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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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mary for starting up again in. teachers read a single at " black and brown bullies. but the superintendent says it's for their on good. did way to present evidence in the brands tokays when one of the suspect said mrs. mumbai after this attack u.s. hear the phone call. did place a hold of you? born on the seventh of december 19th. a super certain group of people who live and usually a long help the allies. we think it's normal the personality traits they share that doctors believe could be the secrets to longevity. did waves a area school district says is a way to make sure that no child is left behind. but
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some parents are saying it's racist. this display is in more than one dozen teachers rooms and the reeds keeping the are black and brown boys in mind. what does that mean? robert lyles the story only see on cbs five. did police i personally would change the picture is worth a thousand words and how many words to these all the elementary parents students summoned after looking at more than surrounded by the slogan. they can have used more appropriate wording. typically and seen some kind of racism. did wake you think this is racist? did way to keep the deficit and posted any seizures me ram balkans principal joy is an owner who is african-american and stuck to our staff at the
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edges of go off by the drug tonight without commentary cbs five viewer and did, the display and salting. in such a racist and demeaning manner and under the guise of promoting education development. the quake that because elk grove says so-called back black and brown boys underperform compared to whites and asian boy is said teachers on 19 campuses in the district grass to id black and latino boys to boost them from basic to advanced. csi has learned he is held three separate meetings with ministers fighting to remove the pictures in slogan yet uncovered nothing to suggest anyone ever informed parents hypes but on monday the temperature's humbles all 19 schools. the union president declined an on-camera interview but tells me by phone to his whenever photographs and close the photos of special needs kids eyes of love of sea brent
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of us permit the bracken on brown boys she says as the district but tony garcia declined an on-camera interview but did send this e-mail. we're proud of the fact we openly discuss race and its impact was student success the goes on to say elk grove has been sick students that all staff strive to know by name and face to close the achievement gap. that's nice out of the mouths of babes the pass because of racism of martin the 13 junior he helped us out but now i'm wondering in my mind are restarting it up again? did wait superintendent tony garcia says the those pictures are only accessible to the faculty members but the teachers' union says that is why they wanted those pictures and the names held in private binder's the same three executives said nell meaning that wishes of black and brown boys set up on the walls.
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livens as a rubber while. is fun this storm the stage lawyers for the public to expect when happen next the suspects were trying to rob the golden treasure's shop on sam own ballot's boulevard that's the good news explains the owner and fought back. the accolades one guy was shot but that once looked left and that is the situation of the cops those looking for them. according to the witnesses forearm and storms in sad choice store in san ramon this afternoon the hon. that a gun and shot the suspect the suspect ran into business herrmann boulevard in collapsed pyramid step in the hospital where he there died. typically there is still suspects that are outstanding and were currently investigating the situation is still on the pull down the honor of the store? did we can't stand to the details were still under
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investigation the three suspects drove off and possibly a white ford or 1990's car please review circassians videos in talking to business owners in the area. in medicine is any place among place. since i been here. tonight salmon please, come confirm who fired the shots but business owners to sell what happens say they're not surprised how is the owner and he was acting in self-defense in san ramon juliet could read cbs five tonight is troubling story martina's what we're tired of their target and the dead did desecrated the graves of san crack cemetery had sons have been toppled locks up and take tours the been smashed open to coffins even removed from the mausoleums and no plans expos and the remains inside. to equate for somebody to comment because lot of pain and had
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their ancestors area will the church is considering moses sensitive spot lights and security cameras to try to crack down the crime. people were worried was going to happen again and it did for the second time in less the amount that fire broke out close to homes near coyote creek and san is named president is stayed a group of squatters is worth the claim. near her home and grass fire and burned a section of open space known for its growing breaks the squatters investigators said the cause is unknown as suspicious it's exactly what we've been worried about we're so concerned about fire and it's just we haven't even had the dry season really the new banking mansart elaborate some sleep in tents others in vehicles this on the advance in the garden of told the fire burned about an acre
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neighbors say it was just a matter of time before something like this happens the city is taking a bold step starting tomorrow. the city has 16 kamins home to up to 900 people. a clean-up program starts in the morning madison has passed for 100 to thousand dollars for storage confiscated items can be tossed out only if known claims an option 9 days under state law the city of sensei's not allowed to throw away anything to be picked up at these hummus and kamins because of what we perceive or what others perceive to be trashed could be some of the treasury he says the squatters have been still under water electricity and breaking into grudges and is of the city is finally doing something a some desire to encourage to move on or whatever solution the city and the police department come up with that are going to have more of this. in quito cbs five.
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did with the present evidence has surfaced in the beating case of brent stoved did miss the mother after the attack that he was involved dave lopez has the phone call. the accolades when you're about hears the voice of marge and norway when it's just been arrested for that being rose a detectives cellphone and make the call to his mother for the aachen reply was involved in the dodger stadium thing. right
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right consent as a norwood and for some of his testimony when easterners and beyond what was taking part in during one of the next cycle will white support, more was in the fences that and stop it. in all to all businesses testify today we're told still to come with it is actually sauce still beaten. and they're told still to come more in custody statements incriminating statements from the she defendants. from los angeles state lopez cbs five. deadweight campaign 2012 now that romney says he believes in america and its campaign has some trouble spelling is on the start of stream for rummies iphone not the word america is misspelled. coupes. those typos have since been fake spokes reasons that " mistakes happen. mitterrand is
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in the bay area's tonight with his wife to help allow this fund-raiser on the peninsula grace lee reports expected to earn him some serious cash. the quakes the leader of the tech and finance for all their expected here tonight is the home of charles johnson the billionaire heir to that temples and franklin fortune and $2,500 if you want to get inside into to picture 10,000 and for dinner $50,000 this seems to be the new reality with two attacks is all about the super rich. this event takes place in hillsboro one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the nation and happened to the chateau carolyn and 65,000 square foot to mention. he may remember presidents of, a fund- raising event in george clooney town last week raising a record $15 million reported bleakly some good faith in the atrium of the centel carolyn's. in hillsborough cbs five news. bay area man is out of
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jail then hops on a plane how he manages to sneak aboard without tickets. in the one thing that's how towards his getaway. his car was stolen but the real nightmare began after police found its way bay area man's car was sold before he he didn't get it back. and the secret to a long life they will be answered there called the super eight years the ♪
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web an e in siberia man from boarding a plane in san diego mark duncan is a parolee from monday. police say he went to the emergency exit door got into the tarmac and stuck on slain at express plane yesterday. nobody noticed until flight attendants passenger's and came up with one extra. duggan is under arrest again. he'd just been released on monday his car was stolen his car was sold before he can back and no never told him to watch
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reports it was all perfectly legal. the accolades he is try to work and now this is a daily commute is not renewed because he wants to begin initial: state law that allowed the city is of a return to auction off his car without telling him. and secondly the target can auction off your car for just 3/8 his car was selling hot and then to hear what the car theft victim says he was victimized once again when asked to pay $500 of debt is selling part car back shortly after it was towed to water return i know what condition my cars and car wasn't willing to take a leap of faith. caugh i wasn't able to drive my car off a lot. so he left his car and follow the instructions on the odder return forms he was given to contest the feed but he
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says no one ever into the city's 20 dispute online all responded to his request. michael story isn't a nice isolated incident. effort of this mother people. we can't getting anyone on the phone and then split targets auctions. and why the supervisor says he can do in the what the state law and there are some changes he's working toward locally to help prevent car theft victims for being be victimized. to cover certain amount of time to retrieve the car. during a crime victim and we should make it easy and inexpensive to get the car back. the fees are set by the city and as for selling the car without telling him there a limit on the fact it was registered in an ohio state in how they taken the time to register his car in california the outcome could indifferent. to add the release form and have a copy of the to triform it's bogus he says he's in a fall that directly with them even though he did follow the
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instructions on of the returns own paperwork dressy him to contact paul just this hear this and say that kerr- mcgee sold. but the allies on this side the case against a return was dismissed. chilly what cbs five. did waves of some of smoked rarely worked out in don't see particularly healthy food and they've all live to pass 100. they're called super eight years and a new study suggests that they sent to be happy to easygoing and social but that is not the whole story. depilates hell do you? 97 on december 19th. he's to pass the central park as way to school. what is this delay? things you'd never see. cows and sheep is supposed to work every day keeping tabs on the peninsula from the bill to this family. his sister live to
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be 109. his baby brother peter is 105. at 1 is at to that aztec this is tom the 69 year-old son. we think it's normal we've all is the defense doesn't appear to us to be in so extraordinary. but this the part of a group of the jews those from eastern europe live unusually long healthy lives this is armen to 105 and of the port's 109 the competence of researchers. the doctrine and the albert einstein college of medicine said is them. did way to return to find out what are those biological components that make us in a different trade? did we tell the lifestyle is not the key city exceptional longevity. of us they smoked at some point fewer than half exercise and a regular basis. and they don't eat particularly healthy diets. did
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64 degrees in hundred 57 in sentencing and the deformed in san francisco high pressure building for one more day strike that he just have to print the estimate is up from the bay area and then in a few systems up on the gulf last has started to weaken average but for smaller sked try to disguise samos' a clear threat that has a father appealed to all along the coastline of the couple passes in the bay looking for a very nice day than small looks like that all up is to set back on shore these numbers look at the half 92 going to the house when
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the livermore tomorrow night in fairfield inn and decrees in concord a 74 in oakland and 89¢ a about 167 cisco the next couple of days of the pre- eminent in the surgical down as temperatures as we have dropped weekend much cooler in fact temperatures drop on,,,,,,,,,,,, and readiness the
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present and an antenna and a relentless to the question then but is wrong with the senate? woman and tonight tallinn's the company's seven stronger than stairs non-aligned only one earned run but it was this last i called goals with the mid difference solo shot to give the diamondbacks a 21 lead for his 12th home run said, funds gum the giants' special that only one run on seventh milky congrats his 51st time ran a win for most hits in the months of the giants, losing and 41. mellon days hope to snap in seven games her former affleck's josh bills they walk off, last night and pressed another one today six of the guys for william today's as lose 40 nothing after six scoreless
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winds with san francisco larry not know what to call warriors play with its average of rain? if the flight after the lottery warriors fans are filling optimistic. this seventh pickle we made by the the the golden state warriors. good news for warrior fans. can is getting in my face. anyway let's take away the top five the hornets are going to get no. 1 the bobcats led the league's worst record get to the wizards and your sacramento kings round out your top five. you're showing a rage. piccata he played all 53 minutes and had all 44 points the celtics' lead f-15 game but the heat when up with a pair with the minutes ago between way to off-balance shot this fall when at 23 with miami taking it too is nothing
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seriously to the one with the stanley cup finals in the doubles in overtime he's all alone in the open and takes out for the game-winning goal came 61 to nothing series lady and are trying to become the eight seeded the first eight seed when the final 49 as coach jim harbaugh said the 49 is whenever and pursued a free agent quarterback peter manning and use today's meeting with the media to clarify that position. is an erroneous perception that we're flirting with patent manning. keeping a hearing that over and over again. the psyllium and its its untrue. it's phony. candace sang alex caulescent telesis that's true what happens your contract? it's
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interesting that jim pick today to say that after a few weeks have gone by. it's a done deal in the rearview mirror. he's obviously frustrated but,,,,,,,,
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