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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 25, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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bicycling trip through south america. new this morning, a cardinal in great britain is resigning as the archbishop in the face of misconduct allegations, cardinal keith o'brien saying he will fight claims made in a british newspaper that said three priests and a former priest have complained to the vatican alleging o'brien acted inappropriately towards them. he will skip the conclave to elect the new pope next month. the conclave will start soon. today pope benedict issued a change in the rules to get around the usual 15-day delay. east bay authorities are telling their version of why mc hammer was arrested. the alameda county sheriff says the car hammer was in had expired tags and belonged to another person. hammer reportedly reacted angrily to a request for proof of ownership and refused to step out of the car. he was arrested thursday in dublin for obstructing a police officer. hammer says he was racially profiled. plenty of new tips about investigators about the prime minister suspect in the las vegas strip shooting.
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police are looking for 26-year- old ammar harris. they say he shot and killed aspiring rapper kenneth cherry who was an oakland native. ever since harris was identified as the prime suspect, tips have been pouring in. police found his range rover over the weekend. a man who managed to fight off an armed robber helped palo alto police come up with a sketch of that suspect. here's the drawing of the man wanted for trying to rob the victim at a downtown parking garage on friday night. the victim says the armed man rode up on a bike and tried to rob him but the victim fought with him. the robbery was foiled. there have been at least three similar cases in downtown palo alto in recent weeks. in other bay area headlines on this monday morning, there is a police search right now for a man who allegedly shot up a building with an ak-47. it happened last night on mcallister street. police say 42-year-old kareem benton got into an argument with another man and then opened fire. the victim was hit in the leg. is expected to survive. benton is from sacramento and police say he is armed and
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dangerous. at least 10 people are displaced by a fire near san francisco's civic center. police officers on patrol in the area noticed the smoke just before noon yesterday. they made sure everyone got out safely and now the fire department is trying to find the cause of the apartment fire. and the san francisco 49ers are said to have a plan for quarterback alex smith. the quarterback who lost his starting position to colin kaepernick might have a new team soon. cbs sports reports the 49ers have told other teams that a deal for smith is effectively complete. if there is a trade, it cannot be finalized until march 12. we'll have to wait and see what happens. >> they want to get something in return for that guy. he is going to start somewhere, that's for sure. >> what do you do with him? do you want to leave and start somewhere else. he is not a free agent. if they released him he could sign with somebody else but he is still under contract. if they trade him he has to go at least for the one year. but someone will tell him he has to sign a long-term deal.
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>> he was playing well before he got hurt. so i think he is going to do okay. >> he is going to make a ton of dough, too. >> i don't feel too bad for alex. around the bay area today, we have patchy fog at the coast, high clouds overhead, as well. otherwise, we' looking at a decent day ahead. a lot of sunshine coming our way, a little breezy at the coastline especially in the afternoon. we have a cold front that will be sliding on through that will likely kick up the winds. 37 degrees in concord. 46 degrees in san francisco. a little hazy there and 36 degrees in san jose. here's that system i was talking about sliding up into the pacific northwest. we are going to catch the trailing edge of it so we are going to stay dry here but enough to bring us a few more clouds today and kick up the wind by the afternoon. the temperatures really near seasonal today usually low to about the mid-60s. i think we'll be pretty close about 64 degrees in concord. about 64 in san jose. about 60 degrees in san francisco. and 65 degrees in santa rosa. when might we see those temperatures up in the 70s? we'll talk about that coming
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up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are just cruising right along so far in traffic. no big hot spots. people take a little while to get going sometimes on a monday. so if you are heading on the nimitz freeway, it sounds like there is still some overnight roadwork in lanes. they got two stretches of it on southbound 880 between 23rd and high street. they have closed the left lane and then if you are continuing southbound between davis street and marina, the right lanes remain closed. caltrans expects to pick those up, those closures up here, very shortly. in the meantime, towards the bay bridge quiet into san francisco. to our maps. checking our bay area bridges, san mateo bridge at the limit as you come up on the high- rise. menlo park looks good heading out of the city both directions of 4 moving at the limit. other roads across the bay area, 64 miles per hour into
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berkeley this morning. no delays on the eastshore freeway. 18 minutes between the carquinez bridge to the maze. golden gate bridge they should be doing some lane changes usually within the half hour. but so far no big problems through marin county in san francisco. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. well, bay area drivers are feeling the pain at the pump but there may be relief soon from high gas prices. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in emeryville to explain what's going on, how much is it there, cate. >> reporter: let's look. here at the shell station in emeryville a gallon of regular is $4.23 but there is good news according to a new lundberg survey. drivers could be paying less. the survey says the average price for gas has jumped 20 cents over the past two weeks. and prices spiked 54 cents over nine weeks. the study's authors say the causes for the hikes in prices are now out of the picture.
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crude oil prices are starting to drop and the speed of the price spike is starting to slow down. this morning, locally you're paying according to aaa prices for a gallon of regular in san francisco are $4.25, oakland $4.17 for a gallon of regular, and in san jose, $4.18. those aren't the highest prices in the bay area. i checked on sausalito gas is $4.89. but i got some good news for you. so check out the lowest prices in your area, all you have to do is go to our website, in emeryville, cate caugiran, kpix 5. city leaders are mulling over plans to prevent the streets of san jose from deteriorating beyond repair. street maintenance has slipped in recent years because of budget problems but the city council will start looking into what can be done now. during its meeting a week from tomorrow. a "mercury news" report says
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street conditions are okay now but would worsen if maintenance is not stepped up. funding could come from a tax increase measure. the city voters may decide on some time next year. after five years of excavating and tunneling, the big dig is done. two new mile-long continues in san mateo county are undergoing time safety tests this month. the $439 million project will divert a treacherous 1.2-mile stretch of the pacific coast highway. of course, dubbed devil's slide. it frequently erodes and collapses especially after heavy rains. some beautiful views there. but i think a lot of people will be more than happy to go through the tunnels. >> no kidding. state senator jerry hill has a news conference planned today to introduce a bill to restrict the powers of the public utilities commission related to the 2010 gas explosion and fire in san bruno. hill says the bill is in response to the puc's decision to abruptly suspend public hearings last year. those hearings will to determine how much pg&e would
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be fined for the deadly explosion and fire. seismic upgrades are under way in south fremont on old water pipes that cross the hayward fault. that's near the interstate 680- mission boulevard interchange. the $92 million project is part of the hetch hetchy water system improvement program. 5:10 now. did she live up to the hype? >> i don't. danica patrick takes to the track for the daytona 500. >> "argo" surprises and wins best picture. i'm edward lawrence in los angeles. i'll have the highlights from the oscars coming up. >> we'll have the oscars and the best of the worst too. which movie swept the razzies this year with 7 awards. all coming your way. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to some beauty to your yard get 5 annuals for just $5 at lowe's today. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you
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ceremonies. but no one film really dominated this year's oscars. edward lawrence joins us from los angeles with a rundown of the big winners. "argo" was named best picture last night but no one film dominated the oscars. edward lawrence joins us from los angeles with the rundown of all the big winners. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a huge rundown. it was a big night for los angeles, hollywood. anyone who is anyone in the movies or television was there last night at the 85th annual academy awards. well, from ben affleck winning his first oscar in 15 years to
5:12 am
jennifer lawrence taking a tumbling, getting hers, it was a big night. >> reporter: the stars partied into the night with "a" list celebrities and oscar himself. >> one glass of champagne, i'm gone these days. >> reporter: even the nominees who didn't win appeared to be having a good time. >> "argo." >> reporter: the first lady announced the top honor as "argo" won the best picture award. this is the second oscar win for ben affleck. the film's producer and director. >> i never thought that i would be back here and i am because of so many of you who are here tonight. >> reporter: this is only the fourth time that best picture winner was not nominated for best director. >> ang lee. >> reporter: ang lee took that honor for "life of pi" which won four awards the most of any movie but hollywood history was made when the academy awarded daniel day-lewis with the best
5:13 am
actor trophy. meryl streep another they time winner presented the award. >> i had been committed to play margaret thatcher. [ laughter ] >> and meryl was steven's first choice for lincoln. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence danced her way to love in silver linings playbook but wasn't as light on her feet when accepting the honor. >> what went through my mine when i fell down? a bad word. >> reporter: any embarrassment paved the way as she celebrated during the many after parties. people were involved in "argo" were so excited about winning best picture that some of them including george clooney who is a producer on the movie took the oscar with them to the after parties just to show it off. reporting live in los angeles, edward lawrence, now back to you. >> i would show it off, too. >> i would, too. he has a couple. we were talking michelle and i about seth mcfarland. what's the buzz after the
5:14 am
academy awards? we thought he did a good job. >> reporter: i have heard him described as sexist, edgy from other people. he lived up to his provocative nature insulting and pushing the line on almost everything. >> he also showed another side though. singing and dancing? >> he can sing. i was surprised. >> there wasn't anything that was off limits for him including singing and dancing. >> all right. >> thank you, edward lawrence live in los angeles. "twihards" brace yourselves. twilight breaking down 2 got the most votes for the worst picture category in this razzie awards. it got 7 razzies. the razzies celebrate the worst in cinema every year and other winners include adam sandler in that's my boy and rihanna's screen debut in battleship. i'm happy i haven't seen those. >> she looked like she was having more fun at the razzies
5:15 am
than last night at the oscars. >> yeah. >> she was all over the place. >> wasn't quite there. >> we were saying that. feel a little like joan rivers. did you see her hair? [ laughter ] >> all right. always getting an academy award in our eyes, our photographer edgar live in the south bay 101 at mckee. so far everything is just cruising along no delay. so we really have not seen too many hot spots this morning. checking some of your bridges, here's a live look across the san mateo bridge. this right here is the commute direction of westbound 92 and coming off of the high-rise it looks good into hayward so both directions looking quiet this morning. let's go to our maps and show you some other areas. milpitas commute 880/237, silicon valley drive is off to a great start if you are traveling westbound 237. and maybe you got an early- morning flight heading out of town traveling 101 or 280, this is a live look near candlestick and it continues to move well down into san bruno towards
5:16 am
sfo. east bay westbound 237 and westbound 580 through the altamont pass, 21 minutes now and you're starting to see a few brake lights as you head into livermore. it's the eastbound lanes we're watching this morning. various lanes blocked until 11:00 as you proven north greenville road. they are doing ongoing roadwork there so it sounds like only one lane may be open for the rest of the morning commute. elsewhere southbound 101 heading across the golden gate bridge, no delay as you head towards doyle drive. look at this all green through san rafael and into san francisco. so yeah, they did some lane changes there across the span. no big issues though. and mass transit we just checked more than 29 trains all on time. bart, caltrain and ace also reporting no delay. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." and lawrence, forecasting the 70s by the end of the week. >> yeah. by the end of the week, we may see 70s. today not quite as warm but not bad. maybe the winds kicking up a little bit more. some patchy fog to begin with
5:17 am
early on today. at the coastline maybe some of that developing inside the bay. it's very hazy there now. mostly clear in the valleys. 30s and 40s to begin with. by the afternoon breezy at the coast, 50s there. 60s inside the bay and maybe some mid-60s in some of the valleys. we do have a weak system that's passing to our north bringing rainfall to the pacific northwest but we're' staying dry across much of california except to the far north so in the bay area passing high clouds and winds kicking up. we'll stay dry, just a few clouds outside today and then temperatures cooler especially at the coastline. plan on mid-60s in the central valley looking good there. rain in eureka, 51 degrees. ukaih partly cloudy skies. sunny in the monterey bay, 56. around the bay today we'll see a lot of 60s into the south bay mid-60s into san jose, 64 degrees there. 63 in mountain view. and about 63 degrees in redwood city. temperatures into livermore today as high as 63. 64 and sunny in brentwood and
5:18 am
64 degrees in vallejo. as you head to the north bay we'll find some sunshine as warm as 65 degrees in santa rosa 60 in san francisco and 57 degrees in daly city. next couple of days we are going to watch the temperatures slowly warming up on tuesday and wednesday. by thursday and friday, here we go again. we are going to see gorgeous weather. some of those temperatures coming up in the 60s, maybe some low 70s and it's starting to feel like baseball weather and when i was driving yesterday, i actually heard the giants game. >> yes. >> on the air. >> they played their first couple of games. that was nice to here. >> a nice surprise. oh, my gosh, spring is here! >> 5:20. coming up, can't warriors overcome 22 turnovers on the road and get a win? >> plus it's her day and his victory. even though she didn't win, how danica patrick took the spotlight at the daytona 500.
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it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. welcome back. here's a live look at some of our "timesaver traffic" cameras. things are moving well across the golden gate, bay bridge and san mateo bridge. we'll have a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> the golden state warriors on the road last night at
5:22 am
minnesota hoping to stop a five- game losing strike. the warriors come back late. about a minute left warriors down 1, jacques, steph curry and the lead. they win it at the buzzer. the warriors hold on 100-99. that road game streak is over at 5. to spring training we have giants and the cubs beautiful day little windy in the desert though. no perfect game this time for matt cain. he got a little dinged up right there. his right leg should be fine after he got hit by a line drive. the cubs scored 4 unearned runs in the 1st inning. that was enough for the big daddy. chicago won 4-3 over the giants. they are 1-1 now in cactus league play. the as tempe, arizona, taking on the l.a. angels. oakland's bat on fire. the ball carrying well in the desert. hoping to have another big year. they looked good. yesterday as beat the angels 6- 4. play of the day goes to
5:23 am
danica patrick. she finished 8th in yesterday's daytona 500. best finish ever for a woman in nascar's premier race. patrick made history by becoming the first woman to lead a lap during the race. it was a mad scramble to finish with jimmie johnson winning getting $1.5 million for winning his second daytona 500. danica was actually third going into that final lap but got passed. 8th place top 10 is good. >> good for her. 5:25 right you know. alex smith may not be a 49er much longer. >> new word a trade is near. where the quarterback may be headed next coming up. >> another legal battle for the pistorius family. why the olympic sprinter's brother is also charged in the death of a woman. >> and two adults and two children are missing after they abandoned their sinking sailboat near half moon bay. the latest on the search.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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call 1-800-progressive. couple and two children lost at sea with no life vests. what they used to try and make a raft. weather ad libs fic ad libs a search for a couple and two children lost at sea with no life vests. what they used to make a raft. >> a cold front sliding by, clouds today. what does that mean for the rest of the week? we'll talk about that coming up. >> 880 roadwork in oakland was just picked up. slow spots in the east bay. your "timesaver traffic" coming up. good morning, everyone. it's monday, february 25. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. neither 5:30 now. we begin -- nearly 5:30 now. we begin with lost at sea with no life vests. the search is on for a couple with two young children last heard from on a sinking shop off the california coast. elissa harrington is on yerba
5:28 am
buena island. apparently the boaters made a raft using a cooler. >> reporter: that's what they were trying to do. they didn't have any liferafts with them. so they tried to put one together using what they had including a cooler and life preserver ring. they are still lost at sea. coast guard has been searching since 4:30 yesterday afternoon when the distress call came in. here's a map from where that happened. four people including two children were in a sailboat that started sinking. about 65 miles off the coast of pillar point in half moon bay. coast guard officials say a husband and wife were on board with their 4-year-old son and his cousin. they were on a 29-foot sal boat possibly named charm and radio for help when the sailboat started filling with water. >> their electronics were failing and at 5:30 p.m., four
5:29 am
people on the vessel abandoned ship. there were two adults which happened to be husband and wife, their 4-year-old son and their cousin. and the children were both under 8 years old. >> reporter: the coast guard lost contact with them. they didn't have liferafts so were trying to make one out of a cooler and life preserver rick. the coast guard had issued an advisory of strong winds and rough seas. today the search moves down the coast to the monterey area. we don't know the names or where they were sailing from. in san francisco, elissa harrington, kpix 5. family and friends are fearful about a bay area couple on a bicycle trip in south america. as of today, it's been a month since jamie neal and her boyfriend posted pictures on their facebook pages. they were taking a bus to the capital city of lima. >> i'm completely worried about
5:30 am
her, i understand that there's some dangerous areas in the places they were visiting have some warnings for american tourists. >> there's a reward to find them. family and friends are trying to get travelers to south america to distribute posters. a search is on for man police say shot at a building with an ak-47 last night on mcallister in san francisco. police say 42-year-old karim benton got into an argument with another man and then opened fire. the victim was hit in the leg but is expected to survive. benton is from the sacramento area and police say he is armed and dangerous. investigators say they have lots of new tips about the prime us is in the las vegas shooting last week. police looking for 26 ammar harris. they say he shot and killed aspiring rapper kenneth cherry an oakland native. tips have been pouring in. police found has range rover
5:31 am
over the weekend in las vegas. an olympic sprinter, oscar pistorius is not the only person in his family facing murder charges. it's revealed his older brother is accused of killing a woman, carl pistorius charged with homicide for driving recklessly and crashing into a woman on a motorcycle back in 2010. he goes on trial at the end of march. oscar pistorius is charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend on valentine's day. the alameda county sheriff says the car mc hammer was driving had expired tags and belonged to another person. hammer was arrested on thursday for obstructing an officer and released on bail. he reportedly was argumentative with deputies at a dublin gas station when they asked him for proof of ownership. police say he argued and refused to get out of the car. on twitter he claimed he was the victim of racial profiling. he tweeted that the deputies tried to pull him out, drew a
5:32 am
gun and blew a whistle. >> 5:33. small round of applause for lawrence for a weekend delivered. it was beautiful. >> nice weekend. >> good weekend to enjoy lots of sunshine around the bay area. breezy on saturday but sunday looked good with offshore winds. today a few patches of fog. a few high clouds drifting over there, as well. hazy inside the bay. the temperatures a little cool in spots this morning but not too bad. 30s and some 40s, another nice afternoon although likely to see breezes at the coastline. a cold front will stay north of the bay area. we'll see trailing clouds and windy at the coastline. temperatures around the bay area today, 64 degrees in santa clara. 64 morgan hill. 64 degrees in san jose. east bay numbers looking good mainly in the mid-60s in many spots. 65 degrees one of the warmer spots in walnut creek. san francisco breezy, 60 degrees sunshine this afternoon. and about 62 degrees in hayward. we could see some temperatures headed up into the 70s this
5:33 am
week. we'll tell you when in a few minutes. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are getting word of's train delays. ace train 1 is running between 5 and 10 minutes behind schedule out of livermore. all other mass transit bart muni caltrain and your ferries are so far all on schedule. we are starting to see slow spots now in the east bay including westbound lanes of 4. you can see our live drive time sensors, 28 miles per hour as you pass a street and we also have some delays coming through the altamont pass. 23 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. also going against the commute various lanes blocked on eastbound 580 approaching north greenville road until 11:00 this morning. sounds like only one lane is getting by right now. and getting a quick check of the dublin interchange, westbound 580 starting to get busy especially the left side of your screen. that is all those headlights moving in the commute direction. so far, okay drive time still
5:34 am
in the clear as you head through pleasanton area heading towards castro valley. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:35 now. anyone who droves in the bay area knows gas prices are mighty high now. but they may soon be heading the other direction. good news. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is over in emeryville to explain what's going on. >> reporter: i'm sure a lot of drivers would want to know that especially at this shell station in emeryville where a gallon of regular will cost $4.23. now, authors of a new lundberg survey say drivers could see some relief at the pump soon. the survey has been tracking gas prices and they found they have jumped 20 cents over the last two weeks. prices spiked 54 cents over nine weeks. experts say the speed of the spike is starting to slow down and then we could see them drop. the study's authors say potential lower prices could be attributed to the drop in crude oil. we spoke with one driver this morning who told us this is good news. he actually had to change cars
5:35 am
just to keep up with gas prices. >> i had actually to sell my last car because it took too much gas. so i want to commute it palo alto so yes, i had to change cars because of the rising gas prices. >> reporter: here's what drivers are paying in the bay area. according to aaa, prices for a gallon of regular in san francisco are averaging $4.25 a gallon. in oakland, it's $4.17. and in san jose, it's $4.18. here's another good tip for you this morning. to figure out the best gas prices in your area, all you have to do is go to our website, in emeryville, cate caugiran, kpix 5. 5:37. checking bay area headlines on this monday, the central subway project goes before a committee of the san francisco board of supervisors later today. the issue involves the end of the project. supervisors will talk about whether the city will let the boring machines be removed from
5:36 am
underground near the pagoda theater. phase one of the construction is done on a new cruise ship terminal in san francisco but before it accommodates big passenger develops, pier 27 serves as the headquarters for the america's cup including a viewing area for the races coming up. the terminal opens for business tomorrow. phase 2 of the construction is scheduled for the spring of next year. state senator jerry hill has a news conference planned today to introduce a bill related to the san bruno gas explosion. hill says it's in response to the state public utilities commission's decision to abruptly suspend public hearings last year. those hearings were to determine how much pg&e would be fined for the deadly explosion and fire in 2010 in san bruno. the bill would restrict the powers of the puc. seismic upgrades are under way in fremont's warm springs area on old water pipes that cross the hayward fault near the interstate 680-mission boulevard interchange.
5:37 am
the $92 million project is part of the hetch hetchy water system improvement program. new this morning, a cardinal in the uk is resigning as archbishop in the face of allegations of misconduct, cardinal keith o'brien says he will fight claims made in a british newspaper that said three priests and former priest have complained to the vatican alleging o'brien acted inappropriately toward them. o'brien plans to skip the conclave to elect the new pope. that conclave will start soon. today pope pop issued changes in the rules by the way to get around the usual 15-day delay in voting for the pope. off to cuba now. president raoul castro accepted a new term and says it will be his last. the 81-year-old announced yesterday he will step down from power in 2018. he named miguel diaz-canel as his top lieutenant and possible successor. raoul has led cuba since 2006
5:38 am
when fidel stepped down who ruled since 1959. members of congress had better hit the floor running today. they return to capitol hill from vacation this morning with four days to find a way to avoid the dreaded sequester. if a budget agreement is not reached by thursday, $85 billion of federal budget cuts will automatically kick in. >> i think in terms of the democrats' plan, it seems like the first thing they come up with is we're going to raise taxes after having increased revenue. >> i'm a little confused about the republican position at this point. it appears that speaker boehner doesn't have any kind of bill that he can even put on the floor of the house that could pass within his caucus. >> if the sequester takes effect more than two million federal workers could face furloughs and layoffs. here are some possible effects that a sequester would have on california. federal funding for education would be cut by more than $87 million with an additional $63 million in cuts to programs for
5:39 am
kids with disabilities. justice assistance grants for crime prevention would be cut by 1.6 million. and there would also be less federal funding for public health and job search assistance prances. >> "fiscal cliff" part 2. >> no kidding. big one-two punch midwest bracing for the second huge blizzard in less than a week. >> and mercury like you have never seen it before. how nasa used thousands of images to create a stunning color photo. eggs, bacon, and pancakes. denny's everyday value slam is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day. only at denny's.
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color. this isn't what the closest planet to here's a side of mercury you probably have never seen in living color. this is what the closest planet to the sun would look like to the naked eye. it's a composite of maps and illustrates the different chemicals and minerals that make up the hottest planet in the solar system. >> beautiful. back here on earth, kansas is getting the worst of the weather that dumped a lot of snow on denver yesterday. >> there are blizzard warnings and watches as the second major winter storm in less than a week hits the central plains states. they could get another foot of snow on top of that foot that fell in some areas last week
5:43 am
and people are told to stay off the road. >> my father-in-law got hit hard. >> bad in new england, too. sunshine here and they are going to be suffering it looks like in the days to come. a lot sun expected around the bay area today. starting out with patchy fog early on at the coastline. hazy and maybe fog forming inside the bay. mostly clear in the valleys. 30s and 40s now. this afternoon breezy coastside. 60s inside the bay and the valleys. mid-60s in the warmest spots. weak cold front headed in the way bringing with it clouds across our skies for today and break up as it heads into california. so just some clouds, we are going to keep things dry but likely to see those winds kicking up at the beaches later on this afternoon. and then otherwise, it looks like we'll stay dry for the next five to seven days. if you plan to travel a few
5:44 am
clouds out at sfo but no delays expected there. around the country thunderstorms could make it interesting if you are planning to travel into houston today, 72. 37 and dry in denver. chicago looking at 39, partly cloudy skies and 50 in new york for today. around the bay you will see temperatures up into the 60s in the south bay even some mid-60s towards san jose and also morgan hill. 50s at the coastline with the winds kicking up there. mid-60s into dublin today about 65 in walnut creek and 64 degrees in concord. and as we slide inside the bay we are looking at 60 in san francisco and 57 breezy into daly city. next couple of days, probably going to warm up a few degrees and then as we get into thursday and friday that will be the sweet spot of the week. temperatures then soaring in the low 70s in some spots. cooling off a few more clouds over the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. outside quiet on the roads. we are starting now finally to see a few delays at least in those outer cash lanes if you are heading towards the bay bridge but so far no metering
5:45 am
lights. typically right after 6:00, they have been turning them on but again we are starting to see a little cloudy there. no problems by the way in the fastrak lanes. 880 at 66, near the oakland coliseum, still flowing nicely. we checked in with caltrans a little earlier and they did pick up that overnight roadwork in the southbound lanes of 880 between oakland, various lanes blocked southbound through san leandro, as well. so now northbound and southbound 880 are moving at the limit. 101, look at this, we have a few brake lights now at 101 near mckee. this is your usual slowdowns on 101 coming into san jose. and it's only slow right there right around that exit. so thank you for that live traffic shot. southbound by the way looks okay. ace train delays for ace train number one running between 5 and 10 minutes behind schedule. right now that train is leaving pleasanton heading towards fremont. ace train number three is on time as well as bart, muni and caltrain and ferries.
5:46 am
that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. wall street futures are rising this morning on strong earnings reports. >> good news on a monday. ines ferre of joins us live from new york with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. a busy week for wall street. fed chairman fed chairman ben bernanke will address lawmakers on tuesday and wednesday. stock futures are up right now. on friday the dow finished up 119 points. the nasdaq rose 30. a chinese company unveiled what it calls the world's fastest smartphone. at the premier on sunday a couple of whoops moments. the new phone cast display more than 100 themes and that's important because ladies like flowers. he also said his company is learning from apple how to make android software. apple is currently suing the makers of android phones. mozilla the nonprofit behind the web browser firefox is
5:47 am
launching an entire phone operating system for phones. the announcement came during an international wireless conference in spain. mozilla said phones running firefox will appear this summer in markets abroad. the company is competing with apple's ios and google's android. and barnes & noble's chairman and largest shareholder says he wants to buy some of the bookseller's businesses. leonard rouge i don't disclosed in a regulatory filing he wants to acquire the company's stores and website but not the business that makes the nook ereader or its college bookstores. >> thank you. >> we had the oscars last night but the movies continue. what was the big draw over the weekend? >> at the box office, identity thief grabbed the top spot. the adult comedy starring melissa mccarthy and jason bateman pulled in $14 million. the action flick snitch came in second with 13 million followed by the animated movie escape from planet earth. >> thank you. >> we need to get out there and
5:48 am
see some of those movies. >> i saw the ones at the academy awards. i haven't seen any of those. >> neither have i. >> ines ferre of, thank you. it is 5:49 now. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in england today kicking off his first overseas trypsins accepting the job. he got some live pictures right now. kerry is listening actually and speaking with foreign secretary william hague before flying to jeremy for meetings in berlin. he is -- in germany for meetings in berlin. he is also talking to david cameron about syria and iran. the 11-day trip will take him to nine european countries. jimmy carter stopped in the bay area talking peace, politics and the movies. the former president addressed the commonwealth club in san francisco yesterday. he criticized u.s. policy towards cuba, north korea and the middle east.
5:49 am
he told the crowd he prefers negotiation rather than confrontation. >> not criticizing my country which i think is the best nation on earth and i'm very proud to have served as its leader but i'm pointing out to you that in this time of assessment, we need to look at what are the possibilities for improving. >> mr. carter also commented on the film "argo" based on events that happened during his presidency. he felt it was worthy of a best picture oscar but also felt the film did not give enough credit to the canadians for the mission that rescued six americans from iran. >> he would know. >> yeah. >> being the president. >> no kidding. >> ben thanked everybody. >> he has been out of office 30 years now. its hard to believe. 5:51. alex smith may be leaving the 49ers. the team showing the most interest, coming up. >> and classic and creamy or glamour and glitz? the hits and misses from the oscar red carpet. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
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francisco 49ers are said to have a plan for alex smith. the quarterback who lost his starting position colin kaeper san francisco 49ers are said to have a plan for quarterback alex smith. he lost his starting position to colin kaepernick. he meet have a new team soon. cbs sports reports the 9ers have told other teams that a deal for smith is effectively complete. if there is a trade it can't be finalized until march 12. the deal isn't with cleveland or jacksonville. kansas city could be the team. we shall see. >> okay. "argo" won top prize at last night's academy awards. >> the film starring and directed by ben affleck was named best picture. other major awards, daniel day- lewis best actor for "lincoln." no surprise there. best actress jennifer lawrence in "silver linings playbook."
5:53 am
supporting actor to christopher waltz for "django unchained" and anne hathaway best supporting actress for "les mis" and ang lee for director of "life of pi." pixar studios's movie brave won the oscar for best animated feature film. pixar owned by disney won seven oscars in the category since it was created in 2002. the actors may be celebrating the best in film but it's also the super bowl of fashion. >> a pale pink and white color scheme was a trend for act tresses this year. jennifer lawrence, charlize theron and anne hathaway got high marks for their dresses. sparkling gowns was also a trend. >> looks like audrey hepburn. >> all the women looked gorgeous. look at sally field. >> 67. >> as for the worst a few of
5:54 am
the names thrown out there sally field for her red number. halle berry for her black and silver stripes. some of them say adams' dress looked like a pidgeon feathers but i don't know. i like it. kerry washington looks great. stunning. >> i'm glad you were watching the fashion. >> a little bit. i love it when they are doing the red carpet and what are you wearing and the mother of brenda cooper said i don't know. i just pulled it out of my closet. >> i saw that. that was cute. >> she was great. it is 5:56. next half hour, a scandal leads to a shake-up in the catholic church. the cardinal resigning just before the pope's conclave. coming up. >> the tide may be turning when it comes to gas prices. why drivers could soon see some relief. >> the search continues for two children and two adults lost at sea. what they used to try to put together a makeshift raft as the ship was sinking.
5:55 am
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>> >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. a family of four including two young children lost at sea without a liferaft. where coast guard officials are focusing their search today. >> a top cardinal steps down amid sexual abuse allegations. the shake-up in the catholic church ahead of the pope's conclave. >> a few more clouds to start out the day today, lots of sunshine though, maybe some 70s coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it's starting to get busy over at the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up, what is the slowest commute we're seeing so far this morning. all right, liz. thanks. good morning, everyone. happy monday. february 25th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. two adults and two young children all feared missing off the central california coast this morning. the big mystery is where to look for them. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is on yerba buena island with the latest from the
5:59 am
coast guard. good morning. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with an update. so far coast guard have not found the family, haven't found the boat or any debris. the air national guard is assisting with the search. the coast guard has had boats on the water all night searching for that family. a distress call came in yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon from a sailboat about 65 miles off pillar upon the harbor in half moon bay. the boater said they were sinking and their electronics were not working. a husband and wife, their 4- year-old son and his cousin were all on board. they did not have a lifeboat. so lieutenant heather lampert with the coast guard in san francisco said they tried to make one out of a life preserver ring and a cooler. they abandoned ship and lost contact with the coast guard station. the search has been nonstop. >> upon receiving notification, the coast guard


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