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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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some pettifog out toward the coast line. the ridge of high pressure cracking up those temperatures again. looks like overall, you will find some cool weather out toward the coast line. it will be hot if your distant future. we will have more on that could it is of the spare the error did pretty you are useencourageo use mass transit. we have some areas of overnight road work including both directions of the pardone burton
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bridge. here's a live look at the the nimitz outside the coliseum. it looks ok. you will find more lanes blocked on softbound 80 b. another deadly attack on americans in afghanistan. yothree soldiers were shot purrd the military is investigating and i giving details of the incident. one of the soldiers was from new york and the other from wyoming.
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kennedy and griffin were both killed by eight insurgent had detonated the suicide desperatv investigators suspect the heat insulation it masked the extent of the danger until it was too late. contra costa and county hazardous material tells the chronicle, with the hydrocarbon started out a quickly ignited. bay area residents intend to
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follow claims against chevron projec. the least a thousand fire related claims were filed. everybody was sick from the explosion thing in the fire. i think they should get paid for something. the center will be open until 7 in the week. chevron says they will strive to pay a reasonable claim spurred representatives were in richmond yesterday. we will tell you why they were hanging out to lawyers offereofs
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coming up. once police let the mother yesterday, they promptly began repair wake sweeping, and cleaning up. it's been amazing, how many people out have came and cleaning. i took pictures because it is such a positive feeling seeing people claiming and dedicated to the place. in memorial service is planned today with the attorney general being one of the scheduled speakers. local vigils are intended to be held in honor of victims in indy
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seek shooting occurre. law-enforcement would be notified whenever anyone buys more than a thousand rounds of ammunition within a five-day. . many of us were out ridge upon this of the bill says it as more work and practice seek to the police department. there's a push for us to make it more difficult for agencies to disrupt self-service during a protest parade last year bart officials were criticized for
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cutting cellphone services and a subway station to disrupt a protest parade investigators say the eat suspect had a weapon. the suspect was forced to fire, shooting the suspect price in the chest. a witness says the man did not seem to be in the right mind. a young mother was and down this week. 16 year-old tatyana was shot outside of a convenience store this week. prepared its killing our family, we're taking. we do not know what to do. the father was shot and killed
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four years ago. and the cousin was gunned down just last month. some assays police officers association has now set up a victims assistance plan. is that to help the children and missed eight, 10 and 4. it's amazing how many people have helped us. when they see as they always carry us their comments prepared the eat murder suspect pedro, dated mayor bill when she was separated from your husband.
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her husband. the team sued in june after a county oversight board sees development funds. yesterday the team agreed to share these funds. the school will get $7 million over the next three years. the niners will get their money over the next 10 years. are you ready for football? time now is 440 parade how the search engine giant is taking care of families after their employees passed away parade plus the hottest real- estate country is right here in your backyard. how they're selling at a record
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150,000 people gathered at the beach in atlantic city to watch this guy. he is a daredevil walking a tightrope. no harness. the wire stretched between the atlantis hotel and the tropicana. the half-hour a stunt as you could see was a big success. he made it. he did this in june, over niagara falls. we will check in with lawrence who is live in downtown san a separatjose.
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we have to begin this morning, at a very nice security guard levenson. we have a band that will be showing up surely. you do not wanna miss that. it live start to speathe mornin if you are headed out the door, we have '50s and '60s now. patchy fog up for the coastline, but mostly clear elsewhere. inside the bay you will find a lot of '60s and '70s. appraise for the san jose area. some cool temperatures throughout the bay area. i pressure continues to hold strong. it is the spare the air date.
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all those pollutants will start to build up day after. 96 degrees for morgan hill. out for these bay, triple digits as you head toward the livermore valley parad. it is going to be hot as you had toward the east bay hills pre are the next couple of days, the heat is on. it is going to be along this stretch of hot temperatures in the season. then after that, had pressure will start to weaken somewhat. the view plan to conduct toward
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the jazz festival things will be hot out here and riding toward 89 degrees. we've got the spinners, but my favorite group will be amanda shock and the cute guys. the salons. let's go live toward the bay bridge. we hurt over where things aren't too bad. no metering lights out toward san francisco. let's go over to some other maps. watch them do some late changes across the bay bridge. san francisco, no big issues
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there. elsewhere, we are seeing some overnight road work across the dumbarton bridge. it's just so early, we are not seeing any delays because of it. both directions of 80 is reporting block to lanes. all lanes are shut down at leverage, you could use the off ramps. roadwork is skid to be picked up between 5 everett 30. between five and 530.
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we will talk much more about that coming up throughout the morning. in the meantime back to you guys obama is back in the white house after a campaign swing through colorado. he was in colorado focusing on a struggling economy. it's not just a choice between two candidates and stupid political parties, it is a choice between to fundamentally different visions been how we move this country forward romney will be working today at his campaign headquarters in boston. he is expected to announce who will be his running mate
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sometime between sunday and tuesday. investigators believe they did not have evidence to bring a case. the sec decided not to file charges against goldman related to portfolio. the ftc has slapped go with a historic find. the company will pay over $20 million to settle.
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it also agreed to stop tracking apple users. the company this time it to any wrongdoing. google well continue paying. the oldest global employee is 83 pe. dishwashers heating elements apparently can't felon and cause fire. she has received several reports of the fire. no one has been injured yet.
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if you have 01, and unplug it and coppe, ge, they will preparr free. this today the state senate approved legislation to increase fines. is there for cisco fund raising numbers for next month's grace it our way down. organizers believe it was related to the organization's plan to cut funds because of their stand in abortion which
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was immediately reinstated. i will say people who are traditionally register in august and september, our registration numbers are way down. the president will lead the organize organization next montr one of their leaders step down. without it right now serve as cisco is that the price points are getting that of people's reach. they're looking at people across the bay to come in, work and play. with the price of 307
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$9,000, there are a lot more affordable than here in san francisco. it is 453, beat the heat with a little bit of music. pictures keep getting better and better. just
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456, new data is forcing scientists to
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the fire destroyed hundreds of homes, burning 3,000 a.. one of lake tahoe's oldest homes is hitting the market. the asking price is $70 million. the house was built back in 1939. it is complete with your very own speech. it was a low-tech crime with a higher-priced lead. al burglars made off with over $150,000 worth of apple products. the heat is on and so is the state's first flexed a alert. we will remind you what that means.
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save par, save water. a heat wave we haven't seen in years to finally hit periods as how much harder it will get. just when can we expect to cool down, we will talk more about that coming up we have a full freeway closures in the east bay, we will talk more about that coming up the morning everyone. is it friday august 10th. time is 5:00. we are in for a hot weekend.
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you or the house to do what you get to ease the situation. and mackovic is in pleasanton. this is not of the we typically do a 5:00 in the morning. it is 69 degrees and comfortable at this hour, but it is going to get really hot. it is the summer's first fleck's alert here in california. it means the temperatures are cord to be hot and state is concerned of the power grid. they really want you to conserve energy between 11 in the morning to 6:00 p.m. through beat par grid is probably going to be maxed out during those hours. people will probably be crissy out


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