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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this is along 580, people in the area no longer half power. that is the latest from pg&e. no power at this time. we also learned the california highway patrol is planning to shut down highway 580 right now traffic going fine in each direction but because of the fire that will shut down 580 said they concur and power lines. an elderly woman was driving and hitting a per hour paul the park paul collapse to run her car citizen stepped in to help her out and then there was a domino effect of these power pols going downhill and collapsing. that gusty power outage and the fire. the fire started climbing up the hillside and burning pretty well for about an hour and a half as firefighters told us it is now
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out, we know that 580 will be closed as firefighters clear out the power lines. christin ayers cbs 5 everyone remembers the huge oakland hills fire in 1991 that broke out above the west portal of the caldecott tunnel that fire killed 25 people and injured 150 others, it scorched more than 1,500 a. and 3000 homes destroyed it is estimated the fire caused $1.5 billion in damage in hayward, hazmat team was called to a chemical fire inside of a battery factory. chopper 5 caught this video as 25 employees ordered to leave the building. the fire took hold in a lab at 3:00 p.m. it has been put out. the company makes high energy rechargeable lithium batteries. one of the men accused the brian
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stow beating case reportedly confessed to the attack. transcripts today said the men admitted to " socking and beating stow " that revelation comes as 2 suspects ordered to stand trial. dave lopez with more. i am ordering both defendants be held to answer to los angeles appeared in court the judge ordered louis sanchez and marvin norwood to stand trial for the beating of brian stow at dodger stadium. i believe the at the navigation issues are serious one what is positively identified sanchez and norwood as the man beating brian stow. the judge addressed the id issue in his ruling we could state that the shorter one did such and such and the taller one engaged in this conduct
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the prosecution introduced cellphone photos that show norwood, sanchez and our wind sanchez the fiancee of norway and sister of sanchez all at the dodger game that day. the jail house on a recording played in court of pork quality but today the court released the transcript sanchez and norwood in custody talking to each other not knowing they're being recorded bet got blank pictures of us at the stadium is the gut pictures of us that and that girl is the when you through a sort that man i'm sorry due to or ... regardless will get a lot of time at the end of the 12 minute
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conversation nor would tell sanchez that police had information that sanchez as he kicks stow was also cursing him. sanchez said on tape " i don't remember doing that " sanchez can get 11 years and norwood could get nine years. dave lopez cbs 5 police investigate the shooting death at a karaoke bar in san jose this morning. the 25 road has not been and he was shot at the guard at 2:30 a.m. officers looked into if it was gang-related or the result of someone firing a weapon after drinking too much. in san francisco man suffered cuts after trying to board a moving munich car and falling underneath that. he was not directly below the car at seventh and market he has been move to non driving duties while the ends in incident investigated. guests at a hotel in north beach
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had an unpleasant start to the day a water main burst at mason and beach guests and residents were without water, repairs have been completed water is back and running. the director of caltrans demands a retraction from the sacramento bee or restore that worried many bay drivers the story focused on the concrete footings that support the main tower it cited caltrans for failing to follow up on concrete that had not harden before testing. the director says the reporter's work is contradicted by records they gave to him the bee is set to issue a response to any minute. when you stolen someone struck it is a good idea to keep a low profile. shattering sparks and pursuing police cruisers not the way to do that. it will get to on tv and dot net shows us it might get the
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victim's attention. alan newman told us with the c h p called him that there recovered his truck he said and i know that my friends called they saw saw it on tv on cbs 5. you need to turn it around a rough week for disabled vietnam veteran his pickup truck was stolen from his castro valley home along with what because this handicaps cooter in the back last night the truck and scooter showed up on television on cbs 5. sparks flew from steel rims as the driver tried to outrun police cars spike strips destroy the tires friends called as did the highway patrol neumann went to the cbs s f dot com web site it was a shock when i saw the web site i played it about 10 times and it looks like of
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the fastest scooter in the world. the call was traced from pittsburgh to any art that to the 680 and then fell before ending up been alamo. the recovery of the truck and scooter does not and his problems. to get it from out of pop from being towed $335. all of these marks are from a flat tire and beating up on the fender. without collision insurance he has to decide if it's worth fixing the picked up and scooter is out of condition with several elements newman says he needs a scooter and faithful it is covered by insurance. since vietnam he's thankful for everything in life. i made it 65 years and trying for a few more. newman has another vehicle a car, but he depends on the
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little scooter which has to be the fastest cooler in the world. when a knight and to see if on tv. bay area and teens crash an empty a big mansion the big party leaves a big mess and the stolen piece of art. the and insurance policy of a different kind i don't know @ i'll have another child howe technology makes it easier for women have children later in life mobile 5 loup live in san francisco, what they're waiting to buy and how they could stand to make thousands of dollars ,,,,,,
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a picassos stolen from the north bay home but it does not appear to be the work of sophisticated art thieves. this work of art could be in the hands of a high school kid. gates could not keep more than 100 teens from throwing a party and could not keep the valuables in house inside.
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people's property our people's property this is unacceptable as for the big-ticket items taken neighbors aren't blinking an eye former in county and not surprised if they have the money they have it but to leave the house empty and that is in their someone will take it nv police say officer showed up and the teen's runaway not until after the party the property manager noticed a few things missing. he believed there were computers missing then he realized other property was missing and sent us a letter stating the property included the picasso lithographs it picasso worth $30,000 but artwork that expensive is not surprising given the size of the house. the house sits on nearly 20,000 square feet with nine bedrooms all ransack it was owned by former ukrainian prime minister.
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he sits behind bars for embezzling state money. he is expected to be released this november and could come home with one less picasso to his name. we don't have the description as far as size are named we are researching that currently. and and how they would get rid of that as soon as goes on the market they will know as it is a crazy thing to take. the former bart police officer who shot and killed nine passengers in 2009, has lost his bid to clear his mind. the appeals court upheld mr. lee's involuntary manslaughter conviction. he argued there's not evidence to support the court disagreed. president obama says it is time for congress to pass his jobs bill but it is his comment about the economy as mitt romney fired up. the customer is always right? one retailer says ron
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what happened when a popular pay for a video game and on a bootleg copy. from weather center we have gusty winds again tonight the winds and effect on the weekend as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,
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the president hit republicans are not taken action on his jobs plan but that is not with a want to talk about after his news conference. terra mergers says they think he is out of touch. the weak economy brought president obama to the white house briefing room friday and he urged european leaders to take action on the debt crisis and called on congress to take action on the jobs plan he sent to capitol hill. that left most of the jobs plant sitting there and i urge them to reconsider the president said there is money set aside for projects that will get construction workers teachers and police and firefighters back on the job. the private sector is doing
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fine, the witnesses we see half to do with state and local government mitt romney wasted no time answering the president's assessment of the economy he said the private sector is doing fine, is a rally that at of touch? president obama clarified his remarks. let me be as clear as eye candy, the economy needs to be strengthened that is why i had a press conference i believe that a lot of americans are hurting right now. republicans said it is the president is refusing to work with them. because of the failed stimulus policies and other items republican leaders in the house will vote next month to extend the bush era tax cuts. obama wants to see the tax cuts expire for those making more than $250,000.
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if you've ever purchase something only to find it is not what you expect? that is what happened to one viewer who open the sealed package but to find an entirely different product inside and iran to consumer watch when the store food refuse to replace julie watts with the resolution. have always stressed that whatever i by will be the product he learned that is not always the case on a recent trip to wal-mart he picked up this game, that's what he thought until they got home. i opened up the game and this is what i find, a dvd of the whole 10 yds actually a bootleg copy not what he was expecting. he went back to wal-mart expected the retailer to swap the movie and he got a surprise he said once i opened up a sealed package, the could not do
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anything for me wal-mart's return policy clearly states video games must be returned unopened but these days there's no of the way he could of non it was not the game unless he opened it. the company tells us they have no idea how this can happen but understand his frustration wal- mart did agree to swap out the movie for the video game. i am happy before allen does that he has advice, i would open up the package in front of the court just to verify the get my mind is what i want. both wal-mart and the video game manufacturer people say they've never seen anything like this if you have a consumer complaint give us a call or go to cbs s f dot com/consumer watch. moral of the story open the package at the counter.
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we have breaking news from l a county, live pictures fire crews battled a fire in kasten this has shut down interstate 5. 250 firefighters are working the rugged terrain the fire covers 3 a. no reports of injuries this is near tastic lake in southern california. you can see it is being driven by the winds. i'm reading a message over twitter he's it is now a three hour delays getting back to the bay area they're expected to be here by 7:00 if your set expecting someone coming from the l a area expect a three hour delay the had to turn back towards less and less because of the fire. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera it is tossed around by
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gusty winds, sustained winds at 13 m.p.h. and gust up to 30. clear skies tonight sunny and warmer for saturday, the forecast calls for an off shore flow all weekend, mid-50s and pacific, upper 60s and oakland, mid-70s in the delta, we have a wind advisory, carquinez straits and the delta through saturday. looking out towards mt. diablo you can see the trees wavering in the wind, 40 mount our wind assets at s f o. 31 mile per hour wins in napa. 23 at san jose. the winds will continue to blow through the evening hours. by tomorrow morning whence blustery, the winds begin to relax towards the evening hours. i would count on north
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westerlies 10-20 throughout the day. this area of low pressure gets up against the high pressure causing the windy conditions. if your headed to the beach, 74 at santa cruz and swells are up, a potential for recurrent is on the high side, 80 degrees at the beach in santa cruz for sunday. some clouds in eureka, monterey bay in the low 60s, 40's and 50's overnight lows, tomorrows ties '50s 60s that the beaches of a way to eighties in the east bay. 82 at petaluma, it gets warmer, sunday and 64-92 degrees we take the warming trend on monday. slight cooling by thursday and friday of next week.
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we are approaching summer and it will feel like it. let's check mobile 5 there live in downtown san francisco speaker freaks lined up, they are waiting for a pair of the latest 90s to come out the air easy-to-use, go on sale tomorrow a limited edition sneaker design by conde west. i can't out of a week waiting for the release definitely not and would never do again issues retail for $250, but i tree ordered pair sold for more than $90,000 on ebay. we cannot verify that i am only reading it. nike plans to release only
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about three-5000 pairs. the baby boom thanks to a big freeze more women are opting to freeze their eggs. the baby boom thanks to a big freeze more women are opting to freeze their eggs. ,,,, must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers
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ever feel like he's been stuck in traffic? imagines starting at there. baby lydia and her the world on the freeway in when the park. traffic was going nowhere fast as her parents tried to get to the hospital the baby to deport in the car. both baby and on killing find in this land. many women want to have children but not right now and many are choosing to freeze their eggs so they can have a baby later, dr. campbell fell with more. joy hannah always want to be a mother but she word that would
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happened i was dating and things were not working out i was feeling pressure saw a 37 she decided to freeze her eggs. about two thousand babies have been born from frozen egg since the 1990's most births happened in recent years. it was difficult at first to freeze eggs because there's so much water but with got and better with technology and we can freeze the egg and then fought at. recent study shows success rates are similar experts say freezing technology has improved there is no guarantee it will work and cost thousands of dollars. someone has 10 to 12 eggs, and they are young they still have only about 50 percent chance of getting a baby. and a short time after she froze her egg she found the
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right dad got married and conceived her oldest son she used their frozen a staffer second child. a i don't know file have another child i'm really glad i did it she advises other women to talk to their doctor sooner than later about options. experts say young men with cancer should be counseled about egg freezing sense that can decrease their chances of making eggs in the future. over the years many remedies offered for a jellyfish sting vinegar and out all or me tenderize are but a new studies suggest the answer may lie where you get stung. in the water a paper in the annals of emergency medicine says salt water will do the trick if you have hot tap water
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or an anesthetic lidocaine on hand. visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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what are working on for the 6:00 news more students and not enough space the unusual way bay area school tackles the problem of overcrowding. a daredevil plans to walk over niagara falls on the tight rope. crazy. that and more at 6:00 p.m. you can look now he is fine.


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