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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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take a step forward and chase what matters. and angry mob hit the streets after a police shooting the bangles don't seem to not know what the facts are. mitt romney releases his tax returns he paid more than the needed to. awesome once-in-a-lifetime a thrilling final ride the incredible pictures of the space shuttle endeavor and announcing
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before new kind of cocktail has nothing to do with taste and everything to do without it is made. mayhem, a mob hit the streets of san francisco mission district upset about a police shooting these people who read tablet to not have the facts straight. elizabeth cook and her photographer saw it all happen in the mission now. i'm standing in front of the mission police station a large group of police standing guard over the entrance that is because a couple hours ago a group of 80 people calling themselves the black block through paint balls made of glass at the police station including a hammer and hit one
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of the officers and injured him. the group as dissipated but look at the video we got a couple of hours ago. this scene at 9:00 p.m. tonight they marched down valencia street slashing tires and breaking windows the owner of a restaurant told them to leave a protester punched him in the face they threw explosives on the street. the bank on our news van and tried to grab our camera the try to climb on top of a van, they are protesting an officer involved shooting last night when officer shot a 22 year-old parolee after he pulled out an assault style pistol what he was up 2 i don't know but they need but we were successful in interrupting of violent crime. at 8:00 p.m. tonight they started gathering at delores
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part, we talk to some of the protesters why they decided to march and riot, some of them are not sure why summer smoking marijuana, some said their protest in an officer involved shooting an officer killed a suspect but we told them the suspect was not killed and expected to survive they did not seem to know the information still a lot of mixed messages. and mixed motivation why they chose to march elizabeth cook cbs 5 campaign 2012, mitt romney in the bay area to make a withdrawal from the political test machine he wrapped up a fund raiser at this is staying in hillsboro he makes headlines for his tax returns, after pressure he release them reporter sharon chin on what they reveal. romney paid more in taxes than he needed to he took a
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smaller deduction for charitable giving so he could fulfill a campaign promise and pay more than a 13% tax rate. mitt romney and his wife earn $14 million in in come mostly from investments and pay $2 million in federal tax less than what top earners pay because investment income is taxed at a lower rate. they've paid upwards of 20% tax rate the last two decades. they arrived in the bay area and hillsborough that cost 1000 to $50,000 a person he spoke with cbs anchor scott pelley how do you turn this around? it does not need a turnaround we need to campaign romney is slipping in the polls and republicans are sniping after the videotape
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about the 47%, the candidate denies his campaign is struggling i have a very effective campaign but not everything i say it is elegant i want to help one hundred percent of the american people a former republican presidential strategist says romney must change the subject to regain momentum pensioners spoke at a panel and san francisco reviewing the president's record. you bring up something new and something big maybe a speech or policy announcement but something big and different to remind people why you are running for president both presidents raise the most money in august president obama reddick and $85 million and romney $67 million. obama also has more money in the bank. sharon chin cbs 5 the plan caring mitt
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romney's wife and made an emergency landing after the cabin filled with smoke it was an electrical fire the flight from all mod to send a monica landed in denver she took a different plan to southern california and landed a few hours ago the anti islamic film is sparking new clashes between police officers in pakistan on demonstrators and a crowd of 15,000 fired on police and 19 people killed, u.s. diplomats tried to reduce the and her by paying for ads on pakistan on a television they show president obama and hillary clinton denouncing the thumb. how often does the bay area pause and look up we did today to take in a spectacular sight the space shuttle endeavor.
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it could be called a swan song final low altitude bay area flyby beginning over east bay and is subject to light we thought it would be forever it is the pickup truck at the same time as the tax revision is 747 caring endeavor as thousands cannot to witness that awesome once-in-a-lifetime empower fall and amazing made me proud to feel an american. from the north overran the aircraft and spacecraft made at give us the day is breathtaking moment flying above the golden gate bridge. some people took the day off work others called and said so they can witness history it won't be there tomorrow or next week the shuttle the
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last chance to see it after leaving san francisco endeavor flew down the peninsula and over moffett field were thousands gathered to see yet. on to monterey, and finally los angeles it does the hollywood sign and circle downtown before landing at lax next week it is towed to the california signs museum where it will be on display next month. while witnessing history many of your stamp photos of endeavor, our design department of these, juliette goodrich shows us more christoph gobbler shares with his wife the moment he witnessed the space shuttle glide by his san francisco high rise i looked over the top and you could see it within that to die and josten visual i was on
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my balcony and everybody was out on the balcony's that is so cool like many others throughout the bay area and huddled on rooftops to catch a glimpse conference calls and meetings put on hold i'm on my call i look out the window i see it come over the golden gate bridge. i said this was so cold that was the end of the call i think the call was a deal and answer the fly over was something people wanted to see and share photos with friends i have great pictures these are all on facebook today oscar castro said were to decide to put these photos this is over the city it is awesome, and this over the bay bridge you can see the shuttle on the top
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everyone shares their stories and photos could clarity i phone 5? for s like the gobblers endeavor is something they will talk about for a long time. juliette goodrich cbs 5 you can see more photos and video at cbs s f dot com/shuttle what happened to the man who jumped into the tiger in closure at a famous zoo. apparently waiting was worth that this guy made $1,500 waiting in line for the new i phone. your inheritance could be in jeopardy more and more parents are refusing to leave their kids a dime.
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cocktails with,,
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retired california firefighter who disappeared from an amtrak train going to
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chicago has been found dead. the body of charlie dowd found alongside the tracks in western nebraska he was from san mateo his family last saw him september 15th they found a train door slightly open after dow disappeared the families says doubt took medication that made him disoriented a man at the bronx zoo climbed in the tiger den he jumped off a ride scale to fences cannot and headed into the path of a 400 lb. tiger, the tiger mauled him. sat that somebody could get to that point they jump in with the tigers will be get the help he needs the man suffered a punctured lung a severed left but and dislocated shoulder the 25 year- old man expected to survive we are in the era of the i
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phone 5 the thinner and lighter found on sale today at apple stores around the world thousands of customers stood in line c-net reporter introduces us to one guy who got paid $1,500. for five days he pitched a two-person tent on this san francisco sidewalk and got to know his neighbors trunk people were circling my tent at one in the morning that was weird this makeshift residence has an enviable addressed because of its location. right in front of an apple store and first in mind for one of the anticipated devices of the year. someone on the web site test rabbits would amy task rabbit finds people who will complete various tasks
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whether its grocery shopping or queueing up for apples and latest phone the big spender refused our interview requests but this woman was willing to a share why she uses tax grab at time is money but i want that phone as soon as i can get getting that phone on day one was a no-brainer i love mobile devices especially this one it does not cross my mind that would not get that i have to have it for many loyalists will into brave the elements it is part of the i phone experience. parents are living longer and spending more these days, that means less inheritance for the kids, plan on changing expectations a recent survey found 14 percent of baby boomers feel they owe their kids and
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inheritance down from a quarter percent in 2005, many lost money when the economy tank and they need all that is left to live out their lives son said they want to live the what they want tilt without warning about leave the money for their kids at. remember the cosmo credit, a new cocktail trend it has nothing to do with taste and everything to do with how it is made. that's how they make a cucumber cooler, it is cool and refreshing and features organic vodka. it gets its punch from may fruity flavor. no environmental guilt when you drink this. he expects organic cocktails
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to take off we have become more danica in our food stakes are organic fruit is organic produces of organic letter must meet federal standards. it must contain 95 percent organically produced ingredients reprocessed with organic aids and not contain certain sulfites it is a growing trend last year sales of organic clicker totaled $8 million. an increase of 8% year to year some people look for organic products and others look for a flavor profile and taste and it is an added bonus anything organic red for the environment and health of all of us i like to know what is going in my body people want to know what they are drinking and it is safe
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the biggest benefit might be on farms pesticide use is reduced and that this contrition this does not see positives for drinkers is dead and the healthier for you? absolutely not but the word organic can be misleading drinkers seemed to embrace the liquid form of the organic concept and is not about the food it is what you drink paul deanno sirte 8 hours away from the start of fall a beautiful friday on,,
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'50s and '60s and outside. mid 50s san francisco and santa rosa. the clouds clear is that not picture-perfect? it takes the victory last over the bay bridge and golden gate bridge on its way to final home in southern california. a new season starts tomorrow first day of fall at 749 tomorrow morning, it will be warmer than each of the final 18 days of summer. we have cloud cover gives us a beautiful sunset. notice it is being pushed down to the south will be added the bay area tomorrow morning. we are watching the onshore flow, it is now far enough away and we don't have to worry about it will look at high pressure over the desert
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southwest that is the main focus high pressure dry weather autumn will start off on a pleasant note. warm up continues tomorrow 3-5 degrees warmer than today. sunny skies all weekend. mild weather continues through the next week 72 at s.f. 0 tomorrow concord 88, sunnyvale 78, redwood city 75, 88 at walnut creek, the level 76, san rafael high of 78, extended forecast a little bit cooler next week low to mid '80s inland and lots of sunshine highs in the low seventies. sports is next. we set the baseball playoff table for the a's and giants
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giants have won five straight games the next when could b,,,,,
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giants at outfielder melky cabrera led the majors in hitting as the late to disqualify him from winning the batting title serving a 50 game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. buster posey awarded the willie mccovey award. receive the award from the cup the himself. bottom of the fifth he is in giants take a 2-1 lead, next inning pablo sandoval, there'd straight game with a homer, the giants beat the padres 5-1 magic #2 to clinch the west. with a dodger loss coming up tomorrow. cc sabathia and the yankees, he
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gets derek jeter and looking, sabathia was on his game. struck out the side in the theft. he struck out 11, the a's left the bases loaded in the eighth. brandon moss ties the game would go to extras. in the 10th russell martin with the walk off shot, the yankees win two-one, oakland has lost four of five. but they're still in good shape. oakland one game behind the orioles and three at the head of the angels for the last playoff spot. college basketball st. mary's man staying under ncaa investigation for recruiting
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violations and official would say the school is cooperating. the top five, flashing the latter. no. 4 all my. no. 3, with his bare hands. makes the play. number two, gets the man it second number one jerry parker where is the ball. he gets a hit the ball was lost in his jersey. unbelievable. will be back. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work!
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. we have an extra special treat, the shuttle went over head today there it is spectacular and. now at her new home and los angeles. have a great weekend.


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