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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  September 29, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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another bad break for the mayor of vallejo a fire at his law office is considered suspicious. richmond city councilman attacked a confrontation came to blows traffic tickets many people say are unfair it got easier to get out of paying them up it appears to be started on purpose of fire at the law office of oz b davis it was on tuolomne street downtown vallejo firefighter said nearly half the building in golf in flames. we aggressively attack the fire we contended to the room
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of origin smoked agate smoke damage and suspicious fire under investigation the fire started in their front waiting room but investigators investigated as our son this is the second time he's been the victim of a crime in may his mortars cycle was stolen from the city of parking lot bay area mother who police that left her daughter at a morgan hill grocery store under arrest marcie kielan taken into custody last night in nevada east of rain now she had been on the run nine days, she left her daughter at safeway holding the bag after the tried to steal a cart of groceries the daughter is with her grandmother and will not face charges her a 11 month old son in protective custody. a spare the air day today ahead of the mini heat wave roberta gonzales with more never a good thing you can see the air you breathe we had
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haze inland areas tomorrow second consecutive spare the air day primarily all locations away from the bay, and immediate seashore, it looks like unhealthy levels of ozone in atmospheric tomorrow through monday 9:00 p.m. aug. temperatures of the year highs in the mid-90s and triple digits at inland locations, new highs anticipated, we look at the temperatures we see the inland areas the area's we anticipate record highs tomorrow san jose, triple digits livermore, possibility of a new record of 104 in livermore monday will pinpoint the hottest day this week coming up. rough-and-tumble politics in richmond scuffle between city
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council member and an activist and it with more arrest candidates' debate thursday night more is a member of the richmond progressive alliance 0 local political group that is at odds over an other man client the other man punched him reporter don knapp will have more at 6:30 she spent 15 years under house arrest because she was an outspoken and fight for democracy in burma the pro- democracy activist was in san francisco part of a u.s. visit that includes standing ovations in washington and that the united nations anne mackovic explains robert parents is important. those of my generation know i've come to san francisco with flowers in my hair and not simply as " the lady " she spoke in front of a packed
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house at usf we must always have our eyes focused towards the future even as we deal with present and its difficulties and problems in the first visit to the west since 1971 for the political prisoner turned parliamentarian she is a key figure in the transition to democracy in burma in what's known as me and mark she spoke in burmese she was trying to say don't forget your roots many exiles are here like a dream coming true we're witnessing the community coming together ever body is beautiful she is my hero all of my life i am so proud to be burmese somewhere somewhere she would do more to protect all minorities in burma
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human rights for all night just a certain group of people this is what i think is precious about the city your open hearted and open-minded we need both closed mines and open cards are not put together she goes to los angeles next for more private meetings in the bay area anne mackovic cbs 5 a live look at carmageddon to and los angeles one of the busiest freeways in the country the 45, shut down this weekend for construction southern california and the tories for traffic jams it appears once again people keep the advice to stay off the road. traffic types around the city are minimal last year when the three was closed monumental traffic jams that were predicted never materialized.
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the freeways scheduled to reopen monday at 6:00 a.m. red light cameras help enforce traffic laws when police and not around the state imposes new restrictions linda yee when drivers will the happy said is not so much. caught on camera blowing through a red light and expensive find back in top $500. they say cameras don't live but for this person from san jose they get five times a computer glitch center the tickets and a wide and the law does not make it easy to fight the finds mistake or not technology can fail and does the state senator change the rules for a law that is a victory for drivers, the new regulations make it easier to fight roughly issued tickets cities must locate the cameras
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based on safety prohibits the use of red light cameras just to make money require warning signs and banners snitch tickets that's when an innocent ticket recipient may not be required to identify the actual driver. the new rules won't put the brakes on red light cameras it's still considered a safety tool but now drivers will get a fair shake linda yee cbs 5 if you own a car made by general motors at the fire danger that as tens of thousand cars recalled. the presidential candidates take the weekend off but running mates are stumping for votes each p,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new poll shows proposition 38 the income tax hike measure that would earmark funds for school appears to be headed for defeat loss angeles times poll shows 34 percent of voters favoring of 52% oppose, it will affect most californians the
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measures wealthy backer has spent $30 million on the campaign. a competing measure supported by gov. brown or raise taxes on the wealthy is doing better proposition 30 favored by 55 percent of voters 36 percent opposed, it will raise income tax on people making $250,000 a year, it will raise sales taxes. president obama and republican candidate mitt romney take a break to get ready for their first presidential debate next week dru levenson shows us both candidates sent running mates to battleground states. vice-president joe biden plate to florida's older voters. first at a diner than a rally he said president obama wants to make sure medicare is around. the action the president
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took strengthen medicare trust fund and exceeded its live up to 2024 biden argued the republicans want to drastically change the program that on want to tell you they're not for medicare there for a thing called a voucher care and the vice presidential nominee hammered the obama administration for out of control borrowing and spending. as a result the most of not fixing it our credit rating downgraded for first time in history line said new hampshire's will help shape the election get those people that promise to open change are demoralized now the candidates prep for the first debate in practice sessions run it will get help from ohio senator who will play the role of the president
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president obama looks to massachusetts senator john kerry to stand in for romney. the debate at the university of denver will get both candidates a chance to explain their stance on the economy dru levenson cbs news but first the date is wednesday in denver on october 11th, biden and republican nominee paul ryan will lock horns in danville, ky and then two more presidential debates one in hempstead new york than bulk raton, florida. from the cbs 5 weather center, our live camera looking out towards dublin that area was a record highs by sunday,,,,,,,,,,
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general motors recalls more than 40,000 cars and warm weather states and california. the company says a plastic part can crack from the heat and cause a fuel leak and fire. includes all 2007 and 2009 models of the chevrolet cobol and pontiacs to dance and all 2007 saturn ion a said mans general motors offers to repair the cars for free. a trip out to sea in the middle of a tropical storm almost cost the lives of eight fishermen their trawler was met by rock
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off the coast of moffett on mexico, you can see the strong waves rocked the vessel back and forth slamming into rocks a tough effort all eight fishermen rescued everyone okay. today national coffee day, a new survey shows java plays a major role in productivity 43% of workers say there are less productive without it. people in the food industry topped the list as needed most sales representatives marketing and pr professionals and nurses. the survey was by dunkin donuts and career builder. the majority younger workers need coffee for motivation. roberta has and less energy we keep the coffee away from me there's a rule.
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you're going to want to hydrate with lots of water tomorrow we have temperatures going up we increase from 4-15 degrees 93 in livermore 80 in san jose today up from 70 friday, 80 in santa rosa still below average in san francisco, we have a layer of low clouds along the coast only 58 in san francisco, or at 90 throughout the tri valley, upper seventies in the high santa clara valley, that area of high pressure air expands and produces a mini heat wave on sunday and monday, that means we have an off shore flow we have northeasterly winds from the inland area dry winds blow out to shore, and those dry winds is a potential for fire danger, you can see future cast illustrates
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offshore winds dissipate that bank of low clouds, a little bit of stratus hangs tight, mostly clear skies tonight all the way through monday. we have an excess of heat watch on sunday through monday at 9:00 p.m., mainly away from the bay and the beaches will see some of a hottest temperatures this year. will pinpoint those temperatures, no. was a very mild in the '50s and '60s under a full waxing moon tomorrow a second consecutive spare the air day away from the water. we have a unhealthy levels of ozone. tomorrow daytime highs go up. the coolest area is progress, 85, we jump up to the high 90s
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in morgan hill low 90s union city, back in milpitas and fremont, triple digits in danville and black hawk dublin and pleasanton won 02 brentwood, tracy, back through discovery bay, 94 santa rosa 83 in san francisco extended forecast, 106 and len on monday out towards discovery bay, gradual cooling begins tuesday that seasonal temperatures returned on thursday. beautiful '70s along the coast. rep current risk is high. hello october 1st hundred and very typical this time of year. record heat but we had a couple of years ago to. gary gelfan in here tonight.
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it is saturday always a lot of stuff on saturday the ryder cup great shots to show you from chicago and packed two of action, the day's close in on the postseason 10 innings tod,,,
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the a's said the eye on the
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prize the post season price it could be the wild card could even be the divisional winner. out at the ball park he takes the ball four oakland strictly on the hill, did not get help from the defense yoenis cespedis tries to get the runner at third he airmails it. he scores michael saunders goes yard to make it for nothing. today only lasted four and one- third innings. a runner on josh donaldson on the tine run, he can add that to dead center. we have a tight ball game in the 10th inning to on for brandon moss. that baby is gone a's win it
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the a's score seven unanswered runs and come back to when it a's are 2 and have backed or head of a wild-card spot. a as you and cal coach jeff tedford's in the hot seat as cal struggles. 24 yds to pater a 77 ball game, a is you strikes on third and goal. the goal of 17-7 at the break. cal down by 10 current referee rules it incomplete, his back foot dragging in the end zone the call overturned tell gets the touchdown the defense could not stop asu, tell false 27-17
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now 1-4. san jose state verses navy. he somehow gets away makes a pass down the sideline, he carouser it for the 22 yd reception. leads to a field goal of three nothing at the break. san jose state defense incredible today. they led by travis johnson eight tackles and two sacks, not much offense for field goals, spartans when 12-0 over navy. day two of the ryder cup phil mickelson watch this shot. he played it perfectly, the 10 is way over there, it catches this slow that's the way they
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play it rose to the cup and tiger and stricker did not do too well that lost but fell and keegan bradley got their victories usa least 10-6 they need 4 points for the victory. raiders in denver to take on the broncos tomorrow that is where vern glenn is. from denver, the raiders got the work done in alameda before flying into dead like last against the steelers this with denver, peyton manning, a division game promises to be a bar room brawl. anytime you play at denver went up get a w keep the momentum going we have to get going. we want to continue to do that against them
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let's go glove there and have a good camp with the chargers had it to hostile ground at the chiefs' this cut involve a three-way tie for first place in the west of the outside the locker room and our fifth quarter post-game show check that cannot hear on cbs 5 followed by the fifth quarter it will be great. getting the flu shot without getting out of the car hundreds of people take advantage of the first day of vaccination season that story at 6:30. that is it for eyewitness news see you in half an hour news updates @ cbs s f dot ,,
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