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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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between highway 116 -- flooding is the issue. other than that the bridges are moving fine. you can see rain drops on the camera lens. westbound 237 looking good headed toward santa fe, and 880 and oakland near the climb. taking a quick look at a couple of our live bridge cams. this is the san ma day yes bridge. things look great headed toward the high-rise, and the bay bridge, no sign of any lights. in fact, we don't have a delay at all. 6:01 new this morning from the north bay a suspected drunk driver has been missing for hours. cbs 5 reporter in ma rain county where an operation continues along corto madeira creek. good morning. >> officers and firefighters have suspended their search for the man who jumped into the ice
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say cold waters. they is a they're going to wait until daylight hours to get better visibility. the original search started around 1:00 this morning. officers tried to pull over the man on suspicion of drunk driving. during the investigation, the man jumped out of his car and ran a few blocks away. the suspect jumped a fence into a creek. officers say they tried to follow the man and tried to persuade him to get out. they called in multiple agencies to try and save the suspect. >> with the swift-moving water, we're concerned he could have gotten caught up in something or possibly have drowned. so we're very concerned for his safety. we hope he's okay. we currently have a swift water rescue boat from the fire department out going up creek and trying to locate him. >> reporter: the response included fire trucks from ross county, ma rain county as well as the sheriff's office.
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now ross police tell me they do hope this man is okay considering the cold conditions of the water. we'll be back out here in a few hours once daylight hit to get the better visibility. >> all right. thank you, kate. a break from the rain and good news for folks in east pal low alto. take a look at this. this is at the 11 and embarcadero. at this hour looking good. it was a much different story yesterday. the creek was overflowing, and a nearby levee close to giving way. despite that officials say the levee has three large bowls that makes it vulnerable. >> we have about 600 feet of levee right now that's had overbanking that's still going on, and it's literally carving the levee up. >> meanwhile about 40 evacuees were taken to the ymca on
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university avenue; but shelter lost power overnight. remember this? it's -- from february 1998 during the el nino storm system, hundreds of homes were damaged in that flooding, and the rains back then turning the creek into a raging tore went far beyond what happened yesterday. 6:04, and a storm stopped traffic on some major bay area roads over the weekend. nice canyon road between mission boulevard and paula maris road had to be closed because of a republic side. a tree was blocking all of the lanes in the santa cruz mountains, shut down at sugar loaf road for more than two hours. and in snow ma county state route 1 was closed near valley ford because of flooding as well. and in ma rain county, the panoramic highway above downtown mills valley was blocked. as you can see by this large tree motorists stuck in the area had to go all the way back
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to stimson beach and use highway 1 south to get back on the freeway. when the storm got to the sierra, it dumped a ton of snow. they got 6 to 8 feet of it above 7,000 feet. skiers, snow boarders and sled riders headed to the high country to enjoy it. with the winds gusting to 70 miles per hour, driving was dangerous and only slow-going for the ski resorts. if you're heading up there, chain controls are on the highways this morning. on interstate 80 chains are required for eastbound traffic about 7 miles east of truckie. there are chain criminals westbound. and highway 0 has chains from twin bridges to my years. and on 88 chain controls begin at cook station. things should be better today for local christmas air travelers. it was a mess at the san francisco airport yesterday. high winds, wet conditions canceled dozens of flights.
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others were delayed two hours. fortunately there were no major delays at oak international or monetta international in san jose: and you can get the latest on any stormy weather that's headed our way by checking our live high-def doppler radar. you can find it on our web site. 6:06 now. an afghan police woman is in custody accused of killing a civilian police advisor from the united states today. pushes say he shot the advisor with a pistol. he emerge from a small shop near the police headquarters. the suspect was arrested shortly afterwards. the advisor's identity has not been released. the list in a rash of attacks by police officers against their foreign al lies. the national rifle association is adamant about its idea of placing armed police officers and guards in all of the nation's schools. this comes as diane fine stein
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of california promises to introduce legislation. the head of the nra put the blame on violent video games. >> it hasn't worked. diane fine stein had her ban, and columbine occurred. >> hundreds of gun control advocates protested yesterday in new york and other cities. some in congress on sunday on reaching a deal for the white house to avoid reaching the fiscal cliff. the president and congress on christmas vacation. it will be thursday before talks resume to try and prevent the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts from taking effect january the 1st. andrew spencer with the very latest from washington. >> reporter: some republican lawmakers say president wants the country to fall over the cliff. >> we were going over the cliff
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before. that's what the president wants. >> john boehner failed to get vets in on thursday. that would have raised taxes on people earning more than a million dollars a year. on friday speaker painer and the president left with no deal, each making a parting pitch. >> i asked leaders of congress to work toward a package that prevents a tax hike on middle- class americans, protects insurance for 2 million americans and laze the groundwork for further work on both growth and deficit reduction. >> the president's -- it would hurt jobs. >> reporter: the partisan bickering has put the country on the brink of a potential economic crisis. some long-time lawmakers dismid- by the perpetual gridlock. >> the first time i feel it's more likely we will go over the cliff than not; and if we allow that to happen, it will be the most colossal consequential act
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of irresponsibility. >> reporter: president obama says he'll cut his vacation short to hammer out a deal with congress. the deadline now a week away. i'm andrew spencer reporting. if congress face to reach the agreement income tax rates will go up on just about everyone on new year's day. unemployment benefits will expire for many as well. you may not feel the pinch right away. already too late for employers to accurately who would income taxes from those january paychecks. the social security payroll taxes are set to increase on january the 1st. you will see an immediate cut in your take-home pay. the senator from idaho is apologizing for being arrested over the weekend. senator michael crepo was charged with driving under the influence. he was pulled over early yesterday froms agoryia, virginia outside of washington.
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the senator says he is he is deeply sorry and will deal with the consequences. charges could be filed as soon as today against a driver accused of striking several pedestrians in san francisco. one of the victims, a woman from china died from her injuries after thursday night's accident on christmas three- point road. the woman was arrested on suspicion of felony duics and hit and run. other bay area headlines, the murder rate in the city of richmond is at its lowest level since 2001. richmond has had 18 homicides this year. it was nearly three times that just three years ago. the contra costa times requires law enforcement and community efforts. they say it's made a difference. richmond has 190 police officers today. that's up from 150 in 2006. and nurses set to begin a 24-hour strike this morning at hospitals. it is the latest in a series of
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short-term strikes by the california nurse's association. the strike will affect seven bay area center hospitals down in santa jose. all of the facilities plan to operate with replacement workers. leaders in management are at odds over benefits and staffing. the strike set to begin on this christmas eve in about an hour. and even if it is a holiday tradition, the preyer air equality management district is asking people not to light wood burning fires or stoves. officials want to prevent a buildup of unhealthy air >> hope not. >> what about that bbd where you can just throw it in your tv? >> i like it. it's very clean. >> makes a little crack ling noise, too. santa has been seen over the south pacific and delivered almost a billion -- >> look at that. the numbers keep going up. and coming up, the u.s. department of defense mans it
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phones as children all over the world call to find out when santa will be sliding down their chimney. plus need your help collecting toys. going to take you there live when we come back. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the empire state building is glowing in red and green.. e lighting is -- of course --n honor of christmas. this is the empire state building will look every nit through january 6th...with one exception.. on december 28th, the building will lig the colors of syracuse university and west virgini honor of their football tea meeting in the pinstripe bot the building will light the colors of sir use university and west virginia in honor of thinker teams meeting in the pinstripe bowl over at yankees stadium. >> i like the red and green a
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little bit better. a big toy drive underway in the square. it's been going on for a long time. >> yeah. and we have a live look this morning. the restaurant's annual toy drive is in full swing. we have nick bocas joining us live this morning. nick, thanks for joining us. >> reporter: it's been going great. we need your help this year. we need about 0,000 toys. there's about 15,000 kids. we call them forgotten kids. we don't want them to wake up without a toy. we're -- we have the giants trophy over here. you can take a picture over here with the world series trophy. we have singers all day long. we have tim huck theberry from "america's got talent." all sorts of things going on. bring your toys down or call looks soar cab, and they'll come pick it up. >> say, nick, you're making it very easy. you can drive by lefties and honk your horn and someone will
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grab a toy. oarlocks soar cab will come pick it up and drop it off. >> that's right. we have elves outside helping us. santa is here today. the mayor here at 8. we have all sorts of activities all day long. come by, drop off a toy. the spirit of giving is strong this year. >> you have a crowd. that's great. singing christmas careless. >> i know. it's christmas eve. >> merry christmas everybody. >> traffic. >> traffic time. >> that is my deal. we're just getting word of an accident. it's multicar accident westbound i-80 approaching gillman. it is in berkeley. you can see break lights. several lanes are blocked. we have bartow lanes, 15 us on the richmond line. a headsup if you ore catching a flight over on fso. delays on that line.
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the a train no service because of the holiday. caltrans no delay, and regular service. also we just had some herb shoes because of yesterday's rain flooding out snow ma county, highway 1 shut down both directions approaching valley ford road. both directions of highway 121 closed from 7:00 this morning between 116 and highway 37. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> a lot of places around the bay area, almost 150% of normal rainfall for the season. that's pretty amazing. a lot of that over the weekend the right now starting to catch a break. the clouds departing somewhat. another storm is on the horizon, that could bring showers to the bay area on christmas day; but we are beginning to dry things out. the high-def doppler radar is picking up on a few scattered showers. most of that along the coastline. not a lot of energy. as the sun comes up, it starts to fade away. then we will dry things out.
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we are watching for the river to crest there, the russian river in guernville expected to crest at 10:00 just below flood stage at almost 31 feet. we've had a lot of rainfall. still more to come as the storm system is expected to bear down on the bay area. traveling around the state, temperatures running on the mild side; but the clouds will gather once again late in the day. here they come. they'll slide on through. by tomorrow we're talking about a chance of rain developing. not a real pig soaker. temperatures in the 50s outside. in the next couple of days, the return of rainfall. maybe some showers on wednesday, possibly leftover showers into thursday as well. back to you. thanks. 6:19 right now. for decades nor rad had the inside scoop on tracking
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santa's journey from the north pole across the globe. he's a busy guy. >> i know. what is it? 980 million gifts delivered so far? that's the latest tally. this year a test giant is getting in on the action, too. karen kaifa shows us the multiple ways to track santa with your smartphone. >> reporter: it's a christmas eve tradition. the north american aerospace defense command or minor rad has been tracking santa's trek since 1905 when a store advertisement misprinted a phone number for a private line to santa and minor rad's predecessor got the phone instead. as technology has involved so is the way kids keep tabs on clause. first phone calls, then the web. now there's minor rad's santa tracker app for iphone, android and win toes phone users. watchers can keep up on bing maps or on twitter.
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minor rad has been tracking santa with goggle earth since 2004; but this year, the two entities went separate ways. minor rad teamed with microsoft, and goggle set up a tool of their own. goggle santa tracker has been highlighting the prep in the leadup of christmas. in his spare time, santa has been making phone calls to good girls and boys and sending messages via his page. kids can watch santa hop from continent to continent with goggle map and earth. those doing last-minute shopping can follow along with their smartphone app or android. i'm karen kaifa reporting. >> wonder if he has a facebook page. >> tracking santa takes a lot of work. volunteers have started taking calls, telling children and adults when santa is due at their house. the last shift won't end until after midnight tomorrow morning. >> if you would like to check when santa will be sliding down
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your chimney call 877-hi-minor rad. and i want to keep you updated here. last spotted over china, two minutes away. nearly a billion gifts already >> look at that. or just check him out on his goggle plus page. that works, too. still ahead have your sleigh of the day: and cops save the life of a little baby. what started the daring rescue in the little stroller there coming up. and what's cool about your school. you can submit journal nation to our web site school. we may come out and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,
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forget the three point line our play of the day comes from thirty 6 seconds to make something happen. again, the same spot for joe johnson. and that's how the third quarter will come to an end. >> that is a monster 3-pointer. our play of the day comes from brooklyn. joe johnson evening up his last seconds, nearly half-quarter shot. the third quarter expired. that put brooklyn up 69-64, and they end up on top. the raiders and the 49ers both lost. it didn't happen on the
6:26 am
sports court; but this could define the best play of the day. a wisconsin police officer spots a yellow shopping cart careening toward a busy highway, and it actually happens with a baby inside. the car had rolled away from the mother. the officer sped up, turned on his lights and in traffic -- grabbing him and getting him to safety. >> i believe i did the same thing any citizen or police officer would do when they saw a child in need of help. i just had the aid of emergency lights. >> the adrenaline kicks in. the officer didn't have time to get the boy's name. he called for another emergency and had to leave as soon as he gave him back to his mother. >> that's what he does. because if that thing crashed, that the little boy -- >> and do you see the shopping carts going off on their all all the time. >> it is 6:27.
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coming up it's beginning to look like christmas in the bay area. snow slams the rockies and the midwest making holiday travel mighty treacherous. and the search will continue in a few hours for a man who jumped in the madeira creek after police officers tried to pull him over for a dui. details in a live report when we return. plus gun violence prompts politicians to call for change; but can hollywood have more sway? still ahead the a list actors weigh in on the debate. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well, well, well.
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only $29 a month for six months. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. heavy rains and high water.
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a potentially dangerous situation at one bay area levee. storm clouds winding down, catching a break. more rain coming up. and traffic breaks to clear a multivehicle crash on the freeway in berkeley. we'll have details on that coming up. all right, good morning, everyone. it is monday, christmas eve. >> michelle griego has the morning off. new this morning search and rescue teams have been scouring a creek all looking for a missing man. >> we are along the madeira creek. kate joins with us the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. officers say they have suspended the search until daylight. that's when they'll come back to search the area, this after three hours of scouring the area by the creek. the search started at 1:00 this morning. officers tried to pull over a man on college avenue near the college of ma rain. police say they were investigating the suspect for
6:32 am
drunk driving. that's when officers say that male suspect jumped out of a car, hopped over a fence and went into the creek. >> the driver jumped over the fence into the creek. the officers began to follow along the swiftly moving creek for about a hundred yards encourageing the driver to come out of the creek to swim over to him. the driver didn't, swam in the opposite direction. they fold as long as they could. >> reporter: chief master son said the concern was the cold waters of the creek. he said officers tried to physical the suspect along the waters; but they couldn't convince him to come out. the effort drew out a huge response, including fire crews from ma rain county, ross valley as well and the sheriff's office. cbs 0. >> thanks, kate. a break from the rain is welcome news for people in east pal low alto. take a look at this. this is the creek near 101 and the embarcadero.
6:33 am
at this hour looking good. it was a much different story yesterday. the creak was overflowing and the levee close to giving away. officials say the levee has three large bowls that makes it vulnerable. >> what happens. >> it's carving the levee up. >> meanwhile about 40 evacuees were taken to the ymca and university avenue; but the shelter lost power overnight. let's get a look at weather and traffic. first we go over to meteorologist lawrence carto, hoping for a good christmas eve night for santa and reindeer to stay dry. >> be okay on christmas eve night. but christmas day want to play with the new toys, that could be a different story. the clouds off the coastline. catching a much-needed break in that stormy weather. but not done with the rain just
6:34 am
yet. this will quickly wind down; and then once it does, we are going to catch a break in the stormy weather. that means hopefully some drier weather. just seeing a couple of cells off the coast in the high-def doppler radar. temperatures, sun, and highs only low to mid-50s; but there's more rain expected on mass someday. more on that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. okay. continuing to follow the crash. traffic breaks in order to clear it. several lanes are blocked. it is starting to stack up into richmond into the westbound lanes of 80 and 580. so avoid that stretch. delays once past gillman. speeds improve across the maze. systemwide good to go. we are seeing residual delays, 15 minutes or so from the earlier delays on the richmond line. a train no service because of the holiday, and the ferries
6:35 am
and muni also on a holiday schedule for christmas eve. caltrans no delay. a couple of flooding concerns from yesterday's rains. highway 1 shut down approaching the road. until about 7:00, highway 101 remains shut down between 116 and 37. take a live look outside. we have a camera near the dublin interchange. seeing good traffic. frank is impressed. >> there are cars on the road. the drive time is 15 minutes coming through the altamont pass. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is only holiday lights. no metering lights or delay across the deck if you are headed into san francisco this morning. >> so must have been shoppers. >> i guess so. 6:36. gun control is not normally a topic of conversation over the holidays; but the mass shooting in connecticut has changed that in a big way.
6:36 am
>> reporter: hundreds of protesters marched across the brooke lidge bridge asking for new gun control legal cause. as there were demonstrations outside of a gun shop in a washington, d.c. to burr,. >> to allow these kinds of guns that have no other purpose than to murder, slaughter innocent people and children is just insane. >> reporter: fear of new gun control legal cause has made the weapons one of the hotst- selling items this christmas. >> two weeks ago you could have bought one gun for, you know, $1400. now out's 25, 27. >> reporter: the debate about gun control legal cause is just as heated here on capitol hill. the nra, one of the most effective lobbying organizations in washington said it will fight any new restrictions. >> every mom and dad what will make them feel better, when they drop their kid off in january, is if we have a police officer in that school. >> reporter: the reaction to
6:37 am
that plan was mixed among the parents we spoke with >> i think any efforts to protect our children is worth it. >> we do not want people with guns in our school. >> reporter: senator fine stein plans to present a bill banning assault weapons this january when the new congress con convenience. the head of the nra points out there was a ban in police from 1994 until 2004. >> it hasn't worked. columbine occurred. >> reporter: but others point out there was also an armed guard at columbine. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. hollywood getting serious about gun violence. beyonce, jamie fox and ellen degeneral rest added their voices to a public service announcement demanding a plan for gun control reform. listen. >> as an american. >> as a human being. >> we had just done something yesterday right now.
6:38 am
>> you command it. >> enough. >> enough. >> that psa launch on the one- week anniversary of the newtown school shooting. a web site associated with the effort hopes supporters contact their lawmakers to command change. got a lot more to come. including this daring rescue. happened on thin ice. what rescuers had to do to save this deer, because the ice was too thin to walk on. and the market is open on christmas eve. what's up with that? we prefer green. we will talk with erica ferrari coming up next. stay right there. ,,
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officers ventured onto *ver thin ice in a daring deer rescue the ice was less than two is thick.. so instead of walki out to help the young buck.. officials pushed a
6:42 am
rescue crew out in a row boo help the frightened animal. they got him back to shore d they pushed out a rescue crew in the row boat to help the frightened animal. he was a little tired, battered, scared, but should be just fine. wall street opened 15 minutes ago for a short session today >> closing early. erica. >> reporter: good morning. stocks opened lower on wall street on what is expected to be a light day of trading. the new york stock exchange shut down at 1:00 a.m. and is closed tomorrow for the holiday. lawmakers try to strike a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. congress and the president on holiday break. some senators are expressing
6:43 am
concern that a deal won't be met. if that happens households between 50 and 75,000 will see their taxes increase nearly $2400. households between half a million and a million would see an increase of $39,000. as americans hit the road for holiday travel they'll be paying less at the gas pump. according to aaa, the national average is about $3.25 for a gallon of regular. that's down from a month ago one item has made a big impact this holiday season. shoes are a top seller. the npd says the shoes are the most popular gift this season. experts say the trend makes sense because americans tend to give more practical gifts during economic downturns. send it back to you. >> erica ferrari. >> all right, erica. thanks. >> last check. >> santa is over the great wall of that. >> that's good timing. >> a billion and 100 million
6:44 am
gifts already delivered. >> a billion -- i hope that's oneless for me. >> have you been good? >> i think i did pretty good. this weekend, what a stormy weekend, indeed, around the bay area. things beginning to settle down. a few scattered light showers along the peninsula la. this is the last gap of the storm system. through the day today, a mostly dry day. a little sun. temperatures staying cool; but expecting another storm on christmas day. all the water rolling down the mountains. the possibility of flooding near guenville. we're thinking the river will stay above flood stage. we're not done with the rain. there's another storm off the coastline. this one doesn't look as potent as the last one. if you're planning to fly out today, you want to get out there. looking good. no delays at fso. headed across the country, a
6:45 am
couple of stormy spots. snow in denver, chicago, and new york today. so watch out for that. still our future cast showing clouds rolling by this morning. a little more sun and then here comes the next storm system. clouds thicken up late tonight and early tomorrow. temperatures for today going to stay cool, only in the low to mid-50s by the afternoon, and the next couple of days, looks like the return of rainfall tomorrow. showers into wednesday, maybe a lingering shower on thursday morning, and then brian catch dry weather, storms moving in over the weekend. back to you. thank you, lawrence. we continue to follow the breaking news traffic news. westbound 80 right there by gillman between gillman and university. hearing of a six-car crash. the lanes are blocked, and you can see delays past golden gate fields and on interstate 80. they're working to clear it. they've been dealing with a number of traffic breaks in the area. once past the exit, then speeds
6:46 am
improve down the east shore freeway. it is causing a good-sized delay for what is not a usual commute day. christmas eve, the holiday schedule. bart has 15-minute delays in the richmond loin. there was an earlier stalled train at new wash, the reason why. no service this morning, and caltrans just business as usual. so we still have some issues basically up in snow ma county for rain to happen yesterday. flooding by sally ford road and a stretch of 121 shut down between 116 and 37. so they hope to reopen the road in the next 10 minutes. the goal was to get it open by 10:00 this morning. here's a live look outside. the golden gate bridge. we have the rain drops on the lens. be careful. slick in spots across the bay area. westbound 237 holiday lights so for this morning. a quick check of the san ma day
6:47 am
yes bridge. westbound 92 moving well at the limit. so far a 14-minute drive headed toward the other side, foster city. >> a good day commute to a better day to stay home. we know lawmakers are staying home, because they've left for the christmas vacation. >> that's right. we have san francisco examiner columnist melissa griffin who joins us from down in the newsroom. good morning, melissa. i guess you have a little holiday story to tell us. >> yes. but i first want to point out that congresswoman sanchez from northern california whose district includes prospectly enough disney land has put out a brand-new christmas card where she is sort of making light of the fiscal cliff. there's a picture of she and her husband. may you dance with joy, just not too close to the fiscal cliff. >> what kind of reaction is she getting? >> she's known for giving and putting out these incredibly
6:48 am
interesting christmas cards. last year her christmas card made reference to the occupy movement and said something to the effect that "i hope the holidays occupy your hearts." this is one in a line of christmas cards she's issued. got a lot of press. but made me begin to think that maybe it is the case that the fiscal cliff could be recovered by one particular jolly man who could come help us. i wrote a thing called ", thewas the night before christmas." if you'll indulge me. '', thewas the night before christmas, all through the house, the members were stirring and starting to grow. the job market was steady, the job numbers were fair. the democrats wanted higher taxes for some, and republicans were split because some of them wanted none. boehner's prop b had been met with a fight, and he found them wishing that the mayans had
6:49 am
been right. with the talks all in tatters, valley man arrived to help out the matter. he landed at the capital mall with flash and said "my name is santa, and i heard there's a clash." with toys in one hand, he bellowed you'll get no gifts if you won't compromise. he whistled and shouted and called them by name. now ryan, minor quest, mcconnell and boehner, obama on employees say on spur ling, from the top 1% to the medicare stall, now cashaway all. he yelled at the crowd with all of his might you better get this done, and i mean tonight, for if you continue to act like a mob you'll find yourself looking for a private sector job. they heard this and scrambled and announced a new deal. i heard him explain e,e he drove out of sight, merry christmas to all and to all a
6:50 am
good night. >> oh my. that should go national. shift that right to washington. >> we're going to send them a christmas gift from us. but merry christmas to you guys. >> right back at you. >> nice to get some humor with all the fiscal cliff talks. >> let's hope they can figure it out in the next week. >> you can get more on melissa's segments on time for a look at who's coming up a little later on this morning. rebecca jar visit joins us live on christmas eve. good morning. >> good morning, frank and elizabeth. coming up ahead on our show on cbs this morning, the controversial call for armed guards at the school. we'll talk with asa hutch chin son about the gun control debate. plus john miller on the accuracy of "zero dark thirty," and christmas cheer for 2,000
6:51 am
people who just hit the jackpot in the world's richest lottery, $3.3 billion. >> happy holidays. time is 6:52. have another check of today's top stories coming right up. a live look at minor rad as he tracks santa's sleigh when he comes back. stay right there. ,, ,, ,,,,
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mcdonald's shortly after midnight, a suspected drunk driver ran from police, and jumped into corte the search and rescue will continue. a drunk driver jumped into the creek there near the college of
6:55 am
ma rain. officers from a number of agencies spent three hours trying to find the man. they finally gave it up search in the darkness a short time ago. san francisco creek subsideing. a nearby leave ivy was close to giving way; but with the rain on hold, water levels have gone down. despite that officials say the levee has three large bowls that make it vulnerable. and a flood watch remains in effect along the russian river in snow ma county. the river expect to crest below flood stage later this morning. parts of the county experienced minor flooding during yesterday's storm. the water was up to a foot and a half deep. a tough weekend. ill really was a mess yesterday. i couldn't believe it. all the different accidents there and continue to pick up shingles from my roof. this storm system is just wining down. you can see high-def doppler
6:56 am
picking up a few scattered showers. off the coastline could see wandering showers toward the peninsula will. but that is it. by the afternoon it will be dry, the temperatures into the 50s. as we look out over the next couple of days including christmas day, think return rains christmas day. doesn't look to be as strong. could see lingering showers on wednesday possibly into thursday. then a brief break. still staying unsettled. no storm is on the horizon. go out to berkeley now. this is our breaking traffic news. we have launched chopper 0. you can see it looks like lanes are blocked. this is westbound 80 approaching university avenue. this is the scene of a six-car crash. it happened earlier this morning. for awhile they had all but the center lane blocked off. still seeing good-size delays. they've been running traffic breaks in order to clear it. they're in the clearing stages now, but it is still stacked up into albany on 80 and 580 is jammed up as well. well traffic might be a
6:57 am
little heavy around lefty odoul's in san francisco this morning. >> their toy drive underway. we have live pictures out there. toy barrels will be out from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. as they collect toys for kids all over the bay area. they have a big crowd out there, singing christmas careless earlier. you do not have to get out of the car if you want to help donate. pull up, someone will grab your donations from you; and i don't have you oar happening staying home. >> luxor cabs will come and pick up whatever you have to donate. they've been doing this for years. they'll be there until 2:00 in the morning christmas morning. so if you have goodies, gifts >> you could call them and they will send a taxi overto pick up your stuff? >> isn't that amazing? i know. door to door service. >> a lot of the kids were singing earlier, up nice and early on christmas eve. a nice job. >> sleep really well tonight.
6:58 am
>> go to bed early tonight. it is christmas eve. >> it is. >> which means someone is working -- >> i know. someone else is hard at work. we're talking about santa and his reindeer. he jetted off very early this morning. we eve been tracking where he is on minor rad. >> well according to minor rad he's in china right now. that's where he is, coming close to kingmi china, a minute and 42 seconds away. 1,373,000,750,000 gifts delivered so far. >> and just continues to pick up. >> like the national debt. just keeps going [ laughter ] . you can also follow mr. clause on bing maps and twitter, too. he is decked out. goggle is tracking santa on its maps. you can interact with him on goggle plus. >> and the good news when santa
6:59 am
comes our way he'll get nice weather >> should be pretty nice. >> no rain. >> have a great day, everybody, and merry christmas. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, december 24th, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." a christmas wish could become a christmas mess as major storms bring problems all the way from california to new england this week. tough talk from the nra adds fuel to the gun control debate, and is the new movie "zero dark think thirty" telling the truth about torture? the search for osama bin laden. >> but first your world in 90


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