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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> jeff: tonight shooting in wisconsin. a gunman kills at least three near a shopping mall and plants an improvised explosive device. anna werner has the latest. the last debate w both presidential candidates deep in preparation for tomorrow night, new totals show that 2012 run for the white house will cost more than $1 billion. jan crawford is in boca raton, florida. >> i accept your nomination way full and grateful heart. >> jeff: former presidential candidate and leading liberal democrat george mcgovern dies at the average 90. bob orr has a look back. and fighting back, tony guida shows us a boxer's return to the ring doctors said he would never fight again. >> they told me i could never box. they tolted me i wouldn't walk proper. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor, for the second time in less than three months there's been a deadly mass shooting in southern wisconsin. it happened at a spa in the milwaukee suburb of brookfield. at least four people are dead, including the shooter. an improvised bomb has been discovered on the site. this follows the sikh temple shooting less than 20 miles away in august that took seven lives. here's anna werner. >> reporter: all afternoon police searched for the man who entered the azana spa in brookfield around 11 a.m. and shot 7 women inside then turned the gun on himself. >> i saw a girl coming out from the salon and she was bleeding in the neck. >> reporter: police identified the suspect as 45-year-old radcliffe haughton from the nearby town of brown deer. speaking to cbs news from florida haughton's father said that his son's wife zina worked at the spa and the couple was having problems. he confirmed court records showing haughton's wife took
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out a restraining order against her husband just two weeks ago. a coworker said zina worked at the spa as a hair stylist as evening approached police were still searching the 9,000 square foot spa building where they ultimately found haughton's body. >> we are not, i repeat r not seeking any additional suspects. our community can feel safe. >> reporter: four victims were treated for gunshot wounds at the same milwaukee hospital as victims from the august shooting at a sikh temple in another milwaukee suburb. haughton's father asked for people to pray for those who had been hurt and for his son. redemption is what we need, he said. and the definite sill at work here. anna werner, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: on the eve of the third and final presidential debate, the latest national polls show the race for the white house is neck and neck. and along with the battle for votes is the unrelenting drive for campaign funds. jan crawford is at the debate hall in boca raton, florida tonight.
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jan, good evening. >> well, good evening, jeff. romney and the president sent most of the day doing debate prep getting ready for tomorrow night on that stage, big foreign policy showdown. but romney did take a break today to go out and hud well his campaign team which played a game of football against a-- on the beach. >> reporter: romney did a coin toss, and jokingly coached his team in the huddle. >> figure out which player is best and take him out early. >> and went back to his hotel for more debate prep. last night he held his final fund-raiser as new figures show the two campaigns are on pace to spend a combined $1 billion on the race. through september the obama campaign had raised a total of $558 million, and had spent a total of $462 million. romney's campaign had raised $357 million, and spent $294 million. but outside spending from independent groups favors romney to to -- two-to-one
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and erases the president's money advantage. the race now a dead heat. expectations are high for the third and final debate. this one on foreign policy and moderated by cbs's bob schieffer. with the candidates off the trail sunday schieffer on face the nation moderated a dust up between two advisors, obama campaign official stephanie cutter defend the president's use of a new word. >> romney, it is playful term to describe what he is doing in the final days of the race, he has run as the ideal tea party candidate, severely conservative for the last six years running for president. in the last two weeks of this campaign he suddenly is moving to the mid snell. >> romney advisor kevin madden said the attacks were an attempt to divert attention from the president's failed record. >> it hasn't been about talking about what they would do over the next four years to really help rebuild the economy. instead, they've reduced themselves to small attacks. >> reporter: now romney advisors tell me they expect the debate tomorrow night to have a much different tone than what we saw in last week's debate. they don't think the president will be as aggressive. they also point out that they are going to be sitting
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around a table, so that will give it a different feel. and they say that this kind of debate on foreign policy just naturally favors the incumbent, jeff? >> jeff: jan crawford, thank you. >> fast moving developments in the middle east are likely to come up at tomorrow's debate. the jordannian government said today it foiled a major al qaeda link plot in the capital of amman. 11 jordanians are unarrest for planning suicide attacks on shopping malls. authorities say the weapons were smuggled from syria. in lebanon many are blaming syria for the blast that killed the lebanese security chief on friday. as he was laid to rest today, unrest erupted. holly williams reports from a tense beirut. >> reporter: brigadier-general wissam al-hassan was lebanon's intelligence chief and an opponent of the syrian regime and its influence over lebanese politics. after he and seven others were killed by a car bomb on friday, his supporters
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accused the syrian government of being behind his murder. today they came out in thousands to mourn al-hassan and to protest. their anger was directed not just at syria's government but also their own, which they say is too close to the reg-- some lebanese support the syrian authorities but others including many sunni muslims back the syrian rebels. outside the headquarters of lebanon's government, they called for its resignation, clashing with police whose forced them back with tear gas. shots were fired, injuring at least one person. for decades lebanon's politics have been inextricably entwined with syria, its powerful next-door neighbor. now syria's conflict seems to be dragging in lebanon, providing memories of its 15 year civil war and opening up old wounds in a country
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where peace is always fragile. jeff. >> jeff: holly williams, thank you. >> and in syria today a car bomb exploded outside a police station in damascus killing at least 13. that blast occurred as international mediator lakhdar brahimi met with president bashar al-assad attempting to broker a cease-fire in the 19 month long conflict. adding support to the effort, syria's ally russia said it would back a truce. later, the war in afghanistan. 11 years on. the young boxer who battled back from a grim diagnosis and pope benedict names two new american saints. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> jeff: the nation's meningitis outbreak may be slowing. the centers for disease control reported no new deaths today. the toll remains at 23. the agency did confirm one more case since yesterday.
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that's a total of 282 in 16 states. at the vatican today two women who lived in america were elevated to sainthood. one did her work in hawaii, as allen pizzey reports the other was a mohawk from upstate new york, the first national of a-- native american cannonized. >> reporter: st. peter's quarter shas even every catholic ceremony there is but this one broke the mold. for the first time native americans were here in force. the draw was the first of their people ever to be proclaimed a saint. kateria tekakewitha. >> she was born in 1656 in what is now upstate new york. disfigured and partially blinded by small pox she was thrown out of her tribe when she converted to christianity at age 20, died four years later and came to be known as the lilly of the mohawks. for gerald tukwin, a native american from potawatomi, kansas, today was the culmination of a dream. >> i thought a lot of our ancestors, you know, that
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probably are just real excited this day. although already passed on, but they got to be happy, happy with us today. and with what has taken place here in the vatican. >> reporter: the church sees saints as a way of rekindling faith. making the grade as a saint can take years, even centuries. the main criteria are two miracles. one to be bee at find and the other to reach full saint hood. 12-year-old jake finkbonner, string enwith a flesh-eating disease at age 5 was index plikically cured after the parents prayed to her. the elevation of mother marianne cope who worked in the helper colley in hawaii until her death, brings the total of american saints to 12. cookie maldonado and her husband came from honolulu on a pilgrimmage they said they had to take. >> working in hawaii and helping the hawaiian people and helpers there means a lot to us. this is the least we could do for her. >> and pay our respects.
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>> reporter: benedict praised the new saints as heroic and courageous examples. coincidentally or not, their cannonization came as catholic bishops are meeting here to find ways to revive christianity in places where it is fading. allen pizzey, cbs news, vatican city. >> jeff: the french village of lourdes is famous for its miraculous waters but these are not the waters that pilgrims came for. helping hundreds of visitors trapped by floods near the same grotto where many catholics believed the virgin mary a peered. just ahead here tonight, remembering george mcgovern.
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>> jeff: former senator goc mcgofer earn died in his home state of south dakota early today. he was 90 years old and suffering from cancer. a bomber pilot during world war ii he was a leading critic of the conflict in vietnam. president obama paid tribute to mcgovern today saying this hero of war became a champion of peace. bob orr looks back. >> reporter: three time democratic presidential candidate george mcgovern won his party's nomination in 1972. >> i accept your nomination with a full and grateful heart. >> reporter: gary hart who would go on to run for president twice himself was mcgovern's campaign manager. and a young vut president bill clinton ran mcgovern's campaign operations in texas. mcgovern, an unabashed liberal called for an immediate end to the vietnam war. but he lost in a landslide
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to then president richard nixon, after winning just one state, massachusetts. >> we're to the going to shed any tears tonight about the great joys that this campaign has brought to us. >> reporter: one of the great ironies of this race was that president nixon ordered the break-in to the democratic party headquarters in the watergate hotel because he feared being bested by whoever his democratic opponent might be. that break-in lead to nixon's resignation, just two years after overwhelming mcgovern in the election. before entering politics, mcgovern flew 35 combat missions as a b-24 bomber pilot during world war ii. and was award the distinguished flying cross. he married his college sweetheart eleanor during the war. and they had five children together. eleanor passed away in 2008. mcgovern represent his home state of south dakotah for more than 20 years, first in
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the house of representatives, and then in the senate where he championed liberal social and economic reforms. he was tapped by three presidents to represent the u.s. at the united nations, on issues ranging from disarmament to world hunger. he launched a program with former republican presidential nominee bob dole in 2002 to provide education and food to poor children, in the u.s. and around the world. >> there is one problem that i am convinced we can lick, absolutely, and that's world hunger. >> reporter: mcgovern was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 2000, and the world food prize in 2008. he stayed active until the end, backing then senator obama in the 2008 election. >> so let's seize that opportunity and vote to barack obama for a more hopeful world. >> and skydiving in 2010, celebrating his 88th birthday. >> how do you feel. >> i feel great. >> reporter: a prolific
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author, mcgovern wrote eight books including most recently what it means to be a democrat. almost no one knew better. bob orr, cbs news, washington. >> jeff: next america's 11 years in afghanistan. a report by david martin.
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>> jeff: after weeks of rumors that he was on death's door former cuban president fidel castro appeared in a photograph that was shown to journalists in havana today by a visiting venezuelan politician. he said castro, quote, had the court see of bringing me
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back to the hotel and added that the 86-year-old castro looked very well. whoever wins the american presidency this year will likely oversee the end of the longest war in american history. afghanistan. as of this month 11 years and counting. here's our national security correspondent david martin. >> reporter: it took just five weeks for american precision guided bombs and special forces on horseback to chase the taliban from power. so thoroughly was the taliban dismantled, that in february 2003 afghan president karzai skofd at the possibility of a taliban spring offensive. >> i don't think that is going to happen. these guys are on the run. they're hiding. >> reporter: but not defeated. taliban leaders retreat mood pakistan where they regrouped. and in 2006 launched a spring offensive which ronald newmann then the person ambassador in afghanistan described in this cable. >> we were surprised by the size of the forces employed.
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a revitallized enemy with its leadership secure in pakistan mounted a major counterattack. >> i thought it was likely that we could be losing if we didn't up our game. >> reporter: did the u.s. up its game. >> no. >> reporter: why do you think that was? >> well, that was the period when they began to think about the surge in iraq. >> reporter: the war in iraq had reached a crisis point. and that was where president bush was about to commit more forces. the preoccupation with iraq is captured in a 2006 memo from defense secretary rumsfeld. i keep having meetings with general george casey, the commander in iraq but i need more meetings with general carl eikenberry, the commander in afghanistan. i need to know what he is doing. si have no idea. several months later eikenberry sent a personal letter to rumsfeld warning the war against the taliban had reached a stalemate, and the u.s. should rethink its
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goals. rumsfeld told eikenberry he thought it was an excellent letter but i don't know what to do with it. in 2007 when then joint chiefs chairman admiral michael mullen made his first trip to afghanistan a sergeant told him he was seeing his men crumble under the stress of too much fighting with too little equipment. accord-- according to notes taken by an aide one commander asked for 34 more legal korpts, mullen responded there's nothing on the shelf for afghanistan. as he recalled in an interview just before he left office. >> we were just limited on what we could send to afghanistan based on the priority that the iraq war had at the time. >> reporter: since then president obama has pulled all u.s. troops out of iraq and sent a surge of 30,000 more into afghanistan. the surge forces are back out now leaving the u.s. with 68,000 troops still there. afghanistan 2012 is a very different war from the one
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which began in 20012. -- 1, then the taliban were trying to hold ground in the face of american air power. now it is the americans operating out of fixed positions in the face of hit and run taliban attacks. >> now the shoe is on the other foot. now we're trying to hold ground. >> the tables were turned. >> the tables were turned. >> reporter: one thing has not changed. the taliban with their sanctuaries in pakistan still have not been defeated. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> jeff: coming up, a stunning knockout. a young boxer defies the medical odds.
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>> jeff: finally tonight for most boxers the fighter in the opposite corn sero upon ent enough but tony guida has the story of a young man who had so much more to overcome. >> danny jacobs is fortunate to be alive. >> he wasn't supposed to be
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here in a brooklyn boxing ring. he was supposed to be dead. but neither cancer nor partial paralysis could stay this fighter from the swift completion of his appointed rounds. just 73 seconds into the first round of his first fight in a year and a half -- >> danny jacobs punched his way into the next chapter of his remarkable young life. >> to be able to take control of your destiny, is priceless. and i did that tonight. they told me i could never box. they told me i wouldn't walk proper but guess what i did. >> reporter: jacobs started fighting in high school, learned fast, advanced quickly. he won 20 fights, 19 by knockout, losing only one. a middle weight title seemed a jab or two away. but in the spring of 2011 jacobs felt numbness in his leg. doctors told him it was a pinched nerve. further tests revealed a tumor wrapped around his spine chord. cancerous, doctors told him he would never box again, if he survived. >> here i am a 24-year-old man at the time, world-class
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athlete. you couldn't tell me that i wasn't healthy. so for me to have this in my body, how can i not know. how could this happen to me. >> reporter: after successful surgery jacobs began tortorous rehabilitation with one goal in mind. to prove the doctors wrong. >> the doctors orders were for me to stay home and get better. i didn't listen, i just followed my heart and went to the gym. >> 18 months later, last night, jacobs completed his unlikely comeback decisively. >> oy could have easily gave up because boxing is a hard sport. but my reasons for doing this now is to inspire as many people as i can. >> win by way of technical koch nout-- knockout. >> reporter: he says his ordeal taught him the real victory is never giving up. tony guida, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: that is the cb evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor, cbs news, in new york. good night.
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found, and what made the northbay homeowner look for. "last night was an extremely bizarre event" naked men, decapitated anim, and a house on fire. the odd events that led to an officr shooting and killing one ofe men. game 6 of the n- l-c-s is underway at a-t&t park -- 's do or die for the giants. the culinary ritual, tonig's pitcher follows ---to bringm luck. game 6 of the nlcs is underway at at&t park t. it is do-or-die for the giants. cbs 5 eyewitness news is next ,,,


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