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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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protesters tell me that there are still planning to camp out here. they say they're still hoping to take back the area and are breaking down their shelters as we speak. dozens of them camped out here overnight, we counted eight in total despite the warning from san francisco police but occupiers tell me they are here to keep the movement alive and they're not going anywhere. >> i think there are a lot of people excited about staying and holding the space and rebuilding the camp that we had and continue the public presence. >> yesterday's celebration of the one-year anniversary of the movement was more festive than combative. the group marched from the financial district here and it was different from past occupy movements. it has been at times difficult to define but yesterday there
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were no reported problems with the exception of the traffic. the group is gathering in breaking down the shelters, it appears they are abiding by what police asked them to do. i spoke with a protester and he tells me that they are breaking down the shelters but there's still year for the cause and we plan to be here throughout the day. >> mitt romney admits that his choice of words maybe not the best after a video surfaced of him lasting nearly half of americans for thinking they are victims entitled to government handouts >> 47% believe they are victims who believe the government has responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care and housing, you name it, it is an entitlement and the government will give it to us and they will vote for this president matter
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what >> mother jones magazine says the video was shot at a florida fund-raiser in may. romney then held a news conference yesterday and admits that is comments were not elegantly stated but stands by his call for smaller government >> the you believe in a government that provides more and more benefits or instead in a free enterprise society? >> president obama's campaign promptly issued a statement saying " it is hard to serve as president for all of americans when you have disdainfully written off half the nation ". president obama de with a similar situation four years ago when he was secretly recorded telling donors that many on the right clinging to guns and religion. a firefighter is hurt after battling a restaurant fire in alameda county. patrick joins us live in san leandro. >> they're cleaning up here
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right now. i am here where a fire ripped through the restaurant at about 2:00 a.m.. it took 34 fire personnel about a half-hour to knock down the fire that might have started in a dumpster in the back. one firefighter was hurt pretty badly. >> we had one of our officers on the roof ventilating, he has sustained a pretty good cut on his lower leg. >> this fire is under investigation and will be all morning. >> what we get a look at the weather? >> i had the heater on today, i must did it. >> it felt a little bit chilly. we are changing now and getting ready for fall and this weekend is the first weekend of fall. we do have low clouds and fog around the bay area today. it will break up and leave
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mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. temperatures are mainly in the fifties outside. by the afternoon, numbers running below average for this time of year. today, eight degrees below average at 62 in san francisco. 72 in san jose and still warm in livermore. will we warm up before the end of summer? we will talk about that in a minute. >> we're going to go quickly out towards the mobile 5 ac transit camera because it looks like they're just getting off the upper deck of the bay bridge. we have watched them go all across the upper deck and it looks like they're getting off on the fremont street exit. hopefully we will have to time it to show you a quick look at that coming up. westbound interstate 80 we're getting word of a stalled big
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rig by pinole valley road. we also have an accident clear to the right shoulder westbound interstate 80 somewhere in hercules. that is once again involving five cars all to the right-hand shoulder. once you head towards berkeley, this is what it looks like, no brake lights down towards emeryville. let's show you a quick live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the middle fast- track plans look good but cash plans are backed up. >> al qaeda north africa branches calling for more attacks on american diplomats to protest an anti is long video that was made in the u.s.. at least one dozen people are dead after a female suicide bomber drove a car into a bus. a spokesman for another terrorist group claimed
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responsibility saying it is in response to the same video that ridicules the profit on it. the u.s. says it is suspending military patrol with afghan forces which means most u.s. forces will not interact with their afghan counterparts until further notice. it comes after recent violence involving afghan soldiers turning on coalition members. 51 coalition soldiers had been killed in such attacks this year. newly released video shows efforts to rescue the u.s. ambassador to libya. a resident shot this video with a cell phones that shows a group of libyans trying to rescue chris stevens after finding him barely alive. they drove into a hospital where he was later pronounced dead >> the top cop in san jose is stepping down. lisa washington is in san jose
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now with more on his career and his impending departure >> when that announcement was made yesterday about the retirement there was one san jose city council member who says he was disappointed because the chief had given the impression that he would remain as the chief for four years and when he was hired, when he resigns he would have hired work nearly two years at the job. during his time he has had to deal with budget cuts including laying off 65 officers last year he downplayed speculation that he was being pushed out of office or that he was retiring before his pension and unused sick time would be reduced. as for the recent crime that has plagued san jose, he admits it will take some time to work for the problems. he says he knows that working
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there was the best fit for him >> we are in a tough spot and it will take us a couple of years and i'm not sure what will happen so in the meantime it will be very difficult and i get that but for me and my family 30 years is the right time >> the san jose city council and the police union have been at odds over the perception of a crime in san jose. tonight there will be two meetings aggressing the crime issues in the city. there is a 7:00 study session on the police is response to the recent crimes and to gang activity and built union and some city groups will hold a prime convention meeting this evening and it is worth noting that san jose was once the city labeled as america's safest big city but recently that is not the case anymore. >> a family is hoping for signs
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of a san mateo man who mysteriously vanished over the weekend. a retired firefighter was at traveling on amtrak to visit family in montreal. he was last seen near omaha nebraska by a conductor who said he appeared disoriented. >> if he was disoriented he could have fallen at all and he could be on the side of the track somewhere. >> his family says he was taking medication for heart problems and diabetes. he was scheduled to transfer trains in chicago. >> the battle over the estate of thomas kincaid continues in a court room. it pits his girlfriend against an estranged wife. to keep living at his estate. the judge also set a december 3rd date for each of them to
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submit a list of possessions they claim. september 23rd could become a special day for bisexuals in berkeley. it is considering becoming the first city in the country to claim a bisexual pride day to be separate from gay pride. a scare in the sky while a plane at sfo was detained at jfk airport. >> stock and holding on for dear life. a bass jumper who is now facing big time charges. >> eight miniature cow was,,,,,,
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>> it wasn't the outcome he expected when he jumped off the highest bridge in california. he had to be rescued after his job. he got caught in a tree about 100 ft. above the river. he is now facing charges because it is against a lot to jump from that bridge. , on tape, a jewelry store robbed at gunpoint in bakersfield. three men wearing masks were responsible. the owner pulled a gun but the suspect jumped over the counter and wrestled a weapon away. a second suspect came in with a gun of his own and a third robber hamburg open a case and took a tray of rings. two of the suspects are now in police custody. >> look at that patron, she
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doesn't even move during the whole thing >> northern california amador county is not an area known for crime but one strange death remains a big mystery >> rick sanders says someone stole several rare miniature cattle from his ranch. he says his ranch is the only place outside of new zealand where this type of cattle is raised. they have raised them since the late 1800's. >> when we get a look at the roadways >> if you are on the bay bridge, not a good thing >> everything is looking okay, no metering lights but they will likely be turned on here very shortly because it is starting to stack up. once again, across the upper deck, things are pretty good heading into san francisco.
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we're watching a couple of problems spots right now. it is starting to stack up now on westbound 80 as you head across crop it. you'll find brake lights through hercules and all the way through panel. 23 minutes from the cardenas bridge to the maze. also some pretty heavy conditions through the altamont pass. the nimitz looks ok closer towards the oakland coliseum but this accident is just coming in through the maze. southbound 880 we have an accident blocking the center lane so some slight delays in that area. if you're heading south, here is a live look. headlights are moving southbound and that looks like a nice ride through hayward. in milpitas, this is a live look at 8008237.
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silicon valley so far looks good. drive * still in the green. we have been constantly checking in with a strain one and three, no delays. overall no problems on tuesday morning. >> we have a lot of low clouds around the bay area now. it will break up slowly throughout the day today which means temperatures will stay down just a bit. low clouds to start off the day and sunshine through most of the bay area. mild temperatures really for most of the bay area staying below average right on through the end of the summer. low pressure will help keep the cool air in over the next few days.
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then we will really cool down. no delays reported at sfo but i suspect we will see some very shortly. by the afternoon we should clear things out nicely. rain and thunderstorms in new york today. around the bay today will find some sunshine in the south bay with temperatures fairly cool for this time of year. 82 in morgan hill. '50s and '60s towards the beaches. only 62 degrees today in san francisco and 58 with partly cloudy skies in daly city this afternoon. the first day of fall is saturday with a few more clouds coming our way.
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temperatures well below average for this time of year >> new this morning a court in france says the publisher of a gossip magazine must of using topless photos of kate middleton. closer published 14 pictures of the duchess while she was sunbathing. today the judge blocked further display including on the internet and ordered the magazine to handle over all digital images but it does not affect publications in other countries. >> there could be a vote as early as today to finally end the chicago teachers strike. union members are gathering to decide whether to accept a latest offer. mayor rahm emanuel has gone to court to try to have the teachers forced back into the classrooms. some tense moments aboard a flight from san francisco that landed in new york. an anonymous caller said there
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was an explosive device on board the plane. nothing suspicious was found. another flight had to be inspected after similar claims were made. >> an olympic athlete arrested. why the man known as the flying tomato is in trouble >> the giants and the rockies at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> low clouds and fog and move back on shore with temperatures holding in the fifties. it looks to be eight colder afternoon. >> things are getting busy in the traffic department, a new
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problem spot west around 580. we are seeing some pretty good size delays coming through livermore. >> an olympic gold medalist is in trouble with law. sean whyte has been charged with vandalism and public intoxication. the champions no border is accused of pulling a fire alarm and destroying a hotel he was staying at in nashville. police say arrest warrants were issued after he refused to sign misdemeanor citations. has a bit of a black guy there as well. the san francisco giants magic number of to clinch the division is down to eight. >> they opened a tense home game last night. the panda will come home in the six, that is the game winner. the giants beat the rockies 2-
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1. filet of the day, at college football, western kentucky. they win 32-31. the broncos lost last night to land at. >> you just have to keep that coming up, don't you? they ended up losing. >> coming up, 82 alarm fire ripped through a san leandro business. one firefighter was seriously injured. >> mitt romney attempts to explain controversial comments caught on tape. we will have a live report from the nation's capital >> we're live from justin herman plaza where occupiers have taken down their shelters but they say they still plan on staying.
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>> good morning everyone. tuesday september 18th. >> the time now is just about 630. the tents have been taken down but the occupied protesters are holding their ground. >> kate is here with more on what was it pretty peaceful >> when we spoke with police and protesters it seemed to be that they had conversations about being able to stay here but we are in the 6:00 hour and the
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park is open so they are allowed to be here. the shelters are gone but the protesters are not. you can see dozens of protesters here, they did he and police warnings but take a look at this video just about a half- hour ago. they told them to remove the shelters or they will help do it for them. occupiers camp here overnight despite the warnings from police. >> the occupy movement is here to stay. >> the park is open after six so they can visit the park like anyone else but what they cannot do is camp or lodge or put up shelters >> an officer told me this was a fairly peaceful movement. when that we also saw yesterday. some members of the group tell
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me they are peaceful demonstrators and we learned that yesterday, no reported problems except for traffic. we are in the 6:00 hour, the park is open and the protesters tell me they intend to stay here. they will continue their cause even one year after it started. >> mitt romney explaining comments in video just released by mother jones. susan mcginnis is live in washington with a latest >> the mitt romney campaign is in damage control. romney did not know the recording was happening. he held a hastily held a press conference late last night at about 10:00 p.m. eastern time. clarify his statements. at a private $50,000 per plate
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fund-raiser in florida last may, and where he was being recorded, mitt romney said nearly half of americans are victims who feel entitled to government support. mother jones magazine released a video on monday. >> romney called a press conference monday night to address the video. he says his message has always been that we need smaller government >> this is ultimately a question about direction for the country. do you believe in a government society that provides more and more benefits or instead in a free enterprise society >> the obama campaign was quick to respond to the tape calling it shocking.
6:33 am
they issued a statement saying it is hard to serve as president for all americans when you have disdainfully written off half the nation. president obama del with a similar situation in 2008 when he was seeking leave recorded telling donors that many on the right clinging to guns in religion. paul ryan talked about that comment on monday >> guilty as charged >> mitt romney did not retract anything he said in the video. he does it make it was not elegantly stated. romney pretty much explained that he has the same message matter who he is talking to. he's just using different language >> what about the number 47%. he's basically saying that 47 percent of americans are living off the system. is he really believe that is true? >> he got it from a tax policy center but it is a misleading
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number because it is true but the numbers really 46 percent of americans had no federal income tax bill for last year but the truth is that a majority of households pay payroll taxes so the number of americans to pay neither is about 18%. the great majority of those folks are either elderly or very low in town so they did not claim enough deductions and resumptions that their tax bill came out to be zero. >> we have been asking you about the reaction to romney's comments. nathaniel says he is clearly out of touch with more than 47 percent of the nation. all he cares about our political cronies and the wealthy. on the other side and says why should we apologize? some americans believe their victims and are owed assistance. you can comment on facebook or
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twitter or e-mail us. a short time ago mother jones released another video clip of mitt romney commenting on palestinian israeli relations. >> the palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable for them to accomplish. some might say that they have the west bank and security and set up a separate nation for the palestinians and then, if a couple of funny questions >> so far, no comment on this latest video. >> the north african branch of al-qaeda is calling for more attacks on american diplomats to protest an anti islamic video made in the u.s.. at least one dozen people are dead after a female suicide
6:36 am
bomber drove a small car into a bus. eight of the victims were from south africa and the other four were afghans. a terrorist group claimed responsibility saying it is in response to the video that spoofs the profit mall on it. the u.s. says it is suspending patrols with afghan forces until further notice. most u.s. soldiers will not interact with their counterparts. aleutian soldiers. 51 coalition soldiers have been killed in such attacks this year. new reports show the effort a man shot this video with a cell phone and showing a group of libyans trying to rescue chris stevens eventually they drove him to hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >> but to get another look at
6:37 am
the weather and traffic >> with been talking about the possibility of delays at sfo. low clouds on shore, a little bit thicker outside so it looks like the temperatures will stay down just a bit. by the afternoon we are sneaking in more sunshine with temperatures cooler than average. as you make your way to the east bay should be a beautiful afternoon. in the central they will be cooler, 62 in san francisco, 67 in oakland. >> if you are heading towards
6:38 am
the dublin interchange we had an accident was down 580 right before 680. the drive time between the altamont pass and pleasant in is almost a half hour. chp just issued a traffic alert because of a stall big rig approaching pinole valley road. there was also a fender bender involving five cars in hercules. the drive time across the perkiness bridge is very slow. much better news along the nimitz. >> the police chief at san jose will soon turn in his badge. he is retiring after two years at the job and 30 years on the force.
6:39 am
>> some say it is the timing of the retirement that is not good for the city of san jose. there was a late summer crime wave and low morale in the san jose police department. when the chief retires in january he will have served two years as the city's chief. in his time he has had to deal with some budget cuts and layoffs of 65 officers last year. he cut the salary of the remaining officers by 10 percent. he downplayed speculation that he was being pushed out of office where retiring before his pension and unused sick time would be reduced. as for the recent crime that has plagued the city that was once labeled america's safest big city, the retiring chief
6:40 am
admits it will take time to work through the problems >> we are in a tough spot and it will take us a couple of years and i'm not sure a lot will happen so in the meantime it will be very difficult and i get that before me and my family 30 years san jose city council and the police union have been at odds over the perception of crime in san jose. there will be a 7:00 study session on recent crimes in gang activity and police and labor groups will have a meeting in east san jose at 630. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is asking the board of supervisors to rework the plan for renewable energy. it would allocate funds to secure a contract with shell energy north america.
6:41 am
the mayor says he considers the current plan to be too risky financially. he is concerned that too many residents will opt out. a san rafael woman could have a pot of gold waiting for her. 69 year-old walter recently died in carson city. realtors and neighbors help clean out his house and came upon a stack of mysterious boxes. >> we thought it was ammunition and we opened it up and it was a rolls of $20 gold pieces. i've never seen that much gold in my life or coins that old >> it took a wheelbarrow to get it all out. it weighs enough to be worth at least $7 million. the age of the coins means it is probably worth a lot more and there is only one surviving relative, a cousin who is reportedly a substitute teacher.
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>> coming up, the brand new technology being tested for reporting crimes >> the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers. a bit of a mixed bag. coming up we will get an update [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> instead of calling the police, imagine sitting down at your computer and video chatting with a police officer. redwood city is the first in the country to experiment with this new technology. >> we were just talking about san jose police, san carlos and
6:46 am
half moon bay, i think they have had the first-ever cutbacks of their staff and it is really hard to staff a lot of police departments in the current economy. we believe this is the first time ever in the u.s. by redwood city police department where you can get a face-to-face video chat with an officer sitting at a desk. officers are not being pulled from the street to do this. officers who would normally be doing desk duty would be doing this. it costs about $200 to install the software >> is like skype? >> basically but it is built for commercial applications. and chat with someone, it is the same basic software. the officer is sitting at a desk like yours waiting for you to call in. >> what a comfort factor for the public to get a face-to-face
6:47 am
chat >> as police will tell you, the badge and a uniform set something so it is important to be able to have the presence when someone calls even if it is a routine call. this is not meant to replace 911 but that is not too far away when you could do this with a mobile phone >> why of redwood city? >> the heart of silicon valley, anything can happen. they're very near the heart of silicon valley >> it could grow >> it will be very good to watch, the trial goes through october. go ahead and try it out, we have a link in our blog posted for today show >> you can find more of brian segments at >> you have an ipad it might be
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one of the most important things in your life. here is jason brooks with money watch to explain. it is weighed down on my list >> i think that the survey does reflect just how critical the ipad is for most people. about 1000 ipad owners were surveyed and about one-quarter said they would rather go without running water or electricity for one day without their ipad. more than half of them said they would rather go on a business trip without brushing their teeth and be disconnected from their ipad during the trip. others said they would prefer a minor car accident in see their ipad broken. apple closed just under $700 yesterday. restoration hardware is going through some changes. they have been revamping their entire look to become a high-end furnishings store. they're read branding its name
6:49 am
, r h is the new name. shares of its wall street does not like that kind of news. amd is low by about 4%. the dow is lower by 18 points, nasdaq off by three and the s and p is dropped three points. >> time now for a look at what is coming up on cbs this morning >> mitt romney is not making any apologies for the video where he says almost half of all americans believe their victims entitled to government support. we will ask the man who ran john mccain's presidential campaign about the impact this new controversy might have on the race. also, the ceo of ford, how his
6:50 am
company has thrived without any bailout money. the new car he calls the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in this country. >> is 650, let's get a look at the weather once again. >> around the bay area today we have low clouds and fog that have moved well on shore. it will take some time for it to break up. members will stay below average for this time of year. sunshine for most but the temperatures will be cool at the coast line with patchy fog. the area of low pressure continuing off the coastline, a slow mover and then it will drop in our direction and we will be likely to see cooler number
6:51 am
saturday and sunday. delays sfo of 70 minutes. in the afternoon it looks like we will see plenty of clearing it. showers could cause problems in chicago. around the bay we will find mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. '50s and '60s out towards the coast. sunshine in the afternoon with '70s and '80s. 67 in oakland. the next couple of days, no major changes but more clouds on the way and cooler temperatures for the first day of fall on saturday. >> if you are heading towards the bay bridge this morning it is already pretty busy. 15 or 20 minutes to get onto the bridge.
6:52 am
chp issued a traffic alert apparently still in effect on westbound interstate 80. once you get off the cardenas bridge will hit delays because of baseball big rig still blocking one lane. the drive time is up to 34 minutes. pretty heavy traffic conditions coming through the altamont pass. an earlier accident is clear to the right hand shoulder and not too bad at the nimitz or westbound 24. a nice ride towards downtown oakland. >> coming up, which movie stars are hanging out at google >> what are occupied san
6:53 am
francisco protesters still at justin herman plaza? we will have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,
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>> police told them to take down their shelters and they did but occupy protesters are not leaving san francisco's justin herman plaza. kate has been there following the developments all morning long >> it appeared from both sides to be a peaceful movement similar to what we saw from our
6:57 am
own bay area occupiers. the shelters are down but the occupied sign is still up. we saw police move in and tell the people to break down their shelters and for the most part they peacefully abided. they say they plan on taking back the original campsite from last year. it marks the one-year anniversary the group marched from san francisco's financial district. i want to let you know that there were no reported problems from last night or from yesterday and it appears that no problems from this morning. >> and alameda county firefighter is recovering from cuts to his leg after an early- morning fire it was reported at the tequila grill downtown. the fire was under control and less than an hour.
6:58 am
they say the fire may have started in a dumpster behind the restaurant. >> we have fog outside again today and it looks a little bit thicker but sunshine out there as we will see mostly sunny skies around the bay area this afternoon. no major changes over the next few days but cooling down this next weekend. >> we got an update from the chp about a problem we have been following on westbound 880 approaching highway 4 in hercules. it is really stacking up now. primetime is almost 40 minutes now on the shore freeway. >> google has some very unusual
6:59 am
new intern's this week >> vince vaughn and owen wilson are filming a movie and both of them have been spotted on campus. the movie is about a 40 year- old salesman who gets laid off and starts an internship at google. with the two of them it sounds like it will be pretty funny. >> there are pitfalls to doing live interviews on tv >> a denver reporter learned that the hard way talking with a toddler >> i would be a lousy politician >> you made him cry >> way to make a baby boy cried on live television >> i actually know him and he is >> i actually know him and he is a pretty funny guy and he tried


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