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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cyclists, and the chagrin of many more motorists. so now, on the 24th anniversary of what has been accomplished? >> they started helping all of us think about how to use the streets. >> the supervisor says that san fransisco has stated attention to the critical mass message, bicycling has grown 71% from 2006 to last year, according to a report. and the website reach the city tied with portland as that accept second most bicycle friendly city in the country .. >> we make strides as far as bike lanes and more bike safety measures, expanded bicycle parking, we have a long way to go but this all started with what happened two decades ago. >> on valencia at the welcome center for the event today, bicyclist from all over the world are checking in, some are long time critical mass riders and tell me the city has come a
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long way but i could get more bicycles and lake, as for whether that message has been heard? >> it is interesting because i think that critical mass is not driving any one particular message around how to improve the city, it is really an awareness statements of " your real art, we're taking up this amount of space with as many cycles to show you that we exist ". i would not say that we have any goals that we want to achieve. >> when it first presented itself there was a lot confrontation. >> yes there was. mad motorists have occasionally tried to run down the bicyclist. bicyclist have also attacked motorists including a redwood city lady, just driving through with her kids. >> a lot of people suggested that it could be stopped and i think that clearly it has been demonstrated that the better way to handle it is to facilitate it and keep it moving. i think that the organizers of critical mass, that suits them as well. >> they are waiting for the signal, it should happen within the next half-hour, and when the
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ride begins, it will randomly drive through the streets of san francisco, taking a weird last year and a strained right here, against traffic perhaps circling around union square as is their tradition. they will probably go for several hours tonight as this crowd is much larger than have seen for quite some time and there will be a big party. >> a big friday night. if i remember, in 2009, you looked into the cost involved here and by that i mean what san fransisco tazed by way of police escorts and things like that? >> that is right, actually went for a ride, i put on the helmet can and drove with these people through the streets and what you see is that they had a police escort, we do not see the cops right now but there are police officers on motorcycle that ride everywhere along the way with them, they shall know them through the streets, perhaps breaking up fights before they began. what we found was that the cost was about $155,000 at the time, not just for the police escort but also for the fees that they
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don't pay, in order to have a big celebration like this. i should mention, i got feedback today from the organizers here that are still mad about the story we did. they thought it was absolutely, as they put it, " irresponsible journalism " to even challenge them on this and that is why you see politicians saying " we will just take a political hit that comes with shadowing them rather than confronting them ". >> that money, that was how much it cost up to that point? not for ride? >> per year, for the escort that they have. exactly. for the record, most of these people are out here to have a good time, and yes there breaking traffic laws, of course. but they are mostly having a good time, not trying to start fights. it has calmed down in recent years in fact. >> they're getting older, more mature maybe? >> maybe so, or maybe it sent a message to the people among them
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that would start those sites that it is just not worth it, and maybe motorists have gotten used to what has become a cultural events once a month. >> 20 years, thank you very much. >> now a story where they're supposed to use their inside voice but they don't, the crowds have been loud, nasty, and business has come to a screeching halt at city meetings in oakland. what is more, many don't like a possible solution. mark sayers is here with a plan that could cut back on the number of people that they allow inside of the meetings. >> oakland city officials insist that this plan has nothing to do with trying to stifle free speech but some people say that is not the way that they see it. >> this recording from a city council meeting earlier this month shows the frustration of a council member as the meeting got out of control. >> no justice, no peace! >> due to the disruption the meeting was quickly adjourned
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before all business was conducted. >> this meeting is now adjourned ... for 2 weeks ... >> the oakland city officials say that they must try to strike a balance between open government and the ability to get city business done. >> the overriding goal here is to ensure that we have an effective public meeting process that people can participate in the meetings, that people's voices are heard, and that the city can move ahead with its business in a safe and timely manner .. >> the official proposal has not been unveiled but some reports say it involves removing half of the public seats, both on the balcony and here, on the main floor. >> we are actually looking to facilitate people's right to free speech, we want to hear from people but we want to make sure that everyone gets their voice heard. >> another aspect of the proposal to make use of these first four conference rooms where overflow city council meetings are already televised. >> i don't like that at all.
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>> this open resident says he thinks the possible changes are a terrible idea. >> please, leave the seeds, we need to talk to city council members. we are the people and we live here. >> casey agrees. >> people in this town like to speak their mind, and sometimes certain people like you. i guess. >> so the city should keep the seed? >> i believe so, keep the seats. >> these proposed changes will be proposed by the oakland city administrator, they have not yet been made public however we are expecting to hear the specific details at the meeting next tuesday evening here at oakland city hall. back to. >> a woman and her 10 year-old daughter tried to rob a safeway store but the mother left her daughter holding the bag. police are looking for the woman that took off in her car, stranding her daughter at the safeway in morgan hill after the pair load up a grocery cart, she told her daughter to run with the cart to the car where she was waiting. an alarm sounded and the shopping cart locked up and
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workers confronted the little girl and that is when the mother took off. the girl is now with her grandmother, and is not facing any charges. >> a day that one south a family will never forget. a mother returns to the railroad tracks for the first time since her toddler was killed there in 2005. it was a bittersweet moment when the blossom hill pedestrian over crossing bridge open today in south san jose. len ramirez is here with how the bridges names honors the young boy and brought comfort to his family and community. >> exactly right, sort of unhappy/sad day for the ground opening of this pedestrian like bridge. known as sanders crossing, named after a two year-old that was struck and killed by a train while trying to cross the tracks with his baby sitter and four year-old brother back in november of 2005. today his 11 year-old brother cut the ribbon to open the bridge, it is a $10 million 300
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ft. structure spanning the rail lines of monterey highway linking neighborhoods and schools and a shopping center. his mother nicole wilson said that she could feel her son's presence as she walked across the bridge for the first time. >> it is an honor and knowing that my son was never forgotten. i know now that he mattered. thank you for keeping his spirit alive. now he is living on through this bridge. i know that he is going to die each and everyone across to the other side. >> his mother said that it was tough to come back, it is the first time the family has returned to the area since the tragedy, they now live in fresno. neighbors say that this is long overdue and there have been other people killed on this track. but one of the main components of this bridge is not even on the bridge, it is that fence that you see there that was erected as part of this project, to keep people from crossing on
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to those tracks at grade level but since we have been here the last few hours, we have seen one guy go over the fence, and another guy slip underneath. some people still, despite the fact that $10 million was spent to build the bridge and make things safer, people still want to cross as quickly as the tent and sometimes that means going under the fence to go across those tracks. >> let's hope most people have better sense than that. thank you. >> that is a problem, considering he left his neighbors with this ... a sliding hillside. how they may finally get some relief from this mass of an eyesore? >> probably the most expensive photograph that you will ever appear in, but there are changes coming, new rules for the california red light cameras. >> the picture outside is pretty gloomy. lots of cloud cover near the bay and centers struggling to make it out of the '60s. so why are we talking about,,,,,
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>> a sliding hillside in marin county has neighbors worried and rightfully so, the property has been washing away during the winter rains. the owner? not doing a thing about it. don ford is here on who is taking action. >> the town is planning a takeover, what they want is to get their hands on this hillside property on scenic ave. the problem is that it is a hazard. the city has been looking long and hard for the owner. >> we don't know where he is. he has not contacted us. >> i believe he went back to his home in pakistan. >> serious problems frighten the neighbors. >> it started sliding.
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>> the city was forced to step in and save the street and the surrounding homes. holding back the mud with concrete barriers and protecting the slope with plastic sheeting. >> that was a year-and-a-half ago and we have still been unable to contact them. so we have gone to the council, and asked that he declared a public nuisance. >> it was, and the town is gearing up to make permanent repairs, including a retaining wall like this one, regrading the slope and planting vegetation to control the mudslide, but neighbors are grateful. >> we are surprised. >> it is going to look nice, a great piece of property but an eyesore right now, that is for sure. >> the city says that they're not doing this for free. >> as we move forward with this process, we can take possession of the property, to get our money back. >> city officials are planning
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to start work as early as sometime next month and that is fine, neighbors say, as long as they finish before the rain begins. don ford, cbs 5. >> nuisance on a grand scale in southern california, at least that is what we were warned of during the first shutdown of the 405 and now we are about to see the second. here is how the sepal may actually live up to the original hype. >> of the first closure of the nation's busiest freeway went off without a hitch so the same will be said about the second time? not so fast. this time the dodgers games in a triathlon and a crowded university to contend with. >> last year which saw between eight and 10,000 people on campus over the weekend and this year, being in the fall quarter and students are back in session, we're looking at 20,000 people on campus during the weekend. >> ucla's encourages their students to each employee
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locally but clearly they have not all received the message. >> what are your plans? any driving? >> i will be going to san diego this weekend for a retreat. >> i was about to go to orange county where i live. then i ran into you and you told me that. so i think i will be sitting in my car a few more hours than i expected. >> in venice there is a triathlon slated for sunday, to 500 athletes from around the world will compete, streets will be shut down from the ocean to downtown. >> we got the state 11 months ago, long before anyone had any idea when they would close the 405. >> over at this ravine the dodgers play tonight, saturday, and sunday, adding more traffic at a time when people are being encouraged to stay home. it is advice that this college student is taking even though her parents were planning on driving in from the bay area tomorrow. >> she said it would leave at 5:00 a.m. and get here at 11:00 at but i do not think that will work out.
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so, i probably going to caller after class is and to suggest that we reschedule. >> have you ever had to fight a ticket from a red light cameras that you should not have received in the first place? a new bill was written today that should help prevent that from happening again. governor jerry brown signed a bill regulating red light cameras. it will establish important ground rules and ensure that if drivers get a ticket, that they should not have, they can contested quickly and easily. >> ok, forget southern california, we have the beach weather this weekend. it is ours. >> they should be coming here. let's make a phone call now. we are going to have some of the warmest weather in the country coming up over the next 48 hours. what is going on outside? we're talking about warm up where we took a step back before we will take many steps forward when it comes to to temperature. it is chilly outside, in and we
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are sunny, but not as warm as we were yesterday, generally between the seventies and low '80s inland. in the inland valleys, every valley will see temperatures in the mid nineties to the mid triple digits and that would be new records. the hottest weather we have seen this year and an excessive heat watch in effect for you, for sunday and monday. for livermore and pleasanton and concord and san jose. a lot of onshore flow today, shoving that moisture inland, right into the bay, staying mainly cloudy all day long, cloudy once again tonight but tomorrow the changes take shape. the first will start as high pressure to the north is going to be giving us an offshore wind. but we need two of them to get this all the way to the coast. that will happen sunday, monday, and tuesday as upper level low pressure to the south enhances the offshore wind. it will come together to give us the warmest weather that we have seen this year coming up sunday and monday. saturday warmer but not that much above normal. 74 san fransisco and 87 for san
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jose, conquered a toasty 93. mountain view 83. and like 85. oakland 76 degrees. your standard forecast calls for triple digits in mind sunday and monday, near 90 on the day, for monday, and the coast will even hit 80 degrees. much cooler by wednesday but the next couple of days will be very warm and that is your forecast. >> millions of people rely on tv and the internet for how-to videos. consumer watch reporter julie what says make up tutorials are among the most popular. why am i reading this? you should be. it they're the most popular for people looking to apply makeup like a professional. >> a youtube sensation, an increasing number of make up tutorials aimed at young women. >> i like watching them as because some of them are inspiring and some of them give you very good tips. >> she says there are many to choose from, like this 25 year- old michelle fan known as the youtube queen, more than 2
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million subscribers. and others, like caitlin, are making the leap from the computer screen to the tv screen. thanks to visionaries like lisa, the marketing manager at katie sf, and american asian channel and the bay area. >> when i watch those videos i said " that is something that we could easily do, but do it at higher quality television station ". that is when she found caitlin, was 1.7 million hits on her blog, her popularity has translated to tv, her show is broadcast in mandarin with english subtitles in six markets and growing. just like the makeup tutorial trend is growing among teams nationwide. but fans offer an important piece of advice, do not get carried away. because makeup can become an expensive habit. >> when i was really into it, i just wanted to buy makeup all the time, it is definitely easy to get wrapped up in that and feel like you need more than you really do.
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>> this online to duty trend does not end with makeup. there are similar tutorials for everything from nail polish design to styling and even cutting your hair. for more for mission had to cbs sf .com/consumer watch. >> it was like she was a medium for this organism. >> since people have gotten sick and it has spread to the bay,,,,
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>> is a mysterious illness that first appeared 6,000 mi. away, now scientists have detected it here in the bay area. in a story that you will only see on cbs 5, dr. kim looks at the symptoms and the unusual way that doctors are treating it. >> at the oakland medical center, doctors examined a young asian woman with a persistent cough. x-rays show a problem, and
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diagnostic tests reveal a surprise, an unusual bacteria infection, an organism often seen in patients with advanced aids. >> we did a biopsy of furlongs in the areas around her lungs, every one of them grew the same organism. in fact, everywhere that we poker with a needle, she started to leak this organism out for body. >> but she did not have hiv. the infectious disease specialist dr. roger baxter ... >> the more we treated her, the worst she did. >> he gave her every ton of antibiotic but nothing worked. >> it was like she was a medium for this organism, and was being eaten alive by it. she was clearly dying. >> dr. baxter called the national institutes of health in maryland for help, the scientists ask him to send the patient back to them and he did. >> what they found was amazing, in this young woman from oakland, doctors detected a strange new disease, an unusual
6:24 pm
illness that crops up in adulthood, damages the immune system, and then leaves patients unable to fight infections. >> a very mysterious disease ... >> he heads up the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. since 2000 for his team has identified this disease in clusters of patience in thailand and taiwan, leaving them open to multiple infections. now they have also found it in a handful of patients in united states, a cause? >> we don't know why this is occurring but it is very interesting because it is scene predominantly, was exclusively in people of asian origin. >> he believes that genetics and environment play strong world but that this new adult acquired immune to this and see does not spread person to person. >> it would be ridiculous for someone to think that asians have it, therefore we need to stay reformations. it is not a communicable disease at all. so no one is going to get it
6:25 pm
from someone else. >> the team just published a report in the new england journal of medicine, the hope is that they're finding will raise awareness within the medical community. if patients are properly diagnosed and i can be treated, their lives saved. >> i was really glad to help her. >> dr. baxter's patient was treated with a drug it typically used for arthritis, today she is alive and doing well. >> it shows that we have so much to learn, there is really a lot about the immune system and infections that we do not know and that is why i am in this field. >> sure there is the president, california taxes, but did you also know you will be voting on food? >> i have no concerns about myself, or any of my friends, or my family eating genetically modified organisms, we had to do it over 15 years .. >> is your food all natural? pym were reportedly, does it really matter?
6:26 pm
>> we have a new tidbit from arnold schwarzenegger's " total recall " book, the political genius could told arnold that,,,
6:27 pm
dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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>> >> she spent 15 years under house arrest, away from her husband and children because she was outspoken in her fight for democracy in burma. now opposition leader and elected parliament member, she is on a diplomatic mission to the united states. linda yee was at an exclusive events where she just addressed bay area leaders in san fransisco? >> it was certainly a historic visit, her first to the bay area, the nobel peace laureate and member of parliament spoke of rapid changes in democracy in burma. but she also tells a cautionary tale of how a change has to come slowly. she says that her country is thrilled that the united states has eased some of the economic sanctions and a canal invite businesses to invest but she told an audience of business, civic, and political leaders, that the gold rush of investors have to benefit people, and beef offal.
6:30 pm
they have been an isolated country for 50 years when it was under a military dictatorship and people for the most part don't know what it is like to live in a democracy. >> we would like the right kind of investments, the kind of investments that will create jobs, and also provide young people with on-the-job training. for five decades, our education system has been grossly neglected. because of that, our young people are ill-prepared to take on the jobs that might come to us with new investments. >> technology is far behind in burma, less than 1 percent of the population have access to the internet and there is no self service. she refers to her people under the age of 55 as the lost generation, the burmese that have never known what it is like to speak freely, some 50,000 burmese live in the bay area and tomorrow many of them will be to meet her at her last event in san fransisco before she heads
6:31 pm
to los angeles. linda yee, cbs 5. >> it has been long known to happen but now there is legal action against the u.s. military over sexual assaults. 19 current and former members of the military filed lawsuits in the seventh disco federal courts. the victim's claim that they were harassed, lake, and or insulted and suffered retaliation when they reported the incidents. the lawsuit names top department of defense officials as defendants. >> for the past nine years, two months, and 28 days, i have been alone, and i have been silenced. i want my voice back. i will not be silenced any more. >> a similar lawsuit was thrown out in virginia last year, the judge said that the military should handle the system. >> friends and family gathered tonight in a lot to remember a
6:32 pm
12 year-old girl whose life was tragically cut short when she was hit by a car and killed while riding her bicycle home from school yesterday. don knapp is at that vigil tonight. >> that is right, although she is a student, the memorial for her is being held at san grant high-school presumably to accommodate the greater community who are coming to pay respects. take a look behind me, this is the memorial that began growing spontaneously yesterday evening after she was hit in traffic and taken to hospital where she eventually died. it appears that an s u v struck the girls was riding her bicycle near here, very close to the spot where we are now. today the principal mary pritchard talks about the accident with cbs 5. >> there are no words to express the sorrow and loss that you feel when a child has its life taken. the pain is the and it will be deep for the community, but what we want to express most is our
6:33 pm
deepest love and support for the family of haley and for her friends. >> the marin county sheriff's office says that the driver of the s u v is cooperating and did not leave the scene and there were no signs of impairment presuming no signs of out all or drugs. if she was wearing a helmet but struck head on as she rode home from school yesterday afternoon, an autopsy was to be performed today, to determine the exact cause of death. there were grief counselors at the high-school and middle school today as it were trying to explain to children why they're going to lose a classmate. if you take a look once again at the pictures of the memorial, you will see the memorial happens to be on the way to the high-school. so as people came down the street walking, they were able to stop here, we had a very large crowd 20 minutes ago, and at the intersection briard, not far from here, has long been a sore point with the community.
6:34 pm
i know i have covered accidents in this area and i know of at least two deaths in the area so i know that perhaps a tragedy like this. >> it is more than just an appetizer slogan. what truly qualifies as " all natural " how your vote could change the way your food is offered. >> a new revelation out of the arnold schwarzenegger book. the white house confrontation between the terminator and the man known as the brain of bush. >> justin herman plaza, the 20th anniversary of critical mass, they're getting ready to roll out. so if you are driving, be prepared, it is a big group for
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>> >> is your food natural? or is a
6:37 pm
genetically modified? we were wandering through the grocery aisles it can be pretty hard to tell. proposition 37 aims to clear up this confusion. grace lee shows us that like most campaign issues, the ballot measure is not as simple as all natural. >> if only it was. here's what you're voting on, lately for genetically modified foods, there is no requirement for manufacturers to identify their ingredients as gma and many people believe that they have a right to know and a right to choose not to consume them but opponents are saying that this will only increase the overall cost of food for everyone text, and there are billions of dollars at stake. >> it is going to put a california farmer at a disadvantage, with the other 49 states. >> opponents of proposition 37 are spending millions to defeat a labeling initiative to identify genetic the modified organisms in food.
6:38 pm
they have spent $32.5 million so far, the top donors against 37 is monsanto and pepsi. supporters of only raised a fraction, three or $5 million, mainly backed by health resources and whole foods. >> what cigarette do you smoke a doctor? see how mild and good tasting it can be ... >> supporters argue we do not know how it affects us yet and until we do, we have a right to choose not to eat them. they compared it genetically modified organisms to cigarettes and ddt and agent orange. >> absolutely harmless to humans and animals ... >> earlier this month, dressed in fake fire hazard suits, occupy protesters protested against the use of genetically modified organisms and outside of sacramento. >> the reason i am personally targeting monsanto is because of their laundry list of what i feel are crimes against nature.
6:39 pm
>> everyone that drives by and does not know what a gmo is, and sees this, and for every person that says " my god i did not know that " i call it a good day. >> protesters are shedding light on genetically modified organisms. an issue so big that it is heading to the ballot this november as proposition 37. if it passes, california would be the first state to require manufacturers to label their use in raw and processed foods. >> i have no concerns about myself, or any of my friends, or my family keating copies genetically modified organisms. >> peggy has been teaching at berkeley for two decades, she has not taken a stance on proposition 37 but she does believe that genetically modified foods will not hurt us. >> a group in france looked at 12 multiple generations studies and long-term studies, in
6:40 pm
animals and found no evidence of safety concerns for any of the genetically modified crops on the marketplace. >> so all the clans that this causes cancer and alzheimer's? there's no scientific evidence of that? >> i have found no evidence of food safety problems. >> whether they're safe may not be the debate for proposition 37. supporters say that they have a right to know what is in their food. and say that manufacturers should respect that wish. so far it looks like it has a lot of support. in a new poll, 61 percent of registered voters say that they will vote yes on proposition 37. 25 percent say that they were opposed and 14% say that they are still undecided. but here is it possible down side, supporters say that they want to know what is in their food but because manufacturers don't want to get sued, they could start labeling everything with the symbol justing case, whether it has it or not. that would defeat the whole purpose of this initiative.
6:41 pm
>> there is more than just an affair in his new autobiography, he is taking a shot at karl rove. in " total recall, my unbelievably true life story " arnold schwarzenegger describes an awkward visit with karl rove in 2003 where karl rove told arnold schwarzenegger that the recall election that ousted grey davis would not happen. arnold schwarzenegger felt stubs, and in his book he asked " how could he have been so wrong ". >> once again, america goes busting through concrete in search of jimmy hoffa. and, no not at giants stadium. the latest search that produced just about as much as the vault of al capone. >> meteorologist paul deanno and we are in for a huge weather change. some of you today, will be 30 degrees warmer in just two days. we'll have that and a live report from. gonzales, coming up next.
6:42 pm
>> up next, the a's are back home with control of their playoff destiny, and a raucous crowd at the,,,,,,,,
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>> >> it was, for a moment, a flea market miracle. in 2010, it woman in virginia bought this painting for just $7. she was about to turn it into a big payday by selling it at auction when, she ran into a problem. it turns out that it was as hot as a stolen honda had a down highway 99. the baltimore museum of art actually has a theft report from 1951 indicating that the painting was snatched well on loan from a collector. >> it is an important picture, it belonged to cdma, the painting should be wherever it is supposed to be, and we should help find out that truth. >> the fbi is now on the case, the painting was expected to fetch $75,000 at tomorrow's
6:46 pm
auction. which has now been postponed. >> it is spoor turned work of art, the beautiful game, but it does have its ugly moments, remember this french soccer player, and his infamous head butting ? this great moment in sports and should history will live on forever, in bronze ... the 16 ft. statue just went on display in paris. it is all a little odd considering this frozen moment cost france the 2006 world cup. it also cost that soccer player his career. he was ejected from that game and never played international soccer again. >> that brings us to jimmy hoffa. the 35 year mystery of where he is has been buried made and beneath a driveway in michigan. one man claims to have seen a body being buried there in 1975
6:47 pm
when the teamsters boss first disappeared. police drilled into the concrete slab today after radar equipment detected a shift in the soil. samples has been sent to michigan state university. for analysis. >> in the past one minute we have stolen art, and jimmy hoffa, cbs 5. and now triple digits heat. 100 degrees. many will hit triple digits coming up as soon as sunday, very hot weather. one of the hot spots, literally coming up this weekend. the mt. sac that camera out sunshine england but 50 degrees cooler than yesterday and you have dealt with cloud cover all day long and near the bay and many of you have not expect the 60s. still on track, very warm weather coming up this weekend. oakland only 60. yesterday you were 95. san jose 65, santa rosa 64 in
6:48 pm
concord 70. all that said, on sunday, excessive heat. under an excessive heat watch for the inland valleys for sunday and monday. the hottest weather we have seen this year. many new records will be set. these are the records most likely to be broken, san jose the record high monday 97 likely getting 99, livermore the record high on monday 102 likely hitting 105 degrees coming up on monday. so what happened with today? we're talking about to keep building in. high-pressure is not here yet so the onshore flow develop stronger and that marine layer just poured in and kept us 50 degrees cooler than yesterday. tomorrow, the process is in place and we will see high- pressure to the north. the first heat and will give us that offshore wind and low pressure to the south will be the second part of the equation and that will get turned on sunday, monday, and tuesday. adding up to very warm weather for the star of the work week next week. concord 93 tomorrow san jose 87,
6:49 pm
well above normal although getting hotter on sunday. los altos 87, looking at highs in the '90s for fairfield, antioch, brentwood, pleasanton, livermore, hotter on sunday. sandra fell 84 saturday, downtown san francisco, for the first time and a long time hitting 70 degrees. triple digits on sunday and monday in land and nearly that high on tuesday. in the '80s near the bay for two straight days and 80 at the coast. cooling down by wednesday with a hot stretch of weather starting sunday lasting three days. for more on the heat roberta gonzales is live in one of the hot spots, pleasanton. >> the one thing that i want to mention, we need to do this every time we have an impending heat wave, please remember, children and animals do not belong in cars. during the heat wave. so, right now in pleasanton is 72 degrees but instead of the car is 86 degrees already handed pleasanton today it was
6:50 pm
unseasonably cool in the low '80s. but tomorrow, the top of the town is the temperature. it will jumped 10 to 12 degrees as you forecasted. in fact, pleasanton, concord, livermore, san ramon, dublin, pin used the triple digits. by sunday we are talking about high is easily 103 could possibly even hotter conditions on monday. so when you combine the very high temperatures with extremely dry conditions, the end result is the fire danger is at its highest, it is beginning, we do not have the wind so that is a good thing but nevertheless, the conditions are in place. a lot of people in pleasanton and east bay say " let's head to the beach " but there is another problem, we do have a recurrence risk for all south facing beaches and this includes the monterey bay area. please be very mindful of all of that. i was talking to officials in pleasanton earlier today, they told me that by tomorrow
6:51 pm
afternoon they are going to start talking about the possibility of opening up cooling centers for the elderly right here in pleasanton by sunday for monday. this is not something that is extremely unusual but nevertheless it is extremely important. and we will have that message for you at cbs sf .com, go to weather and we will give you the latest information on what is happening right here in,,,,,,,,,
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>> the giants will be doing business at the padre's just after 7:00, story coming up on the late show. at the same time, the a's are home trying to do what they can to make that wild-card playoff game next friday. a little pregame this afternoon at the coliseum. they host the mariners for three this weekend, followed by 3 against texas. a two game lead on the angels, for the second wild-card spot. if it holds it is it one game wildcard play and game at baltimore in a week's time. will the skipper be scoreboard watching? >> i am one guy who tries not to. i don't want to be having the
6:55 pm
emotions of that. it is difficult enough going through the motions of this thing. i was telling curtis, i saw and looking at it and i said " don't tell me, i don't want to know ". and then they play happened in left field and i cannot help but see the score. >> breaking news, moments ago, this is homered bailey, he just ran a no-hitter. here is the final out as the reds shut out the pirates 1/0, the first no-hitter thrown by the reds since 1988. struck out 10 and walked one and he could possibly face the giants next saturday in the playoffs. ok, 10 out of the last 16, fridays at the ryder cup, the u.s. finished behind europeans. that was not the case today in chicago. but emma watson made sure of that. >> bubba watson sure of that. >> this is keegan bradley, a
6:56 pm
nice shopped on eight. the 17th hole, they made sure the europeans did not get shut out, he was going up against steve striker. tiger woods had a mixed day, a classic tiger moment at 16. he walks off and style, the united states ends the play leading the ryder cup 5/3. did you know that the raiders are the fourth least penalized team in the league? they have that going for them. now if they could get two 2/2 at the expense of peyton manning and the broncos, it won that game, but they dropped 2¢, peyton manning is a course coming off of for a snack surgeries', and despite that he has five touchdown passes and three interceptions in three games so far, the raiders safety mike mitchell knows better than to think that peyton manning has lost a step.
6:57 pm
>> he is a great quarterback but does because of his brains, he is so smart, and he reads the little things. he reads whether your foot is up or back, are you tilted in any way? are you leaning a certain way? he reads the intricate things and that is what makes him a great quarterback. we have to hide things very well, we cannot as lineup and played because he will pick you apart. it is a chess match all game long. >> he has to get rid of that yankees baseball cap. he has to be wearing an oak lawn asap. >> w,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools,
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and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. no


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