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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 19, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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one critical error. what they failed to do that quickly police right to them. i'm just trying to keep it up and to keep strong for my dad. it bothers day fishing trip turns tragic. out of the two-man lupine 17 children. are an apple in google getting too close for comfort? new mapping tools opus precise that it can see everything in your backyard. caught sneaking into the zoo? this occurred after dark activities revealed.
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as of tonight's eighth family in the east bay is hoping to catch the thieves who ransacked their home base to help a home surveillance video. it shows one man breaking through the front door. on the tip whenever he could and even cut wires and cables in the house. and happened to the montclair neighborhood of the oakland hills but as cbs five reporter kristin harris explains the thieves made one big mistake. thats right thumb when it tells me they trashed the woman to just about everything everything. except for the surveillance camera that caught him in the act. my wife is crying uncontrollably. oakland resident camp kaelin saw the damaged first the over turntable the wreckage the wasn't living room. all our clothes were torn out in the front yard everything was thrown all across the front yard. burglars had ransacked his home while his family were way
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help the french move. deletes the toaster oven and washer and every single court had been cut to. a camera that to happen set up specifically cat burglars in the act teapots in the tape and there was the saturday select an intruder watch is the approach is the door then moments later kick down. a quiet corner of the oakland hills where burglars had become uncomfortable norm. there are a lot of people that this is happening to the neighborhood doors getting kicked in and not saying anything. last year the number burglaries by so high but that the city council decided to fight back pulling their money in selling security cameras. he believes his own camera of as for recovery of our properties
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and stuff are cats are ok and we're ok. no arrests yet that open police are investigating the apparently told homeowner that they have a backlog of these types of cases and one person working on them. live in oakland's cbs five. developing news and vacaville to houses caught fire after neighbors say they heard explosions. croesuses about the fire. it started to the tombs cell phone video that was shot just after the flames broke out you're looking at right now no one family of four didn't even know about the fire until the pain on the door at the family dog died that no people or hurts. parents at a san jose school districts relative nice to demand quality schools in their district. the holdup the example of too high performing charter schools but educators say that is not the only solution. kiddos and says
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there are parents confronted ministers. did a year in the alan rock school district parents say their is a middle school crisis going on only two schools are performing above the state's record and had a charter schools and parents want more of them. don't be fooled by modest looks a renaissance or the academy's they're the highest performing middle schools in the district. they even got an see hail. did we had enough to yell definitely wouldn't have done it without camp. results graduate america bettis says nye jr. with a 4.1 gpa and its nine stanford. the equates and mitras was taken away from i could be already gang member i could be pregnant. tonight about 200 people gathered to press for more charter schools or hundreds of them is a waiting list just to get in. how few black the community together put school board matter metals asking yes no questions about on the
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expansion hot that continue to support renaissance. but says fortified actually failed. did we turn the schools are not the magic bullet there a few good to our schools and those charter schools like our schools will export more. moody's be more involved with them tires will not measuring up and is a different approaches karen says underperforming charter schools can be shut down the that traditional schools. differences if you don't perform in five years to get close to get to serve the community for 30 plus years and felt generations. the district says will continue to support the existing charter schools and open up one the one in the coming year. all little both sides that say that since meeting went very well. a former superintendent of schools
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is accused of and dazzling money to model his home. prosecutors say to the hand ready to build the school district more than $900,000 schools in this church. he is also charged with misappropriating millions in public funds from schools in woodside. 17 children are mourning the loss of their fathers tonight the two men with both the capsizing of the cans in the san joaquin of sacramento river delta. the children between the ages of 3 is 24. csi reporter liz with coke on the fateful message one of them have left for his son. it is more of them the hollow type of day for me personally. on sunday morning he and his siblings still had hope their father would be found alive. they even
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say to the plate of food. let them with beer with the to me lead to everything he never came home. the 41 year-old body was found that night after his fishing boat capsized saturday the delta near stockton. his son still doesn't know the whole story but he believes his father was the been sleeping when the book flips. from assuming a father and everyone on the poll were asleep. and my father being a heavy sleeper when the had the water and didn't wake them that is best friend 37 year-old johnny johnson also drowned when their aluminum boats capsized. the minds 17 children between them a third man was rescued. and just tried to keep up and keep strong for my dad hear members of the last conversations he had with his father and that seems almost cryptic now. still be weeks before the seventy in happens if i was to
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die right now i'll die fishing. rather than anything else in the world. in oakland a visit as this cooks yes 5. and down the baseball legends not guilty of perjury. to a federal jury acquitted the former pitcher on charges that he lied to congress when the tonight using performance enhancing drugs after the verdict clemens got emotional addressing the media. really it all of the media guys then only if all my career, of italy for 24 years and won a record seven cy young awards. it is usually considered an adult disease, but more and more children are suffering from a dangerously high blood pressure in the past 10 years the number of kids hospitalized for
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hypertension has nearly doubles the correspondence on the book explains what is going on. did least 14 year-old, slur has been hospitalized four times because a dangerously high blood pressure. he takes for medications and his mother keeps track of everything heat. sphere is a constantly having to what is your blood pressure. haven't to monitor foods and exercise. and also led to a 50% rise in trimming costs more to $3 billion. dr. rick pascal amount of your hospital is a pediatric kidney specialist who says seven of the senate is a patient's with a marked increase in obesity. but as these numbers. i think that hospitalization rate
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is was astounded to hear. to all researchers believe the peace is the major culprits to-fireman's also play a role. the cause is a mystery to monitor the problem and not as ipod. the program, as is his blood pressure until the to his doctor. the concern is for bigger problems down the road. the elevated blood pressure is having the facts on that patient's organs such that some points as the become adults the damage is done and maybe irreversible and set them up for major risk for cardiovascular diseases adults. over the last generation the rate of child abuse city has more than tripled to nearly 20 percent. so it's not surprising when now seeing conditions caused by the city dr. john approve cbs used new york. military grades by plains covering over the bay area this
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super powerful new tool in the silicon valley as one lawmaker raising a red flag. at a backlash before they even went on sale and use acres that some people say reminds them of slavery. something strange is happening in the bay area's do,,
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apple territory didn't introduce
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its new computer design to be with the at pat a wizened and under a pound and how the keyboard is part of its cover today's big unveiling was kept under such tight wraps the company didn't even look real location from today new plays incredibly powerful cameras will be hovering over the bay area. one high-profile u.s. senator is raising a red flag. the high-tech plays this guy and your home to make a new three maps? the senator says yes. the three maps are coming from apple. but new york senator charles schumer claims and will be using military grades by planes that can see through windows beyond public view. no
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one expects that same loss of privacy occurring when you're setting yourself in your backyard are preparing a meal in your kitchen and is by plane from 10,000 ft. up can capture that image. the stairs and honestly and they don't personally want them sing my house and when doing. the three deplanes can show items as small as 4 in. with unprecedented precision he's asking the companies to sell committees before flying overhead and once people to be able to opt out or had their images blurring. why would you need to get as close as 4 in.? is a start selling in the matter remains clear even down to street level some dibble said they want more detail than the current satellite images provide. and transportation in shapiro's goods everywhere and they give me an address like to look at its. and i know exactly
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this to see a fall be delivered to a parking lot restored the building or an actual warehouse. a google spokesperson would confirm it had planned sale and said we appreciate the senate is concerned that look forward to meeting with them to demonstrate how the chemistry is used to develop our 3-d models and is similar to what is already publicly available in 2 d mapping products. we don't currently work in real imagery because the resolution is in sharp enough. and i school says that one of its most popular class is for the company to produce high-resolution images and on the streets and will be using this 360 degree backpack camera. but it does receive a response back from apple. sharon chance to be is five. adidas is new sneakers there is certainly getting a lot of publicity and not the kind the company expected. take a look at the j e s roundhouse mid critics say it
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reminds them of slavery. is cbs reporters arrive fidel reports adidas is now backing off plans to sell the issues. harsh criticism folded after designer jerry scott unveiled at this new speaker design the company's they spoke and paid in berlin the basket about players to talk to young and old share their thoughts when we show them the picture. it does kind of look offensive like maybe you're a bad individual and have to be shackled. i personally wouldn't wear those. did we looks like a playful tagline was about walking york 68 goals. many critics felt that a vote at slave imagery. look like somehow or another we were about to promotes to people that they
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should want to wear clothing and the prisoners. it's outrageous to the concept came to fruition she believes the marketing and design went too far. i don't think i want to see a young person of any background decide the message they want to send to somebody's it's ok for me to be handcuffed and in prison shackles. designer jeremy's not known for his eccentric work has made no comment after defending its issue earlier today a diaz later decided to look no longer produced issue which is set for august the german sports apparel maker released this statement the design of the day as roundhouse man is nothing more than the designer jeremy scott averages and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do the slavery of we apologize if they are offended by the design in their withdrawing our plans to make them available the marketplace. and not to a lot
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and a lot of while the squatters and squatters were a bit more exotic foxes live with the zebra and wild turkeys in steer hang out with the elephants. unlike others use oakland welcomes these native animals. we certainly want to make sure that they're no bad interactions. the process very well. they recognize each other. surveillance cameras that constantly my mother to the animal habitats. if there are signs they're threatened by their native animals zookeeper's will intervene in the cameras
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also catch a lot of nighttime visitors skunks and foxes and raccoons here and i bet there's front of some food mart a lovely evening to deal to do that as we had on the outside is smelling ♪
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[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. he microclimates year visit the beaches to 72 trees in mountain view as a look at san jose that is a couple of degrees below normal for this time of the air. tonight we will see the clouds gathering at the coast into the upper 40's otherwise pretty much low 50s to about 54, grant clayton this is our future cast and we have a little hint of some stratus immediate seashore not a bill deburring they're roughly about 1,000 ft. or less. it looks like wants to wipe away by the mid morning
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hours of allowing ample sunshine as high pressure continues to expand into the bay. sure there's an area of low pressure to the north the watch to see the clouds retreat still have one day and the first day of summer with an offshore flow. and again that be on wednesday when summer officially arrives at 409 in the afternoon cell can add to the warmest day this week meanwhile tomorrow numbers are going up in comparison to today wessex's of the beaches the winds will go out of the northwest to 20 mi. per hour up to 88 degrees in morgan hill about indian gilroy 79 in another prison in fremont. otherwise these bear up to the low 90s and have further to no. not the sonoma upper 80s and 90s. the san francisco with top off at 68 at to the goal for this some of the year that have the warmest of the week on wednesday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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having to do that team and its whoever was staffer or not he treated everybody the same in the " and insisted sunday because he was not on a great player but a great guy. sequels are rarely as good as the original but all lies around that came to see just how he would follow up that perfect game. even coke o'brien came out to see him carve up the angels but and i must missed those highlights he tied the game at 2 in the second inning and can give up three runs in five very laborious innings and on this night the giants built a mouse. in the bond there was a hit to the right here comes milky here comes that throwing a safe. the giants win five to three and big daddy kane went his ninth game and is now 9 into this the bullpen had four scoreless innings. connections work to begin before he took the mound
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tonight and he stars the top five on letterman. the category of things i want to achieve now that i've found perfect game. to fix the economy. the screen that's impossible. member for his in any without my pants. the leaves and no. 4 mine about sally's have always the goal of the best this is an amazing shot. the italians did the irish unfortunately. the mets knuckleballer struck out 13 in the second consecutive one header for the first time that's been done since 98. 24 lawn spreaders driver in the davis and went airborne and data into that barrier he was ok. m1 i was off to a slow start a new that's what i knew that stock
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still spotlight from web since in yesterday. we've give that takedown? hit and run of me into a didn't know of as part of the deal. it's not. never won a major item not to expect. mike davis is the guy who sets out,,,,,,,,,,,,
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