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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 13, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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so it was a very hot area in there. forensic tests will have to determine if that body found in that home is that of concern dorner. reporter: sources tell cbs news that christopher dorner's body is inside this burned-out cabin near big bear, california. police cannot identify the body yet but they believe he was inside when it caught fire. the cabin was surrounded. >> there is no indication he escaped? >> we believe he is still inside the cabin, yes. >> reporter: police picked up dorner's trail tuesday after someone reported being carjacked. >> christopher dorner jumped out in front of my truck and stopped me at gunpoint. he said i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog with you. >> reporter: police followed the suspect to a nearby cabin and that's when the person inside opened fire. reportedderreporter carter evans captured the gunfire on
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his cell phone. officials focused their search in big bear after police found his pickup truck burning in the woods near here last week. police went door to door searching cabins for the suspect but cbs news learned dorner didn't get very far from where his truck was found. >> the cabin he was hiding out in, and we don't know for how long, it could have been sometime, was actually across the street from the police command post where they had been running the operation from. >> reporter: dorner is believed to have killed four people since february 3. he posted a manifesto on facebook where he claimed he was seeking revenge for being fired from the lapd. now, until that body is officially identified as christopher dorner, the lapd says they will keep their units in place who are protecting 50 officers and their families. those were the people mentioned in christopher dorner's manifesto posted online. this is just abundance of
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caution. they want to make sure that that body is christopher dorner before they allow those folks to go about their business. edward lawrence, back to you. >> edward, do authorities believe dorner had been in the area for quite a while? >> they believe he had been in the area and they believe that the burned-out car found on thursday they think he was just not far from that car hiding in one of the vacant hopes there. they believe if you look out the window from the home, you can see the activity of the police officers because it had a sight line of view of the command post. so they were very shocked to find out that he might not have gone very far at all. >> all right, edward lawrence live in san bernardino county, thank you for the very latest. services are planned this morning for one of the law officers believed to have been killed by christopher dorner. the governor jerry brown is expected to attend the service for riverside police officer
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michael crane. the 34-year-old officer and former marine was ambushed and killed last thursday morning. crain was an 11-year veteran of the riverside police department. we'll have live coverage of this breaking story on our website, and we're following a developing story this morning in the east bay. a police officer has been injured in a shooting. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in pittsburg where she just spoke with police. what do they say, anne? >> reporter: the good news is that the pittsburg police officer who was shot here late last night is going to be okay. he was treated and released. here's a look at the scene. roads still block off near maple and 12th. that's where two officers tried to contact a suspect who had several outstanding warrants and when they did try to make contact with this man, they say he ran from them. a chase ensued. and as this chase was going on, officers say the man turned around and started shooting at the officers. that is when one of them was hit. again, he is going to be okay.
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the officers returned fire. they hit the suspect. that suspect is now in the hospital. he is also under arrest. they say they are not looking for any other suspects in this case. they are just keeping an eye on the one suspect that is in the hospital. he is in stable condition. all we know about him right now is that he is 30 years old, he is from oakley and has an extensive criminal history according to police. a lot of weapons violations. so we have the one arrest, they are not looking for anyone else but the investigation continues in conjunction with the pittsburg pd and the contra costa county district attorney's office. live from the scene in pittsburg, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. 4:36 now. a woman who thought she was hit in the head with the butt of a gun was actually shot in the head. now santa cruz police have a sketch of the suspect in that attack. it happened on monday night. the suspect was driving a white chrysler cruiser.
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the 21-year-old uc-santa cruz student was attacked and robbed at a bus stop near natural bridges state beach. he is expected to survive. a man expected of murder is set to make his first court appearance today. officer arrested anthony lamar jones last week. he is suspected of killing 13- year-old genelle conway allen whose body was found in allan witt park in fairfield. they had jones under 24-hour surveillance since the murder before they finally arrested him. 4:36 now. let's check in with lawrence once again on the weather. you said maybe one raindrop? >> maybe two! [ laughter ] >> in the a lot but it's something to look forward to. maybe we'll get things going. but today we'll see great weather around the bay area. starting out with a couple of patches of fog outside early on toward the coast and even some of the valley fog showing up in the north buy, chilly temperatures, too. 32 in santa rosa right now. 35 in fairfield. 35 degrees in livermore. and 46 and patchy fog into san francisco. high pressure continuing to sit over head, in fact it's likely going to strengthen over the
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next couple of days. temperatures going to be a little warmer this afternoon. let's plan on plenty of sunshine, some mid-60s in the valleys, very nice even inside the bay. it's going to be looking good. out towards the coastline cooler temperatures in the upper 50s, but yes, there is a chance of rain in the forecast. we'll tell you when coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. outside now over at the bay bridge things are quiet. no major roadwork going on in the upper deck. there's a lot of overnight roadwork out there right now and we're also just getting word of a crash coming through pleasanton. so we're heading out of pleasanton. it's closer towards sunol. anyway, here's a live look at the bay bridge, 880 moving fine past the coliseum. there is some roadwork this morning from 23rd all the way down into san leandro. so it looks like so far things are moving at the limit by various lanes being blocked until 5 a.m. elsewhere this is the crash that we have been watching. chp just updated this. it's southbound 680 approaching highway 84. it sounds like three lanes blocked only one lane open
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right now in the southbound direction. so we are actually beginning to see slowing. it's early to see a delay across the stretch. so just a heads up again heading southbound 680 past highway 84. that's the first check of traffic. back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. it's on the road again today for president obama. he is heading to north carolina to promote plans he laid out last night in his state of the union address. as susan mcginnis reports, gun control and the economy are on the front burner. reporter: president obama used the first state of the union address of his second term to send a message to laws, get to work. >> the american people don't expect government to solve every problem. but they do expect us to put the nation's interests before parties. >> reporter: the hour long speeched focused mainly on domestic and economic issues and on the need for a divided congress to compromise. he said, political brinksmanship, threats of government shutdown and
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unilateral spending cuts hurt the country. >> let's agree right here right now to keep the people's government open and pay our bills on time and always uphold the full faith and credit of the united states of america. >> reporter: the president drew strong applause when he announced that 34,000 troops would be home from afghanistan by this time next year half the u.s. force there. he also got a standing ovation when he talked about gun laws. the president said bills on background checks and large magazines are being discussed and that lawmakers owe it to victims of gun violence to bring them to the floor. >> they deserve a vote. gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> reporter: in the republican response florida senator marco rubio said the president's economic plans would hurt the middle class. >> mr. president i don't oppose your plans because i want to protect the rich. i want to protect my neighbors. >> reporter: president obama will make his case to the american people with rallies
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later this week in georgia and illinois. susan mcginnis, cbs news, capitol hill. most americans who watched the state of the union were impressed with the president's address. according to a cnn poll, 53% had a very positive reaction with 24% saying they had a somewhat positive response. and there was a peculiar moment during the official republican response when florida senator marco rubio suddenly stopped speaking to get a swig of water. it normally would not have been awkward but in this case the bottle was not within easy reach. he made light of the moment posting a photo of the water bottle on twitter. he was thirsty. >> he should have just taken his eyes off the teleprompter, relaxed, went over, snl. we'll take that to be sure. 4:41. a cruise from hell. we are going to hear from the passengers stranded without a toilet or hot food for days. >> pope benedict makes his first public appearance since
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his announcement he is stepping down. we'll share his comments. >> and forget the rain. revelers in the big easy get the party going. we'll be right back.
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he's resigning, effective the end of this month... the first pope to do so, in about six today is the last wednesday for pope benedict xvi. he is resigning effective the end of the month. the first pope to do so in about 600 years. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran reports from san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. pope benedict will preside over his final ash wednesday services as pope this afternoon but he made his first public appearance since announcing he is stepping down earlier today. >> today, ash wednesday, we gun our yearly lenten journey for easter. the temptations of jesus at the beginning of his public ministry. >> reporter: benedict was met
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with a huge crowd and a minute- long-standing ovation. the catholic faithful were gathered in the vatican city audience hall for his regular weekly appearance. the pope thanked the group in several languages and says he is resigning for the good of the church. he originally made this announcement on monday saying he is not strong enough to continue his role as pope. now, the vatican is tasked with the job of finding a successor and leaders have made it clear benedict will have no role in choosing his replacement. this is uncharted territory for cardinals. pope benedict is the first pope to resign in 600 years so at this point no one knows what he will be called or what he will wear after his final appearance at the end of the month. reporting live from san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. mardi gras ended at midnight but the good times just kept rolling. parties in the french quarter stretched for blocks and lasted
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well into the early morning. even rain couldn't keep party- goers away. >> it's alive. with all the beads, everything is having a great time. >> it is a party there. many came dressed to impress. at the stroke of midnight please cleared the streets for the start of lent but as soon as they were gone, the partiers were back. it's always a party in new orleans. >> funny how you always read those stories now. >> i know. i don't know. i start to miss it when i see that. >> how about some weather? >> we have some changes coming up. maybe a couple of raindrops in the forecast as well but not today. a lot of sunshine and some nice weather over the next couple of days. outside now a couple of patches of fog at the coast. and showing up in the valleys. otherwise, we are looking good. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. so chilly in spots. even some places breezy in the north bay. this afternoon lots of sunshine. he 60s inland, sunny inside the bay, hazy sunshine at the
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coastline and cooler in the upper 50s. high pressure strengthening now. we are going to see a weak offshore wind breaking down at the coastline but at least in the valleys and the bay it will kick up keeping the skies clear and beginning to warm up the temperatures the next few days. very mild conditions expected. in fact, likely to see some temperatures near 70 degrees in the next couple. so we have a couple of patches of fog early ongoing to try to break that up throughout the day today and bring you lots of sunshine into the afternoon, maybe fog at the coast, trying to get rid of that by the latter part of the day. after today it's gone. looks like more sunshine on the way and warmer temperatures toward thursday and friday. numbers today 64 degrees in san jose. about 65 degrees in morgan hill. 62 in san mateo. 57 in pacifica. east bay numbers up to the mid- 60s and we are looking at plenty of 60s in the north bay while inside the bay we'll find numbers in the 50s and the 60s. a little cooler there but not bad. next few days, yeah, we could be looking at 70s as we get into friday, nice on saturday, cooling down on saturday,
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cloudy on monday, and tuesday way out there in the forecast, there is at least a slight chance of some showers. >> peek into the distance. that's right. bring those binoculars. outside now we have a traffic alert now in sunol southbound 680 approaching calaveras road. three lanes are blocked only that right lane is open right now. it sounds like this is an injury crash. chp is on scene so it's a mess now heading out of pleasanton into the sunol area. again, the exact location southbound 680 approaching calaveras road. traffic alert in effect. there's also a more minor fender-bender just behind it closer to bernal. roadwork, that's our other story this time of the morning. and we have a lot of it out there. in the south bay we have some in cupertino, that ramp shut down from northbound 280, northbound 85 until approximately 6:00 this morning. the main lines of the freeway though around san jose still look good. outside a live look at the golden gate bridge. no delay coming into san francisco from marin county and if you are a milpitas commuter
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here's a live look at 880 and 237 no delay around the bend towards sunnyvale. let's get a look at traffic towards the dublin interchange. westbound 580, a 14-minute drive time out of the altamont pass heading towards the pleasanton area. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:48 now. passengers on board a stranded cruise ship in the gulf of mexico are slowly making their way home this morning. there are long lines for food on board, limited water and believe it or not plastic bags instead of toilets. kpix 5 reporter julie watts says passengers on the carnival triumph have one word for it: nasty. reporter: it was a cruise to paradise that's turned into a cruise from hell. >> raw sewage, pretty bad. locked in the hallways. you have to cover your face when you walk in the hallways, no masks for breathing. it's disgusting. >> reporter: sunday's fire which disabled the cruise ship's engines also knocked out many of the cabin toilets, the
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hot water, and the air conditioning. >> the rooms are very hot unless you have a balcony room and then you can kind of get air and light but if you have an interior room like mine, it's pretty dark in there and it's very stuffy, especially if someone used your bathroom. >> reporter: many of the more than 3100 passengers are sleeping outside on mattresses and deck chairs. as for food? >> cold cuts, fruit, bread, boxed cereal, and water and sodas and they just open the bar to give people free beer and wine. there's only really a couple of lines. it takes three or four hours to get food. >> reporter: fresh food is being brought aboard from other cruise ships while two tugboats are towing the disabled liner to mobile, alabama. but at 7 miles an hour, that may take until valentine's day. the crew is doing what they can. >> we're not having as much fun as what we had planned but everyone seems to be doing okay. >> reporter: once in port, the passengers will get a free flight home, a full refund for
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the trip and a credit for another cruise if they're willing to take a chance. julie watts, kpix 5. >> the city of aurora, colorado is planning a study into ambulance response time to last year's mass shooting. the rampage killed 12 people and injured 70 others back in july. the "denver post" reports it took medical workers more than 24 minutes to get to the theater and monday the aurora city council approved a $250,000 contract for the study. superstorm sandy is expected to be the second costliest tropical cyclone in the nation's history behind hurricane katrina in 2005. that's according to the national hurricane center. sandy was blamed for 72 deaths in the united states. more than 600,000 homes in new york and new jersey were damaged or destroyed. a valentine's heart displayed in times square this week is made with debris from superstorm sandy. the heart was made from
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boardwalk boards that were salvaged in october. the art studio that created the heart said it represents a hope and perseverance of all who survived the storm. >> they are coping. it is 4:51 now. low enrollment and budget cuts may force san bruno to shut down an elementary school. the superintendent will recommend closing crestmoor elementary and shifting students to rollingwood elementary. this marks the second time crestmoor was on the chopping block. they stayed open last year after protests. former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds due back in court today. bonds' lawyers are now peeling his obstruction of justice conviction. it stems from his evasive testimony before a grand jury investigating performance- enhancing drugs. a case back in 2003. the innocent circuit court of appeals is expected to take bonds' case and rule at a later date. the city of san jose will
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downsan francisco in arguing against prop 8 when the case is heard by the united states supreme court next month. san jose city council voted 9-1 to do that. the only no vote came from mayor chuck reed. 4:52. every dog has its day. >> and for one dog, it was last night. which breed won best in show at the country's oldest dog show? >> forget tuesday. which two days are really the cheapest for buying airline tickets is this we'll tell you when we come back.
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valentine's day just a day away and we have a great one coming, lots of sunshine and very mild temperatures. some of those numbers here 70 degrees. >> and we are following a traffic alert this morning in sunol southbound 680 approaching calaveras road
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there are delays. we'll have much more on your morning drive coming up. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. you know all that talk about how it's cheaper to buy plane tickets on tuesday? there's a lot of talk about that but it just might be a myth. a study from texas a & m finds that you can actually save more money if you buy your ticket over the weekend, 5% cheaper than during the week. airline lower prices on sunday because of books for vacations and more concerns about costs. a round of a-paws for the top dog at the westminster dog show. >> a-paws, cute. banana joe now holds the title of best in show. the 5-year-old affenpinscher beat 2700 canine competitors. there's banana joe. his handler says he is a little champ with a big heart. westminster dogs undergo intensive grooming, a practice regimen and even campaign to
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get familiar with the judges. >> fantastic face, absolutely perfect body. >> the affenpinscher was super. >> not your kind of dog. >> into the my kind of dog. >> tis kind of cute. banana joe won 86 best in show titles during his career. he will retire after a post- show victory lap. you don't think he is cute but one of those dogs -- >> he he has a night gait. i have my money on the sheep dog. good for him. 4:56 right now. making waves. the awkward water grab that's lit up twitter following the state of the union speech. >> plus the hunt for a fugitive ex-cop ends in flames in southern california. police work to confirm the remains of christopher dorner in that burned-out cabin coming up. >> and a police officer is shot overnight in the east bay. one man is under arrest. we'll update you on both of their conditions next.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
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deadly showdown. christopher dorner's run from the law appears to have ended. the burned out cabin that's a massive crime scene. >> an officer was shot overnight in the east bay as he was chasing a suspect with a long criminal history. several roads blocked off. we have the latest from the scene. >> starting out with patchy fog around the bay area, much warmer days ahead. maybe getting near 70 degrees. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have a major traffic alert this morning on southbound 680 in sunol various lanes blocked. we'll talk much more about alternates coming up. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, february 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 now. we start with some breaking news. the sweeping manhunt for the fugitive ex-cop wanted in that deadly rampage appears to be over. christopher dorner is believed to have died after foreshoot -- after another shootout with officers. forensic testing will determine
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if remains found in a burned- out cabin are those of dorner. the cabin caught fire after being surrounded by officers. the manhunt ended in the angeles oaks area of san bernardino county. that's just south of big bear lake and about 20 miles from where dorner's burning truck was found last week. and we go live this morning to the scene in san bernardino county. cbs reporter edward lawrence joins us with details of the end of the manhunt that had gone on for days. >> reporter: investigators waited several hours before going into the burned-out cabin. there was concern about live ammunition that may be in there and their well-being. san bernardino sheriffs did confirm there was a burned body that they found inside there. forensic tests will have to positively identify if that body is christopher dorner. reporter: sources tell cbs news that christopher dorner's body is inside this burned-out cabin near big bear, california. police cannot identify the body yet but they believe he was


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