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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the spectacular fireworks show at the golden gate bridge. we have a lot of clouds right now, but we're looking at sunshine coming away coming up. the morning guys. may 28th. we are following some breaking news in the north bay. reports of eight police shooting in vallejo. we have it confirmed reporting that the suspect shot by police. the video shows an officer being loaded into an ambulance. will have more information later into the broadcast.
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and the annual memorial day observance begins at 1030 this morning. the parade will begin on presidio parade ground, and tributes will be paid at the cemetery up o'clock. events will begin at at 11, there'll be a parade and the of soldiers will be honored at alameda. and to show up here and you get people lining the streets as far as you can see, we are happy to see. this was a special year for the memorial day parade. 40 years ago san mateo was the
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first u.s. city to honor debts coming back from the bid now more. and the parade at the cemetery begins at 1030 this morning. dozens of boys scout troops were to place blacks in the cemetery. checking other bay area communities, the mom used ceremony in the oakland. on this memorial day, will pay tribute to the unknown. it is scheduled at 9:00 eastern time. 50 years ago and didn't united
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states deployed thousands of military advisers to did not. the nation's bravest were honored at our capital as a part of the rolling thunder. the event is now in its 25th year. it honored those who died or were captured while serving in the military. tropical storm beryl made landfall about midnight this morning. winds at hurricane strength of 70 mi. per hour. they close the beaches. and among the hazards of the storm, and dad are lions. thousands of people in florida and georgia are without power.
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it looks like they're getting hit pretty hard are there, how about our weather over here? it looks like we have a pretty good did coming our way. the foggy little pick this morning especially as you head into the coastline of the bay. a little more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. the temperatures over the bay bridge a little cooler in some spots. as we head toward the afternoon, the clouds will lift in most spots. '50s and '60s out of the beaches. you will see some 60s and low 70's in toward sends a prayed off to a busy start this morning considering it is a
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holiday. we have a accident involving two vehicles. there is an oil spill. three lanes are blocked until further notice. they're hoping to have this open within 15 to 20 minutes. this is no. 1 01 @ central san rafael. that is traffic back to you. there are construction concerns over the new span of the bay bridge. a concrete section of the foundation was not harden before it was tested. there was still there to support the defect. they say the integrity could be compromised. caltrans this band connect the menlo
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park over to fremont is closed for the entire holiday weekend. it is providing it to a little time and space to rebuild an expansion played to. it could withstand the ground motion we would seek from a event that we've seen historically over the last thousand years. the best way to deciding bridge in the future is by looking into the past. the bridge should be open just in time for the commute tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.. showdown between mission and howard street. crews are demolishing the existing road and the street to not reopen until tomorrow
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morning. fireworks this player also capped off this and if it celebration for the golden gate bridge. such a beauty. thousands gathered at waterfront areas to enjoy last night's show. earlier in the day was a little bit of a carnival atmosphere from classic car shows to a music performances. people were encouraged to walk or bike over the big board's landmark. it is a wonderful day for me. i remember my daughter was two years old on the bridge. the bridge was temporarily open for pedestrians, but that did not happen this year because it had previously saying.
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many of arrived early at the four baker waterfront to give use of the celebration. once-in-a-lifetime. we miss the 50th, so we thought what the heck, 75 is close enough. if you want to watch the fireworks show in its entirety we have posted that video on our website. i that you hear the rumble, i thought what is that sound? cash your check, the big bill that obama is getting from southern california. and how low conditions
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merely made this rescue impossible. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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no reports of major damage or injury after a moderate earthquake shook parts of china today. it was a magnitude of 4.7. it was east of beijing. some of the taller buildings swayed in the capital city. more violence in central syria. more than a hundred civilians died in the town of hula over the weekend. the un security council blames government forces for the killings. russia's four men met minister did not met responsibility or
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the staff. more than $35,000 for the city's cost to cover a fund- raising visit. they say that's the tab for the texture police officer. the fund-raiser was held added new port beach home. mitt romney will hold a event a in san diego today. it will be a free event. it is to honor veterans. prices for stakes, burgers and pork are all up. ongoing drought have sprouted
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the prices for higher. memorial day weekend is the unofficial kickoff for these summer festivities. it featured a hot air balloons there. they've launched at about 6 this morning trade it will be from 10 a.m. tepper 5:00 p.m. at san raphael park. coming up, the western wild fires that are keeping fire crews very busy. and how a motor boat captain a small boat in half. it is annual
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roar! alright, what do lions eat? ♪ san raphael northbound one-on- one is shut down due ticket 8 oil spill. we have more details on that. and details on the clouds and fog, will it clear i? crews are battling a mass of wild fire. it destroyed a dozen homes in the community of will agree.
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extremely dry conditions are fueling the flames. herein california crews are battling a pacifier in san diego. it is about 90 percent contained. thunderstorms memorial day weekend, it happened about half way during a memorial day concert. the concert host advise that there was a severe weather warning. the scuffle happened yesterday as the bear was
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leaving the movies with his girlfriend. and show will not go on for lady got back. the lady you performer concert was canceled and dropped four earth this demand hurt fans for safety concerns. she apologized to all the folks there. the pope's personal butler was arrested for allegedly leaking sensitive documents. it shed some light on some corruption and of the catholic church. the rowboat was split into
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by a motor boat. everyone was pulled from the water safety would minor injuries. the driver of the motor boats was alone and did not seek the low lying motorboat in front of him. he was cited for not to having a lookout on board. they just needed dry clothes. the man aboard the rowboat says he screamed for the driver of the motor boat was stopped but his dreams were not hurt. the plane crashed on a flight from sacramento to idaho. the crews found them in a dangerous position. it was extremely steep. it was quite a challenge for us to get in there. the plane carried his wife
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and his daughter. a military helicopter lifted them away from the crash site. a busy travel system kicking off this week. shimmers office said that airlines started to it charge extra for these seats. as high as 59 bucks per a seat. measures being you will include a 8 percent tax. along the airports, it will increase the hotel tax and raise the prices of car rentals.
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among them, and nine year-old jordan would be among the and his people to make the swim to alcatraz. in seattle a new kind of boat will be heating up the lake. take a look at that is. this is the hot the boat. urgel adam and his business partner work on houseboats. and win the house boat industry took a hit the started designing these boats. we were cold, it was winter and we wanted a hot boat. hot tub boats will premiere at lake union in seattle.
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in new york some unlucky ducklings were rescued from a deep storm drain. it woman said that she sought a and happy duck walking around a storm drain. luckily the fire department had no problem in getting those ducklings out of that storm drain. now a story about a very dedicated dog. the dog was in china the team feted and the dog started following the bicycle. iran with them for 24 days. after the race was over it, they took the dog to the vets and that that dog but some new nike sneakers.
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i can only imagine what this guy went through when he ran over a thousand miles. we have some trouble as you work your way along the no. 1 01. two vehicles and a box strike involved in this accident. minor injuries. the vehicles are being moved to the side of the road. the problem is that there is the oil spill right now. this may be close for quite some time, we're trying to get confirmation of how long from chp. avoid this area until they get it reopened.
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the upside, southbound 1 01, some foggy it conditions. the delays there at the toll plaza. the dumbarton bridge remained close for on going work. expected to be reopened tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m.. as you work your way through the south hear some conditions. corelate they checking problem free. if you're headed out the door, it is very thick out toward the bay prayed. temperatures are 53 degrees in concord. it is 55 against san jose.
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we're starting cd patchy fog lifts toward the afternoon. temperatures in the '60s for the bay area. upper '70s for the warmer spots inland. with that in mind, we are going to see what looks like a very nice day ahead. eighties for the central valley. that ridge will bring in some fog and sunshine for today. but it looks like it will start to strengthen over the next couple of days. if you have some barbeque plans, looking pretty good. temperatures should be running in this '70s and the south bay. touching go with the patchy fog out toward the coast line.
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next couple of days it will begin to warm up. it will be much warmer wednesday and thursday. temperatures will be well into the upper 80s. they took on washington yesterday. scoreless in the fifth when shy and hit a home run. the huskies won and it will play in. franchitti won the indy 500 he became the 10th driver to win the indy 500 to win it three times. he is married to ashley judd.
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break out those telescopes. your chance to check out the half moon and mars. and what a rising bubbles are now once from the state of california. and will give you the details of what caused the it department to be blocked off. ,,,,
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a multi agency investigation shuts down in the apartment complex in vallejo. will share the details of what we know so far. and the memorial day


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