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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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earthquake safety upgrades and disclosure for the don schwenneker and branch. the share of mercury is kiss the spotlight once again the decision expected at today's at the hearing. and we're the hyatt building on the way a much warmer was a you coming up. deadweight contract came up at the bay bridge toll plaza also renew accidents on 11 will tell you ran a few minutes good morning its tuesday mayst 29 them show graham and we began this developing story is just after northern italy 10 people are dead after a strong earthquake rattled the region this morning the u.s. geological survey says it had a magnitude of and was 25 mi. northwest of
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bologna and several people i still believe to be buried under the rubble. there is no official word yet on the number of injured and it is the same area hit by a magnitude 6 quake just last week this one killed seven people when closure is done in and another to go as the story from the dumbarton bridge were chopped 5 shows traffic is moving rather smugly just-in- time to commit this morning there reopens is a washington is at the bridge which opened up a few hours earlier than expected. two hours in five earlier than was expected to be open the truck on the bridge is still run out like this morning that say about 61,000 to vehicles that use the bridge every day but as he sat up and two hours earlier this morning at 3:00 and was expected to open at 5:00 a.m.
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all six lanes that have been closed since six since 10:00 p.m. last friday of course in a seismic retrofitting workers replace the expansion joint on the west side of the branch with a larger size joint that new joint will absorb anticipate the seventh earthquake happen the drivers won't notice any difference when they drive over the 1.6 mi. long bridge this morning caltrans says that efficient teamwork is the brigit reason for the early reopening. due to heart or crime pleased when telling a lot of people working to solve the issue is fast as possible. of the bridges shutdown caltrans also raised three sections of the bridge deck that will allow for the installation of some size my bearings for should note that the nightly closures on the dunbarton will continue in addition there will be another
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shut down of the bridge and most tightly it will be a long weekend and that will happen in the next couple of months live along the dunbarton please the washington cbs five that the latest year let's check and the john of the traffic across the day of combat to chapter 5 helpless this closure will go smoothly. in fact most of the morning it's been very nice and lights samoset bridges also in a very good read this morning jog and never to maps in u.s. and to report along 11 to read into blocks. no. 11 that season chavez to read lines to avoid that if he can rescind topics on government bonds rallied toward 680 break let's about a 19 minute ride this point in the
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antioch sledge conditions continue west on highway 4 but ended up passed that area as the head toward the shore freeway. the bay bridge is now owned was the is the news once again. many in the forest very low 50s. and at sarah's and not the coming in the mid 40's because of fog so- called distress sale might cause today there are delays on arrival in the bed out by degrees secure take a few degrees you'll notice the bigger difference and santa rosa 7 cisco not as much only reaching a high in the very low 60s we will show you look at the seven
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day forecast to show how much for cats. i did mean to forget what elisabeth. deadweight below reaction the bay bridge is still open and san francisco had been shut down between mission and hard straits for some work on the new tranche bay transit center patrick video is live with more on all the work they did in fact traffic is not falling. if you are leaving the financial district and wanted the bay bridge this stretch of road looks very familiar it's a big part of the communes were workers moved in a prefabricated bridge into place after the old stretch of first-rate was destroyed i slid pretty cool the bill the temporary speed net right next door and we moved it with cranes. this is part of
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that project which promises a future as a terminal of bosses high-speed trains parks and apartment lemmings. to equate to be taller. its phase one of the project at a cost of $1.6 billion this is patrick cbs five. to international and commute by about 6 percent more than 300 m and lives in the bay area expense to be activated in the next five years these key decisions that will impact suspended share from mercury mean what's happening today. the
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cassette the thomas that is the clear guidelines for the rest of the case and addresses to spend a share for its mercury news career it's been months since his face the ethics commission and the mayors to the sheriff without pay after he was charged with domestic violence the start with the infamous argument he had a decidedly on the lopez returned to his tenure today the ethics commission and when will they have live testimony in one of the opera written testimony mayor ed lee has already selected his list of current or ports that on is less the testimony would be himself ross mercury widely all up as an ivory madison the neighbor who shot the video of deli and
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lopez's bruised arm the new if they're going to require a boats or unanimous vote for recommendation to the board of supervisors and the board of supervisors is the last stop in this case to decide what will happen with a share from smurf grammys case again that decision it had though not come-through august. we're live in san francisco. two brothers have courted in denmark to face charges of plotting a terrorist act the men were arrested yesterday one in copenhagen's airport the other of its common or who is apparently there were overheard talking about my fed's targets and weapons danish officials believe the specific acts had been averted their offering no details right now several countries announced spelling's syrian diplomats in the wake of the latest filing to that country in an agent says
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and entire families were shot in their homes during last week's massacre in syria when more than a hundred people were killed including 40 kids the victims were shot at close range that the president in damascus today hoping to bring an end to that crisis. islands in egypt after the first round of presidential election and a mob last night stormed to the campaign headquarters and the attack came only hours after officials announced to take part in the runoff election next election next month the candida was last prime minister protesters are angry they feared so well in the boats is selling his family is mourning the loss of their son killed in afghanistan army specialist bellmawr hernandez died saturday when enemy forces the taxes units in the can in her province his friends say he was proud to serve specialists hernandez is 21 years old to women taking the pentagon to court over its ban on women serving in combat roles reserve colonel and a hearing is one of
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the women at the west point grad has nearly 30 years in the army and says the cities to open up opportunities for what other women in the military but its review and contact restrictions down and the plane open about 14,000 jobs for women california september line and license plate program has collected $15 million but this is the press finds not much of their money is actually going to up the and children's the schoolers' port anti-terrorism efforts on the 80,000 once to scholarships as for the rest went to use much of it to cover budget shortfalls. canadian transportation experts analyze the passion passenger plane into large pieces of metal ball from the sky the flight from toronto to tokyo had the brief filed in ontario where several car owners and their insurance companies are now dealing with broken windshields.
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pretty shocked to see this is really very strange not said that is right to tap than one of the boeing 777 engines have shut down. they're not try to determine wyandotte airline passengers will soon face more fees the transportation security administration and and democrats to $5. supporters say it's needed for the increasing costs of security. could it involves a dollars. and unforgettable idea when couples raised to tie the knot before probable storm barreled on them. and remember don't feed the animals reason that find that,,
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you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. a stop stories. caltrans finish work on the dumbarton bridge the taking live look right now expect the weekend closure for more work later this year the death toll is now least 10 after a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit northern italy today roughly the same area hit by another deadly quake just last week. irani is poised to clinch the republican presidential nomination today he is its 58 delegates shy as the primary in texas gets underway in the willow road campus city
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council scheduled to review the in our mental impact reports and the plan is approved a report earlier in the month based book eventually have 6600 workers at that facility this book is also planning a second campus nearby. today the san francisco port commission will take up the golden state warriors intention to move to the city's waterfront and a special meeting this afternoon includes a closed session to discuss price and terms for potential lease it wants to build a privately financed arena at pierre's 30 and 32 by 2017 wears already signed an agreement to the city leaders. 616 right now. but first i want to say the dumbarton bridges michelle mentioned all lands opening from this morning it is recalling
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about directions and was actually pretty easy for people to go around the cemetery bristling steady as well 40 minute drive to between 811 not the case for the bay bridge rochelle live look at the toll plaza really starting to back up in his cash lanes is seen slowing go conditions there is your joy to the toll plaza passed at the doing pretty well still limiting like those though things are pretty clear as you work your way past the toll plaza up the incline over from month to go to you updated on this other accident was the one we just checked and 50 in the clear the site of the roadway and christie's a job as the red line for blocks non injury accidents involving at least three or four vehicles that covers the white shoulders the tropical be a little bit better. so one wonders thousands is cleared is actually pretty rights we do have a tropical it affects the day trip broken down the bridge to see a 42 saw from just across cochrane is
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blocking lines may have issued a traffic advisory know that time today to check out there been enough to get the big rig out of the road of mine passed typical slowing the conditions we went from 19 minutes to 22 minutes left in the west on friday be out of the of smud pass and i still see break at all the way toward 680 house whether golden gate bridge simmer fell my bad if you're headed for the richmond center fell bridge of course want to get to the golden gate in easy rider and san francisco to 37 to the way these delays don't get too bad until least 645 cell still an ok route to take this morning and 80 northbound very light traffic as you head into the maze southbound still looks good if connecting southbound a 87 tel brigit no delays or problems to report to their and have it for
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a stop and go conditions business as usual is the majority antioch. thank you john here's a live look piquancy gorgeous sunrises adjusting to we can hang out the door real notice some areas of low clouds and fog and an air-conditioned and afternoon sun for most milder temperatures above we saw yesterday and that looks like we have a warming trend had to the next several days sell if you like to say you'll be warmer by tamara the high-pressure system builds off the coast so princess some high and dry conditions of the next several days his literature and when forecast had later on today as '70s warmer places like morgan hill and in the low '70's and says they sell here's our warm spots in the east bay check out manioc brent blend pushing close to 80 degrees there otherwise upper 70's and some other parts of the east bay 78 and on the creek and 77 degrees in pleasant hill and
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will be a little cooler in the day 60 million cells little 62 is going to year high in places like san francisco but overall temperatures will be cut about by decree different covers take a few degrees please seasonable conditions mostly sunny skies inland across the bay and wednesday there is a wax it went to see a slight warm up region close to 90 degrees by thursday and cooling down by friday and announced the weekend is and secure weather and traffic at sea. tim ill wait six and now couples getting married in florida had to race against the elements. when amanda porter were hoping to get to their bows before then tropical storm beryl when the rain started right after they say they do and then they kissed and now i'm married and ran for cover. they're celebrating other could be a legal battle had over a
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monument to the east bay the monumentally black adult plans to list the 10 commandments joy to tell if a martina's is demanding open officials remove the monuments are looking and selling on christian symbol next to its as a symbol of the christian dogma and the christian biblical beliefs which i don't expect to have on public property is a miserly been molested elisha have to go through that? new speaker he says was molested by catholic priests when he was an altar boy he has written to state and local officials and says he will sue if necessary to remove the 10 commandments for collectors hungry for more steve jobs memorabilia have we got a little piece of memorabilia for you they're auctioning off a memo jobs roads on how to improve the game world cup. and it worked for the video-game maker they had ridden out could fetch anywhere from 10,000 to $15,000 the auction is scheduled for
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june 15th. 1 with another says. probably how the game works i revenue at bad. it's 622 right now she can think bank dr. sears the six year-old making history of the national spelling bee. on guard like father like son and daughter meet the bay area's first family of friends area's firthis country was built by working people.
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summer in london while his daughter has similar hopes. i think a lot of people when he did to having their father as their coach and to many people ask me but personally i think that's it benefits mean. on a strip tease my coach enemies my dad is a good separation there and of course if he doesn't do well that i kind of have to comfort him. dirichlet's apparently is working 18 year-old will be the youngest member of the u.s. men's events in team this summer and can you spell prodigy? did waves 6 year-old korean madison didn't have to read the teleprompter she is the youngest person ever to call qualify for the national spelling bee the little girl is home school and got 21 other kids in the virginia county to advance to the national competition and a word that helped her win the caro madison
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will be it canadian consumers 77 other kids in a contest that starts tomorrow by the way to imagine she's six? 627 move over at bad apples knew what had come into your living room + java can heckle day memorial day event his snappy response to the outspoken protests are your one to hear it will become back. to equate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, two minutes tuesday may
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29th that michelle green ago. it is said to 31 now. and we begin on developing news in italy in northern italy this morning. it had a magnitude 5.8 and around 25 mi. northwest of the city of bologna several people are still buried under the rubble of collapsed homes and factories there churches in warehouses also destroy there is no official word yet on the number injuries or the death toll is the same area by the way and by a magnitude 6 quake his last week that one killed 70 people. the dumbarton bridge now has a better chance of surviving a big quake that was a real and a few hours ago after a weekend of
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rocher from work lisa washington tells us about another the done barbara burton bridge will be shut down for another weekend is it's a back to work tuesday morning invitees in the dumbarton bridge is two hours earlier than expected all six lanes of the bridge as a 10:00 p.m. last friday at 4 some seismic retrofitting the work was actually replaced the expansion joints in the west side of the bridge for the largest joined the new journal is absorbent dissipate energy should an earthquake happen and the drivers still won't notice any difference when they drive over this 1.6 mi. long bridge even though there were few surprises. and that's what we had our full staff. to look at every possible
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way that for what happened and so each problem as fast as possible the workers had to put this deal structure across the bridge also caltrans raise three section of the bridge deck that will allow for the installation of the seismic bearings and that michelle is why the closures will continue along the dumbarton bridge as well as another shut down and i will be sometime later this year frank and michelle back here. is it thanks. how about the roadways. it is in some conditions of this material at surface leon and traffic is stacked up beyond 880 this point as long the finish to give yourself such time as the head toward the bay bridge elsewhere we're dealing with traffic alerts in concord a its all due
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to a broken-down big rig southbound to 42 is blocking one lane in the area they're waiting and to attract large enough to get the big rig out of the roadway and it's been not to traffic on highway 4 tears into lazes york u.s. found. stilling steady long one-on-one to 80 northbound that's ed look at your * air-traffic here's elizabeth. did waves slow union will you need if you're heading up the door life jacket temperatures are definitely on the chillier side may be in the forties to low 50s across the bay 51 oakland 49 at livermore and only 43 degrees and sarah says sell the this afternoon were actually beginning a warming trend across the day temperatures are 20 more states will still allow the '70s and the south them morgan helm
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coming in about 47 degrees but there were wisterias are east bay ballets in the up and what coming close a decrease of the was the '70s on the critical in the central day. 62 is a high and san francisco coming up back here. been shut down between mr. and and howard street for work on the new trend day transit center patrick city is alive all morning long will tell you about how they made their wrote. right if you have now found that financial district in santa does go to the bay bridge this is got to be a familiar sight to drivers when first she was shot down friday night and closed all holiday weekends where workers moved up prefabricated pieces of bridges and to place after the old structure for st.
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was destroyed that temporary street was built a steel and right next door. and moved over the cranes. this is part of the chance made channel projects a huge futuristic terminals buses high-speed trains parks have apartments and this is phase one of the project at a cost of $1.6 billion and will call it a total of 4.2 billion when completed in 2017 right now traffic looks like it's all clear ready to go thanks frank. did we tell chains on shoreham commuters and says a lot to make adjustments. that bigger joins us from the seven st. omer. one of the leading lights will soon get switched on. to equate when starting tomorrow afternoon caltrans is planning to activate new meeting
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lives. starting for the afternoon commute to marron 15 nummi very much on the southbound direction is that northbound side should be activated this fall and the bigger picture here is that caltrans basically loves me during lines the plants add 650 or admitting nice to have a total of 6 and affected by the year 2016 to the hapless dad that meeting might said many bay area freeways the top drivers this morning some say that's they don't mind it reminds others say as long as they're not unhurried caltrans like them for two main reasons number one it adds to the floor traffic it makes your commute time reduced and and actually helps the flow of traffic the other reason is that makes these year to merge onto the freeway instead of just that while traffic at its of farewell at once it is a more likely that there will not be in a traffic accidents and if there
6:38 am
is an accident really bogged down traffic so again 650 m in lights in the year 2016 and once you're in san jose on the southbound direction will be activated by tomorrow afternoon at the latest from 2/8 and as a back to. today is have this gut ethics commission will take up issues that could be crucial in hearing on suspended share frost mercury in their pretty much set a new rulebook for guidelines for the rest of this case that could affect the rest of suspended share for as mercury news career now it's been a month since last faced the ethics commission the mayor is then the sheriff without pay after he was charged with domestic violence all case started with that and as argument he had with his wife allegedly vicious steady breezes lives are matters tried to restrain her today the ethics
6:39 am
commission law to make two different calls about the impact the mercury news job one would be when and well they have live testimony or will they offered testimony mayor ed lee has already sought to his list the chronicle reports he wants to call himself and his wife and their neighbor and a second decision not to make its if they will require unanimous vote for the recommendation to the board of supervisors and likely been telling you that's the last of the board of supervisors will make the call and whether or not a share of will keep his job at that decision could come as late as july or august. so there's still a lot of time and work to be done we're live and san francisco cps 5. did we its president of, and first lady michelle bauman will honor 13 people with the medal of freedom say among the honorees is legendary women's basketball coach pat summit who recently retired from the university of tennessee because of the early onset dementia medal of freedom
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is the nation's highest civilian honor other honorees at today's white house ceremony includes space pioneer john glenn former secretary of state madeleine albright's musician bob dylan and author toni morrison and campaign 22 alberoni is expected to formally clinched the republican presidential nomination he says 50 delegates shy as texas hold its primary today rummy says today will be a big day for him and he is looking for to the good news in the poll shows veterans prefer running over president the, the veterans also supported john mccain and his failed bid for the presidency in and speaking of john mccain he was not pleased when a heckler caused a ruckus during a speech. jerk. i guess less is more wrote one landed a he continues
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addressed was the memorial's seven clicks held in san diego yesterday. when word and that the 640 lots of excitement and tech world this morning the two product launches and one for face amount essentially from apple talk about. highest ,,
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that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good.
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she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪
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runs over amount that looks like a relic of the skies in some parts in an otherwise you're dealing with areas of fog low clouds along the coast in fact there are some delays and arrivals of red s.f. 0 about an hour 22 minutes ago just a heads up after taking some of the airport and sunshine for most mild weather in even more days ahead it's because of high pressure sticking around for the next several days so here's a forecasting-later on this afternoon will see a lot of '70s and the south bay 74 in campbell 77 morgan hill about 72 degrees by this afternoon in places like san as they sell every seat is yellows and oranges those are warmer spots check out any option but would come in close to 80 degrees there otherwise upper '70's in the east bay valley suomi creek
6:46 am
77 applause until end of local are along the bay 66 in sausalito and 62 degrees and san francisco only reason the very low 60s and areas there sell mostly sunny skies in and he can see reaching high as 80 degrees and are more mysterious and then by wednesday and thursday there is a look at a warming trend region close to 90 degrees in our inland areas and by thursday and cooling for the start of the workweek on friday and saturday and sunday that the check of your seven day forecast for look the road conditions here is john mack. it's getting pretty busy out there has a lot look at 580 toward the pleasanton -- dublin interchange it's a little sluggish slow and go out of my past and to lead times and about 28 minutes ago was bound elsewhere to be over to the bay bridge traffic is stacked up all the way past 80 at this point
6:47 am
later in life are as leon was yet pass this area though traffic and so is okay across and san francisco now plays in the lower deck and to oakland to jump your tour maps right now few hot spots southbound to 42 they're clearing a big break in the meantime i chatted advisory is in fact traffic backs up onto highway 4 is the results of a slowdown with the conditions. new thunder bender on the right shoulder not causing any delays but just a heads up for headed toward the airport that strap it back to you. researchers say bluefin tuna along the california coast contain the radiation levels 10 times higher than normal radiation was from a crippled japanese nuclear plants was carrying 6,000 mi. across the scientists say the tuna is still safety seat and the findings are reported in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences in the benefit of taking aspirin it can help protect against skin
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cancer people who take high doses of pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen cut their risk of developing skin cancer by about 15% but experts say using sunscreen and avoiding too much sun i still the best ways to prevent skin cancer many of america's biggest cities and on the rise here's jason brooks with cbs money watch couldn't bounce and off the bottom again at the housing market as a show of all members are considerably down for uriko and a little bit improvements in march from february prices are up and 12 of the top 20 cities first time the majority of cities has been an increase in seven months the bay area sought a monthly gain of one percent still though prices are down 3% from a year earlier the first quarter this year across the country home prices are down 2% from the fourth quarter now and april we have better educators in his for home sales both for existing homes
6:49 am
and new homes and prices were also rising inventories fell down a little bit fewer foreclosures and short sales that is helping out the market a bit of course we need to see this turn into longer-term trend the housing market is still a very poor space after the housing bubble just five years ago. europe continues to a key case shall be driving the market also getting consumer confidence a little bit later this morning numbers are out with all the had four positive days for the dial in the month of may is the hebrew month many because the present spain's banking crisis right now the dow's up by 103 points in nasdaq a skinny 18 and the s&p is higher by 10 pressure continues on facebook its stock is down another 3 1/2% and in under $31 is now $7 under its debut price back to where still taking a look at baseball. jason thank you so much. the rumor mill is buzzing about to big product launches
6:50 am
face but may be making its own and now talk of appleseed be hitting up once again primarily is still a star with a spoke on with both cassette really? did we are doing this? this led to companies alone all the profits in the handstand business its apple with profits from making smart phones and a quarter left to samsung does almost nothing left for motorola is tuesday and all the other brandy see you at the cellphones torso's little disturbing of people are holding pace of stock was already nerve wracking that they might get into a business are almost no one makes money. that is more a matter of can the marshal more usage and we concentrated way round face book into the that they have hired engineers from apple there apparently worked in the atc to actually build is what they might do is offer the fund for freer low cost smart phones had
6:51 am
the opposite they're expensive to get folks to buy into it and use it to get all the macedonia's march when he adds that would be a strategy for peace but to attack more people weren't on facebook and early leapfrog their more usage which is already hot up to totally double down the debt issues with their immobile at anyway because they can't sell ads. if unable to keep up with usage in terms of ad sales and let's jump across as apple appleseed what is it and the idea is that apple will do a television that looks like a mac without a foot in the bottom second of an aluminum case beautiful basil for design and we sent to the full big screen tv in the 40 to 50 his class but the key is all of that apple seekers software and there will have syria would have itunes build sand; itt it becomes the new have a living
6:52 am
room. did we cannot name. and can just be a kitchen sink of all levels technologies in one place that's not interesting enough i believe that the commodity that also has a whole new kind of a plan to get everything you get on television most of its eyes streaming as opposed to a mix of over the air and cable and satellites and files and to streaming into right now to hodgepodge of a good step for price and we have got everything together on a stream the interface of your existing broadband connections to you can finally say goodbye to the cable companies and save some money get more choices. in the bill by somebody else the money will move over dapple to apple. to act like had need and we spent all had one goal and was to win a major league-leading competition. there they go.
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hooters is having a nationwide we need and championship and york in july and yesterday this restaurant has a qualifying events the when it was eric wright and denmark key aide to 140 winds and just 10 minutes. and the bones to. to equate proved 140. he had a long day yesterday. 63 now at next cooling-off in southern california the unwanted guest admitted big splash in a ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
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in the wake of today's
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earthquake in northern italy at least 15 people are now confirms that the u.s. geological survey says the quake had a magnitude of 5.8 and was centered 25 mi. northwest of bologna several people are still believed to be buried under rubble of collapsed buildings homes factories warehouses and a churches are among the buildings destroyed. and now to our bridge where the closure and early this morning but another one is coming. the mine see magellans you for and we're on the east side of the don schwenneker bridge near the toll plaza any can see the traffic is building a little bit since this bridge reopened at 3:00 this morning it was scheduled to reopen at 5 and it opened two hours ahead of schedule and had been closed since 10:00 on friday night to all six lanes so that workers could use some seismic retrofitting actually place the spinach and join the west side the bridge with a larger sized
6:58 am
joint that new joint will absorb and dissipate energy showed in a skycap and the drivers harder won't notice any difference when i drive over the bridge caltrans says it was efficient steam market resulted in their early reopening it also taken advantage of the shutdown of the summer break in and ordered to these inspections also some electrical and rode made is that the latest from here frank and michelle back to. did we think we set. the key to attracting giants take away. it's a bit busy up there in fact you're dealing with a hot spot of traffic onto 42. a broken-down big rig still stuck in lanes. in a touch up the stairway of back on to have a four as a result in fact north at 11 sl to the right shoulder not causing too much of a factor in as the head toward
6:59 am
the golden gate bridge. that the great days of this traffic jam as areas of fog. the cecily cause the coast and the day at temperatures are definitely going to see fortie'' out campuses lexan arouse them telling the low 50s by later on this afternoon and a warm today the masai yesterday implicitly and reaching the upper 70's into our inland spots. it's sunday forecast will be getting a warming trend reaching into the low 90s by thursday and color of the weekend. itself right is a woman in southern california cool. did least jump in london. their caught it cellphone camera ii the backyard. they saw the pool saw


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