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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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20 years for the new ferry service that launches in just a few hours. and crews have been working the night to recover them bodies from the tragic plane crash in nigeria. we will tell you what challenges the crews face. i will time all the chilly conditions and the rainout, coming up. its frank the inconvenience lasted more than a week. this is to accommodate construction. patrick studio is with the
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story. for the past 11 days it's been hard to get anywhere year in severs is go and that's because we had projects replacing seven rails. these lines carry more than 50,000 riders daily. writers have defied other rides for the past 11 days. what about our success? hello will it affect them? the bar soap plus were affected to you. the panhandle is also back (
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there is another new way to get around the new area where a new ferry terminal is opening. the water transportation had hoped for this project have been finished more than two years ago. but is now open and it gets under way today. this is going to be the new first fair way service in 20 years. the authority expects that 375 commuters will use the service of the day. it will include three rush hour departures. this week the ferry service will be free for all commuters but
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starting next week it will cost you $7 each way. the transportation authority spent more than $23 million to build the service. the boats are going to have wireless internet. and also we should tell you that up next, the authority wants to bring their service to richmond. all i heard was ferry service and refreshments.
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we're definitely seeing some showers heading our way. right now though, a nice start to your dinner. here's what's coming cold air mass behind it, that means temperatures are going to drop as much as 20 degrees today. so keep all that in mind, but in the meantime temperatures hovering around the 60 degree mark. coming up, we will talk wanda ramey, the wins it will take a look carrier temperatures. it looks the air-traffic is not doing too bad if you're going toward the bay bridge the told was the process upper deck to services go as well are looking good. no construction to report, so it
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easy ride through to services go there. most of our bay area bridges are checking in problem 3 this morning. and where silk dealing with road work at highway 34 and 13. emerges see workers in nigeria are continuing this if through the wreckage that crashed in nigeria. it hit a residential area near the scene. of the 150 dead, they've been able to recover the 140 bodies so far.
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it was having engine trouble. it is too late. a crash into a residential area, it crashed in to apartments. the damage to the area was extensive because the a airplane burst into flames. this is the worst natural disaster in nigeria that for decades. there could be some delays on the arrival of test us at 0 this morning. so then s f o could only handle 30 a riving flies in some of the
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usual 60. it u.s. a convicted set some as a killer returned stepped court this morning. he was convicted for killing tony and his sons mistaken for a rival green. pomelo sandoval is back on the field for the san francisco giant to is now recovering from breast surgery. a woman accused send walt of sexually assaulting her. boggle has been interviewed but
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no arrest has been made. three other people were wounded including a teenager remains in critical condition. in has people wondering if it's safe to use the park now. if he wants to come out and play, what can i do. yes i think it's safe to go to the park. i don't think it's run them. police are expected to give us more details believe this morning. towards the mormon lawyer are hoping to give them a new bond hearing. he surrendered yesterday after a judge revoked his bond because zimmerman and his wife wide to a court in order to get a lower
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bells set in april. zimmerman is accused of killing trayvon martin in february. the shooting he says was a self- defense. president obama met back in the white house after spending a weekend in this small town of chicago. he's going to fly out to san francisco in one state. he was out here just a few weeks ago for a fund raiser in redwood city. that claims that romney's
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promises did not pan out when he was government of massachusetts. president obama and romney are very busy today. they're raising campaign money. romney is in the pacific northwest. one of the biggest topics this week is the disappointing jobs report in may. i am not going to vote for anyone that has not been an executive before in a business. tomorrow's primary election is the state white elections since the eat voters voted it
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it the ballots will be a lot longer. they will also decide a ballot initiative. and the biggest local issue of san jose's valid to will the measure be. it will affect city workers there. 51 percent plebiscite to vote yes. it is 511, straight out of the movie. the center of the bp oil spill. and the facebook fate they want you to decide on. ♪
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provide services to it san francisco's pour. auction runs through june 8th. the spacecraft was transferred rotated from decay port to where it will become a permanent fixture at depend space museum year. a search for victims fallen nigeria after a boeing 7 into a residential museum. the pilot reported engine trouble just before hitting.
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and the darrow the hid negative territory this year for the first time on friday. traffic is actually doing ok this morning. we just checked in with chp and no major accidents to report. it looks like things are wrapping up and if you're headed towards the airport the conditions are looking pretty good. no delays to report. we're giving you a over you you look over conditions in south bay. you see our way one no one is looking to put to good. elsewhere, and northbound 13 and no. the hon 24 is completely
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shut down this morning. also affected, will be affected for the next 24 hours. later on today there is roadwork to reports. you might see some slight delays as you work your way eastbound there. no delays coming off the shore commute. north about 880, and no problems despite the trouble spot. it looks good through there. now take a look at that your mouse transit. we should be ok for most of the morning. here's was leaving the cold front.
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it when they get teary it will bring it shower, snow and cold air when it gets here. temperatures topping out to the mid to upper 60s. we are about 20 degrees below in what we saw in some spots. much cooler temperatures pretty much * an all-out trade late morning, we will start to see those breezy conditions. when cool air masks move in as well that's going to drop our temperatures significantly cooler. futurecast * out the rain. deposit just after the morning commute. scattered showers meandering throughout pretty much of the
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morning. as for temperatures, a significant lead cooler. concord said 63 today. we're talking about upper 50s in many of the also conditions. chars to big topic out in the '60s and tomorrow will bump out in the more '60s. we are breaking news out of the word this morning. we have news of a house fire. it is on fear will street. there could be live wires that are done in front of that house. this is in a word of fear we street. the fire started somewhere in the garage. the trick will have a live
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update for us this morning. stephen baldwin is filing a suit against costner. but an the former assistant a ball coach is accused of just be using 10 victims. and facebook wants users to weights. in just a click of a miles users
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could vote on the the facebook's latest policy changes. and children may be allowed to of their own facebook page. facebook may lift its ban for kids under the age of 13. the technology would lead parents control of who their kids and friends. and a move for men in black, the fantasy that sticking over the box office. the box office. ,
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movie inspired by the feared tell princess topped the box office. it opens strong with more than $56 million. golf legend jack nicklaus now has some company in the record books. woods won the memorial tournament in zero higher yesterday.
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nicklaus in the all-time list. it's his second win since his big comeback. he was down 4 going into the final 18. he's going to be in sanford's is scope for the eat golf tournament and in the olympic club. and the men accused of killing trayvon martin is back behind bars, why you may have a tough time convincing a judge to let him free. we will tell you what happened in just moments before the plane hit. a new ferry service between ♪
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bundle home and auto at from the east bay to the peninsula of it is going to become more easier. how you could ride for free. call fresh showers in the morning afternoon, we will time it all out for you. coming up. good morning, it is good monday though. it's 530 now. it used to be one of those you can't get from here to there.
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starting today you could get from oakland to a self san francisco. the shiny new terminal is ready for the east bay commuters. you could see that it's a hundred and 80 ft. tall. this will be the first new bay area ferry in 20 years. it will offer rides from the peninsula of to the east bay. the authority expects that 335 users will use this service today. this week the service is going to be free for all commuters. but starting next week the 40 minute trip will cost you $7.10 way.
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the vessel will offer coffee in the mornings and beer and wine in the evenings. the boats will have wireless internet. and we should note that the next authority will look into a ferry service from richmond to a berkeley. we are live red oyster point this morning, as cbs five. repair work had shut down the immune system for more than a week. but air hasn't reopened early this afternoon.
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it was a low bit more difficult. i had to go down a couple more streets for a getting who getting home was more difficult. one of the runways were closed for construction work until it o'clock this morning. until the end of s f o could only handle 30 are arriving flights. we had so many days of sunshine and is all about to change. its still offshore right now although we are getting a little bit of drizzle is be more than gestures hours our way. we're talking cooler
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temperatures, lit some gusty winds and the possibility of snow. this is odd of year in about $48. that's what we saw yesterday, in fact here's a look yesterday's high topping out at 84 in livermore. san francisco of 61. look at the transition to today's to birchers. a job to about 15 degrees from san jose to san to rose said. as i mentioned this is a short- lived system. tomorrow we will start to recover.
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right now, we are not doing too bad. ed westbound on 580. and as you work your way elsewhere carry high weight 44, and looks good. it's cleared all the way down to the shore freeway. the zero reopen up at about 6:00 this morning. their dues and paving work around in that area. mass-transit is right on time. there are no delays. thing should be with the air lot better here.
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the attack on these committed for people along the peninsula. and emergency workers along nigeria are using cadaver dogs to search for victims along plane crash. kate go back here and is in the city had to give us an that day. 48 bodies have been recovered so far. the emergency crews are working through the night to find more. a happen just before it hit, the pilot radioed the tower saying that they had engine trouble. the pilot was an american but the identity remains unknown.
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the damage to the area was extensive because the plane burst into flames. water was very limited. road access was also limited. according to a data base, of the same plane lost due to bird. this was in indonesia. it settled off west java. the tremors were felt in the capital of jim artest. no tsunami warning just jet. police are asking for help in solving the killing at crest ranch park. and happened at crest iran
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touche park. one teen was critically wounded. one man was dead and another male shot in i. it's a part, if he wants to come out and play, what can i do? yes i think it's safe to go to the park. i do not think it's random. police are expected to give us some more details today. life without parole, that's what 25 year-old evan ramos was convicted of after killing a man and his sons. the victims were believed to be mistaken for rivaled gain members.
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zimmerman and surrendered to authorities yesterday after a judge revoked his bond. he says this is because zimmerman and his wife misled the court in order to get a lower bell. the santa cruz guaranteed district attorney's office will decide to whether not to bring charges on all seven of all. they made no arrest. some of all says that they were at a consensual relationship. and the space shuttle, this [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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that's the power of the home depot. beat the bugs with ortho bug-b-gon max spray or concentrate just $7.97. the signs of an economic slowdown continues to pile up this morning. asian markets reacted negatively to the u.s. jobs report. tokyo's stock sell- off went to% european markets also took a tumble this morning. investors on wall street are embracing racing after friday the worst day of the 2012. the dow last night to his 75 points
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from the nasdaq was down 79 another sign of slowing. oil is now below $82 a barrel and the stockholders are still waiting for that return on their asset. the stock is now 927% from its ipo on may 18th. meanwhile facebook is apparently trying to gain a number users according to reports in the wall street journal. the companies exploring a way to open up the site to kids under the age of 13 as long as there supervised by parents. dick weis hath scary stank. but you have to leave their 13 year- old they're already underway. south i'll ask about other buses otis warren bought at auction at once again is launched i don't think i can afford is. online betting has kicked off that annual lunch
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auction for borne by the to hire the last guy who won that when the did the more than $5 million f-22 lunches tears in a row, but says he is not looking to hire anyone else got the money will go to help the homeless and poor in san francisco. and i was thinking maybe we should auction off a little lunch and i'm afraid if we did that we have to pay them to have much less. did ways aslan morrison money was stuck, the u.s. fleet. president obama's plenta back in the bay area that is happening in just 48 hours. he is a fund-raising event planned and san francisco. later on one set of flat for another month in los angeles mr. obama's here just two weeks ago. and tomorrow is election day california of the president of bomb and it romney have all but wrapped up their parties' presidential nominations today the president is scheduled to
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attend fund-raisers of former president clinton and york and the biggest topics is that disappointing unemployment reports the a bombing campaign blames the republican controlled congress. did waste to run the campaign contends the present lack of leadership skills to create a significance number of jobs from it have fund-raising events today in seattle and portland. the waste to major reforms are going into effect in tamara stage primary. for the first time the top two winners in each race live as to the general of action. me that every candidate from every party will be at every ballot and that ballot will be longer. district and also then be john redrawn by independent citizens' commission. we'll have to the minute
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election results on csi and of course check out our website at cbs servants is good dot com. the accolades green blob headed our way and doppler the rain blob. the official term is rain. in this case it's actually caught a cold front is the leading edge of our cold fronts and it is carried to make its way inland and drizzly for some of our coastal locations. advancing on the 02 hottest expect to have the door for the most part raceme most about this guy's mouth amateurs is 16 degrees for many locations out there mile does not going to be will call the temperatures later on today we're talking " this time of year topping out in mid to upper 60s preconditions as well and showers for anyone to see the showers pass through beginning of the next couple of hours until a least early as the late afternoon satellite
5:48 am
detected shows a cold front approaching right now and again after the chars passed through we will see this winds kick up production m.p.h. from the wind is not possible entablatures dropping as much as 20 degrees thanks to the cool air mass. september tries to going to want to let private sweater and certainly an umbrella his lead to future cast toward the latter half of our morning commute. likely this is going to bear most widespread rain. but it doesn't strike after battling bring scattered showers in the possibility pellets if thunderstorms continuing through the evening hours. i do think we could discover stars possible later this evening but the some teachers will rebound tomorrow. moderate along the coast president and the top talent to a low sixties for many spots on the day. apostasies for the warmer spots in the end and as much as would degrees below what some folks experience yesterday so it may be a bit of a shock
5:49 am
for you shara's today in a gradual rebound small park at that skies in the low 70's end to then we're closer to normal not quite there but 41 to 83 mark wednesday and on into next against the plenty of sunshine soul of the short-lived range. did wait right now is still dry some of the good news but again once the iranians will certainly keep you updated on accidents slicks services to look out for his live look at the 11 and headed toward south city not bad traffic was begun as a hat to the airport elsewhere jump over to the bay bridge toll plaza right now no delays report is your cure rate for the stay gates chapa is light and is ugly reminders sell-off elsewhere reciting to see a bit of body conditions so possibly some limited visibility south and one what is in heaven to san francisco right now though not city's slow spots 14 minutes south one democrat from 5/8 to the golden gate bridge with a
5:50 am
delicate traffic north of their coming away from all while you can see traffic is a little bit clearer battled a five this morning was about 580 stop and go conditions already seeming pretty busy to the past 80 minutes announce that dried thyme is inching up just a bit to go west 580 from the of the pass towards the city is the brake lights his policy at the dublin and in the chains and was bound have a four businesses usual through it antioch as traffic and tube. dead weights is 550 apple shows those california voters are having second thoughts when it comes to the states high-speed rail projects the u.s. the last angeles times survey says 69% will now vote against the project nearly 53 percent voted to approve the measure when as on the ballot in 2008 but then have since been some cost overruns as well as objections by some cities where the rail line board and room the cost estimate is $68 billion. did way
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to the enterprise is about to reach its permanent home quite the scene in your cart rather the the as the spacecraft was transported by barge from kennedy international airports to new jersey tomorrow the shuttle will be brought to manhattan's pierre 86 where it will become a permanent fixture in at the aaron space museum. haven to allow for the statue of liberty. doctors are calling it a huge steel the fight against breast cancer. plus the royals on the river the masses celebration for the queen's jubilee,,,,
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right now of the golden gate bridge and i slid as the bay bridge can try to sell. with the low clouds and fog. stars heading our way cooler temperatures when the federal coming up their forecasts. degrees never getting first reports of a new hot spot literally a car fire reported south 80 bright its 16th street possibly blocking latest details on the island as a few minutes. by 54 was set at health new and experimental drug is offering new hope in the fight against breast cancer at the three-year
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clinical trial found that the drug tbn one slow the progression of a surgeon and the form of breast cancer. researchers say the huge the lead times of slowing down aggressive from cancer and doctors said they also sought your side effects in the patient's a better quality of life. the drug is not yet approved the nine states. bicyclist and getting ready for the second day of the eighth life cycle. the writing for seven days straight covering more than 500 mi.. that makes it the single largest fund-raiser in the fight against aids writers outside off from san francisco early yesterday and headed down have the one to set crews. and they didn't let a little rain stop them with a million people held to celebrate elizabeth's diamond jubilee this began to and it's not every has the 40th celebration continues today with an outdoor concert next to buckingham palace some big names like, cardinal and not
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of course use names there in the wetter is not the best. hope did weight as a matter of echoes come of that food, we effected company. she's such an awesome person so it's a good experience. dick weis yesterday more than 8000 vessels sailed along a 7 mi. stretch of the thames river celebrated the queen's 60 years on the throne. decades ago began to be lighted. typically we now another winner at this year's miss usa competition. apparently the whether it is a 20 year-old from red land. rhode island. she wanna panel would resort in las
5:57 am
vegas and on that represent the u.s. and the miss universe pageant. last night's events had three phases including the interview question that i heard change the wetter said as he is comfortable with the idea of transgendered be queens. did we say the first dolphin new england to win as well. it is a 57 in the next half-hour what are you doing? when you're nine? hard to remember. but there's one boy who started college. the major milestone in his just published. and face but was her opinion the changes use the users can vote on this week. and the plane crash in nigeria kills ever among board apparently this and the first time the plan is that problems will give the details next. a new ferry service thursday between the east bay thurs[ male announcer ]st bay u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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