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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  June 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon. at least at this new with a developing story out of mountain
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view a middle-age man died of a bus stop after a car with the leg and hit him. a gray audi struck the man at the detail a bus stop in the south side of the intersection of california at 930 this morning. the man was struck by the car and pronounced dead by the fire service. the close the area between california and traffic is now being diverted up of the st. until the investigation continues. ) on what led to a blaze in berkeley which one woman died overnight. the timing of the tragedy as a reminder to everyone to test their smoke detectors. a scary with a call for neighbors like o'connell. my daughter woke up but to clog and said there's a tree on their closed-door house will jumped up and it was just crazy on fire. they're back on scene looking for the cause of the fire.
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request have to rule out and eliminate any source of fires so they'll be working on that area and the back of the building. firefighters are able to salvage much of the house that the back was an entire loss. reports the house was not equipped with smoke detectors investigators would not release them formation at this time that this fire was enough to give neighbors reminder. i hope people who smoke alarms in happens all the time no smoke alarms no warning. wing on information on the young woman who died three of them visiting from portland and the inside and to others taken to the house will suffering smoke inhalation and minor burns expect to be ok. residents of the santa clara county, a lucky escape and the house went up in flames to a this morning with more than half the house burning as the
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firefighters arrived. the entire building was gutted within the hour in the to people and said it got out safely. fockers tackle the two alarm fire in vallejo just off of 80 this morning the house and the boat parked beside suffered major damage and the cause is under investigation. good examine peer 2010 census, trying to determine if the building is at risk of a total collapse after a chase massive fire. at pier 29 where they are now tallying up the damage. with in the last hour they decided the rest of the side needs to come down. the bulldozer is in place ready to take it down because it's an unstable right now. as the cause and the fire is just beginning. this centuries-old buildings lit up at to a caucus to afternoon and we still don't know how the fire investigators had to cut the ruptured for fear the building collapse.
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since there's no life safety issue they're going to stay back into the can get in there and make a determination. $2,370,000 worth of damage was done to the historic pier 29. they're still assessing the damage the roof collapsed. and so the facade which now lies in a pile of the sidewalk online the embarcadero and while the sidewalk as close a lot of people using makeshift path between traffic and defense. one person was hit by a car early this morning but only lightly with no injuries reported. of the bikers and pedestrians found new routes. this is what the inside of the building looked like a stick afternoon exclusive the obtained by cbs some walters had been working on the video on the building all part of the investigation into the cause. given all indications that there's no suspicious inclination to this fire.
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plans for them to use the pier is a food courts are still ago. this fire is compared to a fire in a warehouse next to the cannery on fisherman's wharf remembering from back in 2002 the fire departments of the two buildings are very similar and that the salvage and resurrection of that warehouse now the maritime museum is given the people here in charge of the pier some hope. the book is of the national register of historic places. the fire department does have their preliminary report the seventh and the last minutes is that of electrical issue or cost of a worker's career in the afternoon plaza and the inside? not much there was some vehicles parked in their the
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were not damaged and they're able to get them on time but you did hear the huge damage estimate that 2,000,003 and $77 obviously damage was done in san jose family members of a man accused of beating an elderly priest confronted the priest of his way to the court room the defendants of san francisco 7 he is proud of their work kids they were sexually abused by the father that testified today denying he accused the boys and the felony trial is delayed until monday for unrelated reasons. other bay area have less the mayor's office in oakland is clarifying the so-called 100 blocks plan the chief of staff said more than half a oken's homicides in the last two years of happen within nine of the city's 35 police beets. but now viruses been detected in a bird in san mateo county for the first time this year did
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collected would set last week had never tested positive. it comes from this gigabytes and it can infect people who are bitten. democrats have reached an agreement on the final changes to california's budget and legislators passed 92 billion the budget on credit of seven related bills had to be discussed. the agreement including that of the families and metical and restores the property tax revenues to counties. but the commerce secretary is stepping down he suffered a seizure last week involving and to traffic accidents including an alleged hit and run in the los angeles area. they say the 68 year-old has limited recall of the event is resignation official and a letter to president obama did wednesday. it's up to the jurors to decide what happens to sandusky. caught on camera. the verbal abuse of a bus monitor that has now gone viral.
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stocks are tumbling more disappointing news on the economy the top is down to an 14 points to manufacture in the northeast slump this month to the lowest level in nearly a year. manufacturing activity in china appears to a slowdown. good but simmons defense team has released new video that shows the neighborhood watch volunteer reenacting the 90 shots morning. on my zimmerman said deadly force was necessary. he said you you got a problem and i turned around i said not all have a problem.
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he brought police to the scene where he shot martin a day after it happened his head investors still bandaged he give a detailed account to detectives and says it was martin who attacked him. and then he was here in the punched me in the face. he said that they scuffled among upon the ground with martin on top of him. i felt like i had was going to explode and lose consciousness. he claims to try to get away but suddenly the gun under his jacket became exposed. i feel like he sought he looked headed in said you're going to die tonight and he reached for the i felt his arm going down to my side and i grabbed it and i shot him. he says he didn't even realize that martin had been shot. i didn't think i hit him because he set up released by his attorney
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is the minister's to second- degree murder and pleaded not guilty in new york cbs five. the police chief of and a board investigation has been fired since they say he no longer has the confidence of the community. jurors a been delivered in a child abuse truck of the former penn state assistant coach sandusky. both sides delivered closing arguments today and earlier this month and the judge threw out three counts against him saying to did not have an of supporting evidence and the third duplicated and accounts. so district in york state is investing in the bullying of the woman on the school bus. after a video appeared on line. predestines deal that insult and physical threats of the bus monitor and she said she had few options on that day.
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he yanked the phone and of his hand to meet in trouble at that i just let them go and just try to ignore them and it's kind of scary. i never thought anything like this would ever happen. police and school districts are working to identify the students and the district has received angry e-mails from all of the world. talk about a tough wearing a shocking sight one woman came home to after running a couple of barron's. it breaks your heart a small basketball fan with a very big tears the viral video coming up. so much for the summer heat trickling down big time around the bay,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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however agitate gets at least your house wasn't stolen up by a giant sinkhole. that's what a florida woman discovered when she returned home from running a couple of aaron's down town. three of the rooms to house its 20 to 40 ft. below and houses condemned and neighbors are warned to stay clear because they might be next have you even begin to start over from that. that thing could expand that's weather word about the neighbors.
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what a change from yesterday we had a hot '90s outside and today is going to be different. as a hint of the day with see the cooler temperatures approaching the coast line not much of the way of cleaning. members now in the '50s and '60s. a much cooler day as we have a very strong see breeze and only partial clearing as we head toward the afternoon tonight cloudy it again in more drizzle toward the coast line staying cool in through the weekend with the changes as the high pressure breaking down with a low making its way towards california. in slight chance of sprinkles north of the called in gate bridges we head to the day tomorrow. cloudy out of the coastline and
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an overnight tonight " cloud cover and fog search back on shore ken tucker and then to tamara the system in this way to the bay area and a slight chance of sprinkel showing net worth of the golden gate bridge toward tomorrow afternoon but in at about 73 degrees in san jose and sunshine and breezy in the afternoon. are going to see temperatures in the mid-70s on the warm end inland 76 in brentwood and 74 in livermore today. next couple of days were going to continue the cool down of the temperatures below approaching the coast line spinning around zero beacon keeping our temperatures well below average.
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alameda county fair celebrating 100 years and what facilities to have back then. hawaii's governor said the billionaire reached a deal to buy almost the entire island of lanai. like 90 percent the sixth largest of the hawaiian islands agreed to put them under the current owner filed a transfer application with the state public utilities commission. and the ceo or " decided to take it the sell price is unclear but the asking price was between half a billion and $600 million. the winner with as property taxes would be like. teachers but in north big basketball club are not shooting for points they are shooting for a good education thanks to this week's jefferson award winner.
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now the father figure inspiring teenagers to dream big. under orlando wiggins players scoring points on and off the court to the recreation center. when i walk and that jim icy joins on these kids' faces and that makes me happy. head coach and director of the marin lightning and nonprofits basketball company he optical found at the club 10 years ago to keep its head of trouble. some kids aren't doing good in school lunch they start playing basketball at to never thinks of it turning around. encouraging his players to aim high education. they say they have been are going to college greta that's the best thing about that to see these kids go often succeed in college.
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attended team veteran will attend notre dame and a basketball scholarship. calling for the end of his father figure. because it every weekend pasting of trouble always some my tango orlando just want to be the father that he never had. greta icy and our kids don't have a father figure in life and i try to fill the void for them was an emptiness in my heart that at times of wanted to stray off and do the things but god gave me the gift to work with other kids. and players welcome him as a role model he works full-time as a pe teacher and coaches the teams and a serious behavioral science at full time at the college to counsel the kid said he coaches. his son tries to keep up. i'm just a little under him at 35 so he's inspired me a lot
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to definitely work harder. led the team to a national championship three years ago that derrick macintoshes late founder coca the team says players will always remember his influence. or what them to succeed that's from my joy comes at seeing them succeed and happy. for guidance teenagers success in hoops and higher education this week to jefferson award and the bay area goes to orlando weakens. greatcoat the event that he uses to drive kids is no longer working so if you can contribute toward another one use the link to the southern miranda lading lightning online link to our web site.
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today first and when to start to saute the scallops and of will. cookies for two minutes on one side. was scallops at cushing cooking he gets another skillet going with the whole clove of garlic and rosemary.
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you just want to start and vegetables and through a little canyon. the chef adds beans english peas and glanced snow peas all given a good tossed. greta this point i'm going to take the rosemary and garlic out analysts salt and little bit of pepper. eat the tomatoes and last in the dutch pulls to didn't look as long because they're so sweet as they are. and all the scups finish cooking the chef flavors the vegetables as linen to bring out the flavor. finishing these off with lemon juice as well. and all of oil. i like this part. christopher's trip oklahoma city thunder fan could not be comforted and his team lost to the miami heat on tuesday.
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it's ok. this is one serious sports fan right there. it may be read oklahoma city facing elimination the nba finals tonight unless they beat the heat they've lost three in a row. ,,
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