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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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president obama asepsis party's nomination and makes no apologies a notch or is that now the suspect used a sailboat to get away the childrens' mother is worried giselle we've heard from the first lady and the former president tonight it was president obama's turned to address the democratic convention and make the case he deserves for more years in
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office. if you share that faith with me if you share that hope with me i ask you tonight for your vote. political reporter grace lee heads up our coverage the president offered no apologies for last four years he had knowledge he has failings' you might remember the big themes were hoping change tonight the president focused on moving forward and reminded voters their choice and how we do it. the president of the united states of america barack obama and affection and and powerful moment before the president thinks his wife. two nights ago ever body reminded what a lucky man i am. then down to business the president says he laid a foundation to a better future as the incumbent.
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real plans that will lead to new jobs and opportunity and rebuild the economy that is what we can do and that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states it reminds people the other guy has a steep learning curve. incumbents were to lose elections when there remind voters about that would dominated the speech that we as americans have a choice and a world of threats and challenges you can choose leadership that is tested and proven the president use that choice between himself and mitt romney now have a choice, my opponent and his running mate are new to foreign policy. you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you
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cannot visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. have a surplus tried tax cut, deficit to i tried another feel a cold coming on take to tax cuts and call us in the morning he managed to end with the notion that has become his signature one of old saying we have made strides in four years and hope the best is yet to come. a new tower rises above new york al qaeda on the path to defeat and osama bin laden's dead. i stand here tonight, i have never been more hopeful about america, not because i think i have all the answers, not because i'm not even about our challenges i'm hopeful because of you,
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let's talk about last night 25 million people watched president clinton addressed the delegates more viewers than the nfl kickoff game went noticeable absence the oakland's wife hillary not there to see your to see him in person she watched the speech by computers. the secretary of state typically do not attend political conventions because of the non- partisan nature of foreign policy. democrats took a lot of shots at republican ideals which spoke with the california republican party chair to get his response to the president's speech. this is an election was i call the ultimate solutions election, big government spending and massive tax increases which the cbo says coming under his plan will not help the economy i think what you see is a politician committed to a path that america
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cannot afford. it is far from over, the president goes on the campaign trail in new hampshire tomorrow new hampshire and iowa. grace lee cbs 5 man hunt underway by sea to bay area children abducted at the getaway vehicle is a stolen sailboat. believed to be headed to thailand or mexico reporter elizabeth cook talk to the children's mother. from this at the suspect and suspected of stealing a sail boat and taken off with his two children authorities from south san francisco alameda and insurance company skandia open waters looking for them according to the children's mother he has limited experience in sailing.
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i want the coast guard and navy and when you as a bold look for my children. bring them back to me. i'm afraid for my children's lives three days since she has seen her children three year-old brooklyn and to erode devon according to coast guard there with their father on a stolen boat. he has a sailboat and somewhere out in the ocean i'm not sure where he sat. jennifer says christopher kidnapped them from her home she is covered in bruises trying to stop them from taking the kids i lost my balance and felt myself all he would of ran over me police say there is nothing they could do to help he had parental rights and they consider this parental abduction so no amber alert announce to the media a sit in club in alameda
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abode was missing a 40 ft. sailboat called the " unleased " someone inside sellout without lights on. it was seen near vallejo. leased under a fake name the e-mail address address we had does not work he was going to give us a phone number but didn't told this is last name was smith did not seem real. coast guard officials believe the boat headed for thailand or mexico, he lived in thailand for years and always talked about taking the kids to port the the arden air chisholm he had this child harness and that is for a boat. authorities are asking for your help if you have seen this 40 ft. long sailboat or the children in brooklyn with light brown hair last seen wearing a t-shirt and diaper devon two
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years old with curly blond hair and blue eyes seen wearing a blue sponge bob t-shirt and shorts. elizabeth cook cbs 5 the first formal tribute held for the chp officer killed in line of duty. officer kenyan mark youngstrom, contra costa area and of watch september 5, 2012. a bell ringing ceremony held at c h p academy in west sacramento a fellow officer is were there and co-workers and cadets pay their respects to officer at kenyon youngstrom died last night in walnut creek. several officers organs were donated to eight people for transplants flags across the bay area and at half staff in his honor.
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the san francisco police chief allows his officers to wear a black band across their badge as respect. he was shot in the head tuesday morning during a traffic stop on the 680 in alamo. and new hiring practice makes the area's largest latino brochure chains and animes customers are threatening a boycott in. len ramirez at me pueblo a growing chain of 21 grocery stores thanks in part to which hard-working and energetic work force made up of spanish-speaking immigrants due to a change in company policy and for background checks some customers have second thoughts about shopping. like they're turning their backs on the hispanic culture. vowing to pressure from the u.s. government the supermarket chain uses the either a fine
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program to confirm employment eligibility. many retailers across the country are pushed to adopt the program e verify a government run program that compares information like social security numbers on applications with government records but its accuracy and in finding unauthorized workers less than 5%. we understand there are criticisms we agree with those criticisms however it is something we have been asked to do from the department of homeland security. the decision met with protests from religious and labor leaders one of the chain was founded by a mexican immigrant they accuse the chain of using e verify to intimidate workers when workers are trying to organize them. it is a voluntary program carries they would adopt it in a
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community with immigrant workers. the retail clerks' union has been battling against me pueblo to organize its workers the first time that they're called a boycott scheduled to begin saturday. len ramirez cbs 5 they could not be concurrently in rolled at st. andrews a private school taking federal tax dollars for years for phantom students' the drastic action one bay area school district takes as a result of cbs 5 investigation. the big on-line shopping rush that could save you money but only if you order in next nine days. this bay area in kiddy is a high roller it ended up at a casino in,,
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we have and reporting on the bay area private schools receiving federal tax dollars for students who don't exist. our investigation began with found the students panhandling at bart stations tonight the
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school district takes drastic action. cbs 5 grizzly with the story only on 5 the numbers did not add up three months after our joint investigation with california watch oakland unified school district says it is severing ties with sand and drew. just how many students to santander have we watched and counted one recent school day morning 7:55 a.m. school opens a 11 the white van pulls out five students pile out a 30 a.m. to command from the pastor's house next door to a 38 to more arrive 8:58 a.m. another comes in from next door an hour later the vin is back dropping off five more, 15 students total. confirming what we found out and
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oakland school investigation concludes this private school maybe deflating its enrollment numbers to collect tens of thousands of federal education dollars. for more than a decade it claims to have 195 students we found the last school year that they were then 20. oakland unified spokesman says when questioned about enrollment numbers sand and your produced and a list of students he says turned out to be wrong. at least 59 students listed were on our roster over 30 of those students on the zero u s d list for entire year the cannot be concurrently in rolled apple u esty and st. andrew and st. andrew attorney was unavailable for interviews but it turns the tables on the district climbing they don't have accurate numbers either
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there seems to be at least five numbers with birth dates that do not match the list provided. he may have found one or two incidents that does not explain 59 cases flynn says this: will no longer do business with st. andrew we have been approached with by the fbi their charge is the federal funds not abused the state department of education looks deeper into the oakland system itself pushing up the timing of its audit to next month when issue zero u s d distributes funds to private school children through consultants california watch discovered federal rules require consultants to be qualified as private school teachers. they have to have a bachelor's degree and teaching credentials and subject matter competence.
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in st. andrews case the federal funds go to the pastor's son and a pastor's wife neither of them have any kind of teaching credential flynn insist the district has done nothing wrong. o u.s. de does not make the hiring decision were not compelled to make the same standards the district has decided to make changes to beef up oversight adding staff members we instituted three visits a year on-site visits as the standard we can recognize the discrepancies. back in st. and her and ed is still about the numbers on a recent visit lacey told us this matthew a mounts to an innocent clerical error by saint andrew staff. sure the was an air ever body makes errors. why you keep coming to our place of business asking us questions.
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are you not believe in what we tell you? i've spoken to san andrews attorney he said it is never clear what they need to do to be in compliance with zero u s d rules. when asked for a copy of the package he got no response the fbi would not confirm or deny it is investigating the school several former parents tell us that the agency has contacted and question them about the school. grace lee cbs 5 the rush is on you can save money by shopping on-line in next nine days, amazon will be collecting sales tax on its purchases made in california. reporter kiet do tells us it is not amazons choice or idea a secretive labs in silicon valley was part of the undoing. along decade but this
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bookstore in san jose ms. at last of the amazon sales tax loophole we have survived after months of pressure from california lawmakers amazon will charge sales tax september 15th in the first year amazon should generate $150 million in revenue thank goodness we are leveling the playing field amazon argued it did not collect sales tax business is not have a physical presence in california but it pointed to a laboratory in cupertino that develops the candle. it is gobbling up high- visibility office space in sunnyvale and amazon broken ground on a distribution center in patterson, the company did not return phone calls for comment. she says it looks like amazon coming out of the shadows are you saying amazon is
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being a good guy because they're forced to? yes they did not come into it on their own. that is a bummer, customers grumbled about the tax but get that california needs the money bobby rush out and buy stuff on amazon? no. in san jose kiet do cbs 5 a bay area cattan decided to gamble when she hitched a ride to reno with their owners neighbors going on vacation the stow way can the neighbors believe she hopped into the trunk for a cat nap. security at the circus circus casino, the cat and took her to animal control a microchip letter to rightful owners 250
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mi. away. weather wise take a look outside it is chilly, find out weather wise take a look outside it is chilly, find out ,,,,,,,,,,
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looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry.
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yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find:
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it is friday evening paul deanno with your forecast look at these temperatures we're talking 50 degrees for santa rosa. 58 san francisco. san jose 58. we might get 40's away from the water tonight. big change of the past 24 hours a moisture has moved out and in southern california and that appeared high pressure replaces it preparing when high pressure to our south we get and onshore flow we continue with the flow for the next several days. it keeps the coast cloudy. keeping temperatures five degrees cooler than average. fog comes backed tonight for the
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bay and coastal. temperatures relative to normal tomorrow. san francisco several degrees below normal. oakland tomorrow 7 day vallejo 80, napa 78. a fantastic weekend upper 80's inland. and onshore flow the inland areas will,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a's pitcher brandon mccarthy and alert and resting tonight at the critical care unit after getting hit in the head by a line drive yesterday mccarthy underwent surgery last night to relieve pressure in his head, a ct scan revealed a hemorrhage and skull fracture seconds can today revealed the hemorrhage has subsided. the team has not made an official announcement his season clearly over. flashback to 2005 when the
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49ers at no. 1 pick they took alex smith until last year the two quarterbacks had careers trending in opposite direction rogers coming off a super bowl win. the to go head-to-head this sunday and one of the high profile matches of week 1. how disappointed to not be afforded niner not as disappointed the 49ers for not drafting me have you relive that time and what's it like now? aaron and i good friends and always have banned: back to we were in college with that pitted against each other, he's a great guy i've always gotten along with them to do what he's done is impressive. to play the quarterback position as good as can be played, fun to watch, i wish him the best except when we play him
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thursday night top 5 #5 your're supposed to use the glove. breeze fanned did his best. give him credit. member for the band was on the field. always the trombone player. the good news the band played on. no. 3, how close can you get to a hole and won without getting one. as tiger woods. ms. the birdie putt. shot a seven under and one back on the leak. his pitcher he misses the throw and the run scores the rockets lost 1-0. at the u.s. open kevin james they keep of queens, he is not on the court the ball hit him in the forehead. will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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