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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 9, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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turn had out to be a fake weapon. tonight's meeting will be at cornerstone church. and ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter alex savage is talking about why they are getting help from neighboring agencies is. >> reporter: firefighters are being blocked from the mutual aid area after a decision according to the tribune, the authority is refusing to allow them to work on their new $72 million network and that network includes every area in contra costa counties and those agencies pay an access fee but so far they have not been able to fork over $1.4 million to join and during a large scale emergency oakland will have trouble getting help from their
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neighbors. city leaders have expressed concern about how well their interests can be taken care of. oakland has a history as you know with its radios but a decade ago, the city tried to work with their radios rather than join this large network. and that's what is tying the hands of first sponsors and putting the public at risk. we have not been able to reach the city of oakland for comment, live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and in piedmont, they will test out a system to catch criminals after a rash of home invasions. they installed 12 surveillance cameras at key intersections and they record the license plates of cars that come in and out of the city. new this morning, we are getting word that two nato
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service members were killed in afghanistan in a helicopter crash. a local afghanistan official said they crashed into a field because of mechanical problems. another helicopter landed near the crash site and nato is not releasing the nationality of the servicemen or service women killed. and in washington z c, they are -- washington d.c., they are urging senators to pass new gun control legislation. they caught a ride back from connecticut with president barack obama on air force one. coming up at 5:15, the message they want to bring to senators who have not backed gun control legislation. they will create a plan for what some are calling the hottest center. and it is at a huge complex
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right near the new 49ers stadium. and he is leading a business group which plans to open a bar, hotel and restaurant near the new stadium. we are expecting calmer conditions around the bay area following yesterday's powerful winds. the south bay had its share of damage. an 80-foot oak tree came crashing down in ben loehmann's yesterday. they cleared a 70-foot tree that fell against a home and coming up in just a bit, steve paulson will have your full weather forecast. denver is bracing for a storm that could bring up to 12 inches of snow. strong winds brought a tree down on to a house and it is part of the same system which affected us yesterday. all schools are closed today and they are reporting 2 dozen
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canceled flights and they are warning travelers to expect delays. by the way, good morning to you, sal. >> good morning, dave, good morning tara. we have been watching san francisco and we have a lane blocked and so far it is not enough to cause a big traffic jam. westbound getting into to oakland, traffic continues to look good all the way into the city and if you are driving on northbound 280 coming to downtown san jose, that traffic is off to a good start. let's go to steve. traffic is off to a better start than yesterday, it's clear out there sunny and windy, today mostly sunny and a little breezy but it will also
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be warmer an average highs this time of year 60 to about 70 and we will continue to trend as well. strong winds giving you some snow, you can see the low out a head for most. napas 49, santa rosa 49 and we have a northerly breeze and you can see the direction the winds are coming from napa north at 10 northwest 16 and yesterday was more northwest and that system is making the wind more of arblast are you category -- blustery category. 74 antioch, 76 novato, gilroy
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los gatos got, santa cruz should be really nice, it would not surprise me if it hit 80. we'll see a gradual cooling trend into the weekend, sunday and monday something could clip us over the weekend. >> thank you steve. it is 5:08, they are grieving the loss of their loved ones, the families of two fallen officers and what they say. and good morning northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17 and we will tell you more straight ahead. stay here with us.
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. a photographer was the shot in oakland yesterday and will be laid to rest this weekend. lionel was driving home from the gym when he was hit by a stray bullet. he worked as a freelance photographer covering some of the biggest bay area stories and a service will be held for him in oakland. santa cruz police officers were killed in the line of duty have written letters publicly thanking the community. butler said and i am quoting, we have an outpouring of support from the people of
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santa cruz and the goodness will prevail and redeem our aching hearts. the truth is nothing will ever feel quite right but the sincere outpouring of love from our community has given us the strength and courage to carry on. you can read the entire letter and just click on the hot topics tab on our website families members are calling on congress to enact stricter gun laws. some families from newtown connecticut are talking with congress today, kyla campbell? >> reporter: the president invited a dozen families from newtown connecticut and they will spend the next two days lobbying lawmakers. those families flew in on air
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force one and then spoke in connecticut. they included an assault weapons ban high capacity magazine and universal background check but it has dwindled to just background checks. >> we have to tell congress it's still required to have a background check so that people dangerous to others and themselves cannot get their hands on a gun. let's make it happen. >> reporter: others are vowing to block this and polls show 9 out of 10 americans support upgrading the background check system and we will have more on how newtown connecticut families are reacting when i
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see you next kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. osama bin laden's sun in- law had a pretrial -- son-in- law had a pretrial hearing but the judge wanted to set a trial day for september. they asked the judge for more time because they are being furloughed for more than five weeks because of automatic budget cuts. gates has entered a plea of not guilty for conspiracy to kill americans. and a memorial for margaret thatcher who had been staying at a suite in a hotel, she died of a stroke and her funeral will hold full military honors
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at st. patrick's cathedral -- st. paul's cathedral. they are showing solidarity in the midwest and they have apologized for the inconvenience and the pick up days that were missed can leave extra bags of garbage at no cost. fans may soon have a tough time getting a hotdog at at&t park but 750 concession workers could go on strike possibly as early as next month. they could include stadium cashiers and they have been working without a contract for the past five years and have not shared in the team's incredible financial success. concession workers make between 10 and $20 an hour.
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are you ready to take care of the folks on northbound 101? >> yes, they are still down to one lane after doing some roadwork and it is a little bit late, northbound 101 traffic is still looking okay but again we will keep looking at this and we'll see if this ends up making a big problem. and there is no problem getting into san francisco and we are looking at traffic that looks good in both directions. 5:16 let's go to steve. well a system we had yesterday is moving far enough east, we still have blustery conditions and it is still producing snow in the rockies and severe weather out ahead of it but a lot of 50s. it was enough of a puff of steam to keep it going but if
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it was not it would be colder. northerly santa rosa breeze, that is a sign of a cool breeze and especially if it was december i would say gosh it's cold this time of year but it is not and it is holding up into the 50s. you can still see it over there but lots of sunshine and we have more of a northerly breeze and temperatures will be above average and even then santa cruz will wrap it up, 77 gilroy, it will even be warmer on wednesday and still pretty good but not as warm as wednesday, it will definitely be the warmest day of the week. we are having a response to inflation from community. china said inflation reached
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1.2% and that's down from the month before. japan's bench mark ended flat after rising to its highest level in almost five years. and stocks are going up from alcoa and new government data is showing businesses are growing more optimistic. the dow jones industrial average closed at 14614 and the nasdaq opened at 14 to close at 14 and s&p 500 is closing at 16. and they are looking for a new job. they fired him after only 16 months in a new position is. johnson decided to discontinue sales and promoted every day low prices but that move drove away existing customers but failed to attract new ones.
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they lost about $1 billion and they are being replaced by mike orman. we are talking about the best known vin yards and how they may slow down production. plus a baby food is going to battle, what they are demanding from the world's largest manufacturer. you can get a wakeup call sent straight to your cell phone by texting the word wake up to 70123.
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. we have an update from three baby owls knocked out of their home after strong winds knocked 0 them out of a eucalyptus tree. one of the three has been placed back in the nest, no word on the condition of the other two little owls. a new study for wine could drastically be reduced and they found wine production will shift to new areas as climate
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change affect is the productivability in that area. it will shrink by as much as 70% by 2050. and the leading makers of baby food are on trial after a dispute over warning labels. they are suing gerber, del monte and beach nut. under california law, some of the products require warning labels because of the amount of led they ultimately contain. >> ultimately what we prefer to see is that they clean up the product and a label would not be needed. >> reporter: some products do contain traces of led but labels are not required because the led occurs naturally. the fda said previously in the
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past the products do not cause health concerns based on amounts of led detected. and they have some of the greatest restaurants and berkeley is being named as a top 10 food city. alled bugdecater georgia comes in at number one and berkeley is followed by madison wisconsin. a company is allowing them to walk at their desks. workers just got the standing desks with adjustable treadmills. maybe we should do that. >> i don't think it will work. >> no, they would have to
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adjust the camera angle. >> i guess we will just have to stay seated, i guess. >> all right, that didn't work. traffic is moving along relatively well, although sometimes after the camera goes off me i do stand up because it is cool to stand up. northbound 101 they are picking up the roadwork and it did cause a little bit of a traffic guam and it -- traffic jam and it looks like northbound 101 is a little slower however it's still early and once those lanes open this backup will go away. i don't think it will last long. on the sunole grade traffic is moving well passing mission boulevard. let's go to steve, steve is always standing up. >> it seems like it sal. you are always sitting down. >> yes, sir. >> and we will have a nice day
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on top, it will be sunny today and warmer, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but mainly 50s and there is enough of a breeze to lift things up and highs will be above average in fact warmer weather takes us into tomorrow as well. and a heated dispute in the east bay, how it is raising safety concerns for first responders, police and firefighters, even the public. and a review reporters could face coming up. and they are firing tear gas to break up the ncaa championship.
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. well, good morning to you, i am dave clark. >> and i am torii campbell. in for pam cook. yesterday was a much stronger windy event and high temperatures are starting off with 40s and 50s and we will end up with 60s and 70s, here is sal. again i see some flashing lights and i don't think there will be any trouble and commute
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is looking good on 237 westbound, let's go back to dave and torii. every other east bay city could read that a communication breakdown -- communication breakdown disaster. here is more over the battle over these radios. >> reporter: it could make it difficult to get help when they have a large scale emergency. firefighters and first sponsors are being blocked and according to the tribune, the communication system authority is refusing to work on its new $72 million network and that network includes nearly every safety agency in contra costa counties but those agencies pay an access fee and they have not forked over 1.8 million a year and so far they could have more
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trouble communicating with neighbors. we have not been able to reach anybody from the city of oakland but according to reports, city leaders are considering joining but some are worried they will not represent oakland's interest properly. this is all part of a dispute some say is tying the hands of first responders. as you know, 10 years ago instead of joining the as i, the city chose to go it alone and upgrade its own communications system and they are still holding out hope this will work and we will be following the story for you, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a candle light vigil was held in memory of a college
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student from santa barbara who died over the weekend. >> she is still in our hearts watching over us... >> reporter: more than 100 people gathered to remember her. she graduated and was a freshman at cal polley. she was in i love vista when she became separated from friends at a party. a jogger discovered her body on the beach of santa barbara. >> her smile was so beautiful, she was so beautiful, on the inside and out. >> there is no word yet on the cause of her death but her family thinks she may have accidentally fallen off a cliff. they are searching for a missing man they say is at risk. it happened at the home of a
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friend and he is known to visit the area of our lady of guadeloupe catholic church. he has been showing signs of alzheimer's. there is one person in connection with the suspicious death of a dermatologist. he was found dead sunday night in his apartment. he was detained about questioning and that person they are questioning is believed to be mike call's roommate. >> -- michael's roommate. >> i saw 10 cops in the reception area and my wife said they pulled somebody out of here handcuffed and the person was laughing. >> an autopsy will be -- an autopsy will be done to determine how he died. anybody with information is
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urged to contact detectives. ktvu's christian captain is live in santa clara and you say there are some big named supports there, christain? >> reporter: they are looking to build around the area and the area they are considering developing is right across the street here at the santa clara golf and tennis club and the idea to is to turn -- is to turn into a business district and they are looking at the nearby 30-acre lot but they want to turn it into where quarterback joe montana would like to build a new hotel complex. right now they are also a "b"
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mx -- a bmx bike track but this is exactly what they were counting on and they were hoping it would replace the city's downtown which was torn down in the 50s and 60s and they are not sure how big it will be and how much it will cost. we will have continuing coverage throughout the day for you on channel 2 and for now we are live, christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. [crowd noise] >> we have this new video in of riot police firing tear gas into a crowd after the winning of louisville cardinals in louisville kentucky, riot police were called in after an officer was attacked. they set small fires after
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their team lost the big game. firefighters responded to furniture being set on fire in the streets and disappointed wolverine fans walked out of bars and there were at least several fires and two arrests. louisville defeated michigan 82-76 in a thrilling basketball final and they did it in front of a record crowd of more than 74,000 people at the georgia dome. kevin wear shattered his tibia and the ribbon was lowered so he could cut down the night. >> they are back home after their trip to the final four. they received a big welcome back and cal women came up after sunday's final and they
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take place in new orleans. time now, we have developing news in fairfield. a garage is burning on marigolds drive which started 4:30. firefighters are worried about nearby homes catching fire and so far there is no word of any injuries and we will bring you more information from fairfield as soon as we get it. evacuation orders have been lifted where wildfires have started. at least two homes have burned and we have not heard of any injuries yet. the fire was started by a downed power line and then spread because of high winds. firefighters hope to have this fully contained sometime today. many people are still cleaning up from yesterday's
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powerful wind gusts. it was a busy day and strong winds toppled 5 trees in the sunset district alone. they spent the day removing san. and after being hit by a tree, she is recovering. 17-year-old hanna was on break from class when a 70-foot pine came down during yesterday's fierce winds. she suffered a fractured vertebrae in her upper back and some minor scrapes. >> i was literally two inch is a way from getting head trauma, major trauma. >> several trees on campus will be removed as a precaution. >> boy, that is wild. >> uh-huh. dave, torii, good morning and traffic is moving along well around the bay area and it
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is getting a little bit busier in contra costa county and you can see road sensors are getting busier and as we tilt down to the fremont area, we are looking for any slowed traffic. we don't have a lot, it's nice and light and 13 minutes from fremont as you drive through. they are showing a nice looking commute coming across the bridge, but small delay at the toll plaza. that traffic is looking good and once that roadwork is picked up it will recover. the low pressure system is in the rockies and also in utah and colorado they are producing snow but speaking of mountains, there is high pressure building around the west coast and we still get a breezy condition, i have seen winds up to 13 miles
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per hour. yesterday was the howling event and we will not have anything like that but some higher elevations will have up to 40 miles per hour. we will top it out on wednesday with maybe lower 80s and then we see some snow on the backside, salt lake city, for us is clear as a bill and for us we will start to warm up and the low will impact much of the country you can see the snow in the rockies and severe weather or rain out ahead of it will track that and it will be a severe weather maker over the next two or three days. a lot of 50s but the winds are northwesterly and today it's more north. wind gusts are 22 and i have seen 40 to 50s in mt. diablo. 38 in eureka for goodness sake in southern california and fair weather friends, the trend is for a lot more sunshine and also some warmer temperatures
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an average high 60 to 70 and we will be above that and if that north wind holds it will not surprise me and we will be cooler with a little bit of a breeze. right now it is 5:31, a high school student was diagnosed with tuberculosis, what school officials are making sure they can do not to get sick. how this could affect tourists overseas. and on the east shore freeway, the traffic is looking pretty good and it is getting more crowded and we will tell you more about your morning commute.
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. good morning, clear skies, still blustery but not like yesterday, we will have lots of 70s inland. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. we are finding out more about a sexual assault at st. paris college -- st. mary's college. that suspect is college age but is not a student there. and a distribute between the city of oakland could lead to a disasterrous communication break down. the communication authority has refused to program the public safety radios to work on its new network. and some of the family members of newtown connecticut,
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they traveled with president barack obama after the president's speech in hartford,connecticut and they want congress to pass new gun control legislation. north korea is warning foreigners they must leave south korea or take shelter. north korean officials say the two countries are on the brink of a nuclear war and they cannot guarantee safety of u.s. and nothing is preparing them for the attack. and in the meantime preparing for a missile launch from north korea, they prepped missile sites and any north korean launch would only be a test and it is believed north korea is still years away from having a nuclear missile which is
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operational. and the secretary of state john kerry said his talks with palestinian leaders over the last three days have been very constructive. this is john kerry speaking with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and he said he is determined not only to resume peace talks but to end this conflict once and for all. kerry also met with mahmoud ahmadinejad -- mahmoud abbas and talks have been frozen. they will join nbc for a massive rights rally and they are called by any means necessary. that same organization held a rally yesterday at uc sprout plaza. they are calling for the dream act and they want full rights
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for undocumented immigrants in the u.s. one student was diagnosed with tuberculosis and now 200 classmates need to be tested for the infection. this thursday, contra costa health services will test those who came in contact with the student who had tuberculosis. the risk of getting it is only about 10% and the student diagnosed has recovered. and a fire in palo alto is being called suspicious. it happened just before 430 testimony temperature on illinois street. five people were inside and were able to make it out okay. a van was parked in the driveway. the fire caused 100,000 dollars in damage and the family is now being helped by the red cross. caltrans is going before
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the metropolitan transportation commission. caltrans will give an update on the ongoing investigation and possible fixes to this embarrassing problem. engineers found at least 31 huge bolts had snapped. tests later showed it contained hydrogen which can weaken middle -- metal pieces. however it will not delay the opening of the bridge. we are looking at the oakland freeway system and we are looking at 580 and 880 and it looks good on 880 in front of the coliseum and traffic is moving well and still breezy as steve mentioned but not as bad as yesterday. the wind advisories are not up for any of the bridges so it should be a much nicer he drive but as you can see the bay
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bridge and background, no problems on the bridge itself. so if you are driving on the dumbarton, it looks good on highway 101, let's go to steve. parts of the north bay, the breeze seems to have died off and if it was not for that, yes there are still good breezes, up towards brentwood and it seems to be quieting down. lows in the 40s to the north, you can see where the cooler air is and most locations are holding in the 50s and we get more of a northerly breeze but it will be sunny for everybody. for you, for me for dave but not for nelson. it will be warmer and temperatures should be 62 to 70s and that upper wind will be likely today and the low will
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be like blowing up over the next few days and it will be affecting the country and you can see a swath so i imagine the change is -- the chase is up. 60s to 70s and a few upper 70s and even warmer tomorrow, yes. then we will cool it down and take us through the week and it will cloud up sunday into monday. and some of the perks that make silicone valley such attract tis places to -- attractive places to work, they are scrutiniesing them and perks are considered to be fringe benefits and employees say the perks are not compensation and should not be taxed. they are all providing employees free meals and other
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free perks. ben bernanke said stress tests should become much stronger and this year's tests showed 18 of the biggest banks have doubled those losses since tests were run in 2009 which means all of the banks tested are better able to withstand a severe session. >> expect bumpier flights in the future and they will rocket entire industry in more ways than one.
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. good morning, skies are clear, still breezies, more of a north wind to a few upper 70s. check out the hail, helping storm chasers back in kansas, a spring blizzard is hammering areas bringing freezing temperatures, hail, snow and over in colorado, there are reports of tornadoes reeking havoc and rattling nerves. and a san jose judge has ruled they have failed to study the impacts of fracking and
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they have ruled land management assets sole oil developments come after a law chute is filed by -- lawsuit is filed buy two environmental groups. they are looking to come up with an appropriate remedy. researchers say turbulence will double by the year 2050 and the jetstream will change. now the intensity of the turbulence is also expected to increase by 40%. rerouteing flights will increase fuel consumption and carbon emissions and even cause more delays. a proposal will allow google executives and they will call for a new million dollar facility on the west side of
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the airport. it will mostly be used by theco founders of google. and the city will get at least $3 million a year from other fees and if this is approved the groundbreaking could start this summer. they could come out with mac pros and the new models of the desk top commuters could be released as early as this month. and the details about changes to the line have not ban announced either. apple last updated the mac pro in june. it is 5:56, we want to check in again with sal on the roads and any chance we will start in the south bay? >> yes, torii you have been reading my notes haven't you. it looks good as you drive through and as a matter of fact it does look good and 280 traffic looks good as you drive
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on the sunole grade if you are driving from livermore that connector is off to a good start. a disturbing crime on a bay area campus, what we found out about an attack inside a student's dorm room. still breezy and temperatures will warm up and i will have your forecasted highs in two minutes.
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. we are live where a student has been sexually assaulted. and we will tell you about the new plans around the 49ers stadium. and they are in washington d.c. this morning, we will have more on the message they have for lawmakers. and more on a huge storm in the bay area, what we can expect, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2
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morning news. good morning, i am dave clark. >> pam is off and let's get a look at traffic with sal and weather with steve paulson. >> we have some upper 30s and 40s and a decrease on the breeze and we have a little bit of a north wind and we will be above average on temperatures and 60s and 70s closer to the coast and bay. traffic does look good and visibility is better and winds are not as bad as they were yesterday. still looking at 880 and traffic is looking good, let's go back to the desk. at 6:00 we are getting word of breaking news in iran and there are reports of a 6.3 earthquake and the quake is reportedly centered about 50 miles from iran's nuclear plant
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in a foreign city in iran. again it is a 6.3 earthquake in iran and we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. 6:01 back here at home, police are investigating reports of a sexual assault in st. mary's college and they are live to tell us what the police are saying about the attack and the suspect, tara? >> reporter: police say the suspect is not a student here on campus and he and a student came back here and that's when the crime happened. police say that the female student was sexually assaulted in her room in a lower townhouse early saturday morning and they believe the suspect came here after a meeting in berkeley friday night. news of the salt spread quickly on this tight knit campus and


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