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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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collect evidence. we will have more on the breaking news story as we get new information. a developing story out of oakland, a shooting outside of oakmont high-school it send one student to high-school around 3:30 p.m.. the 17 year-old student was shot in the leg. the school went on lockdown right afterwards. there's no motive and no arrests so far. >> at a time when most cities are in red ink, san fransisco is hanging out the now hiring sign for hundreds of police officers and firefighters. phil matier is here with where the money is coming from. >> as the first two stories indicated, when it comes to the public attention, nothing gets it like crime and that is why mayor ed lee says that he will come up with the money as long as it goes safety first. >> we have great announcements today. >> nothing like good news to bring politicians out and judging from the suits that
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turned out today, mayor ed liddy definitely had very good news. >> in the next two-year budget which will unveil tomorrow, we will be funding six police academy class is. >> in other words, hiring 300 new cops in the coming years. more than enough to make up for the 265 cops that are expected to retire. >> how about that she is? >> and if that were not enough, the mayor had good news for the fire department as well. >> we are announcing today 6 the fire academy class is over the next six years. >> something the understaffed department needs considering a spent $25 million on overtime last year. and with 108 firefighters making over $200,000, that is something even the union said it is a crisis. >> firefighters make a fortune, what is the crisis? >> we are short 300 people. you go to work on saturday and
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told sunday morning you cannot go home, you have to work 24 more hours. >> out in san fransisco for this? the city's economy is booming and they're banking on $170 million to come in the city coffers as a result of spending. >> are happy days you're gone? >> i would not say that they're happy but what we're trying to do is prevent us from being in a position where we are going to be paying for it in other ways. >> those other ways might be bad stories about pun safe streets and unsafe and fires. he wants to keep this town with tourism and technology coming in and love that has to do with 61st. >> phil, i know in the past tensions have been a big issue, but on the surface this seems like it has nothing to do with the cost of pensions that they have pending? >> it does, as a matter of fact, the mayor made a point to say that if police and fire had not gone along with pension reform he would not have the money to
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do the hiring right now. so it does, and it shows that it worked in that direction. he got the reforms and now, what else can he do? hire more. >> thankyou. >> mitt romney just picked up the republican presidential nomination and he is in the bay area to pick up some campaign cash. mitt romney holding a lavish event at the chateau carol in hillsborough. $2,500 just to get your foot in the door. test bed plan to join the gop nominee for dinner will take $50,000 per flight. priestly tells us that judging by the guest list it looks like he is in for a huge hall tonight. >> no kidding, it is a who's who of bay area money. the lead of the technology and finance world are expected to attend this event. this is the home of charles johnson, a single residence family home if you can believe it. he is the billionaire heir to the templeton franklin fortune. it is a lot money to get into
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the gates. it is the new reality in a world with a super pak. it is all about the super rich. presidential politics has become pricey. both canada is predicted to raise more than $1 billion each this campaign season. tonight it is the gop nominee mitt romney turn to raise money in california. in hillsborough, one of the most rich communities in the nation. mitt romney will hobnob with millionaires inside of this chateau. a 65,000 square foot mansion. remember the president's fund- raiser at george clooney is house? his entire house can fit in just the atrium of this chateau. big pay arians like meg whitman, the ceo of hewlett-packard will shell out 60 branches to be there. >> i think it is not as an rude because i think that someone should be elected for what they can do for the people, not influenced by money. >> frankly the fact that they can come in and be fairly anonymous and give tons and tons of money scares me.
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>> the supertax have been influential in this election. newt gingrich was backed by billionaire addison. he gave $20 million to single- handedly keep newt gingrich afloat. just yesterday the billionaire met with mitt romney and las vegas, indicating that he could throw his considerable wealth behind him. >> for mitt romney, the optics of having this bill in air support you, and giving huge amounts your campaign plays into the idea that he is still being controlled by the 1%. >> the berkeley institute of government affairs says that it is dangerous for both candidates. because for the regular voters, it is all about perception. >> it is just as that for both candidates? >> absolutely. all politics. >> with some much money raised by the super pak, experts are predicting that there could be a flurry of negative
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advertisements this campaign season but in a rare moment of good sportsmanship the president called mitt romney to congratulate him on officially becoming the gop nominee. they both which their families will this election season. >> you know what? it is so early in the season, it would be very interesting to compare the list from the people that attend the mitt romney fund-raiser and the obama fund-raisers, to see who is going to both ... >> that would be interesting. that does happen. usually within a party and not necessarily across party lines but it does happen because when you talk to political experts they say that the people by can afford to get access to events like these want access to anyone, whoever wins, they tried to cover all of their bases. >> for complete 2012 coverage visit the politics taejon >> surprising new evidence revealed today in the brian stowe beating case. one of the suspects charged in his brutal assault at the dodgers game may have implicated
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himself. david lopez is here with a phone call the suspect made to his mother the day that he was arrested. >> this is the first video of luis sanchez and marvin norwood as they appeared in court at the preliminary hearing. accused of beating giants fan brian stowe as he left dodgers stadium one year go opening day. what you are about to hear is the voice of marvin norwood, he has just been arrested for that meeting, he borrows a detective cellphone and sick calls to his mother ... listen. >> i got arrested for that dodgers stadium think. yes. i was involved. yes. i was. i mean, i'm pretty sure i will go down for it. i just into latino that i am sorry.
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>> the court allow them to be shown but no faces of any witnesses. just the audio. this from a man who was at the game and testified that a young boy turned out to be the son of sanchez, was throwing peanuts at him and his friends, and that two men were basically causing trouble. he later identified those men as sanchez and nor would. a portion of his testimony ... >> when we started noticing the young boy was taking part in throwing peanuts, we got perturbed enriching the parents would step in to stop it. >> did you say anything to the people throwing peanuts? >> not directly, we looked at them to say " come on ". >> this photograph and others like it displayed on an overhead screen as the witnesses testified. the photos depict where the witnesses were on opening day at dodger stadium, and where sanchez and nor would were sitting nearby. in all 12 witnesses testified today, we're told more witnesses that was all brian stowe beaten.
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and we're told that's still to come is more in custody statements incriminating statements, from the two defendants. from downtown los angeles, david lopez, cbs 5. >> as we have reported in the past, brian stowe is being cared for at a facility in the bay area and on his website his family says that his memory was usually affected by the beating and his biggest challenge is his short-term memory. >> the second fire in less than a month in one san jose neighborhood and people that live in the area blames waters camping near coyote creek. len ramirez spoke to neighbors about this latest incident. >> they're certainly not happy about it and you can see why. the grass is already very dry. on this side is a neighborhood of homes and on this side is an open space, a creek bed, and several homeless encampments. where the fire started is just beyond those trees and no one knows how the fire started but homeless camps have been blamed for fires here in the past. >> a fire started around 11:30
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a.m. in a wooded brushy area near neighborhood homes. >> i saw a small fire at the beginning but it went up quickly and spread fast. >> it earned about 1 a. and for a time atherton homes before fire crews brought it under control. no one knows how it started but it is considered suspicious. >> it is under investigation. this area is known for having homeless encampments so we will follow up on that to figure out what happened here. >> needs have complained about the homeless camps for years and the city estimates there are 60 in tents in san jose housing an estimated 600 people. most along the creeks. some people live out of vehicles while others build elaborate shelters from would antar, complete with vegetable or ornamental gardens. there have been burglaries. >> the broke into my garage twice.
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>> in the past month there have been two fires all have not been very big, neighbors worry that is just a matter of time. >> there are some that are a few hundred feet from our front doors. and, they frequently build fires at all times of the day or night. and we never know when that fire will go out of control. so it is really a concern. >> over the next five weeks here in san jose city officials from a variety of departments and agencies will be cleaning up hamas intense. in fact, one of them will be done tomorrow in the communications hill area. one of the big problems is what to do with all the belongings that they clean up, so a city council% from this area has asked for $150,000 from the city budget to pay for those storage costs. reporting live from san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >> open needs is a police helicopter but it can barely afford to fly. until now. the unusual the mission that will fund a key crime fighting tool. >> i am ann noterangelo where
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there is a form of feeding frenzy. and how people are reacting to the ban on the french delicacy. >> it is chaos. there are 10,000 people waiting. >> one of the busiest rail line,
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>> money problems have forced the oakland police department to ground one of their most valuable crime-fighting tools. it's helicopter. but don ford tells us about a generous nation that will help put the chopper back in the air. >> oakland police have had their hands full with occupied protest this spring. one of their most important
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tools, the helicopter. except for special emergency like this, the helicopter has been grounded since 2009 due to budget cuts because oakland could not even afford to buy the fuel. today that changed a little bit. >> it is a great day for the city of oakland. today i am proud to announce that the police helicopter will be returning to disguise because of a very generous donation made by fuelling california. >> a $10,000 donation from the nonprofit group will buy 80 hours of flight time. ups helped present the check, he wants others to donate. >> what i am putting up to the public, and the businesses in oakland, step up, it is $100, what is $500? if we band together we can keep that word in the sky protecting us. >> the payoff was immediate. swat team had a violent home invasion-robbery suspect
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barricaded and needed air support. the house was searched as the helicopter circled overhead to make sure that the suspect did not get away. he did not and is now in jail. >> today we removed another criminal from the streets. >> helicopters are not for the financial a thing apart. it is an expensive piece of equipment with an infrared camera that sees in the dark, a powerful night sight that eliminates entire streets, and a microwave radio that links live video to officers on the ground. $10,000 may seem like a drop in the bucket but in today's world every drop counts. at the oakland airport, don ford, cbs 5. >> other stores from around the day, caltrans plans to consult with outside experts to ease concerns about the safety of the new they bridge. that is according to the sacramento bee. the paper recently reported that the bridge builder failed to disclose potential defects in the concrete supporting the new tower.
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and police say a delivery man for a south san francisco fish co. traded $10,000 worth of seafood for $400 worth of crack cocaine. he pled no contest yesterday to a felony counts of automobile theft as part of that the deal. he told investigators that he traded a truckload of fish that he was supposed to deliver in sacramento, for those drugs. investigators are looking into a fire that ripped through a boarded up house in west oakland. the three story victorian near 25th avenue went up in flames just before dawn. firefighters said the man that was inside got out ok. no word yet on what he was doing there. >> the gourmet delicacy will soon vanish from california restaurant menus. animal advocates say the way it is produced is cool to animals. ann noterangelo shows us that people are working on a while they still can. >> in the month it will be illegal to produce or sell it in the state of california but you
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know what happens when something is forbidden, people wanted even more. >> it is very rich, it is very smooth, it is very flavorful. it is magic. >> he says that diners are specifically coming to is lafayette restaurant bearing his name, knowing that july 1st this will not be on his menu. >> customers just come for it, every week now. it is in demand because we know that the end is coming soon. >> video showing ducks being forced said lead to a groundswell of support for the ban in california but just as passionate as the critics are the, sort of the duck liver delicacy. some the area chefs are throwing secret parties to avoid protesters, but still serving the food is too great it. it is the most popular item at the fairmount hotel. >> everyone is serving it, i have trouble getting it today because there has been a run on
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it. its impending doom is making it very popular. >> in san fransisco, this is one of 100 california chefs who signed a petition asking the state legislature to reconsider the ban. and instead require humane standards in the industry. the kind of standards that they say are already practicing california. but did nothing this legislature will bite on that just yet. >> the last week of june we will probably have a blowout. a lot options. it is the last week. and then it is done. in theory. >> what you mean by in theory? what will really happen? >> i assume the same thing that will happen in chicago when it passed the same stupid law is that people will give away along with a $20 salad. >> that is because the law bans the production and sale of the item but not chicago it, serving it, or consuming it. so the thinking is that shafts will test the law by serving the not charging for the forbidden gourmet delicacy.
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>> maybe people will wake up and listen and say " this was a stupid law ". >> the big question is how will the state stop these restaurants from selling it? there's no money in the budget for enforcement. as 1/7 as the chef told me, there is always a way to get around the prohibition. in lafayette, cbs 5. >> for many people is a commute to apocalypse. so what is life like without the services goes most busy rail line? one minister to work, and why a lot of people are literally losing sleep over this one. one. visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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>> we are about halfway through the total shutdown of san
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fransisco is most busy muni line. and as a result some passengers are calling their commutes' " chaos ". so we sent mike sugerman to see what that ride is really like. >> we had heard that the nine day shutdown at the end of the most busy rail line along with work on the j line is causing problems. >> is chaos. there are 10,000 people racing. >> we decided to check. my commute is on the case . one of the three still operating through the tunnel. things did not start out well. >> we apologize for this the way ... >> my first train broke down and i had to walk half a mile to catch another line. but that trend was out of service leaving a standing by the side of the road. eventually another train came and we started downtown, uneventfully enough until church station. with the crowd, and the push to get in seemed extraordinary.
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this includes people from the two lines shut down, and now try to cram onto the three remaining lines. >> terrible. >> one of my fellow passengers complain but most of the others told me they did not even notice a difference. >> have not noticed any changes. >> it is normally like this? >> it is usually more crowded. >> i would not say that it is unusual. >> my sixth mile commute took about an hour and 20 minutes. i can usually count on an hour. >> so far everything is according to plan. >> he said this to me was a good one. >> the crowds are normal as far as the subway service. >> at 1.3 came in rapid succession to the lessening crowd. and the ground zero were the work is being done? >> it is loud and they're working oall hours of the day. >> of people upset with the noise? maybe some.
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>> no complaints. it is the lifeline of the neighborhood. not only at neighborhood but all the way to the ocean. glad to see them on top of it. >> most seem happy that there could be some improvement in the city's beleaguered transit system. >> is an hour and 20 minutes and your in a whole different microclimate? >> i will tell you what, almost a completely different world with these temperatures having a big spread. hot numbers in mind, much cooler and probably 30 degrees down from what you will see in some of the inland spots. outside we have skies clearing out very nicely around the bay area. we will really see the ridge building overhead. clubs buckle over the ridge. and down below, the wind is clearing up the skies. we are setting sail on what looks like the most one day of the week as we head towards tomorrow. tomorrow some patches of fog moving in to the day.
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you are looking at sunny and warm conditions across most of the bay area. but it will be hot in the valley but cooler weather is on the way as high pressure is on the way. hazy sunshine at the golden gate bridge. still warm in spots, 83 degrees in concord, 73 degrees in santa rosa and 72 in san jose. cooling off in san fransisco at 60 degrees. but still the air quality will suffer around the bay area. not too bad for the most part. although starting to see moderate categories inland. temperatures, 80s and low ninety's in the interior valleys. in and around the bay beautiful sunshine all day long. '70s and '80s along the coastline. but still a bit of a sea breeze. the next couple days the numbers cool down a bit on friday. much cooler as we head through the weekend. a little unsettled as we get into next monday and tuesday. the temperatures will be dropping through the next five
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or seven days. >> the uss nimitz has left san francisco bay. the aircraft carrier arrived last friday to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. some of the ship's crew got some shore leave in san fransisco. they were spotted around town. this afternoon at the ship left out to sea under a blanket of fog, under the golden gate bridge. one of the most powerful battleships of all time have reached its new home. the uss iowa, also known as the big stick, landed in los angeles. it was famous for carrying president roosevelt and his advisers to the 1943 tehran conference. it will be converted to a floating interest to museum in los angeles. >> diplomats said the syrian embassy sent packing as the united states looks for ways to stop the deadly violence in syria. >> first his car was stolen,
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>> @ top stories at 6:30 p.m.,
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another massacre in syria. the united nations observers found more than a dozen bodies of civilians shot execution- style. danielle nottingham reports that they are pointing the finger at the syrian government. >> syrians gathered in the street to bury another victim of the violence now spinning out of control. wednesday the united nations observers discovered 30 more bodies, apparently shot execution-style. that follows the massacre of more than 100 people last week. u.n. investigators say the syrian government is responsible. the security council met wednesday to talk about what action to take against the syrian president. >> the syrian government has made commitments, it has blatantly violated those commitments, and, i think it is quite clear, as we have said for many weeks, if they continue to do so, there should be consequences. >> what does officials say that although military options
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against syria are on the table, for now they are increasing the diplomatic pressure on the regime. the treasury department is putting new sanctions on a key syrian bank and here at the syrian embassy, diplomats have been given 72 hours to leave the united states. several u.s. allies have also expelled syrian diplomats from their countries. hundreds of u.n. monitors are trying to salvage a ceasefire between the president's forces and opposition fighters. >> after 15 months of violence, only very strong signals will have an impact. >> the steering government denies any involvement in the massacre saying that armed terrorists were behind the killings. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> a small miracle in italy, rescue crews saved a woman who spent 12 hours trapped in the ruins of her home following yesterday's earthquake.
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24 people have died, thousands more are homeless. >> may has been a month of misery for the markets, an economist are largely blaming the debt crisis in europe for the slow growth of the united states economy. that is because europe is our biggest trading partner. a deep recession there could slow exports, and that could slow growth for companies leading to more layoffs. traders worry that washington is not doing enough. >> there's a sense of gridlock in washington because it is an election year. not a whole lot will get done because everyone is trying to get reelected. >> fear in europe, the stain banking system appears to be in trouble. as for at market here, the dow closed down 161 points, it has lost 6% this month alone. >> top stories from around the nation, in seattle surveillance video chose the image of a gunman who opened fire in a cafe, killing three people.
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he critically wounded two others, after an all-day search the gunman shot himself as police closed in. he was wounded but no word yet on his condition. and a mistake at o'hare international airport. the wing of a boeing 747 cargo airplane clip to the end of the american eagle airplane there. the cargo plane was taxiing for takeoff, no injuries have been reported. >> a san fransisco man crying foul over a nightmare that began when his car was stolen. on the consumer watch, julie what reports that it was found, towed, and then the ultimate insult. he says that it was auctioned off without his knowledge. >> michael used to drive to work, now this is his daily commute. he's not riding because he wants to but because of a little-known state law that allowed the city's auto company to auction off his car without telling him. >> it is valued at $4,000 or less, than they do not need to
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notify you that they're selling your car. >> technically make an auction your car after only three days. but his car was not towed for unpaid tickets or illegal parking. >> this is a picture of my car. >> his car was stolen and recovered and then towed here with a car theft victims that he was victimized once again when he was asked to pay $500 to get his stolen car back surely after it was towed. >> i don't know what condition my car was and so i was not willing to just take the leap of faith and pay him $500 and have the chance that i could not drive my car. >> he says that he never left his car and follow the instructions on the forms it was given to contest a $500 fee. but he said that no one ever answered the city's towing dispute from mine, or responded to a written request. his story is not an isolated incident? >> i've heard this from other people. i can't get anyone on the phone and eventually the car is auctioned off. >> while the supervisors as there's not much ado about the state law allowing stores to
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auction off your car without telling you, there are some changes that he is working on to prevent car theft victims from being victimized again. >> use at a certain amount of time to retrieve the car before fees start accumulating. your a crime victim and we should make easy and inexpensive. >> the fees are set by the city, and as for selling his car without telling him, they blame it partially on the fact that it was registered in ohio, stating that had he taken the time to register his car in california the the outcome could have been different. >> they have a vehicle release form with my contact information, that is bogus. >> they say that he should have followed up directly with them even though he did follow the instructions on their own paperwork, directing him to contact the hall of justice. nowhere on here doesn't say that your car might be sold. but the lot is on their side. his case was dismissed. and remember that if you have a consumer point, give us a call, or head to
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>> >> it is an invention taken directly from star trek. researchers at mit have come up with a way to give shots without a needle. the shots are given much like the injections that dr. mccoy delivered on the starship enterprise. it uses a high-pressure jet to deliver specific amounts of madison below the skin. there have been similar devices in the past, but this is the first version that can adjust for different depths and pressures. and that could be a life change for people who need frequent injections. >> after 23 years in the air force flying 120 missions over vietnam and earning three distinguished flying crosses,
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this week's jefferson award winner is turning his talents to a mission on solid ground. kate kelly shows us that he is creating a unique program for other bay area veterans. >> is friday afternoon at dp livermore veterans medical center. and the man with a guitar it is budget donaldson, a veteran himself and a musician. but the gig is just a fraction of what he is bringing to those who have served our country. >> when you give unconditionally received tenfold. and it is where should be. this is where should be at this point in my life. >> he is, and his two passions, people and painting. >> he was paralyzed for most of years, and this is the first time he has really done something like this. >> he created a weekly art class after realizing the patients were not getting out of their rooms. >> the most i ever painted before this was my house ...
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>> this former air force captain has been painting for two years, holding a brush with his mouth. this year numb veteran jim sellers use a glove that he altered to grasp the pencils and brushes to help him paint in spite of the mobility of a l s. >> it has been therapeutic, gaining mobility my right hand. >> for him is therapeutic another way, he is giving veterans a way to tell their stories. >> does it remind you of some place to have been? >> yes, augustine. >> he was a paratrooper in the korean war. >> in the forget my problems. >> he fought in world war two. >> i enjoy the company, i enjoyed painting. i look forward to monday. and i don't know what i would do without him. >> he displays the art frames to collects at garage sale, he has
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organized community art shows, sales and enlisted a team of local artists and volunteer teachers .. >> we don't have credentials, we're not a psychiatrist or therapist. but, we're dedicated. and compassionate, and i think that is what it takes. >> what it gives can be summed up in one word. >> i love that color, i would love to use that color, it is something that it is not part of your vocabulary, when you hear it in a painting class. but i think that is great. >> so for celebrating the stories of veterans with his love of the arts, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to bed at donaldson. >> way to go. he hopes that more people will set up or programs for veterans to find a va center near you, use a link on >> and when we come back, and
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update paw on this breaking story. shots fired in a jewelry store robbery. we of the latest from that scene. >> lots of sunshine in the bay area, it will be hot in spots tomorrow. we assure you we're coming up. ,,
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>> a little more sunshine around the bay area with temperatures beginning to heat up outside. the next couple of days will be something else has we're looking at the high-pressure system sitting overhead, the fog has vanished from the bay area. even along the coastline it has moved out so we're looking good as we set sail into the evening hours. still some patchy fog developing along the coast, just inside the bay. mostly clear in the valley. overnight lows in the '40's and 50's. 50's.
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in the american league. and things got heated today between the white sox and the rays. and the chicago announcer hawk harrelson made no secret of what he thought about the pictures dejection.
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>> what are you doing!? they threw him out of the ball game? you have to be kidding me. what in hell are you doing? that is unbelievable. that just tells you that here is an umpire that knows nothing about the game of baseball! >> ok event. he probably felt better after chicago won the game 4/3. venus williams on the ropes one day after her sister was knocked out of the french. battling autoimmune disease that makes her fatigue, she was dispatched easily in straight sets. is the first time in 43 major is that both williams sisters have been in the field and had not advanced to the third round.
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