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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bombing suspecpls after the attack. wherinvests inthey wereheaded w explosives. >> right now, oakland s.w.a.t. officers surrounding a home where a shooting suspect is barricaded. what they're doing to try to lure him out. >> we are starting out mostly clear and warm in some spots although some sneaky fog has moved in along the coastline. what does it mean for our weather? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and look at this. suddenly we have more company heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza right now. we'll let you know if they turn the metering lights on coming up in a few minutes. good morning, it's tuesday, april 23rd. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. he has already been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction. in the boston marathon bombings. but more charges are ahead for johar tsarnaev. >> the next legal step for tsarnaev is likely to be a federal indictment. the 19-year-old tsarnaev indicated he and his brother were motivated by religious extremism. cbs news reports the two brothers actually had plans to
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go to new york city following the boston bombings, something they mentioned to their alleged carjacking victim on friday night. cbs reporter edward lawrence joins us live in boston now with the very latest. good morning. >> porter: good morning, frank and michelle. the mother of the two accused suspect respects in the bombing actually spoke -- suspects in the bombing actually spoke to a british newspaper and said she is proud of her two boys. she said there is no way she believes they are guilty of this crime but the 19-year-old suspect told interrogators inside his hospital room that he did play a role in the bombings here in boston according to cbs news sources. 19-year-old johar tsarnaev's hospital room became a makeshift courtroom monday. a federal judge arraigned the terror suspect and announced he is being charged with using a weapon of mass destruction during boston marathon bombings last week. it killed three and injured 180. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. prosecutors believe he and his 26-year-old brother tamerlan placed two pressure cooker bombs on boylston street around
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the marathon finish line. tamerlan died friday in a shootout witpolice r being treated for gunshoun he at beth ing el hospital but despite bested in seri condition, the judge said, i find that the defendant is alert, mentally competent and lucid. cbs news learned interrogators questioned johar in his hospital bedside and he reportedly told them that he and his brother acted alone in order to carry out the marathon bombings. our sources say the tsarnaev brothers read jihadist websites but were not reportedly part of a terrorist group. because johar is a united states citizen the justice department is trying him as a civilian, not an enemy combatant. >> since 9/11, we have used the federal court system to convict and incarcerate hundreds of terrorists. >> reporter: late monday night federal investigators swarmed an area behind a cambridge business where the father used to work on cars. officials placed a tarp over the scene to keep the search private. but they were filmed carrying out a box.
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and an m.i.t. police officer ambushed and murdered on friday will be laid to rest in about an hour. it's a private funeral service. tomorrow will be a public service a memorial service that will be attended by vice president joe biden. reporting live in boston, edward lawrence, back to you. >> what's next for the court case against tsarnaev? >> reporter: he actually has a court hearing that has been double up. he has a bail hearing that's coming up and also a probable cause hearing. both of those will be on may 30th. >> and i understand boylston street finally opened up. are things somewhat back to normal in boston or is it still pretty touch and go? >> they are trying to come back to normal. the streets that this happened on, boylston street, is a very busy street in boston. it is now open. that is new this morning. they are trying to come to terms with this, trying to get c
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also from boston, a surprise visit to the hospital room for an 11-year-old boy. hern recovering from injuries suffered in last week's bombings. three members of the as stopped by to see how he is doing. ♪[ music ] and aaron's classmates at martinez junior high wanted to his back. they sent him this get well video on youtube with signs there. his math teacher took her camera room to room to show kids offering signs of encouragement. officials on both sides of the border do not think there's a connection between two terrorism suspects in canada and the boston bombings. authorities say two men were scheming to derail a passenger train in the toronto area. the suspects are foreign nationals who do live in canada.
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officials say they were in the planning phase and were getting outside help. developing news in libya this morning. a car bomb explodes at the french embassy injuring two french guards and a libyan teenaged girl. the bomb detonated outside the embassy building in the early- morning hours before staff arrived. it set off a fire at the entrance that spread to offices inside. a motive is unknown. right now in oakland s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded an apartment building at international boulevard. they believe a shooting suspect might be inside the building. a man shot in the leg around 10:30 last night called police and told them who had shot him. kcbs radio's tim ryan reports hearing flash-bangs within the past hour. that may be an indication that the s.w.a.t. team is trying to resolve the situation although it's not clear whether the suspect is actually still inside the building. we'll ke> 6:05 right now. it's never been so hot
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time of year. >> this past week, temperature records fell all over the bay area especially yesterday with some areas in the low 90s. but it's apparently going to be a little more comfortable today. no 90s. maybe an 80 or two. let's bring in lawrence karnow we say hi anabout >> well, hello there, frank. i love that single shot of you right there. [ laughter ] >> we should have stayed on that. [ laughter ] >> it's lovely. >> hey, guys. yeah, great day yesterday. we had some records out there. probably no records today but still nice outside. now i have my own single cam. nice weather but fog at the coastline and winds kicking up through the delta. we are expecting gusts there as high as 40 miles per hour through the carquinez strait and into the central valley. so be careful traveling that way. with the winds, we have seen temperatures staying up just a bit. 68 degrees in vallejo, 68 napa, 65 in livermore. only 54 where it's calm into concord right now and 47 and patchy fog along the coast. today we begin some slow
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cooling outside. yesterday we topped out in the upper 80s even low 90s. today it will be cooler outside. still some mid-80s possible inland but we have patchy fog along the coast a sign of coomber weathe way. we'lveon that -- cooler weather on the way. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are beginning to see a little bunching up in some of the westbound lanes because of a hit-and-run, sounds like a smaller fender-bender. it is out of lanes but it's westbound 580 right before 680 and as you can see, traffic is stacking up a bit behind it. slight delays through pleasanton. the bay bridge, they just turned the metering lights on this morning at 5:58. so that's why we are starting to see delays in the cash and fastrak lanes and it looks like probably about a 10-minute wait there. here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland where things are quiet. westbound 4 slow no accidents just jamming through antioch and then things improve. that's traffic. back to you guys.
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>> thank you. 6:07 now. some more fire stations could soon be closing in contra costa county and several jobs are on te caugiran is livez with more on the proposed cuts this morning. cate. >> reporter: good morning, frank. we are at station 12 or what was formerly known as station 12 here in martinez. now it's just an empty building. this is one of the four stations shut down this year because of cuts. two more station closures are proposed to be closed. as for staffing, although 365 are recommended, the budget calls for only 293. firefighters are outraged over the proposed plan. they say more cuts are critical to the safety of the area. for example, this fire in september destroyed two homes in concord. firefighters said in these fires, response times were slower than normal. the president of the united
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professional firefighters of contra costa county has already come out d said this is unacceptable. and he says, enough is enough. reporting live in martinez, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the contra costa county board of supervisors will be reviewing the proposed budget tonight at 9:00. -- or today, rather at 9:00. a groundbreaking later this morning in burlingame for the first new public elementary school there in a half century. hoover elementary school has been closed for the last 30 years. some neighbors want it to stay closed. they filed a lawsuit to stop it. they are concerned about increased neighborhood traffic. a key step in the court ordered reform of the oakland police department. a compliance director is expected to present his proposed work plan and budget to city officials today. thomas frazier a former police chief in baltimore was appointed by a federal judge last month. he has powers to set an action plan and to fire or demote top police officials. the state of nevada has
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apparently been dumping psychiatric patients and sending them to northern california. the "sacramento bee" finds as many as 1500 low income and one way bus tickets from the t state-run rawson neil hospital in las vegas. now san francisco's city attorney is launching his own investigation. >> patient dumping is illegal. there are medicare and medicaid and treatment laws that are implicated. >> herrera has sent a letter to nevada's governor and top health officials demanding records of patient transfers. time now 6:10. pocketknives in the sky. the tsa takes a second look before changing its rules. >> and it's giving new meaning to waterfront dining. how one restaurant is taking advantage of flooding to boost its business coming up. boat was half the battle!
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the t-s-a has decided to dea >> a teen makes the catch of a lifetime. half the battle. n th big fish. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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shop at ♪ dance class, shopping, anmore. sog nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. plan to allow passengers to carry small knives, bats and welcome back. the tsa has decided to delay a plan to allow passengers to carry small knives, bats and other sports equipment on board airliners. the relaxed rules were supposed to go into effect but the ruling is delayed until an advisory committee has time to consider feedback from various groups. there was no mention of how long that might take. a hearing today in washington in connection with the battery problems with the boeing 787 dreamliners. federal investigators are looking into how regulators and boeing tested and approved the new battery system. the plane was grounded because
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of fire and smoke from batteries. one issue for the hearing is whether the government gives aircraft makers too much authority in safety testing. 6:15 now. let's check with elizabeth. w's itlooking? >> it's been great. it's been super quiet all morning long. barely any accidents anywhere. i know. i was trying to get it out. here's a live look towards the airport out of town 101, this is in south san francisco near south airport boulevard. everything is moving at the limit. let's check the south bay now. this is 101 near the mckee exit. northbound picking up a little bit in the last half hour or so but overall, it's not a bad commute. over at the bay bridge they turned on the metering lights just before 6:00. so we are left with this delays in cash and the fastrak lanes. it looks like it's stacking up to the 880 overcrossing now. so 15 minutes maybe to get you on to the bridge. we have not seen any incidents, no hot ot unfortunately or fort
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this is just your usual from"a" street towards winton b so a heads up towards the san mateo bridge. westbound 580 is a solid backup. brake lights from 205 out of tracy all the way through the livermore more valley and livermore avenue we start to see relief. drive time in the yellow 30 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. we had a hit-and-run approaching the dublin interchange that doesn't appear to be causing any significant delays. and mass transit still no issues for bart systemwide muni caltrain or ace train number 3 all good to go. that's the latest check on your traffic. for more on our gorgeous weather forecast, here's lawrence. >> we'll see another nice one outside. although we are seeing changes overnight with patchy fog moving in along the coastline into the salinas valley. got some of that fog there early on but it's compressed near the surface. nice and clear inside the bay and clear t lile in some of the valleys.
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we are going to see sunshine for most of the day and it's going to stay warm although we begin a slow cooling trend today so temperatures not as warm toward the afternoon. high pressure starting to weaken somewhat sliding a little further to the north. we have seen a surge of some low clouds and fog up in the south along the coastline all pointing to gradual cooling over the next few days bottoming out thursday. sfo no weather-related delays expected there. 74 degrees and sunshine. around the country though we could have a couple of trouble spots. denver more snow and 37 degrees. thunderstorms and rain in chicago. that could cause problems and about 61 and mostly cloudy but dry in new york. around the bay today, plenty of sunshine all day long. again no records but it will be nice and toasty 83 in san jose. 80 in palo alto. about 65 with some patchy fog in pacifica. east bay temperatures moving up to the mid-80s in most spots and inside the bay a breeze by the afternoon but still 75 in san francisco. and about 79 in oakland. next couple of days, we'll see a little more fog and low clouds that will thicken up a
6:18 am
bit and the temperatures will start to cool off, probably hitting bottom by about thursday. then we'll start to warm up slightly for the weekend. but temperatures starting to cool today, still very nice. mid-80s toward the afternoon. >> what did you say about denver again? >> denver lots of snow 37 degrees. >> so glad i'm not there. >> yeah, we are too. >> yes, all right, lawrence. thanks so much. well, some towns in the midwest are bracing for more high water from major rivers. an inch of rain is expected to fall today from oklahoma to michigan. and that could raise crest forecasts for several rivers including the mississippi. a barrier in clarksville, missouri, just north of st. louis shows some signs of strain on monday. so volunteers scrambled to build a second wall. and a restaurant in iowa is staying open despite being surrounded by floodwaters. big muddy's is living up to its name. the mississippi river is 7 feet above flood stage there. but customer are surprised to find that the restaurant is open for business. the manager is waiting for the water to go down but in the
6:19 am
meantime, patrons have quite a view. they just go in through the back door. >> take your shoes off, though. >> no kidding. a 19-year-old from houston made the catch of a lifetime during his make-a-wish foundation trip to hawaii. >> have you seen this fish? sterling ellis is in remission from hodgkin's lymphoma. he was out on a fishing adventure in hawaii when he landed a whopper. an 11-foot 759-pound marlin. and as you might imagine, the fish put up quite a fight, too. >> i'm like i don't think i can not like it's pressure on me but my arm is locked up and i can't really reel. >> is he excited? i think so. took almost an hour several people to reel in the massive marlin. ellis will get to keep the marlin's bill as a trophy and a souvenir. by the way, the teenager will undergo a bone marrow transplant when he gets home. so some good medicine for him and what a memory, huh? look at that fish.
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checking out your pollen report ford today the pollen count is going to be running in the moderate category, mulberry, oak and grasses could be the problem. we'll have more on your weather coming up.
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talk about a dedicated fan. at sunday's royals-red sox game this fan went for the foul ball. you see him make the catch taking out a few people along the way. look at that. even though he landed on the hard cement stairs he got the ball and is said to be okay. of course, he is hugging everybody there. >> i'm not sure -- >> i don't know. >> he has the ball. the giants fell behind early against arizona last night. former giants cody ross with a blooper, bases loaded, 2-0 in the 1st at at&t. two-run game in the 8th when buster posey hit his second home run in two games to tie it up. in the ninth, brandon belt with his first career walkoff right here. a base hit. game over giants beat the diamondbacks 5-4 in a comebacker. they will play again tonight at at&t. go to boston, first responders from watertown honored during the as-red sox game. pre-game at fenway. a bad night for oakland starter aj griffin. g a ave up a career-high 9 runs iny mike napoli. that's a grand slam over the
6:25 am
monster. as rallied in the 8th reddick with a double off the monster but the red sox went on to win 9-6. the as have lost four in a row the longest losing streak this season. better luck tonight. our play of the day comes from the premiere league's championship match between manyvongmanchester united and aston via. the hat trick in the 13th minute, left footer and he finds the goal. this was his second score of the game. manchester won the game 3-0, took its 20th english league title yesterday. awesome. >> we got to covered. >> it is 6:25 right now. coming up, accusations of patient dumping. did nevada really send its mental patients to california? >> plus, hear from the s.w.a.t. team officer who captured the boston bombing suspect freud after pulling him from a backyard boat.
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>> reporter: and a new budget for contra costa county fire could mean two more fire stations closed. what firefighters say this could mean for the safety of your home. ,, [ male announcer ] enjoy delicious chicken
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, april 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:0 now. the next legal step in the boston marathon bombings case will probably be a federal indictment. >> surviving suspect johar tsarnaev was charged in his hospital room yesterday. the 19-year-old tsarnaev indicated he and his brother
6:30 am
were motivated by religious extremism. cbs news learned the brothers told their alleged carjacking victim they had explosives and planned to go to new york next. in boston with the charges ts. reporter: 19-year-old johar tsarnaev's hospital room became a makeshift courtroom monday. a federal judge arraigned the terror suspect and announced he is being charged with using a weapon of mass destruction during boston marathon bombings last week. it killed three and injured 180. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. prosecutors believe he and his 26-year-old brother tamerlan placed two pressure cooker bombs on boylston street around the marathon finish line. tamerlan died friday in a shootout with police. johar is being treated for gunshot wounds here at beth israel hospital but despite being listed in serious condition, the judge said, i find that the defendant is alert, mentally competent and lucid. cbs news learned interrogators questioned johar in his hospital bedside and he reportedly told them that he and his brother acted alone in order to carry out the marathon bombings.
6:31 am
our sources say the tsarnaev brothers read jihadist websites but were not reportedly part of a terrorist group. because johar is a united states citizen the justice department is trying him as a civilian, not an enemy combatant. >> since 9/11, we have used the federal court system to convict and jail hundreds of terrorists. >> reporter: late monday night federal investigators swarmed an area behind a cambridge business where the father used to work on cars. officials placed a tarp over the scene to keep the search private. but they were filmed carrying out a box. edward lawrence for cbs news, boston. >> there will be a private funeral today for slain m.i.t. officer sean collier. the tsarnaev brothers allegedly killed collier on the school's campus thursday night. a public memorial service is scheduled for tomorrow on m.i.t.'s campus. vice president joe biden is expected to attend. we're hearing from the law officers who took suspect johar tsarnaev into custody on friday
6:32 am
night. members of the transit police s.w.a.t. team mthe arrest tea man found him hiding in a boat in his backyard. >> i saw the suspect sitting up on the -- i believe it's called the gunnel of the boat with one leg hanging over the side and his hands were just sort of down by his side. he looked weak. he was shaky, appeared to be losing consciousness. >> hear more from the swat team members on "cbs this morning" at 7:00 on kpix 5. two suspects were scheming to derail a passenger train in toronto. the suspects foreign nationals who lived in canada and under surveillance for a year. officials say they were in the planning phase and were getting direction from al qaeda in iran but no financial help.
6:33 am
there was an explosion at an embassy in libya. it engulfed some of the offices inside. a motive for the attack not clear. there was no one in the building at the time. a developing stoin th bay area over in oakland. >> police have surrounded a home looking for a man who may have been connected to an earlier shooting. tim ryan is with police at the home on international boulevard. tim this has been going on since late last night. what's going on now. >> reporter: eight hours now that police have been searching for the shooting suspect. a man was shot at 90th and cherry about 10:30 last night. the victim knows the shooter and directed police to the naked the lockwood gardens the police ote car. ct. they surrounded his apartment.
6:34 am
there was a voluntary evacuation. they tried to talk with the man used flash-bang deces. it ln' l here because there is no word of an arrest and most of the police -- and they were here by the dozens, most of them have left including s.w.a.t. there's a tow truck here, taking away a vehicle so it looks like oakland police will continue to search for this shooting suspects. >> have they had any conversations whatsoever with the guy inside? >> reporter: it doesn't look as though they have, frank. they never were certain that he was inside, although the car connected with the shooting, which was 20 or 30 blocks from here, was in the neighborhood. they felt he was probably here and so they surrounded this place, tried to talk with the man but there's been no conversation and now we can see that the police are departing so looks like he is not here. >> thank you, tim ryan. contra costa county taxpayers cod be being d
6:35 am
to dig deep to save fire stations again. supervisors will present a new budget that includes deep cuts to fire services. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us exactly what is on the chopping block. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. the president of the united professional firefighters of contra costa county has also come out and said enough is enough and this organization says this new proposed budget is unacceptable. as it stands, four fire stations have already closed in the past year and the new budget proposes two more closures for the upcoming fiscal year. as for the staffing, although it was recommended at 365, only budgeted for 293. now, firefighters say budget cuts have already the reason for delayed response times. for example, this fire back in september, two homes in concord were destroyed. firefighters said in these particular fires, response times were slower than normal.
6:36 am
today's meeting is scheduled for 9:00 this morning. and the board of supervisors is expected to see this budget presented around 10 a.m. live in rtte iran, ix 5. >> all right, cate. thank you. the board decided to close the four stations last year after a $75 per year parcel tax failed to pass the november ballot. yesterday should have been a holiday here in the bay area. today not too far behind, right, weather-wise? >> not the banner beach day that we had yesterday but i think around the rest of the bay area the weather is going to be spectacular again. just a little bit cooler outside. fog' coastline. the winds are kicking up in spots. look at our mount vaca cam shaking in the winds this morning. we have seen gusts over 20 and 30 miles per hour inland add there is a wind advisory in some of the valleys, as well. here it is. into the delta the carquinez strait wind advisory until 2 p.m. could see some of those gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. but it is still going to be a beautiful day in most spots. the temperatures where we get those winds have warmed up even
6:37 am
65 degrees now in san francisco. 66 in vallejo. and 66 already in santa rosa. by the afternoon, we are back up tothe mid-80s in spots inland. 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s with patchy fog at the coastline. more on your weather coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we'll start you off with a live look over at the bay bridge toll plaza. they are cycling through the metering lights slowly this morning so we are already seeing the backups to about the foot of the maze. 15 or 20 minutes to get on the bay bridge. but other bridges no delay. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92, 15 minutes out of hayward. nimitz wrapped up roadwork so now near 66th and high streets, still an easy ride from the oakland coliseum, oakland airport towards downtown oakland. to our maps, southbound 680 at durham road in fremont, we had a large truck that was spilling gravel. so now we're hearing up to 12 cars on the right-hand shoulder ran over some of that gravel. the truck is now out of the
6:38 am
way. but in the meantime, you may see some slight delays southbound. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> okay, liz, thanks. north vallejo little leaguers are asking parents and relatives to leave their firearms at home. 200 little leaguers temporarily benched last week after a noninjury shooting happened in the parking lot during a game. the shooting happened after a father and relative apparently got into an argument while they were playing baseball out on the little league field. >> i know it would happen in vallejo but wouldn't think it would happen on a baseball field during a t-ball game where little kids are playing. >> they were heartbroken, you know? they want to play baseball. nothing out here for them, you know, really to do positive the only thing. >> the game is back on. the little league posted a new no tolerance policy behind home plate including no violence and no weapons. probably a pretty good idea. california highway patrol will continue to help patrol the streets of oakland. the details are still being worked out but the chp might expand its patrols in oakland from two days a week to four.
6:39 am
oakland is also working on a new contract with the ameda county sheriff's department to keep deputies on ol in oaklanicek>>the ste of nevada h reportedly been sending its psychiatric patients to northern california. the "sacramento bee" finds as many as 1500 low income and mentally disabled patients got one way bus tickets from the state-run rawson-neal hospital in las vegas. now san francisco's city attorney is launching his own investigation. >> patient dumping in itself is reprehensible and it's illegal and there are medicare and medicaid laws that are implicated. there are treatment laws that healthcare providers are required to adhere to. >> herrera has sent a letter to nevada's governor and top health officials demanding records of apparent transfers. coming up a hair-raising moment. what one woman found in the bathroom at a circus. >> it's hard to ananchorman's m
6:40 am
the shortest career in broadcasting, that's now gone viral. >> and it's incredible. and the market opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers on this tuesday. everything is green and looking mighty fine. we'll crunch the numbers and much more with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks when we come back. stay with us.
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check of weather. i have to separate you two. >> about to fall off the desk here. >> my wheel is coming off. >> all right. >> your wheel came off a long time ago. [ laughter ] >> patchy fog at the coastline and dense at the beaches but we have some great weather coming our way again. windy in spots inland though. you have to watch out for that. sunshine for most, though, as we head in toward the afternoon, and again a little bit cooler but still on the
6:44 am
warm side. slow cooling though continuing as we head in toward the next few days. but high pressure beginning to slide a little bit further to the north. that's allowed some low clouds and fog to begin to stretch in from the south. we are seeing more of that fog so gradual cooling starting today still on the warm side inland and then more cooling toward wednesday and thursday. how about the temperatures around the bay area today? they should still be very nice and warm. 83 degrees in san jose. 81 milpitas. 80 degrees in palo alto and 75 in hayward. east bay temperatures moving up into the mid-80s in many spots. inside the bay sunshine and temperatures still at 79 degrees in oakland. 75 and breezy into san francisco and 56 degrees in daly city. if you plan to head out to the game tonight it should be clear and pretty mild outside. the temperatures into the mid- 60s for the giants and arizona. looks like around the bay area the next couple of days the temperatures will start to cool down it. a little windy in spots inland through the delta and through the central valley so watch out for that. otrwise ofbereng u s check the
6:45 am
elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and outside towards the dublin interchange, one of our busier spots this morning. we had one earlier minor fender- bender right before 680. that's not really impacting traffic but we are seeing a bigger backup through the altamont pass and livermore valley at this hour. drive time more than a half hour. let's go out towards the golden gate bridge where you can see thing are moving fine this morning all the way out of marin county. no issues for the southbound 101 ride into san francisco. northbound looking good, as well. over at the bay bridge they have been cycling through the metering lights slowly this morning. you can see cars barely moving right now before the pay gates. so it is backed up pretty solidly through the maze all the way out towards the metering lights. and then it looks okay on the upper deck. we haven't seen any incidents at the bay bridge just a lot of traffic right now trying to get into san francisco. other live traffic cameras and our maps, westbound 237 stacking up through milpitas. you can see that drive time suddenly in the yellow. 9 minutes out of milpas heading towards sunnyvale.
6:46 am
and this is another issue in fremont. southbound 680 right before durham road. we had a truck spilling gravel in the roadway and now they are saying numerous vehicles off to the right-hand shoulder with some sort of damage. we are hearing up to 12. and again that westbound 580 ride very slow. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. a turnaround from a year ago for netflix. and that means good news for shareholders out there. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. i think netflix investors are very happy this morning after the results from the 1st quarter for the company. it turned a profit as opposed to a loss year, about $3 million. revenue more than a billion, easily topping expectations. it added 2 million new subscribers in the u.s. now with 29.2 million and the stock is absolutely soaring higher today. it's up right now by 22% at over $212 a share record territory for netflix.
6:47 am
apple reports its earnings after the closing bell today. it's expected to show weakening from a year ago. poor iphone sales compared to ar earlier leading to what's expected to be about a 14% drop in profits. a lot of analysts ha downgraded the stock. it's rallied over the past couple of days just peeking back above $400. google executive chairman eric schmidt told bbc radio this morning that google glasses will be out a year from now and admits in a it's going to require some new social he had get because there's technology in google glass that allows people to take pictures by winking and doing other things like that. he says obviously, there are situations where it won't be appropriate to record with google glass. a lot of privacy concerns with that. stocks off to a good start because of corporate earnings. dow up by 108. nasdaq up 25. s&p up 11. google shares up just slightly.
6:48 am
frank and michelle, back to you. >> looking good. thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. a woman goa se when she tobacco a bathroom break at a circus in kansas over the weekend. she ran into an escaped tiger. the tiger act had just wrapped up when the big cat got loose. and, of course, being a female the animal headed straight for the women's restroom. security had cleared the area except for one person, jenna, who used another entrance to use the facilities and found herself face to face with the an massachusetts. >> my first thought was okay, i need to be calm, turn around, walk out. you'll be fine. that's what i did. >> jenna said it was quick but her young daughter had questions. she asked her mom did the tiger wash its hand and if it bought popcorn. i'm thinking no. >> probably not. >> on either. >> exactly. >> right. san jose's world famous birds are going to get a
6:49 am
visitor today. >> they are. we are talking about the birds, here they are live, falcons clara and fernando and chicks will get a visit from biologists. they will band the baby legs so they will can be tracked. the sex will be determined at that time. you can watch it live on the same camera, the falcon cam, starting at 7:15 this morning. they are all bundled up there chirping away. >> i love these wildlife cams. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." that would be charlie rose who joins us live from new york in the big chair on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. ahead, the men who caught the boston bombing suspects. >> we have no idea if he rigged this boat to blow. it could have been a timer or anything to try to suck us into that kill zone. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team members give john miller a play-by-play of how the operation unfolded. plus new details about what the suspects did before the violent
6:50 am
standoff. the news is back in the morning and we'll have it for you at 7:00. >> all right, charlie. thanks so much. and as charlie said, bs this morning" starts at 7:00. starting out in the news business can be tough and believe me, we know. >> yeah. but no one knows this probably as much as this guy. >> watch. [ [ bleep ], [ bleep ] >> good evening, i'm -- >> there you go. aj clementi on his first day on the job gets himself fired for dropping the "f" bomb. aj apparently was having a difficult time pronouncing a name and was cursing to himself not realizing though that the show had already started. well, he was canned for it. but he has fans who hope he will get a second chance somewhere else. >> i guess he deserves a second chance. but the first day on the job you want to be proper and ready
6:51 am
to go. >> we learned your mic is always on even if it's not. >> caught a couple of times. >> aj is getting attention especially from some funny people. >> david letterman dedicated his entire top 10 last night to the former anchor. >> three, received congratulatory phone call from sue simmons. [ bleep ] >> what are you doing? >> two, kept dropping your pants and yelling this just in! >> and the number one sign your first day as a news anchor didn't go well, aspired to be the next ernie anastos. >> tough man to make a tender forecast, nick. >> i guess that's me, [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> if you knew what ernie said there, that was what a couple of years ago in new york. >> i think we need to get on youtube and watch that. >> we need to stay off youtube actually. >> no kidding. time now, 6:51. apple and volkswagen team up on a car. >> it's called the i beetle and cnet's brian cooley will tells about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
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[ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron.
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care for your car. more violence. the two brothers had a the boston marathon bombing reiolence. y have been planning the two brothers had a cache of weapons and their carjacking victim heard them mention manhattan leading investigators to believe they may have planned explosions in new york, as well. surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev indicated the two were motivated by a radical brand of islam but not connected to a major terror group. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded a building in oakland at international and 65th overnight. they believed a shooting suspect might be inside. a man shot in the leg last night called police and that led to the lockwood gardens public housing project. not clear whether the man they were looking for was there. but most of the officers have now left. the late steve jobs' dream has become a reality. apple and volkswagen are going to build an icar.
6:56 am
cnet editor at large brian cooley joins us this morning to tell us all about it. it's an ibeetle i guess? >> exactly. they are going to roll out a new version of it. >> reporr: itwas just shoing to be a beetle that has the apple touch. apple has never worked with a carmaker before to revise and create a special edition of a car. this is a very big deal. here's the specifics. you can see it there. it doesn't look different from a regular beetle but all the styling touches will be done with apple. look at the top of the dash and you see where the iphone docks in a cuss stop dashtop dock. this isn't just more music in a custom dashtop dock. in will allow additional gauges and displays. there is the apple logo in volkswagen script. so it's an interesting blend. that iphone on the dash will do like i said additional gauges and information will display there that aren't on the dash. it will let you do postcards so you can hit a button on there and send out to your friends on social media or elsewhere literally a preformatted postcard with manage
6:57 am
information and maybe even a picture out the windshield of where you're driving right now. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: all this further than music because apple knows that the connected car is a huge piece of new real estate where we are going to start to use digital media so this there arrive in the market early next year. >> why volkswagen and will this get to toyota and some of the others? >> reporter: volkswagen has been behind on in-car tech compared to toyota, ford, mercedes, bmw. they all have app support in their vehicle but volkswagen is still behind on that kind of thing so this is a good catch- up move for vehicles was again and it's a hip style company like apple. they have simpatico there. >> how much will it cost? >> reporter: pricing isn't out yet. i don't think it will be a lot because this is not a huge redo of the car. but it's adding a nice new layer to it so i think it's going to be in the same price category where the beetle is now. >> samsung saying, why didn't we do this. >> reporter: who do we line up with? >> it's a big trend. >> find more of brian cooley's
6:58 am
segments at let's go over to weather with lawrence. very nice weather by the way. >> yeah. great weather around the bay area. the patchy fog has returned to the coast but nice and clear over san francisco. we'll see some cooler temperatures outside as it looks like high pressure is starting to weaken somewhat. numbers right now are already on the warm side at livermore 65. 65 in san francisco. and 65 also in santa rosa. we have seen the winds kicking up today. there's a wind advisory through 2:00 in the afternoon through the delta, the carquinez strait into the central valley. temperatures going to top out in the mid-80s inland. you will see 70s and 80s inside the bay. 60s and patchy fog at the coast. more clouds, some cooler temperatures over the next couple of days. and we are just hearing about a new accident westbound 580 approaching north flynn with a couple of cars involved. one lane is blocked. 29 miles per hour, one continuous long line of brake lights from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. so if you're heading out of
6:59 am
town, maybe towards sfo, or just traveling along 101 and the peninsula, this is a live look in south san francisco approaching south airport boulevard. -- everything looks good in bus both directions northbound and southbound and a quick check in on the bay bridge toll plaza now where it is stacked up fully into the maze but, of course, those metering lights are on. i missed the noon show yesterday. i was doing a "cool school" but something happened. >> something happened. lawrence, it was so nice outside yesterday and you said that you were going to buy me an ice cream. >> i said what? >> you said. >> let's hear it. >> did i really? >> i think you should buy me an ice cream after the show. >> you got it! [ laughter ] >> you said you got it. >> that wasn't me. >> i still haven't got my ice cream cone. >> he doesn't that. >> i forgot about that already. >> isn't the show over yet? >> you have to get into it. >> it's going to be a nice day today, a good ice cream day today. so lawrence? >> i'll get you a cup of coffee. >> can i have one too. >> whatever you want. >> get with it. >> thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. tuesday, april 23, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." new details about the moments leading up to the boston bombings, and john miller talks with a s.w.a.t. team who put the surviving suspects in handcuffs. republicans try to blame the white house for massive delays at the nation's airports. >> in studio 57, pastor joel osteen and his wife victoria and harvey winestein. >> we begin with your world in 90 seconds. >> he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this trust through the civilian system


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