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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 7, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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the concern for the mayor's office is what happened, or rather what did not happen in those two hours prior to the flames. the mayor's office voiced concerns about delays and inadequately notifying residents about shelter in place. she is now saying " i'm calling on chevron for full and complete transparency and accountability in determining what caused the health and safety of our residents to be jeopardized. tens of thousands were told to stay in their homes and hundreds of people were treated for breeding issues. the doctor's medical center treated several more this morning. >> they should be aware of what is going on, and they should be an opinion in the bud. so i do not know what that is about, someone is not in control. >> model of the neighbors feel the same. >> i do not really have a concern, i think that they did what they had to do in a proper way. >> cal osha, one of the agencies investigating, agrees. they say the emergency response was good but there are still some that say it was not good enough.
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>> the concern is, how far will this reach? and how bad will it get? >> we do want to note that in every statement that chevron has made they started out by apologizing to bay area residents and they did clarify that there were no explosions heard here on site despite what neighbors may have reported. chevron says that there were ignition noise is an apparently those are different. live in richmond, back to you. >> chevron holding a community meeting tonight for people looking to ask questions about the fire. that starts at 6:00 at the richmond memorial auditorium. >> gas prices could spike to $4 per gallon because of the chevron refinery fire. within hours of the fire wholesale prices jumped up 31% in the bay area and analysts say it is only a matter of time before consumers will pay more at the pump. the reef finery produces one eighth of the gas for the entire state of california. and inventories on the west coast are low compared with the rest of the country.
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>> i live and work out here in the city. even just getting around in the city, i spend a whole lot of money on gas. so i'm the average everyday person, it will have a huge impact on their disposal income, for sure. >> just how much and when gasoline prices will go up will depend on whether there is an extended disruption of production in richmond. analysts say that will not last forever. diminished demand in september will likely bring those prices back down. this not the first fire at the chevron refinery. a fire in january 2007 lasted almost 10 hours. investigators determined it was caused by a defective seal on a pump. and back in march of 99 and explosion sent flames more than 100 ft. into the air. more than 1200 people showed up at hospitals complaining of eye irritation and breathing problems. free chevron firefighters were injured in that fire. many of you sent us photographs of the fire, we will share some
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with you. eight in shows us what it looked like overran county, a big plume of smoke. james snapped this one from ground zero in richmond. we want to thank all of you that took the time to e-mail us pictures and thoughts to cbs 5, we live continuing coverage and viewer photographs of the refinery fire on >> two firefighters recovering at this hour after experiencing a dangerous phenomenon at an early morning structure fire. lisa washington is near the scene of that fire with more on the rare event that caught crews off guard. >> michelle, at one point there was as many as 120 san fransisco firefighters on the scene here on ocean avenue. behind me you can see that there are still several firefighters here although it appears that there are about to wrap up their work here. this part of ocean avenue, the 1500 block, is still close after a fire that started more than six hours ago. at least eight businesses will be closed while firefighters
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tried to figure out what caused a fire in the sherrif act of three businesses in the 1500 block of ocean avenue this morning. several of the businesses, a coffee shop, bakery, and knitting shop have heavy smoke and fire damage. >> we woke up and we could smell smoke can see the embers. >> two firefighters were injured, one of them when a backdraft sent a fire wall across the street. >> i was standing maybe 10 ft. from where we are right now when an explosion, it felt like an explosion, it took place and all the energy from the building was directed out into the street. it is something out of the ordinary that took place. i have been in the fire department for 30 years and this is only the second backdraft that i have witnessed. >> firefighters began attacking the fire in a defensive mode outside of the building while onlookers took pictures. dale captured the flames coming from his favorite coffee shop. >> it was just that building,
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then all of a sudden a jumped in spread to the next building. >> muni line service was interrupted and several blocks of ocean avenue are closed to traffic while firefighters continue their work. >> it is under investigation at this point, the arson units will be evaluating the origin and cause. it takes time to get into the building. wimple everyone out. >> the assistant chief was referring to getting all the firefighters out of the buildings of the arson investigators could continue their work. we told you that the muni k. line service was interrupted, the line has been rerouted to the end line. muni will come down and inspect these lines to assure that it is safe before resuming work. >> we're now getting an update on the richmond refinery fire. this is the chevron emergency services capt. mark ecker errors, in progress. >> great question.
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it is a matter of safety. if you have a product that is warm, and this product is still warm. and it is allowed to accumulate on the ground, it will eventually find an ignition source. it will catch on fire again and if it catches on fire again and it is a large accumulation and you'll have a bigger fire and you could impact more pieces of the plant. so what we're doing right now is basically the same as a flyer. we're taking the pressure that is still there, that residual pressure, and we're letting it burn so that it can safely consume that product as opposed to creating a larger incident. no, it is a very small liquid but if you put that out and you let it keep training and training overtime, it could accumulate and we do not want that to happen. ...
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currently we have put together an investigation team, working with the county. we will conduct a full investigation of this incident. but right now what we're doing, safety is the number-one priority, we are assuring there are no other active leaks in the plant and bringing in all the right personnel, and engineering help and people from outside of this facility to look at this and to understand exactly how much damage there is but that will take us a little time to truly assess the amount of damage for this facility. i would not be able to say at this time effectively how long it will be before we can give an assessment. >> this is the emergency service capt. chief market airs answering some questions from the media, lots of questions as they try to pinpoint exactly what happened at that refinery. the fire in richmond yesterday. there were reports around 4:15 p.m. that they had a vapor leak,
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they move employees out of the area and then two hours later of course we have the fire, we're trying to get to the bottom of it right there. meanwhile investigators are seeing is a woman fell asleep behind the wheel before crashing into a poll this morning in san fransisco, it happened at 19 avenue. just south of golden gate park. witnesses solve a silver honda hatchback swerving down the street and it plowed through a concrete garbage bin before hitting the light pole. crews had to remove the 24 year- old driver before taking her to s.f. general hospital. her injuries appear to be severe. >> we're finding out more about the man accused in the sikh temple massacre, what his stepmother says about the suspected white supremacist. >> an about-face for mayor ed lee, why he is giving up on a stop and frisk proposal? >> i am lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center, high,,,,,,
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>> investigators in wisconsin are piecing together what led to an army veteran to open fire at a sikh temple, killing 6. police say the 40 year-old gun and wade michael pace was shot and killed by an officer on sunday and now authorities are investigating whether page had ties to white supremacist groups. but his stepmother said that he had a normal childhood. >> when he lived in texas with us, he had hispanic friends and he had black friends, you know, there was none of that. >> he reportedly played with skinhead bands including a group called a " definite hate co. his social media profiles on facebook and myspace joanne witt banners bearing swastikas. >> the services, abandoning a stop and frisk proposal. he had said in june that he wanted officers to stop and
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search people for weapons but he encountered a lot of opposition from people concerned about the potential for racial profiling. the mayor now says that he will instead rely on targeting police enforcement, crime tracking software, and increased involvement by religious leaders, to stem gun violence in the city. san jose police officers decided not to proceed with a no- confidence vote against their chief chris mohr, only one member of the union's 15 member vote had called for a vote and was overruled afterwards the union said in a statement that the move does not translate to a positive vote of confidence for the chief, they cited a soaring crime rate and force reductions to the budget in that city. he is behind some of the biggest hits on broadway and the silver screen. >> ♪ >> we all know his songs, we look back at the life of an oscar-winning composer marvin ham much.
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>> the curiosity rover has sent back the first color photograph from the crater where it landed. this picture right here was taken on monday and it shows a
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rust colored pebble landscapes with the rim of the crater off in the distance. the landscape is a little fuzzy because the cameras cover was coated with dust kicked up during the descent. this latest photographs follows earlier images that were captured during the descent. nasa is now putting together a full video. so interesting to watch this. >> lawrence thinks that all of these pictures were taken in mexico. >> how many billions of dollars? i would like a clear photograph. >> that is pretty amazing. >> if you are headed to the bay area, lots of sunshine all the way to the coastline now, and temperatures will be heating up, a little breezy in spots with wind over 20 mi. per hour looking at mt. diablo, one of the hot spots this afternoon. 81 degrees in concord and 66 in oakland and 74 in san jose and 60 degrees in san fransisco. you can see towards the golden
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gate bridge low clouds and fog clearing out their cell mostly sunny this afternoon. just a little bit breezy at times. some of the mountain camps will see good wins this afternoon and then likely on tuesday low clouds and fog returning tonight in the bay and along the coast but much hotter temperatures on the way. the hot stretch of whether we have seen so far this season all because of this ridge of high pressure now is building to the bay area, it is going to crank up the temperatures, a warming trend with some triple digits as we head into the later part of this week at some spots inland. as a major way inside of the bay we're expecting 81 degrees and sunshine in san jose. 78 in sunnyvale and 80 degrees in redwood city and 66 in half moon bay. east bay temperatures starting to get on the outside with a breeze and low ninety's into livermore and his bird and also fairfield. as you had inside of the bay, lots of sunshine, 74 degrees in oakland and breezy this afternoon. 85 degrees in santa rosa and 67 degrees in san fransisco. over the next couple of days, but tomorrow we warm up a little bit more, mid-90s as you head
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into the interior valleys and then we really get it going thursday and friday and saturday and sunday. those temperatures getting very hot. there is a sea breeze that will keep the humidity level up. it is going to be hot in spots. >> can we from monday into the mix? >> thankyou lawrence. well, we have heard a lot about the dangers of second-hand smoke from cigarettes. but what about a third hand smoke? scientists are finding that third hand smoke, which is the fumes that come off of someone who has smoked elsewhere, they can be a big problem. there is evidence that can be at particular risk factor in children like chronic respiratory infections and ear infections. >> when your clothing weeks of smoke in your hair reeks of smoke, your little child with asthma is going to get an asthma attack more than likely. >> the american lung association recommends that if you have to smoke, do so outside where the air is less concentrated and the
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smoke seems are not quite as heavy. well, one of the great composers of all time has died at the age of 68. >> he wrote some of the most well-known stage and screen music of the last 40 years. theresa garcia looks back at his life, and his work. >> few composers have left behind a bigger musical legacy in hollywood, and on broadway, then marvin /hamlish. from the romance of " the way we were ", to the family drama " ordinary people ". he wrote scores for dozens of big screen hits, one of his biggest was his adaptation of scott joplin rag time music for " the sting ". in a career of more than four decades, he composed, conducted,
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and arranged, more than 40 film scores, but one of his biggest successes was on stage, the long-running landmark musical " a chorus line ". he was born in 1944 in new york city, into a musical family. but the age of five he was already playing radio it's on the piano. his first job was as a rehearsal pianist for barbra streisand " funny girl ". his last was the 2009 score for the informants. >> it was a wonderful project. >> his work warneearned him at every major entertainment award. including a pulitzer prize. he conducted symphony orchestras in several cities. he had the satisfaction of knowing that long after the lights came up, audiences were still coming the tunes that he wrote.
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>> today's tip of the day is pink grapefruit but you need to select them and store the right or they will not be bitter.
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let's talk about selection, when you buy the major they have a beautiful color all around. and heavy for their size. appeal must be nice and smooth. and bright. if it is shiny like this it means it is fresh, if it is soft, it has in store for way too long and it will not be good inside. there will be called and you will not like that. when you bring them home, store them on the counter, not in the refrigerator. the pink grapefruit, a great diet food, and do not need sugar on a grapefruit like this. i'm your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. see, no better face! >> he kept a straight face. two bears in pasadena and needed a break from triple digit heat. so what you do when you need to cool off? you go into a pool. a homeowner sol the cubs taking a dip in her backyard and playing. the bears win 415 minutes and got out and held off and then
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took off. they did not get far, the climb up the tree and spent the night with mama bear who apparently was not too far away. >> all that they were trying to do was cool off. >> i suspect that they will be back with their friends shortly, it will be smoking pot. >> tell us all about it. >> it is going to be one of those hot days, but a stretch of the season coming our way. triple digits a showing up in many of the valleys. seventies and eighties in the day but enough of a sea breeze to keep you cool.
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>> marcus: (sighs) >> dayzee: (whispering indistinctly) >> leilani: oh! (gasps) so they got you out on bail? >> thomas: no bail. the charges were dropped. >> tony: they were? >> justin: yeah. >> dayzee: yeah, it turns out marcus didn't hit anthony. someone else did. >> leilani: (gasps) >> marcus: yeah, thomas and caroline figured it out. >> tony: the security tape. >> thomas: yeah. it was all right there. >> justin: nice piece of detective work. >> leilani: mm-hmm. >> dayzee: seriously, guys, we're so grateful. we can't thank you enough. >> marcus: really. thanks to you two, we got our lives back. >> dayzee: mm-hmm. (sighs) >> rick: (sighs) so how you holding up? >> hope: i'm guessing mom filled you in. >> rick: pretty much. you walked out. (grunting) >> hope: i just needed some space. >> rick: and, uh, old lover boy didn't try to stop you? >> hope: no, he did.
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he tried to convince me to stay. but i don't know. mom thinks i'm overreacting. apparently, a lot of people do. >> rick: i don't. (cell phone alert chimes) >> liam: (breathing heavily) (cell phone alert chimes) >> liam: (sighs) hey. >> steffy: hey. you, uh, working out? >> liam: i was running on the beach. (sighs) >> steffy: you feel better? >> liam: not really, no. (chuckles) >> steffy: so, uh, put in a few more miles. i mean, you were always good at, uh, working off stress. >> liam: yeah, you'd know, wouldn't you? >> steffy: (chuckles) oh, yeah. yeah. look, i was just checking in on you. >> liam: thanks. you know, i'm--i'm.


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