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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the family's apartment, stickers on the notion that his family was proud of his military service. >> i considered him a great friend, and it saddens me to realize that he has left us. it is very sad. >> he is a family friend that said that the parents left town to receive his body and escorted home. >> for the family is hard for them to believe that their loved one is gone. he was a son that was very loved. >> neighbors say the family was notified saturday afternoon went to military personnel visited the apartment. hernandez was an infantryman and his friend said he was proud to be a soldier. >> he was very pleased to be able to serve his country. he did it because it was something like to do. >> news of the death camp on the same day that america pays tribute to all the men and women that died in service to their country.
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one old soldier that lost his right arm and the korean war said times and places of change but a soldiers devotion to duty does not. >> i am proud of these young people that are putting their life on the line for the people over here in join life. >> the friends of hernandez said that he joined the army straight out of high school and most recently served at a base in washington state. there are no funeral plans at this point that have been announced. they are pending and people around here know him, they know his family, and they will be sure to pay him tribute as well. >> people came together across the bay area today to honor those who have given their lives for our freedom. suv feel the loss profoundly as the men and women that served alongside of them in combat. >> it was not a fun place. we prayed a lot. and, in no, it is an experienced that you hope that your children
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will never have to face. >> at oak hill memorial park in san jose, veterans honor their fallen comrades by placing american flags on their graves. more than 3600 in all. and, one of the largest memorial day observances in the country happens right here in san francisco. the 144th memorial day ceremony was held this morning at the san fransisco national cemetery in the presidio. it included a wreath laying cannon salute, and coast guard fly over. we will have more from the memorial throughout this newscast. >> mistaking a wall for a gun. an east bay officer shot and killed a man. the second officer involved shooting in four days. joe vasquez is here with what led up to that deadly shooting. >> the police officer shot the man right over there. and then as the man struggled to get up, another officer ended upper tasering him. this happened after midnight as
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they were chasing a suspected drunk driver that was speeding with its headlights off. the chase ended on a dead end street with a flat tire. a 41 year-old, the driver, took off running, is 18 year-old son ran a different direction, an unidentified third person also ran. he got away. a seven year veteran police officer caught up to the father and ordered him to the ground but he refused. >> he reached into the right front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and was removing his hand holding a black metal objects. the officer believe the suspect was producing a handgun and fearing for his safety he fired his weapon all-time, striking the subjects. >> he did not have a gun, it turns out that it was a metallic quality. >> per our offers service hypersensitive to the violence out there and when someone produces a hand when you expect them to get down, the officer does not have time to wait. >> the father died a hostile and
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a police dog caught his son hiding in the bushes. >> i think that he did run. because, you know, he had a d u i and did not want to go back. and in that process of him getting that d y, the police showed him that they did not care for him. >> he had many brushes with a lot including time behind bars as a juvenile for manslaughter. family members say that he accidentally shot and killed a friend and as an adult he had five felony convictions. recently friends and family members say that he had his life together and was a supervisor at this winery in napa valley. >> i cannot believe that he is gone. he was there for me, we've been together for years, almost five, to see him not come down the driveway is very hard. >> the officer on paid leave while the shooting is investigated. the same as two other officers actually 53 romance thursday night. it turns out that suspect wanted a replica of pellet gun at the cops and refused to drop it. and full days ago we reported
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the fatal shooting of a family dog, a labrador mix that surprised the officer responding to a call for an identity theft. >> i think that there was a clump of incidents. the only three shooting incidents we have had this year. when you factor in how busy the city is in the crime rate, the amount of officers were out on the street, it is a lot and a short period of times but that is the only ones we have had this year. >> one other factor to continue to consider is that these officers are routinely aware that the loss on their own, a police officer shot to death in november. >> thank you. >> it will be more than a year before the first car driver crossed, but the safety of the new bay bridge is already being scrutinized. new at 6 o'clock, christin ayers on the investigation that raises serious questions about the construction work. >> that is right, caltrans says that the new bridge slated to open in 2013 is structurally sound. but tonight there are new questions about whether parts of
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the bridge could withstand a devastating earthquake. while fireworks were going off over the golden gate bridge this weekend, the other iconic bridge was coming under fire. newly revealed documents show potentially serious defects in the lynchpin of the new bridge, the main tower. hundreds of feet under water there's a possibility of serious flaws in the concrete tiles that hold up the tower. the sacramento bee reports and engineering company sounded the alarm about a 19th a flaw in one pile. " a batch of congress that has not fully set according to engineers it could be a very poor area of concrete co. one that could threaten the entire bridge in a worst-case scenario catastrophic earthquake. >> this was supposed to be the most safe bridge in the world. and we paid $6.5 billion for that. $5.5 billion over budget and we will not know if it is safe. why do spend all that extra money?
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>> they also found that 20 series reporting errors including mixup about which piles had been tested for safety and which have not. >> we expect for the import structures and public assets like bridges, for them to have accurate data. it should be locked properly. >> this construction expert says that more tests and more transparency is needed to know for sure if the bridges safe. but in an e-mail to cbs 5 a caltrans spokesperson made no mention of a new testing, simply sang at caltrans is confident in the structural integrity of the main tower foundation and that the bridge will perform as a design, to handle an extreme earthquake. >> p engineering experts told us it is important that we not jump to conclusions about what exactly these laws could mean. he says the fact is that there are other safety factors built into the design of this bridge but he says that more analysis will be needed. back to you. >> thank you. >> cayenne ann noterangelo,
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there is an apartment building boom. the kind of people that might like to live here? >> and uss nimitz as part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the golden gate bridge. hell-a 3000 sailors are enjoying san fransisco this memorial day? >> it is un,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> warm up creek is moving forward with a major project, they hope it will bring new life into the city. the city has approved a new apartment complex on civic drive, ann noterangelo reports that city leaders hope it is just beginning. >> this is the old headquarters
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for loans drugs, cbs bought them out of the building was vacant and now they're going to tear it down and killed hundreds of apartments. >> i think a successful city has layers. so there is your inner layer, the urban letter and it is the combination of successful, not the exclusion one of the other. >> this walnut creek resident sounds more like a city planner and for observations are in step with how the city plans to recall. >> we're more like san francisco, becoming an area where people need to be, where they work and play and have public transportation. i think that there will be apartments here and that is fantastic. >> what is currently vacant 80,000 square foot building on civic drive will soon be home to hundreds of people, 300 apartments will be built with a rooftop terrace and swimming pool. supporters like the mayor like the idea that these are market rate apartments and not luxury condos.
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>> we will also have people that are ... cannot quite buy a house yet but want to live in mud creek. >> developers opt out of building affordable housing units and will pay $4 million to the city which in turn will invest in lower cost housing. >> it enables us to pull together funds from various sources and build larger projects that are high-quality projects, for people that need affordable housing. >> the big picture is to make walnut creek a walking friendly city. in the coming year's 400 new apartments could spring up. most of them within walking distance of the bart station. fewer parking spaces will be allocated with the idea that more people will use public transportation. >> we have not eliminated all need for a car but there are ways to provide other than the two cars per household standard that we have used for a long time. >> the constant appeals to people who say that this kind of lifestyle does not fit into their plans, like his mother. >> as a family was want to have
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a house with a yard, for the kids. but if you are young professional, or if you are retired, and your children have left home, i think it is a great lifestyle, you could walk to restaurants, the money to worry about parking. >> is this a good city to do that in? >> warm up creek is a fabulous city to do that in. >> the city is not sure when the construction will begin but the mayor has been told that the developer wants to move as quickly as possible. >> >> 10 people, two dogs, without homes tonight following an early-morning fire in fremont. a firefighter actually fell through the roof of one of those damaged homes. he suffered burns and blisters to his hand but could be treated at the scene. crews put out the fire within 45 minutes. no word yet on a cause. the dumbarton bridge is on pace to reopen for the morning commute. caltrans crews have been working around the clock all week and to install a new earthquake expansion joints.
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there three-quarters of the way there this morning. the work should be done by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. how about this explosive ways to end the golden gate bridge seventies this anniversary? more than 4000 special effects used in last night's show, it was the first time the fire works were ever set off from the golden gate bridge roadway and its towers. >> a special visit by a historic aircraft carrier this memorial day. the uss nimitz is docked in san francisco bay right now. the crew enjoys what the area has to offer. mike sugerman caught up with some of the sailors looking for things to do in the city by the day. >> hey sailor, new in town? >> i am trying to figure out things to do in san fransisco. >> that was at the gold club, a strip club south of market street ... >> any sailors here?
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>> not that i've noticed. >> or the museum of modern art. where are they all? >> the 3000 on shore leave the giants game. lots of courtesy here apparently. >> everyone has thanked me for my service. >> this air man is looking for good mexican food. i did what i could. >> the mission district has great food on valencia st.. mission street. >> 7 cisco has apparently showed its hospitality so far. >> i go anywhere, to a bar, or what not, and people buy me food and drinks. >> he gave thanks to the club ran on fifth street which took him out of a line two blocks long and gave him the vip treatment. but don't think it is just browsing for the sailors on leave. >> i want to get away from the persona and have a cleaner image. >> they don't plan on any trouble ... >> no matter how hard we try,
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there are those individuals that continue the old traditions of the navy. >> nutrition, a museum? they will get in for free. the ship will be here a few more days but will not tell us how much longer. >> it is known visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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>> republicans and democrats joining together in the hopes of keeping dozens of state parks open. nearly seven parts are budgeted to close july 1st. a combination of bills proposed this week in both the state houses are aimed at preventing those closures with a variety of fixes. if they don't pass, this could
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be the last major holiday for several of the state's most popular spots. >> if they cut this, what are people going to do? not everyone can buy a $5 million home on the water here. >> lawmakers are not the only ones trying to save the parks, earlier this month the california state parks foundation awarded 13 grants to organizations that are trying to keep those parks open. sequoia national park is home to the worst smog of any u.s. national park. a federal researchers say that ozone levels in the sierra nevada parts are similar to those in los angeles. they say that the pollution comes from the san joaquin valley and say that it is damaging trees, specifically the jeffrey and ponderous of time. >> a tropical depression continues to soaks the southeast. the storm flooded roads, toppled trees, and knocked out power when it slammed ashore near jacksonville overnight. it also washed out many memorial day events.
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but randall pinkston shows us that there is a bright spot. >> crews fought a strong wind to put up storm flags, warning people to stay out of the water. the beaches in northeast florida and southern georgia are usually packed on memorial day but this year many are shut down. >> it is unreal. the one weekend you go to the beach you end up with a tropical storm. >> it hit the coast monday morning with wind up to 70 m.p.h., and torrential rains. roads and low-lying areas that have flooded which stops traffic. the surf was strong enough to break up parts of the stock, a powerful wave sent this note crashing into a nearby wall. the wind knocked out power and tens of thousands do not have electricity. holiday parades and events across northeast florida had to be canceled. it was weakened by the afternoon and people went out to see what the storm had left behind. the mayor of jacksonville warns residents to stay close to home. it is feared the outer bands
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could bring more wind in possible tornadoes. >> if you don't have to drive then please don't drive. don't go out into the water. >> this storm does have a silver lining. it is moving further inland, bringing rain to a region that has suffered through a long drought. >> we could see widespread 10 in. rain, so in some respects that would actually be some good news despite the watch out for the holiday weekend. >> its remnants are subjected to head out to sea late tuesday bringing rain to the carolinas. randall pinkston, cbs news. >> a great day to sail but how about swim? >> you could still see the rings around my eyes. i look like a raccoon. check this out. 400 swimmers today took in the very choppy waters of the day. a 1.5 mi. swim from alcatraz island, through the frigid 54 degree weather to san fransisco.
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and that is how 400 people marched memorial day. well done. there were some awesome currents out there. currently the city of san francisco had a high of 59 down from average of 64. it is currently 50 degrees in san fransisco. 70 in santa rosa after a high of 72 degrees and redwood city and the mid-60's but the other side of the story, you can see the trees blowing a dead. as a taking sneak peek at mt. diablo. the wind has dialed back in napa at 13. they were gusting up to 30. we still have 28 m.p.h. wind gusts at sfo. overnight with west wind between 10 and 50 m.p.h.. lows in the '40's and 50's and we will see increasing cloud cover in the form of patchy fog. this is the futurecast, notice everyone has clouds overnight. the morning commute starts out gray and then the clouds peeled back before the lunch hour. the beach is still in the mid fifties to low 60s around half
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moon bay. otherwise, from south san francisco for san mateo, in the low 60s than the pump up these numbers into the '70s as we begin to swing over to the santa clara valley. east played numbers topping out at 79 degrees. brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, 79 also in napa as we head to the north. also upper seventies in sonoma. san francisco staying in the low 60s. three degrees off of its markets. the extended forecast calls for warmer conditions on wednesday. can then the hottest day of the workweek approaching 90 degrees thursday. that is your pinpoint forecasts. >> i will show you how the presidential candidates spent their memorial day. and why one man was hauled off just before republican candidate mitt romney took the stage in san diego. >> massacre in syria, international outrage billed as the u.n. calls for an end to the
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,, >> >> memorial day is a time to
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honor and remember veterans past and present. that was no exception for the two front runners in the november presidential election. political reporter grace lee is here with how the president and his republican rival paid respect to those who have served the country. >> both men tried to not talk about politics. event organizers in san diego ask the gop candidate mitt romney not to campaign. but there was nothing said directly but still an underlying message from both candidates. >> it is a day of reverence and appreciation. the president and first lady showed there's by laying a wreath at the vietnam memorial in washington d.c.. >> let us tell the story of a generation of service members, every color and creed, rich pork, officer and unlisted, who have served with just as much patriotism and honor as any before you. >> thank you for your service.
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>> on the west coast mitt romney was in san diego speaking to 5000 at the veterans museum and memorial center. >> today and we honor those who have served, we dedicate ourselves to strengths, and to preserving the freedom from which they gave their lives. >> for the most part they avoided campaign rhetoric. the only politicking was when the president called for more benefits for veterans, and when mitt romney implied that the country needed to head in a new direction, one with a stronger military. >> we choose that course in american not so that we just we mores but so that we can prevent forest because a stronger america is the best deterrent to war that has ever been invented. >> the only an unexpected fireworks arrive when a spectator heckled john mccain before he introduced mitt romney, security all the men off quickly, john mccain manage to get the last word. >> jerk...
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>> it did not take long for the senator to get back on message. >> i am honored to be on the same stage with a great friend and a great man and a great governor and a man that i believe is fully qualified to become commander in chief, governor mitt romney. >> and check out this new gallup poll showing that among registered voters, the president and mitt romney are in a dead heat but among veterans, mitt romney has a significant lead. they prefer mitt romney by 24 percentage points, 58/34. this is important because veterans make up a large part of registered voters. 13 percent of the adult population. >> thankyou. families of veterans and supporters of the u.s. military gathered across the bay area today to honor fallen service members. here is what today means for them. >> this memorial day celebration has all of the festive flavor you might expect, the color
6:30 pm
guard, the mustang fighter plane fly by, the band, but what makes this day so special for many is people like this 9 year-old how or someone who was a fighter pilot in world war two. >> what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot because when i came back from the service there was not anything like this. we rolled as glad to be out of the service, glad the war was over. >> today is a national day to memorialize those that wrote the check payable to the united states of america, in the amount of their lives. >> and the one who wrote that check was a major kevin like, a stockbroker by trade, but wanting to serve his country more than once. >> he was a military guy, he was wanted to get back in somehow. and he fought in iraq as national guard and got out, and switched over to the army. >> he died in afghanistan january 12, 2011.
6:31 pm
leaving behind his life, and three kids. they look forward to memorial day, to help heal their loss. >> throughout the whole year i cannot really put that in my mind, today is really the day that i get to think about it, and it comes back. >> now have a new mission, to bring french in love to others that are serving right now. >> we want to find someone to honor every year, someone that no one even knows their story, so we can thank them. so today, that was a huge message for me. >> a message that many could feel the honor and love in the air. >> >> the weekend massacre in syria has drawn criticism from one of the nation's strongest allies, russia blamed the syrian president's for the continuing in 15 months of carnage. now the u.n. calls on everyone
6:32 pm
with a gun in syria, to lay down their arms. >> activists say that this video proves the violence in syria has not stopped. the a larger footage shows what is believed to be renewed shelling. it comes after the massacre friday in the western city which killed more than 100 people. dozens of the dead were children, under the age of 10. >> the events over the weekend are terrific, atrocious. i expect that the international community will have mounting pressure. >> the top military advisor for the president says force willing to discuss if diplomacy fails. the next the shins special envoy returned, hoping that the policy will solve this crisis. he demanded an investigation into the massacre. >> those responsible, for these brutal crimes, must be held accountable.
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>> world leaders blame the president's troops and a warning the regime to respect the u.n.- brokered truce. >> it is not in the interest in anyone in the world for syria to descend into an even more bloody situation, into a full-scale civil war. >> u.n. observers remain in the country wearing body armor but carry no weapons. locals give them first hand reports of violence. but many syrians say that the monitors are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the conflict. >> egyptian voters will choose between polar opposites in the runoff to decide their new leader. the muslim brotherhood candidate and former prime minister finished nearly tied in last week's presidential election. the choice between them poses an agonizing dilemma for many egyptians, is equally wary of religious rule or a return to the old regime. the runoff is set for mid june. >> a fast and easy fix for a
6:34 pm
common problem but complaints about windchill replacement companies are on the rise. >> you have a license with the bureau of automotive repair? >> yes, de,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> he is accused of bilking bay area homeowners out of thousands of dollars. he is wanted on at least five separate charges, ranging from operating without a license, to grand theft. numerous consumers complain that he takes illegally large down payments and then fails to do the work. wilson is not the only northern california contractor on that list. if you recognize any of these men your ass to contact police. the state licensing board ones that before hiring a contractor, remember to never make a down payment more than 10% or $1,000. always get three bids,
6:37 pm
references, and a written contract. always runs they're not license numbers through the website. >> replacing it we shall seems easy but many of the company's even makes house calls. but on this one, actually what it shows why you need to do your homework before calling to get your windshield replaced. >> on our website claims that they deal with high and foreign automobiles. >> so when he hired them to install a new windshield, he thought that his limited edition sports car would be in good hands. but instead he says his new replaced dashboard was left like this ... >> you can clearly see there are several very large holes that have been created in the dashboard. >> the technician left without giving him a receipts of when he called to complain about the damage, he also asked for an invoice. when it finally arrived he got more than he bargained for. in addition to this one from an
6:38 pm
elite division auto glass, he got an identical invoice from a company called executive on a glass. they refuse to pay for the repairs and went out of business the next month. executive auto glass is still in business, and is on licensed with the bureau of automotive repair. >> never do business with an ominous and automobile repair dealer of any kind. >> he says would shield companies without the proper license can be prosecuted for fraud. >> so our producer month undercover to see if executive would replace our windshield without a license. it turns out that they send someone from yet another unlicensed company. >> you guys have a license with the bureau of automotive repair? >> definitely. >> you have a copy of that? >> i don't, i don't carry that with me. >> that is because he does not have that license. a growing trend within the industry. >> we're getting increasing complaints with unregistered would shield companies.
6:39 pm
>> he points out that the license is distant from the standard business license. without it you may have little recourse if something goes wrong. something he has learned the hard way. >> i'm sure that there are many reputable companies that to a fine job and i just need to do more research. >> the subcontractor featured says that he has now applied for the proper license but executive automobile glass refused to provide a comment suitable for air. they have opened an investigation and stress that in addition to a business license you should always ask for the a r d license and then run it through their website before allowing anyone to work on your windshield. you'll find a link to that but said on >> on this memorial day, unseasonably cool from many neighborhoods, 55 and pacific and 72 in santa rosa. now the locations, that will warm by 10 degrees on tuesday, but first, it is only made by a great play? >> early returns say that this,,
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>> there are many memorial day
6:43 pm
ceremonies around the bay area. >> and if you take place in a venue that has actually seen military action. done four shows us a special celebration on the uss hornet to. >> memorial day on the aircraft carrier, long ago retired and now a museum. people lined up to get in and see the aircraft, the helicopters, and the nasa quarantine trailer like the one used after the apollo 11 mission. they also come for the usual memorial day ceremony .. >> we're not a cemetery, where ashley trying to bring the history to life, of all the people of ghana for us. >> hundreds gather in the hangar before a huge flag. they listen to speakers, but memorial day is not about who was here, but rather it is about who is not. dale flew jets during the korean war. >> the memory lingers on. in fact, one of my roommates
6:44 pm
during correa, he was shot down and killed the day before the war ended. >> flowers make their way to the end of the ship, with a call the whistle, they are thrown into the bay to honor the sacrifice of men and women. >> when they play taps ... you will see a tear in my. >> the crowd was invited to throw flowers for their late family members. and almost everyone in the crowd did. the phrase " freedom is not free " is as valid today as it ever was. so as you celebrate this memorial day take a moment to remember the millions of people have given their lives in service of this country. >> memorial day, may 78, and from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening everyone. unseasonably cool today for only 59 degrees at half moon bay and also in san fransisco, 73 degrees in santa rosa. this is the scene at this
6:45 pm
moment. the live weather camera looking out to a very cool san fransisco. only 50 degrees but when you factor in the gusty winds and it feels wrong outside this is the same look at mt. diablo. behind me that tree has been whistling in the wind. wind gusts currently at 80 m.p.h.. 24 in san jose. when beginning to dial back slightly. western win between 10 and 15 overnight as we bottom out in the '40's and low 50's. and you will notice that the clouds will gather in the form of patchy fog and push on shore. this is the futurecast, i would love for you to play along at home, you can see the clouds moving inland, in fact, this time they're going to march all the way into the delta overnight. there's your morning commute, we're pretty gray with clouds retreating before the lunch hour, one a creek and santa clara valley. but notice the red end of cloudiness along the san mateo coast.
6:46 pm
pretty much all day it has kept some pitchers at the beaches in the mid 50's. i am not seeing a whole lot going on. we have an area of low pressure that will put a little bit of a dent in the ridge of high pressure towards the end of the workweek. temperatures will come down. but until then, the pollen count continues to go up. it problematic day for allergy sufferers. and speaking of highs, tomorrow's numbers are going up in comparison to today. more seasonal. 50s and 60s at the beaches. and from the low 60s and san mateo, we start to climb up to near 70 in palo alto. the further south you go the higher the number. 79 degrees in gilroy and also to the east in brentwood western win between 10 and 50 m.p.h.. we head north to napa at 79 degrees. notice that around american canyon and the bay we have the signatures all the way in san fell in love '70s and climb to higher numbers the further north you go. 50s and 60s along the coast. the extended forecast calls for
6:47 pm
a gradual warming trend. wednesday. and from the mid 50's, once the clouds lift, to the 80s in the bay area's. and then have a tranquil weather pattern each day as we enter the
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>> talking more about baseball or landscaping? >> remember how you almost went to abc news on that multimillion-dollar contract? but you knew how good that you had it here? >> yes. >> barry zito and trevor cahill are all stars in the oakland athletics. they know that the grass is not greener. barry bonds in the house a meeting that he would like to have a bigger role with the giants, they executed a double. then, brandon bell crushes a triple off of trevor hill.
6:51 pm
hector sanchez course the third run of the inning. the giants led 4/0. trevor cahill drops to 2/5. grass, parisi go hell the diamondbacks at two runs over seven innings but he has allowed two runs. the giants might lose the game, can they get it? yes. and that is how the game ended. the giants win 4/2. as for barry bonds return? he spoke one-on-one with kim after the game. >> every time that you come here, the fans you an amazing ovation. today as you were leaving. the love is still here. >> i came to the stadium, and you know, i i entertain them and they love it and i love them. what can you say? when you put a show on four people, and i think it is great, they remember it forever. i am very grateful am glad that i had the opportunity to give them a great show and that they
6:52 pm
appreciated. their family to me. i was raised here. this is my family, my home, where i grew up. my father and my grandfather. i am proud to be of that tradition. >> everyone would love to see you get and hall of fame. >> i will leave that up to them. that is their decision. they can make whatever decision they want. >> he was in a great mood. he is getting into triathlon's. so roberta, you could give him some help in that. the a's slugger and manny ramirez finally in the same lineup but unfortunately there were in sacramento plan for the rivercats. travis black eye allowed one run in five innings in his first big league start since 2007. josh read a continue to put his name on the all-star team. a solo shot. he also traveled. minnesota tied at 3 but the a's took the lead back in the eighth inning. kurt suzuki had a single.
6:53 pm
the a's leave 4/3. the rookie reliever brian cook had not allowed a run in 23 innings. but the gods were not on his side today. the twins scored twice in the ace and lead 5/4. the a's loaded the bases in the ninth inning. set up one final squander. before double plays since getting ugly, they lose their sixth straight game. help on the way. looking at manny ramirez. two hits and an rbi as he continued his rehabilitation in sacramento. he is 8/32 but all eight hits have been symbols. both are expected to join the oakland a's during the current road trip. the red clay can mean only one thing, it is the french open. opening round roger federer wins again in straight sets, to tie jimmy connors open air record of 233 career grand slam wins.
6:54 pm
i will go out on a limb and predict that he will break that record in the second round. " is a sportscast without a man of world peace? he wished them happy labor day on his twitter account, enjoy that ... last year it was a are hildebrand that spun out on the final cuffs frown of the indianapolis 500. >> >> that is the difference maker, he takes the checkered flag to become the 10th driver to win the indy 503 times. amazing. they tell little league never to throw their back. tell that to tom frazier that proves that and still managed to hit a home run. in soccer, is it a game of interest? you be the judge.
6:55 pm
michael bradley from 30 yds out. usa beat scotland 5/1. it was lead here in minnesota where detroit makes a full extension, a diving grab, a huge play, it gives detroit a wind. the leader continues in chicago. alex rios robbed of is the run home run. and that is the difference maker because the white sox beat them. can i get a better one? leap year. the lower columbia college, this is not going gavin, is it? all my!. oh my goodness!. >> now, he holds onto the baseball. but i think, see, his foot does not hit offense as he is going over, right? his foot pass to have contact with that sense, if you catch the ball ... over the fence, out of play? is it a home
6:56 pm
run? >> it depends if it is leap year ... >> thank you very much. exelon producing by roberta gonzales. >> i just noticed on your scroll going by the cubs have one. they have lost 12 and the rows of the fund won a game, i'm just saying ... >> that is coming up at 11:00 ... you destroyed mighties. >> we're going to give you a fireworks from last night's celebration of the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary. have a great night and we'll see you back later,,
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