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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in the explosive video, you can see the highway patrol officer who has just shot unarmed man. what comes next is too graphic show on television. the suspect who has just been shot slumped over the wheel and a second highway patrol officer down on the roadside, shot by the suspect >> the driver pulled out a gun and shot at the officer and then the second officer discharged his weapon >> i heard the shot so i looked around and saw the cops shooting the jeep >> he recorded this video on his cell phone and learned later that the man in the jeep had just opened fire on one highway patrol officer. he watched as the second officer approached with his gun drawn >> i saw when the cops started shooting the guy in the jeep and as soon as he shot the guy in the jeep he ran to the police car and called for backup >> he says the officer fired
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into the cab perhaps 10 times. the suspect we now know has died. the officer who was shot is in critical condition with severe injuries leading authorities to sort out the rest >> we do have video that we will analyze to see exactly what happened >> the crime scene shutdown 684 hours and caused backups as cars were diverted to highway 24. authorities combed over every possible piece of evidence and may also want to analyze it raises video. a frantic look into the minutes after one officer was shot in the other springs into action. if you took a look at the video you saw the officers patrol car was parked in front of the suspects' vehicle which is unusual and that is something authorities say they are investigating. >> we continue our coverage, ken bastida in mobile 5 outside the
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hospital where the injured officer is now >> i am here at john muir, one of the best promise centers in the area and it is only about a four minute ride from the scene to hear. both the suspect and the officer were transported here. according to the chp, the officer's identity has still not been released to the public including the press. he is a five-year veteran assigned to that division and is still officially listed in critical condition. he is not conscious but there was a report earlier on twitter saying the officer was deceased but that is incorrect according to the chp. 30 minutes ago a spokesperson told us that the officer is still in critical condition, he is not the cease, those are false reports and we just confirm that.
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she also tells us is a very emotional time as you can imagine for the officer's family and many of his colleagues >> it really is tragic thinking that you can be sending your husband or wife or mom or daughter out to represent and of cold peace in the community and be faced with something like this, it is tragic, something that we all mourn over. family members will have a lot to deal with >> family is here as well as 100 other law enforcement personnel who have showed up throughout the day. kristin said something interesting, she said the officer's car was parked in front of the suspects. the chp confirm for me that this was not a felony stop. this was something else, a
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traffic assistance, there was a carcass of a deer in the area and maybe it has something to do with that. it was not a felony stops so they will be investigating that. >> the second chp officer obviously had to be close by and is not talking to the public but what he has to say will be crucial because he was very close by >> that's right and i ask the spokesperson about that and she said he was in the second vehicle, they were not writing together, and he showed up to assist in some way shape or form. whether the first officer called for assistance, we don't know. a second officer rolled up in that is when the shooting started. traffic was a mess all afternoon. it took us about one hour just to go through here.
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>> as you mentioned, the shooting shutdown interstate 680 all day creating massive gridlock. here is a live look from chopper 5 above the scene. a short time ago crews reopened to of lanes. they are expected to reopen other lands at 7:00 tonight. for more than nine hours drivers had to find a different way to get around. traffic had been diverted west onto highway 24. the northbound lanes reopened at about 2:00 this afternoon but the left two lanes were just reopened. we're uncovering new details about the vehicle involved in the shooting. the jeeps last registered owner lives in a point. he tells cbs 5 that it was towed a year-and-a-half ago. he could not afford the fees so he left it there and has not seen it since.
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soon after the shooting this chp issued a warning to look out for a black nissan maxima. it turns out that driver was the last one pulled over by the officer before he was shot. investigators wanted to talk to her and she was interviewed in cleared >> a chp officer is in critical condition following the morning rush hour shootout. investigators say the driver of a green jeep shot in during a traffic stop this morning. a second officer fired back, killing the driver. the exact chain of events is still unclear as is the reason for the initial stop >> for the latest on the shooting log on to and you can also see videos throughout the day including exclusive video taken moments after the shooting. >> tonight, what michele obama
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needs to do to convince the nation that her husband deserves a second term and why she might make the president cry >> sunshine for many of you, the golden gate is one of the exceptions. coming up in weather, find out why a stormed down by mexico will have an impact on our weather as soon as tomorrow >> clearing the way for space shuttle endeavor but not everyone is happy a,, i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay.
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[ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> the dnc is underway right now in charlotte >> first lady michelle obama is tonight's featured speaker. >> the democrats have their party started, the enthusiasm is running very high as speaker
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after speaker criticizes republican politics in general. we expect a change of tone when first lady michelle obama takes the stage to reintroduce her husband to american voters. the democratic national convention is officially under way. michelle obama headlines the first night of big speeches >> i think she is dynamic and i'm just excited >> she is proud to display her >> i'm wearing my tribute to michele obama >> she expects the first lady to appeal to women voters >> as a representative for women she has been outstanding >> at a rally the president said he will watch his wife's speech on tv with their daughters >> whenever i hear it, say here today, it will be at best a distant second to the speech you will hear tonight from the start of the obama family, michele obama >> elaine cry will introduce
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mrs. obama >> i will talk about what it is like to be a military mother and how much of value that dr. buy in and mrs. obama care about families like mine >> the speakers will be talking up the president's accomplishments and highlighting differences with republicans. delegates are proving to party platform that back same-sex marriage and abortion rights. >> key has been one who has stood up for reproductive rights for women. he is one who has been consistently out there trying to make sure that women get equal pay. >> democrats hope that mrs. reaches voters outside the convention hall. democrats are taking comfort in a poll that shows brian from their convention last week.
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>> i have to ask, i know you cover the republican convention and you heard the rumors about clint eastwood, do you hear any rumors about any surprise guests? >> the biggest surprise that people are talking about is what former president clinton will say in his speech but in terms of celebrities, i just heard the name betty white whispered. i don't know if israel but i guess we'll find out soon enough. >> you can get real-time updates throughout the convention from the convention twitter wall that we built on we will be streaming the proceedings throughout the week. >> trading trees for the stars. the path that l.a. is making for the space shuttle endeavor on its final journey >>,,,,
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>> this week and will mark two years since the pg&e pipeline exploded killing eight people in zambrano. more than 50 people were hurt and 38 homes were destroyed. today the mayor and state assemblyman jerry hill talked
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about bills to prevent a similar disaster >> the reality is it is too late for us and our neighborhood, it is too late for neighbors, but putting legislation like this in place is just in time perhaps keep another neighborhood from having this type of disaster >> the city will hold a remembrance at san bruno city park to mark the two-year anniversary >> the dumbarton bridge is back up and running. it reopened last night at about 720. all lanes closed over the weekend for a seismic retrofit project that will give the bridge more room to move safely during an earthquake. the project expected to finish early next year. l.a. is treating trees were the stars and not everybody is happy about that. crews are chopping down or trimming hundreds of trees to make room for the space shuttle which will make its final journey through the streets of
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l.a. to its final home at the california science center. they have agreed to plan to new trees for every one that is cut down but some critics are still not happy >> it has long been illegal for companies to charge up-front fees to homeowners seeking home modifications >> that is not stopping some people. some questionable outfits are finding ways around a lot >> it came from a company called my homeowners advocate. an employee told mary they would get her a modification but first they wanted $3,500 >> one guy said yes, send us the money and it will get done >> so she sent the money but the modification never happened >> after we sent the money we never from them >> the new company called homeowner advocate loss mitigation did take over temporarily but last month its
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web site stop working. and it turns out mary is not alone. we found scores of similar complaints about both companies on the b b e website. she says charging upfront fees for help with homework moan modifications has been illegal since 2009 but she says people are starting along by telling homeowners they will do some work before collecting a fee. >> they will not guarantee a successful modification but they say they will contact the bank. it will have enough gray area >> she says often homeowners have no idea who they are dealing with >> people go on line and start to complain about it and once that happens the fraud starts changing names and numbers >> u where of the business outside york county and those who do not allow a face-to-face meeting.
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think twice before giving money to anyone who offers to save you money. the fbi is now investigating my homeowners advocate. the company's owner denies any wrongdoing but if you need help getting a loan modification, contact a nonprofit agency and it never pay up front. >> we have great news to tell you about the san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack last week, it this morning francis ryan woke up from a coma. this was a surprise to family and friends who had been by his bedside since he suffered a heart attack while responding to a fire in san jose last week. he immediately asked for his friends. >> i'm like where do we work and he's he is like we work at truck one and i'm like, do you remember anything and he was like, not really.
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we had further conversation and i started crying and walk out of the room and told the nurse he is back >> key is still in critical condition as long as he remains in i see you but we anticipate that within a few days he might be moved to a regular hospital room. >> friends and co-workers have been keeping a round-the-clock vigil. doctors say he still faces a long recovery but that is great news >> the weather was beautiful today but is it true that there are maybe thunderstorms in the future? >> possibly as soon as tomorrow. it will have an impact on our weather so enjoy the crystal clear sky that you have right now because this time tomorrow it will not be the case. the bay bridge is looking good. we have clouds towards the coastline and the golden gate.
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59 degrees in san francisco. livermore your warm but not as warm as yesterday. maybe you're heading out to the park with your kids, 65 for the bay with mainly clear skies. tonight is not as warm but still mainly clear in inland spots. the change is not unprecedented but it is kind of rare to have tropical moisture moved this far north right in the heart of the dry season. there is a tropical disturbance down there, several hundred miles away from us. sometimes that moisture can get picked up and lifted to the north several miles and we will have a slight chance of a late day thunderstorm not only tomorrow but also thursday.
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many of you will stay dry but some of you will have thunderstorms. watched the moisture moving up and here comes the cloud cover so even if you stay dry it will likely be mainly cloudy for tomorrow afternoon. for tonight, the fog moves a little bit more inland so you will start off cloudy tomorrow morning but we will have mainly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon as well. the slight thunderstorm chance late tomorrow and and the moisture hangs around on thursday. high temperatures tomorrow because of the cloud cover will be a couple of degrees cooler. concord not even hitting 90 degrees tomorrow and livermore will hit 90 but you will be the hottest spot. thursday, the slight chance of
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a thunderstorm again. friday, the moisture is gone and we have regularly scheduled programming. little bump in the road but it does lead to a very nice weekend. >> speaking of cheering, football fanatics and baseball enthusiast listen up. it is ok to cheer for your team >> but do it carefully because he could hurt your voice >> what would a game be like without these guys, not surprising, many enthusiastic fans lose their voices after a rousing sports event can now doctors are finding that these fanatics could be seriously injuring their vocal cords >> when you lose a very loud explosive voice you can cause significant damage your vocal cords >> that can lead to serious damage >> a single yellow can produce a
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hemorrhage that will go way or a polyp that might be permanent unless you have a surgically removed >> is not only sports ♪ ♪ >> adele wowed them at the whammies just a few months after having for of surgery. this doctor removed a pall on her vocal cords and is also doing a lot of surgeries' in non singers who lose their voices a lot >> it is not only performers, it can happen for executives were teachers, all kinds of people who have huge vocal responsibilities. >> how you know you damage your vocal cords? >> your voice will crack or get a little bit raspy >> to save them experts recommend you keep quiet, drink water to keep them moist. if you must cheer, warm-up your voice before the game and once you warmup, yell one word
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instead of a lot of words >> healing words is actually a lot harder than holding one town >> if you have hoarseness that last 24 hours are longer could mean possible problems. so if you're heading to tonight's game, keep it simple. here we go giants. >> really? >> we will be back, the very latest on the chp officer involved shooting, but a live look at 680 wer,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the investigation continues into that deadly chp involve
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shooting in alamo >> kristen ayers is joining us now with the latest >> that officer is in critical condition, hospitalized. the man who authorities say shot him on highway 680 after being pulled over today as indeed died. authorities say the officer had told that suspect over this morning. the suspect opened fire on him and a second highway patrol officer approached and shot the suspect. highway 680 was shut down for hours today causing massive delays as drivers were rerouted. southbound 680 is still not reopened at this point. authorities say they are still investigating this incident. they say they have not yet identified the sus,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. taking their pleas to city hall. how bay area college students are rallying to save a school from deeper cuts. it has been a rough road but now it is accelerating, out car sales are rebounding in the bay area. those stories and an update on a chp officer who was shot this morning coming up at 6:00. >> the cbs evening news is next


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