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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  December 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thousands shopped for holiday gifts yesterday afternoon. cbs reporter bigad shaban with more on the terrifying moments for shoppers. >> reporter: mourners showed up overnight with the first flowers in remembrance of the two people killed at a mall near portland, oregon. >> this event has touched us deeply. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows what it was like in the moments after the shooting as police escorted shoppers to safety. >> it was scary. uhm... it was shocking. >> our cousin is a security guard in there. and his wife and their baby were in there but they got out okay. >> reporter: police arrived within minutes searching for the gunman in a crowd of thousands. >> police went armed and yelling at us to close the gate. so we closed the gate. >> women and children first, the whole standard procedure. >> reporter: authorities say when they found the shooter, he had already killed himself. this mall is still an active crime scene. with more than a million square feet, police tell us it will
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take some time to comb through looking for evidence. >> we look in every closet, every room we can get into. it's going to be an exhaustive search. >> reporter: there are hundreds of witnesses to interview. >> you get 10 people who saw the same incident and they are going to give you ten different versions of it. our job is to collect all that information and make it into a cothesive idea of what actually happened. >> reporter: police have tentatively identified the gunman but haven't released his name. bigad shaban portland, oregon. >> the person who was wounded is a young woman and she is in the hospital with life- threatening injuries. the crowning spire is about to be lifted up on top of one world trade center by spring. workers are pouring concrete that will hold the 408-foot element up top. the new high-rise will be the
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tallest building in the western hemisphere. investigators have a puzzling case on their hands. officers thought they were responding to a pickup truck collision on fairhaven drive yesterday afternoon but when they arrived they found an 18- year-old boy dead lying near the truck. the teen had been shot. investigators are trying to piece together what happened. >> i would call it a geometry problem. the truck is at a weird angle. there is a body near the truck. this is where our crime scene unit will really shine. >> this is san jose's 44th homicide. year. this is the highest number of people killed in the city since 1991. four women and a man are under arrest for a mysterious murder in san francisco. 26-year-old steven reed was found bound and gagged on the city streets sunday night. he had been shot and died a few hours later. an 18-year-old woman was seriously injured at the same time. police are not saying what led them to the suspects at a home in hercules. >> it was established that
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there was an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspect in this case. i cannot get into details about the relationships. >> police are still trying to determine where the victims were injured and whether there are any more suspects. a neighbor says investigators took a computer and a mattress from the apartments of one of the suspects. the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year- old sierra lamar is facing new charges in santa clara county court this morning. antolin garcia-torres is accused of trying to carjack three different women i 2009. he was 17 but will be charged as an adult. it all happened in safeway park lots in morgan hill. fire protection is going to be stretched a little thinner contra costa county. supervisors have voted to close four fire stations in walnut creek, martinez, lafayette and the city of clayton. it's part of a service reduction plan in case voters don't pass the parcel tax proposal. the goal is to save about $3
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million a year. no firefighters will be laid off. that's the good news. the four stations are set to go dark next month. now clayton has no fire stations. >> it's hitting us in a tender spot with us because of what we have been through and we know what others will, you know, unfortunately have to go through. >> clayton's fire crews responded in minutes to save kelly's home from an electrical fire last year. fire crews say the station closure will affect emergency response times. time now 4:35. a cold storm is bringing some showers today and lawrence is talking snow. >> snow? >> snow. >> snow? >> wouldn't that be nice. [ laughter ] >> it would be. >> not in san francisco. but over the mountaintops we could see a little snow over mount diablo, possibly mount hamilton. we have a cold front coming through. scattered showers and another band about to move onshore near
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san francisco and the peninsula, going to see this sporadic showers throughout the morning and then i think it will begin to taper off so we'll dry out toward the afternoon. a cold front diving in from the gulf of alaska. that's going to keep the temperatures way down for this afternoon. highs to in 50s, 40s on the mountaintops. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> outside right now, it's not too bad on bay area roads. nothing much to slow you down. we are seeing overnight roadwork. it's not at the bay bridge where you can see cars there making their way easily toward the pay gates. san mateo bridge the drive time is 14 minutes right now between hayward and the peninsula. the right side of your screen right there is the commute direction and you can see a few raindrops there that hit the camera lens a little earlier
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this morning. the nimitz so the on-ramp at high street northbound 880 can remain blocked until 5:00 this morning. it's still not enough to slow you down. that 238 to the maze, 15 minutes in the northbound lanes. dumbarton bridge westbound 84 you'll find various roadwork again for the next 20 minutes or so. and the eastbound lanes of 4 at loveridge, left lane blocked with roadwork until 6 a.m. that's the first check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. crews restored the power on the bay bridge once again after the span went dark for the second time in less than two weeks. caltrans electrician responded to the problem around 7:30 last night. the blackout lasted about an hour and a half. the only lights that worked were inside the tunnel there. the traffic continued to flow no problems. lights went out on the bridge about 13 days ago. caltrans blamed that outage on our stormy weather. the surf along the northern california coast is approaching all-time highs this week.
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cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is along the embarcadero in san francisco watching for today's king tides. >> reporter: the king tides the highest seasonal tides. right now the water is not that high. but we're waiting for it to come up. the highest it will be this morning is going to be just before 10 a.m. with a 7-foot tied. we are going to see these high tides today and for the next couple of days. now, check out this video from the connector ramp from 101 to highway 1 in marin. yesterday that was flooded. and that normally only happens when there's a storm but this was caused simply by the king tides. the very high tides could be getting higher as the ocean fills up with water for a variety of reasons, 8" in the past century. and you can see the proof in san francisco sewers. >> when i came near 1990, there was never a time where the tide was higher than our sewer. last year we had seven events. that saltwater now is coming
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into our system. >> reporter: that is break the pipes down. saltwater not very good for metal pipes. now, king tides are caused by gravity not global warming. the earth, moon and sun are all in position to cause the water to rise. now, there's a group called the california king tied initiative and they are encouraging everybody to take pictures of high tides today and you can find out more about that on our website, meantime here along the embarcaderos the rain is coming down. we'll tip to follow that throughout the morning, as well. live -- we'll continue to follow that throughout the morning, as well. live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. a contractor famous for fixing big problems is going to fix the sinkhole in lafayette. city leaders have agreed to a $600,000 contract with c.c. meyers. heavy rains helped create the sinkhole after overwhelming the area's drainage system. the sinkhole on mountain view drive is roughly 15 feet deep, 80 feet long and 40 feet wide.
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cleaning and fixing that problem will be challenging. >> they are going to route the stormwater around the -- you can put the dam in the creek and route the stormwater around the failed pipe. once they achieve that, they will clear out the creek and establish a stream bed on the bottom, then they'll bring in a bunch of really big pipe, 10 diameter pipe. each section weighs 42,000 pounds. >> c.c. meyers expects to finish by christmas. it will cost $1 million to fix a hillside in daly city. it will also include fixing a broken water pipe that led to last month's mud slide. starting today residents will be allowed to file damage claims with the city. money is coming from already collected water bills. 4:40. a defiant act? perhaps. north korea successfully fires
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a loaning range rocket. >> plus, back to sea. who won and who lost in the great crab price dispute of 2012. >> and travel in style for a buck. the new way to get from the bay area to l.a. and it's all launching this morning. ,,,,,,
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morning. and put a satellite into orbitâ despie warnings from the u-n and washington. the 'north american aerospace defense as confirmed they north korea successfully launched a long-range rocket. the north american aerospace defense command has confirmed they launched an object into orbit. the country says the satellite is for peaceful use. the united states believes it's a cover for testing ballistic missiles capable of reaching the u.s. one part of the rocket fell into the yellow sea another into the east china sea and a third part fell into the pacific ocean east of the philippines about 2,000 miles away. 4:43 now. how about a look at weather? it's going to start looking
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like christmas around the bay area. >> i like that cold air white christmas at least on the mountaintops. maybe a dusting of snow. very cold temperatures as the system drives in from the gulf of alaska. hi-def doppler shows showers right now and that's what we'll see to throughout, more nuisance showers throughout the morning but you can see a good cell along the peninsula to daly city, pacifica heavier rainfall very shortly. and you're going to see this sporadic showers throughout the morning hours, the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm and, yes, maybe even a couple of snowflakes over the mountaintops. look at the cold front swinging through behind that. you see all those cold clouds? those continue to drop on through at least through the morning hours. temperatures fairly chilly in the 40s. even with cloud cover, that's cold. 52 degrees in san jose and san francisco. not much warmer toward the afternoon. this system driving right in
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the from the gulf of alaska keeping things unsettled this morning. by the afternoon we start to dry out a bit but if you are traveling around the state, watch out. winter weather advisories up in the sierra nevada, snow levels expected to drop to about 3,000 feet and could see another 2 to 6" of snow across the high country, 50s into the central valley, about 52 degrees in monterey, and some showers expected there, as well. well, the cold front swinging on through this morning then turning to more scattered showers outside. then this afternoon we start to dry out. then i think we'll catch a brief break toward thursday but things may change again looking toward friday. there's another slight chance of more rain on the way. temperatures for today will be chilly, grab a jacket. only 54 degrees in fremont. 56 pacifica, breezy this afternoon the 54 degrees in livermore. 55 in danville. you'll notice the blue showing up across some of the mountains. those are temperatures only in the 40s for highs today. 56 degrees one of the warmer spots in san leandro. and 55 degrees in daly city. next couple of days we'll settle things down just a little bit. but he think a chance of rain returns again as the storm door
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opens on sunday. looks like more showers into monday and possibly tuesday too, elizabeth. you'll be busy. >> despite the wet weather, it's quiet. there's no big accidents. i'll mention one here in the south bay coming up. but first we'll show you this live look outside. this is through the dublin- pleasanton area, headlights are moving westbound. and if we get a check of the drive time from our maps, still in the green, 14 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. things are flowing nicely. so here's a live look at our traffic sensors through san jose. downtown looking okay. we are just getting word of an accident southbound 87 to northbound 101 that connector ramp. there's an accident just popped up. just a heads up. if your commute takes new that direction, got an early-morning flight out of sfo, this is what it looks like past candlestick. 280 fine along the peninsula.
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some of areas of overnight roadwork still out there including the dumbarton bridge. so you'll notice a little slowing on the sensors on westbound 84. they have a couple of lanes blocked until about 5:00 this morning. a similar story on eastbound 4 where it actually looks okay right now passing loveridge but they have that far left lane blocked until 6:00. and mass transit always a great option and so far everything is reporting no delay. that is traffic and weather together every ten minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. millionaire fugitive john mcafee is free for now at least. a guatemala judge ordered his relief from detention yesterday. mcafee was taken into custody last week after sneaking into guatemala from neighboring belize. he has been trying to dodge belize police who want to question him about a murder there. the judge gave mcafee 10 daysget his immigration situation sorted out. more details on singer jenni rivera's final moments.
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mexico's transportation chief said her plane plunged almost vertically from 28,000 feet and nose-dived into the ground at 600 miles per hour. they say the impact must have been just terrible. investigators are piecing together the wreckage to find the exact cause and say it will take several days. distracted driving and bad brakes may to be blame for a fiery crash involving a truck and an amtrak train last year. 6 people died in that accident in nevada. the ntsb said yesterday the truck driver killed in the crash didn't notice the train. the driver could have been distracted by ankle pain or a cell phone. officials also say weak train walls likely contributed to the death. the man charged with killing a 6-year-old boy in new york city back in 1979 is expected to be arraigned today. etan patz disappeared walking to a bus stop on the way to school. 51-year-old pedro hernandez was arrested for the crime. despite confessing, he is expected to plead not guilty.
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the defense says their case will revolve around hernandez's mental state. michigan governor rick snyder signed right to work legislation into law making it the 24th state to do so. it came after thousands of union supporters protested at the capital. right to work makes it illegal to require workers to join a union or to pay dues as a condition of employment. today president obama will hold a conference call with some of the nation's mayors and community leaders all about that "fiscal cliff." the president and house speaker john boehner talked on the phone last night. the white house lowered the amount of revenue it wants to generate from taxes. republicans say they are still waiting to hear from the president about spending cuts. today the federal reserve is expected to announce a revamped bond buying plan to help boost the economy. the fed's goal is to keep interest rates low and encourage individuals and companies to borrow and spend. experts say that could at least
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soften the blow from tax increases and spending cuts that will all kick in next month if they don't reach a budget deal. a san francisco-based bank loses its top spot as far as keeping its customers happy. wells fargo has slipped to second place behind jpmorgan chase when it comes to customer satisfaction among big banks. it's the first time in a decade that wells fargo has not ranked number one in the american customer satisfaction index. bank of america's rating is also down to a ten-year low. facebook is number one on a new list of the best places to work in the united states. the survey from glass door also says facebook is tied with southwest airlines as the most improved companies. other bay area companies on the list including riverbed technology, google, chevron, and linkedin. crab fishermen are sailing out of port this morning. crabbers will head out of san francisco, half moon bay and
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bodega bay. they went on strike after wholesalers tried to pay them less than $3 a pound. strike meant there was little fresh dungeness crab left in stores and restaurants. prices lower a little bit, get a lot of fresh dungeness crab. hopefully more people can come into the restaurant and come down and enjoy the crab in the holiday season. >> dungeness should be back in stores and on menus tomorrow or friday at the very latest. some other bay area headlines on this wednesday, some brazen burglars in walnut creek helping themselves to the contents of this macy's jewelry counter. they smashed their way into the store overnight on tuesday and ransacked the entire department. no word on how much they got away with. and san francisco supervisors get serious about cracking down on metal thefts. the board of supervisors passed legislation unanimously with a permitting system for metal
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sellers and buy, giving them the power over those doing illegal deems. you can catch a right from l.a. to san francisco for a dollar starting today. it's a promotion from a newest coast service, double-decker buses providing trips to l.a. and reno. the dollar fares will be they only week. then i would imagine it goes up. >> but a buck? >> a dollar. >> go down and shop and come on back. 4:51 now. facing prison time, lindsay lohan goes before a judge again today. >> plus, what women wear, a matter of national security. the country on alert over what's on the female foot. >> and a bay area couple plays secret santa at a walmart handing out cash and gifts to total strangers. we have it for you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cold storm diving into the bay area, snow in the mountains. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and checking several of our traffic cameras around the bay area it's pretty quiet. a live look at 880/237. we are actually watching an accident in san jose. so we'll have more details on that coming up in just a few minutes. it looks like lindsay lohan may be going back to jail again. l.a. prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke her probation. she faces up to 245 days in jail if a judge finds she violated her probation. the actress is scheduled for arraignment today on three misdemeanor charges filed last month for a car crash in june. lohan, who is not required to attend today's hearing, has been on probation since 2011. she's had a couple of tough years. >> she has. all right, ladies. have you ever slipped and fell and looked around to see, oh,
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did someone see me do that? >> every day. but on britain's rail service they are catching them on video and using them to help keep people safe. >> look at that gal. >> faces are blurred but the message is clear. high heels are dangerous if you're not careful. >> on a high heel when you're unstable like this it's very easy to have an ankle, lateral ankle injury like this. >> okay. >> doctors say avoid wearing high heels or wear shorter heels. >> i'd be down for the count. >> i'd be in sneakers every day of my life. >> i have to wear heels. i'm five feet tall. >> you do? >> you have to be careful. >> wear elevator sneakers. some bay area kids they celebrated christmas early thanks to two secret santas. >> some very nice people out there. >> walmart workers and shoppers are still talking about the couple who just came in and handed out gifts and cash to total strangers. an anonymous man and woman paid
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shoppers' store bills at the register inside this livermore walmart on friday. picked up a $600 tab for one family, bought a toy sewing machine for a little girl when they heard she just wanted one. >> they're nice people and giving other people stuff they can't afford. >> pretty sweet. the walmart manager says the couple told workers they didn't want any recognition or to be named. they came in and did it the right way. sweet. 4:57. some high tides and rain. mother nature's power on display all over the west coast. >> plus, tide up, tortured and left for dead in the middle of a san francisco street. the surprising suspects now in custody. >> contra costa county supervisors vote to close four fire stations. why some neighbors say this will mean dire consequences for one east bay city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald running for their lives. a gunman opens fire on holiday shoppers at a mall. how eyewitnesses are describing the chaos. >> services cut a bay area city loses its own fire station. how long it's going to take to get help. >> cold storm stretches into the bay area. we have rain and a little snow. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are closely watching an accident now in san jose near the guadalupe parkway and 101. we'll have more details on this coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, december 12. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 right now. and we are learning more with that tragic mall shooting up in portland, oregon. >> this morning a clackamas county sheriff says the gunman didn't seem to be targeting anyone in particular. three people are dead including the gunman. another person was seriously injured. the gunman struck yesterday afternoon while thousands of


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