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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 29, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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it doesn't make any sense californians paid a fortune for to brand new veterans' homes that sit empty why this state will lead and one move and new traffic tickets that people say are unfair and tonight it cat easier to get out of paying them restaurant bargains you can get 30 percent of your check and go need to keep on we begin with the story that makes you wonder what are they thinking state of california has a brand new home for military veterans the state won't but and but a move and and taxpayers
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foot the bill to keep it running. what is going on? we follow the money i was in 3 of the major battles in korea charlie waters knows he's one of the lucky ones he has military honors the family and a home. but he knows many other veterans don't have anyone to take care of them charter one on a mission to get them a place to call home we wanted a level area not a warehouse he's worked with city planners and architects to design the perfect place thanks to state bond money his vision of reality a brand of veterans home in fresno the first in the central valley we got at 4 a barber shop and general store where a clinic also and
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kitchenette a virtual village of 240,000 square feet with 300 single rooms private bathrooms and landscaped space. we have bocce ball and areas they consider on benches around bushes and trees for rudy to know any a decorated world war two veteran who survived a death march a dream come true average 90 who knows what will happen in the future he signed up to live in the facility but he cannot even though there is room in fact you'll notice no unless your at all. j.p. trembly with the california department of veteran affairs the governor but said an $18 billion deficit, every
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department in california it took to cut he says that is why the fresno home and another facility in redding a mistake and the another year if we can head of irene dunne were looking at the fall of 2013 gov. brown set aside $4 million in this year's budget to keep the two empty home is running and there our electricity bills and staff he estimates the tab to keep the homes clean and air- conditioned runs about $280,000 a month why can't the putt furnishings in there so that's can go in and live in there the way they should be it does not make sense if not going to open it why allow your money and my money taxpayer money to go into build the facility of that nature and have it said.
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the department of veterans affairs does the best it can with what a it's got the someone needs care now we will work with them to get them into one of the veterans' homes in california we have 600 homes they are operational the only homes with in southern california we have a home here are finished and complete with don't walk our families to travel to southern california to c.s. it is totally unfair to make matters worse once the fresno home opens the state says it will only accept aid veterans a month at that rate the holmes not beak full for three years a bay area mother who left her 10 year-old daughter during a robbery attempt at a morgan hill grocery store has been arrested marcie kielan was taken into custody at a hotel east of
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reno she spent on the run for nine days after a 11 month old son was with their is in protective custody. he even left her daughter at safeway holding the bag after they tried to steal a car full of groceries the daughter is worth their grandmother and will not face charges. thousands of cyclists took to the streets tonight and to go over the streets of san francisco, police are watching letting it happen drivers are furious cyclists unapologetic son came to blows reporter christin ayers with the bike ride known as critical mass. there were celebrating 20th anniversary tonight at justin herman plaza that bike rides night all over the city officers justed by and watched while critical mass did what it does best gridlock traffic. every last friday of the month they paddle and provoke their
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way to notoriety today and the bicycle street party known as critical mass celebrated 20 years by taking over san francisco want to wheels. the message from cyclists ditch your cars the once monthly gross style ride has been controversial drivers have tried to take out cyclist and redwood city one woman was attacked with children inside critical mass may be best known for frustrating drivers and feel in traffic jams it is frustrating have to get going i am on the clock with little or no resistance from police we ask motorists to be patient officers stood stood guard at free was to make sure cyclists kept off but still bite as cyclists snarled traffic is not like the city has tried to stop critical mass mayor willie brown tried to crush the
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movement to no avail and san francisco's police chief says they learned a valuable lesson the better way to handle it is to facilitate and keep it moving and despite the clashes and long delays we hear there were no serious incidents, there was a small accident involving one cyclist and a car but no serious injuries tonight at critical mass. drivers who were snagged by red light cameras have no recourse to fight the ticket reporter linda yee in on the new law that kicks in january. caught on camera blowing through a red light and expense of find that in top $500. they say cameras don't like, but four of their guilt they did five times the license plate number was one letter different and a computer glints and
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her the tickets the lot is on the easy to fight the fines. technology can fail and does the state senator change the rules with the law that is a victory for drivers the new regulations make it easier to fight wrongfully issued tickets. it prohibits the use a red light cameras to make money require warning signs and and snitch tickets when an innocent ticket recipient man not be required to identify the actual driver who committed a violation. the new rules don't put the brakes on red light cameras it is still considered a safety told the driver should get a fair shake linda yee cbs 5 dozens of balloons filled the sky to remember 12 year-old girl just move to the bay area when a car hit and killed her
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reporter don knapp in the bottle. hundreds gathered beneath nevada was hills and sand marin i to pay respects to 12 year-old a a rat left humanity that cares for one another in a grand way the pain of one family absorbed by the pain of all of us haley did not go to school here she was a seventh grader at sinaloa middle school she was killed when her bicycle was struck by an s u v she was tomboyish, she liked to pass the sugar cubes so said us are her mother and she was so sad, she was crying and crying. the talk at the moral turned to the dangers of the road
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and it is our racetrack not just for high school kids but for easy to press the pedal to the metal on the street. at the service a final tribute friends released balloons into the sky don knapp cbs 5 she give up her television career was this just the most unbelievable act of betrayal anno tells all how he deceived his family. it is highway robbery california college students slept with fees just to get their financial aid in the secret to saving money at the bay area's best restaurants get 30 percent off your meal without a coupons. we're talking about heat excess of the double-digit heat
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former gov. arnold schwarzenegger tells all and is first interview since his affair and secret son revealed you like to her you can say that she gave up her television career i'm in wall was this the most unbelievable act of betrayal to maria? the stupidest thing i've done in my whole relationship it was terrible i can flip a tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids his new memoir " total recall " comes out monday he reveals his wife to not want it and to run for governor but his mother and lott told him to snap out of it and not get in the
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way of his ambitions you can see the interview on 60 minutes sunday number of college grads defaulting on student loans is soaring 9 percent of borrowers defaulted within two years of the first payment 375,000 students missed payments for nine straight months lots of college students get financial aid from debit cards it is cheaper for schools that have to print checks reporter sharon chin finds out some students get hit with these just to access the money driving 20 mi. that is how far he must travel to find an atm that will get him financial aid without a fee. 40 minutes out of my way one direction the san joaquin delta college student like millions across the country receiving financial aid through hire one debit cards you can access the
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money from an atm but unless it is and hire one atm you will pay fees. that also includes two or $3 from the other bank and 50¢ if you swipe at using it like a debit card. and $10 a month if your account remains inactive for six months or lot longer it feels predatory students may not realize they have a choice did get the old fashion director posit or a check hire one uses scare tactics they tell students if they want their money the only option is getting the money into a higher one debit card a southern california students filed a class action suit against hire one alleging unfair practices the ftse reached a settlement with the company for unfair practices the company launched a new account you play at you pay a flat fee
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of 495 amount that adds up to $59 a year more than the average of $49 a month that most cubans pay that is money man for education not siphoned off in profits by banks the billion dollar company greater bite to yale grads in 2000 that were profiled earlier this year the company responded to our questions and an e-mail saying the program allows students to receive funds faster there are no hidden fees colleges and universities said millions to go electronic and the account is cheaper than national bank's top 12 regional banks and the prepaid cards we survey every quarter. going back to the old fashion way of getting student aid it is ridiculous to get away with this satisfy what robbery
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that is a lot of money for students what about the schools that signed up for the program american association of community colleges had no comment san walking delta told us it signed a pig is a substance get financial aid quicker and cuts down on check fraud hire one says it will consider a waiver on students at san joaquin delta. sharon chin cbs 5 : audi e can be expensive you can save money on the final bill even at some nice places, nobody at the table will even know julie watts let's is in on the secret at 1230 on wednesday afternoon and this restaurant packed with most diners don't realize the same reservation a day before and what of save them 30% a growing number of restaurants discounting based on
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the time and day of your reservation they have to go out and away so change time a little bit an hour later or earlier they get up to 30% discount or more the manager says 10-15 percent of reservations are new customers dining with a discount and not necessarily off-peak hours depending on the day they can save 50% on lunch reservations at 12 or 1230 and 30% on dinner from 6:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m. he suggests calling the arrest on directly to both the discount and web sites like saber dot com/cbs allow you to make discounted reservations at hundreds of restaurants in 10 major cities and open table has a similar program. it fits in with the consumer mentality of the day the hon for the bargain this consumer psychologist says from retailers to
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restaurants discount's no longer tarnish an image but if we are not careful it will cause do and when people get a discount they spend more that that might motivate me to purchase the more expensive dishes he admits that is often the case with that is also the point they'll get a better experience for the same amount of money. julie watts cbs 5 you can find a restaurant saving links at cbs s f dot com/consumer watch a death to find marriage proposal a chicago man faked a plane crash and then pretended there was an emergency he asked her to read off the emergency procedure the final directions answer the question: will you marry me " despite the drama she said yes. and taped it
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he thought on the whole thing on top of that with a hidden camera and posted it on youtube was a romantic guy.,,,,,
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freddie 9 forecast delays forget what happened today weather wise eyes in the 60s for many of you let's focus on this week and 30-35 degrees change for some of you and excessive heat watch issued for
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sunday and monday that means it will get really hot mid-90s 21 hundreds new highs likely interior about as good at the hottest weather in 2012 tomorrow a spare the air day. san jose monday likely break a new record, the forecast 99 also lever more likely to break a record, their reason for the change the first heat and turned on tomorrow a high pressure, on sunday low pressure to get strong to the south both enhance the east wind that is the classics that the warmth will happen especially sunday, monday and tuesday the three hottest days of the air temperatures in the 90s and one hundreds, air quality will be a port tomorrow and sunday and monday fire danger will be high. winds will not be gusty but fire
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danger elevated. 87 san jose tomorrow, by monday and 87 santa clara, '90s inland tomorrow walnut creek 95, 84 san rafael 70 san francisco. extended forecast triple digit sunday through tuesday inland. at the beach beautiful,,,,,,,,,,
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a's business after 17 of 20 games on the road the coliseum the place to be mariners played a visit good to see brendan mccarthy first appearance after taking the ball to the scope 16,376 saw a coco crisp crazy in the first after missing 10 games with an injury to the i he smashes a homer a's take the
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lead. the big fly puts them ahead the do not backed a's win it 8-2 magic number to clinch playoff spot is for. nice pitching effort by a j griffin. five games left a is maintained to guimpe wild-card lead over the angels. a's trailing texas by three games in the division. giants at san diego. buster posey takes this pitch off his adam's apple, he stayed in the game third inning, pablo sandoval good enough for a double to run score, the giants lead the padres 3-1. 92nd win of the year 3-1 the final.
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sam nunn of wins in 2010 when they won it all. ryder cup goes on this weekend u.s. has a 5-3 lead over europeans. bubba watson has fun with the fans and starts our top 5 no. 4 yankees blue jays' kurtis grander son and grabs it with the glove. yankees win. to add terrific play. yoenis cespedis 0 for 3 with the bat but look at the glove he gets it. a big league highlight. number two game winning touchdown, jane cross behind the back like he was throwing up bouquet number-one reds pitcher
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homer bailey tosses a no-hitter against,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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