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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 10, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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four years after the black eye.. what rihanna wants everyone to know about her relationship with chris brown . good evening, i'm ken >> backstage at the grammys. the moment you didn't see on the tv. the dresses that almost broke the rules plus ... ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> what was she thinking. four years after the black eye, what rhianna wants everyone to know about her relationship with chris brown. i am ken bastida. >> let's go out to the staples sent we are a look at the winnermemorable performances. >> reporter: it was a fun night for up and coming artists including the group named fun. tonight's event was less about winnerlosers but more about music's biggest night of performances. mumford and son's took home album of the year. >> we are grateful for all of
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this country and the grammy foundation for being so welcoming. >> reporter: it was a night for fun. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the trio sang, as it rained on stage and won best new artist and song of the year for we are young. >> i don't know what i was thinking writing the chorus of this song. if this is in hd everybody can see our faces we are not very young. >> reporter: in an apparent snub chris brown didn't stand when rival frank ocean beat him out for best urban contemporary album. justin timber lake used the grammy stage to relaunch his career. it was not just fans at home excited to see the performances. nominees themselves add their favorites to watch ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: miranda lambert performed but was looking forward to seeing someone else. >> i am sitting behind beyonce.
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and kelly clarkson. >> reporter: kelly paid tribute to caroll king and the late patti page after winning for best pop album. >> reporter: it wouldn't be the grammys without one of a kind moments. and los angeles police department did tell me there was a heightened level of security tonight at the grammys just as there are with every major show here but added anxiety tonight, ken and elizabeth with that massive man hunt still under way for the former la collina dal lago cop accused of -- la cop accused of killing three people. >> no question the city is on high alert the whole area is. last year it seemed like the theme centered around the recent death of whitney houston, if this year had a theme what do you thing it would be? >> reporter: probably the most striking thing for a lot of music critics is leading up to
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the awards show there wasn't an it nominee or performer. last year there was a lot of attention, focused on adele and her several nominations this year it was about the up and coming artists. when you look at top nominees it is a testament. there was a six way tie with six nominations each they ranged from the well known to the more up and coming like frank ocean and the group fun. >> it was a great show. fun to watch.
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reconcile with chris brown ... she told rolling stone magazine .. it was more important for her to be happy .. and she wasn't going to let anybodys opinion get in the way of that .... she said even if its a mistake ,, it's her mistake. she says she can handle the backlash. thanks juliette. coming up, a k-p- i-x 5 even if it is a mistake it is her mistake she says she can
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hand it will backlash. >> hopefully they are happy. thank you. coming up, kpix 5 exclusive, you will see how a skydiving jump, can go all wrong. a bay area man and a near free fall from 13,000 feet and he survives it. his camera recording the terrifying plunge. >> corvette careens off a bay area cliff. a tricky move rescue crews had to pull off before they could get to the two people trapped. new details about the murder of a young bay area girl. the suspect's wife reseals a scary thing he said days before the 13-year-old went missing. the first day of the chinese new year the driest start to the new year ever for concord, hayward, sonoma, napa. find out which day will be closest to 70 degrees this
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skydiving jump goes terribly wrong. parachute malfunctions. the go pro camera shows his free fall and the hard landing he survived. alan martin with a story you will only see on kpix 5.
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>> reporter: it happened on his 30th jump. >> i look up and see the airplane. >> reporter: florence felt confident after two years of training at the sky dive monterey bay school. >> you just feel like you are flying. >> reporter: seconds in, he felt a jerk. >> just exploded. just dragged me to the side something went wrong. >> reporter: his parachute opened on its own, at 13,000 feet. >> it is super high. a hundred things go through your mind. >> it just opened up at 13,000 feet. you never open above 6,000 feet. >> reporter: talking to his camera, you hear him talking out loud. >> plenty of time just open up. >> reporter: deciding whether to cut loose. >> i said wait a minute, what if the reserve doesn't open. >> reporter: he doesn't realize how much trouble he is in.
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>> i can see the drop zone way down there. and that is all i remember. >> reporter: 20 minutes later still unconscious. he crashes down on to the drop zone. teachers from the school rush to his aid. >> call 911. ambulance. >> reporter: they got him air lifted to a hospital. he was unconscious for two weeks suffered broken riba lacerated tongue but survived. >> faa said you are the luckiest man i ever met. >> reporter: he didn't feel lucky when he read the faas report. the agency investigates skydiving accidents. the report found a critical velcro closing flap on the parachute casing was warn and the rigging had knots prompting the inspector to note the lines should have been replaced. >> i could have died. >> reporter: he relived the terrifying moments when he
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finally got his gear back along with the camera that recorded his fall. >> oh, my god. i can hear myself choking. >> reporter: sky dive monterey bay, turned down our request for an interview but in a statement said his gear was in proper working order and improper use by the jumper caused the accident. after reading the faas report this industry expert found cause for concern. >> that is disturbing. >> reporter: now that man is dr. stapleton he has clocked more than 8,000 jumps as a member of the u.s. parachuting team. in 15 minutes his surprising comments on a industry with very little over site. >> imagine hanging there at 13,000 feet knowing something bad happened here. >> and it will get worse. >> we will see the second half coming up. thanks. a corvette went flying off a steep cliff near san jose when emergency crews arrived they faced a narrow road and a
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dicey situation. kpix reporter lynn ramirez pulled up in time to see how they managed to pull off the rescue. >> reporter: when rescuers arrived at the cliff side crash site, the convertible was buried in the brush >> it went up the hill. >> could have been a head on with you. >> could have been. >> reporter: the swerving sports car narrowly missed his car. >> one passenger was out of the car already talking to 911 the driver was inside bleeding from his head. he was conscious but clearly in pain. >> reporter: the passenger was take on the hospital by ambulance with minor injuries. for the more badly hurt driver a rescue chopper was sent down from napa. it had to make a pinpoint landing on the narrow, twisty
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road access problems, steepness. injuries to the patient getting him out. >> reporter: it took 2 hours to bring the driver to the roadside surface where he was stabilized and packed into the chopper for the short flight to the trauma center. as for the car, it was a case for extreme toeing. it was several hours before the wrecking crew was able to winch up that corvette by that time night had already fallen. it was a solo crash on a windy road, how fast it was going and other factors are still under investigation. i am not skydiving tonight and not driving a sports car. >> chilling out. >> hanging out. >> these numbers will go up and up. we are talking about, temperatures. some of you by the end of this upcoming week may be close to 70 degrees. tough to imagine because tonight, you are going down
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near freezing. livermore you will hit freezing fairfield, likely a degree below. we've established it will be cold tonight. i think you know we have nothing on the radar i want to show you, things can sneak in before you head to bed that is not the case kpix 5, high-def doppler is dry and likely will stay that way for the next 7 to 10 days. low pressure areas, have moved in and out in one day but the high pressure domes have hung out for a week to a week in a half. what to expect high pressure hanging off to the west and dropping anchor it will not move. high pressure keeping it dry. storm track way up in canada but the flow will be northerly mornings chilly and afternoons close to normal. 60, 61 degrees. wednesday through friday including valentines day, highs approaching 70 degrees. high gets closer, higher on our weather and temperatures climbing. we will be 10 degrees above average with not a drop of rain
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in sight. lows near freezing at night, we will clear out, good radiational cooling. this rainfall deficit we are in, sonoma county 8 inches below average, that will get bigger and bigger until we see some rain. concord, 5 we are looking at 60 for san jose, los altos 50, 51. dublin, sunny skies, daily city, 58 degrees extended forecast, across the board upper 60s to near 70. next weekend mild, dry. very dry very sunny forecast. >> need a little rain but i guess, we will just enjoy what we have. >> thanks. the wife of a suspected killer describes how his life began to unravel days before @÷
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we are learning more about the man accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a 13-year- old girl. she was the victim of anthony lamar jones unraveling life. what he told his estranged life just weeks before her murder. >> reporter: murder suspect, had grown increasingly violent in recent days according to restraining order documents obtained by the fairfield daily republic. he lived with his wife here on clifford lane. one of several homes swarming with investigators. january 25th, mrs. jones told the court, that she and her husband were in the car headed home when he began describing how a woman he had been trying to date rejected him.
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quote anthony looked at me and said i don't want to scare you but i have a knife and gun and don't want to die alone. she writes she was so afraid her husband was going to kill her she jumped out of the car as it was moving and escaped into a nearby shopping center. she wrote i believed if i brought him back to the house he would kill me and himself. mrs. jones wrote of another incident where her husband assaulted her and threatened to burn down her house and destroy her credit. he pushed me more than once and dragged me from the bed by my foot he threw something at me and it broke the bedroom window. i tried to call my parents and he took my cell phone. that restraining order was granted and served on february 1st. anthony jones is scheduled to make his first appearance before the judge wednesday. joe vazquez, kpix 5. coming up more from the grammys plus the famous bay
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area musicians who won big. possible sighting of a fugitive excop at a california loews. this parachute failed because of a worn out velcro. how something like this could happen at 13,000 feet. i am at pebble beach you saw the grammy awards we have our awards from pebble, four great days of golf we have a champion. beats the field at the at&t pebble pro am. you won last year now you win at a t and t what can this win do for you now? >> i am as confident as i have ever been. i know every thing i am doing is working, i know i am heading in the right direction. looking forward to what the rest of this year will hold. i know i have a legitimate
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thank you for saying with us. >> quite a show the grammys amazing to watch all the musical acts. a lot of winner tonight including a few with bay area ties. we will be go back to the staples center and liam you have a good time? >> reporter: awesome time how could i not. local artists who won tonight, kenny my polka album did not get nominated but i found a few from the bay area who will cuddle grammys. bonnyrait won. her heart and soul belongs to the bay area. >> you get a chance to live where you really want to live in a place with all that beauty it can't help but heal you. >> reporter: another big winner, michael tilson thomas and the san francisco symphony
12:00 am
for the live recording of two works from john adams this is their 15th grammy. i am not bringing home some grammy gold but i do have some baseball caps for you guys. and i will be up all night because i will be back in the morning on the morning news with more from grammy's big night. >> whatever polka album you wants the on me pal. thank you. >> cheers my friend. well t mayor of la la said he will not tolerate a reign of terror. it has been 7 days since he killed his first two victims. lapd was on high alert. officials announced a $1 million reward for his capture. edward lawrence tells us the reward comes as the search for the former cop winds down in the mountains east of la. >> reporter: for the first time since the murders started, a
12:01 am
reward is being offered for the capture of christopher dorner. >> this group is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorners capture. >> reporter: the former lapd officer murdered three people in revenge for being fired in 2008. in an online manifesto he claims he was fired for reporting a fellow officer for excessive force. the police chief said he reopened the investigation into that claim and agreed to talk to him about it. >> if he was to give himself up we would be glad to listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: in big bear police scaled back the search for him in the snow the last clue investigators have about his where abouts was thursday when officers found his burned pick up truck near the mountain resort. a new task force based here at lapd headquarters is the hub.
12:02 am
>> help us find dorner before he is able to kill again. >> reporter: his victims are being remembered. a moment of silence at the cal state fullerton game because monica kwan should have been on the bench as a coach. he murdered her and her fiance, a week ago >> river side police released the name of the officer the police chief says christopher dorner murdered his name was michael crane, 34 years old, former marine he will be buried wednesday. edward lawrence, kpix 5. real life tragedy striking a reality show near los angeles. a helicopter crashed outside of hack on the, 4:00 a.m. this morning. killing three people they were taking part in a new military style show for discovery channel when that accident happened. at this point it is not clear what went wrong.
12:03 am
federal aviation authorities are investigating. earlier we showed you a skydiving accident, in real time. the terrifying moments all caught on the jumpers go pro video. now in part two, alan martin has more on the faa investigation and an industry expert's surprising comments. >> reporter: the accident happened at a school in monterey. pretty popular destination for bay area thrill seekertourists from all over the world. an faa report sheds light on aspects of the industry you might not have ever considered. >> are you guys excited? >> yes. >> reporter: dozens of customers aweek come to sky dive monterey bay. they offer the highest jumps, with panoramic views. after a 20 minute safety session they are suited up and go. flores wishes he could warn
12:04 am
them what happened to him. last summer when he was taking his 30th jump at the school his parachute opened prematurely and improperly, sending him into a tail spin. >> you are spinning for 20 minutes and you hit the ground about 35 to 40 miles per hour. >> reporter: he suffered head injuries and fractured ribs but what is really bothering him now is this an faa report that found some of his rent d gear was worn beyond serviceable limits. sky die monterey bay turned us down for an interview. >> my real problem is him wearing a video camera. at least 100 sky dives are recommended before you wear one. >> reporter: he has clocked more than 100 jumps for the u.s. team. >> it is a dangerous sport.
12:05 am
>> reporter: when you jump you take on the racing and liability and 99.9 -- risk and liability and 99.9% of the time you will survive. after reading through the faa report he admitted a worn out velcro flap is disturbing. >> it covers that area where the deployment system is situated. >> reporter: as for knots in the rigging ropes. >> another disturbing issue. >> reporter: who is checking the gear? an faa certified rigger who can also be an employee of the company >> they don't have a parachute department. >> reporter: the agency can conduct random visits to the schools. >> unless they bring a rigger to the drop zone and pull every rig off the shelf there is no way to inspect. >> reporter: bottom line it is self-regulation something he believes the industry does a good job with. that doesn't reas sure flores.
12:06 am
>> i put my life on the line trusting the school. never again. >> as we mentioned earlier, sky dive monterey bay said, flores did not have enough training to use a camera. that combined with improper technique lead to his accident we posted their response on the website. >> he is talking about rented gear. is there a way to use your own stuff? >> some people do it is like scuba diving if you are really into the hobby you will do that. unless you will buy the gear you are at the school's mercy, so to speak. short of that dr. stapleton said to inspect the rented equipment, see if it looks worn and ask about it. >> their parachute their airplane your life. >> exactly. >> thanks. >> you bet. a tornado tears through town damaging a college campus. this is video of a twister,
12:07 am
ripping through mississippi earlier today near the university of southern mississippi. no one on campus was hurt but academic buildings were damaged. elsewhere in the city more than 50 people were injured and hundreds of buildings damaged. in the northeast people spent a second day digging out from under several feet of snow. more than 200,000 people still don't have power, most of them in massachusetts. a lot of people on the east coast, it is the most snow they have ever seen 40 inches or more in some places. now marly hall says the question is what to do with it all. >> reporter: nearly half the roads in connecticut are impassible. thomas is clearing more than 3 feet of snow from around his home. >> a lot of roads they didn't even touch yet. people can't get out. >> reporter: some residents believe the town should have been more prepared. >> well, there is a time where,
12:08 am
as prepared as you are, mother nature deals you a card that you cannot manage. >> reporter: in new briton trucks are collecting snow and dumping it in a field. workers have been at this since 10:00 a.m. this morning and they won't be finished until the early morning hours. one crew says they will make about 100 trips before the job is done. >> i dump a load every 5 to 10 minutes in between somewhere there. there is quite a bit of snow. >> reporter: along the massachusetts coast where the snow and storm surges were a lethal combination residents are returning to check damage. dawn and joe ann, found their home encased in ice. >> if you want to have this view and be on the ocean like this, you are just going to have to put up with nature. nature rules. >> reporter: despite the risks they have no plans to give up their ocean front home.
12:09 am
marly hall for cbs news, new bring on the connecticut. one little guy couldn't wait out the snow storm so the national guard had to be called in. a massachusetts woman went into labor yesterday. the ambulance couldn't get to her so emts called the national guard they had to use snowplowa humvee to get to her house. once there they were able to help deliver the baby. >> looks healthy and peaceful. who would have thunk. a grammy scam. hottest tickets in town that were fake. exclusive under cover investigation. talk that apple's next big thing is a smart phone you can wear. a pregame stunt at a california hockey game goes haywire, special guest
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$3,000 to mingle with the stars. those tickets were fake. david gold stein with the exclusive under cover investigation. >> reporter: this man says he has the hottest tickets in town. where we would be mingling with the stars. but what does live davis have to say about that. >> i don't -- >> reporter: we responded to this ad on craig's list for tickets to tonight's grammyreceiveed this return e- mail from kevin anderson with dream tickets inc their site says they sell vip tickets and extraordinary access to events. with a hidden camera our under cover producer met with ander son. he said he could get us tickets in the exclusive gold section at staples and more.
12:13 am
anderson promised entree to last night's clive davis pregrammy party. >> okay, that seems -- don't i need my name on a list. >> reporter: all together, it is big bucks. >> $3,000. >> reporter: he didn't have any tickets with him and if the grammy's weren't enough he had tickets to the oscarthe governor's ball. but can he? a spokesperson for the academy says quote, the oscars and governor's ball are private, invitation only events tickets are not available to the public. the same for the grammy's. >> when we went and talked with him under cover our person said so we will be in there with clive davis, bumping elbows with him and he said exactly. can that happen? >> no, it is breaking and
12:14 am
breaching our policies. >> reporter: grammy chief business development officer says tickets are invitation only to the event and nontransferable. >> i find it hard to believe there is basically two or three people that have control over the guest list. >> i am david goldseen i am a reporter. there are no tickets to the clive davis party are there? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you just told this woman here that you would get her in. his people said it is invitation only. >> there are invites and people who can get them in. >> reporter: he claims he has connections but we found out his website was created last month the phone number disconnected, it isn't incorporated in california or any where else we traced the cell phone number on his e-mail it came back to a kenneth cruise. >> is your name, kevin anderson or kenneth cruise? >> reporter: he maintained he
12:15 am
could deliver. >> the right tickets pay the right person have the right friends they can get you wherever you want to go. >> reporter: the awards people claim you won't be going any where. >> there is no tickets. >> days after, david goldstein questioned him the company's website was taken down. new york times reporting apple could be on its way to making the world's first curved, glass flexible watch that would curve around your wrist like a piece of paper and double like a computer. >> we want to wish everyone happy new year. >> lunar new year is here the year of the snake. here is ann makovec. >> reporter: it is a new beginning, a new fortune. the bernie family is ringing in a new lunar year in china town.
12:16 am
>> come down celebrate the chinese new year. cooking, eating, celebrating, food, family. >> reporter: and the traditional red envelope filled with cash. >> gotten your red envelope yet? >> yes, four from friends. >> reporter: groups like this are hoping to usher in good financial fortune with performances at local banks. >> bring good luck and scare away the evil spirits. >> reporter: the color to have day is red. >> when there is red, it gives everything bad from last year put it away everything is a brand new start. >> reporter: start of the year of the snake. to be honest the snake is not the most lovable animal of the zodiac some traditional forecasters are forecasting economic upheaval and strife. september 11th terror attacks fell on the year of the snake and bombing of pearl harbour in
12:17 am
1941 but people we spoke with are not worried. that is in the past. >> you don't have concerns about the snake. >> no, i love snakes we some times eat them too. >> reporter: many people were up for something sweeter at this local cake bakery where the line ran down the block. >> it is a special treat. they make them very special. you have also melon cake is important. >> reporter: whatever your pick the hope for a better year ahead shines through. >> in san francisco, ann makovec kpix 5. >> paul, happy new year. >> you as well. >> you are wearing red for good luck. >> got to have good luck. >> happy lunar new year to you. looking outside now mainly clear skies not much is changing weather ice. temperatures on the rise -- weather wise. temperatures on the rise. didn't liz nail that chinese
12:18 am
new year. nailed it. 39 degrees oakland fremont 33 san raphael 34, cold night, santa rosa, napa, 32, livermore, 32 degrees. speaking of sonoma and napa you are having the driest start to a new year ever. it has just been that dry and taking its toll on our snow pack. 55% down since the top of the year. we were originally 136% of normal now down to 81%. we could use snow in the sierra and rainfall mother nature says that is not what i have for the next week. she has a huge dome of high pressure it will act like a good offensive tackle and not let anything get close to the quarterback. high pressure taking the storm track, shoving it up towards alaska and southern british columbia. it will be chilly especially at night, clear skies, february,
12:19 am
14 hours of darkness cold at night. similar temperatures for the next couple nights. with this high blocking area of high pressure not going any where we will be high. as that inches closer to us we will gain a degree or two each day. 60 tomorrow, by the end of the week likely close to 70 degrees. inland valley, walnut creek, concord, liver more and napa, we will get warm era little bit each day. highs will top out 70 end of the week. concord, 59, san jose 60. degree or two below normal, santa clara 60, morgan hill 69, danville, pleasonton, up towards fairfield, around 60 with sunshine. berkeley tomorrow, cal campus, 60 degrees. san francisco 59 degrees. all sunshine. temperatures topping out close to 70 degrees by the end of the week and beginning of the
12:20 am
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bird gone wild. it has become an internet sensation. >> take a look at this. that is queen victoria, with her wrangler she was center ice, as the condor's game friday night or supposed to be when -- >> her wrangler, joe the bird man tries to get her but she proves to be slippery and can being so does the ice. the bird bounces around the rink getting into the penalty box and making a run for the locker room. hit the showers. this was the first and probably the last condor to visit the team. scary. >> 2 minutes interference. >> and they finished
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pgh that will be it for this special edition
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waterford crystal.. good evening everyone... ...another edition of gameday... a bit later, what giants closer sergio romo had to say in our chat at at&t park... ...and what in the world was bill murray doing with jim harbaugh's wife? golf, it always gives the pebble beach pro-am a little more umph when a local guy is atop the leaderboard... ...for more, dennis odonnell picks it up from the montery penninsula... " " " " " " " " " " " " alright dennis, ahead, we'll go from the links to the diamond...


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