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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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line when something went wrong. we have video taken from about a half-hour ago and what you see here is natural gas spewing from a hole in the sidewalk. firefighters are using water pressure to try to knock it down and disperse it. we are told that pg&e is there to shut off the natural gas >> the person who was working that building was badly burned. we're told the injuries are life-threatening. we will continue to keep an eye on the fire, it is three alarm burning on san bruno ave and kweilin street and we will bring you any new developments as it happens. >> soon, berkeley maybe telling its homeless where they can go and when. they're taking up a proposed ordinance tonight. opponents are not taking it lying down >> this is a controversial
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decision in a matter where it is made. people really think it is about picking on homeless people but we spoke to the mayor and he said it is not about taking on homeless people, it is about getting them help. not so much about creating a positive business environment but take telling them to get off the streets and we will give you a hand. james armstrong 6. he writes, reflects >> if we had that much power in washington we would have jobs >> soon it is possible he will need to change his posture. the berkeley mayor wants him to hopped to his feet and quit sitting on city sidewalks >> we would like to do is have people have some respect for the community and recognize that sitting is not something you want to see happen >> the mayor and his supporters say that writing violations as a
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way to push them to get help >> wets make a deal, we will waive those citations if you go into services >> people like james do not quite see it that way >> we're not hurting anything and people are free to walk thru p f and if people are harassing people then you call the cops >> he is convinced it is a grand conspiracy of business owners who don't like homeless people. the supervisor here deals with panhandlers both seeded and standing every week. he likes the idea and he says customers are fearful of walking the gauntlet of panhandlers into his store >> i am for it because i'd like to get out of my car and that people ask me for this or that. i think people will feel safer when they come to berkeley >> eliminating sitting does not eliminate panhandling >> right here standing. i'm not going anywhere >> i asked the mayor directly if
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it had anything to do with complaints from business owners and he said he had heard those complaints but insists it is about getting homeless people off the streets which we did in a sense clear the businesses. the council meeting starts at 530 tonight and we will see if people agree with the mayor or if this is in deep picking on homeless people. >> squatters may have started a fire that sent a martina's home up in flames. it happened last night of the house on a street. investigators are pretty sure someone was there. >> there is no electricity or gas connected to the house. there was a broken window in the back which is why we think there were possibly squatters >> house was empty when firefighters arrived. >> the debt wild fire in colorado is wrapping parts of
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that state in smoke, temporarily grounding the air attack. we're showing you an earlier air tanker attack. it is about 60 mi. north of denver and has now claimed the life of an elderly woman and destroyed more than 100 structures. fears of a grass fire have shut down a south bay park. rangers closed it down today because of high fire danger. they're worried about the high temperatures and a lower humidity >> we have had two days in a row with high fire dangers so on that third day, in order to decrease the potential for fires we close it >> they hope to " reopen the park tomorrow. things are not quite as hot as yesterday but '90s are still in the north and east bay. a lot of winds today >> that is the big difference in comparison from yesterday.
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at this hour we will have outdoors towards mt. diablo and you'll see that week, a tree waiting in the breeze. current wind gusts are up to 38 m.p.h. at sfo. san jose at 15. you can see very dry vegetation and relative humidity is 20 percent error, at extremely dry. when you can anticipate the cool down and another heat wave, still coming up later. >> right now eastbound highway 4 in hercules is shut down after a car crashed into a power pole. the car burst into flames but the driver made it out ok. the big problem now is that power lines are still lying across the lanes. no word yet on when the east bound lanes will reopen.
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major construction is underway for one of san francisco's biggest projects and work on the central subway is creating a traffic nightmare. mike sugarman tells us it will get worse before it gets better. >> this is the fourth street on ramp to eat at harrison and is normally a mess because it is a rush hour but you had better get used to this and not just for a few months, how about the rest of the decade. welcome to south of market district, be prepared to stay awhile. >> it takes one hour to go approximately four city blocks >> that and no parking hurts his patients trying to get medicine at the exactly 420 marijuana club. just try to deliver beer around
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here >> it puts you behind and once you lose the time you never make it at >> tony had 35 stops today and he was running late from the start. what is causing the summer of a lot of traffic is a big old hole in the ground, or it is about to be >> right now we're seeing preliminary work before we get to the excavation for the subway tunnels. >> i don't think these are for the subway actually, they are a little small. it turns out of these are some airlines. >> i was talking to one of the workers and he said it would be complete in like 2018 >> the exact date is actually 2019 if all goes well >> it will provide a lot of mass
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transit underground >> that's something you might think about as he crawled through the traffic for much of the decade. this is harrison street and there is one right hand turn lane and then there is one that goes about 70 degrees on to the freeway and it will be hard to understand. the good news is only to land at a time on any street will be closed for the duration. >> another part of the new bay bridge is ready to be installed. they're still scaffolds that they call travelers and they're being built by a southern california company. for large ones and one small one will pay off of the bay bridge. apparently they will allow maintenance crews to inspect the bridge while it is in use >> it will allow more cruise easy access to the bottom part of the bridge. since this part is all steel,
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they need to be able to get there to paint it and inspect it. >> the new bay bridge will be the largest self anchor suspension bridge in the world and this should double its link to an estimated 150 years >> cheap sunglasses could end up costing you more in the long run >> i would be very concerned about a $20 a pair of sunglasses if you're looking for adequate protection. >> the 211 financial advice line is open. we have folks from united way and san francisco is answering,,
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>> there is a high-stakes battle over the state of calm as kincaid. he was married to his wife for 30 years and they were separated at the time of his death.
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he died in april at a home that he shared with his girlfriend. now the two women are fighting over who gets the estate. the two handwritten notes allegedly written by kincaid leave his home and $10 million to pinto walsh. kincaid is a listing, investigating the validity each >> rethinking of arbitration? >> we need to wait for the judge >> she says she wants an open hearing to clear her name and reputation >> finally, some relief for drivers. gas prices have started to turn the corner >> it has been a really really frustrating for a lot of people. people have been watching these crude oil prices dropping below $100 per barrel or $90 per barrel and they have been waiting for gasoline prices to do it.
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downtown san francisco, $3.89 per gallon and that is not unusual. let's take a look at the figures according to aaa. gasoline prices finally falling out. the price for a gallon of regular unleaded nationally is $3.54 per gallon, down about 22¢ from one month ago. statewide is down 11¢ from one month ago and in the bay area, $4.24 per gallon and that is down 5¢. as we just showed you how you can look around and shot and you can find gas relief everywhere around the bay area for anywhere from $4.29 down to $3.79 if you really shop and go out in the valley. how low will it go? nobody
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knows. we will hope for the best. >> fire mitigation has gone to the goat. the low-tech approach tackling fire danger in the bay area >> our phone lines are lit up with viewers calling 211 with a wide variety
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>> we want to update you on our top story, the three alarm fire in san francisco, natural gas was spewing and still is from the sidewalk near san bruno and wayland. a contractor hit the gas line about 90 minutes ago which set off a fire in one building and its spread to another. there's a good shot of the gas coming up out of the sidewalk. we're told the person working in the building was badly burned and the injuries are apparently life-threatening. pg&e crews have gone up the road and are trying to cut off the gas. we will keep updating the story as we get the information >> it is the second day of practice rounds at the u.s. open
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and people in the bay area are cashing in on the event. residents in daly city are offering their homes for rent for people coming into town. some of them are $4,000 per day and that is proving to be a tuneup for those looking for extra cash. people are listing their homes on line, hoping to attract visitors for the america's cup. joe vasquez shows us how much they can stand to gain from the event. >> take a look from downtown sausalito where we're showing you what will be a prime location for the america's cup race and it homes here in the day will be prime real estate >> it may end up being the best view of the america's cup race. the owners of this four-bedroom 5 bath home in san francisco's marina district will not be here
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for it. they plan to be out of town but they could still end up making some serious cash >> this is being advertised as $30,000 per month >> he set up a service specifically for america's cup visitors. he says homeowners, especially those with good views of the bay should be able to triple their normal vacation rental price. >> we're getting a three-five times what you would normally get >> this homeowner is doing what many of his neighbors are still only talking about. he says he will absolutely read his place out. it is on a hillside overlooking sausalito and he is hoping he will get at least $14,000 per month >> they say $1 billion are coming in here this next summer and we want to grab a little piece of it. >> it turns out the laws here in sausalito and in san francisco say you can only read these
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properties for a minimum of 30 days. tonight the city council is looking to maybe change that or shorten that time period. they have not made any decisions yet. >> we have told you about the dangers fire season, a contra costa county has brought in some four legged workers to help. goats are working and raising at a long time, same time. 150 goats and 20 sheep are working as part of a three-year study that will test for the effectiveness and how effective are they? in one day they wiped out the weeds on one entire side of the stream. >>
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>> i saw the goats on the side of the hill outside the oakland zoo and it was an amazing sight to see. wind gusts at mount diablo are still at 23 m.p.h.. hear temperature there is in the mid-80s. currently 89 degrees in santa rosa after a high of 91 degrees. san francisco airport up to 38 mi. per hour. 12 in san francisco. tonight the wind will continue at 15 m.p.h., and on store push. overnight into the '40's and 50's. this is future cast and what a difference a day makes. now we have the low clouds and fog pushing on shore. the clouds will dial back after tomorrow morning.
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the cooler air will slip in from this area of low pressure and we will drop the temperatures considerably. tonight the clouds increase and tomorrow is a cooler day. tomorrows highs, '50s and '60s at the beaches. seventies from south san francisco into san mateo. he is in morgan hill and gilroy. 83 degrees in antioch. 84 in brentwood. napa is in the '70s. the wind will blow out of the west 10-20 m.p.h.. we have a stagnant weather pattern for the next three days and by saturday we return to the off shore flow for one day. >> off
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>> julie is in the call center taking calls and today they people can get their financial questions answered for free >> we are partnering with united way and the city of san francisco for our 211 financial advice line. with me here is travis, your office has made a commitment to helping people find legitimate financial resources. we get complaints from viewers to call the company who claims to fix their credit but instead charges than thousands of dollars >> we want to make sure people have access to good financial advice and information and avoid getting ripped off. they should call tonight and ask questions and the rest of the year they should go to our website where they can get more information or good referrals. >> this will be a permit resources >> that's exactly right.
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we will be more of these events as well as chances to come meet with a financial planner later this year >> we could not do this without the united way and 211 which is the number you should call if you have a financial question. 211 is a 24-7 help line >> after today's financial advice line is done people and: before any kind of help you need, summer camp for your child, a job or food or shelter, all you need to do is call 211. >> thank you so much for joining us, we will be back at 6:00 and we will give you some of the most common questions and answers >> for some, stocking up on cheap sunglasses is an easy way to excess arise.
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the reason saving a,,,,,,,,,,
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>> when it comes to sunglasses, fashion and price often determine what kind we choose >> you don't want to skimp on sunglasses or your eyes mike and pete paying a big price >> christie is a mother of four who spend a lot of time and a sign >> basically we live outdoors >> ceased to be a fan of cheap sunglasses >> i would rather have a $20 pare that i could replace easily >> she admits that most of the time she did not wear them all and tell her eyes began bothering her >> the wanderer i'd spent in the sun last summer i actually got sunburned on my eyes. >> i experts say that if you do not wear proper sunglasses, sun
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rays can cause a significant amount of damage like skin cancer >> you can also get this coloring of the white part of the i >> the price you pay for sunglasses really does matter >> i would be very concerned about a $20 a pair of sunglasses if what your looking for is adequate protection >> a quality pear should run $100 or more and offer protection and polarized lenses >> you put the polarized lends over the camera and should significantly reduce the glare on the image >> don't be fooled by dark glances >> if the dark lands does not specifically protected against it the rays you can cause more damage to our eyes from the outer surface to the inside of the eye itself. the eye itselflook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday.
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>> here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. too hot to risk staying open. why rangers shut down a south bay park. after the u.s. open leaves town it will be sailing stern in the world spotlight. piece by piece america's cup boat arrives, when will have its debut on the day at 6:00 >> the cbs evening news is >> the cbs evening news is coming up first


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