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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this is in the portola drive district. this is next to visitation ballet word three men have been shot dead in the last three days. according to the examiner, at least one of the men killed was an known gang. the board of supervisors and have generally been against the stop and frisk that they have in
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new york. witnesses claimed the you when this a campus police officer who pepper sprayed students protesters as last fall and the longer works with uc-davis. he spent on paid leave since he's use prepares prayer against student protesters. he should of been gone a long time ago pike and other officers of the university are being sued in the incident.
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the ethics commission will recommend on whether not to remove it ross mirkarimi. russ mirkarimi and supervisors will present arguments before a decision is made a plea for and telling garcia torres was continued for four more weeks. a body for sierra lamar has not been found. romney needs with his campaign staff in boston. he plans to wrap up his public schedule at the end of the month. the announcement of a running mate to very soon.
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when american presidents, of running listen and tourists and congressmen and would-be leaders go abroad and what the state is placed under a magnifying glass. it carries a great impact. the president is in ohio today, at the house will consider extending a plan for households and make to under $50,000 a year romney wants to extend the tax cut for all americans.
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hiddethe whole idea is givig woman giving it access to easier preventative care. but before you put away your wallet, let's get the basics. the eat plans applied on wednesday. it means contraceptives, and breast exams and this td screenings will be free. thanks to the new health care law all insurance policies will be required to cover new
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vital care woman need to stay healthy. it marks a rollout of the affordable care act. there are committed opponents to health-care reform. household republicans threatened to cut off all funding to the reform law. coming up in the next half-hour, i will tell you how and what impact that has here in california. today will be another great day. no major change in the forecast. maybe a degree or to warmer outside as we head toward the afternoon.
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61 degrees in livermore. 37 degrees in concord it right now. mid-90s expected inland. keeping " with some patchy fog right toward the coast. right now let's check with roads right now we just have overnight roadwork going on. claims are blocked between 237 stevens creek parade you can see it is looking pretty to the crossing spend as you head into san francisco.
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and no delays on the nimitz. yesterday at this time, and we had of traffic alert, and that the like this everything is quiet setting up thru the altamont pass and livermore. and a quick look at mass- transit, buits reporting of delays. de plante heat on a sprained ankle or ice? i don't like to fill like i am a criminal she got slapped with a $6,000 citation, where one woman was walking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a plane landed safely in
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denver international airport after hitting a bird. the boeing was on its way to denver from dallas when the strike happened. none of the passengers were hurt. the plane was taken out of service to be inspected for repairs. authorities are investigating another a report of a sewing needle in and air swipeplates. the fbi and dutch authorities inert investigating sewing needles and lied to just a few days ago.
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california and faculty association and the board of trustees must still ratify the new contract. the list of colleges there are no longer dirt eligible to receive cal ground zero have been released. they will be cut off or reduced for ramos california's for- profit schools. dave marash opponents say the u.s. constitution leaves the issue of two the states. it will be decided in the fall
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republicans now believe 24 percent believed their marriage he was from a political family and even ran for congress himself back in the '50s. a midi said he died yesterday evening after fighting pneumonia. he was 86 years old. the services go neighborhood with a dirty house, a white some volunteers in a neighborhood volunteers in a neighborhood armed moving out.
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we've got a couple patches of fog around the bay area this morning, temperatures are mild right now, it will be hot in some spots we will have more on that coming up across the span things are moving so far find in san francisco. if you're crossing the san mateo bridge, but things are nice and light between a word and foster city. it walk across the train tracks the could cost her $6,000. a union pacific officers cited the woman what she walked home during a lunch break. she was shocked when she showed up in court and the judge issued
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are a $6,000 fine. many people in the neighborhood walked across the track. she is fighting the by now. meanwhile, she is posting signs warning other pedestrians do not crossed the tracks. 447, the city to oakland is looking to cut ties be to read goldman sachs. the mayor is very busy parade hundred stern-to support
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the dollar it to raise the minimum wage in some as a prayed more than two under people showed up. the chamber of congress is worried that the increase would cost jobs. it increases the cost by 25 percent, but they are not getting any more labor oout of that increase. the chamber of congress is trying to raise one a and a half million dollars to bupipe raisig
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the minimum wage. today is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in separate cisco. they have for 20 something professionals. but over 100 years ago, this was the marina district for it home to two manufacturing gas plants. they also produced by products, some that we're all marketable and that some that were not. the message row impacts come in the residual of spent cole and hydro carbons. jessica's apartment sits right on top of the old plan. i would definitely be
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concerned about him putting his hands in the soil. i also have two dogs and i'm definitely concerned about the two dogs. they're asking for volunteers in the area to relocate so that they can't come in and remove the toxic particles there could be all sorts of things everywhere that have transformed and changed. as for a budget on this project, a pg&e says they're willing to do whatever it takes to clean it up. a higher number of americans are played with a higher number of medical problems.
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we crammed a lot of over the counter products into your medicine cabinet. for a sprained ankle the choose to keep our eyes? the key to it relaxes the nerves that fire pain signals to the brain, called numbs them and both improve blood flow to the area. some experts say eye is often on for the first 48 hours. he distracts people from feeling
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the pain. what is best for a cut taurus grape? the best remedy is with " running water and soap. we were talking to lawrence, why not check on whether with him starting out with some low cloud and fog. out toward the coast line, it is not too bad upside. some low 50s and mild '60s right now.
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you will see some '70s and '80s are around the bay. the ridge continues to hold on and will do so within the next couple of days. temperature over there about 71 degrees. if you're headed across the country, and it a hot 93 in denver. traveling around the bay area today, caught and you may see about 95 degrees in morgan hill. the spate the measures up to the mid 90's again. 89 in santa rosa. we will start to cool things of
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across the board on friday. marin county drive, word is it is pretty slow. they're doing some ongoing paving road work and several lanes are blocked. some speeds are even below 25 mi. per hour. expect some delays if you're headed toward the golden gate bridge. it is between 580 of the golden gate bridge toll plaza. things should slowly be going back to normal and just a little in boats directions on highway 85, of various lanes blocked.
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your east bay travel time is all in the green. heading added the of what passed, the nimitz is free and clear. just another reminder, things are good to go for it mass- transit. there are all reporting of delays. at the bay bridge toll plaza, all these cars are heading westbound in it no metering lights. but mr. timeserver traffic, but to you guys. olympics fever is apparently causing computer problems at los angeles * city hall. the chief technology officer fears a meltdown. things people are using
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their computers for that our work related art probably unable to do those in the fast or normal speed the officer winds the olympics block from the computer decides. no, from the mayor's office. belts has a shot up three more medals. it is not your typical give for a 10 year-old. that is what his father was going for when he bought his daughter a zebra.
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early this responsibility hangs out in her backyard and she had no idea it was even coming. i couldn't talk for like five minutes. brittany says next on her birthday wish list is a traand giraffes. why the pepper spraying police officer is backing the bid is prepared the latest live from the scene in san francisco.
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a double shooting leaves one person dead and several cisco. at the crime is being used to push a controversial policy. of cellphone thieves are targeting victims on bart. more hot weather coming toward the belly, we will talk more about it coming up if will look to your morning commute to and check with mass- transit coming up separates is the police are looking for possible ties between a number of recent killings. they're also looking for suspects. police just remove the crime scene


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