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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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unfolding inside of a colorado movie theater. a shooting rampage left 12 people dead and at least 59 others injured. >> police say that the man behind the attacks was a graduate student with california connections. it happened at the first showing of the new batman movie. here's the latest from laura colorado. >> hospital officials say that 16 of the victims are critically injured when police are still here going to the evidence and investigating to determine exactly what happened and why. >> cellphone video captured the chaotic moments after a heavily armed gunman opened fire during a midnight showing of the new batman movie. a man in a blood soaked shirt and a child in a batman costume were among hundreds of people who escaped the carnage. >> there was a gas can that went off behind me and i thought it was a stunt from the movie. >> he was sitting in the second row when the attack started. >> it was a serious moment because i felt the shells from
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the bullets per my leg. >> jennifer said the first shot was fired at the ceiling. >> and from the ceiling he pointed his gun straight at my face, he was literally 3 ft. away from me. >> police say that a 24 year-old suspect and not put up a fight when he was arrested in the parking lot, the university of colorado released a photograph confirming reports that it was dropping out of a graduate program and neuroscience. police found explosives in his car and searched his nearby apartment found pockets of ammunition and chemicals. >> his apartment is apparently booby trapped. >> police say that he wore a gas mask and military-style clothing during the attack, used an assault rifle to pistols and a knife. the survivors include a 3 month old baby, several victims are being treated for chemical exposure. this man was moved to tears describing what he saw. >> a young girl just with bullet wounds in her leg and blood, all over her.
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>> the suspect's family is cooperating with police and say that there are stop to the victims. even though police believe the suspect acted alone, security has been stepped up at movie theaters across the country, showing this new batman movie. live in colorado, back to you. >> michelle, what is the latest on the suspect, we understand that his apartment was actually booby trapped when the police went in there to investigate? >> police are still on the scene at that apartment, police and fire crews were there earlier this morning and they have a cherry picker out, one of a fireman was on that cherry picker at the third floor apartment window, there were carefully trying to take the screen from the window and carefully trying to pekin but again there still being careful about entering that apartment, and finding, they think that they're going to find some explosives. i want to tell you that the suspects car was confiscated and they did find explosives in that vehicle. >> do we know if the victims that were inside of the theater,
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have their bodies been removed yet? >> what we're hearing right now is that 10 victims died here at the scene and we believe that their bodies are still here, as police are investigating. behind me in this parking lot, surrounding the movie theater, the crime scene tape is still up and there is still a lot of police activity there. we're told that two victims died at hospital, 12 victim's total. and we're being told that 16 of the victims are critically injured, including one victim who was a three month old baby who was injured. >> so tragic. and thank you. >> we are learning more about the man arrested in connection with last night's shooting. 24 year-old james holmes attended high school in san diego before moving to colorado. he was reportedly studying for a ph.d. in neuroscience at the aggressive colorado in denver but dropped out this past june. his mother is being protected by
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the police at her home in san diego, and earlier she identified her son as the accused gunman to news media outlets down in southern california. his father was escorted from the house this morning, we understand that he is on his way to colorado. police say that they're trying to reassure the family's privacy is respected. >> as you can imagine the shootings in colorado have moviegoers on edge around the nation. >> cate caugurian is live in oakland with the reaction to the attack. >> you know, some of the moviegoers i spoke to did not know about this senseless shooting. but after we spoke with them it has their sense of security, basically they're questioning their sense of security and bay area police are on alert. >> we got up at 630 a m in came all the way down to the bart station and ran into other batman fans.
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>> once were hit the moviegoers and unsettling feeling suntanned. >> a kind of makes you sad, i guess, i'm a little nervous. >> you wonder about where we are in a society, when violence like that happens just over a film. >> mayor ed lee issued this statement " our first thoughts are with the families and friends of those that lost their lives in the shooting, senseless acts of violence against innocent people must not be tolerated under any circumstances ". now the bay area's second thoughts could be safety. as thousands more stand in lines, moviegoers here don't want to see this at home. >> i hope that we don't experience any similar violence. >> servers as a police say that it will be paying special attention to movie theaters in light of what has happened. an oakland police are stepping up patrols not just to inject london square but in other theaters throughout the duration of the movie. >> we're very concerned about copycat type of activity, the
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movie is being shown here in jack london square where we had five people shot unrelated to what happened in colorado. >> if you are headed to a movie theater today, you can expect to see police driving by and police have even asked theater employees to tip them off if they see anything strange. reporting live in oakland, cbs 5. >> president obama put politics aside and cut short a preplanned campaign events in florida. he is now in the white house but before he held a moment of silence for the victims before addressing a crowd in fort myers. >> they're going to be other days for politics. this i think is a day for prayer and reflection. >> both presidential campaigns have now pulled negative ads off the air in colorado, at least for the time being. >> we will post lower video on our website go to to see continuing coverage of that story including a photo gallery of the crime scene.
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the list of its own investigation. in other news, two men have been indicted for shooting into a group of people in oakland last november, killing a baby. the one-year-old was shot well in his father's arms, the attacks happened after the completion of a music video shoot. this morning officials charge the suspect with murder, this afternoon a 16 year-old use will be arraigned on charges of murder and attempted murder. and we're learning more about the knife wielding man shot and killed by police in san francisco's financial district. >> the police chief laid out details today in the first of its kind outreach effort. lisa washington has the details. >> san francisco police say that a man shot by a police officer was it was a schizophrenic who had not taken his medication for more than a year and had not slept for days when he slashed his co-worker at the chocolate factory wednesday morning. >> he was a felony aggravated assault suspect leaving the immediate scene of the crime,
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officers feared that if he got into a populated area, someone else might be seriously hurt or killed >> the community meeting is part of a new out reach that the severance is a police chief wants to have any time an officer is involved in the shooting. the she says that he wants to make it clear that officers acted within policy. >> the suspect one is that the officer with the razor knife and as she stepped back she fired two rounds, and struck the suspect in the upper body. >> he came within 5 ft. of her and she felt she had no other option but to use a firearm to defend herself from serious bodily injury or death .. >> the officer involved in the shooting was a veteran with more than 20 years on the san francisco force, extensive crisis intervention training commissure made on page administrative leave. >> from bad breath to foot odor, we will look at home remedies that actually work. >> let's hope that they do.
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and in the middle of summer, travel season, the prices at the pump ... >> and what looks like a happy ending for suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi and his wife, ileana lopez. the reason behind the passionate kiss coming up. >> and we have a lot clearing skies and temperatures that are skies and temperatures that are warming up.
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like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> >> it is happening again, worries about the european debt crisis are weighing down u.s. markets. stocks are lower today after a string of solid advances. as you can see, down 112 at this hour. also prices at the pump are
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seeking up again. according to gas but the .com, the national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.40 per gallon, up 4¢ in the past week. as for the local metro area, prices in san jose 3075 and 385 in san fransisco and $3.68 in oakland. this was a reunion seven months in the making. >> a judge lifted a protective order that kept san fransisco suspended sherrif people from his wife, it was put in place after a domestic incident that has left him fighting to keep his job. the sherrif calls the experience profound, ross mirkarimi told the judge about making a better man and a better public servant. >> how do you feel? >> we are extremely happy. and, the best thing is not me or
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ross. the best of this is that theo is going to have his parents back together. that is the best thing. >> it is a victory. we're partners without able to be partners. if this is a victory. >> the reunion will be short- lived, lopez is flying back to her native venezuela tonight, she has been living there since march with the couple's son, helping to care for her ailing father. >> coming up, cold remedies, some work and some don't. we'll sho,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >today is friday and the weekend is coming up. the good thing is that we start talking about friday at 4:00 a.m. so we really appreciate today. ok. i guess the weekend weather forecast is looking great. if you like hot temperatures, we're cranking them to stop. a lot of blue skies outside right now as the badgers are more than what we saw yesterday. already seeing a few 80 degrees, 80 in livermore and upper seventies in concord and santa rosa. temperatures are on the rise because of a ridge of high pressure and it is building bringing us clearing skies after
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overcast conditions this morning. one more afternoon for most especially in the inland areas, low clouds and fog developing tonight and you will really notice it in the coastal areas and even warmer temperatures through the weekend. satellite and radar showing you, you can see the ridge building and the low that was bringing us unseasonably cooler temperatures earlier in the week, that has moved. it is moving further north, and this is what we're watching, high pressure moving into the area bringing us high and dry conditions over the next several days so by this afternoon we're seeing a lot of orange colors moving in. that means 80s. 80 in sunnyvale, he does or forecasted high in mountain view, let's see, in brentwood and antioch you'll notice temperatures soaring into the upper eighties and low ninety's. otherwise, creek now pushing close to 87, 87 as well in the pleasant hill area. a little cooler at the coast and day, only in the '70s in places like alma mater and oakland, low
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seventies there. and for you people who might want to hit stinson beach, 62 is your forecast cut by later on this afternoon, we are seeing a steady climb in the centers over the next several days. in the middle of this warming trend and we will see even warmer conditions by saturday, reaching the mid-90s and some inland areas, 60s along the coast and low seventies in the day and those 90's was the around through the early to middle part of next week. slightly cooler by wednesday's with your looking for a few things to do, in menlo park they have a big festival going on. senators and a low '80s. check that out. >> that is a good-looking forecast. >> it is, we have been talking about it for awhile and it is finally here. >> their ego, thank you. if you ever shopped for candy in the bay area you have probably pick up a box of see's candy but we don't fancy your chances of picking up a 7,000 lb. lollipop. is on display pat justin herman
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plaza, did will be a symbol of the factory in burlingame, the candy won a guinness record for the world's largest lollipop, and by the way, today is national lollipop day. there you go. >> do you have dry skin or the hiccups or stinking feet? if you at all for you have a lot of problems but here is a remedy, call your grandmother. dr. king reports on tried and true home remedies. >> from chicken soup to an apple per day, some remedies have been around for ages, experts at prevention magazine put them to the tests. >> it is surprising, some of these treatments and ideas really are effective, and they're right in your kitchen counter. >> or the bar. but has long been the base for cocktails but it can also give stinky feet the boot. >> you soak a cloth and vodka and rub it on your feet and it destroys the odor causing fungus
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>> if your breath could use freshening, try yogurt. >> the live bacteria in yogurt is effective at killing the " bad bacteria ". >> put your mouth wash on a cotton ball and put that on a blister maybe three times per day and it will do an effective job of trying it out. if dry skin is a problem papaya has protein eating bacteria. you take two or 4 tbsp. and grind it up, you take a tablespoon of dry oat meal and mix it together into a paste. and all the oil is fantastic because it is packed with antioxidents of suggest that you take a teaspoon of olive oil, per square inch of skin on your body, and just rub it in. >> olives themselves and lemons can come in handy if road trips leave you woozy. dr. tim, cbs 5. >> we have one more, a remedy for the hiccups, swallow a teaspoon of dry granulated
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sugar, if you can. if you would like to see more remedies go to and click on heth and find out what you can grab from your spice cabinet that can help with a headache. >> coming up, one more look at the top story. >> the suspec,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the day is going to be born honeydew. it is like canelo and honeydew put together. it looks like a honeydew on the outside but when you cut it up it is like a cantaloupe in the inside and you have the flavors of those combined in there. they are wonderful and right now is the peak of the season. when you buy this honeydew, would you want to do, selection is always very important with melons. make sure it is a beautiful color all around. and heavy for their size. store them like a honeydew, on the counter. once they get big the sugar content continues and they get sweeter. the refrigerator wilp thl sto. it will get more right but not sweeter. so store them on the counter. when you cut them open take a look at this inside, let me show you. look at how beautiful that is. one of my favorite at mellon. so mix them in with other melons
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and that mellon salad that you made before. now, quickly, the window is very short on these, they are out there and then they go away, so to see them, enjoy them. grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> back to the top story, investigators piece together what provoked a horrific attack on moviegoers overnight in colorado. >> at least 12 people died and dozens more were hurt when a heavily armed gunmen opened fire inside of a crowded theater near denver. it happened near the start of the midnight showing of the new batman movie. some moviegoers first thought that this was a stunt, the mass shooting is among the deadliest in recent u.s. history. we also have more details emerging about the suspect who surrendered right after the shooting. that is a 24 year-old james holmes who attended high school in california in san diego before he moved to colorado, he was reportedly studying for a ph.d. in neuroscience at the university ofolorado denver
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but dropped out this past june. >> he spoke of possible explosives instead of his apartment, the swat team responded because of that, police still do not have an immediate motive but they did arrest him behind the theater in the parking lot and he did not resist. officers have discovered three guns that they believed he used, a rifle, a handgun, and one other firearm. >> we will be following developments in that movie theater massacre all day and will have continuing coverage on >> michele griego has been reporting from the scene since early this morning and will co,,
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