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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  June 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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certainly cannot be replaced. pier 29, said to be the home of the food court for the upcoming america's cup was cooking itself today. >> we're not letting it burn but we will not let it go anywhere else, the goal is to control it in the structure is in >> for alarms, 150 firefighters, that is half of the entire department on duty today including the apartment fireboat that poured bay water on the flames that were up to 20 ft. in the air. land hydrants' did not have the pressure needed. >> it gets soggy, that's how we describe it, it gets soggy and soft >> you could fall in >> absolutely >> which is why at one point they made a hasty retreat. it made for quite a scene along the waterfront with snarled traffic.
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the cons of the fire is still unknown and it doesn't appear anyone was in the building at the time >> it really is a relic of the past but it is one that represent san francisco's best >> now its future is in serious question. they will probably be able to fix it up somehow. it is almost 100 years old. i guess trains came down the embarcadero and would load off the ships and it has been empty for quite some time. it has been used for parking and in fact, our channel 5 news van was parked inside during the fire but it got out safely >> ken bastida is live in mobile 5 to show us what this means for the america's cup project >> is an old building dating back in 1915, that is pier 29 where they are continuing to
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pour water on it tonight. that is the ball kept building, the concrete front of the building with offices inside that were not occupied. the rest of the building is called the shed. let me show you this graphic support of san francisco has put up here, that is the ball kit building that caught fire. this is the shed that did not burn, it stayed intact. this is where all the people will sit in there and there will be a stage with yachts parked out here. this is the new terminal which is already under construction. it is actually pier 27. that building did not burn. with steel girders are up, they were afraid that would go but thankfully it did not so the main part of the new terminal is ok. it is just the bulkhead
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building that burned, and the director of the port says they will need to wait to get inside to see exactly how much damage there was >> if this facility is scheduled to be used until 2013, so that gives us some time to get in there and fix it up if needed. >> the good part is that they have at least one year to get that construction complete. they will redo the ball could building and it will be rebuilt and the world will be looking at this one year from now wondering what all the fuss was about. it was a pretty good fire for san francisco. >> it was pretty serious for a while. we have an exclusive look inside pier 29. the video shows firefighters facing towards the front of the building. you can see the light coming through were parts of the facade
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collapse. look at the water coming from the hoses that were shooting on top of the roof. it gives you a good sense of the size of that empty building >> even though the fire has been contained for some time, it is still having a major impact on traffic. a steady stream of cars if we have seen for the past several hours. now, a look at how it is causing delays for other ways to get out of the city. >> let's show you some aerial video from chopper 5 that was taken just a little while ago. this is along the embarcadero so bottom-line is you want to avoid the waterfront. both directions are shut down between broadway and a. embarcadero and washington, this is right before the detour onto broadway. downtown city streets are at a standstill.
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getting on to the lower deck of the bay bridge is very slow right now on northbound 101. northbound embarcadero is jammed solid all the way to towns in street. mass transit is also being rerouted. you can still catch the bus at fremont and mission and pine and battery. muni is also experiencing delays so they're turning buses around at the ferry building. it is a mess trying to get out of san francisco right now. >> we will continue to monitor the cleanup and let you know when the embarcadero reopens. we have put video of the fire on the web site >> a grass fire near san jose is under control. flames started at about 420 this afternoon just north of morgan hill. no word on how the fire started but conditions are extremely
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dry. no homes are threatened. >> today, an elite team of federal investigators began sifting through evidence in a fire that shut down bart service. they're trying to figure out how a fire started in a senior housing complex under construction in oakland and spread to nearby bart tracks. >> the way the fire burns establishes a flame patterns on the ground whether it be the concrete or the would barriers. they will be able to start from that point once they get there. >> local investigators already considered the fire suspicious. >> the cyclists who is charged with hitting and killing an elderly man in april pleaded not guilty today to vehicular manslaughter charges. the investigation has drawn a lot of attention to the rules of the road.
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>> the san francisco engineer accused of recklessly racing his bicycle into a crowded intersection and killing an elderly pedestrian at his first court appearance today to face a charge that could put him away for up to 60 years. he was allegedly trying to break a personal speed record when he sped into the intersection and killed a 71 year-old who was crossing the street with his wife. today's appearance was short and to the point with him entering a plea of not guilty. the d.a. says that he has only himself to blame >> he was going at a speed faster than was safe with the conditions. we know that he probably still failed to stop for several red lights and stop signs with total disregard for the safety of anyone around him >> the case also brought into focus the long simmering feelings among the public that some cyclists have little or no
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regard for the rules. >> we're not prosecuting the case to send a message, we're prosecuting the case because of what occurred and there is always a message and i hope there is a clear message that we as a community need to be more mindful of the rules of the road >> his lawyer said that he anticipates the day when he may express his deepest condolences to the family for their tragic loss but clearly that day was not today. his next appearance in court is july 27th. if the d.a. is sending a message or not sending a message, the message is definitely in the charges. last case like this was handled as a misdemeanor with a person pleading guilty and doing public service. this one, he is getting a little harder because he says it showed a pattern of disregard
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rather than an accident and that is what he wants to stop whether it is on bicycles or cars. there is still room for talking about a plea deal and the da did not rule that out today >> >> the trial began today for the man accused of taking the law into his own hands. william lynch says he was abused by priests 35 years ago but prosecutors say was what he did to get revenge that was wrong. len ramirez with the odd way the trial began >> on day one this is already proving to be very unusual case in that the victim, an aging priest, is in some ways on trial himself for a molestation that occurred more than four years ago. the former priest took the stand in his trial and identified william lynch as his attacker but he denied ever molesting lynch. it capped off the first day of
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the trial that began with an unusual opening statement when the prosecutor told the jury that the victim may not be telling the truth when he is on the witness stand. she also described the defendants beating of a former priest as an act of revenge for molestation that occurred 38 years ago. it was the first time in any courtroom that the father was identified as a molester >> she is calling her own victim a liar and a rapist and a molester and that goes towards his credibility >> winces on trial for beating a father in may of 2010. he allegedly posed as a family friend to combine and face-to- face and then beat him with his fists. winces attorney said that the case is not just about what happened to years ago, he said they should understand what led to this a " sadistic rape being when lynch was 7 years old. attorney pat harris told the jury that father jerry sodomized
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and mentally terrorized lynch and his four year-old brother and even perforce them to perform oral sex on each other inside his tent. i watching the trial closely our friends and family and those who describe themselves as past victims including his own family members >> father jerry is my uncle >> are you a victim? >> yes >> what is it like for you to be here? >> it is scary and nerve racking but i think it will help a lot of people losing myself and my brother and sisters >> just after court ended, mr. lynch's attorney indicated that the father may have perjured himself on the witness stand when he denied ever molesting mr. lynch. he indicated that once the trial is over he may pursue perjury charges. >> today brought the official first day of summer. people all over the bay area
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are feeling the heat. >> high temperatures top off in the mid-90s today. there you have conquered at 95 degrees, 97 towards the delta and fairfield, 97 in livermore. nineties were common across santa clara valley with 75 in san francisco. the other side of the coin, extremely dry conditions. the relative humidity in concord at 9%. 13 percent throughout alameda county and 21 percent relative humidity in san jose. currently the air temperature is holding steady from the '60s through the '90s. >> contra costa county taxpayers are being asked to dig deep to say about the 10 fire stations but the fire service knows that
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this might be a tough sell. the effort to persuade people to open up their wallets >> this fire station is going to lose one company in july, half of its staffing. the fire department sent out a letter letting people know there will be more cuts of taxpayers don't pay up. >> whether you live right next door to a station that is closed or whether you don't, the reduction in service and staff stations will have an impact on everybody. >> it is a familiar story but will that have a different outcome? this time it is the contra costa fire district. it says it has cut its budget as deep as a can, dipping into reserves and it will have to close up to 10 stations if voters don't approve a partial tax. the exact figures and duration have yet to be determined but early polling shows that as
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close to the amount needed to pass >> we're hope that combined with proper public information and education that people will see this as a reasonable revenue measure that maintains their emergency services >> this letter is the sales pitch. the chief sent it out inviting the public to workshop to learn about the measure. >> we're maintaining a bareboned service level >> she sits on the fire district board and will be among those deciding what proposal goes on the ballot. are you convinced that you need taxpayer money? >> yes i am >> i know the taxpayer doesn't want to hear that >> just last week east county fire stations were closed after voters resoundingly rejected a tax. >> the day after it failed a lot of us were talking, there is no way we will be successful with
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our fire partial tax if we don't have pension reform >> she believes voters will want to see significant reform and negotiations are underway right now. she is optimistic because firefighters have agreed to attend% pay cut. >> the pension issues are something that is in the forefront. we hear about it every day. >> the public hearing will be held next tuesday afternoon inside the chambers. they need to decide by the end of july whether to put it on the november ballot and how much to ask the taxpayers for. >> a san francisco couple accused of murdering their daughters pimp. the emotional reaction as they appeared in court >> cycle is accused of selling stolen copper wire >> a huge pool buying operation
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>> a mother and father accused of shooting and killing their teenage daughters suspected pimp return to court today. joe vasquez with family members who came to support a couple >> he was a hard-working young man and his wife and they're good people. >> a large emotional crowd of family members packed the court to support them. no cameras were allowed inside s. 37 rolled lupe and 30 year- old hilton went before the judge to face murder charges accused of killing this man, 22 world
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calvin's need of l.a.. prosecutors say he was the pampa of the couple's 17 year- old daughter >> she was the only girl and they did everything they can to help their daughter. i am hurt his mom is in a hospital, she had a stroke >> a neighbor posted this photo on facebook showing a swat team arresting the couple last week. prosecutors say hilton had tracked down snead, shot and wounded him in l.a. and then shot him again here in the bay view section. this time the wounds were fatal but the attorney says this time there could be many suspects >> he was in the mix, he is a gang member who has been involved in gang fights and shootouts in l.a. and there are many people who have a motive to do harm to them and we feel our clients are being unfairly targeted >> we have strong evidence that
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support the mother and father were engaged in the shooting >> the district attorney >> between the mother and father prior to the murder. we know the victim in this case was bringing the daughter back >> the couple's attorneys have raised with the judge to take a look at the evidence for the first time before the arraignment on friday. >> investigators in the east bay are revealing new details tonight about their copper wire theft crackdown. here's a look at 7 scrap metal yards where an elaborate undercover operation was conducted. undercover agents went to recycling centers across the county and tried to sell property that was clearly not supposed to be for sale. the recycling company is required to find out who's selling it and take down information. it is up to them to make sure the property is legitimate
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>> we can stop the people from purchasing the property we are hopeful we can cut down on the theft itself >> between 2005-2011 pg&e noted more than $5 million in losses related to copper f. >> a new home for the employees at the san francisco public utilities commission. it is being called one of the greenest office buildings in america. it boasts wind turbines and solar panels and an outside plant to treat waste water. at night the entire north side will glow with lower energy lights in an installation named firefly. happy hour is making a comeback in hayward. they agreed to lit restaurants offer happy hour and live music again which have not been able to do since 2006. restaurants complained that it hurt their businesses. during the trial. the city staff members will
6:22 pm
work on a permanent policy. the marin county teenager suspected in a movie style heist pleaded not guilty this morning. he is accused of stealing a celebrity chefs car from a san francisco dealership last year. he is also accused of shooting into a vehicle from a motorcycle in mill valley in april. >> visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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>> a 3 mi. stretch of san francisco's market street could become a no go area for cars. the plan is dividing businesses. it could affect traffic from the embarcadero down to octavio
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boulevard. the idea is to make it more pleasant for visitors and shopkeepers. some businesses welcomed the plan to restore the street to its former glory. the owner believes there is an ulterior motive here. >> i think there is a hidden agenda behind this. i think it will try to build high-rises for condominiums or whatever they want but the only way for them to get that done would be to cut all the businesses out. >> you can have your say at a public meeting saturday at 10:00 a.m.. >> so much for that sacred, famous june gloom. it really felt like summer >> we had highs of 97 degrees in many of the locations inland. we have some temperatures in the 90s across the board. this is the scene looking out towards pier 29 at san francisco
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firefighters continue to mop up the damage from a fire earlier this afternoon. thank goodness they have this under control because wind is picking up out of the west at 24. at the time of the fire the wind was blowing at 7 mi. per hour. 90 in livermore, 90 in concord. low 90s in the delta back to fairfield. looking out towards a very dry mount diablo, so far today the relative humidity has gone down to 9% in concord. sunset tonight is at 834. we will have a marine air influence. right now, a little bit of stratus clouds near daly city. tonight is the return of the marine layer and notice how far
6:27 pm
inland if it reaches. because of that we will have a notable cool down on thursday into the weekend. tonight fifties into santa rosa and otherwise, tomorrows highs are going down. fifties and sixties that the beaches. 79 degrees in morgan hill. you will feel the difference in the eastern portion of the district. 76 in napa and 78 in sonoma. look at the first weekend of summer, highs only in the mid- 70s. >> last month they were operating 120 gold buying shows per week and then an undercover investigation revealed a pattern of lying and deceit. one of the largest operations >> the country's top law
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>> last month they were operating 120 cool buying shows per week in hotels and then our undercover investigation revealed managers were lying to customers writing bad checks. tonight employees reveal the tricks of the trade. we have the story will only see on cbs five >> if it is old gold or silver we say bring it in >> one morning he was a guest on a tv show and the next, the checks he wrote bounce and the traveling gold buyer was wanted by the police. he says his company did not tell him that checks were bad until it was too late and he is not alone >> i said i feel sick. i have written checks for two days. do you realize that is fraught? >> she resigned after discovering she had been writing bad checks.
6:32 pm
there are only two of many employees from across the country who reveal what they say is a culture of deception within the nation's largest gold mine operations. many attribute the bounced checks to the ceo extravagant lifestyle. court documents show he owes the irs more than $3 million and used corporate accounts to purchase things like luxury homes >> half of what is on the table >> she says she is not surprised by the findings of the undercover investigation in which some employees really repeatedly lied about the quality of gold. she says they felt pressured to take advantage of customers and felt they might be spied on anytime >> you never knew when they would be watching you through your computer >> says employees were instructed that buying gold at less than 10 percent of the value, a practice confirmed. the incentive is big bonuses.
6:33 pm
we questioned a company spokesperson about the practice following our initial investigation. don't you think that would encourage them to live or be dishonest to make more money? >> absolutely not >> you are certainly low balling >> that is not illegal. to some of the managers may be feel guilty? i am sure they do >> i was always feeling guilty, especially when the older people came in with no idea >> she says employees were taught to use tactics >> what they wanted us to do is want it together >> allowing them to hide the value of individual items, something we caught under cover at the show in dallas. many of the items in our lot were actually 18 carrots, worth substantially more. >> we're not in the business of lying to people >> wind about gold content she
6:34 pm
says was certainly condoned >> if it could be plainly marked they could make it up and say it is actually filled >> i saw your previous segment and that is straight out proof that there are people still lying >> she says many employees were honest and unaware of what went behind the scenes until the check started bouncing. they say that is when parsons instructed them to immediately ship back all gold in spite of laws requiring it stayed in some counties for 30 days >> they're asking me to break the law in california and he goes, when you put it that way then yes >> final straw for many >> on not going to jail for jeff parsons. >> employees say that due to bad checks, some of them have warrants out for their arrest. many of them are talking to the illinois attorney general. the company has not returned our request for comment but we retained this database the
6:35 pm
killing nearly $1.9 billion of returned checks following the unexpected closure of its bank account. many on the list say they have not been reimbursed despite repeated calls to the company >> they're still in business? >> absolutely. they have 38 shows an operation and according to company e-mail they are downsizing and asking anyone on the road to send back their gold in preparation for layoffs >> this is not over. >> a house committee has voted to hold attorney-general eric holder in a contempt of congress for failing to turn over justice department documents. the white house invoked executive privilege in refusing to turn over the documents. they have been investigating the operation for year-and-a- half >> i think we are actually involved more in political
6:36 pm
gamesmanship as opposed to trying to get the information they say that they want >> the next step is for the full house to consider the contempt charge. >> hawaii's governor says billionaire where yeltsin reached a deal to buy almost all of the island of lanai. it is the sixth largest wine island and according to the governor the current owner filed for a transfer application. larry ellison is the c o of oracle. the sale price is unclear but according to hawaii newspapers, it is between 500 and $600 million. heavy rain has caused severe flooding in minnesota. people who live in at least one neighbor hood evacuated from their homes. internet and cell phones service are down in several areas. police are asking people to stay off the roads.
6:37 pm
>> nasa's messenger probe found what looks like mickey mouse on the planet closest to the sun. at least three craters form the iconic face. messenger has taken more than 100,000 photos of the surface of mercury. >> it is a popular bay area bake,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a san francisco woman has been honored with the national jefferson award for her cities, working her city's tough tender white neighborhood.
6:40 pm
mitch wilson received the jacqueline kennedy onassis award for service benefiting the local community. wilson founded the bay area women's and children's center to provide family services in the tenderloin. her efforts have included creating a library program, five playgrounds, a food pantry and even an elementary school. >> this week's local winner also works tirelessly to help young people. sharon chen introduces the father figure in marin city >> under orlando wiggins, players are scoring points on and off the court at the recreation center >> when i walked in the gym i see joy and smiles on these kids' faces and that makes me happy. >> orlando is head coach and director of the southern rim and
6:41 pm
lightning, a nonprofit basketball club for low-income kids. he helped found the club 10 years ago to keep kids out of trouble >> some of the kids were not doing that well in school and once they started playing basketball, that is when everything turned around >> he says all of the 300 and more kids have been or are going to college >> i think that is the best thing about it, seen these kids go off and succeed in college >> 8 in your team veteran will attend and look for dame in belmont on a basketball scholarship. he calls or land of his father figure >> he calls me and ask me where i am >> orlando says he just wants to be the father he never had >> i see now where kids don't have that father figure in their life and i tried to fill that void for them. there was an emptiness in my heart where at times i wanted to
6:42 pm
straight and do other things but god gave me the gift to work with kids. >> players welcome him as a role model. he works full time as 8 p each teacher, coach is the teams and studies behavioral science full- time at the college of marin so he can council the kids that he coaches. >> he gets a 4.0 and i'm just a little bit under at 3.5, so she has inspired me a lot to definitely work harder >> orlando led the team to a national championship in the amateur athletic union three years ago but derek mcintosh whose father co-founded the team says that players will always remember orlando influence >> orlando's one of the first people i turned to >> my joy comes at seeing them succeed and happy >> for guiding orange county
6:43 pm
teenager's success this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to orlando wiggins. >> the van that orlando used to drive kids to games is no longer operable. if you can contribute towards another one use the links online at cbs sets up dot com. click the connect button and then jefferson awards. >> the first day of summer today and it felt like it. all the way up to 97 degrees in livermore. it is one of those days where we all scream for ice cream. >> everybody is asking about you out here. we will tell you about a we will tell you about a baseball player.,,,,
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rethink possible.
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>> the city of san francisco will investigate the popular of bakery chain la oulange after a
6:47 pm
cbs five investigation. and investigation claims that they have not been following health care law. one former manager who did not want to be identified told us this: >> the company paints an image about caring about its employees and its community and its customers and i think that something such as not being up front about how the health situation is with their employees would upset some people because that is the major thing especially for young people in san francisco. >> the bakery declined requests for an interview but in a statement the company says it abides by all san francisco laws. it adds that there has been an awareness gap and that the company plans to notify employees of their benefits and retraining managers. the city agency that enforces the law had not received any
6:48 pm
record of the company until yesterday until we started our investigation. the document shows that it did not pay single dollar last year to reimburse workers for their health care costs. >> on the first day of summer is certainly felt like summer, all the way to 97 degrees in livermore and also in pleasanton. good evening everybody. let's take a look at today's high temperatures. 97 degrees in fairfield. 85 in mountain view and redwood city but the other side of the coin happen to be the very low relative humidity, all the way down to 9 percent today. at this hour at the humidity is on a gradual rise. 67 degrees in oakland. 82 degrees in oakland. let's look at some of the relative humidity.
6:49 pm
18 percent in livermore. 30 percent relative humidity now in santa rosa. we will see that increase because we will see the clouds increase. here come the clouds moving all the way inland in the overnight hours. we're still saturated with gray skies and it looks like it will take awhile for the clouds to retreat around the bay but at 6:00 in the evening we still have very cloudy conditions. today was the warmest day of the week and it looks like tomorrow will be one of the coolest days as an area of low pressure to the north enhances the marine layer. temperatures into the fifties from napa to mountain view. fifties and sixties at the beaches. 60 from south san francisco.
6:50 pm
72 in los gatos and 70 in milpitas. the wind will whip up up to 20 during the late day hours. seventies in napa and sonoma. 69 degrees in san rafael. san francisco will be cool at 62 degrees but it gets cooler this weekend. overcast skies along the coast with '70s in the inland areas. tomorrow is a daytime
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>> it doesn't matter if the l.a. dodgers or in san francisco or oakland, northern california fans love to hate them. the aides shut out the dodgers 3-0 last night to continue their resurgence during the disastrous month of may. the a's rookie slugger had
6:54 pm
just one at bat since june. one of the primary reasons for oakland winning baseball games again is its first baseman. how about this guy? brandon moss was called up from the minor leagues and in 12 games he has scored 10 runs with nine extra base hits including six home runs. he is the american league's player of the week. >> brandon, you came out red- hot. 6 some runs in your first nine games and one scout called you a power hitter but you did something to change your stance. can you show the audience what it was that helped you? >> it is pretty simple but when you are in the midst of hitting
6:55 pm
there are a lot of things you would rather not tinker with but it is something i did when i was coming up and then when i got in the big leagues i would hit with an open stance and with an open stance there are a lot more moving parts so when you are struggling with timing is a little bit different. what it helps me do is it starts my swing and recognizing the pitch and then i'm able to react with my hands and gets more of a connected swing as opposed to throwing your hands out there. >> it is certainly working. have you noticed opposing pitchers adjusting? >> the biggest thing is these guys are so good that you need to have a consistent approach. you need to go up there and try to do something. you need to try to do what you
6:56 pm
are doing so if they make a mistake >> you worked at the cash register at the gas station as a professional baseball players >> of think that is an uncommon story for a lot of baseball players. if you are an early round guy you get a signing bonus to carry you through look minor leagues. if not you are going to do some odd jobs during the off-season. i know some guys who go home and work construction and things like that. you have got to pay the bills. nobody is too good for any job as long as it pays. >> if you keep it like this, you will not need to do that >> i'm never too proud to do any kind of work, that is for sure >> we're out here tonight for root beer flowed day and this is
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benefiting juvenile diabetes association and they have done a great job. they have raised $330,000, last year we raise $29,000 and it is ironic that we're pumping out the root beer floats and ice- cream raising money for diabetes but it is a very good cause. we're less than two months away from the nfl. we are the home of preseason football and 49 fans should be excited. wide receiver a.j. jenkins has signed a contract. he caught 90 passes last year for nearly 1,300 yds and eight touchdowns. the 49ers have signed all of their draft picks. their draft picks. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant.
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