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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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transformed on the immediate coast run and we have with the fall. it will be a nice warm dish upside. but have not affected drugs won't be for conditions of the golden gate bridge. also doing it with roadwork richmond residents are getting to information about problems with our finally fire that burned last month. we have learned that-i had was to blame for the rupture the section that was done to one 16th of an inch. that's about
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the fitness of a penny. nearly 200 people came out here to last night's meeting to discuss the august 6th march at the refinery in richmond. and to hear from a panel of officials. a five-foot section of the 200 ft. pipe was open to loading. it had lost 80 percent of its thickness. the problem was not detected during inspections. the consequences of that cut a fumble labor release for the aging anthony pike could have been much for worse. because the pie plate that was closed in of the field movie in the pipe which at eighth he said that flows so come content inside. she apologized on behalf of the company. right now on we are fed up. we are angry and i'm just trying to become here.
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chevron must be assured for all protected in the future. this gives me to look at my window. to prevent someone like this from happening again chevron has installed pollution monitors are rather refinery. he investigators from 10 hidden cameras in the san francisco is home one of the cameras was found in a teddy bear. eric d. lewis of principle was arrested on drug charges thursday. he appeared in court yesterday. about 1/4 of an ounce of methamphetamine the seven panels of india may or access the have record files of chp. in lieu of 25 doesn't dollars belt at this point there's no indication of any
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crime involving children of the school. in other sectors as the man is doing " to the suspected of trying to conduct an annual accrual near an elementary school near a cemetery. the 25 road was suppressed the west and saturday. police said in friday's incident the girl was able to escape but he tried at the end running back to the school. service as the police chief wants help in identifying the people who went on a rampage last week. the head of mission district police department. residents ask the police aren't doing the job is to keep the peace. this community that has done edwards and struggle to make changes. but it hasn't been enough. the list and it is a safe place. it it's if abbott
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community and those elected by you to serve you but committed to keep this is the place. a 22 what was on his way to a venture a fatal shooting when he was in tatters. some residues will vote on a proposal that would allow apartment as small as 220 square feet in a kitchen and bath and closet. that's about this size of the city's smallest with vigor. to provide more rental prices. aren't with so that we have housing. almost 40 percent of hot services residents are single. what we're concerned about is the president of the sets.
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that it's ok for people to live in these very tiny shoebox apartments. some of them are mere be the size of a parking space. the plan does nothing to support of the list and will put a strain city services. other bay area have lines. this morning plans for indigent and send it to a county plan to pack a budget meeting. " money would be better spent on social services and other alternatives to imprisonment. but lucas never identified a suspect into art robberies on campus. the four accused of forcing women from what john cash. cruises 7 california continued to battle the seven california and southern california. the fact that the
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inevitable or ignored the evacuation orders. it's heartbreaking. we don't have anything to come back to. so far to a dozen acres have burned. run to see plenty of sunshine of sight of a were starting out was the dense fog. especially as you approach a coastline. i think as it moves. these tissues are going to improve over the next couple of dishes. it's a little cool in spots. 49 degrees in zero runs. and 54 degrees in san jose back
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into the 80s and the balance. as far will try to to to is going to be cool in the '50s and '60s in the day. is a level of the conditions or want any. no taxes to report. there is road to the floor in the area as you were to wear no. but didn't between 66 and high street compared. gordon of but she must use of limited visibility this morning. give yourself some time. 7101 from 5 a.m. to 7 cisco past the golden gate bridge plaza about it but the minute drive. a united nations general
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assembly as a lot on his plate as it meets this week. civil war in some of pilot attacks the in egypt. had the possibility of a run developing a nuclear weapon. president obama has some tough words for a running a president. and is prepared remarks the president will tell the world that a nuclear poses a threat to israel pushing gulf nations in the global economy. he will say that is why the united states what we must to prevent the robber from a kidney into weapons. every option available that includes the military option remains on the table. let's imagine that we have an atomic weapon. what intelligent person would fight a
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5000 american bombs with one bomb. the president is also expected to address of rest and serial libya and other countries. it's a comment that he made on 60 minutes that led the most attention and the campaign. have a recent advance the middle east into a cause. hopes i was pretty certain that there aren't to be bumps in the road. mitt romney jumped on that road has said that upon a dozen jobs and syria and the american ambassador been killed. on the bombs and above. the wife has come rummies attacked us with an offensive. romney in the press to both
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top foreign policy at the clinton global initiative in york. then it's back to the presidential campaign trail or both men will be in ohio. the u.s. supreme court and could announce as soon as the day if it will take up same-sex marriage into cases. one involves california pop 80. the other kids involved the new york woman sued singer won't unfairly treats same-sex couples. got after a bid to log that regulates so-called party buses will mark the signing of the legislation. the battle requires bus companies or to ask the person making the reservation of alcohol will be serving. today here will hold a news conference with parents
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whose son died in a culture clash in 2010. but was found and school products that could makers will set. a controversial call at last lead to him. intent collision with the happy ending. how does driver survived ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a truck driver in russia has survived an amusing crash. a truck making a left turn had slammed to another one coming the other way. the driver of a truck with through the windshield and landed on his feet. he was confused but not injured. he comes up of the windshield. should be some great weather
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run the bay area today starting out with patchy didn't fall of rome,. likely going to warm the numbers up or run the bay area. after heading up the door watch of for some of dense fog coast side. temperatures a little cool in spots 4757 spots. but after the in the autumn sunshine will be out. or at the '60s and '70s are around the bay. about the state getting caught in the central valley. 092 degrees expected in sacramento. 73 degrees and sunny in lake tahoe.
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high pressure centered but in the bay area for the next couple of days. maybe somebody's by the end of the week. on icon to to get rid of the fog entirely. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. 78 degrees in san jose 76 in fremont and 73 in his word. of 72 and 65 in san francisco and 82 in santa rosa. there's still flooded there will be '90s and the ballet in the cool down ever so slightly in the weekend. a photographer to do it is standing by at what one and the key. traffic is crews and ride home. no room work reported in
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the annals of this area. thing should be moving along nicely for them to support a drug. these are repeat of long will run. putting force reports of possible, far north and his staff city. but crews are heading out to the scene. on a good on mass transit of things are right on time. road work in the fed a in the still clocking in the recipes. what lay amid the clothes in that area. if
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you're working a with north and not a lot of cars if you're working towards a maze. the nfl's replacement referees other fighter after it with the monday night football game ended. eight seconds left green bay in seattle by five. ahem into the end zone and it looks like a push out the west disagreed one says no one says yes. after 10 minutes the lived here and give the game to the seahawks. quite a controversy last night. we want to know what the nfl replacement referees are they hurting the game? of the a lot of people are
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going to wind and on that one. at the stock opened at $690 a share this morning. a ship that's more than 1% after apple reported cells of the new front of and behind expectations of an international force would users recently fielded at the above in this of expose the private messages to the system. the messages report on their time lives. the found no evidence that the expos and post horror private messages. discovered bank has agreed to pay millions of dollars in fines and reimbursements. a part of a settlement with regulators
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over accusations that pressure of a cut tasman's to ballot credit of monitoring services. duty and please, of putting women to hide. the average a judge to use another bank's suit she hates him is $2.50. the average class is the whopping 407. and now costs more for free checking. the number of a big offering offering free checking have struck dramatically. a few young adults are abusing prescription drugs. in a new government reports shows that 14 percent hot and prescription jody is. the department of health and human services gives credit to public information. if analyst at
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actually useful. researchers at ucla sid that a palace coup can infect and kill bacteria that causes acne. the discovery could lead to new treatments. almost 90 percent of american steel wasn't at some point in their lives. your tennis lunch but could be toxic. the bible into groups as 75 percent of final school supplies have high level of chemicals. which is linked to an asthma in the hbo and fertility issues. the problem the oldest of these products are not mobile. they don't have to be labeled. lawmakers are pushing to keep the chemicals out of all school supplies now. you see this as admission to plumas on the pallets of of a wide levelers. tried to
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determine if the type of accord will costume and flavor. 200 synthetic into wedges treetops. screw caps were known to have less quality but that may not be the case. the gist of the idea that it's not as good. by alistair to tell them that that's not the case. and other red student who will check the color of our 600 bottles every three months. longtime bit of a comedy club is no mystery. the program and then put on its final shot last night. it is shutting down because its lease has expired. if the above from decades of the qing legends like phyllis diller robin willis will be alan
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before that i want big hit, so it's hard to watch as the legendary institution go away good he i think it is a common is changing a little bit is the number of the longtime but london opened in 1952. this did a bit over an agenda and sematech the county could wide polymerous this is a waste of money and. watt watcher short what a small boat capsized off the florida coastline. a cat looking to put it into part 6. this field and is campaigning for the,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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were steady at whip to tense about this morning. stinson
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said the lives on the cemetery a bridge. details on that. a surprise is drugs judged floated ashore in florida. it on the beach how to fish and wildlife officials carry several large packages of know what appeared come ashore and nearly nobody on board the budget official and i tried to find out who's but it was. is that it is that still stand and a three of cat's owner started the taxi the party the will have an explosion of
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caskets we have hundreds if not dozens of cats. he just bring awareness to the fact. he kisses skinny the fat cat and the more than of a home. the 41 lb habitat is going to a rescue group which deals with over which the animals. the shelter received offers from all over the world to adopt skinny. tough talk how president obama is expected to address the growing threat of a nuclear or abroad. have a son living spaces could shrink even further in or
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not living up the pipe leak that caused the richmond refinery fire. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right now we are fed up. we are. new details of the chevron refinery son: cozy other claustrophobic. that the province to become the norm and the bay area have will work on the build area bridges.


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