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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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second time in less than 2 weeks. good evening lights out in the bay -- on the bay bridge. good evening. >> now right now the bridge looks like it always does. but the lights went out about 7:30. the only lights that worked were in the tunnel. traffic continued to flow. this is what it looked like as power came back on about 9:00. during the blackout i drove over the bridge. >> reporter: it's not that you can't see.
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it's just almost eerie. it's like the bridge isn't even there. so much of the skyline is seeing the lights of the bay bridge and lights of the city. >> cal tran and pg&e and nobody knows what caused the outage. >> we've learned that some detectives took an unusual piece of evidence from the apartment of a murder suspect. that suspect is one of five people arrested after a man and woman were found tied up, gagged on a san francisco street. cbs 5 reporter linda yee takes us to that apartment. >> reporter: four women and one man were arrested in a case that even baffles police. >> this is a crime you see in movies. it's certainly disturbing when you find a crime of that nature. >> reporter: sunday evening a
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man and woman bound on the street. they were tied up, gagged, beaten, one was shot and dumped here. investigators however would not elaborate on the motive. the male victim eventually died. an 18-year-old wool remains in the hospital with serious injuries. investigators tracked down the suspects to a home in hercules. >> there was an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspects. i can't get into what those relationships are. >> reporter: one of the murder suspects is 32-year-old maelene lintz of san francisco identified by her neighbor. lintz's neighbor is shocked. >> you don't know what's behind what happened. just unexpected. unbelievable. i'm more than surprised she was arrested for. she's not a violent person. >> reporter: lintz lives in the garage apartment of the house he rents. she was living on disability
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benefits. >> she was telling me the story she got shot before and lost three fingers. >> reporter: police have searched her place before today's arrest. >> belongings supposedly she had in her room. computer, mattresses. like beds. >> reporter: police won't say exactly what the suspects were involved in that led to the beating and murder. in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >> the masked gunman who shot up a crowded oregon mall announced i am the shooter as he opened fire. a series of rapid fire shots followed. the rampage left three dead including the gunman and forced hundreds of holiday shoppers and mall employees into hiding. it happened at the clackamas town center mall. teresa garcia on the chilling
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moments. >> reporter: home video from inside an oregon mall shows a line of school children walking with hands raised while armed s.w.a.t. teams escort them to safety. at least two people died inside the mall. >> the shots were really loud and scary. >> i heard three and when i saw people ran i knew it wasn't a joke. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman wearing a mask and dark clothing fired dozens of shots. >> black pants and a blackjack is all i could see with a white mask on. it kind of looked like an over the face halloween mask. >> reporter: shoppers and mall employees scattered. some hiding in back rooms and behind locked doors. >> they told us to stay inside the stores. a woman got let out. s.w.a.t. members. they escorted us out. keep low and women and children first. >> reporter: one person suffered serious injuries and
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was taken to the hospital. the gunman is dead of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. police are not revealing more than that. >> i do not have information to share with you. i don't know how many shots were fired. >> reporter: the mall remains closed as the invest gets underway. >> it took hours for police to clear the mall because many of the shoppers and employees were too afraid to come out of hiding. >> we have developing news just a couple hours ago north korea claimed it successfully launched a long range rocket and put a satellite into orbit in defiance of the united states anteun. tonight norad confirms that north korea did in fact launch an object into orbit. nor korea claims the satellite is for peaceful use. other countries are concerned. one part of the rocket fell
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into the yellow sea. another fell into the east china sea. the third portion fell into the pacific ocean east of the philippines. >> when police officers responded to a call of a car crashing into a tree they thought it was just that. a car crash. but then they found out what cbs 5 reporter kiet do tells us is san jose's 44th homicide of the year. >> reporter: there haven't been this many since 1991. the crime scene was puzzling. a white truck jumped the curb and nearly backed into a tree. a teenage boy lay dead in the street. >> the truck is sitting at a weird angle. there's a body down near the truck. this is going to be where our crime scene unit really shines. >> reporter: the call came in at 3:00 p.m. as a traffic accident.
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paramedics found a fatal wound to the neck. the circle on the ground marks a bloodstain. it looks like the 18-year-old had been stab. >> we don't a pattern of this type of activity here. >> reporter: evidence markers littered the scene. neighbors say they heard popping noises. it's possible he stumbled on to the asphalt or was ejected from the truck. neighbors say violent crime in had part of san jose is area. >> i've been living here 18 years. this is very unusual. never seen anything like this. >> reporter: detectives are withholding the victim's name. no word on any suspects. live in san jose. >> a big victory for john mcafee. a judge has ordered that he be released from a detention center. mcafee was taken into custody after sneaking into guatemala.
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he's been trying to dodge police in belize who want to question him in his neighbor's murder. the judge gave mcafee 10 days to get his immigration situation sorted out. >> details that led up to the crash that killed jenni rivera. her plane plunged almost vertically from 28,000 feet and nose dived into the ground at 600 miles an hour. the transportation secretary says the impact must have been terrible. we still don't know what caused the plane to crash. investigators say it will take days to piece together the wreckage. >> the rain is back. it could stay through the new year off and on. >> we have a series of storms lined up. the difference between the ones that are stacked up now and ones we experienced earlier, not as wet.
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along highway 101. you're probably hearing rain drops on the rooftops. union city and in freemont. we'll talk about the bulk of this energy and where you can find it tonight. that's still coming up later on in this newscast. >> we have to wonder, what were they thinking? why a nearby elementary school was renamed after a notorious killer. >> the bay area loses a fire station. how long it's going to take to get help now. >> a bay area couple plays secret santa at walmart, handing out cash and gifts to total strangers. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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notorious outlaw! a selenas elementary school is making a name for itself by adopting the name of a notorious outlaw. tiburcio vasquez was one of the original gangsters. he committed a dozen murders. he's also something of a folk hero. many hispanics view him as an
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avenger. >> number one was not a murder. he was framed by the system at that time. he took from the rich and gave from the poor. >> the incoming mayor isn't too pleased. he says the district needs to rethink its decision. several healthcare centers are named for vasquez. >> an arsonist nearly ended up a murder after targeting the home of a mother and her son. someone toss add molotov cocktail into their unit. the woman is the complex manager. she and her son escaped unhurt. that apartment was completely destroyed. no word on a motive. fire protection going to be stretched a little thinner in contra costa county. supervisors voted to close four
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fire stations. that leaves the city of clayton without a single fire station. cbs 5 reporter chris christin ayers went out. >> we got a phone call from two different neighbors saying the house was engulfed. >> reporter: kelly's teenage son narrowly escaped the flames a year and a half ago. firefighters from her nearby station arrived in minutes, dousing the flames before they could spread. >> it was a fast burning fire. the way the flames were going my fear was it would take another home. >> reporter: now she worries the nec fire will be worse. the contra costa county board of supervisors agreed to shutter four fire stations. it means a lot of people will go from having a fire station seconds away from their home to one miles away. we mounted a camera on our live
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truck and timed our drive. it took us 8:12 to arrive at fire station 223.5 miles away that's obviously a bit longer than it would take a fire truck to make that same trip from fire station to fire station. people who live in this area say the crucial extra minutes could be the difference. >> every minute counts. we'll have to wait that much longer. >> reporter: some residents blame their own neighbors for rejecting a parcel tax. >> if they want to blame somebody they should turn around and look at people that asked them not to vote for it. >> reporter: whoever is to blame it's career the consequences could be dire. >> it's hitting us of what we've been through and what others will have to go through. >> reporter: now this station in clayton and the three others
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expected to close mid january no firefighters will be laid off. fire officials say response times will be impacted. live in clayton, christin ayers, cbs 5. >> bay area crab fishmen have won their fight. the 11 day crab strike is over. crabbers will head out tomorrow. they refused to collect their traps after brokers tried to pay them less than $3 a pound. >> prices are lower a little bit. got a lot of fresh crab. hopefully more people can come into the restaurant and come in and enjoy. >> dungeness should be back in stores and menus on thursday or friday. >> a contractor famous for fixing big problems has been tapped to fix that giant sink hole in lafayette.
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c.c. myers. heavy rains helped create sink hole after overwhelming the area's drainage system. the sink hole is 50 feet deep, 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. >> they're going to route the storm water around the failed pipe. once they achieve that they'll clear out the creek, establish a stream bed on the bottom, then they'll bring in a bunch of really big pipe. 10-foot diameter pipe. >> you remember cc myers, they fixed the eye bar on the bay bridge when it broke. they're looking to have this project done by christmas. i was out there this afternoon. they have their work cut out for them. big hole in the ground. >> they'll get it done. speaking of hard workers. tracking the latest on the
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rain. >> looking ahead to the new year where we'll be active for the next 10 to 12 days. this is the first in a series of storms heading in the direction of northern california. good evening, everybody. let's head outside. foggy evening. the city by the bay where we've seen less than .05 of rainfall. let's check in on our radar. this system has. falling apart at the seams. still noting precipitation. heading towards the open bay waters. we also have light rain to moderate precipitation. it's wet in hayward at this hour. this is where the bulk of the activity is. broke in half, lifted up towards the greater lakota hoe area. we'll have that forecast for you. first thing is first, with a blanket of clouds, a scattered shower into the 40s.
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feels very raw outside. we will occasionally see right rain tomorrow. extended forecast calls for very active weather pattern. this is an area of low pressure. it hits the north bay and falls apart. this is future cast. you can plan your morning commute. from time to time you may need that umbrella. it will be short lived. more of a nuisance and wet roadways. we begin to clear out on wednesday only to set the stage for more rainfall by the weekend. up to 8 inches of snow expected. temperatures across the board we'll go through them quickly. in the 50s everywhere. 53 to 57. that 7-day forecast, here you have it. mostly cloudy skies on thursday night into friday with the stray shower. otherwise we're talking about a
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bigger, wetter system saturday night into sunday. that one bears watching. >> all right. >> coming up, how secret santas made strangers holiday wishes come true. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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strangers. little kids got just what they wanted for christmas thanks to a couple of very generous strangers. >> the secret santas who went on a shopping spree. >> reporter: megan and her little sister maddie were christmas shopping when maddie spotted a toy sewing machine. >> they got it for me and she had the bag in her hand. >> reporter: the girls parents were randomly handed a bag by a man and woman and inside. >> we both looked in the bag and just said wow. how did they know that she wanted that toy. >> it's the sewing machine she wanted. >> reporter: the couple didn't give their names but employees spotted them hugging one another after their generous deed. joyce was working the cash register that day.
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she'll never forget. >> he handed me the money and says merry christmas to her. she started crying. and then i started crying. >> reporter: maddie's dad recalls another charming characteristic. >> their joy of living it to her. just never forget their laugh of joy. >> reporter: the couple spent thousands of dollars that day on merchandise. >> not wanting to be known. not wanting to be seen. they specifically made the comment there was no cameras, we're not here to get recognition. >> reporter: as for maddie, she has a message for the secret santas. >> that they're nice, generous people and giving other people stuff they can't afford. >> reporter: employees here at walmart call this couple the secret santas. as for maddie, she remembers one charming characteristic. the gentleman happened to have a boisterous laugh, kind of
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like santa's. >> there you go. he really is out there. >> reminds me of the elves and the shoe maker. became a rich man over that. another 49ers player is done for the year. has the curtain closed on the kobe bryant and lake show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coach the spartans in the ft bowl g former san jose state coach has decided not to coach the spartans in their first bowl game since 2006. he will leave effective immediately after being named the head coach at colorado. san jose state hosting santa clara. tear drop in the lane for james. he had a game high 19. santa clara brought the a-game tonight. nice pass. broncos led by 19 at intermission. it was packed. evan hits one of his three
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threes. san jose state drops to 5-4. jim harbaugh likes to use the phrase next man up. question s how many men are left? dobbs is done for the year with a knee injury he sustained on sunday. dobbs was a feel good story. in and out of foster homes, a family adopted him and raised him. he made the team in 2011. within the last month three 49ers have been placed on injured reserve. now dobbs. next man up. i have in my hand the tuesday night top five. jay z and battle for new york. nets and knicks. jason kidd. three in the foul. the 39-year-old wins it for the knicks. number four, this is what happens when you lose nine straight cornelius campbell of the cardinals didn't like the sign, took it down, ripped it
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in half. number three, rodney williams jr. of minnesota. the 360 dunk. over north dakota state tonight. number two the clippers averaged 1.6 alley-oops a game. blake griffin, pretty much all of them. number one, the other l.a. team is having trouble playing defense. irving picks apart the lake show. four games under 500. they lost five of six. mike d'antoni isn't happy. >> i didn't see that. >> it's not true? >> no. >> did you work on defense? >> yeah, i did. you're starting to -- you say something that's not actually correct. >> how does a writer know if they haven't been working on defense. this is the same write got in the face of the ucla coach last
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week. he likes to twist the knife. >> there's guys who like to get a reaction. it's not so much getting the question answered. >> if you bring up -- >> it's getting a rise. can't work with them. can't coach them. i want winners. oh boy. >> another time. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yes we still have more rain out there right now. how about a look at our radar. we will have spotty showers for the morning commute. >> david letterman next. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. captioning sponsored by worldwide pas


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