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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in an area of serenade and lullaby drive. officers say the suspect started an altercation with the victim, shot him and then took o the victim taken to a hospital, no word on his condition. several brentwood homes remain evacuated this morning as pg&e crews search for the source of a gas leak. crews were called to allbrook drive around 6:00 last night when residents reported a gas smell. crews detected elevated levels of natural gas near an under ground transformer but the exact source of the leak is still under investigation. crews detected gas inside three nearby homes and evacuated residents as a precaution. allbrook drive is still shut down but officials say the leak does not appear to be spreading and more evacuations are not needed. reports of gas shut down a safeway store in daly city last night but pg&e crews determined the strange odor was not natural gas. the source of the smell is under investigation. and the smell is what led to the discovery of a ghoulish plot up in the north bay.
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two people are under arrest for what was found in a backyard of a home on warren avenue in vallejo. it was a badly decomposed body. richard romer of alameda died two years ago at the age of 56. investigators say romer's 22- year-old son joseph romer hid his own father's body in a box and standard it in a relative he is -- stashed it in a relative's backyard in vallejo. the body was found earlier this month. >> my sister had walked over there and got about to where the red car is and she is like, wow, i mean, she could smell it from that far off. so that's a good 40, 50 feet away that she could smell it. >> the cause of romer's death is under investigation. joseph romer and his girlfriend are accused of hiding the body and cashing thousands of dollars worth of pension checks. the woman accused of hitting and killing a tourist in san francisco apparently wanted to be a police officer.
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23-year-old gina eunice was arrested thursday night near twin peaks after allegedly hitting four members of a family from china and then leaving the scene. one of the victims ended up dying at the hospital. eunice is expected to enter a plea in court next week. >> hoping to become a police officer, studying criminal justice. >> we are very concerned about the use of alcohol and driving and especially during the holiday season, when there's so many people who are attending parties. >> her lawyer says eunice was about to graduate from college and wanted to be a police officer. now she is in jail with bail set at $2 million. 6:03. how about a check of traffic and weather. and she does it all here at kpix. >> i want to show you our new cameras. it's cool stuff. you can see this gorgeous view of the bay bridge. yeah, it is pretty much clear for the most part. we have some areas of patchy valley fog but look at that. isn't that a gorgeous shot? you can see the embarcadero in san francisco. so it is a little cool outside even though we have a nice dry break coming throughout the day today. once again no need for any
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umbrellas. but a jacket probably a good idea. 41 right now in concord, 45 in oakland, 48 degrees in san francisco. so it's because of this high pressure that is what's keeping us so dry for the next 24 hours or so. but we are watching this low and that's going to bring us some rain. looks like probably friday afternoon-ish is when we're probably going to get hit with some wet weather. in the meantime this afternoon's highs a lot of low to mid-50s across the bay area. and yeah, so not going to warm up much by later on this afternoon and then a chance of rain returns as soon as tomorrow. so we'll show you that seven- day forecast coming up. in the meantime, traffic-wise, we have a new situation developing on the great highway. we just got word from the police department that the southbound great highway is shut down between lincoln way and sloat boulevard. with all that rain and the storm yesterday, of course, causing some drifting sand, so that's not unusual to see those kind of closures. also. an overturn injury accident southbound 680 approaching sunol boulevard off-ramp. we think there's at least
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partial closures on that off- ramp. the main lines of the freeway, though, seem to be moving at the limit. and in fact, that is pretty much the case across the bay area. just not as many cars on the road on this christmas week. so yeah, that's the good news if you have to head to work or doing any traveling holiday shopping or getting those returns done. so far everything looks good for that milpitas ride. 880/237, the rest of the south bay, so far free and clear. these are all of our live drive time sensors. mass transit is on time. that's traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. caltrans is continuing to work to fix a coastal road that was hit with a rockslide. the rocks came down on highway 1 on sunday a few miles south of big sur. it's a big mess too. since then a section has been completely closed off to drivers. that's forced people in the area to make long detours. >> now i'm stuck on this side of the rockslide. i can't get home. and i can't get to work, where i'm meant to be in the next
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couple of hours. >> one lane will open temporarily today at three different times: 8:00, noon and then 4:00 p.m. caltrans says this part of the highway took 17 years to build, so the agency is focused now on improving it rather than making costly upgrades to alternates. police made more d you i arrests this holiday -- more dui arrests this holiday season than last. more than 800 people were arrested statewide for driving under the influence up 190 from 2011 and 39 people were killed in accidents this year compared to 14 last year. nearly a dozen people killed were not wearing a seatbelt. a powerful winter storm that caused blizzard-like conditions in the midwest spawned tornadoes in southern states on christmas day is now make its way up to the northeast. drivers had to deal with white- out conditions. this is in indianapolis. indiana pacers postponed their game against the bulls because of weather. and a tornado was caught on
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camera in mobile, alabama. strong winds pushed around cars but nobody was seriously injured. >> i have never been in a war zone, but i'm sure this is what it looks like. there's a bunch of tin, all the stuff lifted all these buildings in the parking lot, broken glass everywhere. >> national weather service says the tornado that hit mobile was an ef-2, lower on the scale but still has winds up to 135 miles per hour. president obama is back in washington this morning hoping to pull the country away from the "fiscal cliff." he took the red eye from hawaii overnight. senators are set to work today on a plan to avoid the so- called "fiscal cliff." but house gop leaders say they will not return to washington unless the senate passes a bill. with no deal on the horizon, a new poll finds the gop gets the biggest share of the blame for the stalemate. >> both sides here have a problem with the american people and it's why congress
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has 11% job approval rating. >> even starbucks is gettingismy for an agreement. its employees are writing "col together" on coffee cups in d.c. to try to encourage compromise. hawaii's lieutenant governor brian shots will replace the late democratic senator daniel inouye who died of respiratory complications last week. on the day he died he wrote to the governor asking for a female representative to replace him. she made it to the final round of consideration but did not win the nomination. and former president george h.w. bush is in intensive care at a houston hospital with a fever and cough. mr. bush was admitted to the hospital more than a month ago with a bad case of bronchitis. he was then moved to the icu this past sunday. a bush family spokesman says 88- year-old was alert joking with doctors but had yet to respond to fever-reducing medication. some good news this morning. former south african president nelson mandela is out of the
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hospital. the 94-year-old is recovering at home now after being hospitalized. he had a lingering lung infection. during his stay in the hospital, the nobel peace prize winner also had an operation to remove gallstones. officials say he will continue to get treatment but is finally back home and apparently on the mend. >> good. it is 6:09. the warriors hit the road again. how the team did in utah last night. >> and rocking out to their own beat. ♪ [ music ] >> how music is helping some local students overcome life's obstacles. >> and we have a fight on the ice. the hockey brawl with some pretty interesting background music. we'll check in on that when we come back. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪[ music ] yup. that's miley cyrus singing away partying in the usa playing while these junior hockey teams fought on the ice in canada. nobody was hurt. a lot of gloves and sticks. but this will hurt. the brawl resulted in eight players being suspended for misconduct between both teams. i imagine the fine master will come out and dock these guys a couple of bucks, as well. >> i guess so but that's expected at a hockey game, right? >> when people leave the bench, that's when things get crazy. that's for sure. but that's -- >> the strange thing is it's to miley cyrus. >> i like that song. i alwaysed to work out to that song at the gym, da da da da da da da... not fight. [ laughter ] let's go out live and we'll take you out towards the bay bridge. it's actually looking good this morning. it's the week after christmas -- or the week of christmas and you can see everything is moving fine. never had to turn on the metering lights at the bay bridge yesterday. we are hoping for a repeat
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performance. so far that appears to be the case. toward the dublin interchange westbound 580 we had one earlier accident westbound 580 approaching 680. it is now cleared to the right shoulder. so slight delays right there actually. we are seeing a little bottleneck approaching the dublin interchange. it's your usual traffic at this time of the morning. elsewhere you will notice the drive time coming through the altamont pass. it's still in the clear, 16 minutes so overall the volume is definitely lighter than we typically see. elsewhere the nimitz in the east bay, so far moving at the limit. up and down 880 from the macarthur maze past the coliseum all the way down towards hayward, no delay. and bridge traffic is moving fine, as well. across the golden gate, south bay drive times still moving at the limit and just a note, the southbound great highway remains shut down, drifting sand is the issue. usually it happens after a storm as we got yesterday. shut down between lincoln way and sloat boulevard. so let's talk more about this weather forecast. we have a nice dry break coming. we have not been able to say that in a while. so your weather headlines all around the bay area look like this. it's kind of a chilly start.
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temperatures mainly in the 40s, cold this afternoon, but partly cloudy skies. so we will see some blue skies peeks of sunshine and then the showers returning as soon as tomorrow. so again this dry break is not going to last long. the highs are in place for now but this is what we're watching off the coast so showers return as soon as friday afternoon. if you are doing any traveling around northern california we are getting a lot of reports of fog in the central valley so sacramento, may see delays by sacramento airport. by the way, sfo no delays at all, not expecting any throughout the day. it's looking good over by san bruno. lake tahoe good day to make a trip out towards the mountains. it's free and clear. only chain requirements now on highway 50, interstate 80 no need to bring those chains. but once again, tomorrow could be a different story. highs later on this afternoon mainly in the low to mid-50s. 52 in milpitas. 54 mountain view. kind of a similar story for the east bay numbers. looks like 52 in concord, 50 out in antioch and brentwood and closer to the bay hugging
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the bay warmer, berkeley, alameda looking at low it mid- 50s. sausalito and kentfield 52 by this afternoon. here's your forecast over the next several days. dry today and then that unsettled weather returns friday into saturday. by friday afternoon, that's when we get hit with wet weather and then we are drying out sunday through new year's day so if you have any new year's eve plans monday night actually doesn't look too bad so stay dry. and things become unsettled again by the middle of next week. that's a check of traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:16 now. glankler early learning center in fremont is dedicated to helping children and their parents cope with challenges. >> most students there have a disability but could have great ability if given the chance to find it. this week's "cool school" helps students discover what that is. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: glankler early
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learning center in fremont is rocking. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a little holiday music, even a little jack chabolla. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the band, the dream achievers, are real achievers, overcoming the biggest challenges. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: saxophonist lawrence was only 3 when he was diagnosed with autism. he couldn't handle loud noise even music. but he discovered his talent learning how to play by ear. >> it was just a huge miracle and blessing to our family. >> reporter: all four band members were once students at glankler a school dedicated to children with special needs. >> we work on what could be basic skills for other children because it comes naturally. >> reporter: the school serves two to five-year-olds, identifying each child's needs. >> we are able to adjust and grow with the kids according to their needs. the kids don't fit our program. we need to fit what their needs are. >> when i was in my elementary
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school i used to like just bang like on the desks and all that and i never really thought i would get out of that and have power. >> reporter: chris eventually found his power in music and gregory the band's guitarist couldn't speak when he was a student here but now -- >> i love playing that guitar. >> reporter: what do you love about it? >> oh, it's the greatest instrument i have ever done and played in the entire world! >> reporter: the glankler alumni return to entertain spreading joy this holiday season. at the same time, giving children here and their parents hope for a successful future. >> never give up hope on your child with special needs. you never know when the kids, right, just will unleash all their abilities and power. ♪ [ music ] ♪ merry christmas >> each of those students, they taught themselves how to play their instruments. >> i know lawrence did by ear. >> by ear. they would hear a song and
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start playing it. absolutely amazing. >> music lights up everything. >> what is cool about your school? submit your nomination on our website. just go to we may come out and feature school right here on our show. 6:19 right now. the road warriors are back. who led golden state to a big win over the utah jazz. >> you might like the highlights. plus another buzzer beater, the nets shot earns our play of the day coming up. >> and conditions are great for skiing if you are heading out of town up towards the sierra over the weekend: >> much more traffic and weather coming up after this. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well this season... and it s the pro bowl has noticed. city, we are in between storms now so we have a nice dry day on tap. temperatures a little cold this morning, mainly in the 40s. when does the rain return? we'll let you know coming up. until the meantime, we're talking traffic and so far things are look great especially at the bay bridge. usually the metering lights are on by this time. no delay approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have much more traffic and weather coming up. we know the 9ers are doing well this season and seems the pro bowl has noticed too. apparently. nine players from the 49ers have been selected to play in the all-star game. 6 from the defense, 3 from the offense. sack master aldon smith makes his first appearance on offense. frank gore, who became franchise's all time leading rusher this year, will make his fourth career pro bowl appearance. raiders by the way left out of
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the pro bowl for the first time since 2003. six broncos including peyton manning. big day for the san jose state football team. the spartans are take on bowling green in the military bowl in washington, d.c. at noontime our time today. san jose state finished the regular season ranked number 24 in the country. they had a big season. their defensive coordinator kent baer will head the team since the regular season coach mike macintyre went to colorado. the spartans hoping for the first 11-win season since 1940 so good luck to san jose state. nobody in the nba is getting excited to see the golden state warriors come into town these days because they win. the latest road victim for the warriors the utah jazz. that guy had a big game. stephen curry scored golden state's first 11 points. he lays it up and in. he finished with 23. the warriors got their 11th road win, 94-83 in utah. that's all they won on the road all last year so off to a great
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start this season. play in the day with the knicks and suns a second to go the score tied 97-97. jason kidd to j.r. smith with the off-balance jump shot from the corner. here it is again. >> they can do a catch and shoot in it goes... oh, did he it! j.r. smith... j.r. smith wins it at the buzzer! unbelievable! >> knicks grab the win 99-97 and j.r. smith a former nugget, by the way, thanks to my co-anchor, your play of the day. >> you know, when he was in colorado he was always good for a three. i don't think that was a three- point there are but... always good for a three. >> they won. that's all that matters. it is 6:25. coming up, a massive mall fight what caused the disturbance and how security handled it here in northern california. >> plus, a nasty christmas gift. tornadoes caught on camera during a winter storm. >> and we're live in walnut creek, where a suspect is dead and an investigation continues
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into an officer-involved shooting. now we are moments away from another police update. ,,,,,,,,,,
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d i'm michelle g >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. and good morning, everyone. it is thursday, december 27. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. we're following some breaking news in walnut creek. a suspect is dead after being shot by police. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at police headquarters in walnut creek where they are going to give us an update at any time. >> reporter: th captain is here to give us an update on this officer-involved shooting. but here's a run down of what happened.
6:29 am
earlier, we were told around 3:30 police got reports of shots fired near a home on creekside drive by las lomas high school. shortly after, officers got a 911 call of someone screaming on the line. now, we don't know who put in the call. the officers were able to respond within minutes. now, we're still unsure of the circumstances that led to the shooting but they were able to confirm some information. >> there is one suspect that is deceased. i will not release his name as of yet nor any other details. the scene is secure. and we are not looking for any outstanding suspects. >> reporter: we don't know how many shots were fired but no officers were hurt in the shooting. we know officers are at the scene gathering evidence. we are told it is clear. again, in a few seconds we'll get another update from police here and we'll bring you the latest once we have it. live in walnut creek, cate caugiran, cbs 5.
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>> thank you. an update for our developing story in brentwood this morning. pg&e crews have located the source of a gas leak and hope to have it shut off any minute. the leak forced the evacuations of three homes on allbrook drive last night. utility workers searched for the source last night. they found a hole in a 2" plastic pipe. gas to homes in the area was rerouted so residents to continue to get heat. a terrible stench led police to a gruesome crime in vallejo. two people are under arrest after a body was found in the backyard of a home on warren avenue. now, the body is 56-year-old richard romer of alameda. his body was badly decomposed. police say he has been dead for over two years now. romer's 22-year-old son joseph romer is now accused of hiding his father's body in a relative's backyard. the body was found earlier this month. >> my sister had walked over there and got about to where the red car is. and she is like, wow, i mean,
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she could smell it from that far off. so that's a good 40, 50 feet away that she could smell it. >> the cause of his death is under investigation. joseph romer and his girlfriend are accused of hiding the body and cashing thousands of dollars worth of pension checks. back to our breaking news we want to take you out live to walnut creek. this is where captain tim schultz is ready to give us some more information on what happened. there was an officer-involved shooting. we know the suspect is dead. at this time we don't know the identity. let's listen in. >> i don't have a lot of additional information. the contra costa county crime lab is on scene helping with the investigation. as i stated before, it's a joint investigation between the walnut creek police department and the contra costa county district attorney's office. again, it was an officer- involved shooting or creekside drive the apartment complex is 1450. unfortunately i'm not able to
6:32 am
release the specific apartment number. more than one officer was involved. there is a suspect that's deceased. thankfully, all of the officers are okay. we're continuing to work through the investigation. we have called in a number of resources to help us with that. and i don't know that i have any other additional information. what other questions do you have for me? >> captain, did the shooting take place in an apartment or in the complex in a hallway or something? >> it was in the complex and i'm not really clear myself as to whether it was within the apartment or in the complex. but i know it was in the complex itself. >> phone call... >> i do not know that information. >> who made the phone call initially? was it a family member? and is the suspect male, female, age? >> i cannot release the identity of the suspect's information including gender. the caller was female but i don't have any other information on that. >> was the female screaming when she called or was there more screaming in the background? >> there was screaming in the background. i do not know if the caller was screaming. >> how many officers responded
6:33 am
to the call? >> more than one. but i won't give you a specific number. >> are you able to locate the person who did the screaming? >> i do not have that information yet. any other questions? >> other than suspect were there injuries to civilians? >> none. >> other officers. we're listening to captain tim schultz in walnut creek. he is giving us a little bit of background on this officer- involved shooting at creekside drive at an apartment complex. they got a call early this morning and more than one officer was involved in this. they responded. >> that's on creekside drive. that's near las lomas high school if you are trying to figure out the area. nobody injured, no police officers. but the suspect was shot. they didn't say if it was inside the apartment but inside the complex itself. we'll have another update coming up in a little bit. for now, lawyers say the woman accused of killing a tourist in san francisco wanted to be a police officer.
6:34 am
23-year-old gina eunice was arraigned in court yesterday but has not entered a plea. she was arrested thursday night near twin peaks after allegedly hitting four members of a family from china and then leaving the scene. one of the victims died at the hospital. >> gina and the entire eunice family is destroyed by what happened. and i think it's fair to say that their main concern is for the yao family. >> bail is set at $2 million. she will be back this court on monday. her lawyer says she was about to graduate from college with hopes of becoming a police officer. getting a check on your other bay area headlines, the search is on for suspects in a gang-related shooting in south san jose last night. it happened shortly before 9:00 in the area of serenade and lullaby drive. officers say the suspect started an altercation with the victim, shot him and then took off. the victim was taken to a hospital. no word on his condition. a man cleaning out his basement in oakland found more
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than five pounds of dynamite. the explosives had been there for more than 30 years without him even knowing. officials say they date back to world war ii. bomb squad was called in to remove all the explosives. the rain may be gone for a day or two but saturated hillsides can still pose a danger. you don't have to look far to see the signs all over the bay area of plenty of small landslides like this one on palomares road in the hills of alameda county or this along nearby morrison canyon road which remains closed due to the ongoing landslide danger. a powerful winter storm that caused blizzard-like conditions in the midwest is now heading up to the northeast. drivers had to deal with white- out conditions in indianapolis yesterday. the indiana pacers postponed their game against the bulls because of all the bad weather. more than 1700 flights were canceled yesterday alone. >> you can't change it. so you take it for what it is and make the best of a bad
6:36 am
situation. >> the best thing is to think about the purpose of the trip so that you're not so upset. >> more flights expected to be canceled today because of the snow, freezing rain and strong winds that are now over new england. and that same storm system also brought several tornadoes down in the south in mobile, alabama on christmas day. surveillance video outside a walgreens store 135-mile-per- hour winds brought down power lines and transformers. strong winds even pushed a car and a pickup truck around. people had to run inside that store to get some cover. even inside it was blowing. nobody was injured. but a big scare in the midwest. >> no kidding. when you look at all the severe weather going, just lucky to be right here in the bay area. things are pretty calm. >> no big deal. >> i know we have been complaining about dragging the umbrella out of the closet a lot of days in the past couple of weeks. but today we get a nice dry
6:37 am
break. so if you have any shopping to do, traveling, right now today would be a good day to do it. temperatures out the door a lot of 40s. you are going to need to bundle up. it is a little chilly outside. 40 in fairfield. fog reported there. otherwise seeing partly to mostly cloudy skies for now and then we could see peeks of sunshine and some blue skies by later on this afternoon. so the high it is in place for now. we are watching that low pressure system and it could bring us rain as early as tomorrow afternoon continuing into saturday. so yeah, this dry break is not going to last too much longer. low to mid-40s that's the name of the game by this afternoon the so definitely cool. but we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast show you what's going on, what's in store for this weekend coming up. in the meantime, let's show you what's going on, on the roads. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. a lot of folks had the week off. school's out so traffic conditions are actually pretty good right now. san mateo bridge moving at the limit. 14 minutes right now out of hayward. this is westbound 92 heading out towards the high-rise and
6:38 am
the peninsula. to our maps, the altamont pass is usually stacked up at this time. not the case. only 15 minutes right now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. there are reports of a stalled big rig eastbound 580 by the truck scales. so just a heads up may still be blocking one lane. but again, the volume is so light nothing is really causing much of a delay. we had a couple of earlier fender-benders this morning, everything quickly cleared to the right-hand shoulder. the nimitz is fine all morning past oakland airport catching a flight no delay out of the maze may see. continues to move well towards hayward. golden gate bridge traffic flowing nicely. bay bridge never had any metering lights turned on. and just a heads up as you are in san francisco, drifting sand is the problem for the great highway. they havework to clear it so in the meantime, those southbound lanes closed between lincoln way and sloat boulevarded of that's traffic and weather together. back to you guys. a massive mall fight sent shoppers running in sacramento. many people thought shots were being fired but police say they have ruled that out.
6:39 am
and the sounds may have come from large signs falling to the floor instead. the fight broke out in the food court at arden fair mall. >> he swung on one of the dudes and he started fighting and all the groups jumped in and started. >> we hid behind the jewelry counter at macy's and i was finally like we need to get out of here. i'm not about to get shot behind this jewelry counter. >> four people were arrested after the fight, then shoppers returned to the mall. 6:40. oversharing. >> how mark zuckerberg's family was faced up by a privacy setting. >> like a horror movie what happens when an aquarium of sharks breaks. >> and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. the holiday week, let's take a look at the early numbers. right now a mixed bag but we have plenty of time. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks is in the house. we'll talk about that and much more coming up. ,,,,
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aquarium tank and the entire thing explodes. check it out... that's exactly what happenen imagine standing in front of a large aquarium tank and the entire things just explodes. that's what happened in shanghai, china this month. the aquarium is at a shopping mall. the thick flash gave way pushing debris and water and some of the fish everywhere. 16 people were injured. a baby shark died. experts say the glass became brittle after long time usage and low temperatures. >> could you imagine that person just right in front of it though? >> yeah. that would be a little different and scary. >> not us. >> wow. >> you got a wow out of billy? >> yeah. he is off camera just to the side here. >> big story, then. >> it is. all right. to weather around the bay area.
6:44 am
we have a nice dry break. that's our big weather headline right now. it's dry, yeah, you can put away the umbrellas. we're in between storm systems right now. it is going to be cold, grab a jacket and the showers are returning tomorrow afternoon. we are watching a low pressure system off the coast. it could bring us a good chance of showers friday in the afternoon and looks like it's going to stay unsettled through saturday. so if you have any travel plans over at sfo this is actually a good day to hit roads. no delays at the airports over at sfo, for the most part, clear skies, not much fog, high in the low 50s. different story in airports around the country. we have snow, rain, a lot off? in concerns 36 degrees and rain in houston. and pretty unsettled as well in new york city. cold around the rest of the country, as well. your pinpoint forecast, for highs today, a lot of low to mid-50s. so actually similar temperature- wise to what we saw yesterday. 54 in sunnyvale.
6:45 am
52 in fremont and milpitas. out on the east bay, antioch and brentwood cold 50 degrees. walnut creek pleasant hill low 50s and maybe a few degrees warmer around the bay hugging the bay, berkeley, alameda getting close to that mid 50- degree mark. here's your forecast over the nex several days. storm system friday into saturday. if you have outdoor plans sunday through tuesday this is the new year's eve holiday so far things look dry. once again, wet weather returns wednesday. check the roads, over at the bay bridge it is super quiet. it's looking really good no metering lights. kind of a similar story to yesterday. so obviously, not a lot of people working, school's out. so yeah, the delays are really minimal right now approaching the pay gates. elsewhere to our other roadways. here's a live look at the dublin interchange, westbound and eastbound 580 the commute direction drive time still 15
6:46 am
minutes out of the altamont pass toward maine over at the golden gate bridge, they have done all the lane changes so everything is look pretty good heading towards san francisco. no big accidents out there right now. we have seen a couple of different fender-benders but everything pretty much out of lanes at this point. westbound 237 the silicon valley commute at the limit. these drive times sensors are all live and you can see, there is really no changing color anywhere on our sensors in the south bay. the only thing to note if you are traveling around san francisco, yesterday's storm caused some drifting sand so the southbound great highway is shut down between lincoln way and sloat boulevard. we called police, no estimated time when they will be able to reopen it. mass transit on a regular weekday schedule. everything is on time. that is a check of traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. today's session under way on wall street. and in for jason brooks this morning is erica ferrari of she is live in new york with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. stocks on wall street are mixed
6:47 am
after positive signs from the job market and word president obama will restart talks to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff." there are just five days left until economists say across-the- board tax increases and spending cuts threaten to send our committee over the so- called "fiscal cliff." today the president heads back to washington to try to strike a deal with lawmakers. congressional leaders are urging the senate to consider a bill that is already passed in the house that would extend existing tax cuts. >> meantime, the us treasury department says it will start taking steps to prevent the government from hitting the $16.4 trillion debt limit. >> new evidence the job market is improving. over the past month, the number of people seeking first-time unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level since 2008. the labor department says weekly applications fell 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 350,000. but experts warn the christmas holiday may have disrupted the figures. and chicago wins the
6:48 am
dubious award of having the nation's most expensive metered parking. starting new year's day park meters in downtown chicago will cost $6.50 an hour. that's up from $5.75. the city leased the meters to a private company for 75 years for the bargain price of more than $1 billion. back to you. >> so that's 50 bucks if you are there for 8 hours. what a bargain huh? [ laughter ] >> reporter: crazy. >> he is always doing the math. sound expensive. all right. erica ferrari, thanks so much. >> thank you. toyota has reached a $1 billion settlement with hundreds of plaintiffs over acceleration problems in its vehicles. the company says the deal will resolve cases involving motorists who said the value of their vehicles was adversely affected by the recalls. >> for consumers it means that two major defects in toyota vehicles are going to get fixed. the bad news, how many more defects are there?
6:49 am
how many more recalls are there going to be? i mean, after all, toyota in the last three years has recalled over 10 million vehicles. >> the deal still needs to be signed off on by a federal judge. you might soon be able to get some more information about what it really costs to fly somewhere. federal regulators are considering whether to make airlines disclose prices and other fees to online companies like orbitz and expedia. people complain it's hard to not actual price of the airfare so they can comparison shop. the founder of facebook is being called out by his own sister over privacy concerns. mark zuckerberg's oldest sister says a photo she thought was private was tweeted by a woman she doesn't know. it turns out that woman is friends with another one of zuckerberg's sisters, who was tagged in the photo. well, in a tweet, sister randi zuckerberg wrote, the problem was more about human decency. hm.
6:50 am
a new law goes into effect january 1 making it illegal for employers to demand passwords to employees' social media accounts. governor brown says the new law protects from unwarranted invasion. a similar law goes into effect in illinois. fewer americans are getting screened for cancer. researchers found the number who underwent preventative screenings in the last decade went down. the study found people were not getting screened as much for breast, cervical and prostate cancer as often as the government says you should. this may be linked to rising health insurance costs and different opinions about government guidelines. researchers say an mri is often an effective way to screen for alzheimer's disease. a new study from the university of pennsylvania found the test was accurate 75% of the time in testing a patient's spinal fluid with a lumbar puncture is
6:51 am
more accurate. the mri is noninvasive and is less expensive. a lumbar test is advisable for borderline cases. apparently kindness may be the key to prevent bullying. a new study of 9 to 11-year- olds found children who perform acts of kindness like sharing their lunch reported increased feels of happiness. classmates were likely to use them to work on school projects the more a child has acceptance from peers the less likely he will be bullied. for the cost of a stamp a group of bay area women received a priceless gift. it all started with a discovery in a hayward thrift store. pam rousseau found five cards sealed shut with handwritten addresses with no stamps from sue bunker who died two years ago from pancreatic cancer. bunker had planned on sending the cards out five years ago. but this christmas, thanks to pam, those cards with new year's greetings finally made
6:52 am
it to bunker's best friends. >> i was so touched. by the whole thoughtful gesture that she had done that i had to just sit down and send her a message. >> dear pam, your thoughtfulness touches my soul. >> they met and toasted to old friends and new ones. >> kudos to her for sending them. >> instead of throwing them away it's 6:53. coming up we have a final check of your top stories. >> plus, it smells like a rotting corpse. so why hundreds of people are lining you want to smell the peculiar flower. ,,,,,,,,,, well, well, well.
6:53 am
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a suspect is dead after bei shot by police. cbs-5 reporter cate cauguir is at the scene of the shoo with the very latest. cate
6:56 am
a suspect is dead after being shot by police in walnut creek. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene of the shooting and a press conference wrapped up about 20 minutes ago. cate. >> reporter: frank, michelle, unfortunately, they didn't have much more information to give us. but we can show you right now that officers are still on scene. and we do know this area is secure. but let's give uv a rundown. we have video from earlier. 3:19 police got a report of shots of fired. 10 minutes later a 911 call from a woman and all they heard was her screaming on the line. they don't know who put in the phone call. they are able to confirm one suspect is dead. they are not giving out the person's name or any details. they say they are not looking for any outstanding suspects. we still don't know the circumstances of the shooting or how many shots were fired. we do know no officers were hurt in this shooting. we want to make note that this is the first officer-involved shooting this year in walnut creek. now, back out live again, officers are still here processing looking for evidence. they tell us this will be a
6:57 am
joint investigation between police and the district attorney's office. live in walnut creek, cate caugiran, cbs 5. let's check traffic and weather. you're doing both this morning. >> you have to run over here when you're done. >> i know. let's start weather-wise. and yeah, it's a nice dry day. that's the big weather story our weather headline. 47 in oakland. 47 in san francisco. so you will definitely need a jacket but you can put away the umbrellas for at least a day and it's not going to warm up much by this afternoon the only in the low to mid-50s. similar temperatures actually we saw yesterday. and then, we have continued to check our radar. it looks like a second storm system is heading our way friday afternoon, lingering into the overnight hours continuing into saturday and then we dry out sunday, monday, tuesday for new year's day, wednesday that's when things could get wet once again. so we're enjoying this nice dry day if you are about to hit the roads, got any travel plans, there is an accident reported with chp southbound 680 approaching el cerro boulevard.
6:58 am
so heads up there. otherwise in san francisco, great highway is shut downright there between lincoln and sloat. they have drifting sand after the storms yesterday. mass transit so far on time on a regular holiday schedule and the bay bridge looks really good. there are no metering lights and no delays getting towards the city. >> a big vacation week, isn't it? >> it is. no one's working but us. >> you think? >> oh, well. there's one flower in australia that's getting attention but you probably don't want to give this flower to someone you care about. you probably don't. the flower is in bloom right now in melbourne and get this, it smells like rotting meat. it's a gorgeous flower though. >> ew. >> the amorphophallus titanium is nicknamed the corpse flower and it uses a smell to attract flies which help it pollinate and believe it or not, as you can see in this video, the stinky flower has become quite an attraction during the holidays. it only blooms for a few days in its six-year life. it's gorgeous! but i don't know if i would line up to smell it. >> for something so stinky it's
6:59 am
attracting a crowd. >> rotting meat? no thanks. i like roses. >> nothing says the holidays, right? >> if my sister is watching, happy birthday, carol. enjoy your day! captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. this is thursday, december 27th, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." nasty winter weather barrels into the northeast, bringing snow, ice and freezing rain, nearly half a million are without power, while millions from the midwest to new england dig out from the first big storm of the season. there are growing concerns this morning over the health of former president george h.w. bush, and new sales figures show the worst holiday shopping season in years. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it's really, really messy, lots of slipping and sliding. >> i don't


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