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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 12, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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where i'm from. [laughter] [applause] don't applaud that, denmarkians. you don't even know what the hell i'm talking about. wave good night, geoff. captioned by the national captioning institute hi there. ,,,,,,,,
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a wild police say for the murder suspect to said he would not be taken alive. the mayor gets slapped with a traffic ticket the mistake he made on his way to work. and today debut of the new iphone is just hours away how you can make money off of your old but you better act fast. developing news out of los angeles tonight tory murder suspect led police on a very long high-speed chase. the suspect told police he wasn't going to be taken alive. and after he wrecked his car he came out firing. cirri fidel picks up the story. our cameras captured
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the final moments of the pursuit and shooed out in downtown l.a. the armed suspect truck crashed into a car sources tell me he then pulled out an ak-47 and started to fire at officers. we were several feet away as gunfire erupted. they say at one point the assault rifle jammed. the swat officers from scene. there were armed with handguns and rifles as well as a canine units. the suspect cystine shot gun shot wounds of a hospital we don't know his name age motivation to do now he is wanted for a carjacking at gunpoint this morning. he is also wanted for murder that took place in july. it was a dangerous lapd pursuit summerlike westlake or macarthur park we watched as the driver tried to travel the wrong way driving erratically. he drove his coat stolen car blowing through stop signs and red lights and other times he's
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slowed down we saw several near misses with pedestrians. they're in danger in danger for the better part of the hour. we attempted to stop him repeatedly and obviously he did not stop he was bent on getting away from us and ultimately it the shooting occurred. the driver of the car that the suspect he was also hospitalized but he is in good condition tonight to know police officers were hurt. hundreds of people in vallejo are calling for justice wrote back to the city's fifth deadly police shooting this year. you are slandering his name and calling him a parolee money was never a parolee. let's give rights. protesters packed the council meeting to confront the police chief and a 22 year-old man reached for what appeared to be a handgun before telling him. it
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turned out to be a pellet gun. mayor chuck reed is facing some time in traffic school his crime is something that many drivers do every day. so was a good policing or political payback? reporter can't tell on what happens and to whether the mayor feels that it was, of without police uniforms. and chuck reed was pulled over and his blueprints this morning by his own police department he did not name drop himself. did you say i'm the mayor of san jose? he didn't ask and i didn't say. he said would give me a ticket. mayor we've got the $35 ticket when he failed to flip on his turn signal 100 ft. before the intersection of white and mayberry roads the mayor says the traffic violators should get tickets a matter who they are. that is the way it works. that is the way it should be.
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data about turn signal tickets was not immediately available but it is easy to see it is a problem. the mayor is not alone. ribbon watching this intersection for about an hour and it turns out is about half of the people are not using their turn signals. the society of automotive engineers is issuing reports of a turn signal usage they found one of four drivers are turning without the blinker and if they did at least a million crashes could be prevented every year in the u.s. alone. just because he is the mayor does not mean that he should discuss get off if other people did not get off. they've been battling the police units after a decade of budget deficits reposed for pension reform that the voters overwhelmingly approved. do think there was some kind of vendetta? i do not know i did not see any evidence of that i think the officer was just doing his job. the mayor will likely does pay
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the fine plus court these we tried calling the police but we did not hear back. kid does san jose. dear ill wait six we're getting a look at new surveillance video from last month's chevron refinery fire in richmond. illicit two minutes for the weizman puc to turn black and start shooting up into the sky. reporter chris harris with what else we've learned about the pipe that fails. and dana tonight we found out that the pipe that failed was in terrible condition in fact in some areas it was no bigger than this small stack of papers investigators say chevron overlooks the problem during inspections last year. for the first time and look at the very moment and august 6th at the bleak week ignited. at this point there is just above the white fog and black smoke. a black and white clouds its beverage and in surrounding
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areas and send more than 15,000 people to hospitals with respiratory illnesses. investigators now know that portions of piping that failed catastrophically that day had warned dangerously thin. those surviving sections had wall thickness as low as about a 16th of an inch. that is 80 percent better than the pipes and then the board said chevron officials fail to check the thickness of the pipe during a november 2011 inspection. this is not an accident. it was the fault on chevron their refuse to do the repair. activists say whether chevron is processing a heavy solarized crude oil that may have worn down the piping. how can we clean up this mess? the equate questions that investigators say are still up in the air? we remain committed to a healthy and productive
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relationship nothing is more passionate to me the match. investigators removed the section of the problematic pipe from the scene of a refinery and they'll be taking it to an independent lab where will be tested to find out exactly why the failure happens. kristen there's cbs five. if you're looking for work during the right place the labor department of washington says there were 3.7 million openings in july that works out to one job for every three and a half applicants out here one of the top three job markets is in san jose where there are as many jobs as are our applicants and it is not just high tech jobs reporter into the rental shows us why thousands of people want to work in livermore. i think there is going to be pretty good line but this is spectacular. the debt at a community center thousands of job seekers waiting outside even more head out the door and finally in to hear an
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unemployed right now returning to the work force. i am looking for something closer to home and traveling a little ways. hundred 20 resellers will make up retailers today several thousand people tried to nail down one of the initial 2000 jobs and there are a variety available. some is an imposition of the benefits employers were thrilled with the employee pool. will like the five that they come from different walks of life. they're a coup for livermore and the mayor and to the hot political question of the season are we better off now than four years ago with a resounding yes. because the economy has turned around. you wonder looking at the sea of people who want a job are things getting better? but struck employers weren't the kind of people looking for work.
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in other people who are coming through our lot better than i've seen even in the last year. in a sense of optimism that has been missing for too long. every day provides a new opportunity for people and to look for the opportunities like presents you. the next job there is october 23rd in livermore cbs five. still waits for more info you can go to cbs as set dot com. a suspected con men posing as a hollywood hotshot to help police say he lured in actresses with promises of a big break. it turns out she was unknowingly paying the debt of a criminal by the state stepped in to this woman's bank account for that consent. and before you rush out and order the new iphone how you can turn your old one is cash.
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but first a look at course our san francisco let up in red white and lewis night in honor of the thousands kille,,,,,,,,,,
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it's rich, indulgent and 45 calories. mmm it's so good -- it practically sells itself. cut, cut. sells itself? i've poured myself into this commercial. ♪ don't be boring ♪ indulge in the morning ya! [ squeaking ] yay! [ female announcer ] introducing smooth sensations cream cheese spread from the laughing cow. have you laughed today? it could be a plot for a movie. police say posing as a hollywood hotshot is posting phony axing jobs to lower an unsuspecting women. old as time. california police are on hand for this man 45 year-old anthony jefferson victims told police he identified himself as an employee or talent agents of the major television network investigators say they'll oppose
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ads around l.a. and set up interviews are auditions at restaurants and motels in bakersfield. and that is when police say would take advantage of the victims to convince them to perform sexual acts under the false pretense of employment. johnson is wanted on charges including sexual battery impersonation and indecent exposure. the mixup with the criminal cost an innocent california grandmother hovers in dollars the state to give in her savings accounts to pay his debts how could that happen? reporter julie was found house when phelan goes to prison he can give any named social security number or birthday he wants. erick kanter likes having his mom nearby she has a home on the same property. she helps her manager finances and so when she had a $721 bank
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withdrawal from the franchise tax board he looked into it. she thought was may be late fee so i just figured it was something i owed. and i was going to pay as. but people work from the stage shows that is a court order debt owed to the victim compensation claims for the order from the state has seen his social security number honest but it is for a felon currently in prison. the say there is neda and they can do is a court order and have to abide by its. the victim compensation board says kirk a convicted burglar gave the wrong social security number. but how the state allow money to be wrongfully taken from the senior citizens account. john couple of the taxpayers' association thinks the states should have verified that the account was linked to the felon before taking her money. we have an innocent victim who is having money taken out of her account illegally and
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inappropriately. but the victims board says they have no ability to check social security numbers provided by inmates. the franchise tax board says it can but quickly adds this is not their fault to add insult to injury the family learned it could take 16 weeks to get her money back. i was told you are not special. she's not special there's a lot people before you and after you. the compensation board has not changed its mind speeding up the process along with the full refunds. so the question remains how this happened? well the state franchise tax board voted to that question budgies bake does admit they should have caught this air. especially considering the name of the accounts didn't match the new money order and chilly what cbs five. what happened to face book is the question that everyone seems to be asking since the company's disastrous ipo. and
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for the first time we're hearing from mark sucker. the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing. some people will look at this and its people leave that actually think it is a great time for people to join and it's a great time for people to stay and double down. deadweight soccer spoke it tech conference in san francisco today and it looks like what he said may do the trick shares rose more than 3 percent in after-hours trading. iphone fans is that time again. the day we are introducing the iphone 3 g. and all new design. the best i've done yet. apple is set to dish out the details tomorrow on the i found five and after that the only question yet for many people will be but you do it the old one? reporter liz liz cook explains how you can make money but only if you act fast. the airwaves for dan is a yearly
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tradition. upgrading for the new fund definitely. but is a protocol is to get in the latest and greatest without breaking the bank. every year he has sold his old life and then use the cash to get a new one. dewis and is using the new act called yard sale to sell his phone. it is like a christless that finds stuff that people are selling around you. so hopefully i can get some good money. but it is not hard to get other ways to get quick has their the usual suspects some dealers are selling for as much as $400 for use on. depending on the gigabytes. and then there are other web sites that allow you to enter in your make model and carrier and will immediately give you a price. new iphone is expected be one of the biggest upgrades' including larger
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screens elsie and faster processor and a new top connector. dennis confidence to sell will cover cover the added costs. i'm very excited right to prayer tomorrow. they say time is running out when it comes to the highest price of the phone the closer it gets to tomorrow's big announcements will slowly decline. its still iphone for. do it with you before. the airwaves so don't sell it by tomorrow it's worthless. and not selling it. and i don't think i've learned how to use it yet. it takes a good two years to fully feel like i know what to do. the of weight by the time my contract runs out. children's fairyland and oakland's finally has its missing statue back though it wasn't quite affairs tell landing. the three sides accuse
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mr. its legs when it suddenly showed up at the front gate early yesterday morning. the statue was still in the park back and many employees figure that that the finally found the moral of this story and brought to the bird back. it is now being prepared with money that was originally raised to replace its. as a look live outside the fog rolling into the city and fog rolling into the city and coming up and whether find out
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rarely see in vegas. st. submerged in water cars and even school buses trying to is their way out of the floodwaters which followed an intense thunderstorm. firefighters say they received more than 20 calls for help from people who were stuck in their vehicles. paul with us now we have somebody out there tonight. the rain is staying in vegas but the fog is
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staying here in the city of the peacock outside the bay bridge looking eastward berkeley is that low cloud cover moved to the golden gate glycolate along the bay and also the coast knives with temperatures in the '50s and '60s and some of the toward santa rosa. in the 60 and oakland's check-in at 57 high debt topplers strong is rare in town the kidnapping and this is going to get dry pattern but there is a change to talk about that and get your as soon as thursday the father is likely the coast tonight and early tomorrow morning. for all of our bay area today. and is nearly clear conditions overnight tonight the floors and 55. debris of the clouds have been the coastline. when you talk to school kids you talk about his devotion often-megabit refrigerator and when that refrigerator doors open and we get a slow coming through amount
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with a change coming up on thursday into the weekend is kind of like closing the refrigerator door so we have beckel there right next was the flow there isn't coming from the cool pacific oceans sell with light winds to allow former chemistry is the bottom line warm-up begins on thursday. temperatures are close to average but when the winds go like this went to warm up and many view and wit in his thoughts will likely add 90 degrees close to that tomorrow the with that flow from the ocean for one more day for degrees below average in oakland and san jose 78 tomorrow for fremont's and conquered 85 degrees 9 is likely thursday through saturday inland's and approaching a degrees close to the day for thursday friday and saturday before we cool off a bet on sunday. the of weight x was a to cbs 5 with,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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random car thea's home tonight just six days after being hit in the head by a line drive in their cali tumbled to the ground and never lost consciousness. he was sent to a hospital as a precaution and that likely saved his life. mccarthy underwent a two-hour surgery and is operating room that's helped to relieve pressure from hemorrhaging that stabilizes goal fracture the picture was treated by his wife
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today and mccarthy's neurosurgeon spoke exclusively with cbs five tonight. when it occurs somebody can walk off we say these are people that walk and to die. they walk away from where the injury occurred they go home and they say they have a headache they fall asleep and never wake up. so the doctors did the right thing. they found out there was a problem and is sent him over here from definitive treatment. dear kuwaitis made an excellent recovery. and this feeling much better but he still recovering. their place mccarthy and rotations knives. for the second night in a row. this off former giants oakland leading three to two top nine cocoa crisp they shot into the corner and and then the angels misplays cocoa aids clinic at the mall. as will the tripple and an air and space
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go up 6 to 3. timing and their day's events that is the ball game. oakland's 65 base a tuna melt up on the first wild-card spot in the a.l.. the waves they could stop the giants are now down 41 in colorado. madison baumgartner talk about a rocky mountain high give them any course lights on me. giants tied it for. brandon bell give that many 30 packets only 17 bucks at safeway. a double ahead. belt drives and for the now to monet's six pack over the l.a. dodgers. tonight stop five. at no. 5 ever been to bullfights? ford did write that the nationals beat the mets despite dead baby. nobody will confuse and the
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result and brett wallace with fred astaire and ginger rogers. he had to waltz of the game. give them to take its use southwest's for making nine cats and all he got was the tip. the dodgers with a beating st. louis did not for jason scats to rob luis 7 year-old and a cold sad said ukrainian record by a doing 4000 consecutive pushups in two hours and 29 minutes. and i can only honestly tell you that that kid would pull you ,,,,,,,,,,
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