it means home there are so many things it means to me. the seventh of a birthday party and not as wild and crazy as the 50th and it's it's very well with the people who were here today. done napa and monday in thank you. the bridge opened 75 years ago the original design dates back
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further nine when years ago josef strauss submitted preliminary sketches to the city engineer construction started in january 1933 and finished four years later. the bridge cost $35 million to build. if to bill today and it would cost 1.2 billion. more than 2 billion cars have crossed the golden gate bridge. if you want to watch the fireworks show we have a posted on cbs s f dot com construction concerns of the new span of the bay bridge the sacrament to be reports concrete section of the foundation have not harden before tested caltrans documents show a builder failed to disclose the defect in a section supporting the east tower, experts say the structural integrity could be compromised, caltrans says it is sound and withstand any anticipated earthquake had crews on schedule with a
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seismic retrofit at the dumbarton bridge the spend connecting menlo park to fremont closed over the weekend providing time and space to rebuild expansion joints and install the latest and engineering technology. the syrian government denies it is behind the massacre that killed scores of villagers in that country's central region. the united nations says there is evidence that shows otherwise. this one month old girl survived the massacre her mother did not. united nations up the death toll to over 100 including 32 children under age of 10, british officials called the attack stomach churning savagery. particularly the deaths of a hundred and our men women and children
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the syrian government denies that forces were responsible for the bloodshed and glen terrace for the killings syria's ally and russia supports the regime version of the vans. united nations monitor confirms artillery and tank shells were fired at the neighborhoods. activists say the attacks began after an anti-government for a protest friday syrian forces began shelling residential areas. then a paramilitary force stormed a village and began executing many women and children house by house. united nations observers found dead bodies and furious residents the u.n. envoy expected back in damascus he has only the power to ask again the violence stopped. charlie back in the cbs news.
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travel across the country in the moral-the special connection between bay area cities and soldiers based in kentucky. how far would you go to get a good night's sleep the condition that is,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow marks the unofficial start of summer barbecues and sales are popular on memorial day it is meant to be a time to remember fallen heroes. san mateo takes it further at the bay area community honor soldiers every memorial day with an event called operation eagle supporters raised $55,000 based in kentucky on a three day trip featuring a parade in downtown san the tail. the show up here and you get people lining the streets who are happy to seal it is heartwarming as special year for this memorial day parade 40 years ago san mateo the first u.s. city to hold a parade honoring
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veterans returning from vietnam. after their service veterans face another enemy unemployment marks truckman reports some companies make it a priority to get veterans back to work. in ohio national guardsmen returned from iraq in 2009 to face a different battle. i did not think such a struggle to find a job i cannot find a job he wanted as a police officer, after two years at buddy get in a tent. their railroads were hiring i put my application in online it worked out for the best now he's trying to be a signal make dinner with your folks in southern he says it is a lot like being in the military. the safety issue is huge the military is big to the want to make sure you don't fail i like that a lot.
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america's freight railroads facing a massive wave of retirements are on a hiring spree, in 2011 companies hired 50,000 new employees they plan to hire 15,000 more paul over the country industry representatives said one in five new hires a veteran. we cannot find enough of them they are outstanding employees, and dedicated disciplined the show one and the recognize this is a career choice not a job. america's unemployment rate for veterans 9.2% higher than national average of eight percent moser's says veterans have trouble adjusting get to the nine-five work day make in the railroad a perfect fit. i don't want to be stuck inside and where it provides a secure future
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salary and benefit packages average $107,000 no college degree required i can make a good living with high school education just by working with my hands every day chisholm and working for come but he knows appreciates his service. marx trust and cbs news atlanta misdiagnosed and cause acute in some the restless leg syndrome affects 20 percent of americans, serene branson shows us how painful the condition can be. this is not uncommon to see patients with severe restless leg and excruciating condition that severely affects sleep i don't remember a good night's sleep 74 year-old eugene a patient at ucla in sleep disorders
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center even he was startled to see his behavior that he does not remember doing that is what i have to do to get through a he shares these disturbing images tried to stop the pain in his legs started 10 years ago and getting worse. hard to describe what it is like a terrible feeling i'd rather have my feet cut off it is difficult to live with and see your partner go throw patients like eugene joan spends nights in rooms equipped with an infrared camera that records video and audio. technicians a few doors away monitored their every move his is one of the more severe cases i have seen this doctor is the director of ucla's sleep disorders center he says restless leg syndrome affects children and adults of
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all ages and hereditary a diagnosable neurological disorder but because a mystery. and characterized by the urge to move the legs the urge gets better with movement it gets worse with an activity what they gets worse with age one-third of a pregnant women suffered it takes and women ages 20-40 during prime childbearing years and children misdiagnosed as a d d we try to get over the stigma and validate the patient's concerns this is something real there is treatment at is not a psychiatric condition joins us tried a variety of medications to treat and spending and an eye on camera to help him get a decent night's sleep you have got to do something it is strange a a restless leg syndrome can
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begin at an early age and worsen with time, the disorder gets worse during pregnancy or hormonal changes. coming to shore and bring in a foot of rain trouble storm barreled makes landfall people in the southeast can expect as the storm travels the usual low clouds for us and we go back outside to honor the birthday girl, pin despite the 2000 lawsuits that were filed to stop its construction 75 years later it is not doing bad. weather coming up. i'm kim coyle coming up on game day marty lurie and marty some fans say trading but what's wrong with tim lincecum nothing is wrong a think it's a question of command and getting in any better pitching shape. that is the store for tim lincecum better shape and better concentration. and will bring down the,,,,
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the tropical storm don barrel slams into north florida two hours ago when said 75 mi. an hour just under hurricane strength. when then rained moves in on the southeast coast late in the day sunday. the storm the potential to produce localized flooding down trees and power lines that could impact public safety. it is the second tropical storm of the season it will move
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up the southeastern coast monday. brian hackney is forecast is important this one no less so despite the fact you'll enjoy a day off good weather for it low clouds back in the short on then we get more sun tomorrow it will be mild and warmer mid-week with well-deserved recognition of the golden gate bridge let us not forget the bridge that carries twice as much traffic the bay bridge is a twin suspension span the bay bridge is really two in one. the weather will leopard well temperatures in mid 50s low clouds on the shore line overnight they should dispense early tomorrow look for increased sunshine not a dramatic warm up. temperatures will stay mild low pressure digs in on west coast
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high pressured big bills briefly we get some sun and a degree or to warmer when no one said much about the time the golden gate bridge in close to collapse december 1st 1951 gusts up to 69 miles per hour the bridge undulated 11 ft. at center span and the estimate at the storm lasted 30 minutes longer it is possible the golden gate bridge could have come down after the 1951 storm they strengthen it and it has been hale and hearty 75 years. future cast shows us what the atmosphere over the next 24 hours we look at clearing and forecast ties warmer clear and off for memorial day. temperatures and low to mid- seventies in south bay more of the same for east bay 71 at pittsburgh 72 dublin, mile day tomorrow expect things to warm
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because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. it took will smith and aliens and to dethroned super
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heroes at box office men in black three debuted as number one movie are the weekend with $55 million. that and debentures to second place. battle ship came in third with $11 million dictator and chernobyl diaries ran out top five. the golden gate bridge anniversary was not the only party in san francisco, also the city's annual cannes of all celebration included parade on mission street this morning, all bills itself as the country's largest multi-cultural celebration. u.s. olympian mefl
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