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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 7, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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got a ball, too. >> do they do garlic fries? >> if they do, i'm out in the mccovey cove. >> no beer, either. >> what?! [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado in the west. it is tuesday, may 7, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." three missing women are found alive in cleveland. they may have been held hostage for years. scramble a fire those are the words used. south korea's new president gets her first tv interview. we begin with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. i have been missing for ten years. i'm here. i'm free now. >> three women missing for years are found alive in a cleveland home.
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amanda berry disappeared in 2003. >> michelle knight was 20 when she vanished in 2002. >> all found alive about five miles from where they went missing. >> locked up against their will. >> she was in the door and she said help me get out. i said what is wrong with with you? >> three brothers including one who lives in the cleveland home are under arrest. >> for the families the nightmare is over. >> secretary of state john kerry hoping to pressure vladimir putin to get bashar al assad to leave office. according to an exclusive article chris christie got a lap
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ban stomach surgery. all that -- >> i don't like this tactic by ketchup at all. i don't think it was fair. >> what time? >> and all that matters. >> president obama hoping a trip to the golf course might help the cause in congress. >> does president obama think golf is conducive to this kind of discussion. >> he is willing to try anything. a company is coming out with a beer drone. everyone is now fine with drones. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by prudential. prudential. welcto welcome to "cbs this morning." >> good morning. what an incredible story out of cleveland this story. >> three young women apparently
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held captive for decades are free this morning. the women were found alive. they vanished in their teens or early 20s. >> now three brothers are under arrest. police say they were hiding the women in plain sight. >> this is the headline this morning and this is the house with the sheriff's cruiser in front of it where police say last night a woman called them for help. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay, and what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped, and i've been missing for ten years, and i'm here. i'm free now. >> amanda berry's break from captivity came late monday when neighbor charles ramsy says he sees a woman scream for help. >> this girl is going nuts on
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the door. she says he got it locked. i looked how he had it only enough to grab the mail. >> ramsey kicked open the door and said berry escaped with a small child. when police arrived at the house they discovered to their surprise two other missing girls. gina dejesus and michelle knight. >> for the families prayers have been answered. the nightmare is over. these three young ladies have provided us with the ultimate definition of survival and perser veerance. berry disappeared in 2003. dejesus went missing on her way
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home from school at the age of 14. michelle knight disappeared in 2002. all three were found miles from where they went missing. >> currently they are safe. we are in the process of evaluating their medical needs. they appear to be in fair condition at the moment. >> reporter: berry reunited with her sister at the hospital. their mother died some say of a broken heart, in 2006. ted serrano is berry's brother-in-law. >> telling me she is okay. >> the dejesus family savered the moment. >> three brothers in their 50s including the man who lived in the home where the women were found were taken into custody. investigators combed through the
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house late into the night collecting evidence. police said it would remain an active crime scene for days. the three men have been identified as the homeowner and his brothers o'neil and pedro. in addition a 6-year-old girl was rescued last night and police just told us she is the daughter of amanda berry. >> with us now from washington is john walsh, former host of "america's most wanted" his show profiled the case many times over the years. good morning. >> good morning. >> this story is just incredible. what are the odds that three women after all these years would be able to get free? >> i haven't been able to sleep all night. to get all three of them back alive the odds are so slim. they are in relatively good shape. it looks like amanda may have
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had a child from one of her capt ors. i talked to the mothers amanda berry's mother died of a heart attack and many say she died of a broken heart. this is a wonderful ending to get the three women back alive. >> how do the kidnappers maintain control? what is the mental submission that takes place on the part of those kidnapped? >> i was wondering last night, for example, how this guy could keep these women in that house without them getting away. it looks as though that his brothers helped them do that to beat the women down tie them up and threaten them and terify them. if you can listen to the 911 call of amanda berry here. she was terrified. she was worried that any minute
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he would come back. i have to say one thing about charles ramsey to help her. he said i was a black man. it was a white woman. i thought it might be a domestic argument. maybe i would be in the wrong place but he had the guts to get on the porch and break open the door and save the lives. it is just an incredible story. i hope the three guys that kept those women there, they are alleged to have done that i hope they pay. i hope they pay big. >> on the 911 call we heard amanda berry identify a man who was apparently a former school bus driver. what does that tell you? it certainly sends chills up many people this morning. >> it tells me that he had plenty of time to scope it out and he knew the dejesus family. everybody has this misconception
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that the child molester is the terrible guy under the bridge. they look like anybody else. i have been involved in many cases where kids and girls, these creeps function in society, they are in the house next door. they control these women and exploit these women and do whatever they do to them. there doesn't seem to be anything out of the norm. amanda berry saw her tiny window yesterday and she screamed for help and she was lucky. charles ramsey said i have to get involved up that porch and got her out alive. >> thanks john. we will be drawn by father of elizabeth smart. his daughter was kidnapped at the age of 14 and held for nine months. overseas syria topped the agenda in moscow this morning.
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secretary of state john kerry arrived for talks with vladimir putin. the meeting comes on the heels of two israeli air strikes in syria. and those trying to escape the civil war. >> reporter: good morning. jordan is one of several countries bordering syria that is struggling to cope with the endless flood of refugees. the u.n. estimates there will be 1.2 million syrian living here by the end of the year. more than 80,000 people have been killed. in the face of relentless bum bardness from the regime some 3 million syrians have been forced from their homes. more than half a million have fled to jordan.
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63,000 refugees arrived in the small country. many come here. now the second largest camp in the world with 175,000 residents and counting it is also now the fifth largest city in jordan. some officials are concerned that the heavy influx of refugees could stabilize the country but security forces here are preparing for the chaos that will almost certainly ensue if the assad regime falls. now, the u.s. is one of jordan's closest allies. there are currently approximately 200 u.s. military personnel here in jordan. they are training soldiers on how to go into syria and try to secure the chemical weapon sites should the assad regime fall. >> thank you. and the senate committee holds a confirmation hearing today for
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deborah jones. >> we are learning new details about that attack from his former deputy in libya. >> reporter: the confirmation hearing for the new ambassador are getting underway. we are getting the interview conducted by congressional investigators with the deputy to ambassador chris stevens. repeated requests for military help was turned down. congressional investigators said as the benghazi attack unfolded he repeatedly called officials to request to scramble a fighter or two. the answer was it is too far away. >> he was basically shut down. >> hicks and and two other state
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department officials will testify before the submity tomorrow. >> hicks said there was a special unit in tripoli that was ready to go to benghazi but they were told to stand down. why? >> this is one of the most disturbing part of gregory hicks' testimony, they were the best trained, best equipped and most likely to be able to save lives and they were taken off the plane. >> reporter: hicks said i believe if we were able to scramble a fighter over benghazi as quickly as possible the live ynlive -- libyans would have split. >> i don't have access to the interviews that i think have been referred to. >> reporter: on monday states men deflected questions about hicks. >> we haven't seen the transfers. >> reporter: democratic congressman of virginia says the
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state department's own investigation was sufficient. >> this was the ninth set of hearings that republicans have had trying to make something stick. >> reporter: so this hearing tomorrow is clearly going to be contentious. hicks no longerer works in libya. he is based at the state department here in washington and he will be the star witness. last night democratic senator helped reach a bipartisan deal on background checks. the measure failed but he is not giving up. what is possible in your judgment to get past it? >> i believe the background check bill is possible. >> not the one that failed last time. >> we are going to have to make adjustments to it and find out where the comfort zone is. what we need to be is educate the law abiding governors like myself. people don't believe this is a threat to their second amendment. this bill not only protects your
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second amendment. >> i want to know what is different because it will make it more powerful to those people. >> we have some people that were concerned it might infringe on family transfers. we are going to clarify the language. it would be basically not subjected to the background check because that is a personal transaction with a family member. we have private and you have basically commercial. if you are going to go to a commercial like to a gun show gun store or online it should have a background check. >> there was a huge nra convention over the weekend in houston where the new president of the nra said this expanded push for background checks is an all-out revenge on gun owners. there was a lot of rhetoric about your bill at this convention. >> it is not true. >> and you have an a rating from
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the nra, right? not anymore. >> really this bill does things they tried to do for 20 years and treats the law abiding gun owners like myself and a lot of my friends in the nra as they should be treated. >> are you frustrated with the nra? >> they are rattling the cage saying if they do this. the difference is this is constitutional. this is legislative action for changes, not like the epa or regulatory agencies. people are concerned they did this and this and this and this. that is not going to happen. this makes common sense. >> i have to ask you about the other story on the front pages of the paper today. the air force chief of sexual assault prevention has been
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accused of groping a woman. he has been dismissed. how does this happen? is there a huge problem with sexual assault in the military? >> we are finding out that more and more of this is happening. it is not tolerated in any segment of our society. >> they need to change the process. >> they have to change the process because we are finding too many instances. i talked to our female senators who are on top of this. it is very very concerning. i can tell you we are all in concert with this as far as changing this dynamics of what is going on in the military. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "new york times" says the obama administration is directly accusing the chinese government for launching cyber attacks. by some estimates more than 90% of high tech spying on the
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united states come from china. and investigators blame imonium nitrate for the massive explosion in west texas. fire officials say the chemical compound was stored at the plant and likely triggered the blast. the cause of the tire is under investigation. the washington post says the senatet has passed a bill allowing states to charge sales tax for online shopping. the minneapolis star tribune says the fbi has foiled an apparent terror park. buf rd bucky rogers was arrested friday. this all happened in the town. authorities say rogers talked bombing the local police station. the new york post says
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governor chris christie has under gone lap ban surgery. the he tells the post the surgery has nothing to do with a possible run for president. >> i see you smiling after that. >> i think he did it for himself but politics may have had something to do with it. we will talk more low pressure still spinning up some clouds in our direction. there is a chance we could see some pop-up showers throughout the day today but most of that will be over the mountaintops. from our mount vaca cam, we have clouds and starting to break up a little bit. still a lot of moisture wrapping around this system, so we are going to leave a chance of a few lingering showers in the forecast for today.
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temperatures expected to be in the 60s maybe mid-70s in the warmest spots inland. the next couple day we dry out, maybe 80s by the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by prudential. there are no obstacles, only challenges. prudential, bring your challenges. one of the most important women in the world gives her first interview to margaret brennan. the tough talk about the nuclear neighbor to the north. what caused a fiery disaster
7:21 am
inside a limousine? the driver is speaking out. >> at that point when the door was open it was horrific. flames were high. i felt that nobody could have survived that. it is election day for mark sanford. it could also be redemption day. you'll see why sanford could still win against the sister of stephen colbert. the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. a mother's day present? oh, i totally agree. she is the best mommy ever. [ female announcer ] introducing these all-new nfl charms by charmed memories at kay jewelers. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. on this tuesday, san jose police arrested a man and two women one of them pregnant in connection with a series of armed robberies this morning. the suspects were caught this morning after a car chase that ended with a crash. two women are still in the hospital from the limousine fire that killed five of their friends over the weekend. it's likely to take weeks now to find the cause of the fire on saturday night on the san mateo bridge. and a pleasant hill -- and the pleasant hill city council decided this morning not to save a domed theater from the wrecking ball. they will build a sporting goods store where the building is on 680 in pleasant hill. traffic and weather coming
7:27 am
right up after the break. stay right there.
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good morning. we definitely have longer drive times than normal from livermore on westbound 580 and on southbound 680 from pleasanton down towards the sunol grade. and it's all because of an early-morning fatal accident on southbound 680 approaching andrade road. checking the bay bridge right now conditions are pretty typical for this time of the morning. looks like it's backed up to the foot of the maze. 15, maybe up to 20 minutes to get you on the bay bridge. metering lights are on. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> still a lot of clouds in our skies right now. a little broken in spots. let's get you out there live right now and, well, a nice start to the day in toward the pleasanton area. dry so far. our hi-def doppler radar showing you things staying dry now but that may change a little bit later. 50s and some 60s right now. toward the afternoon, 60s and 70s for a high. then it looks like a return to drier weather and warmer temperatures on thursday and friday.
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new jersey governor chris christie had a funny moment on friday. they're all funny but this one was good a group of children visited his office and someone spotted a spider on his desk and this happened. he now has a problem with peanuts. the animal rights group not the mediterranean bred. he has a very good relationship with them. they put out in a statement suggesting that the governor be more compassionate to even the smallest animals. listen, if you eight legs and can't outrun chris christie you deserve that. >> you know he suffered a lot of jokes about his weight and now the governor is doing something about that. we'll talk about that coming up. >> the governor says that in the grand scheme of things i was
7:31 am
looking at my wife and my kids. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour former governor mark sanford is locked in a dead heat with his democratic challenger. this is election day. national republicans abandoned him but are voters ready to put him back in office? >> the woman who is staring down kim jong-un. park geun-hye gives her first interview to margaret brennan. a bizarre twist in sexual assault in the military. the head allegedly groped a woman. >> chuck hagel is said to be outraged. >> reporter: the arrest of 41-year-old lieutenant colonel jeff krusinski has people
7:32 am
reeling. >> the mug shot shows signs of a struggle. police say a drunking ingen krusinski approached a woman in a parking lot and grabbed her breast and buttocks. the woman managed to get away and contact police. now a man who is supposed to prevent sexual assault is charged with one count of sexual battery. a former air force academy baseball player, krusinski has been the chief of the sexual assault and response branch of the airport since february. the unit is responsible for overseeing policy and educating service men and women on a growing problem. >> sexual assault is a crime. >> reporter: new figures scheduled to be released today by the pentagon show a continuing rise in sexual assaults in the military. reports of sexual assault are up 6% from 3,192 in 2011 to 3,374
7:33 am
in 2012. the pentagon's estimate of the real number of what is notoriously an underreported crime goes much higher. 26,000 service men and women experienced unwanted sexual contact compared to 19,300 two years before. made worse, says california congresswoman jackie spear, by the fact that commanding officers have broad powers to prevent prosecution within their units and often do. >> the result is that we have about a third of the women who serve in the military now that sometime in their career will be sexually assaulted or raped. >> reporter: 122 lawmakers are pushing legislation that would allow sexual assault cases to be investigated and prosecuted outside the chain of command. meanwhile, krusinski has been removed from his job as head of sexual assault prevention for the air force until the investigation is completed. charlie, norah? >> david, thank you.
7:34 am
governor chris christie is in the middle of a re-election campaign in new jersey but this morning news of his weight loss surgery is turning the conversation toward a white house. cbs news political director john dickerson is with us from washington. good morning. what's your take on this? >> well, in talking to governor's staff this morning, they say this is about him turning 50 and doctors said this will catch up with you some day. he wants to be around for his kids. but of course this is seen in the presidential context. he went in and had outpatient surgery on presidents day weekend to make sure everything is sufficiently parallel here. you know remember that haley boush barbour said if i lose 50 pounds it's because i'm running for president or i got sick. chris christie in typical fashion is cutting to the chase doing this. cutting to the middle. >> it's not possible this has nothing to do with politics. it's all about health.
7:35 am
>> right. exactly. >> i have a bridge for you. >> of course this has that second element. >> it's amazing that the governor has been able to keep this under wraps for several months now and apparently he's lost 40 pounds. he's facing re-election as governor. he's been the butt of jokes and he's also been pretty adamant about defending his weight, hasn't he? >> he has to be. he's adamant about pretty much everything. it would be funny if he turned into a shrinking flower on this question. he didn't tell staff until yesterday. he told his chief of staff this is happening. so if running for president is one morning job is keeping things secret, he did a good job on that here. >> he didn't go to a doctor's office except for the surgery. the doctor came to him so it would not be discovered. >> they were talking about it before hurricane sandy hit and so this is something that's been in the planning for a while. >> he said he rejected gastric surgery because it was too
7:36 am
risky. >> i didn't hear that. you know one other thing about this is his poll numbers are going to be watched and now everybody is going to watch his weight numbers between now and whenever he decides one way or the other whether to run for president. two numbers to watch. >> dr. john dickerson this morning getting into the pluses and minuses of gastric versus lap band surgery. i don't want to miss out on election day in south carolina. or it could be redemption day for former governor mark sanford. do you think he may win today? >> it's awfully close. the district in which he's running mitt romney won by 18 points. this is a very red district. and so even though mark sanford lost support of the national party in washington he had that confrontation with his wife over the visitation to her house, he's repeated his mistakes in addition to the well known one, he seems to be coming back. that strength of his personality. he's just been fighting it out.
7:37 am
it's also strength of the fact that it's a very, very republican district. they would rather have one vote in support of john boehner than one vote in support of democratic leader nancy pelosi. >> thank you for that. we appreciate it. in northern california officials are still trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire inside a limousine. a bride and four of her friends were killed. one survivor says the driver got out but didn't try to help the women still trapped inside. but as ben tracy reports, the driver is telling a different story. >> reporter: the driver of the limousine that burst into flames saturday night on the san mateo bridge said the evening turned into tragedy in an instant. freends friends out celebrating tried to warn of the danger over the loud music of the radio. >> she said smoke. i'm driving on the elevated part. i'm trying to concentrate.
7:38 am
>> there's smoke. fire came out. stop the car. stop the car. >> reporter: they were frantically trying to tell him the car was filling with smoke. by the time he pulled over here on the bridge the limo was engulfed in flames. in less than three minutes,ers in died. >> at that point when the door was open it was horrific. it was just flames were high and i felt that nobody could have survived that. the flames were too high. it happened so fast.
7:39 am
>> reporter: the fire comes at a difficult time for brown. he's been working to turn his life around after facing run ins with the law and drug problems. he says today he's working with at-risk youth and intends to donate two week's pay to the fire victims. officials say the investigation into the cause of the fire and who might be to blame will take several weeks. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> and she is being called the iron lady of asia. south korea's top new president, park geun-hye, gives
7:40 am
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south korea. before that talk, park geun-hye gave her first interview to our margaret brennan. margaret brennan is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, charlie, and to norah. the president told us she wanted to do this interview to introduce herself to america. what u.s. officials want to know is just how hard her policy will be toward north korea. she told us she will make them pay if they attack. her own personal story is fascinating and weaves you through this conflict with north korea. >> park geun-hye is known as the iron lady of asia. a reputation she earned during her rise to power in a male dominated country. her father was killed by one of his own intelligence agents after running the country for nearly 20 years. her mother died at the hands of a north korean spy.
7:45 am
despite that park met face to face in 2002 with the man who likely ordered that attack north korea's kim jong il. >> that familiary caused a lot of pain for your country and for you. what was that like being face to face with him? >> translator: of course if i take personal considerations into account i should not have gone to north korea but i had to move beyond that and i had to take into account the need to further embed peace on the korean peninsula and to think about how we can prevent such tragedies from occurring again. >> reporter: a decade later, park is facing off against his son, current president kim jong-un challenging her in new ways. he tested a nuclear weapon just weeks before her inauguration. while state run media exploited her gender in verbal attacks referring to her as a woman who has forgotten her place. the north said the venomous
7:46 am
swish of your skirt was responsible for the buildup in tensions. what did that mean to you? how does that make you feel? >> translator: in my view the very fact that they're not basing their comments on facts but resorting to various attacks referring to my dress and what not is a sign that they have very weak rationale. >> reporter: park is taking a harder line than her predecessors. she said if north korea attacked again, she would make them pay. that sort of tough talk got her elected. you have a reputation for being very strong, perhaps a little cold. why do you think that you have a reputation for being tough? >> translator: many people are frustrated by the fact i would hold to my principles and not break my promise to the korean people and perhaps that is why certain people feel that i'm a bit cold. however, i wish to stress if i did not hold to my principles, i
7:47 am
would not be here today. >> reporter: her inauguration was greeted with much fanfare including an appearance by the country's biggest pop star. but now south korea and the world want to know whether park can deliver on her pledge to engage the north koreans and bring an end to all right. still a lot of clouds around the bay area, some glistening waters out over the bay, too, as we have seen the clouds broken a bit. there is a slight chance we could see a few more scattered
7:48 am
showers outside today as the storm system slides south of us. temperatures now in the 50s and the low 60s. by the afternoon, a chance of a few pop-up showers over the mountaintops, mainly 60s and some 70s for highs. next couple of days, return to dry weather. warmer temperatures, maybe some 80s towards friday and the weekend. three women missing for ten years are now reunited with their families. ed smart knows what that feels like. we'll talk with the man who lost his daughter to kidnappers and then got her back. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
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two women ar >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. get get you caught on this tuesday morning. two women had still in the hospital after a limo fire that killed five people. the survivors crawled through a small window to get out of the burning limo. it could take weeks to determine what happened. the driver suspects it was an electrical fire. nba play-offs last night a disappointing night for the warriors who lost a 16-point 4th quarter lead and then lost the game in san antonio. 129-127 in double overtime last night. they were so close. they will try again tomorrow at san antonio. meanwhile, stanley cup play- offs, sharks can complete the sweep of the vancouver canucks
7:57 am
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it's slow on northbound 680 approaching calaveras road. a truck ran off the road through a fence and is now 50 feet from the freeway. so they got to use tow crews to remove it. in the meantime, we are seeing delays northbound. if you are traveling 880 and 237, it looks like this. slightly slow-and-go as you leave milpitas heading towards zanker road and a check of the bay bridge about a half hour, 20 minutes to half wait to get on the bridge because the metering lights are on. here's lawrence. >> a lot of clouds around the bay area, a mix of sun and clouds. we are not done with showers yet. there is still a chance we could see a couple of scattered showers around the bay area. but the temperatures right now in the 50s and the low 60s. as we head throughout the day, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and a lingering shower. 60s and 70s, next couple of days settling down. warmer temperatures toward the weekend. [ male announcer ] no matter what
7:59 am
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it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." three women are waking up to freedom after a decade in captivity. what are they and their families feeling today? we'll talk to elizabeth smart's father. viagra is now being sold online directly by its manufacturer but if you're getting prescriptions from an internet pharmacy "consumer reports" will show us why that can bring risk and reward. and judge judy joins us here in studio 57. she says some couples who live together to act like grown-ups. but first here's a look at "today's eye opener at 8." >> i haven't been able to sleep all night to get all three of them back alive, the odds are so slim. >> three young women apparently held captive for a decade were found alive yesterday in a home
8:01 am
near downtown cleveland. >> reporter: three arrested men have been identified as the homeowner, ariel astro, and his brothers o'neill and pedro. >> the fact that they recovered well, it just makes the police department, it just gives us a boost. >> hicks says that there was a special unit in tripoli that was ready to go to benghazi but they were told to stand down. why? >> this is one of the most disturbing parts of gregory hicks' testimony. >> what we need to do really is be out and educate the law-abiding gun owners like myself. this bill's not only protects your second amendment, it ex-papds sex-pand expands. the arrest of jeff krusinski shines a spot on the military. >> he's been pretty adamant about defending himself, isn't? i >> he's also adamant about pretty much everything. >> president obama spoke at ohio state's graduation and told the
8:02 am
students that it's their responsibility to make the world a better place. they were, like, wait isn't that literally your responsibility? i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the cry to help to a 911 operator could not have been clearer. >> amanda berry made the call after escaping from a house in cleveland. she and two other women say they were held there against their will. three brothers are now under arrest. dean reynolds is at the scene in cleveland. dean, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. this headline in "the cleveland plain dealer" today says it all, "alive and safe." >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years, and i'm -- i'm here. i'm free now! >> reporter: the nightmare is over for amanda berry. her break from captivity came late monday after her alleged kidnapper stepped out of the house. neighbor charles ramsey said he
8:03 am
heard a woman screaming for help. >> i see this girl and she's just going nuts on the door. i'm, like what's your problem? if you're stuck, just open the door. she said, i can't. he's got it locked. when the police got here she said there's three more girls up there. >> reporter: berry vanished just before her 17th birthday after walking home from work. gina dejesus went missing a year later at the age of 14. be michelle knight disappeared in 2002. all three women were found just miles from where they went missing. three brothers in their 50s were arrested, and officials say formal charges should come within the next 36 hours. now, a 6-year-old girl who police say is the daughter of amanda berry was also rescued last night. at that age, it would mean she was born during her mother's captivity. for now, police are not saying who the father is.
8:04 am
charlie? norah? gayle? >> dean reynolds thanks. earlier this morning we talked to ed smart in salt lake city. his daughter elizabeth, was kidnapped in 2002. she was rescued after spending nine months in captivity. >> good morning. >> now, the country -- the whole country knew about elizabeth smart's disappearance and her recovery. outside of the cleveland area most of us had not heard about this story until yesterday. so when you heard the recovery of these three young women, your first thought was what? >> three miracles. i mean what a wonderful ending to a horrible nightmare. i remember the moment i saw elizabeth, and i'm sure the parents of these three women are absolutely thrilled to have their daughters back. it's just really a fantastic day for them. >> what's necessary for these young women today? what do they need?
8:05 am
>> they need love and support and to have their family and everybody else understand that you know what happened to them was not their fault. they didn't choose to have this happen. and that you know they just need that unconditional love and a chance to rebond with their family and you know basically to stay out of the media at this point. >> ed, can you describe the anguish that the families go through and parents, your own daughter who was missing for nine months, the parents of these three women? >> you know i think that you could look at it as a wound that would not heal and to have it go on for nine months -- nine years, ten years, is just -- you know, there's incredible pain not knowing what's happened to them, where they are. are they okay? are they alive? you know i've heard that
8:06 am
they've had these candlelight vigils for years now. you know certainly it felt that their daughters were still out there and held hope which i think is absolutely wonderful. as i've said a chance of talking with many parents, i've heard some of them say that you know they feel their child is alive, or they are deceased and these parents, from what i understand said that they felt their daughter was still out there and held the hope. you know to have this come home, i think that there are other children out there. and it goes to the importance of people being aware of their surroundings. you know if there is something, to report it. >> can you tell us briefly about elizabeth? i know she's married. she's now working as an advocate for other kidnapped victims. how did she get through this? do you ever get to a normal place in life, or do you just have to move on? >> well you know you want to think that you can go back to
8:07 am
the old normal that you used to have, that life can settle back into that groove but that's really not possible. but there is the possibility of a new normal although these ten years have been taken away from these women. they have the rest of their lives to live. you know with support and love you know they'll have you know, still a wonderful life to live. i just hope that the families understand that, you know that really what happened to them was not their fault. they need love and support and that chance to rebond and find those happy points in life. >> ed smart, thank you so much. and secretary of state john kerry is pushing russia to get tougher with syria's government. kerry landed in moscow this morning for talks with vladimir putin. so far russia has blocked american's efforts to force syria's president out of power. u.s. officials say kerry brought evidence to putin showing syria's government has used chemical weapons. the white house says the
8:08 am
president is looking for closer ties to capitol hill. so yesterday the president invited three senators to play a game of golf. one of them was republican senator bob corker of tennessee. senator, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> so what did you learn about the president from his golf game, and what did you learn? >> it was mostly about golf, and candid candidly, it was a lot of fun. saxby's hole in one on 11 was just perfect. it was a great day. it really was. >> what did you shoot, and what did the president shoot? >> you know we had to stop on number 15 because we had votes on the senate floor, unfortunately. we tried to get the president to put them off. in any event, we all played well. the president played well. he was good to be around. and everybody did. i think they've announced publicly -- we don't say much about these things -- but saxby and i took a little money off of him. it was good. >> there you go. >> there was betting involved. senator, i want to ask you about secretary of state kerry who arrives in moscow this morning. you're on the senate foreign
8:09 am
relations committee. do you think that this administration needs to move further in terms of arming the opposition? what's next? >> i do think we'll be arming the opposition shortly. we're doing a lot more on the ground than really is known. but we do have to change the equation. i think y'all know the moderate opposition groups that we support are not as good at fighting. they're they're not as good at delivering humanitarian aid. we need to change the balance and they need to reach out to the aillouite population. we've got to change the balance there, and i do think we'll be arming the rebels soon. >> and can you do that without giving those weapons to rebels? >> a lot of it charlie, at this point is actually -- it's almost symbolic. i mean, we have the extremists, as you know a nightmare would be al nusra gaining control of syria. that's worse than assad being
8:10 am
there. i think we can. we've known for a long time which of the groups are more moderate and more secular. you never have total control, but i think it's time for us to begin changing the balance. and i think that's the right way to do it. >> senator, before you go, when you played golf with the president of the united states do you pull out all the stops to beat him, or do you think he's the president, i'm going to let him win this one? >> you know, i've got to be honest. i played pretty well yesterday, and i tried to make every putt. i really did. look, the president, again, he wants that. it was a great match. he played saxby and myself and it was a lot of fun. and we did talk about some public policy issues. so constructive in every way. we all committed not to give a readout on that but no we played to win. >> senator corker good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. for the first time in 40 years, queen elizabeth will miss the commonwealth heads of government meeting. buckingham palace officials say the 87-year-old queen will not go to sri lanka in november.
8:11 am
she was set to meet with leaders of britain's former colonies. prince charles will go instead. she canceled several days of appointments in march after a stomach illness. the stars came out in manhattan last night. they attended this year's fashion gala
8:12 am
a study of 10,000 websites found only 3% follow u.s. pharmacy laws. before you shop for your prescription drugs on the web, "consumer reports" has a life-saving information that you should know about. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by biomet. visit to learn about the partial need from biomet.
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8:16 am
mother you a new series called eye opening moms. mellody hobson starts us off talking with denise morrison. three successful sisters and a mother who is all business. >> if they came home with bad grade, what would you say? >> you're grounded for life. >> all you had to know is she was disappointed. >> even if you brought home an a? >> my mom and dad would say how are we going to get to the a
8:17 am
plus? >> when i got ceo of campbell's i called my parents and said i achieved my life dream. i'm so honored to run this company and they paused a minute and said that's great, denise. what's your next goal? >> mom and dad are tough. really? you get an a and they say where's the a plus? >> what's your next goal. >> that is good. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. >> announcer: this morning's eye opening moms sponsored by macy's.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
♪ pfizer is selling viagra online. it's the first time a prescription drug is being sold directly by the manufacturer. if you are getting any prescription filled on a website, it's important to know who you can trust.
8:21 am
any surprise to you that viagra is the first one they allowed online? >> absolutely not. it's one of the most commonly prescribed lifestyle medications out there and is not covered by insurance. people are seeking a deal. they are trying to find something cheaper than $25 a pill but unfortunately $25 a pill will get you the actual tablet. the correct one that's not been counterfeited. a red flag would be aggressive marketing in your e-mail inbox. that's the first sign. the second sign is if they are trying to give you medication for which no generic is available. for right now viagra there is no generic. we don't see a generic until 2020. that's a huge red flag. it means that there's medications that are getting in other places. >> this is in response for fraudulent drugs out there. we've covered this before about how many drugs from china are being sold online that are not the real thing. >> that's true.
8:22 am
just about 97% of all internet pharmacies are illegitimate. we've been tracking research done from outside groups who look at thousands and thousands of internet pharmacies a year and discover that really just about 3% are of the legitimate real deal. that's it. the third red flag is if no prescription is required. so if it's advertising you don't need to talk to your doctor, come over here and we'll give you a cheap pill no prescription needed, that's a terrible sign. skip it. go to an actual pharmacy. >> how do i know what's legitimate? when i go to cvs, i don't know that's legitimate. >> that's a great question. a lot of people have that question. at a big box store or a drugstore chain like cvs, walmart, walgreens, we know that the distribution channels for those go really long. there's a very clear path as a way to understand where these medications come from. the fda is confident and will take responsibility for those medications. >> lisa gill we thank you. judge judy is the highest
8:23 am
paid personality on tv. we'll find out why she's worth it and hear what she's sayin
8:24 am
8:25 am
you real, real -- >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. it's 8:25. time for some news headlines. a police chase in san jose led to a crash and the arrest of three people. they are now suspects in several armed robberies. police say at 2:00 this morning a woman walked into a 7-eleven armed with a long barreled revolver and stole cash and lottery tickets. now all three people in the alleged getaway car are under arrest. two women are still in the hospital with injuries from the limousine fire that killed five of their friends on the san mateo bridge. survivors were able to crawl through a small window to get out of the burning limo. the chp says it could take weeks to learn what went wrong on saturday night. the state agency
8:26 am
investigating the deadly san bruno blase's pg&e should pay $2.25 billion for its negligence. the puc recommends that pg&e shareholders shoulder it. the blast killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. a judge will make the final decision later this year. stay with us, traffic and weather coming right up.
8:27 am
goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. good morning. the ride up and down 880 is kind of a mess now. near the oakland coliseum we have a couple of things going on. northbound 880 where it usually backs up is a crash just
8:28 am
reported near 66. and then southbound is unusually backed upcoming from downtown oakland. there is a stall reported near hegenberger. but let's look at our maps and the sensors. we are seeing slow traffic all the way down into fremont. and it is likely due to a very early-morning crash on southbound southbound 680 in the sunol grade and people are still trying to find alternates even though lanes have long since cleared. southbound 880 an earlier alternate is really backed up, heavier than normal past the dumbarton bridge exit. we'll have more traffic coming up in a half hour. lawrence has the forecast. >> a few broken clouds. there's a chance we could see a few lingering showers today. looking toward mount diablo you have clouds outside, temperatures just beginning to warm up in the 50s and the 60s if you are headed outside now. by the afternoon, a chance of a couple of lingering showers but mainly over the mountaintops. next couple day return to a dry weather pattern. high pressure moves in for the weekend. 80s on the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour we're celebrating mother's day this week with our new series eye opening moms. mother's day is sunday. you'll meet the ceo of campbell soup company. she and her three sisters have their own recipes for success starting with their mom. that's coming up. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" says nasa's thinking about a mission to mars but so far there's no program and no budget and nasa admits it doesn't have the technology. at a conference yesterday audience members grew impatient with senior nasa officials expressing cautious optimism. >> the boston globe talks to the man who elbowed president obama in the face during a pickup
8:31 am
basketball game. renaldo accidentally threw his elbow back at the president in 2010. he needed 12 stitches for his upper lip. he said he kept silent until now because he didn't want this to define his life. good luck with that. >> good luck with that. the miami herald says when it comes to discussing family money matters, moms are better than dads. a survey out today finds moms are often the ones who get the conversation started on things like retirement and saving money. that's because mothers are more likely to describe themselves as the empathizer in the family. think that's true gayle? >> i'm not surprised edd to hear that. are you charlie rose? moms start the conversation about money? >> not at all. >> me neither. in 1993 "60 minutes" introduced america to a no nonsense family court judge. her name was and still is judith sheindlin. >> the longer he spends not seeing his family the more
8:32 am
difficult it's going to be. is that a fair statement, sir? let's just do it. >> the goal is to get them to do the right thing. nobody that comes into my courtroom has done the right thing. they're afraid if they come in i may do the routine thing which is give me rhetoric. either one of two things are going to happen. i want off this case. i'm never going back before that monster again or they'll say the next time i come in i better have done my job better. >> do they ever mouth off at you? >> rarely. >> i believe it. the interview caught the eye of tv executives and now judge judy is the number one show on daytime tv. it averages 9 million viewers a day. it's syndicated by cbs television distribution. her sixth book is called "what would judy say, a grown-up guide to living together with benefits." wow. congratulations. >> good morning. >> we'll talk about your book in just a second. i want to talk to you about the story in cleveland. the discovery of those young
8:33 am
women. i think if there ever was a judge who should sit on this case if it ever goes to trial boy, would i love to see you sitting there, judge judy. what are your thoughts? >> wow. if it is as it appears that these three young women were abducted and held involuntary for ten years, i can give you my answer which would be after a trial, depending upon the laws in that jurisdiction i think that these men, i think there are three men, brothers who i believe in their 50s, clearly much older than these women should never see the light of day. if i would give you my my own answer, i would say i need a dull knife. >> a dull knife. wow. >> let's turn now -- >> there's a lot of people that feel the same way this morning. let's talk about your book. what would judy say a grown-up
8:34 am
guide to living together with benefits. i heard the phrase friends with benefits. what do you mean by this? >> the people whose stories are in that book keep me in business. so many people, most people now, at least test drive the product before they buy. >> that's a nice way to put it. >> i have raised five children. lots of grandchildren. and everybody today is trying this living together. let's live together and see if it works out. i said in the book in my day you either left your house in a pine box or a white dress. there were no choices. >> you point out about living together your own stepdaughter moved in we are husband to be and clean different parts of the house and she saw her husband to be using the same sponge to clean the toilet as the sink and your response to her was what? >> when she told me the story, she said i didn't know what to do. his chore was cleaning the
8:35 am
bathroom. my chore was cleaning the kitchen. i saw him come in and take the kitchen sponge and go in and wipe up the toilet with it and rinse it off and put it back in the kitchen. she said i don't know what to do about that. i said sweetheart this is as good as it gets. if these little things bother you, they're not going to get better. the bloom will be off the rose in ten years. that was my advice to all of my children when they married. you can't look at this -- i have a cartoon in the book of a woman -- women usually are the culprits in this. they look at a guy and they know there are warts there. they know that sometimes the prince is a frog. >> what do they do? >> on the canvas, what they are painting is a prince and women tend to do two things. first, they tend to want to blind themselves to reality if their heart tells them this is where they should go.
8:36 am
and if a guy is 40 years old and never had a job, chances are he's never going to have a job. you're going to be the provider. if a guy is a slob when he's 50, he ain't going to neaten up when he ties the knot. you have to be prepared. i have a phrase and i don't think i put it in the book which is don't try to teach a pig to sing. it doesn't work. it annoys the pig. women are usually guilty of that. men don't care all that much about changing their mate. women make it a habit. bad idea. >> what's the difference between a woman we see on television and the woman that is not on television? >> well, you know i think we all have different personalities, charlie. i know work environment i was no different from -- >> a manufactured brand? >> no. no. because i really think that the
8:37 am
american viewing public are very smart. you may be able to get away with calling it in for a year or two or being somebody else for a short period of time but if you are going to have legs in this business in this entertainment business you have to be real. >> authentic. >> for me it is easy. it makes my work easy. we're a nonscripted program. i go out there and if i had to remember to be this personality, my god it would be exhausting. >> we are a scripted program so i have to say good-bye. judge judy thank you for being here. we have more judge judy to come. what would judy say is available exclusively on we have eye opening
8:38 am
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we are celebrating mother's day with our series eye opening moms. this morning four sisters who climbed up the executive ranks of fortune 500 companies and the amazing mom who got them there. they sat down with cbs news contributor and analyst mellody hobson. ♪ >> when connie sullivan became a mom for the first time eisenhower was president, marilyn monroe just married joe dimaggio and women were not in the boardroom. >> a magic wand in a place like this. >> reporter: connie's daughter the sullivan sisters, defined all statistics achieving not just one but four amazing success stories. denise morrison is ceo of the campbell soup company. younger sister colleen is at
8:41 am
mobile and reeandrea doelling is a horse jumper. >> mom has been a terrific role model. there to push and nurture. >> she taught us it was important to be women and feminine and that ambition is a part of femininity. >> when you were saying that to your daughters, that was a very bold statement. where did you come to this point of view that ambition and femininity went together? >> i had a lot of ambition and got involved in great many things that men do. i never thought about it twice. >> the sullivan parents taught their girls to negotiate. they had to earn their own way. >> remember the job jars that we had? those were chores we had to do during the week. >> that's how we got our allowance. >> if they came home with bad grade, what would you say?
8:42 am
>> you're grounded for life. >> no. >> all you had to know was she was disappointed. that was powerful enough. >> we would get certain dollar amounts for as and bs. if we got cs it was taken away from the a and b dollars we would earn. it was always push to the next level. even if you brought home an a, my mom and my dad would both say, now how do we get to a plus? >> when i got ceo of campbell's. i called my parents. i achieved my life dream. i'm honored to run this company and they paused a minute and said that's great. what's your next goal? >> maggie says ambition came as easily as breathing. she remembers inviting nixon to attend a charity event and sending tickets to the white house. >> i'm sitting in math class. my teacher says maggie the white house is on the phone for you. it was a staffer at the white house that called to inform me that unfortunately the president was busy and wasn't going to be able to attend the event.
8:43 am
i said how about the vice president? is he going to come? no, unfortunately he was busy too. i said, can you make sure they send a check for the tickets? which they did. >> little sister andrea was passionate about horses and used her negotiating skills to get one. >> andrea was about nine when i would pick up my grocery list on the morning it would say one horse any kind. every day. >> for how long? >> until she got one. >> she was relentless. >> i wrote a business plan that would be economical to purchase the horse in ohio versus east coast pricing. i did my presentation to my parents. they agreed that it was time. >> as the girls who once shared bedrooms moved into separate boardrooms, they relied on each other for expert advice. >> denise is strategic. mag is a massive networker. andrea is an excellent communicator and i'm probably more of the creative competitive
8:44 am
type so i think that we can bounce ideas off each other and tap into those skill sets. >> that's all part of my mom. she kind of showed us that you can have family. you can have career. you can balance. you can do what you need to do. i think that's been a gift she's given us. >> when you hear them characterize you do you think they are being accurate? >> i'm a little bit of a control freak. >> that's an understatement. >> did she give you advice on who to marry? >> no. >> i thought you like control? >> she does. she would give advice in her subtle way. >> i would tell them who they are going to marry. >> each sister has been married for more than 25 years. their parents, 60 years. did they exceed your expectations? >> absolutely. >> good answer. >> absolutely. they all did. every one of them. >> we're not finished yet. >> you're the mom ceo. if you were giving advice right
8:45 am
now to other young mothers, what would you tell them? >> listen. if they have a problem and you listen, you'll help them with it. if they are happy about something, you'll listen and you'll keep doing it. just be there. be there for them all the time. that's what i did. >> you were great. >> mellody hobson joins us. i love this story. we put up a lot of male examples. the sullivan girls, what an incredible example of two big ceos of companies, their mother a driving force. what did they say they're passing onto the next generation that they learned from their mom? >> two of them have children. denise and maggie. they made it clear that their mom taught them values. first and foremost. the importance of family. the importance of hard work. the importance of doing your best. but they're borrowing her
8:46 am
tactics like the job jar and writing a business plan for what you with an and earnant and earning what you want. >> love the story. thank you so much. tomorrow our look at eye opening moms continues actress vanessa williams and her mother here in studio 57. >> announcer: this
8:47 am
8:48 am
on friday, hollywood takes another shot at the "great gapspy" it might be more popular now than ever but another part of fitzgerald's background gets far less attention. he looks at the days he had at
8:49 am
the saturday evening post. >> was this made from your imagination? >> "the great gaspy" defined an airera era. passion, pursued to no end. it also defined f. scott fitzgerald's life. >> he didn't deny himself or deny zelda much of anything. >> fitzgerald's quest for his love was mirrored by the pursuit of the fictional daisy buchanan. to win zelda, the midwest morning fitzgerald needed money. he finally arrived courtesy of the saturday evening post which many identify with the famous norman rockwell covers. >> as far as publishing we were the 800-pound gorilla and there's never been anything to match it. there were a few magazines here and there but nothing that aimed to approach all readers anywhere in america. >> fitzgerald wrote 68 stories
8:50 am
for the post over a course of 17 years earning him a total of $2 million. in today's world, that's about 20 million. from one magazine. >> he was earning $400 in 1920 dollars for those two pieces. by the time they got to 1829 he was $4,000 and he stayed there for quite a while. >> how did writing and short stories from 1920 to '37 in the post change? >> he was a very much an entertaining, humorous romantic writer in the '20s. very commercial which doesn't diminish its quality. it was very much magazine fiction. over time he started incorporating more modernist tones into his material. >> we're surrounded by how many years of history? >> 192 years of history. >> all of the stories are now found here in the archive room of "the post" in indianapolis
8:51 am
indiana, where the magazine is still published once every two months and not once a week. >> saturday evening post in 1850 and saturday evening post in 2013. >> joan servaas family brought the post. >> there are a good number of people that don't know the saturday evening post is published. >> we try to keep that secret. >> when you hear that what's your reaction? >> they want to gain back readers and respect with a new generation. she knows it will not be easy. in a way it's a battle for recognition that's been waged before. even in its heyday they regarded the stories as pandering. >> hemming way taunted them saying post is the graveyard of your talent. he said at the end of his career, i never compromised.
8:52 am
i was always honest with those stories. i never went for a cheap formula. >> nelson believes that fitzgerald always stayed true to his readers. his boss thinks the post can do. >> i look at the post in the past and its history and how it chronicled america as we evolved. and i would like to see the saturday evening post continue to carry on those traditions. >> nice piece. >> thank you. >> you know what i love is personalities among f. scott fitzgerald. >> wonderful stuff to talk about even today. i can't wait to see the movie. >> it is worth your time. >> the magazine is trying. they have a great new editor. we wish them the best of luck. made $20 million writing 68 stories. >> that does it for us. up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow here on "cbs this morning."
8:53 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 headlines. two women one of them pregnant and a man are under arrest in an armed robbery case. early this morning, san jose police spotted the three minutes after a 7-eleven holdup. an officer gave chase leading to a crash near silver creek and yerba buena road. caltrans is listening for problems on the new bay bridge span. it has 10 what are called acoustic emissions sensors on some of the steel rods that are in question on the bridge. so far, the "contra costa times" reports the rods are quiet, an indication they are not breaking as other rods had. tonight the oakland city council will take up a plan for the chp to continue patrolling in the city.
8:56 am
the highway patrol has been helping out in oakland two days a week. a new contract would increase that to as many as four days a week to make up for the loss of patrols by alameda county sheriff's deputies. and now here's lawrence with the forecast. >> low pressure still spinning a few clouds in our direction. if you are heading out today, shouldn't be a bad day, not a rainout but there's still a slight chance of lingering showers. a few clouds out there right now. throughout the day, a few more clouds wrapping right around this area of low pressure that is headed into southern california. that could spark showers but mainly over the mountaintops. temperatures today expected to be in the 60s, maybe mid-70s in the warmest spots inland. the next couple of days the weather settles down. temperatures are warming up. some 80s expected over the weekend. your "timesaver traffic" is coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. 880 is a freeway to avoid right now. look at this, we got slower traffic on northbound eight- year, 80,000-mile warranty near the oakland coliseum and southbound. they just cleared a stall approaching hegenberger and cleared an accident near high street. so things are improving but check out our maps and our slow sensors. southbound that's the real sticky spot. southbound 880 has that long line of red traffic sensors all the way down towards fremont. we are seeing it closer towards dakota road. big delays there. caltrains delays half hour in both directions because they had to take a train out of service.
8:59 am
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