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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now contra costa county fired writers are at their apartment seen at the point. it is on sure value court. 16 people are displaced. two units destroyed. investigators are looking at a barbecue pit as a possible source of the fire. today we will be looking at which fire departments will be closing in contra costa county. a parcel tax measure that would've prevented all of this did not get a vote that it needed last week. there officials estimate and added five minutes to their response time. firefighters went door to
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door in marin county to warn people lived on high elevations. it's very dangerous. it's real hot, it's dry we have a little breeze. of all contributes to the fire bieber. plymouth a red flag the morning is set to expire at 8 this morning, but it will now expire at 11. the weather is cooperating. this is great for your weather. i think they're going to do a lot of snow: sells today. we're looking at numbers running in the '50s and '60s in most
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parts of the bay area. we're starting off pretty mild and we are only going up. the fog warnings in effect in the east bay hills. temperatures will be about 95 degrees. the subtle or to traffic which yarmulkes. an easy ride across the upper deck of san francisco. if you're headed eastbound, you'll see road work going underway just after 7:00. so far so good at the golden gate bridge. no delays in both directions. if you're headed out the marin
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county toward the shore freeway, those bridges are checking in problem free. i will send about to you guys. a member of the obama administration have been cited for a felony hit and run. they say commerce secretary was treated for non-life threatening injuries. he was appointed commerce secretary it last october. and the former penn state football coach is accused of sexually abusing 10 victims over a 14 year spend. we will have more on the story in just a few minutes.
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and a man convicted of killing through the ball is calling for a new trial. his defense is saying that he did not get a fair trial and so now they want the judge to look at it or give him a new trial. this all came from his attorney. zamora of the motion last week. a reason says that there were computers. but the prosecution do not think that this will fly. they do think that it will go for naught print.
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the shock the family thinking that they were in a rival gang. supposedly they were working on this appeal that they had filed. the time of impact statements were heard. the daughter and wife chose to speak and base ramos. if you saw what i saw, and he should have been here. but by the grace of god they gave him a second chance. if i could keep at least one son, thank god. because i lost a lot. it was emotional day for the family in court. the sentencing is set to happen at 930 this morning. we're live at the hall of
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justice, kate " during cbs five. investigators believe the shooting is gang-related emotive has not been determined. investigators are searching for the suspected shooter, a 22 year-old. the violence reportedly started over a woman at the pool party. a current auburn football player and two former for ballplayers our money those involved and shot them the fight. western wildfire, the fire
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out of control and still growing. ♪
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was good to check on traffic. traffic actually looks pretty good. here's a live look of conditions at the dublin interchange. all those halides working their way toward 680. it is up to speed. no delays at belmont pass just yet. antioch is looking good, and no delays reported yet. if you are headed westbound into pittsburg, traffic is quiet. let's check conditions through marin county, so far so good.
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southbound 1 01 a nice ride all the way to the golden gate bridge. 880 has been very quiet this morning. we have some early-morning road work. that has been wrapped up trade southbound, extra volume as you head into an the cemetery connector there. is going to be busy right here at the cemetery county fair. it will be beautiful day to be all year. i'm joined with match, a great day to come out here to the bay, what's new at the fair the the could see today? they have a great super science experiments. rain forest is with animals.
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our science has a lot of new puzzles for kids. are people going to pet animals in the rain forest exhibit? yes, it'll be a great time kids will love them. something new is the led's dui fares well. deep-fried twinkies are the best. we have the porter sisters over the weekend. we have not rocker's coming in. boys to men to will be coming in tomorrow.
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is going to be some spectacular barrett there whether today. otherwise by the afternoon, about 97 in the hottest spots and parts of the east bay. you'll see eighties are around the bay and plenty of '70s as well. high pressure will hold on for one more day and then it will start to break down for a bid. it'll be 92 in san jose. 94 in pacifica. 97 degrees in livermore and inside the bake temperatures will run into the '80s.
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more clouds and fog may be on the way into the week. but by the weekend, temperatures will be picking up again. the bears are even up with us today. we have lights on, it is going to be a great day parade come out to come out to the fair. a jury is seated in the trial of the former penn state a football coach is under way. the morning. we did tell you the jerry sandusky made his way into the courthouse. we are expecting the opening
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arguments will begin in roughly 50 minutes or so. the local paper sunset all up. trial brings drama. in november sandusky's told nbc's reporter that he is innocent. i have course wrong with kids i have charged with them, i have touched their legs without the intent of sexual contact. he is accused of beating his alleged did victims threw his nonprofit second mile. protest broke out at 10 stay
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campus after joe paterno was fired accused of not doing enough after learning about the allegations. but paterno will not be one of the expected witnesses of this case. he died of lung cancer. give us an idea of how big of a case this is in terms of media? you are right. when we talk of this area, population just over 6000 so this is not a huge city year. it's quite a bit of an excitement. you can't see the view that i am seeing but there are a lot of
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to the tv cameras prepare the media has essentially invaded belmont to pennsylvania. we talked to some people around here, they say they're ready for this to be all over. it does cause a lot of traffic and it's hard kept find parking. the q&a. crews are scrambling to contain wildfire into western states. authorities have sent a 200
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evacuation notices by home. it is not clear how many people actually did leave their home. it is a terrible thing that people waiting on their own. it is a thousand times more worst to have a missing person. is near colorado. a hundred people have been evacuated and this fire is in the mexico. aid few good men and women needed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the great day ted checkup the cemetery county fair. next week marks the 40th
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anniversary of the watergate scandal. to washington post reporters who broke the story looked back and found evidence that nixon librarwide. what we've found is that his white house became to a remarkable extent, it a criminal enterprise. the two pulitzer prize winners say that nixon's
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in his book, in the arena, nixon maintains that it is a myth that he authorized payoffs to them. would they said isn't his own white house tapes. he is talking to white house counsel teen and he tells the president he needs a million dollars in less money. no problem says nixon. they say many americans didn't believe the president was
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involved until this. walter reports. the white house denies and continues to deny in any wrong doing. we keep looking for a cave where someone says what would be good for the country? nixon was part and then he never think all applicants must have a valid driver's license and no felony convictions. they also must have to be 21 years old prepare.
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crews kept the planes combine to be kitchen in the home of lafayette last month. the two residents got out safely but maddy was still inside. monday is now safe. the dog named topanga pushes the chair over in just a few times and to go look, she placed next to me. just tricks, but they're all grown tricks. the news she was giving the through, they just did not know how she was doing.
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i've never seen a dog like that. yeah he moved the chair wrong pretty nicely. the summer of delays, detours and major construction projects can be off in one bay area city. and have the pulsar's back a desert gave way begun got a concussion. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay area why a barbecue maybe the blame for dozens of home today. the morning everyone. we're working in an lawrences of up the affair. more than a dozen people are displaced this morning by a early-morning fire in contra costa county. i am at river shore apartment complex. this is a three alarm fire with no injuries to the residence or
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the fire department. due to the overnight hours they quickly raised the fire response to three alarms. 16 people are displaced. but this other units are seeing the smoke and water damage. it is believed that possibly a barbecue set out of the patio is the start of this fire. we will check back with you later on in the newscast. we will also learn of which fired stations are closing in contra costa county.
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a parcel that what prevented this would didn't get the votes that it needed. firefighters would door to door in marin county. it's very dangerous. it's real low humidities as you could fill right now. it is real hot. it is dry. we have a low breeze and all contributes to fire behavior. its for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills. it looks like it's going to be a great day of the fair and across the bay area.
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we are starting out mostly clear outside. we're looking at clear skies and on what looks like a very hot day. the temperatures were running into '50s and '60s outside. red flag warnings in the east bay hills. as we get toward the afternoon, it will be a scorcher inland. we're looking at temperatures in the '80s from the bay. next couple days we will see some change. high-pressure will begin to weaken. we may see little fog and clouds return to the coastline. let's check that to the roadways. we're hearing of some delays as you work your way toward the
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toll plaza. caltrans is still in effect for their. once you get to the bridge the conditions put this, not too bad. if you're headed out of san francisco towards oakland that goes under way and allow still about 2:00 this afternoon. bard is running on time. muni, oka train all looking good this morning. now delays prepared that this a look at your morning traffic, back to you guys. as the testing is set to go this morning in a triple murder trial. ramos was supposed to be
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today. his attorneys filed a motion saying that he did not receive a fair trial. she's the gust that set jury was influenced by the widows emotional outburst. the prosecution is not word, they believed the judge wants to move the process along as quickly as possible so they do not see the retrial happening. ramos is convicted of the 2008 murders for hurt of the family. daniel made it an emotional statement cut ramos a i lost my
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family, our house and the memories are shared in our home. my pain is so deep, you can't even imagine. i lost a much. the sentencing is set to of 930 this morning. you see if the defense the pill is granted. and this morning price and was treated for not life- threatening injuries at a hospital. to another car suffered minor injuries. the accident by this time officers arrived to the home in
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sacramento through people were dead and another wounded. please say it appears that the suspect was allowed into the home and that it doesn't look like a random attack. investigators are searching for the suspected shooter 28 year-old. the balanced will they it renovations to cal football stadium be done on time? lee says over up to washington with more on the story. we already see in a couple of the construction workers putting in to work this morning.
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they installed eight new dream system as well. but she says that the overall schedule is not a concern. a contractor working on the $321 million project says that he would be very surprised if the project is done on time. the project underway is to retrofit and renovate the stadium. the work being done will bring memorial stadium to a modern standards and reduced the seismic risk. there is scheduled to come back here in 2011. live in berkeley, a lisa
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washington cbs five. crews will start digging up a square block on fourth street. they will be building a large box there. they will start creating tunnels next year. california's budget deadline is this friday. seven president pro tem steinberg says they would like to find a middle ground with the governor on how to close the budget deficit. no republicans are involved in these meetings. the premium price for reserved
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♪ ♪ >> you have to love neil patrick harris. that was the opening number with help from friends. i did not get to watch it last night >> that was the opening thing how billy crystal would come out and to the movies. he is becoming the billy crystal of the grammys. of the tonys. >> the honor for the best
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musical at the tony awards is about bittersweet love >> the awards ceremony happened last night in new york >> the award goes to a wife's. >> that was the big winner last night which won a total of eight awards including best lead actor and best director. the show tells the story of a street musician in dublin who falls for a chuckles of lockean immigrant. >> wall street looks for a higher opening when trading begins for the week. >> u.s. stock futures are higher and we get the details from new york. >> overseas markets climb this morning following the decision by the bureau's own leaders to when spain $125 billion to rescue its struggling banks. spain's rescue funds are likely
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to ease pressure in the west. u.s. companies sent 22% of their exports to europe and have more than two trillion dollars invested in factories offices and businesses. after struggling through may, stocks had their best week of the year. how much would you pay to break bread with a billionaire? an anonymous bidder paid just under $3.5 million for a lunch date with warren buffett. the money will go to the san francisco bay anti-poverty organization. the auction was held on ebay and this weekend. buffett has raised more than $11.5 million for the cause. >> we know that apple fans will keep an eye on san francisco today >> that's right, the ceo is expected
5:46 am
technology industry experts say don't expect to see ample showing off a new version of the iphone or ipad today. >> you may have noticed this weekend that the pumps are finally giving all of us a bit of a break. the price of a gallon of gas has dropped nationwide. on average a gallon cost to about $4.19 in california. >> we are busy and in the studio lawrence gets to be outside at the fair. >> i'm eating cotton candy and fried twinkies, what a breakfast of champions.
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we're joined by the man in charge of the fair. you have all the spectacular rides but how many people do expect to come through? >> about 140 or 154 the next seven days. >> thousands of people are rolling through. >> a great start with great weather. >> we have exotic animals from the rain forest in south america, hands-on activities, different demonstrations >> kids can actually get in there and touch some of these animals that they may have never seen before >> we also have the rain forest and a petting zoo and lots of things for kids to get involved with. a lot of puzzles and games, everything with their hands and eyes. >>
5:48 am
>> kind of food can you see? >> chocolate covered twinkies, deep fried bacon, a lot of barbecue. >> a 2 ft. long corn dog >> to feet, too much. >> any new rides that they can see? >> we have the ferris wheel behind us and, 350 ft. to the top and all lot of fun >> it's a lot of fun just being out here this morning. the weather will be fantastic. it will be cooking outside with temperatures running it in the '50s and '60s in most spots, '40's out towards the coastline. he another hot one in the afternoon, maybe even a little bit hotter in the valleys. high pressure in control at least for one more day and that will start to weaken of little bit which means more fog and low clouds returning to the coastline.
5:49 am
hot 90s in towards the santa clara county. 80 degrees right here at the san mateo county fair. 95 as you make your way in the valleys. red flag warnings are up until 11:00 this morning. in the north bay temperatures soaring into the 90s and even some eighties into san francisco. as we head into the middle of the week we will cool off towards normal and then it looks like it back into the mid-90s by the weekend. if you want to get out here to the fair, it is not only today, it is going on all week long. through next sunday will be out here and everyone is having a good time. >> let's look at the maps, and want to assure you conditions working off the east shore freeway.
5:50 am
it looks like they're starting to wrap things up in that area but we see some yellow and the sensors which means traffic is still seeing slower speeds. coming off the shore freeway, most of those delays are right around house street. traffic actually looks pretty good across the deck into uppers' san francisco. we're looking good on the lower deck as you work your way out of san francisco towards the east bay. roadwork scheduled right around 7:00 for the lower deck of the bay bridge. and vehicle went down the embankment and chp and fire crews are on the scene. we might see some slight spectator slowing. drive times are increasing through the altamont pass. westbound seeing some slow conditions towards 680.
5:51 am
look at this, we see some brake lights through antioch. it eases up as he had towards pittsburgh and not too bad once you get the 80. milpitas is off to a very good start with no delays as you make the connection. the rest of the south bay is not seen any problems. where a clocking in some nice speeds this morning as you work your way through san jose. >> there is a new timetable for deciding whether to put more parking meters in some san francisco neighborhoods. transportation officials are expected to take until next spring. the original deadline had been september. it planned to provide free muni passes for young people in san francisco is up for a vote on
5:52 am
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>> in the florida panhandle, a state of emergency has been declared in several counties due to flooding. officials are assessing the damage after flood waters of three days of torrential rain damaged roads and close some homes. some were stranded after trying to make their way on flooded streets. lady gaga is reportedly ok after suffering a concussion during a performance in new zealand over the weekend. and makeup artist writes on twitter that the singer was able to finish the show. video shows a backup performers accidentally hitting her with a poll of removing it from the stage. she staggers and rubs her head and then leaves the stage briefly before continuing the show. >> opening at the new 49ers
5:56 am
stadium in santa clara is still two years away but today season- ticket holders can begin purchasing their tickets. we have a live shot of the construction. all buyers must get a so-called stadium builders license costing between two-$6,000. the company marketing the tickets is offering several financial plans for buyers. the best golfers in the world will spend this week in san francisco. the u.s. open will begin play thursday and finishes on sunday afternoon but the golfers are getting started on the course this morning. the first ones will be at the practice round starting about one hour from now. a lot of golfers are coming off the classic and will be arriving either late last night or sometime this morning. 2000 athletes escaping from alcatraz this weekend.
5:57 am
>> a triathletes swam 1.5 mi. from alcatraz and then they rode a bike for 18 mi. and ended with an eight mile run through golden gate park. the winner from colorado crossed the finish line after a little more than two hours. >> may all be his opponent in for sexed. >> in the next half-hour, a member of president obama's- facing hit and run charges. how he's been linked to two california crashes >> the bay area is still under red flag warnings. the early morning fire that left several families homeless. >> will it be ready on time? the memorial stadium is scheduled to be open for the bears' home opener in september but one
5:58 am
subcontractor is not think that will happen >> the first glimpse into the [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit.
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