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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it is causing problems for the morning commute. now we will go to patrick said theo, he is all in breaking news afire. i've been here on mandolin parkway n. fifth avenue. this used to be four stories tall. this was an apartment building under construction. it of all of three alarms. this is a effectively shut down our service to and from san francisco. there is no bart train going anywhere. this apartment fire was four stories tall last night and now is completely gone. this fire involved, most
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involved fire last night. this was an apartment building under construction, four stories tall, gone now. anne makovec is at the command center with the fire fight. here is the spokesperson of war right now. here's what he estate about this morning's commute. the bus bridge is something we try to do it in extreme circumstances. artest not owned buses, so we are trying to establish that. the west oakland bart station is affected.
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hear, our other stations affected? note of their church bus stations are affected prepared for the next of did i will have the information. so you're saying if you train goes through oakland this is going to be an issue for area? if you catch a train through to some francisco and oakland and you should find another mode of transportation and seven of bart. some of the other damage has
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done to the other construction vehicles. sort of five construction vehicles were burned as well as construction such cuts. nome was injured in the fire. firefighters are going to be on scene here for the next several are worse. the investigation into finding out the cause of this fire will continue. we are going to go live now to touch elizabeth winger mess more permission on that. it is going to affect the roadways.
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the west oakland bart station that you just saw, that is the last oakland stop before san francisco. effectively, no service right now between oakland to san francisco in both directions prepare. expect delays, the sec this tend to have a ripple effect. there were some sort of damage to the track, obviously. the bay bridge at this point is your best alternative. you could also use ferry
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service into the san francisco. if your heading toward us of zero and one to use bar this morning, matt came making history at at&t ball park. but is a perfect game. matt struck out 14 of the 27 batters he faced. the morning from at&t ball park. what a historic night at the
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ballpark. is gonna throw a perfect game first, you or cane? cane. the giants had 15 hits last night. to nothin current watches the ball still into his glove. came at loving yet, but he loves this more. long coat makes one of the greatest giant cabbages in history to save games perfect game. on the ground, from deep
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third, got them!. that's a perfect game! the atlas 7 that you're obviously never ever coined to forget. the guys did a great job, at making yet in a way kind of relaxing for me. i've just want to be here and i try to do what i do every single day. i was as nervous as i've ever been on a baseball phil. it's so hard to believe that
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the giant pitchers that has done come through this organize a shouldn't, matt kincaid had thrown a perfect game. i stayed up watching the game last night, and they were 10 to nothing and i turned it off. it is nice and clear throughout most of the valley. it will be breezier around the bay area. temperatures are going to stay down for one more day. you'll see plenty of sunshine. 72 in oakland. there will be '50s and '60s at
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toward the coast line if you plan to go to the golf tournament. back to michelle. it panhandling problem, the city's problem planning cut partner the city's homeless animals with homeless adults. and we will have discover britvisit:lumbia.
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right now. a massive fire burning at eight apartment complex near west oakland. crews shut off power to the area. firefighters were working on it several
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take a look, please save the man walk down taylor street down derby alley, as he could see lights the furniture on fire. your turn to watch it spread. if you recognize our sadness in this video please contact police. more people lost their jobs at cylinder then originally thought. the reported at 1100 but turns out it was 1900. a recent report questions the span of the bay bridge.
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the newsstand is dismal to open late next year. what mom should do during the first month of pregnancy, also ahead. lance armstrong faces allegations of using performance enhancing drugs, coming up. ♪
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major mass-transit problem. it is because of this, it live look from chopper 5. tracks. near the bart station it apparently did some damage to the tracks. in the meantime you will have to use the bay bridge as an alternate. the rest of this and your morning commute, coming up. there's a big warmup on the horizon, we will talk more about that coming up. police said that's when the boys attacked her. it happened much tonighat menlo i got my dad, to my side and helped her up. major events she was ok. the suspect wrote on his
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bike and has not been found. let's armstrong is facing new doping charges. for seven consecutive years lance armstrong it waived the u.s. flag. armstrong has to do so but he is not a dope. we are proven time and time out that we were clean. u.s. federal prosecutors close of a two-year probe into armstrong's history.
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the ada does not have to prove that crimes were committed, tyler hamilton is one witness the can afford. he told 60 minutes he's armstrong used drugs during the 1990 ninth toward day from sprayed there's armstrong says i have completed as a ,
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new safety rules may allow parents of the ballplayers rest easily. the new rules include limiting contact drills to no more than 40 minutes. the organization is also betting on head on blocking or attacking drills. a new study suggests that women made reduced the risk of having a child with autism prepared. it found the children that were obese performed worse on math test in first through fifth grade.
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gross and boys who were obese through their middle school so jet blue passengers are suing because of their revenue pilot. they say the pilot started shouting obscenities and that there was a bomb on board. he was locked in the cockpit of the bathroom. the road on a moving truck for the highway prayed the would-be thieves abandon the effort potpourri of the sting operation led to the arrests.
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water blowing 30 ft. in the air in kristy texas. the answer came from a broken water main in nearby streets. all that water also split the road open. it's a crews several hours to find the cut off solve and stop the leak. two workers were using the crane to replace banners on the side of the building when the crane tipped over. both workers were strapped in and managed to crawl out of the cream. the good news for the s u b owner, she was not in the vehicle at the time. apple's theory may be heading to a car near you. that was one of the biggest announcement to that apple's conference.
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apple says that they're working with several automakers including toyota, honda and general motors. it's affecting it in a big way. unfortunately there is no bart service between oakland and stethoscope. it will affect many commuters. the big news is the note trans bay tube service between oakland and san francisco. we are not exactly sure where it is stopping bart trains at this point. we are expecting delays otherwise. we ashley just got a tweaked
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from anne makovec, saying this could affect but service for days. there are assessing the trucks right now, between oakland and the city. apparently their 12 fire engines of steam. this is the area on oakland near 9880. it was actually buy third and market. here's a live look at the bay bridge. expect extra heavy traffic at least for this morning's commute. upper deck traffic appears nice and light, we will let you know if the changes. we have a couple patches of
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fog especially out toward the coast line. temperatures are running inside the '50s. the couple of catches of fog out toward the beaches. so hot in the central valley. we could see some thunderstorms pop-up trad such shunning all we back into the coastline. with adam mai, today that a bad day but not as nice as its board to be a and the weekends.
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75 in milpitas. the five in brentwood. 85 degrees in antioch. next couple of days, back into the '90s. offshore winds will overleaps saturday. a rough outing turn into a big comeback against colorado last night. oakland fought back to the game at the eighth inning and the ninth inning with runners on the board. final score was 10 to 8, dave.
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the city is offering the numbers its chance to make some money and find a friend. the fund will be a dog but needs to home. we'd better try some new things. with the economic downturn we've seen a dramatic increase of dogs coming in. this year we've seen 500 dogs coming. a mikey business of the zoo is going viral online. this boy, the attention of the chimp. both baby and mikey started mimicking each other through a glass.
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history at at&t park, of the great catches that's saved that cames perfect game. and newly weds find all their guests still with, the fresh start to their new lives. there has been a huge fire overnight in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a huge fire lighting up the sky and the east bay. an apartment complex under construction goes up in flames. however it is affecting transit. time now is


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