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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  December 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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re the brian hackney in for ann notarangelo. it's just the calm before the storm right now. after drenching downpours moved across the bay area overnight, causing minor flooding, mudslides, even thunder and lightning. by afternoon the clouds parted in most places. giving way to this. rainbows. the sun was a welcome sight. even if the temperatures did stay on the chilly side but there are more clouds behind that silver lining, more storms after the bay area after today's head south and east. the cbs 5 hi-def doppler is just picking up a few echoes from what's left of the storm right now. we'll get a bit of a chance to drain and dry for the next nine hours or so but when it rained it poured. an inch and a half of rain on napa. the city picked up three quarters of an inch and concord an inch and a half. more on the way beginning in the north bay. we'll have the forecast for you ten minutes from now. in the meantime the storm brought serious holiday cheer in the sierra. people who can get to the mountains are being rewarded with several feet of fresh
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powder. the good luck making the drive. interstate 80 shut down for a while because of accidents and spinouts. it's open tonight but chains are required on 80 and highway 50 by the time the storm moves out, the mountains could see from 6 to 8 feet of snow. and for those traveling a little bit farther than the mountains the weather was still on issue. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at sfo where some people may miss christmas with the family. hey eilssa. >> reporter: hi brian, as you can imagine many frustrated travelers trying the get home in time for the holidays, in fact i spoke with one man whose flight was canceled and he said the next available flight is not until christmas day. he's just one of many passengers experiencing another day of cancellations and delays. delays are averaging just under an hour with the longest wait times about three and a half hours. yesterday, more than 100 flights here were also canceled. i spoke with one man who might
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be spending his first christmas away from his parents and an airport manager who explains how a bad turn of the weather can cut the number of flights in half. >> i was supposed to go through colorado and they canceled my flight out there. so i was going to miss my connecting flight. and now i just -- i've been here for like four hours trying to figure out another way to get back to ohio to see my family. >> once the weather comes in and it reduces our visibility. we are -- decreases from 60 to 30 arrivals per hour. >> reporter: the other major bay area airports are also being affected by the weather. this is video from san jose international where travelers are facing delays of about 40 minutes or less. just two flights there have been canceled. and at the oakland airport, no cancellations, but delays averaging there about 15 minutes. live at sfo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. thanks. the nasty weather no match for christmas procrastinators.
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they stiped black friday last month and made today supershopping saturday. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec on what's expected to be the busiest day of the year for retirals. retirals-- retailers. >> reporter: the bells are ringing, the clock is ticking. and last-minute shoppers are hitting the stores. >> this is the big shopping weekend right before christmas. >> reporter: retail tracking firm shopper track forecasts that today and tomorrow will be among the biggest shopping days of the year. even more so than a normal saturday before christmas. since the holiday falls on a tuesday, people are using the long weekend for holiday preps. >> i do think people waited a little bit. and now they're just -- ready to buy, buy, buy. >> reporter: the company visa released a survey this week saying that nearly three quarters of consumer still had holiday shopping left to do and many of them were waiting for the weekend to do it. >> a lot of good sales at the last-minute. >> reporter: why did you wait? >> because i'm a man. simple. >> really have no excuse. so -- >> reporter: and those out this
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weekend have an extra challenge, the on again, off again rains. >> i went yesterday, it was pouring rain. >> we watched the weather last night. and we saw that little gap coming so we thought let's take a chance and get out in the morning. >> reporter: and it depends on your perspective. >> at first day it went a little bit of rain feels good. >> reporter: most of those people don't have the time to worry about mother nature. they're keeping their eyes on the prize. >> it's a game plan man. you can't come out here not knowing what you're doing. you have to strategize. >> reporter: and enjoy the madness for all it's worth. >> it's just mingling into the crowds. that is all. >> you like it. >> i love it. i don't like it. i love it. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. those who are struggling this holiday season will still be able to put a smile on their kids faces. the 26th annual holiday party in san jose attracted families to the san jose fairgrounds. parents were able to pick out
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gifts and foods for the holiday. >> during the christmas time the salvation army is working were hard. that makes it all worth it. >> organizers say that this year's been especially good because the community has been extra generous with donations. could be eligible for gifts though parents need to sign up in early fall on the event's website. the same scene in san francisco where kids picked up more than 10,000 toys at the annual glide holiday giveaway. some kids and their parents lined up last night to pick out something special. glide partners with the gap to make the event possible and says that this year the need was greater than ever. meanwhile berkeley seniors in need didn't have to go far to receive their groceries. for thes and dozens of -- firefighters and dozens of volunteers helped. then volunteers has been delivered them to -- hand
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delivered them to homes. union worners for the rally's grocery chain ratified the new contract. it includes wage and benefit concessions for about 7,000 workers including those at bel air and knob hill stores. the union went on strike before thanksgiving. the first strike in the chain's 77 year history. berkeley police have a new cell phone warning tonight. they they thieves are approaching -- say that thieves are approaching people and asking them to use their phone to make an emergency call. when people hand the phone over the thief takes off with it. police advise never lending a phone or even taking it out to give somebody the time. there have been a rash of thefts using that approach. and there could be another tax hike on the horizon for california's smokers. papers have been filed in sacramento for a 2014 ballot initiative to increase the cigarette tax by another $1 a pack. it would raise money for the
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university of california system. some hollywood's biggest stars weigh in on the gun debate. >> for the children of sandy hook. >> demand a plan. >> no more listening. >> their very public appeal to prevent another school tragedy. >> plus demonstrators in the bay area perform a visual protest against gun violence. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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school shooting. in ogden utah, family, f three more funerals today for victims of the connecticut school shooting in ogden, utah they attended services for emily parker. he expressed no animosity toward the gunman. funerals also held in connecticut for 7-year-old josephine gay and 6-year-old an ma marquez green. some of hollywood's biggest celebrities are putting their faces and feelings into public service announcements to end
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gun violence. >> as a human being. >> for the children of sandy hook. >> demand a plan. >> no more lists of names. it's not too soon. >> it's too late. >> now is the time. >> before we all know someone who loved someone on that list. >> the demand a plan campaign came just hours after the nra news conference subjected arms guards in every american school. it's part of the larger national campaign of mayors against illegal guns. there's the same sentiment behind a protest in san francisco today. gun control advocates held signs bearing the names of the young victims who died in the sandy hook school shooting. one by one, they laid down in justin herman plaza. the signs spelling out details of the tragedy and the lives lost. the event in san francisco was organized by the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. the newtown tragedy has in some ways left a pal on the holiday and prompted some parents to rethink their christmas purchases. some are shying away from
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violent video games for kids after critics blamed the country's obsession with gaming for feeding violent behavior. one parent outside the san francisco game stop says that the focus needs to be on educating kids. >> as parents and as just the community like we really got to tell our kids that you know, it's just video games like you don't do this in real life. you know what i'm saying? don't take the video gametes seriously. that's not real life. >> the district attorney is urging people to turn in any violent video games they have at the upcoming weapons buy back e vents. an impressive act of heroism caught on camera in boston. a police officer jumped into frigid waters off boston harbor to rescue a woman who was crying for help. witnesses say he didn't hesitate to dive in. somebody tossed him a life ring which he brought to the woman and then they both made it to a floating dock. it's not clear how she got into the water in the first place. and back to weather, hi-def
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doppler tracking the arrival of the next round of wet weather coming our way. i'll tell you when it will be here plus -- >> you just want to be back in your homes. i mean even if it's not going to be the same. >> face the holidays in neighborhoods hard hit by hurricane sandy. how the community is pitching in after a break. ,,
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christmas will be a little bit tougher for families still reeling from superstorm sandy. many are still out of their homes. cbs reporter erica ferrari on how volunteers delivered a little hope to one family. >> reporter: lany doesn't have a job this christmas. superstorm sandy destroyed the restaurant where she and her three daughters worked. it also wiped out the first floor of their home in breezy point, new york. >> you just want to be back in your home. i mean even if it's not going to be the same. >> reporter: volunteers from operation blessing are trying to make that happen. >> give me 52. days before christmas, seven of them put up insulation. an expensive job that this single mother says she just doesn't have money for right now. >> it's such a relief. such like a burden off your shoulders. fabulous that there's such kind, thoughtful people. >> reporter: the family won't be back in their house this christmas. in fact they don't expect the work to be complete here until the spring. but they say knowing others volunteered their time to make their christmas a little brighter is the best gift they
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could have received. they aren't the only ones getting help from operation blessing. in october sandy caused billions in damage along the east coast and devastated this waterfront community. volunteers have done more than 300 jobs like this one for the people of breezy point. >> this has been an area that's been so -- devastatingly affected by the storm. and there's so much need. >> reporter: laura kelly and her family came from connecticut saturday to help rebuild. >> if i was ever in this position, i would hope that people could would come and do the same for me. it's the least i can do. >> reporter: but they say it's not a little deed. it's given them hope and a sign the christmas spirit is still alive. erica ferrari for cbs news, breezy point, new york. we had our own little breezy point back in the bay area. this one was at the corner of 17th and patrero at the 76 gas station. it's shut down now after its roof collapsed on top of a car this afternoon. luckily nobody was hurt but a building inspector is checking
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things out. now, the showers that boy they really poured this afternoon in san francisco. in the aftermath of the cold front that is now headed south into santa barbara county. for us just a few shreds of the showers left overnight. there's a little bit up there but otherwise things are drying up tonight. not for long though. another one offshore in its wake with skies clearing a bit. temperatures will come down into the 40s tonight. 48 degrees at concord. 52 at oakland and san jose. it's 5 degrees right now. and in the weather headlines we have a few showers tonight not much but more rain is going to spread south tomorrow. river levels have to be watched because we're going to get even more rain tomorrow than we had today. rain translates to snow above 4,000 feet. above 7,000 feet, they expect 3 inches wind gusts to 55 miles an hour. they could even get 100-mile an hour gusts tat very ridge tops. so headed for the hills, give yourself plenty of time. carry chains. out the door tomorrow morning rain, wind, thunderstorms the possibility for the bay area. and as we get a closeup look at
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the cbs 5 hi-def doppler, you can see all of this has changed to just showery activity a little bit over there on the east bay shoreline. little bit in the santa cruz mountains and around down los gatos. but in the city it's dried up south and east of san leandro around the 580 corridor but that's about it. low pressure spinning off of oregon is going to bring the next slug of moisture which is right here. when that's caught up in the southwesterly flow we're going to get dumped on tomorrow. russian river, napa river at least pay attention if you're out there because the rivers could come up after all the rain we've had. after all, we've got 133% of average rain in the bay area and we're going to add to it in the next 24 hours. forecast then we'll look at 50s tomorrow for the by area. temperatures in pacifica 56 in the city 57. oakland 59. the numbers are not the story in terms of temps. i have bad news. it's going to rain for christmas it looks like. not a big deal but still going to be wet. in the extended forecast things will be wet tomorrow especially on sunday. monday we do get a break. that is good news.
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wednesday more rain. and then on thursday, we'll begin to dry it out so thursday, friday, saturday we go to partly cloudy skies. but in the meantime, expect wet lots of it and expect sports after a break. we'll see you in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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for tomorrow's game up in seattle... with an all right not good news for the 49ers. justin smith is out for the game tomorrow in seattle. smith has an elbow injury and
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was questionable yesterday. is it's not that big of a surprise. smith has started 185 straight games, ricky jean fran is a will get the call in his absence. a big game tonight at oracle. l. a. comes in two games below opinions 500. the mighty warriors 18-9 on the year. the lakers also had a coaching change. and tonight they expect to have steve nash back in the lineup. the normer santa clara star missed the last 24 games with a fractured fibula. the last time they played the warriors they blew them out by 24. as for the warriors they beat the bobcats last night. david lee had a triple/double and 23 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. now watch this. late in the game, take a look at the arrow rookie barnes on bench threw a towel in the air during a bobcats' free-throw attempt. you can't do that, that's a technical foul and that's going to cost you. that's right, you're going to pick up a t. if you do that and
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cost you $2,000 to a very expensive towel toss for the warriors' rookie. all right, women's hoops now number one stanford at tennessee today. knoxville not a fun place to play for the lady cardinal. two living legends exchange handshakes, summit no longer coaching due to health reasons. stanford had the lead at the break and stanford second half now from beyond the arc, tony pokenis buries that one. then how about this? getting her own rebound, just a monster game for her, 21 points and 19 rebounds for her. number one standford takes care of tennessee 73-60. they get the rare win in knoxville. how about the dons in hawaii? going up against san diego state. got to be nice and warm there huh brian? >> i would think so. 80s or so. >> do loon at the buzzer then watch this. this is how they celebrate. that's a girl. poor girl throwing her down. what's he doing? all right usf trailed by five
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at the half. but chase taply took over for them. one of the six three balls on the afternoon and aztecs run away with it. they beat the dons 80-58. all right, giants fans, remember this guy? cody ross. well, he's coming back to the national league west. not with the giants though. today one of the 2010 postseason heroes for the giants agreed to a three year, $26 million contract with the arizona diamonds backs. last season he was with boston with 22 home runs and batted .276. with a win tomorrow night against the seahawks the 49ers will clinch the nfc west for the second straight year. but tomorrow is more than just a football game for john harbaugh. vern glenn spoke with the coach in this week's coach's corner. >> sunday you got a birthday coming up. i'm curious, growing up, did you feel cheated at all by having a birth day so close to christmas? i asked you because my sister's birthday is on christmas and she always felt a little funny like hey man come on.
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>> yeah anybody's got a birthday near christmas knows that northeast of the time you -- most of the time you get one gift. happy birthday merry christmas gift. and then you know, a lot of people run out of money. spending money on christmas gifts for everybody else. so your birthday gets diminished. but now that i'm in my late 40s here, it -- it works out good because then people don't remember that it's your birthday at christmas and it just kind of seems stow sneak by without anybody knowing most of the time. all right, las vegas bowl had washington and boise state. state pulling out the tricks. the old quarterback to wide out to tight end. the double pass that's right. chris potter connecting with huff for the touchdown. boise state blew the heed but they hung on and beat washington 28-26. soccer fans this one is for you. you know lionel messi. he can score and the announcers love it. >> around the defense. tucking it home! >> are you serious. >> that's what he does.
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>> it can't get any better with futbol than this people. >> that's a glassout scream. a record-breaking year for the world's best messi. that was his 91st goal of 2012. barcelona won the game. don't forget to check out the raiders right here tomorrow. you can see all the action when they take on the panthers right here at cbs 5 starting at 10:00 followed by of course the fifth quarter. >> the scream that was the heart attack. which we're going to have too. >> i think he's okay. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. latest news and weather on and from the cbs studios in san francisco, i'm brian hackney in for ann notarangelo. we really appreciate you watching. see you at 11:00. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're your "got to get away for the day" guide; your "let's try a new place to eat" guide; even your, "hey, it really happened here" guide. we're the tour guide with you in mind, "eye on the bay." your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. hello, welcome to "eye on the bay." i'm liam mayclem. it is our holiday edition of the shows. the perfect show to put you in the holiday spirit. hello, ladies. they will put you in the holiday spirit. >> happy holidays to you. >> so much to look forward to including a ride aboard the train to christmas. >> all aboard! ♪ [ music ] >> also, thuy is going to take you to a special house that twinkles 365 days of the year. but we begin, well, right here at the harvest festival. ♪ [ music ]


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