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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 30, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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hugo, take it out. craig: take it out. >> you know it cannot be greasy because if you sit on it you don't want to see any stain on your butt. craig: why would you sit on it? >> it has to be that perfectly coated. craig: do chefs go around kitchens in us a -- in austria sitting on schnitzel? it smells like ass. >> you don't have to use the filet. now you put a little lemon juice on it. that's enough. send it my way. craig: oh, paper cut! paper cut! ah! ah! >> ok. another great austrian thing is strudel. craig: strudel. >> a cherry strudel. craig: we don't have time for strudel. we did all that. everybody's here waiting to get some wiener.
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>> give the girls the wiener and we'll eat the strudel. craig: i'll give the girls the wiener. come over, ladies, secretariat, geoff. all right. ooh, that's nice. help yourself. wolfgang puck, hugo, geoff peterson, secretariat, we'll be back tomorrow night. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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this days essentially sealing it from the families that it's supposed to go to. california get caught reading of funds meant to help 911 victims would use that money for instead. is a sci-fi thriller come to life a virus that turns computers and to spying machines how is being used to keep tabs on one of the world's most dangerous situations. but once liberty son won't pay a dime to the school. when he got a free ride to the interested california. able that extra money to
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help if somebody or protect the russians but when it comes to that gm could ridge tells us the state rated that program. the wave will never forget license plates the featured an american flag with clouds and the never forget slogan. the dmv websites says the money raised to help pay for scholarships for the kids of 911 victims as well as law enforcement fire protection and public health agencies to fight terrorism but according to the associated press in 2008 then governor arnold schwarzenegger borrowed $2 million to close a budget gap and last year governor brown borrowed another $1 million. the state says it plans to pay back and the dmv says its recently removed references with the scholarship fund. deerweed apply
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for scholarships for their children either receive them or are in the process of getting them. since 2002 californians have bought or renew these specialty memorial license plates more than 200,000 times. according to the ap reports only $21,381 is breaching the children and spouses of the three dozen california residents killed in the terrorist attacks. so the question many californians are asking tonight's is where has the money gone. the governor should not be taken the money that's not going for what it's meant for. this is essentially stealing that from the families that it was to go to. and that is inexcusable. state lawmakers say they were borrowing the money to balance the budget their intention is to get back but for a victim's family members some tonight have shared with us that
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there does hardens to learn that much of the money has gone to the listed datasets are was used for general purposes. juliet of csi. while everyone has had a problem neighbor before but people in one part of berkeley are so fed up with theirs that they're taking their fight to city hall is the drugs or alcohol excess of is just some of the problems associated with the one home the ninth street. now robert loud reports the home's future is in the hands of the city council. in a brief speech spring that he isn't planting pansies' his painting in one sign so we would discourage people from congregating here and some someone selling drugs in the middle of the night. the court coroneted deliver where he says drug deals play outside the bedroom window. produce the cars stopping which is the drug activity? we would see cars stopping you would see transactions. berkeley pd would break out
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illicit trade but then it all dispersed and go down there. their six houses down 1722 ninth street in fact berkeley people the record since they discovered 15 felons use this address please document calls of using and selling drugs regular flights inside and outside in reports of harassing and threatens neighbors and passerby's even converting the attic into apartments were the only access is a letter and building a little kitchen of the back of the house so berkeley city has been 1722 public nuisance and did something incredibly rare prints to a big donors and everyone inside today. justice is finally being served at the service may be slow there is still inside 1722. a woman behind this door wouldn't open it but said the we're working on it. in the most positive way the weekend as all that i can say.
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to the so-called nuisance calls led to the district. to declare their not being asked to vacate their property and they're not being a victim at this point. they're now as in the to do that because legally the city can't make the property under the city can of funds and in seeking a judgment against the owners so i asked the mayor if it's been a nuisance home for years why action now? why not a year ago. or 10 years ago. alive but has to do it really there was not brought to our attention this is been going on for 30 years. and neighbors fear all the legal activity will start up all over again. need to figure out a system in early warning system. will the new deadline for the house is september 70 because of fiction the council agreed to 11 new fixes for those property owners. if they don't make the repairs by september 17th in the city can start imposing fines. live in berkeley robert lyles cbs five. a
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standing ovation tonight for suspended sentences good share of ross mercury me. supporters cheered as he walked into the ethics commission hearing reviewing his case the commission will decide whether to uphold the mayor's decision to suspend him because of the domestic abuse charges the car deck stacked against him. the process is undemocratic it's unconstitutional and we will do everything we can to make sure that this does not happen in san francisco. the commission is expected to decide soon whether to make public videos line worker in his wife kristen crying. it was merely a formality but still a very big night from irani when tonight's win in texas he has 1157 total delegates and that is not to until it wins the republican nomination romney's celebrate the victory in vegas at a fund-raiser with donald trump. ms. toughies toughies
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sharp and is not going to allow bad things to continue to happen. donald trump can no doubt help from the raise big money but he does bring some baggage he continues to question president obama's u.s. citizenship. romney will be officially nominated at the gop convention in august. right now to a dead heat between rummy and president up, it's been that way for a few weeks the latest rasmussen poll shows the president with a one point lead. 20% to 11 days that is exactly how much they spoke stock has slid since the ipo. and today it finished below $29 a share that means marks at the burke has dropped off the world's 48 richest people's list and is been replaced by mexican billionaire. even so face book is moving ahead with plans to expand and tonight is a big step closer. and the park city council unanimously approved the final environmental impact
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reports the city says the benefits far outweigh the problems this book is now and prove to have all 9400 employees which is almost three times its current work force. so i think this book that's a good neighbor and a proven already to a good neighbor. and i don't think you did anything that actually protected myself in terms of the pollution that the cars are going to have in my neighborhood. as part of the deal facebook will cap the number of employees to drive to work make for improvements and pay the city millions of dollars over the next decade. a massive new cyber weapon a computer virus so sophisticated can turn on the microphone, a computer to listen to conversations. can such information from your cell phone. stephen martin on the apparent target in speculation the united states is involved with. remember the computer virus which made the centrifuges used to enrich uranium spin on a
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control? now their flame in the virus that apparently targets in ron and according to a cyber security company was first discovered the virus it works the first fires. flame is 20 times the size. and essentially turned a person's computer interests by. stealing everything it comes in contact with. plan can get every information it wants relief from keystrokes to taking screen shots off the machine is discovered this a couple weeks ago but has been working its way undetected through hundreds of computers and ron and elsewhere in the middle east for the least two years. to equate the virus which he runs centrifuges was widely believed though never officially confirmed to be the work of the u.s. and israel claim uses some of the same cyber technology. it has all the likelihood that two different teams one team is responsible for the
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stock set fires and one team responsible for flame had access to some technologies that were unknown to the rest of the world. if the u.s. was involved play within the work of the national security agency whose mission is to eavesdrop on communications. depending on which computers infected flame could of provided the u.s. with insider knowledge of the workings of the iranian government and its nuclear programs. researchers say it's possible flame can conduct sabotage as well as espionage. in other words it steals your data that was announced. david mullins cbs news the pentagon. test in 4.0 earthquake that hit southern california about an hour ago it was centered in the channel islands that about 30 mi. southwest of malibu no immediate reports of any damage or injuries but hundreds of people reported feeling it. caltrans workers caught
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weeks ago when its close of cbs investigation uncovered several veteran caltrans employees drinking alcohol while you were paying their salary. now caltrans is taking action. and as our determination process for all three of those employees difficulty and follows the money. we copies caltrans supervisor is puzzling 338 2 oz beers in doing crossword puzzles all while learning your taxpayer money. what use is that there is that you're doing this on the clock the state is millions of dollars in the hole in your of your drinking? but now the state is pouring on the penalties. did we will find them. that's a spokesperson told us when we exposed the workers earlier this month now they're following through. caltrans is saying all
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three employees have been served their termination papers. for three days we watch these employees and orange county work on the widening of the 91 freeway in the morning and then around 11 they would leave the job sites and end up in angelo'' hamburgers and anaheim. on may 14th we watched john m. slurp a 21 year veteran of caltrans drink and drink and to drink and continue to drink for 32 unstraps into hours while he was on the clock he denied it. was founded the club out today? aaron dunn. his fellow caltrans employee didn't drink but for the same two hours we saw her doing crossword puzzles. and this supervisor recant joined them and also drank two
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beers on two different days. you're in there drinking beer on state time. your drinking beer and a lunchtime is allowed? is sellout on state policy? tricking is against caltrans policy. all three are on unpaid leave until their exact termination dates would caltrans has announced all three can appeal. david bills in cbs five. some exhausted senior citizens arresting tonight after an elevator and their 12 story building has finally been fixed. a fire at the wesley marion campbell friday night triggered the sprinklers and then that flooded the elevator shaft people in the building were forced to take the stairs. but many of those of the performer our end up wheelchairs' and couldn't get down. they say without the elevator is my lifeline chile sac in this building and trapped. anybody has a working
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their tail off question. as far as i can tell us tell. its full press court. did with the building's manager says of the rapper diem will be paying for his son's college education. you will. serene branson explains how we got a full scholarship to ucla. take a look at no. 2. the ucla on a football scholarship. at the governor uc school in the past 10 years. some students are asking should the son of someone worth half a billion dollars to get a six-figure car for their 16th birthday getting $54,000 scholarship. did we used an athletic department is to consider the fact that perhaps
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there is another athlete on the football team who could really use this scholarship. she's had to rely on loans to put ourselves ucla to do wonders for the university should implement strict standards for which families can get scholarships being considered their economies students return to get to college. corporate ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the coastline starting to make the where onshore capacity tonight and the day as some of the allison tomorrow lots of sunshine may be out of the beaches with more son and some pretty mild temperatures even for the coast has in the afternoon tomorrow around 18¢ a should a gorgeous day. oakland and sunny 65 degrees in a breezy and san francisco. so's the look out of the next couple of days high-pressure cranky of the temperatures you may just crack 90 as begin to thursday but by friday little bit more of a sea breeze kicks in with a temperature setting to drop off the looks like this next weekend is going to much cooler around the bay area. that's a look at whether. 3 williams making big news of the french open will show you and to says the milkman doesn't de,,,,,, ,,
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giants traded pitcher jonathan sanchez to kansas city for milky cabrera's already won the best of gm brian say the ins career the milkmen gave them something to cheer about tonight. game title won the eighth thing cabrera's third hit of the game got ryan terry l. over third base his 50th hit among said the new san francisco record batting 376 then it was a big deal because its set this up. buster posies science report and that is the game when the giants win
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three to one you want the company did mccain? look at that? a bar past willie mays for the may record most its 49 in 1958 that comes at 45 in 1995. jerry parker hoping he can snubs the a's six game losing streak six settings i think the a's had 49 hits all season. their offense has scored just 12 rounds of the last seven games this dingell's to suzuki the a's actually had the lead but to runners on. ninth-inning two outs of former athletics josh william hammer is one of brian and that's the ballgame. the three run jack and he loses that seven straight there to 12 average is the worst in baseball. the saber cats are dealing with the loss of their fullback johnny curtain who scored three touchdowns on saturday. he was found dead yesterday in his hotel in santa clara. details of his death are
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unclear. but the santa clara police and fire department says crime is not a factor he was 26 years old. it was the closest the thunder came to beating the spurs in game 2. tony parker spins kendrick of this short san antonio is up 11 and they continue the second half he flips it behind parker in the corner and oklahoma city can only watch. 34 points of parker's winning their 20th straight game just give them the trophy already. tennis is going to stop start tuesday night top five. at no. 53 williams and brown won the first time of her career at a grand slam. beaten by the french put it in perspective. did we always think things can be worse. did we did before tim duncan is the ageless wonder they say he can't dunk but he is still doing a big- time. remember is this incredible. no. 3 the media
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crush in tampa was for had techie matsui he was pulled up by the rays and in his second at bat saying goodbye the socks be to raise that number to is an angels derek year robbed of a base hit by eric i bar but that wasn't even the best play of the game because of what might try to go fishing. for it in eggs which are home run ball making a great play in the same outfield tim salmon use. get it trout, salmon? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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