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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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minutes >> the roadways are looking pretty good right now but that could change. i will explain in just a few minutes. >> despite the weather graphic it is not the fourth of july. >> we're following breaking news right now, police are at the scene of a home in east palo alto. >> i'm just on the scene and police activity here on newbridge street in east palo alto, the house is take off as you can see. there are unconfirmed reports of a stabbing >> one man is dead and another is wounded following a police shooting in vallejo on pepper ann drive, an area known for
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gang-related activity. melissa harrington is in vallejo with the update. >> this is the seventh officer involved shooting in the city of vallejo this year. five of those have been deadly. this time officers killed a man who brandished a replica gun that shoots pellets or bbs. they thought that the man was going to shoot them. police ended up unloading more than 30 rounds on pepper drive, an area that police say is high in gang activity. they sought police say the driver exited the car and brandish what they believe to be a farm. >> he put his hands back down and go into the center console area. >> police continue shooting,
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killing the driver who friends have identified as a 23 year-old of vallejo. the passenger was hit by either shrapnel or a bullet and was taken to hospital. officers and covered more than 50 bills of ecstasy in the vehicle and say that the men were on probation for felony weapons charges. >> vandals have damaged a memorial sculpture that honors victims of the 1991 oakland hills fire storm. the oakland landscape committee says that it happened late saturday night or early yesterday morning. video surveillance is being reviewed. the city says it needs to raise money for repairs >> work on the dumbarton bridge is scheduled to be done by 5:00 this morning. lisa washington is there with
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the changes he will see when it reopens. >> the dumbarton bridge could reopen sooner than expected on 5:00 tuesday morning. a spokesman says part of the reason is the good weather that we had this weekend. so what are they doing? they are replacing an expansion joint on the eastern side of the bridge. there will be a new seismic joint that is able to withstand a powerful earthquake. the crews actually cut out the old joints disconnecting the approach from the main span. concrete has concord. caltrans crews have been it taking advantage of the closure by doing maintenance work. painting, picking up litter, doing work on the pedestrian walkway and the toll plaza >> we have been able to reconfigure the carpool lane and it will now be open for fast track. before it was open only during
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carpel hours but now will be open for all day >> the eastern edge of the bridge was actually lifted 5 in. to make room for some steel bearings that will allow the deck to move back and forth during a major earthquake. this retrofit project began in the summer of 2010. please. we expect our next update at 8:00 this morning. >> the burns own from wild fire in l.a. county has expanded to 5.5 square miles. the williams fire started yesterday afternoon in the angeles national forest. it forced the evacuation of about 1500 people from nearby communities we will have a live report on the fire coming up in just a few minutes.
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we have a new reading on this morning's earthquake in southern california, it has been upgraded to 3.3. it hit this morning with an epicenter in beverly hills. police were answering alarms and phone calls but there have been no reports of major damage or injuries. >> i have not felt an earthquake get but i know i will. >> let's get a quick look at the weather. concord has 54 degrees, look at the beautiful sunrise as we head towards the golden gate bridge. a cool start in santa rosa but that will warm up in a hurry. high pressure in full command of the eastern pacific meaning warm weather again today.
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69 in the city, 94 in livermore. let's see if there is any bent metal out there >> no, it all looks pretty good. traffic is very light and it will be quiet for most of the morning. later on we will see most of the delays from people coming home for the holiday weekend so you might see a back up. let's go live to the golden gate bridge and you can see we are dealing with foggy conditions. no delays coming out of marin county. it has been an easy ride most of the morning through there. an accident southbound 880 at marina boulevard. the chp is on the scene but overall, very quiet. >> it is another big week for presidential politics as the democratic national convention begins in north carolina. susan joins us and it looks
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like there is a party already behind you >> it certainly does, this is where the democratic convention kicks off, this is the street fair part of the scene and is already well underway. there are concerts' and food and drink and a parade and the republicans are here as well asking an important question. president obama continues with a stop in ohio today but a member of the republican ticket will reach north carolina first. vice-presidential candidate paul ryan campaigns in greenville today and will come armed with one question, are you better off today than you were four years ago? >> the president needs to explain why he didn't do what he said he would do >> in the quarter before the president took office we lost 3
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million jobs. our country was bleeding in the financial system was on the verge of collapse. we were passing bank bailouts to insure that the system would stay afloat. >> president obama's aides say that republicans failed to offer solutions at their convention last week >> it was a week of personal attacks, empty platitudes, and what you are left with is that they think that lying is a virtue >> in charlotte some of the biggest questions are about security but local and federal police say they are prepared to keep everyone safe. the massive police presence has many unconcerned about potential violence >> there seems to be police at every block >> it is not all protests and politics. >> the convention kicks off today with a labor day celebration called carolina fest. the republicans are planning a counter convention this week,
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planning to have high-level speakers they had at the republican convention. the plan on having plenty of kleenex because they will say that breaking up is hard to do. >> last week the forecast was causing concern, what is the latest on that? >> there is no hurricane this week but the forecast is not good for the entire week. thursday is one of any shifts from the arena to the stadium which is outside. the forecast for that is thunderstorms and rain and the contingency plan, they have won but they will not release it until it gets closer to the event. >> be sure to stay with us for
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continuing coverage of the democratic national convention. we will have live reports throughout the week. code to for updates on our twitter wall. a rented truck of full of equipment was stolen in detroit over the weekend ahead of the labor day visit by vice president joe biden. the secret service says the event will continue and safety will not be compromised. >> president obama is going to louisiana today to see for himself the damage from hurricane isaac. homeland's security secretary janet napolitano toward the area yesterday and she is promising help for the victims, some of whom are rebuilding for the second time >> we came early as the senator said and we will stay until this
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recovery is complete. we are here to be part of the team in louisiana and make sure that hurricane isaac is put to rest as soon as we can for all of those affected. >> more than 200,000 people across the state are still without power. authorities have lifted demand of 40 evacuation order. officials still recommend that people stay away >> labor day campers evacuated as a wild fire burns thousands of acres in southern california. >> a fraternity pledge ends up dead. the investigation under way after a weekend party. >> waking up to a face,,,,,,,,,,
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he really wants to hear those three little words:
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chevron with techron. care for your car. >> a wild fire in l.a. county has now grown to about 5.5 square miles and was forced hundreds of evacuations from the area around the angeles national forest. >> we are about 30 mi. east of l.a. and firefighters have a major battle in front of them today because this fire is only 5 percent contained. it is called the williams fire. we can see bulldozers because they will need to create fire lines. i can tell you that there are thousands of acres that have
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been burned and a brush fire in the angeles national forest has already consumed more than 3,600 a.. it began sunday afternoon and forcing it campers from campgrounds. listen to this, by 8:00 at night it had grown from 4 a. to more than 3,600 a.. so far, no immediate threat to structures but as a cautionary measure the evacuations were called. >> we were getting smoked out up there and we were camping and it was crazy so we had to get out of there. we go up their camp and all law and it is a fun time. we woke up and saw the fire on the ridge so we had to leave. >> it is not known how the fire started.
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they burned car was hauled away. there are plenty of campers in the area. the u.s. forest service says the fire is moving in a north northeast direction and as many as 500 firefighters are battling the fire. it is a rather difficult task but they will be fighting it from aground in the air. to tell you when it will be contained is really difficult because it is too early in the process. >> a cal state fresno student has died after a night of drinking at an off-campus fraternity house. a school spokeswoman says and 18 year-old freshman died at a hospital. police are still investigating the circumstances. the mother of the students said she learned that her son suffered severe brain damage
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hours after attending a party at a fraternity. let's get a look at the roadways. >> i just checked in with chp and we're getting word of a minor accident at the bay bridge toll plaza. one car is involved. no delays, traffic is easy. jumping over to conditions through pleasanton, so far so good. later on things will get a bit busy through the altamont pass. expect delays but if you are on the road early, you are in luck. around the bay area things remained very quiet. the dumbarton bridge closure is still in affect. lisa will bring us more information, they hope to reopen by tuesday at 5:00 a.m. or
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sooner. in the meantime the san mateo bridge as well as 237 would be your alternates. >> about 23 minutes before sunrise, a beautiful start to the day in the bay area. 54 in concord, off 57 in livermore. the golden gate bridge had fog earlier this morning. 90 degrees in england today. out the door in the early going, temperatures will be in the fifties. sunny skies, it will be nice for labor day with high pressure in full command. warm weather will continue for a couple of days but that will be changing in the middle of the week. 80 in lake tahoe and 100 in
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ukiah. 65 in monterey with some low clouds to start the day off. morning clouds at the airport. in new york, thunderstorms will develop. partly cloudy skies in l.a.. in the bay area, 82 degrees in santa clara. we will warm into the 90s in the valleys. 94 in fairfield. a little bit of a cooling trend but it looks like a nice smile week ahead. but if you need coffee this morning, there is a warning
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>> if you own a mr. coffee coffeemaker you might want to listen up. some of them are under recall for a dangerous malfunction involving a single cup brewing systems. the appliance can suddenly release a stream of scalding water. it was sold nationwide from september 2010 through last month. the a's looked to stay red-hot against the red sox >> the tennis move that has earned our play of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> both bay area baseball teams play at home this afternoon. the oakland a's got it going
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early at the coliseum. the a's beat the red sox 6-2, their ninth win in a row. oakland leads the wild card by two games. the giants are back home after going 5-1 on the road. angel walks in to go ahead run and the giants beat the cubs. there are 4.5 games ahead of the dodgers for the division lead. >> the earthquakes posted a game at santa clara yesterday. two goals led san jose to a for-nothing wind. the next game is september 19th. u.s. open tennis action. fabio against andy robnett. fabio has the impress of be caught between the legs return.
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that was pretty amazing. his career is extended a little bit more. look at that. he announced he is retiring at the end of the tournament. live u.s. open coverage starting at 8:00 this morning here on cbs five. >> coming up, not only protesting politics, the big events planned as the convention kicks off in charlotte >> we are live on the dumbarton bridge where caltrans crews are replacing an expansion joint. they have less than 24,,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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>> good morning. >> the time now is 630. police are at the scene of a stabbing in east palo alto >> patrick joins us live from newbury street with the latest >> areas police activity here in east palo alto. the house is take off and police are reporting a stabbing of a man who is in stable condition. no word on who did it. neighbors say the house is occupied by four people. we will continue to gather information. police are being tight-lipped at this point. >> democrats are gathering in north carolina to nominate president obama and vice president biden to second terms >> it is under way here in
6:31 am
uptown charlotte. this is the street fair and meanwhile, the republicans are asking the democrats a question and they want an answer. president obama continues his march to charlotte with a campaign stop in ohio today. a member of the republican ticket will reach north carolina first. vice-presidential candidate paul ryan campaigns in greenville today are you better off today than four years ago? >> the president needs to explain why he didn't do what he said he would do >> democrats say let's not forget how bad things were four years ago >> in the quarter before the president took office we lost 3 million jobs. we were passing bank bailouts to ensure that our system could stay afloat. that is what was happening before the president took office
6:32 am
>> it was a week of personal attacks, empty platitudes, and the one thing you are left with is that you think that lying is a virtue. >> some of the biggest questions are about security but some local and federal police say they are prepared to keep everyone safe. the massive police presence has everyone concerned about potential violence. >> there seems to be police at every block and every station >> there are a lot of really fun things happening >> the convention kicks off with the labor day celebration called carolina fest. right across the street, where the democrats will be holding their convention, they say, republicans say they will stage a counter convention. >> after the famous empty chair
6:33 am
incident just prior to mitt romney acceptance speech, i would have to think that if you're a democratic strategist at your thinking of some way to strategizing or capitalize on that during thursday's event. have you heard anything about a special mystery guest? >> if there is anything like that in the works they are not letting us know about it. so far, there are tons of speakers, many speakers and no mystery guests so far but you never know, they might have something up their sleeve. >> what about the new poll on mitt romney acceptance speech? >> a gallup poll has just come out talking about the gop convention and said that it did very little to sway voters decisions for the election and
6:34 am
also talked about the acceptance speech and rated it the lowest of all speeches since gallup started measuring them. >> we will stay tuned. the democratic party has asked a delicate from california and not to attend. the l.a. times reports in and intervene when hotel staff called paramedics about another man who was unconscious on the lobby floor. party officials are not releasing his identity. we will have a live report from charlotte at 645. you can also go to cbs sf thought, where you'll find live streaming video from the events. >> president obama heads to louisiana to get a firsthand look at the damage from hurricane isaac. homeland's security secretary
6:35 am
janet napolitano toward the area yesterday, she is promising help from fema. more than 200,000 people from across the state are still without power. let's get a look at the labor day forecast. >> let's go straight to the current numbers. 54 degrees in concord right now. 57 at sfo. high-pressure in the eastern pacific, nice and warm in the bay area today temperatures ranging from low '60's at the coast to the mid-90s in wind. it will be a nice day but a cooling trend is coming. 94 in livermore and after another warm day we will cool it down on wednesday. >> if you are like us and you're up early, you are in luck. an easy ride through oakland.
6:36 am
traffic looks pretty good if you are headed towards the maze. we do have reports of an accident but it is over to the shoulder. all little bit foggy this morning as you work your way out of marin county. limited visibility across the bridge. still a nice ride as you head into san francisco from iran county. because of the labor day holiday, mass-transit is mostly running on a holiday schedule. that is a look at traffic. >> to vallejo police officers are on paid leave after the seventh officer involved shooting this year. it happened yesterday morning near pepper drive. in neighborhood that has had a recent surge in gang-related crimes. alice is in vallejo
6:37 am
>> some friends of the man who was killed actually came out to the police department yesterday to protest. they believe the use of deadly force was unnecessary because that man did not have a real weapon on him. he had an air soft replica gun that shoots pellets or bbs. officers thought it was a real fire arm and they thought the man was going to shoot them. they unloaded more than 30 rounds killing the driver and injuring a passenger. this is an area with high gang activity so police were they're patrolling the neighborhood. the driver got out and officers saw what they believe to be the butt of a handgun in the man's waist band. he grabbed the gun and officers opened fire >> then he put his hands back
6:38 am
down and drove toward the center console area. >> officers continued shooting and killed the man. the 21 year-old passenger was taken to the hospital. investigators also found. this is the seventh officer involve shooting in vallejo this year. five out of seven have been deadly. >> the big caltrans project in the bay is on schedule this morning. >> now that the sun has come up i will move out of the way so you can see exactly what is going on. caltrans crews have been working around the clock over the weekend replacing an expansion joint on the east side of the bridge. there will be a new joint that will be able to withstand a
6:39 am
powerful earthquake. crews cut out the old joint. the new plates are in place and concrete has been poured. caltrans crews are taking advantage of the closure by doing maintenance work, painting, picking up litter. there is repair work happening at the toll plaza. the main project is a replacing the expansion joint. >> there are to join so we had to put a joint that would allow of the bridge to move in a large earthquake. memorial day we got the menlo park side and this time we're doing the fremont side. >> the eastern edge of the bridge was lifted 5 in. to make way for steel bearings that will allow the deck to move back and forth during an earthquake.
6:40 am
the project actually began in the summer of 2010. there are expected to be 90% complete and we will have another update at 8:00 this morning. >> pairs continue for a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while battling a fire in a downtown church. he remains in critical but stable condition at the regional medical center. the church itself is unsafe because of fire damage and it is not clear when it will be repaired. vandals have damaged a memorial sculpture that honors victims of the oakland hills fire storm. unknown people broke through five metal bars near where highway 13 feeds into a tunnel road. video from surveillance cameras
6:41 am
is being reviewed. the city says it needs to raise $5,000 to pay for repairs >> at least two people were reported killed and 19 others injured after a bombing attack on a u.s. vehicle. police say the vehicle had just left the u.s. consulate when it was rammed by a car packed with explosives. both people killed were pakistan a. at least two of the wounded are americans. that area is considered the main sanctuary for al qaeda militants in pakistan. we will check-in with melissa griffin at the democratic national convention >> one of the duke of york decided to
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>> some terrifying moments caught on camera as an out-of- control monster truck crashes into the stands full of people. it happened in oregon. the truck driver lost control and went over a barricade smashing into spectators. three people were hit by the truck and walked away with injuries but are expected to be ok. >> is amazing no one was seriously hurt >> you will not earn or lose any money on wall street today >> the markets are closed for labor day holiday. the dow added 90 points on friday. the nasdaq added 4 percent last month with an 18 point gain on friday. this week the labor department
6:46 am
gives us the august jobs report. it is now time for the incumbents as the democratic party cannot commences with its convention today. >> let's dark off with the good stuff >> i am just enjoying collecting gets everywhere i go. in the republican convention we got a beer cozy and a copy of the united states convention. here we got an ipad case in the refillable water bottle. >> tell us about the order of the convention's four years ago. >> there is no law that governs this but since about 1930 to the parties have had a handshake agreement that basically
6:47 am
whatever party controls the white house gets to go second. the party that goes second can rebut claims made by the challenging party and can actually make things different on the fly. in 2008 john mccain's people took one look at what the dnc was doing with their greek columns and purposely scaled back the appearance of their convention both to distinguish themselves from the democrats and also in recognition of the declining economy. it always goes to the party that has the incumbent in the white house >> can you have a counter party after the second party? >> exactly >> let's talk about this, you were saying something about a possible same-sex marriage controversy. >> you might recall that the democratic party have elected to make same-sex marriage one of its platforms in its endorsement
6:48 am
of same-sex marriage and back in may the residence of north carolina voted to ban same-sex marriage. when that happened a number of people requested that the dnc pulled the of and out of north carolina but party leaders understand it is a swing state and are basically in greece seating themselves with the people here. north carolina is a right to work state so there are number of unions involved in democratic politics that are not too happy about that either but whether that results in protest or other issues with locals remains to be seen. >> familiar faces from the bay area will be there at the convention? >> we are representing. we have carmela harris who is very excited he could be the equivalent of the barack obama 2004 speech, one that vaults are
6:49 am
on to the national stage. they are all scheduled to speak, in addition oakland mayor jean kwan and our very own san francisco mayor ed lee will be here. i will be personally trying to follow them around trying to catch them doing something embarrassing >> like what? >> dancing or cursing, whatever it is i will tell you. >> you can follow her twitter on >> i have evaluated the anchor desk so that i can tell you the numbers around the bay area are starting off pretty much as forecast in the '50s. 50 degrees in san jose. the remains of hurricane highs
6:50 am
a threatened republican national convention and now it will do its damage to the democrats. the result is thunderstorms and the threat of thunderstorms for charlotte all the way through friday. warm weather for the bay area today with high pressure over the pacific. another day of warm weather tomorrow before cooling off on wednesday. 99 in redding. 95 in sacramento. 59 in eureka. 65 in monterey. warm to the east and that holds for the bay area as well. 78 in mountain view.
6:51 am
81 in sunnyvale. in the east bay we will be in the '90s again today. 85 in napa and 86 in vallejo. santa rosa want more than 20 degrees yesterday. 67 at stinson beach. we're looking for temperatures in the 90s today but look what happens on wednesday, '80s inland and cooler weather comes into the bay area. the '80s will hold all the way through the rest of the week with the return of fog and low clouds something like wednesday thursday or friday >> traffic looks good and we are holiday light this morning.
6:52 am
conditions are clear all the way into san francisco. san francisco parking meters are still in force today. as we worked off the shore freeway traffic conditions are still light. highway 24 not showing any problems. so far so good along 101 with no delays. conditions pretty much stay like that into the south bay as well. typically we see delays around the altamont pass at this time but it is free-flowing through there. >> prince harry makes his first public appearance since a scandal broke involving new pictures. remove photos emerge long line
6:53 am
of him nude with a young woman taken from a hotel room in las vegas where he was apparently playing a game of strip billiards. prince andrew says he will never do it again >> in this case the 52 year-old royalty rappelled down the side of the tallest building in europe. he said the hard part was stepping out over the edge. he said the queen was entirely happy once she learned it was for charity. >> petaluma showed its pride over the weekend honoring its baseball team that finished third in the little league world series. >> thousands of people lined the streets for a parade in tribute of those athletes. the team was also honored with a key to the city. >> i can't explain it.
6:54 am
if it means the world to me to have all these fans and have these people here for me >> the community really came through from the beginning raising more than $60,000 to pay for the team's airfare and hotel costs. >> crews are making good progress on the dumbarton bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> police remain on the scene of a stabbing in east palo alto. it is that a home on south
6:58 am
newbridge street. investigators say it apparently began as an argument among roommates but there are saying the victims' wounds are not considered life-threatening. so far so good as commuters deal with one of the bridges over the bay been closed for retrofit work. >> i just spoke with a caltrans spokesperson who was able to give me an update about the work that has already happened and their plan for today. the update we were expecting at eight will happen between 830- 845. i am told that all of the deck plates are done. two steel plates that make up the joint have been completed. the east bound polyester overlay has been completed. that is the tape that was put into place. the westbound overlay is
6:59 am
happening right now. the rest of the day's work includes putting in the rest of the joints. we will be here on the bridge to follow the progress and we will bring you the updates. >> there are retrofitting that bridge to withstand a theoretical 1000 near earthquake. >> we will begin to cool down in the middle of the week. it will be beautiful today and we will keep mild weather through the end of the week >> mass-transit is on a sunday holiday schedule. traffic is very light this morning with no accidents headed into san francisco. metering lights are off at the bay bridge. >> thanks for watching the eyewitness news this morning.


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