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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  September 15, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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passengers getting off the train jumped out of the ring of an oncoming train howling happened to operators in trouble. tragedy in a neighborhood street 8 year-old boy hit and killed while riding his scooter. disguised as escorted away key figure but behind the anti muslim movie he's questioned by federal authorities. no one getting off the train expects to jump out of the path of another fast approaching that happened at south san francisco cal train station anne mackovic tells us what is done to prevent another near tragedy.
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two stories tall and weighing 1 million lbs. baby bullet train's speed by stations between san jose and san francisco last month several people had to jump out of the way of won nearly avoiding been hit. it happened in south san francisco passengers getting off a northbound train crossing the southbound track to get to parking lot when a southbound baby bled zoomed down the track at 76 mi. per hour forcing them to scramble out of the way not acceptable they should not be forced to jump in front of them the engineer hit the emergency brake it did not pass stop until it passed through the station the engineer running the train tested positive for marijuana both engineers on leave. the in it investigation
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ongoing will determine not only what caused the incident but will look at the extenuating circumstances the south san francisco station one of caltrans oldest it does not have a gate for crossing arms to prevent passengers from crossing act of tracks. engineers use to use ready or have light signals to make sure the station was clear that did not happen that day new rules make it mandatory where soils are for the passengers that clear the tracks quickly we understand a mazda bin friending we're relieved there were no injuries it happened august 24th of the just coming to the media attention now anne mackovic cbs 5 some people in south bay neighborhood cannot believe what happened to one of their neighbors 8 year-old san jose boy killed while colliding with
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a big truck while riding his bike elissa harrington with more q dien overcome with grief describes as 8 year-old nephew matthew. he was very handsome their greater died last night hit by a truck while applying on his pocket by use their rides on the cul-de-sac the guest today venture down the street and into lanes of traffic he was not wearing helmets and collided with a truck the loss impacted the neighborhood how long san jose is mark drive classmates and strangers left flowers and lighting candles the residents have questioned the safety of their streets it wakes people up to realize they should slow down the should watch their kids more take them to a park and some of play in the street
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speed is not appear to be a factor in the crash no indication of drug or alcohol use. so sad for 8 year-old to die like that this neighborhood is full of kids the family tells me they don't want anyone else to experience the pain the plan to ask the city council for safety measures along the street may be speed bumps or slow down side elissa harrington cbs 5 we follow a developing story in chicago a plot to blow up a downtown bar has been foiled a teenager in custody a u.s. attorney's office says a u.s. citizen arrested last night trying to blow up we thought was a car bomb it was a fake given to him by undercover agents there are monitoring him after on light posts about engaging in a violent g-in u.s.. the filmmaker connected to the
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anti islamic found under federal investigation not his first run in with the law joy benedict tells us he was taken into questioning last night. new koula was taken away from his home in serrado's in the wee hours of the morning by a los angeles county sheriff's he has not returned folks in this community have questions. early this morning under the cover of darkness wearing a scarf over his face in the koula the sea lee etna koula left his family and a community with questions we don't want trouble in our community p. d. robinson is concern that the man's film which has sparked protests in the middle east may have brought unwanted attention to her community
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it does not show respect for someone who's supposed to be a profit i can see what people are upset his home answer rios it's quiet cars parked haphazardly industry groceries boil inside and no one answers. the lack of activity did not stop the activity from talking to neighbors and neighbors expressing their views and wondering where he is no one has been arrested no one detained no one in custody he was questioned by federal officers for 30 minutes and then released he's under probation for a bank fraud conviction part of that release means not accessing the internet something he may have violated by posting a film on mine their violations between federal probation officers and him he was cooperative folks realize he had the right to make this film and a ride to his opinion but with
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everything going on she says it was irresponsible you have freedom of speech but he cannot yell fire this video yell " fire " on the internet. where is not koula? whit do not know the sheriff's department says he is gone he is not their responsibility he has not returned to the house even though his family is here i made several attempts to contact his attorney none of those calls returned. protest over the anti islamic film spread to australia the out raged dies down ports a geraldine no-show'' test authority's are keeping protesters under control riot police push back demonstrators protesting the movie outside the american consulate in sydney, on saturday.
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in cairo, demonstrations began officers cleared protesters from the cities where a concrete barrier blocks the entrance to the american embassy. violence spread to more than 20 countries ambassador chris stevens and three other americans died during an assault on the embassy in libya tuesday. we must send a clear and resolute message those who attack our people will find no escape from justice as demonstration subside altai that urges protesters to keep up attacks on u.s. embassies around the globe. google said no to the white house when it was asked if it would reconsider its decision to keep the club on youtube google owns youtube and is censoring
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the video after blocking it in egypt and libya. it is restricting the video to comply with local law not as a response to political pressure in. a wildfire still burns near one of l a is cultural landmarks when firefighters expect to gain control. alert to san jose state students the incident prompted the warning and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one of l.a. is cultural landmarks reopened even know what fire burns nearby interrupted yesterday near civil but up to pull the past causing the getty center to closed. firefighters have at 40 percent surrounded expect to contain it tomorrow. no reports of any injuries. oakland police department runs into a staffing problem at its lowest level in more than a decade it has 631 officers down
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from this summer and high of 8374 years ago. the department mandates overtime consolidates patrols and cuts down on curfew enforcement the chief says the numbers will decline until i knew academy graduates in january. sound as a state wants students to watch out and attempted robbery reported on campus for- five men tried to rob a student at one of the suspect pulled out a knife the 21 year-old the victim who was not a student fought off a man administrators ordered students to walk in groups and utilize safety escort program. mosquitos collected from south san jose are positive for west nile virus. vector control fox tonight as part of eradication efforts. it will take place from blossom hill road at 11:00 p.m., the bay
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duke and duchess of cambridge spotted today bumpkin
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around in the trees of a malaysian rainforest. they stopped in a rainforest so they could speak with researchers. they are celebrating the diamond jubilee of queen elizabeth the now go to solomon islands. probably brian has done man we want to borneo my own vacation i tip my camera and we fed the orangutans they did not offer to lift me through the trees you are not royalty. outside to look at the numbers they hover in the 80's and 60's at the shoreline look at the bay bridge it looks nice 74 in san jose 78 santa rosa
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now. it warmed up a little today from 1-5 degrees sunny tomorrow except for low clouds along the shoreline ahmad week ahead for the bay area. best weather of the year is september and october it will bear this out things not changing a lot. mild weather for the bay area if you like to say you'll like tomorrow and monday and tuesday , will have low clouds along the shoreline clara ma for the bay temperatures in the mid to upper 60s at redwood city and fremont and hayward. future cast shows how h a behavior, latter part of the day oppose moves through the atmosphere. high clouds as the sun sinks in the west. not bad tonight either will have
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low clouds along the shoreline, sunny and a bit chilly in the day if you are in view looking for the golden gate you'll get low clouds but mostly sunny day tomorrow. for your re-count id is cold. ukiah up to 95. 101 in fresno. tall mid-70s. santa rosa 49 one of her own mid-seventies for much of the bay area san jose tomorrow at 80 degrees morgan hill 88, for the coast only 60s, 61 pacifica, at the far east, brentwood 90 degrees, 88 antioch, 80 at santa rosa, 57 bodega bay, stinson
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beach 59 temperatures in the mid '70s all this week and mid-80s for inland areas we appeared next week temperatures will stay in the mid-80s. no big changes. g force in house for vern glenn saturday a big day raiders go without a key player rest of the season on gary gelfan if you love offense cal allstate had funny for the first time since,,
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two words for cow field goal. you have to get it through the uprights. hard to believe the last time cal played ohio state 40 years ago in berkeley the buckeyes got the win. cal in columbus in front of 105,000 fans. second quarter cal down 20-7 a great one-handed catch he takes often goes to the distance. he gets called for holding the drive stalls caltrop light by 13 at that.
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brendan below takes the handoff he spends his white out he goes down the sidelines 81 yds for the score. a sweet run cal takes the lead. or cut the lead to 6. mannered takes it himself an upset in the making 14 unanswered points by the bears cow up by one. ohio state answers back. the two-point conversion afterwards but the buckeyes up seven. cal response below again 59 yds for the touchdown. he only carried the ball four times with 160 yds. they could not cake field goals today. he missed three field goals wide left including one that would put cal at lake in the fourth quarter. less than four minutes to go
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breakdown and the cal secondary a 72 yd touchdown that put ohio state in the lead for good. 35-28 the final a solid gain by cal on the road. an early start time 12 noon in columbus. making a field goal or two may have made an upset. pad and virginia tech, it caused a fumble eric williams recovers and in business. that leads to a touchdown. third quarter he floats one what a day for gramm three touchdowns pick ups as virginia tech 35-17. more pack 12 action. anthony thomas breaks free and
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easy win for the ducks their role 63-14 the final. nick's said in an alabama taking on arkansas 17 nothing of tide razorbacks no match for no. 1 team in the country. roll tide 52-0. penn state except first win of the year. he picks up the fumble and goes for 74 yd return. nittany lions beat navy 34-7 first went under coach bill o'brien. bad news for raiders news they do not want to hear a wide receiver kobe ford done for the year he injured his foot in a preseason game and not on the field sense. they are hurting the wide receiver is listed as probable
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for tomorrow's game at miami. you can see the raiders tomorrow morning on cbs 5 kicked off at 10 a.m. stay tuned for the game between the jets and steelers. a's are set to take on the orioles and a few minutes. they are the first place in wild-card spot. yankees take on the raise in the bronx. his 39th home run of the year. fifth inning derek cheater goes up the middle rbi single yankees win 5-3 1 half game on top in american league east. the nhl headed for another block out. the current nhl agreement between the players and owners set to expire 9:00 p.m. tonight no deal expected training camp
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supposed to start next week but that will not happen the last lockout was 2004/2005 season which wiped out entire season. not good for nhl. in the next newscast more on that, the hockey lockout has consequences in the bay area orders and canceled chefs cut back how the bay area suffers if the puck stops here that story and more at 630. don knapp is down their forests that is it for eyewitness news at 530 a thanks to in studio guest is from st. francis of assisi in concord lovely students from the third and sixth or sixth grades see you back here in half an hour. see you then goodnight. ,,
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