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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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california coast. no sightinof the boat, debris trail or leads. they radioed yesterday around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. >> they were initially disabled so they weren't able to move under their own sail or propulsion and started taking on water and electronics failed. >> reporter: four people were on board, husband, wife, their 4-year-old son and his young cousin. they were in a 29-foot-long sailboat possibly called the charmblow. coast guard officials believe the vessel was not equipped with lifeboats or vests. they lost contact about an hour after that initial distress call when a family member told dispatchers they were abandoning ship with a makeshift raft. >> they had. >> a cooler and life ring and trying to make that into a liferaft. we don't know if they did. >> reporter: since them boats, helicopters and planes are scouring the water. coast guard crews are following drift patterns and officers say they are hopeful although last night that section of the ocean was turbulent what high wind and waves.
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>> the water is so cold and so rough, as time goes by, the less evidence we find, thed harder this case is. >> reporter: the water temperatures in the low 50s. coast guard officials are asking anybody with information about a boat called charmblow to call them. in of, elissa harrington, cbs -- in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. the search is continuing in south america for a missing couple. jamie neal and her boyfriend went for a bicycle trip in argentina. the last contact was a monday ago today. >> we are trying to contact people traveling in south america so they can get flyers out to local people. >> the el sobrante bike shop where garrett hand worked is collecting money to raise a
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reward for information in locating the couple in peru. they are a big draw at ikea stores around the world but now the chain is withdrawing their swedish meatballs over horse meat contamination. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran has reaction from a store in east palo alto. >> reporter: ikea known for their furniture and meatballs. they are involved with the european horse meat scandal. inspectors found horse meat in 1600 pounds of meat balls going to ikea, falsely labeled as beef and pork. >> when it's controlled like their equivalent of the fda, i got no problem with it. the trouble is, as i understand that they are getting contaminated horse meat that is outside of control. that's bad news. >> reporter: the good news is, it is not a problem affecting
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our local ikeas. a spokesman for the bay area store says, our meat supply is regulated. >> that's not anything we'll see in our stores here. we do have suppliers that are backed by the usda which guarantees that only beef and pork products are in our meatballs. >> reporter: we spoke with ikea customer dorian who says even though the scandal is far from our stores, the concern over mislabeled products is still close to home. >> if it's sold as meat product or beef product and then you get something else, i think that's -- i think if anything you should give the consumer the choice if they do that intentionally. >> reporter: european inspectors are conducting tests on products to see how widespread the problem is. no one knows how it entered the european union food chain or how much of it is left to be found. in east palo alto, cate caugiran, kpix 5. investigators are poring over tips about the prime suspect in that las vegas strip shooting from last week.
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police are looking for this man, 26-year-old ammar harris. they say he shot and killed aspiring rapper kenneth cherry from oakland and set off a chain reaction crash that left cab driver and passengers dead. a search for harris has expanded to the southeast united states, where harris used to live. police found his range rover there over the weekend near his las vegas condo. investigators say he is known to vegas police because of an arrest two years ago. checking some bay area headlines on this monday afternoon, san francisco police are searching right now for a man who allegedly shot up a building on mcallister with an ak-47. police say 42-year-old karim benton got in an argument with another man and then opened fire wounding a man in the leg. benton is from sacramento and police say he is armed and dangerous. palo alto police have released a composite sketch of a gunman wanted for an attempted robbery at a parking garage. the victim says the suspect came up on a bicycle, flashed a
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gun. the two wrestled over the firearm and the would-be robber took off. it is the third such case in downtown palo alto in recent weeks. and after five years of excavation the devil's slide tunnel is done. the two-mile-long trek the long bores will divert traffic off a treacherous stretch of highway 1 in san mateo county prone to slides and crashes. the final tests on the $439 million project scheduled for this month. hollywood "a" listers are working on little sleep after celebrating the academy awards throughout the night last night. cbs reporter edward lawrence has the latest on the historic oscar ceremony. >> reporter: academy award winners partied into the morning across hollywood. >> daniel, you must be on cloud nine. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: daniel day-lewis celebrated becoming the first person ever to win trebek actor awards. >> it's heavy. >> reporter: christoph held his best supporting actor oscar
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high for his role in "django unchained. >> don't get carried away. >> reporter: "argo" one best picture even though it's director ben affleck wasn't nominated. >> i was excited to make it and work with the cast and, you know, i was willing to let the chips fall where they may. >> reporter: with affleck out of the race, many thought steven spielberg would nab the best director for "lincoln" but ainge lee took home the prize for "life of pi." >> thank you movie gods. >> reporter: without a clean sweep they gave many of the big movies reason to celebrate. the award for best picture, director and the four acting awards went to different films. 22-year-old jennifer lawrence who tripped over her dress while collecting her best actress statue for silver lining playbook was stuff flustered got back stage. >> i got my hair and makeup done and -- [ indiscernible ] >> i'm sorry, i did a shot before i -- >> reporter: anne hathaway won
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best supporting actress for her role in les miserables. >> i had a dream and it came true. >> reporter: even the nominees who didn't get their wish celebrated hollywood's biggest night. edward lawrence for cbs news, hollywood. >> dancing the night away. okay. the clock ticking closer to that next "fiscal cliff" in washington. >> what we can't do is keep careening from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis. >> and what some of the nation's governors have to say about the crisis after meeting with the president. >> and the last social security checks are going out this week nationwide. but it has nothing to do with the budget crisis. we'll explain coming up. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center meteorologist. can't find any raindrops outside right now but could we soon find some temperatures in the 70s? we'll talk about that coming up.
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about washington than italy this morning... the dow falling over concerns about the outcome of italy's national vote -- and wall street worried less about washington than italy this morning the dow falling over concerns about the outcome of italy's national vote and impact on the european economy. the big board is down 63 points. the dow was up earlier down now. federal spending cuts totaling $85 billion set to kick in on friday. that's unless congressional republicans and the white house can agree on an alternative. but as cbs reporter danielle nottingham tells us, the two sides are far from a compromise. >> reporter: president obama's annual meeting with the nation's governors came with a warning. he says the march 1 spending cuts will impact each of their states. everything from fewer firefighters and police to flight delays at the airport and less vaccines for children. >> and the longer these cuts
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are in place, the bigger the impact will become. >> reporter: but republicans say the president is making the cuts sound scarier than they are. they point out the $85 billion that will be slashed this year is just 3% of the federal budget. >> i think it is possible to cut less than 3% of the federal budget without causing these devastating consequences. i think you can achieve these reductions without, for example, jeopardizing children's access to vaccinations. >> reporter: congress is back in town after a week off leaving just four days to reach a compromise before the deadline. lawmakers are talking behind closed doors but the chance of a deal looks slim. democrats want a plan that includes some spending cuts and raises taxes on the richest americans but republicans say they will not agree to another tax hike. they are expected to propose a plan that focuses on spending cuts only. >> at some point we have to do some governing. and certainly what we can't do is keep careening from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis. >> reporter: the cuts were designed to be so painful, it
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would force democrats and republicans into a better budget compromise. after a year and a half, that hasn't happened. and now time is running out. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. four days to go. and friday is also the deadline for people receiving federal benefits to switch to electronic payments. by law, all recipients must switch from paper checks to either direct deposit or a special debit card called direct express. the government says the change will save $1 billion over the next 10 years. opening statements are beginning today in a trial stemming from the big gulf oil spill three years ago. bp and two other companies are going up against the u.s. justice department in several states. today protestors stood outside the courthouse in new orleans to demand justice. an explosion on the deepwater horizon killed 11 workers and released millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. and the catholic church
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top cleric in great britain is resigning as archbishop in the face of misconduct allegations. cardinal o'brien says he will fight claims made in a british newspaper. it says three priests and a former priest have complained to the vatican alleging that o'brien acted inappropriately towards them. he now plans to skip the conclave to elect a new pope. meanwhile, pope benedict issued a new rule today to get around the usual 15-day delay before the conclave can begin. yesterday the pope blessed tens of thousands from his apartment overlooking st. peter's square. when he steps down on thursday, he will be the first pope to do so in 600 years. a crazy weather day in parts of oklahoma and the texas panhandle after a blizzard makes traveling nearly impossible there. check it out. amarillo, texas, already has a foot of snow, making roads impassable and reducing visibility to 0. it is a mess
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there. it's a similar scene in oklahoma. the panhandle where blizzard conditions are hitting the region hard. people are being told to stay indoors and off the roads. the storm is expected to continue into tomorrow. feel a little guilty about being if the bay area, but i'm looking back here right now at the bay bridge saying -- >> and how about. >> -- aren't we lucky? >> i love the crazy weather. that's what makes it fun. >> you like to forecast it. it's kind of fun to watch. but if you're in it -- >> a little rough with a foot of snow coming down. but in the bay area can't find a ray drop. it is dry and looking good outside the windows. blue skies and winds kicking up this afternoon but not too bad. in fact, we're looking at a great afternoon weather-wise similar to yesterday. 58 degrees in concord. 63 right now we have started to bounce there and santa rosa, 58 in san jose. and 56 degrees a little breezy into san francisco. those winds picking up a bit more approaching the coastline. you can see the wind in the
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trees toward mount diablo. breezy at the coast, afternoon sunshine, patchy fog. otherwise, we are looking good. and then some warmer days ahead. in fact, tomorrow the next couple of days start to warm up but by the end of the week we could be talking about temperatures in the 70s. a lot of folks complaining about the pollen out signed and we are running moderate as far as the pollen count right now. so yeah, if you had some trouble with your nose a little sniffling and sneezing that's the reason y everything is blooming right now. we have one cold front passing by one behind it right here helping us suppress this ridge a bit but looks like staying dry for now and probably for the next four to five days. then toward the weekend we'll pick up clouds. temperatures though for today plan on 64 degrees in san jose. about 58 and breezy into pacifica. east bay temperatures will be in the mid-60s in some of the warmest spots there. and as you head inside the bay, you'll see a little more wind about 61 in alameda, 60 in sausalito and 60 in san francisco. overnight lows will be in the 30s and the 40s. and maybe a couple of patches of fog. tomorrow lots of sunshine coming our way. but look what happens as we get
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into thursday and friday. these temperatures getting near 70 degrees maybe over that as we head in toward friday. but the weekend could see some changes. partly cloudy skies and some cooler temperatures. but boy, what a week we have and no rain. >> listen to john miller do a giants game? that means spring is here. >> nice to hear. >> all right, lawrence. thanks. >> you're welcome. parents have been warned for years about the overuse of antibiotics. now some new guidelines. what pediatricians are being told to watch for, when we come back.
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e nypd- a new cbs crime drama golden boy debuts tomorrow night here on kpix 5. it features a street smart kid that works his way up the nypd ranks. he is partnered with a cranky soon-to-be retired detective. it stars brent theo james and shy mcbride. i asked james this morning how hard it was to lose the british accent and become a new yorker. >> how did i become one? well, yeah, i mean, that was really important because there's something so, uhm, iconic and something so specific about a new york cop. so being seated in it as much as i physically could was so important because as an actor you don't wan to be thinking about the little -- like, you know, whether you would rolling your r right or whether you had the stance right or whatever. >> well, the critics love it. it kicks off tomorrow night at
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10:00 here on kpix 5. some new guidelines on how best to treat ear infections in kids 12 and under. the american academy of pediatrics releasing new recommendations this morning urging doctors to hold off on the antibiotics. the guideline says pediatricians should try pain relievers first and only resort to prescription medication when there is a clear sign of moderate or severe bulging of the eardrum. the swelling and fever should be present for at least 48 hours before resorting to antibiotics. and a new study finds significant health benefits for people who stick to a mediterranean diet. scientists tracked more than 7,000 people in spain who were at high risk of heart attack and stroke. and they found that 30% of potentially fatal episodes could be prevented with a diet rich in olive oil, nuts, fish and fresh produce. the study ended early after five years because the results were so dramatic. speaking of food, before you had the the grocery store this week, our fresh grocer tony tantillo has some items
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you might want to add to your list. >> that's right, it's time for this week's best buys. we start with escarole. this time of year it's fantastic and it's great in soups, salads. i love it. and great for you. you can find escarole right now large bunches for about 99 cents a pound. that is a great deal. when it comes to avocados, the prices have been low. 9 9 cents each for the haas variety. just make sure you buy them when they're dark all the way around and firm. yukon gold potatoes, always one of my favorites. right now 5-pound bags and 3- pound bags some great value. the average price on these potatoes are about 79 cents a pound. that is also a great deal. and great when you mash them. mashed yukon gold potatoes wonderful like mother nature added the butter right inside. i'm tony tantillo, and and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. and save money. ciao.
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>> thank you, tony. forget the flying tomato. check out the flying toddler. where she is shredding the slopes when we come back.
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just how much lotion... shampoo and other products we're leaving behind in those bottles. and the good to the last drop. just how much lotion and shampoo and other products we are leaving behind in the bottles and the new trips to
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get every last drop. that and more at 5:00. and finally, if you think you got skills on the slopes, check this out. >> okay. >> this kid is cool. this is eden grace an oregon toddler snowboarding before she could walk. she turns 2 next month. >> amazing. >> yeah. how cool is that? not a heavy slope but she's trucking. she has been snowboarding since she was six weeks old. i'd like to see that. >> even more amazing. >> apparently it runs in the family. eden has a five-week old sister and her mom says she too will be a baby snowboarder. >> i love those videos. >> soon to be in the olympics. >> nothing like being in the slopes if you have a 6-year-old in a helmet. great video. >> come on. >> enjoy your monday. captions by: caption colorado
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>> liam: you're not being fair. i mean, steffy's reasons make sense. she didn't want her pregnancy to influence my decision. >> hope: until you were making one she didn't like. >> liam: okay, let's be honest. that whole insta-wedding that was set up outside -- that was not the result of any decision i made. >> hope: no, y-you're right. you're absolutely right about that. my mom just does these things. i was not happy about it either. until i started to think that it's what you wanted. was i wrong? >> liam: [ sighs ] >> taylor: i'm going out there. >> brooke: oh, no, you don't.
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>> steffy: mom, let him be. he needs to talk to hope first. >> taylor: honey, what could he possibly want to say that he hasn't said yet? >> steffy: i had to learn patience. why can't the two of you? >> brooke: it wasn't patience that brought you running here today to announce that you're pregnant with liam's child. >> steffy: no, it wasn't. it was to save him from the trap that you set. >> rick: hey, uh...specials. uh...soup -- the soup today is -- >> maya: you know, i'm not really hungry. >> rick: good, because nobody told me what the soup is today. >> maya: you didn't ask at the start of your shift? >> rick: i don't have any training. i don't even know why they hired me here. [ laughs ] >> maya: well, i used to wait tables. you'll pick it up. >> rick: at some fancy french restaurant, i imagine. i see you in some classier setting. >> maya: me too. somehow i never quite made that happen. had a lot of dreams, though. >> rick: dreams can always come true. >> maya: not always. i can't believe i'm saying all


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