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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 5, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a 28-year-old murder case on the peninsula is scheduled to enter a plea. daniel garcia is charged with the killing of saba girmai. a dna profile led investigators to garcia the family of a slain teenager plans a vigil friday night for the victim. 13-year-old janelle allen was found dead in allan witt park on friday morning. her foster parents had reported her missing on thursday night after she didn't come home from school. friends remember janelle as a girl who kept smiling despite a tough life. >> she had a smile on her face. >> period a dance contest and there was 20 people. janelle won hands down. >> she had a lot of spirit.
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>> there are no suspects and police may provide more information today. we have a happy ending to a bizarre story. the 5-year-old alabama boy is safe with his family after being rescued from a week-long hostage ordeal. >> ethan was kidnapped from a school bus by a man who killed the bus driver. ever since ethan and the kidnapper having in a small bunker in midland city until the rescue yesterday afternoon. >> it's a relief for us to be able to reunite a mother with her child. >> fbi says agents stormed the bunker after suspected jimmy lee dykes became agitated. former assistance director for the fbi said they used flash- bang devices and raided the
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bunker an iraqi vet accused of killing two men is on suicide watch in texas. jail officials say eddie ray routh had to be shocked with a stun gun and restrained after becoming aggressive. court documents suggest the motive for the killings was to take the truck of chris kyle, who wrote a best-selling book about his military experiences as a sniper. kyle was known as one of america's most deadly snipers. president obama will be meeting with labor and business leaders at the white house today hoping for build support for immigration reform. yesterday the president was in minnesota promoting reforms to the nation's gun control laws. on capitol hill today, some house members will introduce by partisan gun control legislation. it would make firearms trafficking a federal offense but does not address assault weapons which the obama administration wants banned. switching gears, are you ready for rain? >> not really.
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>> i got news for you. it's coming. >> we have a couple of days to wait. >> okay. we have today. >> enjoy today and tomorrow. a blanket of clouds early on. it's keeping the temperatures from getting too cold. temperatures yesterday in the 30s and 40s. today in the 40s. so a little chilly but not as cold as yesterday and by the afternoon, well, we have a few more clouds coming our which as we have a cold front sliding in toward the bay area. high pressure kind of moving out of the way now. so this is going to help to reinforce low clouds outside. so only partial clearing toward the afternoon. and the temperatures are going to be cooler. averages 5 degrees below average in san francisco, only about 54 degrees and breezy today. about 57 degrees in san jose. and 56 degrees in livermore. we'll talk more about the possibility of some raindrops coming up in a few minutes. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. and they just turned the metering lights on at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. you can see in our live shot here traffic is starting to stack up there mostly in the cash lanes. so a slow ride as you work your way towards the bay bridge. a little sluggish up the incline, as well. looks good past treasure island into san francisco. if you want to use the san mateo bridge as an alternate so far, so good no delays to report here. 14 minutes to go between 880 and 101. we have some caltrain delays to report actually possible delays. they are dealing with some signal issues in and out of san francisco. so we have been monitoring this all morning. no delays as of yet but it is possible. there are ace train delays. ace train number one is about 6 to 7 minutes behind schedule out of pleasanton. bart right on time. muni looking good but capitol corridor train number 523 running about 22 minutes late out of davis. so that may affect your commute this morning. so just keep that in mind out the door. westbound highway 4 starting to see delays through antioch. eastbound first reports of an accident near loveridge not blocking any lanes as of yet. again it's the noncommute direction so we'll keep you updated on that. the rest of 4 looks good toward
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the eastshore freeway. that's your morning drive. >> thank you. speaking of traffic, there is no time for bay area commuters to sleep in. we have some of the worst traffic jams in the country. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is over at the bay bridge right now with the cost of the congestion. we love to sit in our cars, don't we? >> reporter: i guess we do. i can show you bad traffic live here at the bay bridge toll plaza. but this report says we as drivers are sitting in more traffic and in addition to that we're blocking out time in our schedules for these delays. on average, americans budgeted an hour of drive time for a trip that takes about 20 minutes without traffic. a traffic institute report was released a few hours ago. financially, it found americans wasted $121 billion in time and gas. that translates to $818 per commuter. how does the bay area stack up in all of this?
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well, we're not the worst. the institute found that washington, d.c. tops the worst commute list. san francisco and oakland tied for second with los angeles. next is new york city. and then boston. researchers also found as we sit on the roads longer our carbon dioxide emissions are getting worst. in the past few years, 56 billion pounds more of co2 was released. now, as you're looking out here live, the study's authors say this report calls for more transportation improvements. here in the bay area you might want to invest it in the clipper card. live from the bay bridge toll plaza, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the company linked to a bus in a fatal crash has a spotty safety inspection record. that bus crashed on a mountain road in southern california on sunday night. at least 7 people were killed, 5 in critical condition. the bus company has failed 36% of federal vehicle safety inspections in just the past two years. passengers say minutes before
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sunday's accident, the driver shouted that the brakes had failed. it's a good idea. san francisco is moving to ease the conflict at bus stops in the city. the problem is those private buses that take workers to companies along the peninsula. those buses have been blocking muni buses from pulling up to the curb at bus stops. those private buses now have a dedicated stop right there near 8th and market streets and another is coming soon to van ness and union. this is the final day for the san francisco 49ers before the off season officially begins. >> the players and the coaches will be at team headquarters today in santa clara at 9 a.m. they are going to have a team meeting. then some will meet with the media before finally heading for home for the off season. hundreds of fans though welcomed the team back to the bay area yesterday afternoon following sunday's loss at the super bowl. >> they left everything they had out there on the field. they played for "60 minutes." and they did their best.
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>> never over. never over. 365 faithful 49ers. we live and breathe 49ers. >> next year, next year. >> coach jim harbaugh stopped and signed a few autographs chatted with fans. colin kaepernick waved as he drove by. think that's an escalade? nice cadillac. but he did not speak to the fans. off he went. now about that power outage at the superdome during the game on sunday. it could take days to figure out exactly why the lights went out. it wasn't a total surprise though. apparently a memo last fall warned that the electrical system did have some problems. and it might fail. there was a backup generator in case of major problems. it took 34 minutes and they got it back up. beyonce had a generator so her concert did not cause the outage although a lot of conspiracy theorists -- >> really shocking when it happened. you think, can the show go on? are they going to have to pose bone the super bowl? >> if it had been a couple of hours, network tv and later on the east coast -- it would have
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been a mess. >> i was relieved when they said 20 more minutes. >> one of the highest rated super bowls ever. so all good. time now, 6:10. california's marijuana battle heats up. how the state's highest court could clear up the legal haze around pot shops. >> and too much tv may be hurting more than just a man's waistline. how it could impact his chances of having children, too. >> and the so-called french spider-man climbs again. his biggest challenge scaling a famous cuban hotel.
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my dad is a big conspiracy theories. so you know, that's the last thing we need to talk about. >> i would think that maybe is that the kind of thing that john's brother jim might have been up to? [ laughter ] >> whatever it takes. you know? the harbaugh brothers have a special relationship. >> a football thing going on, too. >> it was fun. >> the 9ers went on the scoring surge and got it tied after the lights went out so maybe it was a good thing. there is going to be a super bowl parade today. >> just not what we had hoped for. but the parade will start at city hall in baltimore about an hour and a half from now. ravens being honored for beating the 9ers in the super bowl. the ravens returned to their cheering fans in baltimore. i don't think michelle knows but i think we have to do a little ray lewis shuffle for
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the cbs affiliate in baltimore down lombard street. >> stay tuned for this. >> welcome home, michelle. >> airing later there week right here on kpix 5. >> should be fun. gianna, save me. >> i'm sure she is excited about that. on the bay bridge, this is not so exciting. we have some delays there. the metering lights have been turned on and you can see lots of company as you work your way coming out of the maze off the eastshore freeway. so brake lights there at the bay bridge toll plaza. in fact, jumping over to our maps, we'll see delays up the incline. it's stacked up in the area. a little better past treasure island and once you hit san francisco no delays though on the lower deck. but again some slight delays off the eastshore freeway. so caltrain no delays as of yet but they are dealing with the signalling system issues this morning due to a decrease in voltage. so you might see some delays in and out of san francisco at some point. they are just giving a warning as of right now. so far things are still moving on time this morning. ace train number one 6 to 7 minutes late this morning. looks like it hit fremont so things should be moving okay
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here in the next few minutes. ace train 3 is on time. the rest of mass transit not showing any problems. there are capitol corridor delays out of davis for train number 523. freeways out of marin county so far no delays. no accidents along 101 this morning. early-morning roadwork wrapped up quickly near the 5:00 hour. you can see in the golden gate bridge, traffic is smooth into san francisco. as you work your way out and about along the antioch area, we had an accident eastbound highway 4. that's been cleared. westbound some slight delays through there and we are seeing delays through the altamont pass. 22 minutes now westbound 580 as you work your way towards 680. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence. >> gianna, a lot of clouds around the bay area this morning. if you are headed out the door, gray skies continuing even this afternoon. we are going to see some lingering clouds outside. so plan on some cooler weather out there although we are starting out a little warmer because of the cloud cover early on this morning. i think by the afternoon partly cloudy breezy out towards the coastline. and it looks like the rain could make a return as we head
6:16 am
in toward the latter part of the week. so changes on the horizon. high pressure now sliding eastward. you can see this approaching cold front. most of the energy from this one going to keep the rain well to the north of the bay area. maybe clipping far northern california but otherwise, looks like these temperatures are going to stay down. more clouds on the way, some cool conditions. staying dry for today. but then as we get into the latter part of the week we have this guy that's just developing out there in the pacific. that could bring some showers, maybe even some snow to the local mountains. computer models showing low clouds early on stretching onshore. high clouds in the skies from the cold front moving on through but staying dry. and then toward the afternoon, couple of more clouds becoming more broken as you have some colder air that will likely filter in. but otherwise we are going to keep these things down along the coastline. only 54 degrees in monterey. a chance of a few cold showers and 51 degrees in eureka. you will see some 60s and sunshine in the central valley. and around our bay we'll keep those numbers cool. plan on 50s and low 60s, breezy conditions out toward the beaches today.
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the next couple of days, shouldn't be too bad. although as we get into thursday and friday a chance of some cold showers, maybe snow down to about 3,000 feet or so then dry weather returns over the weekend. >> we haven't brought out the hi-def doppler in a while. >> it would be nice to see it again before winter ends. >> before we get fog and a lot of sunshine. thank you. we have some live pictures from sanford, florida. attorneys for george zimmerman the man accused of shooting and killing trayvon martin are asking for a delay in the second degree murder trial. zimmerman's defense attorneys say they need more time to raise funds for that case. martin would have been 18 years old today. his parents are reportedly at the hearing. an antigun and antiviolence rally is planned for today, as well. medical marijuana dispensaries in california are waiting on a ruling about how far state law can go to protect their right to do business. the state supreme court will hear arguments today on whether local governments can ban the
6:18 am
dispensaries. right now 200 cities and counties ban them. about three dozen are right here in the bay area. tv watching may hurt a man's chances of having a cool. a new study shows young men who watch 20 hours of tv a week had lower sperm counts. researchers tracked men between 18 and 22 years old for about two years. they say men can improve their sperm count significantly if they exercise at least 15 hours a week. the real-life spider-man pulls off another death-defying climb. >> better known, the french spider-man alain robert's latest feat cuba's famous havana libre hotel. he wowed onlookers below yesterday. he is famous for climbing without nets or rope and says his toughest challenge was the aging structure's damage. he is a little crazy but he
6:19 am
made it. all right. it is 6:20. the sharks try to rebounded on the road against the ducks. >> and gangnam style on the green. a bay area golfer busting a move on the pga tour of all things. he has the moves. >> all right. what is cool about your school? you can submit your nominations now at our website, and we may come and feature your school right here on our show.
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up. >> the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza, extra volume westbound 580 towards the dublin interchange. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we have a big hockey game tonight in downtown san jose. the sharks and blackhawks the two best teams in the nhl. but the sharks need to end their little slump. they were in anaheim last night. the ducks got the go-ahead goal past the san jose goalie. sharks have lost two straight. that's after they got out of the gate winning 7-2. nba play of the day, westbrook and durant team up with the no-look pass. martin in the paint, there's the bouncer and dunk. great timing by the thunder. they beat the mavs by 21. one more time. westbrook to durant the bouncer no looker, good-looking dunk. and a winner. our play of the day.
6:24 am
it appears gangnam style is popular at least among professional golfers. former cal star san bruno resident james hahn stole the show. i think he added that little rendition. he busted it out over the weekend. sunk a birdie putt at the 16th hole at the phoenix open. he is a rookie, 31, and he will be at the at&t this weekend. they have lax rules and have fun down there. so you just might see him bust a move. >> he gets some good hip movement even without the song. >> the pga needs a little personality. 6:25. coming up a 6-year-old determined to visit dad. what happened when she tried to take off in the family car? >> plus, the worst commute in the country. would you believe the bay area is worse than l.a.? how long drivers are stranned in traffic. -- are stranded in traffic coming up. >> a mother and children struck by a car while in a marked crosswalk. the search for the hit-and-run driver.
6:25 am
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happy, relieved, and halleluia. >> a week-long hostage standoff in alabama is over and a 5-year- old boy is home safe. >> very special child. he's been through a lot. >> mystery surrounds the murder of a 13-year-old girl in northern california. >> don't feel like she's a piece of garbage. she was a human being. >> president obama is pushing congress to act on his gun control proposal. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> i pleaded with her and said wait, there's -- this isn't right. >> volunteers at a bay area animal shelter say dogs are unfairly being sent to their deaths. >> wonders what's the rush?
6:29 am
why not give these dogs a chance? >> and faithful fans give the 49ers a homecoming fit for champions. >> they were happy to stand around for 7 hours just to get a glimpse of the team. >> sorry we didn't bring home number 6. >> we're still champions. >> we'll get it next time. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ]♪ >> good morning, it's tuesday, february 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. michelle is off. >> she is sleeping in. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30 on this tuesday. a mother and her children are the victims of a hit-and-run driver in a pittsburg on the section. >> this morning, we understand they are still all in the hospital. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in pittsburg with the search for the driver who hit them. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning. the mom and her kids were in this marked crosswalk when they were struck and injured by a
6:30 am
hit-and-run driver. this crosswalk connects the delta de anza trail a popular trail for walkers and cyclists in the east bay city of pittsburg. now, this happened last night at around 6:00. we're also on crestview drive. the family was crossing the street when they were hit. the mother was pushing a stroller and kids riding their new bikes. paramedics were called to the scene and one child was airlifted to children's hospital oakland. police have not released any ages or any details on injuries. we also do not know how fast that car was going although i can tell you i don't see any visible skidmarks out here at the scene. police believe they have identified the suspect vehicle but have not made any arrests. early evening last night this accident happened so it was dark and even though the sun is coming out now you can see it is dark out here. there are no streetlights and no stop signs in front of the
6:31 am
crosswalk. in pittsburg, elissa harrington, kpix 5. a north bay woman is behind bars this morning accused of killing her own mother. police say the woman showed up at a neighbor's home yesterday morning holding a knife and covered in blood. her mother, 59-year-old nancy franzen, was found dead inside her home. her daughter julie has been arrested. oakland's district attorney could file charges as early as today against the gunman accused of shooting and killing an 18-year-old man during the city's first friday street festival. three other people were injured in the shooting on telegraph avenue. police arrested the man on saturday but won't release his name until charges are filed. city leaders are organizing meetings to discuss how to keep the event safer in the future. a vigil is planned friday in fairfield for a young murder victim. 13-year-old janelle allen was found dead in fairfield's allan witt park on friday morning. foster parents reported her missing thursday night after she didn't come home from school. there are no suspects.
6:32 am
>> they can't get away with what they done. you take a baby and you just dump her like she as a piece of garbage. and she wasn't. she was a human being. >> fairfield police are not saying much about the case but may have some more information later today. counselors are available for the victim's classmates at the green valley middle school in fairfield. a week-long standoff in alabama finally over with the 5- year-old hostage rescued and the suspect dead. the boy identified here only as ethan was kidnapped from a school bus last week by a man who shot and killed the bus driver and ever since, ethan and the kidnapper have been in a small underground bunker in midland city until the boy was rescued yesterday afternoon. >> by the grace of god, you know, he's okay. and that was the mission of every man and woman on this compound. >> the fbi says agents stormed the bunker after suspect jimmy
6:33 am
lee dykes became more agitated. authorities aren't releasing details but the former assistant director federal government fbi says dykes allowed food and toys to be delivered giving the agents the chance to use a flash-bang device before raiding the bunker. the boy appears to be doing well. some parents in an east bay school district want the superintendent fired. there is an online petition in the brentwood unified school district calling for the removal. a teacher was accused of child abuse involving a 5-year-old autistic child. how about weather and traffic? lawrence is here to tell us about a wee bit of rain. >> it would be nice to see rain make a return to the bay area. >> not today. looks like just some clouds out there right now. low clouds have swept onshore this morning, going to be slow to break up. really by the afternoon, partly cloudy skies. out over the bay you can see some of the clouds up above the bay bridge. the temperatures as a result not quite as cold this morning mainly into the 40s outside. still chilly enough. and boy, going to stay that
6:34 am
way. kind of cool into the afternoon. high pressure sliding eastward now. you can see the cold front approaching the bay area. that will bring with it a few more clouds and reinforce that onshore push. that will keep our temperatures down. highs today going to be cool. numbers usually in the 50s and the low 60s. a little cooler than normal as much as 5 degrees below average into san francisco, only 54 degrees and breezy too. 57 degrees in san jose. and 57 also in concord. more on the prospects for some rain coming up. right now, let's check the roads with gianna. >> and the roads are heating up this morning. we are getting reports of a couple of new accidents. we have reports of an accident along 880 and seeing slow conditions also 101 in san jose. so here's a live look at 880 in hegenberger. two-car accident reported. at one point it was blocking lanes. looks like they may have pushed it over to the right side of the roadway so overall we're seeing extra volume but traffic is moving okay through the area. over to 580, westbound stacking up towards the dublin interchange. not too far from there, we have an accident westbound 580 at greenville.
6:35 am
and as you can see on our maps we are seeing some delays as you work your way through the altamont pass. so a busy ride in and around the livermore area. 24 minutes now to go from the altamont pass to 680. we'll check with the bay bridge in just a few minutes. back to you. >> sticking with the traffic theme, new this morning the study that finds commutes here in the bay area are about as bad as they can get. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is over at the bay bridge with the time we spend in traffic. >> reporter: it's a lot. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see it's stacking up here. that report from the texas a & m transportation institute just came out a few hours ago finding the average american wasted $818 just sitting in traffic in 2011. if you were to add it up collectively the report found in 2011 commuters wasted $121 billion in time and gas. the report also says commuters are now building in extra time
6:36 am
in their schedules for delays. on average, americans gave themselves an hour for a 20- minute drive without traffic but the question this morning is, where is the worst commute in the cities? the study listed washington, d.c. as the top city. then the bay area, and l.a. tied for second. then new york city was fourth. boston was fifth. >> there are a lot of measures that are being taken and without them, things would be even worse. you think about the public transportation system that's in place, some of your travelers as you're riding in this morning in your commute, you're familiar with when there's a crash on the roadway getting those crashes cleared as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the study also found with more hours sitting in traffic came more carbon dioxide. in 2011 there was 56 billion pounds of additional co2 released into the atmosphere. some of it you could probably see here on the bay bridge toll plaza as people are getting ready for the morning commute.
6:37 am
reports' authors say that this study basically should bring to the attention there should be improvements made to public transportation. reporting live from the bay bridge, cate caugiran kpix 5. a pennsylvania mother wakes up to a nightmare. her 6-year-old daughter took her daughter for a joyride. police say she took her mom's car while she was sleeping to go see her father and after a mile she hit parks card, backed into a yard and hit a pole. nobody was injured. no charges have been filed. but mom and dad are going to have a little chat with her. >> got some chutzpah. some other bay area headlines now. the san jose city council will hold its annual review of card room gambling and whether it affects crime in the city. also, some councilmembers are expected to introduce a resolution that would have the city officially support marriage equality. the fight over a new 7- eleven store in san mateo heads to the courtroom. the property owner filed a
6:38 am
petition friday to overturn the city council's decision to shut down the convenience store. this comes one day after the city filed its own suit to have the store closed. the san francisco 49ers are back on their home turf. >> imagine they are in bed but getting ready to work today too. they do get a little break some time off. hundreds of fans welcomed the team home from new orleans yesterday following sunday's loss in the super bowl. now, some of them waited for 7 hours to watch the players and coaches drive home. some got autographs. the loudest cheers went to coach jim harbaugh. >> thank you very much. yeah. it was a great run. thank you for all the support. >> help make you feel better after what happened yesterday to see the san anselmo. >> oh, yeah. i mean, yesterday was yesterday. you know? >> we'll get it next time. >> there is a team meeting for the 9ers that starts at 9 a.m. they will meet with reporters, clean out their lockers and get a little off season before they
6:39 am
hit the weight room and get back to work for next year. it could take days to figure out why the lights went out at the super bowl. there was a memo last october that there was a chance of failure because of decay on part of the electrical system at the superdome. officials say the game was never in jeopardy because they have a backup system there. one thing they do know, it was not beyonce's concert that caused it all. she had her own generator. so it wasn't beyonce who turned out the lights. they have some old wiring there. >> they thought she had may have held up some symbol saying she was part of a secret society. >> some thinking it was jim harbaugh trying to get them motivated. >> it's all good. 6:41. apple releases a new ipad. but is it worth the big price tag? >> brian cooley will chat about that plus how much would you pay for a kid-free flight? one airline plans to bring passengers peace and quiet in the skies. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. we'll take a quick check on the early numbers. and it looks like everything is
6:40 am
coming up. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier
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than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. his cake, and he wished for another cake" that's new jersey governor chris christie getting the last celebrity birthday today chris christie turns 50. he blew out the candles on his cake and wished for another cake. [ laughter ] >> that's new jersey governor chris christie getting the last laugh reading his favorite letterman jokes there. his first appearance on the late show. >> i want to hear more. i missed it. apple's new ipad hits stores this morning with the largest storage capacity ever. but it's a tablet -- is it
6:44 am
worth its hefty price? >> hey, brian. >> hello, frank. we have a new bigger ipad but it's not bigger in size. still the full size ipad. it's the one we're talking about here. they have added a new larger storage capacity. 128 gigabytes of internal storage. much more than they have ever had before. now, the price is also much more. $799 or $929 if you want it with the built you know 3-g-4-g cell connection. this is a steep priced tablet but it's getting alongside laptops now in terms of what it can do. the current ipad, the big boy, has a very big processor. it now has a lot of storage. and unless you need to run some kind of a pc or mac program, as you're going around with your computer, this may truly replace your laptop.
6:45 am
>> what do you need a laptop for? >> apple has always been very good at creative destruction or cannibalizing their own line as they move forward. a lot of other companies get bogged down in, well, we have always made this, we have to keep making it and we have to defend it against the new technologies that even we make. apple doesn't seem to have that problem. they would just as soon kill off their laptop if it turns out that higher capacity ipads like this are what the market wants. now, i'm not saying it's going to happen overnight but that's part of the trend we're seeing here. >> with this big boy ipad as you call it, what's going to happen to the ipad mini? is it still popular? >> yeah, of course. the i pad mini i find expensive at $330 on up. the strong category last year were these sort of 7" tablets from all kinds of makers, android tablets and from a half dozen companies, the samsung and others and these grew at
6:46 am
twice the rate of the overall tablet market last year. they were the home run hit in the tablet business. but apple still has a rather high price point on theirs and it's a little big. the mini is still big. but it's a fabulous product. >> it is. i have one but it's hard to hold if you have some of the other tablets you can hold like this. this you need like a catcher's mi it. to hold. >> you need leather on the hand. >> cnet editor-at-large brian cooley, live in chicago, great, thanks so much, brian. >> thanks, guys. see you later. >> you will find more of brian cooley's segment at a computer giant is about to take itself off the stock market. >> here is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks with more. >> reporter: good morning. going off what you were just talking about with tablets dell never caught on with tablets
6:47 am
continuing to make pcs. it's fallen behind so it struggled over the past few years. now the company is looking to go private. michael dell working with silverlake partners on a 2 $4.4 billion deal that would take dell private. microsoft contributing a $2 billion loan to the project. now, the company still has 45 days to shop around for a better offer. but at a price tag over $24 billion, that will prove to be a challenge. home prices have really been on the rise over the past year. core logic this morning saying that in december, they are up 8.3% from a year earlier, the biggest year-over-year gain in 6.5 years. stock market looking to rebounded today after its worst session of 2013. the dow falling 130 points yesterday back below 14,000. some of that simple profit- taking after a big january. best in years. the dow is now up 83.
6:48 am
nasdaq up 11. s&p moving higher by 9 points. frank and elizabeth, back to you. >> thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning, norah. >> reporter: good morning. we'll talk to house majority leader eric cantor and about the republican party. what about immigration reform? can you just tweak the talking points? plus a note to self from the intern who rushed to save congresswoman gabrielle giffords moments after she was shot. and is big beard too big? the justice department says yet there's new government action that local breweries say is a good thing. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you at 7. >> norah, have a good show. we'll see you at 7:00. too big beers? >> is there anything such --
6:49 am
>> i don't think so. >> i don't think so, either. >> you're more of a champagne guy. [ laughter ] >> never heard that. >> caviar. >> exactly. around the bay area we have some changes coming our way, some low clouds and fog have moved well onshore into the valleys again, not seeing that real thick follow early but still we have clouds out there right now and they will likely continue even into the afternoon some partly cloudy skies and some breezy conditions as you approach the coastline. looks like rain could make a return to the bay area a little later on this week. in the meantime, though, high pressure now sliding eastward, this cold front is beginning to knock on the door here in the bay area but most of the energy is going to move north of our direction. we'll keep things dry here just passing clouds but that's going to reinforce the marine air. more clouds, cool conditions but staying dry. that could change with this guy that's just developing off the coastline. that could bring some showers to the bay area as we head in toward thursday and friday. today so far no delays at sfo. a lot of clouds out there now. 55 degrees the expected high. very cold in the eastern half
6:50 am
of the united states. and looking at snow into chicago, also new york, warm in houston at 75 degrees and 61 partly cloudy into denver. around the bay today we'll see temperatures running in the 50s and the low 60s. cool in pacifica only about 53 degrees and breezy there. then the next couple of days should stay dry but toward thursday and friday, a chance of some cold showers and maybe even a dusting of snow across the mountaintops and then a return to some dry weather as we look toward next weekend. let's check the roads now with gianna. >> the roads are busy this morning lawrence. we are going live to the bay bridge toll plaza right now. the metering lights are on traffic is stacked up. you're seeing a backup there not quite to the maze just yet but it is slow as you work your way off the eastshore freeway. 880 we have some earlier delays near hegenberger because of an accident blocking two lanes. looking at our live shot now, looks like traffic is easing up if you are working your way along 880 through oakland, so far traffic back up to speed. that accident was blocking two lanes. but it's cleared over to the right shoulder now.
6:51 am
elsewhere, south of there along 880 through the hayward area we have reports of an accident near tennyson. four cars involved, at one point blocking lanes. we have delays around the area as you work your way towards 92 and south of there where the accident is. westbound 580 business as usual. making matters worse, we have this accident at greenville. it was in the center divide. they have pushed it over to the right shoulder but the damage is done. you're slow 25 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. so give yourself some extra time. 680 is slow. you will see brake lights in the area. back to you guys. >> thank you. well, it's not a bad gig if you can get it. in-n-out burger's 30-year-old owner is now the nation's youngest female billionaire worth about $1.1 billion. she inherited the burger chain from her grandparents who founded it in 1948. torres is a drag racer but rarely appears in public or at company events. no word on if she is single. [ laughter ] >> i bet she likes burgers though. >> i sure do. well, if it bothers you to
6:52 am
sit close to children on an airplane there's a new service for you. air asia x is creating quiet zones on its flights. it won't let children under 12 sit in the front 7 rows. adults can pay up to $36 to sit in those seats, quiet there. malaysia airlines offers a similar service on some flights, as well. sometimes that's a good thing. >> frank will be buying one of those. time now 6:53. coming up, a final check of your top stories. >> and drowning our super bowl sorrows. the sweet treat you can pick up for free in san francisco today. coming up.
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care routine. try them together. then name it on facebook. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. alabama is now over. welcome back. here's a look at our top stories. a week-long hostage drama in alabama is over. fbi agents raided an
6:56 am
underground bunker yesterday safely rescuing a 5-year-old boy. the suspect, jimmy lee dykes, was killed during the operation. investigators say dykes shot and killed a school bus driver last week then abducted the boy from the bus. well, apparently we have some of the worst traffic congestion in the country right here in the bay area. a new study says we are tied for second worst with los angeles behind washington, d.c. the study finds americans are wasting an average of $818 a year sitting in traffic. the total cost of traffic jams nationwide is $121 billion a year. i got to say, i'm even surprised that we tied with l.a. that's shocking. >> it is. i lived in boston, too. they are the worst. spent a lot of time in my car there. weather-wise, a nice day today but a little bit of rain coming our way. >> we could see cold showers coming our way, may get back to rain. not today. we'll be dry. low clouds onshore. temperatures now in the 40s outside. by the afternoon, still going to be cool day.
6:57 am
a little breezy at the beaches only some partial clearing. plan on 50s and some low 60s. speakinof the rain, rain thursday and friday, low snow levels down to 3,000 feet, return to dry weather over the weekend. >> frank is looking forward to that rain. >> i am. >> all right. worst traffic probably why, bay bridge backed up very slow and go conditions out of the maze. metering lights on slow off the eastshore freeway, as well. starting to see brake lights westbound 80 near emeryville and powell street. westbound 580 slow toward the dublin interchange. east of there we have an accident near greenville not blocking lanes but it's causing some slow-and-go conditions. south bay now as you work your way northbound 101 look at that. we're seeing some slow-and-go conditions, as well. speeds around 25 to 35 miles per hour through san jose on that northbound side of 101. >> thank you. worst traffic in the country there it is. >> welcome to san francisco. all right.
6:58 am
49ers fans still upset from sunday's heartbreaking loss. >> a sweet treat to enjoy, free chocolate putting. jell-o will be making five dropoffs throughout san francisco as a consolation prize for a job well done. the first drop-off will be in a few minutes and the last one until 9:00. fans at broadway and columbus will get the chance to meet hall of famer ronnie lott former safety. check it out. >> autographs and jell-o. >> and free pancakes for national pancake day. free short stacks at ihop from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., asking for charity donations. if you are hungry, have some pancakes, go for it. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, february 5th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." fbi agents say they had to storm a bunker to save a child from his kidnaper.
6:59 am
former fbi insider john miller goes inside the raid. capitol hill's newest fight could mean layoffs. we'll talk with house republican leader eric cantor. a record number of seniors are dying from the flu, and superdome officials feared a blackout for months. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> it's a relief to be able to reunite a mother with her child. >> the fbi storms an alabama bunker ending a week-long hostage siege. >> sneaking a tiny camera into the underground bunker. >> authorities say they feared the boy's life was in eminent danger. >> ethan has been taken to a hospital where he's been reunited with his mother. >> jimmy lee dykes is dead. >> happy, relieved and hallelujah. senator bob menendez answers some tough questions about allegations of improper travel and parties with prostitutes. >> it's amazing to me.


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