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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 23, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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here and their trust in the trade them for encroach high. sandusky found guilty of abusing boys. the first nickname i was ever given was j.b. standing for jail bait. the biggest threat to women in the armed forces is why a new documentary says it isn't the enemy of their fellow soldiers. did waves and not just for humans how acupuncture is being used to treat dogs and cats. the net is off tonight.
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jerry sandusky will likely spend the rest of his life find bars. just hours ago the former penn state coach was led away in handcuffs. a jury convicted him of sexually assaulting 10 boy is over 15 years. manuela has reaction from outside the courthouse. a crowd of residents gathered to celebrate when i heard the news. he is guilty on 45 counts. there was no visible reaction in court. his bail was revoked and he was taken into custody. and jerry sandusky was led away in handcuffs after being found of guilty of 45 counts of child sex abuse. the crowd outside the courthouse cheered as the verdicts became known just after 10:00 p.m. on the second day of jury deliberations. we believe that
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justice has been served. sandusky's attorney said he was not surprised. it was the expected outcome because of the overwhelming amount of evidence against a sandusky. the former assistant was accused of molesting two boys are 15 years. eight accusers took the stand describing in graphic detail how the abuse started with a gift sleepovers and trips to penn state football games but progress to fondling oral sex and rape sandusky's denied the charges that never took the stand in his own defense. instead his attorney tried to discredit investigators and suggested the accusers were lying. the defense also presented character witnesses including sandusky's wife who testified that she never sought any inappropriate contacts between her husband and the boys. but the star witness for penn state assistant coach mike mccurry testify and that is fun
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might abusing a young boy in a campus hour. and would likely spent a restless life in prison. his family is said to be devastated. his attorney says he will appeal and tells us that his client does not seem to fully comprehends what is now happening to him. dick weis defense attorneys have asked for a mistrial in the beating of a priest in los gatos. investigators say william lynch beat father gerald like mayor in 2010 and says it was retaliation and a priest molested him and his brother as a child the defense accuses prosecutors in no it will allowed false testimony after the prosecute prosecution warned the jury that lender might lie about using lynch. this is what's known as perjury and you can be a defense
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very convenient lawyer can't get away with that. the judge plans to hold a hearing on monday. fighting games on the streets and now the hospital. the city is that as a is that in $2 million to anti-gay and programs. there been 19 homicides this year in san as a night nine of them gang-related csi reporter can't tell the new effort to get gang member is when they're most vulnerable. when a gang member shot and stabbed the city believes the next 48 hours mother still hospital in the prime-time talk about change. the weights there are a lot of questions and your minds in a few weeks the city launches a hospital insurance and pilot program had trained counselors will come to valley medical center and get a 20 minute bedside talk with gang member and their relatives will offer services like job training drug
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counseling and help with medical bills. for young people there are knowledge that their help with the and choices of their resources open doing more productive path if you want that the announcement came at the meeting of the year's task force at the years ahead a task force has been reiterated by millions of dollars in funding and then the present time will not take the kid at the game is game counselors a longtime critic and as a hard-core gang member for 25 years he says that during a violent incident all anyone cares about is revenge. all come out of here and go get that person in my home is are on this. the city of its hospital interventions will work on everyone in fact will be happy with a 30 percent success rate. hospital and dimensions are relatively new the only other city doing anything remotely similar is oakland's
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hiller valley medical center dealt hope to have a program up and running the lid and august live in san as a kid does cbs five. several california prison inmates are going from the confines of the cell to potentially landing its six- figure job you're looking at the newest graduates of a program that teaches convicts' prison how to deep sea dive the convicts can become commercial divers underwater welder's into heavy construction orders this group will save the state and half a million dollars of they don't prevent serious five reporter kristin harris profile these guys a few months ago. to see the full story go to our web site at cbs as theft of comment click on news links. the four women serving our country overseas it's not only the enemy they have to be wary of. and finally standing up for myself. finally i have a voice.
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the invisible or the u.s. is losing. the invisible or premier to the theater the crowd applauded great survivors lead to the documentary. kenny webers had is a 17 year-old army private she was living proof that american women are more likely to be sexually abused by a fellow soldier then killed by enemy fire. and now ranking soldier told me your and private chimera need to talk to you. and what i did was went with him because i trusted him and i ended up being raped. that bill says one in five servicemen and of experience radar other sexual crimes that american military compounds. diana said she's arrived rate four times in the air force. alice pray the first net the nickname was given as j.b. stanford jail bait. the defense department estimates there wore the 19,000 assaults in the military last year eight percent
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were prosecuted in 2% stock convictions. meghan sesshu's the young marine corporal guarding president president bush's helicopter when she was raped to says likely survivors report the crime milles punish financially she was discharged. one was locked in a broad and covered up no one wants to pay attention because it was such a political unit they didn't want a black eye to. a bill by jackie's beer with an impartial panel decide what to investigate crime and take that power of the hands of military command. your unit commander could be the rapist your unit commander could be the best friend of the rapist. or in line for promotion. moviegoers are shocked after seeing the invisible war. intel is ironic that these women are victims when they're protecting us. the invisible war won the sundance film festival audience award.
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that is in the film defense secretary and close policy change policy changes in allowing victims to transfer to a different basic units. gentian cbs five. did gene his daughter married a longtime partner in washington d.c. today mary cheney and other pilots had not 20 years to the day after their first dates. the couple has two children in the teaching and his wife lisa statement saying they're delighted. and here's a live look at cbs castro district gave pride weekend is getting started 800,000 people i expected this take part of the city's pumping welcome cash thousands of part of a chance march tonight is started indoors party emerged as the center they hope to draw attention to violence ended transgendered people. to say that's not
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adaptable to lesson that we need to do the work we need so that this will the stay for all us. the march started to thousand four after two men were killed it caltrans and woman were convicted of murder but not a crime. the future is no forecast what the company rolls out its new more affordable electric car how much it costs to take one of those babies home. time is running out this with some people need to make to say there ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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california will not have to shell out an extra dollar for a pack of cigarettes after a book that's been too close to call for weeks prop. 29 when it in smoke and associated press analysis found a measure failed by just over half a percentage point that is only statewide it 20,000 votes. the first wave of tassels and electric cars will off the assembly line in fremont today. two years ago the plants close to a new life in it calls for celebration is tesla delivered its new model sedans to early first customers 40 new
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owners receive their cars today tesla founder and ceo says this is much more than a technical success. and really show that some high-tech manufacturers can be done in california in fact even in the bay and sent make the best cause in the world. the waves the model s is capable of driving it 300 mi. of a single charge. for many of us of photographs are among our most prized possessions. but next month billions of of my photos will be on the move because kodak is bankrupt cbs reporter jeff quinn explains that switch that some people will have to make in order to save them. what's that? next two weeks have there will be new ways to preserve some of the most precious memories. five years ago she started store in his baby
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pictures on line with kodak gallery. oftentimes have a shared mission is, it's easier and cheaper and more efficient because kodak under bankruptcy on july 2nd of all the pictures will have to move to end users want to transfer all but all those pictures on to the sides and now $5 billion will have to go through the air to hear. i think we have about 80 albums that the range from to 300 pictures to 50 to 70. as a professional she hasn't had time to transfer from cut back gallery to shutter vie she just came back from vacation to italy in those photos have been applied to cut back and she is worried about what will happen to all of those memorable trips she's taken two years. for me the photographs are my life's diary. shedder vice says it may take time for your photos to appear because the process may take several months to complete which means no
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online access her pictures this summer but experts say customers can be sure the someone transition goes smoothly. did waves its proven much more reliable. the united do. each car account will chance for users to didn't want to make the move had to have opted out by may 28th otherwise have to go to shut fly for those kodak moments. he equates there is a new top dog when it comes to ugly and for the very first time he comes from across the pond meet locally he isn't a year-old chinese crested dogs smugly in his honor traveled all the way from england to petaluma is the first time a challenger from the u.k. has even entered the world's ugliest dog contest so what will the winner to with the thousand dollars grand prize? i have two other dogs both of which come from different rescue home soap i will split the money between its u.s. use.
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she won the ugliest dog competition seven years ago so he is an all-star. it's an ancient remedy that's been used on people 400 years now but now i keep on shares also being used to treat dogs like ugly and cats to the spirit shows us the animal elements is helping to heal. mix charlie lola and move all suffering with aches and pains not being treated the alternative way when it comes to their pets' there is nothing kathy davis or 15 year-old emily riesman will do and acupuncture and other alternative therapies are working along with other treatments. it's not drugs in their system or to the body's own natural healing capacity and make the dogs still better. thatcher elwood's runs the action and your clinic in
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sentences the better near specialists in his been using holistic medicine and that some of these at rightists digestive problems even chemotherapy. my velocity is strongly integrative i think it's insane not to use the best of all you have available. dr. wood says this cat is in remission. he was have his way to muster when undergoing chemotherapy and says tiny needles inserted to various pressure points improve circulation and releases endorphins. if you ever had acupuncture you know you do feel movement inside your body if you think back to brochure's new age medicine and intestine on animals doctors say it's not sell it was first used in china on large animals especially horses. hundreds of years ago. when a big current trends and shows were says it's something they're runs the family and so
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is the belief that is alternative medicine. dr. woods makes the point acupuncturists not taken the place of regular veterinary care it's another tool to help us recover and improve their quality of life. he is known remissions ending farewell and for pet owners they say the results speak for themselves. charlie and low luck are more agile and energetic and let even in pain seems to taken to the treatments like a fish does to water. the waste from the weather sent to the million-dollar question tonight happens to be well the weather be fair at the fair? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, last step but their doors again
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is a live cbs 5 with a camera at the sonoma murray and fair. where people are having a good time series even though it's a bet on the suicide the temperatures in the upper 50s
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and a breezeway and nice if you are heading to the fair the one in the east bay and this weekend expect both highs at the alameda county fair in the '70s with lots of sunshine and we're dealing with this and intensified marine layer so deep it's producing some heavy drizzle to 96 then here comes your afternoon on saturday we start to say about the status but there's a lot of cool air still associate with the marine layer and also with an area of low pressure to the north and bay trailing off into the northwestern section of the state that the cool air mass associated is just drifting south and to the day as the slow and has nowhere to go is just spinning its wheels off the coast. so it's going to keep a michael synar on the entire state's including sacramento mid-70s low sixties in the high sierra as well as a moderate day. meanwhile tonight unless supply skies in the areas of
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drizzle into the fifties rose daytime highs are not going up all fifties and the beaches '60s in the peninsula los '70s and the santa clara valley the '70s these fifties to 7072 to the north and extended forecast no big change until tuesday next week. and here's glenn with sports. the police the top five of the night it still moves. and the giants recover,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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adjustment of your set is necessary. it's clearly me on this channel. welcome aboard. every now and then they is a the giants get together and tonight the prime example. the japanese love birds. bases loaded the can find the strike zone in walks and runs a striking but eight top 9 brandon belt and to is had by cal. to run double. they'll tie the game at 3. and a few months later longueur the base hits. that proved to be the
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game-winner to see is the 20 as they with the giants come from behind to win the final of five to four. if your to me johnson still in her junior what sin. degrees below small because of the name i don't see those guys pulling endorsement. the sport's most popular driver. the loss sunday at the michigan 500 and they the winless streak of 143 races he stood scores 19th at the reason sonoma we talked about that today. he equates is kind of like being able to play golf well. and if neglected or done to get seriously you'll be good at it. you can't just pick up a bag of clubs and go hit every
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four months in think you're going to play good round. marcus sampras's the header for the race scheduled to start in noon and it's time now for the friday night top 5 and no. 5 tigers pirates for months on see also flies one not of law expressly and a sliding catch and fall. the private parcel and 41 in 2012 the one timer in the year he gets it through germany events is winning 42. wilson bennet just showing local action for the put out the orioles take care of business from the nationals number suit yankees i'd david with a little help from knicks wish her jumps and the ball was over the fence. that's a three runs on the mets win 64 and #one in the european golf tour. in the 17th hole he just wants to get them the green. and how about that it tenace. he won a bmw set for its
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value of $77,000. did way to that is our top five for friday. water the taxes on that bmw ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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